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02/15 2pm - Franchise tag window, Travis Wood, Lo-Cain, Give us a Min

Feb 15, 2017|

In Hour 1 from Surprise, the guys discuss today being an important day for the franchise tag window and the Chiefs for their future moving forward. They also hear from new Royal Travis Wood, Lorenzo Cain speaks about a harsh reality potentially ahead for KC and they end the hour by taking a minute.

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Take your pick up that I would leave my clothes everywhere I'll what is it that night is about you you can do all that. Even knew about their that anybody but that's that's a regular day at our house a critical time. But I know who's good in the day. Guarantee Harrison. So tell me like Serena Williams Kim cart issue they could potentially be great pitcher no question the dry. Let's do this and live from surprise Arizona poll of royals for. Rain did arrive here airs here in Chrysler bank city. My guy yet brand meeting with Goodman. It's gorgeous and had a rough night last night a little bit and resell it happening. Read over my glasses in the park and I've never done that before yeah what sounds stressful I came I came appeared in my act in public acute injury issues. His ample artillery show it's not like Iran and report. And I get out there like last week picture right now via Twitter you know it's a really good way to not run over your glasses as to where. Well but I don't with the readers don't Wear all I'll catch on my shirt I think I've leaned over the felt law configure whether or Guerrero. But you know here's the deal cared elected candidates at some point. Don't get expenses like I like seven dollars three pack Wal-Mart. And you know you know each year separate division. So Smart money exactly so you left some looking good medicine at Wal-Mart you his ego. Around my glasses last and that's it. Coming up at about ten minutes Travis Wood spoke to the media for the first time we played out audio for you at 230 Lorenzo Cain and he really good interview today with just burn your I sit around and listen to something I want to play for you guys today at thirty. Josh Berger is gonna join the show at 3:30. At 3 o'clock we're gonna continue our royals previews and do Salvador Torres today. What were like to start the show today is that day is the first day that you can franchise tag a player in the NFL for those of you that are not too familiar with the franchise tag. There are players on your team. That become free agents and you get the ability. You give them a one year contract that is based off of the average of the five highest paid player at that position. Obviously quarterback is the highest paid its projected to be about 11 million dollars wide receivers really hides fifteen million dollars and so for safety is in point nine million dollars. So if you franchise tag and a player game you only can designate one player under the franchise tag. You would get a 100%. Of what he did last season because Eric Berry was franchise tag this season ago. There is a ten day window in order for you to franchise steak anyone team. Now that she's find themselves in a different situation than most teams because I think they had two guys they would love to franchise tag you can only designate one of those guys. A team like Pittsburgh or team like Washington I think it's pretty clear who's in the franchise that Kirk cousins Olivia bell the chiefs have two of those guys. Heading towards free agency and they need to figure out a way over the next in days to keep both those guys on the team. Yet and it's not gonna happen they'll take it right I mean don't we probably agree on that it was they somehow magically get. A long term deal though there Mary and in the franchise below. I would guess it's going to be one of those deadline kind of the march 1 there's no way they're gonna get a deal that would their pairings and so I mean can we agree on that yes yeah okay so. That means if no deal its military. In in ten days lead do you franchise tag for the second time for you Rhode odd though. And roll the vote baiting and hope he gets up and Ella pared. I think if this team allows air Bayard go to free agency so they include over the next -- days and air bear is not franchise tag I don't think your greatest comebacks of the chief I think if you look at the market for defense having you look at the salary cap could potentially go sixteen million dollars this offseason Eric Berry's about to get paid I was listening to something serious accident there to Kansas City are now you know he pay he's going to get paid I was listen to some of them at a former general manager and he said that because of the salary increase this year potentially. A lot of guys are going to get over paid this year I think we saw the exact same thing in the NBA the salary cap jump ups that means the guy that made a lot of guys like DeMar DeRozan in my Connolly. Just got paid this offseason Eric Bayer is going to do a lot of money if it's free agency. I find it really unlikely. That either Paul or buried at the franchise that so I'm with you won't know ten days from now what the chiefs are going to do. A good idea what could have their periods and days whether it's the franchise tag or not so dead it will have an idea. There's no way I would bet everything. If they don't get larger deal though parents and and so that would mean. Franchise him or franchise Apollo so that's an agent we really interest. Now does audio today I want a player for you Louis Riddick from. Those guys carry premium. That transcends in kind of goes beyond what they do on the football field because they're typically guys who were always talking on the football field always talk in the huddle. And naturally most of these guys become leaders in the locker room and there's no question. I don't care who he talked to done in Kansas City that Eric Berry is that guy and he is responsible for keeping some of their more free spirits on the football team. In line in check because they Revere him. Ford's work ethic on the field what he's overcome all the field and just kind of way he conducts himself as a pro. When you start messing around with guys like this in terms of long term contracts and start making it all about. Dollars and cents a slotting him in to a certain position and you don't pay. Enough attention to how much they mean to the locker room you can get yourself the trouble that you may pills so you got the breast value for him or rather you see major organizations some money. On a pure bottom line standpoint I've seen how this happens I seen what that what it means when you lose guys like this. And all of a sudden the other players. Kind of rebel against it to get very angry about it and all of a sudden your whole team can you kind of go haywire with the jets had to happen in Washington when Ryan Clark was there and we let him go. Sean Taylor not a happy camper Adam Archuleta. Wasn't it was very smooth sailing when he came there tried to message on those yet be careful about their very I think he deserves a premium. As far as what his size. Really quick I want to give you a chance to respond to the audio of Louis Rick someone attacks on massacre question I want answer. Continue to negotiate a long term deal with the player after you use the franchise tag yes you have until July 15. So let's say march 9 they decide that they wanna franchise tag interfered with on the record saying I'm not going to play this season on the franchise. You have from march 9 until July 15 to negotiate a long term contract with them you cannot come to an agreement or contract after July 15. And that's what makes its deadlines so important because you can't franchise tag both of them so you have the option of maybe it's what do you like a situation like it's so similar to when he fourteen. That you had but when you have birdie now Robert and their reports out there that you had a long term contract out there it was what was gonna take debate first. I don't know if it's going to be is this exact same situation but I doubt that both guys get a long term contract before march. To those requisite might. Say it's just about football or sports. Right times and listeners or meat or whoever. Worked at a place. Where they start getting rid of really good people. And they start bringing in unqualified people because they're cheaper. It happens in business happens in life and it happens in pro sports and there are consequences. Like you know it's it's my argument like. People handle it. Like yeah OK I'll go get his safety. And his numbers are this and he can do this well they are very boring and certain people boring. And employees to your business they bring more value in the simple number. So. Sprint makes a terrific point. The ripple effect of not bringing back Eric area. That would do that she took over it because the argument you know two weeks ago it was she's got better not let him go 44 million. The raiders had a huge lines. Forward any pro sports like typical business but if anything it's people have to keep your best people and sometimes you have to pay your best people. To keep your best people and if you don't. They can go back. And I've seen it a million times in media industries in other business you get rid of certain people and you pay the quick consequence it's got the time. It was where it is Davis. We can't hear me collier a perfect example of time. In the business and helpers ports company in Kansas City and in the and in the right idea. Two really killer custodial service on the week. Where our employees to attract readers where to save money here or what eventually happened one is that. The long weekend appreciate weekend nobody at that trash came back and billions it was you know full bought some ethical exterminator possible fortunate to be careful. Either split the money don't spend the money but you gotta really be careful because there are ripple effects if you don't pay again. I just look at it like the chiefs have a replacement for don's part. I liked on Harpo and he's a good player but that she's shown the ability to draft and develop offensive line. I think with all the things they are very those all of the view perspective and causing turnovers that we saw this year in terms of communication I think being heart muscle and vocal leader of that team. I don't know how the chiefs continue to get better and try to go over the hump losing someone like aired their cameras and I is that fast don't you have to pay your prayers and I think you can live with that if you let on our logo but the chiefs can not allow are there to play for another team next season. All it's a couple or your salary cap franchise tag questions on the other side what coming up. Travis what it meant what you can't see any media today we play the idea for you next Woodruff. 610 sports. Mac it on the drive here and hear things here were beating junior high schooler banking fees if any and our live blog. Surprise Arizona it's if you lose your identity they've got to. You. No not a cloud in the sky is probably in the seventies. And trees. Today for the weather's been by the defense that the murder it's her it's been a beautiful day tomorrow someone's gonna. It's really nice in Kansas City TO. No thousands guy and right now it's only the lol if he's maybe I forties. Your arteries. On icy trees. But none of the palm variety. Many people of Kansas City feel little bit better this week we got sunshine to you you guys on on the sun is out. Rain bird like water off like the first three not that nice that would analysts are about animals than as an insult it was typical. We're talking chiefs and Eric Berry in the franchise tag the franchise tag window opens today it is open for the next in days. So that she said ten days to agree to a long term contract with Eric Berry or down part Mo or one of those players laugh to get the franchise that. People that I have been asking questions I didn't wanna answer these questions and in. We can move wanna talk a little Travis Wood as he met with the media today for the first time someone asking you negotiate a long term deal with the player after use a franchise you have until the day. You give them the tank until July 15 so almost the exact same thing that happened with Justin Houston. The franchise tag in the hands of July 15 the final long term view for the player. And they eventually figured it out. Can you use the tag on someone else after aired vary in getting it yield on no only one player when your team can get the franchise tag. It is very act double let him sign elsewhere in Kansas City it's the draft picks. No. There is the tag V threats snag one I think most people talk about it is not exclusive. So if you designate Eric vary as your franchise that player another team can trade for air beard but asked if the chiefs to for frown. That I don't think it seems straight to first round pick but some player get the exclusive today like if you were trying to figure out some in width. Recoveries are Von Miller another team went straight your first round pick rob Miller's that you designate those guys. As the exclusive player in the you're the only team has the right to do I think that she's would be hacked. Yet another team with yet did you first round Pittsburgh Mary. I think they would been trader bears I do that I would do that at least half yeah attitude and effort in 95% a pleasure though I don't think Eric Berry's going to get that exclusive. Tag but that is where the chiefs right now with Eric Baer and other chiefs know before we move on the Travis Wood. Ray is in rap for a lot of people NFL circles our order reporting that the chiefs are unlikely to pick up the option Owen. Nick polls there was some discrepancy in the pay in the NFL PA finally Internet. It was believed that he was going to be due ten million dollars that he resign it's now down six point seven million dollars I still think that's a good contract. Little tool you gotta have to man you have to have two good ones. He's got a two vehicle and an so what are the options and it if Alex goes down and you're not able to draft the guy that you want it coming up in what are we left. I'd much rather than draft a quarterback and it's been that 61000 other player but I would isn't where the chiefs are six million dollar isn't a lot of IDs and they have other needs of a team I'd much rather he's been on a quarterback in that six million dollar backup quarterback and I'd much rather use the top sixty vehicles quarterback. But but it does that if Alex Smith gives her. They don't sign it polls you know pretty comparable baca in the draft what he got what you just don't let it go. And I mean that's like it's been six million. Mean I think you do and children who are you negate nickles. I want my kids if he's not getting any younger and he's not relevant so I mean you've got the chiefs. Let's just cut outs that it's her disease he's done for the year and Nickels there what do. Mean. You're really rolled the dice and your season may be good and look after the raiders when Derek Garland. They're done it pretty easily and when he went down enough that. And it. So to me and then traffic quarterback go from there she is six million because if you don't have the when it or Chase Daniel he gave them and there. Who's behind it fools in his left pinkie go there when you football game or kitchen a couple of. That you don't have that person right now note here is gonna get the draft. I spent the money a little bit differently I don't think six million dollars for the chief of what the other holes they have I would just allocate the funds a little bit differently I whistled draft a quarterback with this team. But if you're looking for veteran quarterback the same way you acquired nick all wait till August we'll see who pops up and then you grab that. That's a gamble is big gamble at that position if you wanna do it somewhere else at a different position I'm good I think you have to be set there and we seeded out of you know quarterback instability in Kansas City over the years to note how important that is and you look at teams all across the league it barely have. A good number one and no number two or if they have a good number one they don't have a number number again look at the raiders and Derek Carr got hurt. They were done. I mean there were caught. It is war so for me spent the money lock him up and in drafting guy and an end this news that you have to back position. Travis Wood met with the media for the first time today you were down there you've got a chance to talk to on the Travis Wood conversations party with. What was it about Kansas City that attracts you to come. You know of you heard nothing but good things about this team and organization on. Such you know a previous engagement but you know they'll play the hitting coach here and he told me some good things about it and just like with a good. We see your role reliever starter when they ask you see your partner whatever they ask must take the ball and give it to me and him everything I guess. Us I would like you and but I guess Adam you know wherever there. Rather terrorism was the off season previews was frustrating you know Islam. No it wasn't as having just coming off the world's here's pretty fun yeah for a for a while but I'm. And a ton of the right place he just had to wait it out in between this and Serbian ethnic minority come from the guys and and the people I've met the right choice. I'm. Are there. A lot but you know because I wanted to try to get back written some. They're gonna give me an opportunity to do that so we're gonna give those things yeah. I. No he was the manager back in. We had a good relationship we got along. And I like what is that for you give the ball player you let it get so. These guys have been brought into this team over the last several weeks like this championship experience a lot of players and here won a championship. It's a good and when you join a club to have that experience in a kind of know what everybody else went through to get there. Absolutely you know everybody for what I think Ellen like he says Adam and this team they want it so there's a lot of it championship experience in there and that pleased to implement future. Or was selling Beers at some point really looking forward to look forward to it or nothing but good things and excited to work. George. I love Georgie Gibbs did he's here working eight he's. Oh do pretty much anything you're asked to. And we've yet to begin to see all the greatness of program. Little bit. A little bit naive he's getting it and it goes. Going to be a change I did enjoy it but I'm. That is what it is woods has figured out. What's your form blue your. So that just a normal you know fastball curveball slider and cutter you know all of whom left that is. But what is try to tackle with everything you've mock ballot. This witchcraft story and here's what's that transition like for you. Going into this break stores might say it yourself. There really wasn't any different. Because that thing now is in the same way you prepared to start and then. You're prepared through trinity G. That we need to. And then that the minds that is the the the volumes about the victory out there. So there's two. It. There's deadly some special. The parade was also used in all the fans and all the people come out. And just indecent and and a it was pretty special. But that's Travis Wood he's officially a royal it would. Official today worked out through pulpit today ruby terror economy talked about dale slain. The royals' hitting coach Chino Hills why because slam was the manager of the Chicago Cubs in 2013 and there's a go look it up like that Dale's wife called him. The NDP in the first half of the 2000 or thirteen seasons for the cubs out if in fact he does become a starter and he got three lefties in that rotation. Potentially you look at it. You're looking at Duffy Vargas and then you're gonna have. Travis Willett and and that would put Nate cards potentially in the back in that pulpit so. Again Travis Wood said that is. Why he came here. He came here. Because he'll have a chance to be a starter and Nathan cars and a guy that we've talked about this. Before but he's got a ticket to the lot more than wants so maybe he's a perfect open guy maybe maybe Travis. Would ease your fifth star. Today Lorenzo Cain met with the media and he was as revealing as straightforward the media as I've ever heard of cure the harsh reality about how he dressed the state of the team's future next on the drive. 610 sports. Thank your boss for pay. You while you listen that he shift quickly can be 610 Sports Radio. Win a pair of tickets are pertinent bacon fest this Saturday and knuckle headed for Iran during the popped queasy about. Only five minutes or so. We continue our royals player profiles and thirty minutes as the free use Salvador. Were raised but today. In the club now. Lorenzo Cain I thought was apparently. Our body was open I thought he was honest I thought he was straight. Or with burn of Al. The off season. About how he is approaching these changes around the team and his future we discussed that yesterday this is a big year children's okay. Eight and moves I think have the most to gain financially by having a really good year it means healthy and has another fifteen season. I think it is you need this offseason. If most battled back from injury has another forty home runs season hits 280 has another strong Europe and other borderline calls or a year. I think he's in line to get eight I think that pain in moves both understand how important these years are how big they are and in. On a professional level Cain sat down with John Spurrier talked about it today and they start the conversation with is there urgency for you guys to win now. Officers on this and we will answer was gonna happen and from the get to not be back together since I was going to you know. You know you got this list wrong. It's about this game you don't and his group maintenance is businessperson. This isn't low plan ratings in the time we've seen this from the locker room kitchen and Dave justice being around. As it was gonna look here you have this effort hopefully go. I mean the official. Additional Brandon Wallace is. Guys had success hitting the ball at the head off speed he does bring our guys. It's. He had this team being known more as a team in the past still do. Much of the things you've been in the past there's hundreds of homes and got a few guys you both good guys good. We'll be I don't know a lot of us again. You know powers' home that we didn't like. It goes let's learn. And malls in the government's. Or so. Selfless and he's in the three months off steal bases and this is. That we have a have a good mixture over the line. Get a few episodes here I won't comment on this the fifth. When you know that's destiny thing is these guys. It's good that blonde tips like this. Well you know what we're probably I don't know. Whether it's a moment to moment. Where you guys are critiquing you hear that somebody there as good a student I. I. Has questions. All right two you think you guys are actually he does acknowledge. What lies ahead. Is that have been around somewhere. Now we'll talk about that we as we just have to tell you got me started business and you get that feeling of what's gonna happen what will future. As it is Israel you know they can't Simon about it this way it is. We don't spend. Love the sinner man about it but as a way business works. Throughout. My best known about this division to see I told him to. Well within his own offices. News music humanize it gets its way with a total. It was a trade in London trade was that your first. It's a business moment was this offseason easy guys traded what was that. It's his moment. I'd say just. You know just seeing guys be traded this year and regularly accurately represented. Really no one's been business no I was doing really you know some of the games. But I'll all of the thing doesn't want to get traded and long distance in this business is business you know and a tough course looks. Incidentally. Don't do this but of us before we go from there her talent yesterday that they are treated here you're catching part of there and warm ups I was in Atlanta. They have proof alone so we will see how long they speak some right now Stallone. This kind of you have a good season goes along. Two million unemployed receive clemency would dice been seeing out there. But there Lincoln mariners fan fest and his quote was wherever I go champagne flowed. He game gives it about bit and these these they got a guy you know home. He he's care to guess you know we've we've got it seemed like equally we have many wounded team you know. You know even though he wasn't star lashes you know he used to be supportive of all of us. So this is part of us that's the guys didn't miss home to home team loses or missing just go do it right now you know. I know he's he's going to be greatly miss that well we'll listen. There's got to move forward and hopefully. It doesn't mean you see we have here how do you personally. Treat this like another year when you know what lies ahead and speaking of the business you know what Goodyear could mean for you and your family right. A center puts him first massive snowball was gonna do. That's not a player as relaxed specialist lost loved it looked like come on man my best and I'm when I'm like you know my prison time it's much is made some troubles. As they I think it definitely you definitely think about it you know what I've touted as voted not us tonight which was versions of some. As the maple syrup cheddar because this stick with the plane you know. Just relax and just as the wrecking last talking to sell about us. He hasn't made the additions of Amylin and now Travis Wood. It seems like that bullpen can be strong again at 678 readers can make it six inning game but now with an even better offense but moves back. You're healthy Florida is ready for a bounce back do you look at this bothers there's another World Series caliber teams that beat expectations for this thing. I mean I don't really know much about the guys who sign. I can speak for teams and fans know with the notable thing they're dumped on the you know Holland and coach wade knows. Forever. We know we'll see you know. No result was better and favor of those split that in today's gonna go there and play game and that's all that matters we will see what happens. You know home would definitely complicated so you gotta believe he's so good equipment to school. You know. We'll see what digital goods into the work we do read and we should do everything into a corner and win. Bogus it's easy to find that report found that adjusting because. He does our afternoon charge station and they talked about. I don't remember who was somebody got sent down a few years ago and we are talking union like he did me. And now you sail again I don't know much about these guys these. I think fans as it would be surprised at how much. Think you're not a baseball dorks we are having you know follow. Is the most guys you use. Like most as far as your cannot unite on checking out the way you. Right I Mac don't speak for myself and I'm not sure one of those things I don't have tutors and investments are really. I don't really follow it may be as much as to when those are disagree on some of those guys might follow and it's easy. You know when when I'm done was once all season you know small seed not a regular we've invisible as much as possible. You know that note I just garden speaking this is loans at the moment. You know assault rifles and know when a plane solo baseball when I'm home from monkeys it's all about them so we'll. Farewell visit we will see what happens now really know anything about these guys know from here is insolvent and get them you know no matter what we've all of them and pays him. And how successful in our you know couple plays. Bloggers prove he's a fugitive days. Josh Berger will replicate early today that year's surprise yours. I think oh good question by burned when he asked him about. You know and I think were under the assumption is media and fans that the royals follow the royals the player's ball players. As much as we view but in fact I think it's one of the things that makes professional athletes in the really elite ones. Get to that levels that they can't sort of compartmentalize and exit listen I'm gonna control our mutual that's easy to say that. But we heard blocking stories is actually the same thing yesterday he was able like. When he was asked about his crummy year last year he said he was asked you know what do you know as first entered the season and I mean that's what. One of the things that gives these guys to that level is the metal part of games appears like listen I check out I don't know these guys is beyond my control. Who the royals are gonna bring it for the bullpen irony I'll meet over the course of the year. But I don't know the checks and I think it's a really healthy thing and it's a really Smart thing. For him to do now maybe it's a little bit different football likes a year you know you're quarterback you'll you'll keep an eye on the receivers you advocate but. The bullpen necessarily affect. You know Satterfield elect the runs OK I can't control why waste my brain space why why waste my time on that get to know these guys what I I think. All that's needed and we can go. Because these guys are really guardians of the only tell you the truth they're coming and they're just give me things that there's no controversy others given. Give you a quick sound by talking and saying nothing reds games very district. And I was terrific he should well on the item I'm not sure it's not that I control. You do that but Woolsey. I was honest about a lot of things apart was that out of me in the whole thing was I ever Dayton's that it can remember the platform which he says it. Just through the financial ramifications we know we signed him. Out of pocket over about this and one thing he's panel looking for having these kind of conversations is our guys going openly admit. Anchor sporting a see the beginning of it. Drive dies on your way Davis losing your like guys that helped you win the World Series all year. And that's only going to continue. You know at the end of this season may be at the trade deadline we don't know. But for years and it is that changes. Is normal I mean that's it's gonna happen he can't keep that George let's not play anymore frank what's that. There's an end the end comes for every single player. And just quit this team I think you've grown such that closeness to him that I think at some point gonna sit down and he's gonna have to make a really hard decision. We'd like to Lorenzo Cain for us these Escobar but I'm sorry it's just not good money for us has been that we know we just can't keep everybody or to the main players that you love players that you had these closeness to maybe your favorite it was you know somebody's been well I'm his. Alex Gordon or Lorenzo pain or offseason Escobar. It's real that some of these guys it will be on the team next year I like that the team is openly talking about it and understanding it. It if this does kind of feel like it's their last run Pelican Bay and it's been together like it's their final concert tour bottle tour like it if it does kind of feel that way with this royals team a team that you really grown close to a the last couple years that clear we have had a lot of success at least the core of it. People start to kind of going their different directions and I I think that's only gonna continue. Moving forward let's step aside coming up next an all time legendary shoot your shot soaring union men on the drive. Sixteen. And sports. Pop quiz coming up in eighth minute here to hear drive spinning the drive alive. We're entering here in surprise don't know we continue. Our royals player profiles in two minutes. With Salvador Torres spoke with the media today major baseball. Network. They're doing their life and players at every position they have ranked in terms of catchers. In Major League Baseball so we would do that at 3 o'clock but. I am the shoot church on us who work. I always say whenever you're trying to talk to over the worst things you can say is if you ask her out on the date the answer to block the drinks but he should not Anderson she says I don't want ago that you at least know you at least took the shot you gave me your best. So I make him now might union and it's in the arts. Notice who. He David ever read her role is school of Valentine's. That's a huge source shot legend audio courtesy David Beasley if BI's. A fourteen year old junior high student wanted to spread the love during Valentine's Day yesterday and a whole lot of after learning about teen suicide and the impact in negative self image can have on young people especially women. Tristan decided to do something about it. According to his mother he made all 537. Girls at his school feel special and beautiful and told his mom quote every girl deserves to feel special on Valentine's Day. Essence family reached out to Hershey's chocolate who has a distribution center in Weber county where rocky mountain junior highs located and Hershey's offered to donate Valentine's for the cost. That principal Nicole me boasts ever girl's face lit up as they receive their Valentine's chocolate from him. I don't know if you'll ever fully understand the impact that he made in the lives of these young ladies. ARAMARK Serb news 981 KM BZ. Hello to the young we could kill two birds who once though his message is very positive note yourself or your view. But it's also. But he walks around the locker room but he wants round though how is golf ball is great book the school eighth when you unless they're all little. They're going to be like. Yeah. The best thing you can be labeled in junior oh he's not. Shoot your shot legend. The drive salutes you Sullivan's death by mid that is a beautiful. Good for him. You guys. Here's that I got to. I think it's easy. To knock the NF LZ dual a lot of things to screw stuff. There's also leadership of the top with Iran dealt in the backward system when it comes to handling domestic violence and marijuana. Nobody knows how attaches. So it's gonna do something right at its share. Get a close teamed up with any ad council and the advertising agency RG game to make the video in deep and long as no labels series. They used to this camp and commercial to quote. Highlight the different faces club. The stars from SB nation they say put the ad features to same sex couples including a survivor of the polls nightclub shooting last June. It's a the lots of 49 people in your land of gay. The out was reportedly shot at the pro oval with us in Orlando this year and blow. So much about what the NFL to hand and should stand for and I think the thing that always comes to mind for me is inclusion. If you think about it all the different spaces that we see on the NFL field such diverse league. Eating about Colin tapper McCain took a stance on equality and picked up by some older players and teams across the league. And so the spill I think has finally started to you out of it completely. We got there yet they started to notice how they're fans respond you sit but he. And I think should be applauded for this partnership and taking a stab in the right direction to embrace all of their hands and Sinatra song of good job by the end of I take him. Solid it. I think George would go five here's my minute. Well it is paying on dad's been. The story came out today about president Richard Myers. The mountains. Here. Anymore. What in the commercial break it changed them negative that right of course I can change a life it's your. So Lego hair plugs. And to pay us if we're talking about that commercial break I just don't yet. Like a bald guy right a ball I get I understand. You know 25 white jury was still up there and he start to panic because it's Saturday thank you get it like it's a little bit scared. It's like okay I'm losing my hair went negative. And you think about age you think about Propecia and they get all these things he continue to grow your hair back. The realization that I am going bald so and that to life and he just do I don't hit a hair plug in to pay. I just don't understand that we all know and it's ICC for example you have air what you attitude that. But as your body and as most people. We're not loves him what it's making me feel uncomfortable because of your insecurity about herbal. Like it just doesn't happen I mean I've seen that two days of press box something that comes through for the Oakland it's got one of the worst thing to pay mauling. You know I'm sure nobody said anything to. So my point is is if you're at what we can. Amenities here. Don't do it and don't. I would imagine it's tough. Look at the mere one there realized you know when it's over for me I had a good run a business here are. I thought gray hair. So well seriously some people embrace it differently do fully embrace that you realized you could you pay. I would December get. It's like I don't know I don't know anybody that isn't somebody I don't know anybody I would you like your tee then no. Well now you either embrace either go one way or another but not I am lucky they'll stand and I got a family that is a very follicle a blast so I don't anticipate. Losing my hair for a long time. My advice to dudes out there that are starting to all the guys in their twenties maybe their thirties though these two things did not do don't call it over. Don't give Pulitzer you just snipper down man she downloaded all should be okay chicks dig. Jeff Ross and accelerate lied when he was roasting William Shatner at the other Williams generous support shad that. It's you pay yours just growled at. There's an awful to see you could see from a Motley got what I can. I know when there do you think all guys. Have have a better tendency to be able to pick up on two days in Gaza there. Now it's pretty obvious that it sticks up like in the bottom part of you know he gets bloody. Arizona bed go to the surprise. Europe and over the Texas road house about 4 o'clock here it is season to pace. I'm seriously you're gonna season that what was that they like for you. Where you have here your whole idea and you looked in the here -- the day that really hit me. Okay personal political alternatives like the Wichita open and government which. Did Wear a hat that day came no look at the next morning the top man Brian you've got beat in 2000 and because the front look at it does get the ball spot on top like a month you know they were angry she operate there. And incident and it was 1999000. Working in TV and I was in the newsroom an anchor is doing Micah. And in elected newsroom live shot right by me. And I looked up at the monitor I'm like is that resemble viewed. It was may if he's so light hit and that's when it hit me and optimizer note Propecia should match. Yeah and so and it's got the pointless Durham and Ramona. Is he pays her what to do every day to grow here you accepted a big lie I'm not saying it's easy. You embrace baldness yet. Yeah that you can put plugs don't get to today. Just stop or or hit me about read an agency counseling on hair loss. Is immediately on Twitter on FaceBook pulse to drive voicemail you're having. Balding issues and then we'll deal of talking through. That applies. Rob Lewis. Is pop quiz hotshot. Earlier like yesterday I had a light go off the backboard to myself I thought you were gonna move this time I got to do is you go trick to agree with the pop quiz right now I got to do I think the fact that you and standing are. Several thousands of miles away and I think what looks like all the same space it's a lot easier you can see you needed to get you can CD who pumped. Required work work on on a completely different that pot was force that is nice is that these these guys. It it's probably an excuse them a 100% making an experienced all of that now you're here you're from the school hard knocks you don't you don't have excuses over their Bob was brought you by. Victory Chrysler dodge Jeep and ram and it is a movie that. What do you think that Sandra she's fox. And Fred should be cauliflower and art. It should be hunted with only her cunning to protector. She's today she's a rope OK in Latin she would be called baby a mature if she were president she beat Abraham Lincoln. If you know what that is called Chrysler right now on 91357676. Stating you when a pair of tickets burden taken back Saturday. This Saturday at knuckle heads garage you can paste that array of special purpose that he whiskey for year five this deliveries. As well as your favorite big barrels labels why you see ample an assortment. Of some smoke you hate speech reits must be when you borrowed them they think it's bilateral anything at him. That's Burt but it does that. Civil acting they confess that I haven't got a good at. Lack merit it would be good coming up and soon minute we get that you are royals player profile you won't believe were in mobile network has breaks out for rent them all the best catchers in baseball we know you're next on the draft. If our vacation. A relaxing break from the daily grind. But before you go you.


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