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02/15 - 1 pm - The Best We've Seen

Feb 15, 2017|

Bink is convinced this might be the best Royals team we've seen. Plus, some stories that make us lose faith in humanity & the Take 2 Before 2.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They show the number of data gap AT&T last year. Think it was a two point 86. What's he got paid well. Who also irritated a lot of money all guarantee them but you'll lot more. I final out decently today. In which jousting here. On six there at your favorite music video of all time. Music video Arnold's going to sabotage by The Beastie Boys. They did show videos you added there on this American religious like a guide incidentally got. What are people dancing around. That's a good question and I don't I don't know I mean they gonna rain you seem like I'm Michael Jackson thriller and again. I love to Michael Jackson thriller bullets down. Check the run by tropical was when my favorites I mean those guys spent rocket out in the neighborhood to one up. Free concert doubtless was little Michael Jackson video or like. When magic Johnson and Arsenio Hall was there all remember the time Dan I was going to bite you just turn like a pile of dust will stoop it Ellis though I like it Ellis. Ellis did basically be deals about the premiere video also assured you don't do it yeah yeah. In MTV premiere is a big deal. TV branched out into reality TV it was. What the first rule realty TV shows it was the first the first. It is right up there but those they can spur global trend we say and cheer me by April Germans their favorite music video earlier and it was only music video progeny or did he seek out terrible EG top hits and spit in the Pretoria and you better surveillance tool to cry. Smooth criminal isn't it video and a criminal by Fiona Apple like roll around have to make in the back seat or core. I see whether to appeal but. Did you like bad. Can use videos in what was that I. Was this new video or like you as they turn into a dog. It was an a hole yet castles and knows political. Black and white by Penn Michael Jackson wanted him into second video I would almost be warned us and Michael Jackson probably as like a three year. We're four of the top five that's what was the most insulin thriller when he had everybody trustees on the east. At that time. Probably too is like a mini movie. Like when it first when people Forrest got into thriller. And when they were showcasing it how long did it illegal for college in Atlanta symbols. In team and the bets mean it is deathly gonna do that's one of the all time. Of all deals throat as to be. But a lot of on this and form Pearl Jam fans are committed one music videos that your. I give it to detects right now well not I'm not I'm Collette and it hasn't let that happen. Is YouTube screws things up agree go on the make all these like video set to other. But we take music and sent to another video and then people are losing their new pearl Jim Bittermann now stop it. Take on me probably was a classic. Was just it. You slug is easy topless believed our room appeared slow and everything was that the I would not be music you know. He's a pulp find bombs as it's that it you know. A. Before we get to the gun to the royals. You see this from mom. Casey Starr in regards to bomb Kansas State's. In a president Richard Myers wants. While Ted basketball fans stopped using boulder chance target AKU yeah what details does a brand it's yes yes and this thing over what happens is Scott when did you. Stop playing since the war. In able do it. Mean seriously. What bubble it would say is don't put a little. What does resent the now I'm not blame means I'm not blaming you have all the better commodities play. Wouldn't you know it crumpled sandstorm. This is what brings up the password this player. I want tough right now. Blank field. President Myers spoke out against the chance. In a letter to the public. Polls than on TC's website from annoyed by the and so already there's a. Bribing them as partially embarrassing is what he had to say. It's easy to see how once he caught in the moment however. Many of my friends and co are across the nation reached out to be following last week's men's basketball game and expressed their dismay. The chant was clearly heard from coast calls on national television was that it was partially embarrassing and now what one expects. From a world class universe he state. Students team in the words expletive EU. During various songs I guess it's more just one song was voters. Say it simulates and the difference I'm trying to make stance on the bid to skate or 72 of the songs that. That brings them the president of law and state not happy he's college kids can't be out here counts. If they can't we do in this republic of the sex do all that they're drinking. Like Ryan sat. Expect them to do there in Cali pretty much every. I'd think. Interesting observation of the royals com. I just roster this year as opposed to previous just thinking about it in you look at the day on this roster. A certain thing important what feels good about this roster than any roster they have would be more was here. I would say yes come and a sprinter centrist I can't say that from 2015. That the roster included Quaid who owns no. It is not including updated start off the year. Quaid and sober spurred goal and out of spring training I feel better about this roster. Did they have. Ever under Dayton. And in this is even after a lawsuit on a clearly user and still do good feel good now because of the moves they made. Like the mosque move not only that Dick appreciate what he's doing these fuel for deals for yachts can catch up to next year. Jim what next year might be different form to the negative or customer. To pay. Who knows they're gonna get Lorenzo Cain to pay they're going to free up some money what they've done is keep in mind there's a new TV contract on the horizon for the royals. When they get that next year whenever his disease or cardinals got theirs couple years before there are other when expired. I think their reads more. What they do. Not pay in losses much this year than extra. As much this year that they are a lot of this is gonna get him in 2018 but there's gonna be salary off the roster that they can withstand. Some of these contracts that can't ethically Ian Kennedy's one of those guys were does escalate that's what his country or is it escalates throughout. But I think they're doing it's more is there look at the rise or pick a new money coming in from the TV deal and there's going to be guys off the the ledger sheet. Because you know get the pain anymore. In the will be able to withstand the higher salaries of all this guaranteed by the way. Once you give Hammel or are Jervis wood twelve million dollars as a mega theme for this year six and a half the nature plus an option for the next you feel that money. Not the authorities that he salaries are coming do we can back up another gonna pay him but I think they're fabulous the edit his new TV deal. It you're gonna answer another high priced players Cain Oz Merck. Maybe in the stock as we don't know ask for more executive pay them anymore it better effect as early June and you'll pay Muncie. Basically league minimum if they're gonna be able save money third don't Smart. They're loaded up would not a lot of country this year but mixture of these players are willing to cite these deals. Even though it's less this year than next year because they know it's fully your team get their money but looking at the roster up and down. Yeah I don't know why but I feel much better about this roster ahead of spring training and I have a long time and I had a big reason why. Death last year this they got depth. This year than last year there were hit with injury sore it was bring up the oval Storm Chasers of storm she's played this team last year evening guys that would enter rehab. Shall rid of them. I think with Mary filled with a job at second base he gets hurt August. Suzuki guys or part of that World Series now all of one. Bed now wore a park all of that that aren't a part of this team this year that I just am concerned and it's usually. Those two guys. Is that you say we take way a lot of gonna take so Saturday but those two guys are there really is much power that's in this like that that's even with tutors that big gigs of the digital power yes big big material amount is different told me. I've never felt like six guys between home runs from royals' roster and of this group here. Would say last year how many blaster live five to five. Did the two that didn't moos gets hurt well on pace he's on pace for about voting record Gordon at seventeen regular played a hundred when he gains. Caters hit over twenty Hosmer did and so did sell the day the easy would hit five had Gordon's speed he'll be Gordon moves that help easily get five. Little more confident that with injuries sit with beard told woods that image of the answer. The months. He complained would future outfield if the gore when he stood up Paulo Orlando. Brandon Moss complaining outfield witness feel guilty plea deal feel that he's honored and Gordon got hurt. Big it was the and injuries this year bettered the team was equipped who stayed injuries Lester Lester the relied on people and play in the big leagues. Tiger wit. Kessler cut was an unknown. Keep in mind he still around here. I think the royals are better off to deal with the injuries and last year that's whole thing how deep is your team is to be injuries completely be railed via wills last year. And yet I Datsyuk. All right dumb does a whole thing basketball coach at the right to be upset. In did a college basketball broadcaster crossed a lot we address that next. Studio sixty in Sports Radio don't do any tickets dot com right down to sixty in particular in total to sixty in sports. On six hit. I thought this next topic rather into us. Sump on him to assign it adds that at that acts as he has you will to special Valentine's since he was so down this morning Q. But I think hearing about it out of the might well like you only do the players. Whether it was Dallas going to lie down. Valentine's days. Emotionally I guess he didn't get a Valentine's Day gift from his the girl spot this is it's about as down. Right I mean that sounds like them problems to work out. Maybe she's just competency wealth. The thing. The players if you don't plan on breaking up and do it that says. Maybe some do. But black supplied. That said. I don't want to ask you guys out here and you'd be up on the on the tests on 693 so six picked it won't really mean it. Did you work being mean to Midas of trying to transition. Based on its way to get him. Miss low. As soon. There's a whole back up body a lot of people in your heart is big ups. There's a hall of fame basketball coach this list he's been called doctor Wright could give an F a RO. A subtle but important in a tumble on top of being piston and I agree with with this coach being that he should eat this. Couldn't think that this broadcaster of the college basketball broadcaster. Crossed the line a tape the the basketball coaches upset is Tom Izzo the Michigan State. He's upset with ESPN's Dan got its date. Did doctor it's is a former player and colts at Indiana. JD broadcaster ESPN does Tana the the Big Ten games. Oh by the way has a son. Bet it'd out walking on it misses again. It just artist Alison policy made like a month or two ago. So this is some place in Michigan. Michigan just recently beats Michigan State. And dockets and a whole lot to say okay. So he's tweeting out. And calling this a state fans whiners what's. I don't think it's as a fence okay you call it bad to say that that a fan base has been why. People say about duke people say that about Kansas people say that by any of institutions that totti went out. To meet that snout with a problem. So big people started to get on. Did he said he sent out another tweet he says Michigan State University always worried at all. University of Michigan so now he's making it also. Okay. Now he's big and salt and by the way the reason mice to his and asked in Michigan is because it plays. Big he used a Twitter user. All only going to Michigan State University. Because he could got it in to Michigan and I think that's where crossed the line now tell outlined earlier. You don't say stuff like that. Because you don't know why people go to certain institutions and they are part all of the history. In apart all academic program for whatever reasons. Maybe it's something about your failures yet family members that went to assert institution. Or whether it's just flat out that school with your dream school of theirs specifically to they have at their school that another school doesn't have. But to say that. Person. Couldn't Gideon and that's the reason why do what to another school. I told my essay. I pissed off. Oh he'd be pissed off is somebody said you would do you want Casey because he couldn't get into Kansas where he needed to muzzle or get any -- me. He got that role as you just don't do that made it is if you did then he shouldn't say that are eager view. No he agreement that that you do not approach people like debt saying stupid stuff like this united Tommy to joke about it. So. Leading up to the day I get rejected. Leading up to the game OK because he was all the broadcast last partners expect news media this. Liberal media. Top is all I ever. If so did not know. Anything about that it's okay he didn't know all this until when the team is going on. This to dissect the zone. They're saying it did collect after doctors to doctors did again last night so they play should gigs and Steve's the warm Mitt Mitt Michigan State played Ohio State okay. It's the miss you state bans all topics. The entire evening you could add dockets and exploded it is so didn't know what was going on. It still like. Towards the end of the day Dennis figured it out so like it had homicide. Our kids all over dot dot I don't get what what to do list well. At the end of the game. He addressed the media. And he winning it all on the anti. Marco. Artwork trying to sell what control is. And there's things not beans. You know hear them talk to. Catch a couple ways it's too much these. Just days ahead. But I honestly yeah I was getting upset. Chance. It's. I asked what was. This is. Please. Social media. And I would not an important game. I didn't hear myself almost as much easier bears whose and I'll let him. Vieques columnists and bloggers of NASCAR professional. Class broadcasters. And what else. Who's on TV. This in our students could get in there. He's engaged work she do what is uncertain. That is it disappointment. And that is ridiculous. And I think it's funny because I don't know respectful of that and our policies. Rooted here you whatever you want it. But Twitter gotten in trouble and it. And he earned surprises yeah let's somebody's face like that that works so. That's off my chest now number one for Twitter. You know yeah I want her sweater but did you also are against our students apology. Yeah did. And always got along we didn't. As you know Bob seems like this year a lot of people look at me. But I would often it is owned. And joint because she had. Yeah whip them. Yeah not God's will my friends are so there's commercial today and now we're back when he. What's he called the zone is called is own. And he said if you at all before the day public docket was tweet now he would talk bad about it you talked about about this to say he would. That's it all the students in the saints. Obama we have Todd is all were fun we have because of Twitter. If what wasn't around. Dockets would have been able to upset by thick of things twitters me. It makes our jobs easier it's fun TV thing really even knows that McDonald's Twitter read in the talk about it Twitter has changed. The world because at the time people get in trouble because of what they tweet it's given and countless they would be one in this kind of formed your it is so. I know it and it's in his own. Then she'll be tweaked. The fourth a Twitter it's become a new news source tell me how life is different because it would be completely is because you. Think about it. Bobby Knight. Would have until the stuff. It would resurrect. We think about the old Bobbie I would just awesome body just played us all day dot its stake it would resume where it was only it was that voters changed things that people get mad because of what we. Izzo we're the best best will coach Bolton is mad because of Twitter. He prayed that someone explain Twitter too and first but. Even on Twitter a muzzle and no he's not he said he's found what it was though he's not counselor. Don't you don't think that doctors crossed a line solely. Oh what is one what is more. Didn't seem to be one. You make it clear he'd say they're going to be one. Doesn't get warned about it who still do. Best of fairness to. He's via finally there's the lines of the assets of the lines of what you say how hot I'll ask don't tell you what. About the I'll ask her go to state loss to Denver couple nights ago. Kevin Durant was funny added that the being crossed the line that the fanciest of the ball was seen in the playoffs and what tip and arrested them. Yeah legal suit documents that. It is funny it was funny you buy a ticket and give you write this do you want me you do what you did at the promised to super geeky thing but. The fans at being in a so nothing malicious placating barrels a year in the playoff either or neither race that was it and it. I just thought it was we're the people were overreacting to Kevin Durant Oklahoma got corporate tool for nine fired. And we didn't. We didn't all just lost that team. As the leaving him. Posing these principles the in the playoffs. Most likely you're not somewhere bill well military return a call now is so telling about Saddam verdict as it's. Bill Belichick is called Tom Izzo to warn you about sniping incidents chip probably he's gone right now. Oh. I just as you know on loans that don't you don't think that dot destroy also line the Ryan. Oh professionalism. With his tweets about the missed a state he gets sick did the desert to over the line is it out what is he's gonna out what does he get its act so there's lightning and what have doctors and apologized. And it's. Tom Izzo said Twitter account. Doesn't look like it really is only reason this quarter. Would join and controlling people a he hasn't apologized I wouldn't want to see Tom has used up its work all natural follow one person. In person. Isn't it weird to when a guy does a game in his son's is a part of the game. But coach basically almost to a dirty girl having a bias I'm dosage is zone. It's. Probably in his own. That is. Menace that's his techsters reminding me again idea that he accepted historic. It was a dozens and there wasn't there was a play the wing and and I'm at the I I had. I was I was working like I was going back to school like. Now yeah I know. If curricula and take my Casey tees and like so. Like tackled by accurate kickers easily and not doing them horny a good. All my. Well lately. Is going to be the sat is segment. But the show this week. Because we've always had a dream about. The next gathered to discuss. It's not Bush's. Option now and doesn't take on the same page here is a horrible things like grinder out with caution because it cannot. Confident but it's not to become a reality which its that. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. Edit. So much bone. But I. I want to annoy any. Let's get down. My daughter. Let's go back. Yeah. What place in line it. Old soul. We'll all the music that he listens to yet you know pass. I told you like you and I wanted to be. I like it was good James Brown obviously. Gotta Smart TVs we go to YouTube with a lot from James Brown's video news. The third variances in his guitar I don't want good times in the day it is that data that it internals of that brown guys music from like. Don't say that public and confident about my son is below key races this whole life by choice since your last line. And Lou let me explain myself so we go to the zoo today please go on. We go to the zoo Donald we are it and we're in the area where they have. The months today. There's all these monkeys over there and there's this one particular type of monkey has what it looks like it has dreadlocks. On this monkey right. So we're sitting around and we're looking at all these monkeys. And I say my side you got to go to the bathroom I know you gotta go right through that gap with our look around try to find a bath. I go through instant. And I say users. Where the restroom but instead find. As he is telling me where they are my son won't let me and points at this guy and says look daddy it's a monkey. This I was. Now in my son's defense policy this guy had dreadlocks. And he had one of those masks on for pleading. But the Portland and stuff so he was like you've won three that is respirators ripped the mask. I could see how he thought he looked like a month. And I thought he was like I trust choose better words on three when it happened to I was mortified. Mortified wives or you're not doing a good job there. I expect I looked at me and the guy just look to me it was like. Bathrooms of what. I am so sorry sir don't applaud you I was being very. I did not apologize for my races as a three year old. You've listened to it and thought oh we've had that we've had talks. This. It's going to be there definitely is now because you're driving him like he's just gonna say some dumb crap to somebody wanted to be shocked. It's gonna happen. By the way Ryan by the way there is no do get through here the monkey's a positive. Test. He sure what to do better I don't want all the way across him. Do that. Evidence in this does not find this ridiculous I applaud this kid. This from the Associated Press but he had them McCall between Twitter from B units that you blew it a New York high school basketball player. Well rescue and ice fisherman from Lake Ontario was capped. From Sony know ward team. Because the whole Rourke he caused. Our cost him to miss the team bus so he missed a team bus because he was helping save somebody's life with a rescue. So WW in YTV reports that guy's name is Lucas action. Was among the volunteer firefighters in Clayton. Who rescued the strait of fisherman from a drifting ice slab on Saturday. He missed the team's departure. Or rolled playoff team later that day. Those school requires that any player not riding on a team bus all the coat or eighty. Did he says he was on able to all the rescue was under way. He was saving somebody for mice EK call me yes. And the superintendent says the district is proud of him but that is still knew the policy here's the here's the problem with pollen. In the problem. This is not taking this lady we you BC until the policy all these blanket policy. In you don't substitute substitutes for the great year. Because there's a great year. What happens is always Greer you cannot go straight by the book or further rules would somebody. Is saving somebody's life from the day and I. It he's in trouble he missed the bus this ripped it improbable. He knew the policy. Policy is. A simple life. Did you get on the bus that's all sets but the school I think that human life is not more important as those YouTube and of itself just the most absurd and obscene. The last couple weeks did that the kind of ruin your. Would beat him immunity it doubt that this person's at school. At that school. They educate people. In this dumb man's. Says it's great to be you don't stay daylight there now it's just. All right Gordon. Sorry because it doesn't make you lose your faith you may know a thing that you send me last night makes me lose my faith in humanity there is a woman in the UK. And she is not unattractive. And she won a lottery she was seventeen apparently. Apparently a little lottery and or seventeen and the UK now ten to one million dollar. She is now suing the lottery which is 41 right ultimate thing reins of burgers pouring she is claiming. At the lottery ruined her life and the money ruined her life. My question is what do you story before more money you wouldn't that just ruin your life more like. Oh I'm just tired now great point for the defense. What analysts who pay a bunch of money we're gonna ruin your life begins that you want we just take your money away like we could do that are an idea what you should money's the related charity. Up the idiot. Shop for really nice things and everybody so upbeat the country club. I eggs so I guarantee you there's a million right now walking around Wal-Mart shoes and parents what it's. All right guys happy now I know a couple people like you would never know you would never know. Their riches at. Sears. Regular. Regular. Got a question about this assaults from the Associated Press. In regards to golf in his talk about Tiger Woods who never we talked about earlier in the week yet withdraw from double turns whatever. And it's an opinion piece but it's it's it's it states. In his by Doug Ferguson. Note tiger is no longer such a big problem occurred Ferguson. Said Doug. For us. And essentially what the pieces talking about. Is that it's saying that. Here's a dull when tiger was. You know all the talk of the goal. When everybody adored everybody loved. He was the best golfer that we've ever seen. You could not have conversations about golf that you did not. Talk about a golf season without talking about Tiger Woods in talking about the tournaments in which he plays. But since she's soul. Inconsistent in his belt is such a question mark. This columnist feels that. Golf does it need Tiger Woods and that because of his shaky L because you don't know if you've played from one week to the next because of so many good. Young talented golfers. You're just fine the game of golf is just fine without Tiger Woods. Do you believe that. I do believe they call. If you say golf is never going to be what it was a few years ago when he was the biggest name in sports. Do find that I. Green though it still needs it when the deputies tiger in the it does the tiger golf needs tiger with a ratings get to be worthy were when tiger plays the Angel. Because Tiger Woods still brings in the ratings what he's going to appear in losing. In bad he'd admit it kept people still watch I did I don't think the people expect to see Tiger Woods every week now. I think that all will exit taste yeah equity when he played it's it's a big event let's drop it and watch the lowest fees plus. They still watch Tiger Woods golf gets the point the only ratings because Tiger Woods. Then a big debt debt debt that's all the bonus now. I think that a couple years ago. Golf needed Tiger Woods I think he still do I don't think that they do more to educate you can't. You take out the beat here that nobody cares about it as much misused we've put any brings the average. Course the watchable he's playing you brings the other people into. See woody America likes treat it do if he's played once the ratings get the tiger level when he was dominating. It doesn't need it into your ratings are better when tiger play until he gets a tiger to need I guess my final point all the money he brought into that sport much much what is this I don't think the rays ever gonna get back there and they now. I think that the ratings are where they war if not much better than where they were win before tiger was on the seat I think about that include my plate. I'm. Number one like guests people dutrow tune into watch Tiger Woods Phil. But it is becoming very few far in between of people who care I. Most everybody I know with you with the exception have completely written off Tiger Woods. Like you were the only one to hold ago. One day old tiger is gonna come back on the row I believe you don't use he would do much better you may think that's. Well look he's making cuts. Tiger Woods wins it make cuts is Rick like 600 and some. It's not. Pain yet and still be talked about it. Talk about calls outlaws are now on sports and Tiger Woods always what's I golfer that signed a deal of Arby's beef. Before. Beat Johnson got beat Jones where you already know about beef chuck. He's funny. There they talk. People. Consider is not leaving anybody else but my point is this golf table full is this steel holding on to all tiger still think beating him okay. I final segment did it take to report to in the were done on the basis. Studio sixty and sports media will do pretty ticked down right now sixty in particular in total to sixty in sports. I. We'll just get VP slot. Would you think that. I'm just trying to help people out and form factors that there were a bad mood. Of the Astros and they gradually. It's really not that mark. I probably should have. Because I found out today I thought that we cal he's probably related to Mike Sweeney. Don't like snake its. But I think your quote today having great view. Yes it's they'll listen. With a yeah there was Jeremy Jiaka. Your original being had a weird. A weird sports injuries said he dropped who blocks on spent much relief well that's not true. Will it take and neighbors out this huge round that it TV I don't. Didn't like Sweden. Sweet dog I just don't beat us. And some of the final after all the really good laugh for years and I'm excited and looking forward to use them. A old man. I think that's a good one and I can't wait to use that. Announcement early to drop me on the show was it. We're excited about that if I had this ditzy yet to take students would. Korea is in the air you he's too busy planes or drop yeah you gotta tone syrup it. If he will this. Forget what to wait on me for dinner. How busing. I don't know if the day isn't sure what other Travis Wood siding with the kids who will BP officials today what does he possessed a cheap cheaper. Jason Hammel who possessed championship or porcelain teeth typically look a little. But they didn't have achieved tripling at some point. Kennedy pitched one inning in 2000 and with the New York Yankees still. He got. Britain must got one for fifteen games for the Red Sox in 2007. When this team is built we talked about chemistry. Built on championships are reversible as decent game. It is press conference about the your kids city guys will move things like this but I can look his way below the clubhouse. All got homework every night everybody werewolf teams should bring. They bring me and hit championship pedigree when those things would respect about the including oil. She sent out press release. Brad Childress is going to assistant head coach. Yankees scored just two offensive coordinator. My wife's name I knew now. It did she leaves and I moved around the world scene bouncy patch things up we'd played good count because of teams are doing the rearranging the shall we want the war could do it asked the divisional round that's what I'm waiting. Visited the quarterback and I just change things up while there where would they do kind of philosophy. You've got the same kinds deputies have been seen to this thing over. Expecting your proposal. At this point until the genes make changes there. For doing the same things and expecting different results. I try to wrap my head take two pretty quickly here. And I'm gonna start with those with Baghdad. Like right now Kansas City she's going into his. Feel like Philadelphia Eagles fans bill five years ago and what I mean by that is. But the Eagles fans we're going. Their emotions and feelings about their headphones. I think facility he thinks he's been doing the same way it ought to be right now why is that. Because Philadelphia. Fan base and it got to a point. They felt like big Ole notebook that was ain't you re yes he has won the division. Numerous times again got them to a Super Bowl. It got so many also being within that organization. As a head coach what he did not appear to leave it on the winning a Super Bowl there right now. Now could see stance look at it the same way. In the sense that you don't get to the next step you've got to continue to progress. Right now they're not sure if they're taking that next step to progress as a global organization celled. It'd be interesting to see if there's anything in the fifties we'll do over the coming months. They'll change the C span's perspective into the the fan base on how to build on in read a lot of that. This time it's the quarterback. For the sake it would take that I have in regards to love. Zoellick Thomas of York. General manager Dayton Moore. And manager nick yells when it comes to love fantasy roles in this news. You don't want all some things about what we're talking about earlier today. Talk about the winners and tell. Ali that they have on their roster within the clubhouse talking about the versatility in the depth they have in terms of the Gaza out on the roster. That to people's wolf this team getting back to the bowl season. It hopefully make a full season. Yeah. Could guy. It's provoked this does every. I'm Rory saved it under different file you can read it. It's. The royal. Spin it a surprise Arizona. We've added to time. So many Ganassi guys. They drive with them and I love about it. It. There's a good chance we may not play with each other again.