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02/15 - 12 pm - Hey Heidi

Feb 15, 2017|

It's noon, so naturally we crack into a 610 6-Pack. Plus, MLB Network's Heidi Watney joins the show & we hear from Royals DH Brandon Moss.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

There weights. It's noon here. I think. I skated to a 360 its board six back here. On the day shift was plagued me the southeast fifteen minutes waiting talked and Heidi watney found in the LP. Excellent reminded me of that awesome Saturday morning cartoon pro stars with Jordan photograph BP S remember them retool and older. The results. Suspect one of two Lovato and Jordan shoes like. Just a weird weird earth than it used for Patrick is right and left you. Are. You gotta see this. That really nice to. Think for themselves I don't know what it's like an older lady and that he's trying to teach whatever it. Instead signs that you bunnies and we'll take you know again this old lady that I don't know tennis whether. So let's just add one of the political woods the new expected new at all I've seen golf observed. So in attendance for today it is I don't like park in tennis balls and a defensive element of the new. So that a hundred no use for the left it's all right asked if I had to golf committee that faith that it goes back in the ninth with Lisa's. What's the cutoff sixty. Michael back to him don't know having not seen 63 strokes within frankly so Christopher. You know he put it has ultimately doesn't know he's got to silently because of that he's 63 stopped it. That's for our Chrysler agreement be about the east and Europe and you know video watch the massacre of eight federal. He was excited to watch in the map movies over all the latest thoughts about the same oval and the Pittsburgh great movies from when you guys were all of them like 1930s. To now talking pictures back and of the the zone bonds equities or comedy career. It's Sunday after woods opened my name is Milan that at all on me. Lothian with them when I'm on the on the packet. Brian any funny because the ones. Third troops oracle was boarding or would you like blow for. You'll wine boom because when you know again I'm not a wine now is a gay he's yea did on. And navigate her right that you are actually do. Asked when the last time I had Jaeger my little bit last week ironically enough I was at a bar that was selling two dollar. So yes a modified. The shot Earl was walking around with them here to block thanks Chris. If it weren't for her cleavage I would not have bought it it's true that's that's true it was fair there was cleavage I had two dollars. Period. Still a lot of stuff as 100% true. It is their people don't pick the Sports Illustrated all year long this went through district comes out there by and that we years. Your if you people I know sex that's true what's your commercials. For old self. Could it be on the field who presents to be Debbie Willis sitting little thing. If some do you know and and yeah it's beautiful woman with big boobs if the auto show. It's used everywhere you go lightly we once. Do we think of the civil war room I think it's what you do for an eagle in the guest now that your track for a for a book guests. It was the hottest girls this sport has when the tree view Denver for the producer. The camera 100%. If you pastor physical. When the car. And probate officially with Travis Wood that. Two years and why this has to work with so why did I don't all of our. Readers. Terriers sixteen million birds your mutual option would met the media there's days. Should break down that though. Today it's like four mil six mills. The royals game or after six the price of business quarter of this team because this year the favorite relatively cheap yeah. 4000017. Point only team. Elected me in the price of businesses here's the bad the excuse me if you well the job that the media earlier today you heard that right here on sixth in Sports Radio the radio home of the royal wolf you mentioned enough for how many years. Ago. It's the aluminum anniversary with us oil fighting them from getting some fear he was asked how much the possibility of starting. And earning a starting spot. But it influenced his decision and affection in signing the city. A lot but you know because I wanted to try to get that written they're gonna get an opportunity to do so you things. I'm in a few words he's pretty clear about what a lot a lot of lives and how mature than against a lot a lot of thank you. The senior Alex Smith yeah yeah yeah the double a lot a lot a lot of fluff. I was muddy futures are blind. Or other a lot beloved. But having the opportunity to be a solid rotation at definitely outplayed apartments we found out. Dozens are also. Retreat just started we come to that yet we don't know how this thing is gonna play out Minnesota team comes extra swings which in the bullpen has clearly book. Okay. Yet these stores OK returning started everybody talks before the money comes review start now with the team you're gonna. It is being what started but I don't think the rules related selling remedies for the job. Oh when it comes to an opportunity they'll bet I mean it that deftly does factory in for a lot of guys like it's different. Or got us just to be told you're just an idiot it's clear he does can be coming off if you if if you go to guys that you know what you're to have an opportunity to actually. You don't get some quality start for us. Going to be for the game changer for us to be some there's going to be more and more attractive situation. A lot more royal stuff coming up in just the second but arrests were based extends she sends her. Yeah was reporting that she's. Are likely to pass on picking up the option for quarterback in Naples and 170. I was more shocked that I'd like. I was. It is important for us but it pretty figure deals and struck by that do. Just to be six point we'll pick it up how to. Have transcript phrases like Reid did the numbers aren't yet wizards or boys forwards actually affordable that would be in million dollars. You punitive Naples -- order for less than Alan Smith and atlas to do it. She's going to be back and here it is right here NFL PA has the record books on his when he says it is tempting option. It is not ten point 75 was that it instead six point 75 which seems. That was wrong W that she's a better that's me that's that that cap right off quite a bit of a difference I get it Travis wood's this year. Generally is needed to liberated interesting last year the trustee is what it is important if you don't celebrate by now you. It's fitting zawahri equity interest at all. Beauty of these places. You know what the good old faithful but we'll bring. This year with a draft a quarterback with the gonna do with. And exports to get into the offense but he would get us there were dozens blades of Eric Berry -- watched it bulls libel to give the nice contribution to order for an AppleTV is bad as quarterbacks are mostly. Houston program folder possibly start. And I decide both of them because things they've been excellent golf balls Roswell which ones hurt I'm going to fold. Overall while. Yeah he's gonna start the work feet Pope even go to Cleveland leisure living. Double fault he had a destroyer is doing is better and he'll be another name on the back that mimic that window always up and RG three. Shadow of the text or just takes in Travis boards where you parked your car a lot a lot with the with the with the also showed Lewis or Luis assured their dollars for anything in terms of tennis. The thinking of the strong effort for us. Here's if you made it through is going to be a bit of what he's going to be fat number two you he had. That's very romantic at Blair before any of non obese and and promotions all the how many entered this stay on this side that zero thank. He came into the league he can be different. We've reserved promotion and other. Attractive. Friendly. Big guys the first state to extend the franchise tag to NFL players let me find the numbers here one more time as and being yourself. Our way of deadlines to for teams or extend tax march 1 also the deadline for players to sign the franchise takes finesse. It's July 15 we and he. Quick conversation about it air carrier and here. A couple of weeks ago Roy out of the network itself that he does not want to play 2017. Under the franchise tag mysteries aren't dumb enough to actually been there. I don't think it is becoming a statistic going hated Eagles about it even. Approaching him with the franchise is but it's an oracle would be good to get the tag obviously very thing comes a little hopeful we'll posted on the X games. It's more about these air very his stead. It is a wanna play for the for the adult adult domestic anymore. Just don't do it. Makes absolutely no sense to me. I believe he's incredibly re taking your embassy do not have to sit out yup you're not an out of state he didn't mind that they'll ask your victory if you get the deal done with him if he had the franchise somebody and you wanna keep Paul the need to go ahead plot to protest at the art. Both work. It's like I was a person as it pulls the follow. Your breaking news that the person. The royals and McDonald's teaming up for the royals double play promotion in the double play promotion. And he signed the royals for a double play. He get a one dollar mixed doubles and MacDonald expect. Should be noted that the system currently on the pick through the victory to and it is just the price to make double. Visit the united dollar seeks to not great savings but to save them last night but it's. Lomax us on the line and down the schools and that you didn't it's axles. No but somebody if we do you like a hole. A book like you industrial sleight of Macs cost. No my game and I got I got a real stuff for a Nokia and labour motion Christmas tree. Yes twelve hits other hits dozen donuts that was really good. Mark is mark T and so that was the only thing that was really good about his breath as the royal Ottawa is liable to hear people he's he's so excited noble Daria you head down I seventy to be noted are the extreme of the into the game you're hoping for the pool table how much does. For free free. You got a three dozen glazed donuts but the thing when the royals got a doesn't it. It was a great for both that's got to be the best of ocean Hitler that I'd heard about it after that slavery did do this. They did I mean they didn't like the three years if there was what gets a ticket right at least it seemed like every time I went to Italy this is only four. People if you showed your ticket you had to have yet a ticket institute is yet. That's what I'm not most stock. That's why women have yet to be a virgin to be an intern to help us and help. Them for help sliced bread. I think in certain other day. He got a job. With. All over had a hit walker roller coaster and as an adult schools here right now. A little bit and in his closing out guys you have seen and George Strait year have reportedly agreed to terms. For Xavier to make his return of the octagon he hasn't fought since November of 2013. Of us. For actively operate there also Brock Lesnar. Officially retiring from the USC he hasn't announced that USC has eye he saw us five months on his suspension for Pete he's. If he were to return to in and day or USC you have to serve out and other five months before. Returning to vote for the offense that seems weird to me why not just wait five months and retire. It is here because he's to a stop with the WWE. Again it's ultimately here. He's done with you see the let me ask me retiring under suspension like at least. Wait it out of just seems weird. People bit of this probably would be players admitted it proves the last edited it got so we get us but this year but for the Indians he says. It was a Burt. With a more lumber all it was I've done it because you have to guess is that these guys but I guess later. I does that wrap it up for the for the for the of one sort of the knowing Krispy Kreme and. That's Saturday. I'd ask you wrap up these six did the sports expect here on the day shift late in bank. Coming up next we'll talk to baseball with MLB network Heidi watney she's not a surprise Arizona we talked her. Studio sixty and Sports Radio don't do pretty tickets dot com right now. Sixty in particular using promo code sixty in sports. Bags on the days you could think of accounts you know it's just what frequency of course I found. Seems like we get is that obviously. There's really you know is not the first time since the about it. The first. Opened last. Able to speak how to solve this coming up he said basically get back to number. He'd tell you this I 100% for the big it was more than one million hiding one's phone number I. Aussie you're stalking her now I'm not stalking her in any means. We've had through exchanges one was an appropriate if you didn't get it. She doesn't fall this year so we're guilty eagerly waiting. On hearing from Heidi you know why you went. Please. She's based in seaside. Army she's not surprised. He's in their zone and Susan surprise is okay season. Or partners don't this year what they're all I know that would mean ACC away from the world's all the sudden. Don't know what to do none though she's worked. As if she's in Arizona and yesterday issues and rules. Scissors and maybe she's avert. And I didn't. Want. I was I have got him. To. Rule it out. Why don't you that tweet. Wells. 5432. Reward for whom he had he eighties like savage on you. But again. And I good looking enough that it counts. It. Stopped it you didn't burn here's good not good looking enough to have polite keep on lockdown. I know. Stop making a style I I've seen burn Burton's very popular review old lady's let's see you at all I know that's why lake is so envious of him. The pin sheet and stuff but I'm jealous of Asher and so it's. That old ladies in order ordinance though. Beat them all the states really I hate it when I'll walk that will be eagle spotted bars take you know months space he will too. She got mad at me for something or was it a with the fame this weird and murdered asked in the sun boobs Burton. He said he would she was mad about that when he sat down with the angrily turned to urgings and breast I don't know democracy enemy. I know nothing will allow shockingly somebody's significant other got upset because you were urging them to us and other people breast physical but it. Of course he was. We all would that. And seen. Would you have done that and she not been standing there. Should stay in there she should later. Synergies are talking about all the we. Would chew on blast now. All right wolf since we're getting set up by Heidi watney in the league network. Or. Out. These include all you guys in this do you wanna hear it is important to you when you're from Randy Moss. It's animal ordered ordered an Opel. I know that I. You'll get ahead. Did you wasn't going to be no nothing I did and I thought I thought it was not the mother. What are the things that happens to me that you've got a apparently she's Conan. We boats. A that you are correct birds like chemical addiction if I. He's passed on the message. All right joining us now who's in Arizona Heidi watney Heidi is that reporting from Italy network all week long. From spring training in Arizona yesterday shoes the royals AMP. You can watch her on quick pitch. With the throughout the regular season Heidi. A big fan of quick page how long they teach you to put that showed together with everybody booed and radio calls double teams the TV. Cannot be easy would you guys do every night. And they and we have fabulous editors that they get their. Highlight. Now well I'd like that they sacred. The broadcast you've got a radio call them there exactly how they act out that it. Is it late at night if it were ever let me say lacquered and regain that allotment of. I've got to the end of the movie network for a long time now just like the same way I feel blood NFL network Pittsburgh kind of consume an ankle murder royals game or watch it because. You don't have the radio calls do you. It's really highlights of the really incorporates. B radio calls into the highlights which users here in six tenants always kind of funny here but Heidi. What's it like seeing the royals team this year you were a entrance for the royals in 2014. All the way the World Series. I use all the steam in 2015. You've got the though quite a bit of the key city royals those alike showing up but this spring training. Up a lot of fun and so I'll wait for a lot of beer grab. That at a at my old or. There is. I'm back. Melo honed over the camp because. Did your doctor about I just a couple of weeks ago it's sad thing that. A lot of the guys so we don't cut it. Repeat. The walk into your. Wall socket even though he'd like that are its. That was definitely kind of a deep yet they all know why it is that time didn't forward. Start over are actually does it help in the healing practices well. You know Heidi these guys don't need that as motivation using your Dow's motivation to do better because you know this team this one. All series as the top leaders adult what do you think there's some of the guys on. The other roster part of the organization that were really good friends with Giordano. Hit it to really remember him you think that that's gonna be a little bit about added motivation there. You always want. Give something have a route ire out. He also has the fact that you act a lot of big guys to be eligible for free agency activists here. At this could be their last year all of them got their guy that he was there I got that there are. It's app or let me not at act if you're the other end up with those guys weren't that came out of the eighties act that are. A lot of love. Or it didn't need to create art is better than ever. Yeah. The right here and act. You don't want our favorite guys on the roster is Danny dusty and you know he he got the extension here dot aide to state Kansas City. Let's bring your impression Danny Duffy because he's coming possible really strong year last season he seems like he's really start to come into his own. Now I loved your year one of the sad. Reality check out the California back. Do you think he he started his oh. What Kelly before our surgery coming back up to date year or harder that is. With a lot of yards on out the guy. Opening day are gonna pick and they look like I loved to be that Ed you. A couple of years now two watts guys out there are people and the well connected to break it a lot this year. And it got dark he. You got the propaganda behind and attract and ability but he's got it. It could possibly be a very very here. Talk about Heidi watney from MLB network was it still royals a spring training yesterday. What you think himself praises here Heidi. I'll leave that figured I love. It's right there are a lot. So open it out there were able whether he yeah both there. It out of the buyout he's the guy at a group of they're the guys. They have fun and that. There is always carry a chip on our shoulder in I don't know of any of the guys talked about a third of the odor rankings they always. And the royals finishing my masters that they do that live on the east about the royals or whoever that is our 2015 the World Series. Big product niche. Yost brought it up at the mother of these is the bothers some of the guys I don't know. Who lately with Hamel in Iowa Travis would go into this the Kansas City Royals. What are your co workers in you probably think about the royals degree in scheme of things is this team a contender into the royals. They portraying a chip on their shoulder like he always do. Well I. I thought it arc where black. At first. They're there or. At. I. Curtain. Say add up at the end a lot. And I didn't think it I hit on that a court later at age thirty. Popular but can I talked about it that he met. Bet and got a great addition by quarter. And Harold. Up. Some of bitten the fact is it a flair outward. I mean they want to coordinate. The Arctic pack it up as well. Now I think. I while it could be a bit here or story. Out the big. That it had a little bit lack here at back Iraq. Now he never met with every. Different Alley. You know have their work I. Think they are. You know the so many guys that have been a part of this organization part of this roster that we do know Bob one of the guys that we don't know much about now what is you know anything the bottom. Is more peso layer because we broadcast live from royals and that's just a couple of weeks ago. He was not in town for Dassault is there anything you see nobody warned in what's at eighty fans expect out of him here in San. Yeah elect I have I that could go to the Rotblat. In no ordinary aware that. It didn't I never occurred. I oh. That he could be a great player. Not get out there. Elected. Yeah at the scene do you beat. That is good effort out of that effort whether or without them or else. What have you or argue that that don't like. The world we get it. Out whatever it is they need to for. Players could be. A good fit for it Eric I see that particularly. Aetna dot. Heidi that is funny that they knew as it moves and Vargas that said you pick this last of that is that he said. Okay side the chip is on the short list that they said the U I'm glad to hear that they'll like when the royals. And that kind of mentality that Heidi bloody three in the B network. She's a week long eared spring training in Arizona yesterday's use it royals camp and don't forget. Every night quick pitch was it actually really good show up for highlights every night during the regular season thanks a lot Heidi. Eric thank Barbara that. They Q. Yeah Xia wants to do so in person. If you didn't World Series or Ellis doubtless 2000 and l.'s fourteen. People will series humanness you know so since the units up she did not stand itself it's a record for some that's been person with us and joins us on the phone records. We accrued amount we earlier but school was good good you'd ask an attribute of tickets at the royal would creepy at all here's object is an open. I tell the guys will hear from a rowdy you really think you can prevent Brendon moss here on the base. Including studio sixty and Sports Radio. See him on dancing over there. And asked how's it involves. Later a second time two weeks. Still. I just don't know where's the start you play for Fatah or anything like that. There's a lot higher if not see you getting your good use out. I hate on he's not to pass his fifteen minutes ago I Wear the same stuff all the time it almost makes it more and or at least more funny to me you think he resurfaces the next election no of course not. Nobody cares what can vote at all. Motorist doing it him back to normal life I bet he got his report have premium heat some credit even came on the show is funny read it even came on the show he had a lot of he's only snag a lot of stuff. This computer racing environment expert now I just responds everywhere is open. No it's all balled cities that detects the cockroach on the show us life we now intersected with them on Valentine's Day week it comes to mind. Then Kim that. Kindle. And experience of these up to know you're not really texted I'm really gonna take I he's the author was number one. If that the patient accused cities Woodward of two. It's Issa he's a portly didn't get a commercial regardless of GAAP. And one of them we get a commercial somebody got in the terms Izod but that's levels the endorsement. That was endorsed. Capitalize on the fidelity did that did endorse him with a gap. I'd be the gaps are struggling that is in his eyes. At at at at at. I are you ready to hear from mom Brendon moss I am an excited about grandmas and if you would see Brendon moss wants to go home runs over the war as a from random house. Really hard as did a home run off stage you get a couple walker. Still I mean it's a big ballpark you know. See the ball well there is beautiful stadium. The backgrounds grade and you know as a baseball player you can see the ball. Well usually gonna have a better chance of swearing in so. Hopefully that never works out that way I mean and it's not easy to hit a home run any ballpark so let alone big. Sometimes you have to. Read what was done. I always like these guys I'll. When it was excellent yeah. Nobody wants to be an atmosphere where assault. You're being a player on the come he's been a lot of time. In this group is always look like them plus. Personally have always loved playing. I love the ballpark can seem like great fans seems like a really good place. You guys from 2003 love for him to call what's the difference communities he gave you JC rejected by the idea. Not really no I mean after that game had went home and even though he silently and home. I got traded so you know as close as we have talked about option will. Pounding down. Again Harvard grad I'd rather not talk rather talk something else. Fear yeah. Playoff. Nation. Again. And as it experiences and boy I mean obviously I can speak from. Playoff experience helps my first couple times to the playoffs I was. You know he is just overwhelming. You played such and such emotion that. He can either make you really good players and if you really bad player whose first couple years and in really bad play. And down at third time through in the wild card game and then we. Saint Lucie you know you learn to calm those owners and you learn when he fearless and be like can you understand so definitely experience helps. Good you know I have this funny experience on this tomorrow I just think it. It was a great news you know. I'm Dan Maurer I've been here than their game by game. I did coming in your heart rate. I've listened power. The same time this team has seen a really really good and water without me so I'm just happy to be here. Obviously we talk about Brendon moss now was Josh for understood it and awesome surprise though with the audio from Brandon Moss and you heard a standing in the background talk and Brandon Moss asking questions. Gonna give away appeared to used to Bergen and bacon passport this Saturday February 18 in the west rot the first cold word is our guy RBIs for school. My question you about Brendon moss. What kind of expectations do you have for Brendon moss from hole one perspective this year. From a home I'd argue doing this guy's guy that when he guest when it OKC 130. Now than this ball. Reporting. 45 this would be the ceiling board got sold power in the us it's 66 guys hit twenty year more home runs they mullets. The moves I think Gordon. Thinks Salvi. I think yes a layer. Humanist. Oh India. Newman missed six. And go see somebody twice for the sixth. Solar solar mob boss moves. Gordon. Salvi cost us. I'm sick of it when people. You think we're gonna get six guys get twenty home runs this year. I think your customers who leads the team and omens. Well as they can moves but don't come back from an injury. I just have to sort of bubbles is because he's come off the Tony's deal has countered year. It 45 last year in the stretch yet again exonerated though does it put more pressure from self that stretched. Takes in line and their cows are gold 25 to thirty. Bold up in the off season. That the rampant it was those sleeveless shirt sons of guns out Arizona. I'm just open a gore broke and stay healthy. If Gordon stays healthy he's gonna hit one home runs is fiesta miss any time. The national championship. I don't rivals here doesn't wanna hear that. I feel like we're gonna have probably before. So obviously for the season and I'm more tape right. What do like royals' mark the tape it was you. I really think Alex corn so it's a career high in home runs this year. Crazy. But when he is though you can expert Eric. He's in he's he's he's Boerse a stranglehold on what's postal best. Ford when he and then. I will say this though he government alone when he gets on the run he literally it's home runs they come in bunches with one victory at a post. Pointers on the seventeenth let's figure he's gonna hit over Tony Holman the 120 games that seventeenth there. A resounding. You know what I told throws out of the rare bad game. Yeah herb that took that already about it what's what's the better 23 plus one you know he's we say over two point recent study we have four fiesta said he personal best this year what does he get ready eat crow he had he has to eat. He couldn't find krone web site. He had is a rip it. But asking your group he has hit by a yeah it's going to linger ribat Nell. Reports like 150. Achievers and the rear of the candidates on that point four. 24 home runs its. I see it. He just tacky town and excellence and what are you basing Gordon hitting twenty home runs. What he covers around when he always is around when he hit 23 and fourteen and when he. Nineteen. He had thirteen in a year the only put 114 zinni at seventeen last year 120 games doubts were good right around 240 home runs. It 24 plus this year. But wanted to order those groups soaked at least Olympic. So I told draw was out of the riverbank game. This might come in the last game two is Gordon pretty streaky. He gets one next and it's one next it's one then one day net and one and it's another one but he goes a stretcher when he days without it home and trusting your court. Oh. And Jessica it'll work out pardon the south these moments so I've bumped into met the at the barber shop. Who chests were out a month ago arm Alex arias or pursue clones were penalty. Aren't done. Still with us. He'll listen to get the job. All right does just fine. Called lord is DHD. Eights is the final Cold War eagle bolt told words because number and call number ten. To 913 by some 67610. When appear to just a bourbon and bacon fest this Saturday February 18 that was rides and you'll see. Gradkowski. A little bit tips got to be twenty years or older and 21 years old you can be more than a little bit. Yeah I'm going to be a sloppy. She wasted believe it an irregular DD my wife is is dropping me off. And she's gonna pick it back at. All and says you need to use the your hi Ryan absolutely torn up with. You'll be descriptive Saturday and then you can be torn when you meet him rips to leave title up from the flow as its. Pay out really quick. I. Noticed CBS sports who put out there. It tops. Of 2070 for baseball. Like opposition players in Britain topped in the Czech category dead many royals you think out of the ten categories that you're starting pitching. Then we'll do the position players and DA toys that the royals do you think made the list. All the positions every position including. DH and starting for top ten then Hosmer sells the Cain Cain. Let's take three that's that's it that's it or leave her be career fits that category. Five of them made the list. Five dead and it's not as. Salvi got right operas he sixth. CBS sports as a estimation he's the ex best catcher no baseball I moved stock is tied for tenth. Best third baseman and all of baseball Alex Gordon a speech at arsenal's. Alex Gordon is the tee and the best left fielder according to CBS right there that edge and Lorenzo Cain. Is the fifth best I mentioned him that are older game and we say Brandon malts. For VH DH nowhere college. Ball in the top ten what's so wrong. Kate get it will be network does topped in center field really finished third the light of their less centrist which an about me narcotics on this court. Couldn't breathe. On the good and bad men think Britain must abort the age moment. All right. With Coke in oh. Or about. I get a slight chance tomorrow and something deeply shall mean as the terrified home with the Tibetan. Next DC from the MVP. Studio sixty and Sports Radio don't do pretty tickets dot com right now sixty in particular using promo code sixty in sports. I congratulates this guy. Best tickets. Scott fantasy Murkowski. You'll be lunatics and if you see Ella tells you bought it into a little bit of trouble. He is body guard police protective keep them safe are you going right. No I'm not gonna be here home and I was really count on you babysit me. Only not big city and pulverized habits that. The night that you want as tested. It through but I. What eyes were babies that I'm not going to you're going and mine is mine but the driver. Your life threatening. Mean he started driving everybody needs a driver and no one's gonna be responsible at all I am now I'm going to be as you're responsible sponsor this place would be your response. Yeah the relative. Scott. How's it isn't into any drop in at least a chairman. Pleased. And you always when like cholera and the little brother to me won't ask you this is my first like I'm not gonna be into our first Big Brother. Ask Tom Tom hopping on a flight tomorrow after the show you know did you notice. Concern. Is Big Three Shelby this story about this up high. Before and Ned. Nell. What's real is still tightly at the major airlines in seamless. Rake at. It there's so many things happened illegals pilot's main either looked lazy and haven't you reform so she's walked in with the street clothes the flight your point. In this is an budged at CNET. It she was she was at its a meltdown would call the breakdown. When's the last time Michigan and planes the pilots gaining a part of what's been talking about that that don't. They don't do it but here's what passengers on united flight from Austin and San Francisco were treated with. I'll stop and album by the airplanes don't worry I'm Angela my co pilot fly. He's and they. If you don't they'll say get off the airplane but otherwise they'll it just doesn't offset up to. I'm mad I'm gonna. I thought purposely offend your general opinion OK so judge purposely offend you I hit. Dancers yet so but I didn't tape and it's gotten. There she is she's rate the better divorce it was to bolster rated about the election. Bought at an end all of actually one of the stores took that the Michael wait for Maher it's real audio of the pilot in for yes. She was. It's in the state were writing wearing jeans rivers who's wearing it. She said if you don't like it get off the plane out of the bail out it people war or getting off the day they test flight attendants pleased that this is as data to be like get on trying to. I immediately entered a no. They can get out the door shot so they had to stop that we end up keeping gateway back but. People start getting that there's an idea that you. It feels good to fly a plane no pilots having a midlife crisis right effort to shock people it's their people just sat there I'm surprised that more were sitting out there was it what can you game and flight which are shocked about bloody gorgeous there. Watch TVs or phones. This. Is it that all this this is because that guy that was line play will a year after don't know Germany in Germany debt. Mostly. He he yeah breakdown. He was going through these com. He was somebody about his mental mind state as he was well in those tight whistle or months. And each part so drastically into the into the mountain she said she was gonna co pilot flies the plane. Is an. My dad and album by the airplanes don't worry on the eleventh co pilot flies even me I'm a man yeah. A big you don't bills that get off the airplane that other. So. So this one you just got right art and doubled this is talking about a divorce. Oh it stuck at any election Null object aren't you people though the videos that there were just calmly and the phones whatever school our daily lives. How can you sit there and run just got to play non geared a long road what those people dead. BS super cocktail in my headphones and here are price would even have heard the announcement to be honest it's what they did together that's off the plane in the burn in the pilot there was just weird that she was rocket like jeans cry a little light there's good shirts you have talented and he should look like this ended. She showed up word whatever. Airport co pilots can fly the plea disease remain excellent that who hollered I'm a man now with Mike and as I added I'll play guide me on he added that. Mean. Where's. All of them are from Avandia that you. Are there might then suffering among the summer it is August 11 Bible so youth education with tilts. But it's important values gonna put me on the spot. Leo we're gonna after a pretty August 12 August amid August 12. As that is that a Friday. I'm glad I won the Buick culpable going to be on I don't Allen though does what it's been like for the first ten years of being a man from right and so says typical black a Clinton supporter pilot doll. She ripped her to she. You don't pull one out worked. She ripped everybody. Including Hillary. As she was terribly but I was unity Rupert everybody was catch any of that age it's not Saturday she had talked about her divorce. This is somebody did. What flight attendants noticed what you would street. In white you grabbed the microphone jeeps and why should be doing this from the cockpit would forget. That they were the years she did describe it that which house says he would just sat on the plane. Which did not flying her to do it as co worker he's amend or. Done mid flight. He decides to walk out do that she goes back and there is a lot Keegan. She done this 50000 the year. Then walked out there is talk about things. She. Did and go back you just chop it out it's such as to what what's your. Ryan take us and it's it's all talk to you baby if you don't respect you can get terminal weird now people jump off her shoes. She. Yeah Texans and Ryan will be white girl. With 100 respect for the one. If it eight and god. I'm I'm when I'm talking about. I had two of epic two minutes. Hinckley has an interesting observation when he comes to the royals. Of roster this year we get to bed nets. Studio sixty and Sports Radio.