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Feb 15, 2017|

We head out to Surprise to hear from Royals skipper Ned Yost. Plus, Lorenzo Cain has some great thoughts on the urgency of winning.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our two days of play today. Murkowski here it's a manager Ned Yost here in just a couple of minutes but man. Speaking to submit pitchers slugger bats that's the parties. To resolve it why. It is miss got you well that taxable. From the Google has even that is. What year was that it. It was the old beautiful in the east and obviously the ones the underneath of her terrible by the way I don't know what you was. Pulled my eyes. A beautiful religion. As. Hilarious here we see with the articles written 2013. First year of the article came out. Think the pictures actually from years before politics today the slugger was the first royal the real experience in winning. And nice. Oh says it was from 2005. All to assess of the aerial he's no longer slugger or. It probably would yeah probably less than a day act that picture and now. Or been on before that of 2005. Picture was from some dark times and the royals just ask the our overall still right now and the like Tony Peña year are you shocked that picture has been used by royals for eons and rules Twitter of the royals get a nice home run or come back winds currently bet she'll slowed there I mean I've seen it. I'm surprised that he's warm meals. I know for fact and I'm not guests in room. Mascots have a lot of fun. And know about the Google Google I does not know a few of the guys that played trots. With a T walls. All Maine is they have they have actual job organization they're on the payroll they get tickets. Get a lot of parks. And for them to guests tomorrow so rule it out I guess it. They shot mascots in this century. No I don't like best cuts I know that. Step above clowns who are you would you relate to basically what's amassed I don't know what he's talking about. I mean Ryan lifeless on the illegally and where would think it doesn't mean I wouldn't. I don't know which that's not wandering like Tiki you elaborate. And we I tipping into two is that are as high school was she was mascot policy. So as much as basically says he dislikes map out how I want to opt out of out of it was a mass. Cannot you hear every they'd be happy every its its club she's in neighbor every once once a year for a half game via. Whatever I it's I think that insist a matter of moments have been here for manager. Ned Yost year. You're on sixties portrait alive from surprise was on low bit earlier that was woods and also from Dayton Moore let's go to a deals. Some of them like I like his competitiveness I like it's your ability elect is. You know ability to start and can pitch effectively out of the pan. He's very athletic and he fits our mold in terms of makes up and clubhouse presence. For you how how important is it to have guys compact between starters and relievers while it's important I do like that now means actually now on. You know when we're when we're looking though still a horrible and I like those guys have been through it. And understand it you know the toughest thing for managing to do is to bring a guy and that you don't know who's gonna throw strikes and you wanna have a basic idea what you're gonna again. When you're going to guy and in the title game especially when you're trying to compete for world championships and he's one of those guys that you can bring in and you know that he's gonna give you his very best is gonna attack is gonna throw strikes and is going to be productive. That is his personality and that he'd like to compete. Well yeah I mean I think so and you know Dayton and our scouting staff do a great job with really. You know finding out about guys make up and finding out how they found. You know how they sit in the clubhouse because you know our culture is very important lesson. We bring guys and we want to make sure we bring the right guys and then he definitely fits that mold. But a lot of the roster spot these guys I just signed this off season guys you have coming back here to develop this place or how flexible you see yeah. The roster being as you start looking at guys does it make it. Why again like as a real long time to do that. But it's always nice to have that flexibility is always nice to have that depth. I'm and that's why I'm excited about some of the young players that we've got here now to that are on the verge of you know be in big league ready so it's always important because you find out like we found out unfortunately last year injuries play a big key and then. During a season and you gotta have guys that can step van like Cutler did last year and marriage fielded. You know and be productive and healthy continue to one ball games. Did it bump and velocity and stuff. That we saw from wade and coach when they went through the rotation beautiful yet. Is that something that you would expect him how would that manifest itself into my life. Com so I'm like yeah I think the same way you know guys that have that starter mines. We saw a man Strom last year to you know we've got you know bump and his velocity. And stuff slash or come out panic and you know it's just to go get a mentality it's not I gotta go on page seven innings. It's like I'm gonna go out there for an inning maybe two. Nominal nominal letting go home and get on them and get after it and it was south of golf I mean one death in winter and you guys they just day. You know knowing that they have that short stint today they're laying it all out on the line right then and there are no on that you know they don't have to go six or seven minutes. Nobody period handle and would you feel as you've felt in years past where your plane at times a sixth inning game. You know I mean we employed again and yet. The back and you open here at the kind of confidence that he has had in the news as. Well again we haven't played a game yet. I don't know the names and I've got we've got to see you know. I like financially absolutely. But you still have to go through the process and we have to see guys under fire you know we're seeing guys right now two on on the side and you gotta you gotta have. Temper your enthusiasm. As a manager and talk about them guys on the side because. We're seeing a lot of really exciting stuff on the sex sessions ago. And we'll translate into the game that's the important thing in the guise that they can translating the game. Are going to be productive that it just takes and we got to go through the process here we've got to go to cool spring and see how it all plays out and everybody's up. One term that he's. Which he serves are here the ability Berea you. While. It was last year or the year before you yeah Christiane is fantastic us. Com. You know it's it's just. It relieves that pressure area work. You know he goes out and throws and then after five or six or rose's hands now you don't have anymore you factor in free and natural. In house numbers look very very good so far this year and felt very good what does this. Then who took interest obviously that was an uncertainty when it came. Your rotation because she hadn't and some of the guys now it definitely emotional standpoint. Yourself and perhaps the other guys that are in question in the rotation does this help the conditions you majors for emotional and we'll have done. The job they've done I think so. On May be a little bit you know again you know I think I. Explained and and advance facets you don't really miss the production on the deal one something like this happens. Even though we felt like this is really going to be a really good year for your Donald. You middle you miss a relationship she missed the time spent in the clubhouse. You know that's that's what you really miss. You know to fill that hole on the field with quality guys like we have. Definitely. Definitely makes everybody feel a little better. Did you. The battery mate written off you. Their relationship that makes. Spot on the you know I don't think it that that relationship is just. You know built around Danny and Salvador and gets built around Salvador in the entire pitching staff. You know they just they they trust each other and that's what's important to be able to get together. And as teammates and have a plan of attack while trying to you know accomplish that plan together. Special I think. Pitcher catcher relationship is all special. Annals of things coming up this catch a plane and catcher in the lifeless thing I enjoyed most was that relationship that your relationship. You know preparing with my starting pitcher that day and help him get through. With the with the way and was oh losers lines of work extremely hard. That every every pitcher. Which. Was retrieved it yeah. It takes a little bit time you know but in southeast worked real hard on their catch him on the side and you know. Understand there are no. One thing I wouldn't. You know you always have. Understand what's your story or picture or your doctor can do and what he can't do what he thinks he can do you know. And that's important. You know just six weeks is definitely enough time that it would do as we catch him in games and you know talking to a moment holds hearing about. You know how they like to pitch and it's Ecstasy. There there. Repertoire. On the sides. Counselors on the stand which way there sliders breaking what do they don't they don't throw good one what is their fastball do. All of those things. Are important and take time transcript of. I heard him that you ice about was a manager Ned Yost lives from surprise Arizona one of the things that he mentioned the com the are kind of towards the end is. It was a good question he was asked about there's so many new arms. You know with the organization countless times take to get more familiar with all the dots. And out at body he he he answered I don't he says don't take some time for self to get used to Sony's. Yeah his first decent you guys these the guys were there jerseys with the name on that's what you see who all the new invites are knew the guys are. He issued his more there Jersey with the name on the back. You know. And Josh for your other crush Newton surprise Arizona he mentioned follow along on our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash six and sports. Be putting him videos throughout the day as well as all of the interviews that we bring you now hear what you could see the video was so. Check those outs FaceBook dot com slash six and sports. Some good stuff and some good stuff from net. All right there are actually. It's as to where era beer he will land in free agency. We give those T next. Studio sixty in Sports Radio no Judy tickets dot com right down to sixty in particular using promo code sixty in sports. I'd surprise Arizona. Over the course of the show we did hear from mom and the winds of change. Also been here next segment from Brandon Wallace. Sat down with the jobs for. But when he royal stuff to get to hear over the course of itself. And Burnham Arizona squash. Me. In sort of a FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash 610 sports are spring training coverage. Brought you by our friends over American topsoil call mouth into spring training hit tempers and off. Nice 1800. Top soil or American top so responsive to spring training coverage. When it comes to that sees you mentioned this earlier that. Now we have officially. Embarked on the time it was teams can go out there and they can. Placed the franchise Staten play today that windowless is opening up right now. And that seems last year put the franchise tag on your peers. Sell it aired Beardsley out of his mind. He was in many people's estimation news if he wasn't. I know too little Mac won the player of the year in terms of the principally of the year but aired period had a bit or I'd be that guy there read between the current Texas we saw earlier this year again. Woman won a there was only one god it was. Bell's rates in and a Els talked about how slow he's Sox. But Eric Berry was playing out of his mind last year and he's got a break the bank he's gonna make a lot of money he's he's target of the highest paid safety. When he comes in the national football eagle. He deserves every penny daddy it's he's played extremely well in a high level in amongst the best the last couple leaders. Well according to one of the SB nation sites big cat country. It is it is a Jacksonville jaguar site. They are happy because they feel like we have a good shot at lady Eric theory there's actually odds out on we are your theories gonna blame. A book maker dot EU's European side is there's an. Eric Berry's team in the first week of the 201718. Regular season. The plus four plus 105 is that the that's the field devastate the early favorites are the favorite kids city chiefs' second favorite. Plus 140 the jaguars the third favorite plus 900 that's Axl played for Cleveland plus 1000 there's no way in hell. Here period is going to clean up and it's the way he's politically. He can take Cleveland out of there how much when they had to span clay dot should be weighed all of who's going to that was how much money do they have to spend. They'll be able lot of 102000. And and and and an imminent and all the Cleveland Browns who took the space. They lobbied eggs eggs at a point Chicago Bears plus 14100 blame the falcons plus sixteen hundreds the mountains. Who I would say if the chiefs don't resigning or bury. I think the Balkans be the leaders the clubhouse audience too he's from their spirits of their house William attractive thing to team can win ensured very wants the wondering great Austin's quarterback. Clinton's core routines is right there. Quickly. But those odds way develop there is only because of money though. Like other pictures of the money to do it. Yet but of these teams right here who as the mostly to Spain Cleve. That's the reason why the juvenile a decent chance of landing or bearing but I'm with you. There is no way to eerie eerie actually lands in Cleve. And it adds best out of it a 108 million camps according to warrant. Hauling that's that's. That's so what's businesses go to number two with 81 point eight million dollars so almost 82 million. He had the base of the 200 camp titans six titans keep in mind them. Keep an eye and the titans 67 million at the cat Jacksonville 64. The patriots just wanted to 62 under the cap. Where the chiefs at third the last. Has been to an inspiring she's a little bit behind of the over the cap. I saw the franchise tag that opens today at the deadline to extend the tag. Is what we come up with a as of march the first Porsche the first is the last day that that you tagged them. March 9 free agency. So they have to get the deal then they start the guys in the camp today which we came up. Only four guys we found actually played in the franchise that Moore got the franchise tag but only four played under life. It was also on draft free thing was trimming Johnson. It was their dreary in for 'cause. Over the names again. Three Johnson. Also on Jeffrey your dreary for. Those of war. In. Sounds like there's a possibility. That dome. Is solid is that a possibility Kirk cousins to play. Under the tag again Xen three times and leave your techtag Weis. He doesn't sound like pretty in my notes that even that much is huge because he said last week that if if all of Washington did all the rot of tagging them again that he wouldn't be opposed it because the number is 23 point nine million at the if they tag may give acting as the numbers 23 point 9 am pretty sure that's when I saw last week. But that's it it's all different keeping that all guaranteed huge 23 point nine guaranteed. For one season. Yeah it Kirk cousins. When it comes to quarterback yeah I would be offended by what what's the camp for safeties as your thirteen point nine some similar he would still be banking. Yeah but there's a big difference between 23 point nine and thirteen point. But they're very he's already said he said it to a it's on network. He set he's not playing under the tag again. Definitely not gonna play under France us take this year I won an MR career in Kansas City I want later out of the city of of the Bob although my teammates and our look at their more more than teammates know we've been through a lot. Noah and they they supported me alive and that organization but I don't feel comfortable plan under a France ethics issue. So Eric Berry has already stated that dumb. That he's not gonna play under the tag again. And I don't blame a man got there and get paid hopefully seeing data city but if it's night and a city. Always see the best acting just gonna be antsy to let the entities organization know they cannot. Put a positive spin on the story. Is it Eric Berry's not here. In their. What Kirk cousins port in mind he's quarterback he's young he's still get that big concert that very. Keep we keep playing sees crude for thirty years old enough time to get that long term deal with different situation. With Kurt 'cause he still get about. The court Australia discusses his wife how old is because he's what 27. It's him it's about right he's got to be about 27 he's been in late for now with five years. Twenty years cornea easily turns 49 this year actually. But still quarterbacks who get the big money 303130. Years olds say he's not he's gonna get that money this year not next year. I tell you man maybe it is better dirt trek they Adair turner Freeman but they don't have to be under the cap what it was that they they told you to be you know the cap. I forgot what the ID salary cap. All teams must be under the 2017. Salary cap prior to 4 o'clock eastern so 3 o'clock central on more night. This a member of the royals is jealous right now. S Al scored in a line. Has meant this man crush. That would house he has on Kirk cousins. I know Alice gorges got athletes that level yet all noise that level is that lol the way that he. Looks at Alex Gordon in the clubhouse the weight that he. Dismay hovers around in the way that he spoke some with designs. Asked this same loving way that he thinks about. Kirk cousins. Paying. Early this morning and he's sold his stuff on the up on the Internet about Kirk cousins I got. As quarterback. And did draft him last year but I'd like Kirk Adams Herbert. You got a long time I love and then. It's just like the guys stories humble. Do for social drugs and they and do well you tribes in that Congo line. Conversion I don't Shelvin though because all the miles he's been doing drugs on special occasions that they don't get very good gas house I can attest. What do. For Kirk cousins to be to quarterback the tees I mean there's a neck in two. Kirk cousins gonna take him that's what the cat will note that it had noticed that when Reno will mostly be will be to do 23 supporter. And which were missing eight year old girl Hewlett I won't I won't do all the maintenance on your band if anything ever happened to our council. No that's I'm not trying to die for Kirk hasn't. There's a time limits on marathons let's and I wanted to I finished like a day later noticed that today is people are finishing like. Four hours it's ridiculous. It's better than finishing in two minutes. For true. Why is going to be like that. Here's Vienna reaction. Old man. I dedicated city royals their core as one last season together guarantee. So is there an urgency to win it all the results paint they sell you gonna hear it next. Can studio sixty instant media. I. I just basically basically tells your own success or reveal success force dot com. This just segment we're gonna give you a chance to win a fourth factor tickets for the kids speak also come into the over the park and into center. February 17 through the nineteenth. You just eight rounds of golf in more with admission boss last last alt a huge goals sales he get more information it is legal shoulder. Dot com. The first cold ward is. T and T is the first. You left them. It could mean second to. Realize what you're saying T. Now don't golf. Sometimes he sometimes that what a special spot. To put UT's like a little tea bag. Bill likely so I'm not there who has thrown in the gulf golf bag. Can. Specialty that. 45 minutes away from MLB network Heidi watney told us your obligation. As well and one out walk away from somebody winning appear to distance. Urban and bacon fest. Which just a's a full house or I am sports. To be so wrong. It's little dessert. You deserve Herbert and bacon at a time when you are so big circle at 1 o'clock. It's neat. It speaks out in the snuffed it out word. That. My proposal Bluetooth and a dad not have any friends in far. And I don't know I'd like. One day I wanna get the story of impetus of the nickname for I'm assuming just because before so I don't know. There's another story aside from you are a lot to be called for a bit he just stink all the time and analytical. He chose to be called for these very successful though through by the at pulls teaches its rules people congratulations sparked. Did you. Slightly shorter for revenge of the nerds make analysts and all right sound like JD B and shout out. Just beats us b.s put in or out of surprise right now talking to several members of the world's organization. Hear from Lorenzo Cain right now. Officers from this and you know she was gonna happen. From the get to that would be good to since I was having losses now. You know you know this list wrong. It's about in the game you don't and his group this is businessperson. This is a group love playing readings in the time we've indeed this from the locker room newsman Dave justice being. So we're gonna look here give our best effort hopefully go to I mean the official. You disagree that this is. Guys that success hitting the ball at the court and off speed he does bring our guys. Apart from right. Here this team be known more as a team in the past student. What's that things didn't. Happen so moments ago if you need guys you face the death difference. But you you know a lot of us again. You know powers them that we get from the left. And let's. And malls and equipment problems. So I haven't even three months off steal bases and this is well it was a look of a good mixture over the line. You get a few episodes here on common on this the fifth. Ask us anything yet if these guys did. It's. A blonde tips like this bill. Well you know. We're mobile we know I don't know that he whether it's overwhelming dominance. Where we raise your critique you hear that Obama here I do business that you like. Has questions. Eight. All right two you've been through you guys are actually he does acknowledge. What lies ahead. Is that have been around somewhere. You know talk about that we as we just have to about all of you and me started this instant YouTube that feeling of what's gonna happen with a good future home. As it is Israel you know they can sign everybody and just the way it is you know we understand there. Love the sinner man about it but. As a way to business workflow. To roll out of luck best known about this division to so I told him to. Well within his own offices. News used to be my night fleet mutants they with a total it was a betrayed him betrayed was I your first. It's a business moment was this offseason easy guys traded what was that all. It's his moment out of the sages. You know just seeing guys be traded this year. And beg you got through represented. Really you know understand business no do you really you know you know some of the games we'll. But out all of the thing hasn't bigotry. Distance in this business is business you know and of course looks if that is the way it is. We don't do this but of us before we go from there her talent yesterday that they are treated here you're catching part. Out there a warm ups I was in Atlanta. I have proof alone so Lou we'll see how long they speak some right now Stallone. This kind of you have a good season goes along. Ten million unemployed receive clemency would dice and saying out there. But there they diminish and fast and his quote was wherever I go champagne flowed. He gave you sit above it in he's either got to get you know. He's he's care to guess you know we've we've got a team like deeply weird man he wounded team you know. You know even though he was starting classes you know he used to be supported all of us. So this is part of us that's the guys did this monsoon season so officers got to do it right now you know. I know he's he's gonna be greatly miss rules. There's got to move forward and hopefully. It's awesome to see you're how do you personally. Treat this like another year when you know what lies ahead and speaking of the business you know what Goodyear could mean for you and your family right. A center puts him first and myself and I've always going to. How to play as relaxed as comfortable as possible it looked like come on man my best known when I'm like you know about the present time it's much as we must have thrown so. As they I think it definitely you definitely think about it you know. I thought this lauded cuts tonight which was prisons. Estimate of this do you try to be consistent and stick with the plane you know. This reluctance to skewer McCain last talking to sell about. And he hasn't made the additions of Amylin and now Travis Wood. It seems like that bullpen can be strong again that 678 readers can make it six inning game but now with an even better offense but moves back. You're healthy toward those ready for a bounce back do you look at this father's there's another World Series caliber teams that these expectations for this thing. I mean I don't really know much about the guys we signed. I think speaker teams play defense and with the notable thing they're dumped on the you know Holland knows way you know. Wherever. We know we'll see you know. No result was better and favor of those foot and in today's gonna go there and play games and that's all that matters we'll we'll see what happens. You know home would definitely complicated so you've got to believe in so quickly to school. You know. We'll see what future holds the goods into the work we do read and we should reduce your chances for and win. Bogus assistant fund that program kinda uninteresting because. He does our afternoon charge station they talked about. I don't remember who was somebody got sent down a few years ago and we are talking union like he did in the and now you say like you know you don't know much about these guys these. I think fans as it would be surprised at how much. Think you're not a baseball doors. You know file a good is the most guys are you a news. Like most as far as your cannot unite on espn.com checking out the wave away. Right out Macke owns this myself on my shorter one of those things I don't have tutors and investments are really. I was followed maybe as much as someone knows this because her opponents and those guys might follow it's easy. You know when when I'm done was once all season you know small seed not a regular with the baseball must also note that note that the authorities viewed. This is loans that eight month. You know assault rifles and knowing when a plane solo baseball when I'm home from monkeys so abundant soul. They well they will those who have just I don't know if you can about these guys in the coming here this is all about him and give them you know about it look we've all done in the case. And how successfully in her you know Koppel weighs about bloggers prove he's a fugitive that. Isaac doubles that was attain talking with Josh born here. And. That's that's acknowledged in that. Right now is it's how we get to get beds at this more because nothing is guaranteed. He acknowledged like the year in that interview with dove found that. This team that will be the same nation man and even you don't you look at some of our phones tweets in some of the quotes. Were all going to give our best to finish on top issue because there's a good chance we may not play with each other again the goal audit of our last hurrah it's a reality. They can't sign everybody we understand that no one's bad upon so they got to block they're trying to put their best before because. This team to be drastically different. Moos ask Bork came Hosmer. I don't seem do anything with those bore you Muncie and it's it was some moose who knows who does he wants the moon. It's gonna hinge on what you can do this year he got Sessler you guys just 800 Hoosier where do you take or that's what Hosmer. That's the one that's going to be nearly impossible to keep with what he's going to be demanding. Game you gave ballots were nice comfort in team history 72 million. He's going double double. In I don't see him doing that even though he says Brian is actually different situation Gordon Gordon era was still going. Sideways out or if not down at some point but the odds are still going straight up but you're looking at double the payroll. For air 'cause we're so yeah that's volume cholesterol yeah candidates Anderson gone. We Davis is gone a lot of pieces you needed bring divvied up Becky get him back in the fold that's part of that group. That was with them yet another raise your that's a reality of wouldn't she teach you guys Malone. Yup I did the second and final called word for idea for back to take you said the Kansas City also is box. Box is the second Cold War if you know both code words be called number seven all the number seven. To 913 by some 67610. Colon number seven received before packaged exhibited city golf show which take place. February the seventeenth through the nineteenth at the over the park convention center. What happens when our favorite sports care to make it to the big screen oh I think is gonna be fun and I'll explain next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. I'm. In April 16 boards. It. Took for me yet I'm. I'm. I'm. Jettisoning the Muslim us and we'll talk to the same most of them miss and Tennessee must message. Tennis and must reminiscent. Of pain and my dad on. I thirty minutes of waiting talking and I bought from twelve network. Fifteen minutes away from the sixties or six back. On the day shares closed down. I can't across this a couple of days and I want to talk about it they took the biggest pretty cool. From the big league. High every urban. Know him. His pitch shots for the Cleveland Cavaliers point guard when the best point guards in the game in the NBA. He's just start a movie based on. Is here to uncle drew from the popular us all sultry commercials that he does for Pepsi Max. In the past critical gonna do all movie based on this year. They describe it as blues Brothers in the pick up basketball world. Armed. Who's been around school everybody sold drew it is almost all squad. Are gonna go to like the legendary Rucker park basketball court in Harlem. It'd be a part of like tournaments is. Who curry whose greed and order Pepsi what was Pepsi the original person for the commercial ambivalence they create commercial and then somebody some producer picked it. We're the wannabes who would call it what the best of care to so they have to do something out of it. I think this pretty bad ass is pretty cool because you're talking about a character. It's a using from. O sports figure. And he's gonna be a part of this movie the movies based on his character. How many times in life if you guys looked Medicare and sports. Catalysts little balls a fabulous athlete he's a you know what they actually. Dual be based off the peppers and army athletes I've seen actors that would be fun on top athletes colony at. Athletes have that cool to hear as we say you know what. That that make for funny it whether it's a sixty minute movie or ninety minute movie whatever it is. I do want a little if any. If you don't wait that Broder Washington that would mechanical I did another one where they have a little shack with with open. On the bubble sat will pay any. Will and hold my attention bolted he's the main here. How ball in men have like I'd never stick around for awhile. Sic are up and down I'd Eagles who went beyond two marshals maybe I'd. Imagine I'm. But Chris Rock voice and will. Heavy coal how bogged later Johnson Graham mama. Your name and only be anyone's that was terrific weather sports and I regret. Just it was certain Rogers in this room DoubleTree all the Columbia way to may be argued that Graham Hamas Medea. For the look at these rooms before the cheese head on. Of judges judges but also. Actual actors aren't socialists also listening to shortlist OK did you actually had to give anybody outside media okayed. The characters it. You say characters. You said that the boy was a guy. As mentioned million mania malls that Kate mania the balls that they did it with the it's been syndicate meaning in their own show it. It Geico. I think so I don't overruled the Ed was four but they actually had to keep means that they've been what big guy though. If you keep me showed it last for long but it shows cops Ryan was it was educate them with a guy tells at a tackle Marshal the statement goes okay. About. Progressive flow. Cheap rate to assure. That the interest in. It's turned into almost sit 'cause it is with the work. Do there aptly when that I think is remotely funny is that there funny is a user Rodgers this discount double take the guy that was runs or teased at. Gil and Rogers. He sent here too though Aaron Rodgers is. Oh explainer around in bed and learn attacks on reminding me of that episode on family matters of look like a little Steve Burkle. That's what I was thinking all New Orleans as I've. So the ones I came out with ice it Larry Johnson is grandma mom. And today we said. If you Hardaway. As little penny. Bombed the other one would have to be just be simple as always Deion Sanders plant a couple of years ago. All of it was athlete announcing Cassel whose lives. That and I are Italian there have not only the husband got castle when I. I don't really capitalizes a spine. Do you press cumbersome nearly. Deion Sanders came down like everybody and everywhere everyone went down a bit. Intermittently seem cancel Jerry Rice and you're to a freer but the cold. You're right did you write actually a year and ads in yet it is pretty material it never went to an interview Leo. You think that European up easily baseball player that beat this will be right up there out to think of many needs and basal president putting commercials ha. Ought we got a blanket on the going to be blank and also Major League Baseball. Assigned to know saucy side resource that there's a guy reason actually gonna do. Yeah it's an actual movie that's coming out so Jalen Rose had zones that companies were tired negatives and he's directly and easy that you wrote the thing. Yup no all drool there's good idea of a movie based on the chair a local Drew Carey Irving is going to be in the movie according to the basically. Would say go for beef. A whole BXV commercials he's like yeah. I like to not follow him on Twitter ever since untenable last year but down. He's he's got some person now he's got some relief to ease the cool sports Alley right now all the calls. He's the he's picked applicable to sources here lately to a and he was Arby's RBC every pick of the party won last year yeah. But a local drew. Grandma mom little Cheney. Leon sand castle. There's got to be a Major League Baseball player there or point and it has to be. Can think of people there he didn't do a whole lot of commercials is the inability MB Dominic. Dominic and all this detects this. Although they played sales. In the actual although that you had here as to how all the state farm commercials. With Chris Paul and they have like. Andrei jordin everybody did with his twin Brothers east's state fund works is the form. With Chris Paul had also had that was staff members after or adamantly committed some funny. I don't know. But I do think it's an interesting concept. To sign says Bryce Harper will be interesting to hear her. He's got a great personality but currently right now he doesn't do any commercials where he's got an Alter ego. They're cheap they're ten dolphins linebacker was a great suggests. What are what are excited about five minutes behind to open with opinions Chris Rock sources Washington arrests as a running back at a press conference Acosta this Clinton Portis he's always stressed that Leah. Pressed them I don't figures dressed up a it's just Clinton Portis Oakland horses that are quite a bit. Just Clinton Portis being Clinton Portis. Bob future and it's good when he's latrines and its towards baseball Miller Lite is currently is billing. Mr. Belvedere. Is back in the broadcast group. I'll attacks on taking the side to think Heidi watney join in the showed today. Tim dallas' big hasn't been that bad to it shortly that it had. Been put insinuating that went. Outlook on its way to pay and I. It that a big great news I'm sad that it broke media scene at a a liberal takes like I do like to David Ortiz two marshals right now. He's make it so much money with these dorsett with the terrible tassel like this only for him to play baseball hadn't seen it Turbotax with a repeat. Isn't that the one that he does when he saw the lady when he said that they probably don't always say I would see that was the last instant to Dell now that the mr. now man. So now Dave Ortiz making them money. Make their money I think we will see baseball's got a problem or just ask it be baseball in the NFL and NBA. Examples but not Major League because kilogram and a whole lot of crossover. Either when it comes like athletes. Being in television and movies. As of late maybe I'm missing some people look Wallace in the movie with a Trace rack yes yes they used any has gotten on the. Okay loans. So LeBron Ambien to. I mean obviously he's done a lot of stuff like characters and things like that but like Peyton Manning do an S and L. Was really good wrist on SNL OJ Simpson was Canada for for this with the hurts in the Indian movies he would do you know person. Yes Keith Hernandez was fine. True. You know my guys like Peyton Manning who were really good just. You know being in roles like when they have to go one to roll it's already set I think Peyton Manning. Could actually Beagle and me and jewelry items and like very good in the those commercials funny death chick in power UT's O'Grady. And so what August heroic close I was really impressed. Yet the melody which was half the battle that says don't bend mediate Bill Bennett no doubt he was he joked that. I well go ahead I'm sorry I just manager black coaches him or not it was exam was as. Producer Jack was right Jack was an animal I didn't see them gerchas. At NC. But I know it was good. News chided Jeanine. As we did it's on the police. Root came around 96 I was one sees it like it was. Or sixteen years old did you like it I'm sure I did but I thought ace venture it was really funny when it came on the came out around the same time. I don't know if you watched Ace Ventura recently it does not hold up well. That's still mildly humorous but it doesn't hold up while. I would sue me if I wouldn't talk as I am today. Thanks. Twenty minutes away from talking Heidi watney from a MLB network coming up next in just two minutes. We had the other sixers what to expect here on the patient. Studio sixty and Sports Radio.