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02/15 - 10 am - Nah... We're Good

Feb 15, 2017|

Bink says he's convinced the Chiefs are satisfied with being average. Plus, we hear from the newest Royals Travis Wood & Royals GM Dayton Moore.

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Oh yes what day it is guess what day it is and I. Everybody. Pumped. Hopefully we could be exciting he's I. Jose here on the nation of lightweight. But it sounds like through people you might look a bit frustrated as to why did you do to anything for Valentine's Day. They'll actually come out. Blue room. It's kind of set us up for me are you sure there is the so I've actually no I expect that the black liquidity but we think that we that's a little bush at all. Q why did you do an exciting life than there was nothing but it everybody would you. I didn't shoot them that but the truth educators flashbacks when there no I didn't like how he does like nothing's. I think. Oh. Circuit Court. Alice or downsized area. With dusty has got a good. That hasn't smoked meats were gonna build there. And we'll see off the smoke fill sausage a little brisket. A hand. Putted the white like me. Enjoyed it. I see it satisfies it was she would of buildings that fairway. All right coming up in less than. Fifteen minutes from now due to hear from month newest acquisition. Of the Tennessee girls Travis Wood and also general manager. Dayton Moore coming up that is it was a perfect segue fifteen minutes. Travis Wood from the conversation that we all that Wilbon are so out on transition Hawkins he says though. Avoids it equated his diving to talk succeeds here. Bomb the duct kind of an interesting. I guess conversation we had this morning and it started last night pumps some boss of you that ball age you re in to meet. You sound a little bit frustrated. Would just the way that things are going with that seats in has to do is. Ain't you read it may be adult disease of constable. I shouldn't say it you're read as a goddess that's. Best comfortable and he says. Feeling. OK with. Getting to the playoffs winning the division but not being able to advance shouldn't have to say that about to buy nobody wants to win a Super Bowl. He's never won a super ball he would like when it's a ball I understand all of that. Doesn't seem a little. Content. That's the thing we got an email the other day this will kind of get the email chiefs announced coaching. It's it's it's Childress scored two assistant head coach in mitnick he's the only office of court instead of Lester you Chilean. Think it's like. Who would you would be bigger one. Age is being weaned when he knew then she goes the more early Saturday I can reduce and re. You've lost Ito removed countermoves dedicated a new count so you these rearrange things so looks different looks good it's something fresh something different. It's comes out what kind of opened things up well. She says the new. Two counts for these kind of move things around that's what changed your arranged the couches. Olympic coaching staff they haven't done anything different. It's the point a lot of GM's. They're ahead of the head coach as far as the hierarchy. Usually owner GM. Coat it's animal or don't work is what year. Its owner Clark count which is completely hands off. Let's get a lot of owners like that some or Jerry Jones and onions off or the boy does it appear Libyans on guide me. What if the G if you if you coach isn't bringing in different coaches and there's usually a push from the GM want to bring in this coach what this guy. We've got to change things up a little bit we have to shake it up organ of the same results. And now Ryan is right points at the definition of insanity is not really definition sanity of something Einstein said. When he said insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. Chiefs that's definitions it. Do the exact same things and expect. Different results that's the first trees and with me. A look at the raiders they switched offensive court even though there were twelve or under court play and what to softens quarter. They decided to make the switch to get better they want to get better. I look at the chiefs this is fine in this is what you want you what ten wins a year level Indy Reid's gonna get to playoffs. 90% of young had this year three out of four times since he's been here he gets the post season having a winning record every year Indy Reid's not prop. We were eighty Reid could be the problem is not accepting change what are you differ. Outside of I think the one way that I think it would give me optimism from the chiefs in the future is if they drafted a quarterback early. Talk of first round second round the latest draft quarterback and say this is going to be your future right it's this it's saying that. It's Alex Smith hill announcements are quarterback going for John Dorsey reads and your quarterback Alex. If you re still called the play there's nothing different there Matt Nagy still gonna be doing nothing like Ian Childress did last year. In a chilly I don't know what chilies can do an assistant head coach who knows what is titles gonna be what he's gonna do. Simply got to trust systems to do something else you've defined that innovation. I liked it when the chiefs will get crystal. And abet or New York streeters in the pistol office. Chris hall's widely considered the author of that Steve reed. And it was a blue valley in that state was another guy really courted with a pistol offense as well but they they hired him disease is their own. Just a consultant for the chiefs and he helped him with a pistol offense before running formation perfect PC with chiefs do with some of the zone read play. If they run out of the backfield all that's probably influenced Purcell and how to do. But I don't see any other innovations come and I see reliance on the same thing. It was Turkey's quest that's where you're running backs tight and trips skills he's already won the best that's fine. Once they get to in the post season kitchen divisional round I see a whole lot of the status school go on. It and I get a press release that to these coaches do we need to move the couches that's all they did with the Chilean nags but didn't do anything. To give me hope. I think she's gonna win again I think the chiefs are going to be one of those teams is gonna fight for the vigil with the rate. Condemn chiefs raiders again they're gonna get to the post season holder gonna do what can they do wants to get there. They might have the same results the same fate we've seen the last two years in less they make some kind of fundamental change but they're not doing. I feel like right now what's happening to us here in Kansas City it is happening in a short amount of time is that we are feeling like we're. The Philadelphia Eagles fans from few years ago. Where Philadelphia Eagles fans they felt like a lot of them the majority of the your fan base felt like they can only go so far with 83. And I'm not Tennessee year in say that with eager readers rate posts that you can not win. A Super Bowl I'm not gonna say that. Now will say this debt with Indy Reid and Alex Smith I don't think you can win some ball. Would typically when you look at the National Football League. How many vote result here do not attach it to hip themselves. With a known quarterback. Would do that time diets attach themselves to somebody not to eat there are some greats. There are some great coaches in the National Football League throughout the years. Banking goal Longley and went to a tonic games and not necessarily had to deal. Ichiro he wasn't attached to deal with with slant. In ways for him here quickly with the Russell Wilson in the priest he's harder active city the first the big star for Russell Wilson Christie's car. Was scared to go always and Alex Smith. Eagle County happening to get to a suitable. Acting to do a lot of coaches that are scared to deviate well their quarterback to get what they wanna go. Be honest it was one of those bold coaching moves we've seen. I don't know how many years I do know anything wobbled Alex Smith had a quarterback rating hundred for its of people realize when he got hurt a year we made it switched the call. Talks with that a quarterback 304 Jim marvels that you know he's really good he almost got us to be a Super Bowl the year before. Couple Kenny Williams on fumbles we would have been there. Here's a guy who's quarterback tunnels got into the Super Bowl is a quarterback that quarterback rating 104. He decide you know what. This is it going to be good enough for us to win. If he makes its switch to Colin he gets into the Super Bowl it it kind of blew that game they should have a ring fingers of from the game. That's a bold move to coaching move beat goes down when you identify who's the best guy that saint. I'm Tony Romo guy had written analysis Alex Smith. I get it they bring him back to square back again but you some hope for the future what the guy that you can count on. The following season I just think she's a right now in the same. Poll appearance last year Alex this gonna get into the post season. But I don't think he's he knew anywhere past that. So would need. You make other changes. You bring somebody with a different offensive approach to how you do the game you let the offensive coordinator call the plays eighty reads sits back. As more time to coach individual players on the sideline has time to worry about clock management has time to sit there and think about what you're gonna do in the two minutes is he's not. Outward about one call these plea and he doesn't have a quarterback. But what Philip Rivers and Peyton may lead vocal. The cultural place. That coasted into what about that even if the hooded coaches call placed Corbett did it. Alex Smith is not to get to do it so the question is you know you have Alex Smith and how can you make of what's been better. This deal well. This year as part about this conversation to mean. It's sad I'd hate to sit here thinking. That ain't even read is. Steer it. To step away from Alex and he's content enough with just having Alex Smith summit to be a perfect example what I think they weren't the type situation. Remember the Cincinnati Bengals. Back in 2010. The big goals were to sit with what they had Carson Palmer a good quarterback. But they were on the treadmill basically like it seats on the treadmill. What do they do. They made a trade was a quarterback now eighty doll they steered to goalie draft quarterback big wit a different direction. I believe that out bed now aide to Reid has to do with this is that it Eagles did years ago with eighty Dalton and getting what are some home. You put that we can do that now that's what would you do and you're xmas come back into some. He dressed somebody who else do you bring somebody with the first offensive approach to call the plays in that urged the government. That we trust and Iggy he's the one called the place speedy greens can sit back they're not at the plea sheet in work on just coach. Welcome to manager that would be something different there which you're DS that's associated reach trusting to act I guess that that's the one change you can make. You can look at what changed your making by the way Ryan said what you told me a minute ago right news about people's. NFL networks might go Rob Lowe reporting on Twitter at. At my Barack closed chiefs likely to pass on quarterback nick pulls those options for 2017 making him a free agent would be. I was due six point four million out the report and force so. Chiefs will be moving on from their back. Which is not the import so so far cements Alex Smith as. The quarterback in my eyes right now unless they look at it try to add another battle codecs from somewhere else if they think to possibly start where's the etched in the you have to get had other quarter yes. Or he's gone Hogan's gone mushy. I. Thought I don't think that's gonna beat us out and a lot and a bottle that's not gonna fly this means this opens it up. For the chiefs backup quarterback to beat the quarterback the draft in the first round. If you're confident you know when it falls to do it. Did you have the find somebody else to remember nick pulls brought here for one reason last year they didn't trust anybody. It didn't trust a deliberate. That they trust liberate they don't want give nick pulls the broad principles he understands the offense understood language but he he reads and use that's what it falls got in here. Now this gets into it does it interest. I doubled and hear from the newest addition to the Kansas City Royals Travis Wood and general manager Dayton Moore net. Studio sixty in Sports Radio no Judy tickets dot com right now and sixty in particular in total to sixty in sports. Exactly how. Late in the south of here on extent if any on it and now we should be hearing from. New acquisition for the royals Savvis will in general manager. Dayton more. What's at this also on the tax on ethnic detector could be onto something here with the with the timing vault this when it comes to how this factors into your theory you miss it to be in the cap down but he started their little space. Wondered prayer. Get a deal that you sign these players now today's the first day for the French and attack by the LA. In teams have dividend by more first she tag now more first the march 9 priests he opens. He had to be done by the yup all right their votes in the of the podium now let's what you need rated toss it to surprise there was only in here tomorrow. Travis Wood in the individually Dayton Moore that's what. We'll personal lives that you see you really atmosphere people before you would. To be here but it is known of you heard nothing but good things about this team and organization and such you know a previous engagement with the cargo plane hitting coach here and he told me some good things about it and the like with it and. We see your role. Reliever starter whatever they ask what you see your power. Whatever they ask must take the ball and give it to me and him everything I guess. What else. I would like you're there and but I guess that you know wherever you're here. Kroger shares over the offseason previews was frustrating you know as long. There. No it wasn't as having just coming off the world's here's pretty fun you know for a for a while but I'm. And a ton of the right place he just had waited out in between this and a B and ethnic minority come from the guys and and the people I've met those right choices. A tired from there. A lot a lot you know because I wanted to try to get back to certain. They're gonna give me an opportunity to do that so we're regularly thing yeah. I. No he was the manager back then. We had a good relationship we got along. And I like what is that for you this if the ball players used to go out and get on so. You guys have been brought into this team over the last several weeks like this championship experienced players in here one Egyptian. It's a good and when you join a club to have that experience that kind of know what everybody went through to get there. Absolutely you know everybody pound for what I can tell and like you sell them and this team they want it so there's a lot of it championship experience and there and that plays big amateur. You're accelerators that at some point predict and look forward looking forward and another look at things and excited to work. I. George. I love Georgie Gibbs did he's here working eight he's. Oh do pretty much anything you're asked to. And we've yet to begin to see all the greatness that it ever. Little bit a little bit naive dvd units and it goes. It's. That a bit change I did enjoy it but I'm. That is what it is with most figured out. What's important clue what you're. So that just a normal you know fastballs curve a letter page cutter you know all of whom left that just. But what is try to tackle with everything you mock ballot. Which certainly. Yours what's that transition like for you. Going into this break stores mindset. Yourself. There really wasn't any different. I think now is in the same way he prepared to start and then. You're prepared through community gene Austin and we need to. And that the minds that is the that you do the volumes about the victory out there in so as to. Place it closer to. It around. There's deadly some special. The parade was also seen all the fans and all the people come out. And and just Anderson that had been done was pretty special. But it. And included the double. Iso doubles doubles Travis what IA he wholesale whole nickel ally needs is gay you know way he's he gets straight to the point but there're couple things that are now interesting. When he was asked the Powell down to having a chance to start influence his decision. He said yes having a chance to start with the kid is Iran's influence his decision to come. Act on an interest. It's going to be a battle for the fifth spot. We Travis wooden Indian if he didn't win and win it you're still better up the Q but you better off the bull pen in his order. To get an acorn here who's brought in for doing that Chris Young. Still meddling around. Once the be that guy is the fifth starter I did find it funny was talking and hitting. He didn't miss that'll be hit the NL CSI. He was one for five last year in the post season hitting but he hit the home run against the giants. In game two of the NL VS we pull them apart and added an nice Rupert. Travis Wood. Play initially pork he won in that it's nice to have some pitchers that can hit you and your players they actually parked the fiddle around rotations he's gonna hand Travis Wood going when you're in the National League he gets that start it's going to be adjusting but he ease emissions championship pedigree. Look at the royals Sabrina. Bringing guys in with Rick there's very few of these guys right there we're talking rove will show. Who doesn't have rain break and must by the we got fifteen plate appearances in Boston in 2007 the resolution it would uttering that. Brooke is they give you a ring if he's come a member of the royals have been recessed people who came up for one day in Quebec the man got right. So Britain moss ring forty slayer just got one he Hamilton got one. I may just does not the with a came more from the core goals did you last win in 2011. Soria that in my miner doesn't fit strong yet strong does and of course. But look at the score look at the guys that brought it tiebreak expert moss forty solar. Jason Hammel brush winners rests his team has ranged from their own from winning with the royals the Dayton Moore is getting guys and guys in this kind of licking incident cubs with this thing's going lately. Of all the fast on the back a series team gives most that clubhouse that's why it was so when asked Jason Hammel press conference that went down for that when. We was talking. What do you think about your leadership emanating from a witness that. Can look to the left he could look to the right you looked the middle. Nobody's got a ring. Yeah around a little clubhouse. He doesn't need to be again as the rest guys are letters to Olympic asked about that the clubhouse winners. And everything's you know you're surrounding your team this kid in the kitty and in punitive. Each and he does not have so this is interesting but he titles Joe's two. To get there without one Soria a big dog Jack. I'm sorry your eyes get their hardware. Guys it's all readings taken a week over Kennedy. Oh like dude it's. So yes Soria Nike Kennedy appeared dead a couple of guys that don't have rains that they can just talk muscle cells. At their own little party this is twofold you could look actually it can lead the World Series with a forgot about that. In 2000 he won one according to think about that be in kitty was sort of the it's been completely. Would you put the Yankees order 2000. Lol. Thank you so that's that 2009 New York Yankees. Yes we scattering. I Steve corrected we doubted he Kennedy. We doubt my goodness. I till we should be here some look general manager Dayton Moore right now. If you. It was versatility that your you can see why he's as good as well as the winner that's what. Attractiveness to Travis Wood and you don't get the opportunity to come in here compete first off. You know in our rotation certainly. You know and know that his mindset. His competitiveness he'll take the ball roll but he's come here compete as a starter very few of your rotation. It. Well we'll like her death as you know you know this book many times I mean. You know we need several. Pitchers in our organization that can give us innings in a starting role of course 162 games. Jason Vargas is obviously missed the entire 2016. Season other than 1012 innings or whatever was there. You know so that there's we were expectations that bought her first day of course you know they'll probably be a period of time. Com where you know we may you know I mean you blow. You'll see wise always been. Summer you will take the ball as a starter as a reliever. And as you recall two years ago when we signed him we signed him as back up. In our rotation but he prime primarily came in here to compete. In the bowl and he never done that before so in that we know how that worked out to 2015. So. You can never have enough experience enough depth and enough guys that you hit the ball and and do whatever they have to do to get people out in the you know you gotta get point seven throughout the course of the game so. Travis would certainly gives us an opportunity you know to do that. Players express to you on an. He's done he wants to start you know he Travis Wood is. Regarded as one of the very best competitors extremely went off there is any player in the game. He had that reputation coming out of high school. And since he's he's been a winners in touch. So well. You know he knows you know he's gonna help us when those votes. They in the past couple weeks ago this entire franchise took a vigil with the passing of your. You've made some moves. With respect to the absence of your startup. Have these moves. Helped. Heal a bit no doubt I mean it's it's obviously huge void. It's it's it's almost impossible to replace that type of talent as we all know what that we feel worth. Jason Hammel Travis Wood in and others will step up you know through throughout. You know our system throughout the minor leagues. You know we'll have experience. We'll have some toughness and some reliability. And in some past history of success and Jason Hammel Travis Wood and and it takes pressure off you're young guys that were potentially could transition is on point as well so. It's you've got to build your team. Especially. This time a year you got to build your team to win. And compete well over hours 62 games and we feel this group core group does that doesn't mean that. We won't have to massage or roster make adjustments along the way because the game is very. Unpredictable and you'll have to do that right now we feel very good about. This group of players and and what they'll do to win you or recourse for the season it is a little extra. Beautiful and news. Until you spring how confident are you cool and once again. A strong we look let me say this or would we have four on we have some guys with a lot of talent. Lot of power arms. And or they are they've proven that they can continually. Make pitches and execute pitches in and get guys out welder some of it's a little improvement we understand there but. Greg Howell was an improvement of one time children Pereira was unproven at one time and nobody be ever became the story until they got a chance and so. They'll be opportunity but that being said. If you're going to have a successful bull and which we've been blessed to have in the past because of their talents in the great job that. You know Dave island does and Doug injury and Steve Foster you know before that. And in ultimately the players the ones responsible you've got to do to make pitches you got revealed. Compete with no fear. Throw strikes. Understand how to execute. You know a game plan a sequence of pitches in so. That experience. As we know all takes a little time that we like. We're we like the fact that. You know we've got talent. In town to grow to feel like those additions. The latest you do it. This helps shorten the game you can use it can't. It's certainly can and you really important thing is it to have that that versatility. And I think we've got the appropriate amount of links the appropriate amount of experience. And balance of of power arms that can all blend in well. To make terrible and very strong. Yeah. He could be I guess yeah I mean he's. He's a terrific athlete and he's. He's kind of a throwback. And he can he's just a competitor Lowe's wants to win. That's what is your. They did a good thing picked. I so that was a general manager Dayton mold plenty to say about travels Willer. About the bullpen he had a lot of things that he was talk among the air you know let's let's right now come back and let's react to some of these at Dayton Moore had to say. And also on Travis Wood or Garcia joining beat Kansas City Royals to that next. A studio sixty and Sports Radio. And you're supposed to right. Drop. At the other basically because the cows here. On sixteen of Sports Radio six in sports. Background we just heard from mom. Travis Wood anti war thanks to Josh turner outlets risers know to get here from manager Ned yells at the top of the hour at 11 o'clock. But so one of the things a couple of things that did more had to say about that was what number one when it comes seems to ask questions about what attracted you to. To Travis Wood in terms or was it is forced to lead he said. Flat out he's a winner he is a winner. We believe that that guy putting him into our either weather's distort and started rotational bullpen he's gonna help us win ball games. Exactly. I thought the things that doubles pretty cool that you mention are towards the end was. Bet right now remember how we fell down and we felt bad about when we Davis was treated in we're like me our bullpen was an apple with that. With all the moles that they've made. Dayton Moore say col we have a nice balance of power arms now. So props to date more rebuilding the ball peen. He says Indy in the right policies of our press conference the Davis and addressed the bullpen. In heated gas they have they've done. He's talking about Travis Wood is that you would cheat to compete is order which is talking. Birds are probable pin there about shortening games. The question can about Travis Wood back there you can shorten the games as a terms what is the starters those. It took me back to the last you know the last year's when he was shortened route east peace terms would be the starter that he talked a short games are you shorten games this year terms would. In the bullpen. They need somebody to grab that despite inevitable then it'd be the ideal situation. He is a guy that didn't pitch deep what it does Saudi hit about five and he gets just order was the one that alluded to that that he was the one that doesn't say it brought brought up had to exactly for part of back it was going to be adjusting. Woody said Jason Hammel is not a pitcher goes deep in the game. Which is not his MO and what he's done but it it's a collection of guys. We joked that he'd get a dozen but he does for 2009. He pitched one inning. He hit a batter Adam reveals that he pitched one inning which means. It got a Great Britain lost fifteen play Dugard is to thousands of terrorists on race it just had it and terrorism yet is it is it is off. And so he yet until that he was so you know when it came on just one inning. Duke because that's it for sure it was that they cut for him appear what did implant against the got a race. The whole whole room is a roomful team. Vegas is twofold one gives you confidence give a bunch of guys that knew how to win a bit of winning organizations but to. What about the guys that are hungry to don't have one or do everything to finally get that went. But again there's a lot of guys that just kind of got his role players they were in a rural prom Vargas got a dead or will probably got a ring but they were prominent in the royals getting in typically. And you have guys that have a blood to rings at mean Dell or old guys have rings that means you doesn't count to DOS on the roster. Best the other the two it is not like you compile the bunch of guys have rings and nobody has any talent that void of talent. Here. I'm happy we talk all the time at the chemistry the workers begin Wie is part of what you guys they've achieved your pedigree the older. People bitten the bigger the biggest moments of the players and they more insidious these guys are winners. Yes. He's got a team. I'm happy with them because at the end of the season. He was talking about the bullpen and would like to get to meet the full pay and better and I can I wanted that even born. Win Wade Davis. Was traded away to spotlight how is hoping to get better the ball and actually did pretty good right now. It's names it's like each DH. But his words count on Strom was unbelievably good back early fear that is not a sore till he's got to pick up the pace man Tories the missing piece but again. The cabinet enough enough depth this sort it doesn't work out they might be all right. The main instrument and here who knows how good he's going to be to keep in mind he Specter in the bullpen blow it could potentially very good bullpen. It's not the funny catch phrase 68. Is that the usual suspects you know what. Blue coat Jaber. Wasn't the usual suspects for eaves of fails to order to be in really good in the bullpen we Davis field starter in the to be in very good well it's that. Horror has been a guy that's proven to be good guy. In your bullpen but the royals they built their bullpen and a bunch of guys they just count on that were normally guys to beater bullpen and just went on to edit they have the potential. Potential we don't know till they do it they have the potential be a very good bull. Dell sells yeah days. You know a couple we still weavers we were saddened at the loss of Giordano and really felt like man. This season and it's it's so already sad somber here at infested. I don't know what this team is gonna be able to do what they can accomplish. I view this team is the post season team now I really do. You have to that's gonna be the mindset right. Pete more than they've spent the money they push it. Didn't push all the negative when it was over there was a different deal the top to bottom this roster. You have to like with the royals had a yup this is a team. Did address their needs the last couple week I don't know when the publications came out who's gonna have the royals finishing third or fourth we're gonna do. But with these changes its digital Tina. If you put that their publication the print. A couple of weeks ago finally some more ever been at bookstores whole lot of magazines did you watch this I didn't buy it. Put bought about 50000 and you. Put. He's got a close to Barnes & Noble and he buys at every single college football publication there is certain except Phil still is it was meals. It's which is good that's expensive. Please ask my wife is already a putter slit your pre season magazines may have. Start rocking those things in June. We were we were actually talking yesterday this Playboy is bringing back the nude. They realize that people don't just greeted with your articles people go to the Internet for porn. Played winning that's what killed but I had asked you like when's the last time. You actually tablet magazine mailed you were in your hand. And I forgot you buy these magazines every year it's just affable. Sort magazines they don't know magazine since you at all now. Dubai is about people still do that. Match like. I had Sports Illustrated since her surprise. Three years ago at the Digital's debatable American based on where he comes here to work to get that when I get to us sports this is. Let's review its interleague what. This one's about. Phil Steele is in the room to listen don't buy it if they didn't I would buy it sporting news and it was by the F one's big twelve at once as the seed. Is the form of they're pretty pricey to seventy bucks not to Obama you Bob Morton street spotlights no fights have full. Level about what it's about 5008. Is that it. Are tied for get one free so it's wide discrepancy here which III. Fills out a few zeros sporting news. To ask you don't you you old body feels deal. I don't I get everybody else does one get a but by sporting news who's got every team. And by the big twelve issue in the SEC issue. That's it piece by pro football weekly do it'll do what anymore you know what it Playboy were Smart old she's been a bottom kind of fell into a so the unifil said Alex that he said college football there aren't a lot in by the famous human eggs if Playboy were we're Smart not send people over their playbook are Smart but if they were if they were Smart they would try to team up with one of these magazines. The put out like I do like a Sports Illustrated Playboy like hybrid. That would get your money wouldn't it executes the people that sort of Ager don't want that in football makes more than the one that doesn't have the boobs. Differ clientele I. Doing all I'm saying is if I was reading something about the royals and I flipped the page in there were naked boobs I'd. I'd be excited about that mag would be exciting but it's necessary. That's very yeah a lot of people wouldn't buy because of to view and would the people what do you do you read all of your counsel law magazines all eaten kale chips. Tony field. Inside joke. Elijah for well medium. I know that your. Candidate. Tex he's asking about Luke who cheaper free agents bill. Of assignment. Ever even seen any rumors I had about a coach ever signing with anybody which is he regarded himself and Jason Hammel they're spitting images. There's just. So they actually resigning coach of his Colin Campbell. But it respect. We have a clear example why trash talk a month's professional sports teams can be Seoul also get to that next. Studio sixty in Sports Radio don't do daddy tickets dot com right down to sixty in particular using promo code sixty in sports. Bakken on the they simply painting jousting on sixteen shout out to touch your boy. 567 young athletes out question. Breakfast or morning six which one you choose well we know. Which one we don't ask you questions. Used to support the number. Related matters Wheaties. Announces its request of the non. To preached yelled for African Pekingese couple opening night and no he did say oh this is abraxis. Or one instance. Oust Dole's writes this I'd go more question basically which one. Cache of well breakfast the most important meal of the day if it's like is it skewed. Purchase price that the Francis watch it because set builders opened and emblems as good sex doesn't make you fooled by lunged hourly workers and oh. Yeah. Breakfast and better morning sex lives. Answered their questions that I. Well I don't like I predict that a key states well I mean the Saturday like what day of the week we talk about that's important too but Saturday. All what do they. Mean I don't do long Saturn. I don't mind staying in battle longer so what separates this really is exactly the news this morning sex on a Saturday morning is better than on Wednesday morning the salute I've got nothing to do I have no like I'm line. I have to be here at work. And I already wake up around 5:45 in the morning anyways forgetting my daily rate. Not gonna spot myself an extra half hour to start shooting really this is weird it depends on the day yes and absolutely not just to get on the course. Like it better with heat up in the Betty White. Mean you and Saxon portable your priorities. I mean you go places to beat up they used to do we or being out I am in my day so I can wake up and have sleepy sex I don't know. You say morning sex that's. That's fine. Big key you came across. Some really cool tweets last night in Major League Baseball it is something that it we got that we like that we appreciate BP it is funny. The NBA number they said. Com. Over the weekend that they were gonna that they didn't want their teams. Too they want it more professionalism when he comes interaction on what they'd like. When one player says something about another player or one organization. Kind of goals after not organization that they don't like the back and forth which. Actually like shows class don't don't don't do it over the top. But a Major League Baseball. They asked farm its full on. This a different mr. met though it's from mr. Smith mr. Metz when patrolled senator Gordon isn't quarter counts missed from and he's dead were big baseball is that. Remarkable years scooter the World Series. He didn't get to lose during his pissed that you let this job mr. met. If he was mad he was supposed to get when the loser ring struggled initially get to go to the World Series. Mr. may controlled senate gore. On Twitter. The best cut this village slugger to a slugger is on Twitter. Mr. met tweeting that Nolan said looking for hash tag Valentine's Day. I know a guy spelled in Italy it's a picker pitcher knows that a guard in high scoring looks completely different. He looks goofy little chubby guy so he's dead that you Wear glasses he looked kind of silly. India and it was center guard tweets back at mr. met. You was ardea plains tonight with someone pretty sure you know over. Mr. Mitt goes back in this work it's great he gives I do please tell your mom I say hi. But for mister met not that's aggressive please tell your mama said hi. So the new listener guard says okay you don't mess that down as a pitcher will leave you shaking your head. But then later solicitor guards that be careful what you do and he showed a tweeted a picture mr. met with another female mass. He those old Tony one though oops CCMRS. Smith is mr. Mann has the is a female messed up mrs. met its food cola. That's all good fun did you think maybe they shouldn't (%expletive) here's the mascot say and your mom is that I. They actually got new considered big pretty upset about that. Home and he's like Ryan and I say hands jokes and cranky he cracks jokes about it all the time if you didn't humor. Cynthia why it was like the first one on the show crack until some by this month and however breakdown madam and physical my own mom that. That. In two ways around. You know so so he starts with the jokes in his mind I got guys on what if it's a Labatt it is not comes out to the remote. In need his mom sorting it out. Took a picture. It is what from there. The but limited to me in some toast and by the way if you utterly I don't. Look at the BO don't use agreement lunch money that went oh the old mr. that this is a story about it. Mr. Mitt claims he was snubbed by the Mets who denied that the mascot initially cheap chipper. His name was Steven boulders he's with the team through thick and thin of the past fifteen years didn't use ring. And he was pissed about it in any left his last the award was he was a November 2 2015. When the royals won its last day of working he's man that he didn't get his ring so obviously they get new mr. met a little bit of sense of humor. These mascots being not a big thing and these guys but the. Guys spoke out like the back import this guy doesn't do on it makes it fun it really does make it. We're a duel over slug tomorrow. So cold this trash talking elder gods are your promise that I dislike of pop up go sluggers history. Little slugger has been some interesting events or what do you say it's a bit to say about chasing liberty. All up up up what has been invited slug things in there some pictures out there let's look at her best. Relate oh you've seen the slugger pictures. I don't think that I had on human seemed the picture. No. Ability we're talking about no OK I figured you did we've talked about one. We've been quite being so cryptic I don't I don't recall willfully and somebody had a suit is that somebody with a team there's a couple suits float around. You've zinni bachelor party older and I don't that the baltics. I don't nothing they must not partaking in typical bachelor party festivities was Jan Null into now they'll loan you his. It is a reasonable slugger was living like. If I let us around and then as did you know. Not gonna depart slugger blogger knows what country or part BIR. Old man at what's in term by the way. I did not see him is to. I seating either he's come up every day as soon as he putts big in the belly any Witten bought gift card unless of liberated that kind of died down. I have it seems Valentine's Day Greg you are minimal would crash likely final podium and I'm fortunate I coming up in. Oh it's so locker. Are all ma. He live in the good life. Governor if they do is get back got to surprise Arizona hears from a manager Ned yells to live. Boom studio sixty and Sports Radio.