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02/15 9a - Drew Butera, Dumb Injury Calls, Welch's V-Day

Feb 15, 2017|

We're joined by Royals catcher Drew Butera live from Royals ST, best dumb injury calls and Welch is upset about his Valentines Day

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I stay going your house just to go well it's just getting their valentines and all that tennis yesterday's fight over. It's a type Daniel traditions. Day. Came home from school. And then the trade was. They given much like god. Doubt whatever it takes. Okay they took fix it ticket offers they related to decide whether or not they're in exchange getting with the each other. It's very civil discussion of any trades are apparently they both don't they want very nice aren't so Welch we know you had a miserable Valentine's Day got nothing not even acknowledgment of the holiday happening Steve did you enjoy the the notebook. Yeah. Yeah okay Greg might Iran I get out 37 Valentine's Bob do just. You're doing just fine and you made Liu made a lot of people using his birthday dad even clearer that way to give her 37 Valentine and 37 that's trying to nice read so he's a lot of positive and even a big Macs yesterday roses and you know what that's all that really matters. My kindergartners got a 88 card from her boyfriend Clark I guess for calling him the boy for nets and I love her. You zone so that it would garner likes him named Clark and my first greater likes to kid named Tripp might we dating the front office of the chief semi in Africa. We've got a market democrats' final here like a YQ I guess eight and admit they each success has filtered out. I I saw that's. Agha as early as not every kid's name huh. Adored oh right there's Obama trip Clark's unprecedented gently she. Adding that if it keeps them and they can't go and I and so. Congratulations. To them and you know you could say Alex he could be that the quarterback or the left fielder but I don't think anybody's name their kid after the quarterback right now here in Kansas City. On the whales we it's it's you don't we thought about it yesterday and it it's it's really you know gonna be a fun spring training does it it's just get ready for the start of the regular season. The guy has got a spot already locked up on that roster catcher drew you to share with us here on six stents portrait I Dillinger you get. I'm there or are you with the best shape of your lies. Are Erica. Yeah I. I fear here is why. Could we hear about everybody at the beginning of spring training every year you're in the best shape of your life how do you get better shape than the best saved your life that you were last year in the previous year and the previous year to that. I don't know bigger than the up and you tell yourself so they're good about working on wall. I guess it is meant so so how things down there how how's the IA social lack the cliche the mood around this club obviously you know getting together now after with the passing of your Donna venture how's everybody handling that so far. Inside the clubhouse now that baseball activities are here. I think baseball activities are different open for sure. You know it it's never easy to lose. So we'll look but yeah all the more family and I think you know being around each other what kind of hope that you quoted. Ease the pain that he he pitched very well and then put. That would make this thing so great is what happened not just guys that come if we genuinely care about each other. I think that'll or Walt equal to the other end and they shot in the future. You guys had some time to what it really set any kind of you know process everything but it's still gonna take some time before there's that feeling of normalcy what do you guys been doing to try to get to that spot where you start to feel more more even without your Donna there. Well I feel like oh it'll get there were part you know I think you know world. Our organizations of all have done a great job remembering him in honoring him in that way so. There's golfing. Like the patch editors the we had to blocker upn and so kind of remembered that and admit and it's banner. Of the walk on the field to remind us you know a little bit about that they'll. I think in time you know things ordeal but. If in each day that we remember and indeed in the ongoing outbreak was. Oh kind of bring out but it has been quoted it wouldn't allow that it back the normalcy. Tiger royals catcher jury terra. We talked to players and everybody gets that it's at some point time where it's just time to go it's time to get down due to Arizona when does that happen for you yearly. About a week captaincy and the. Yeah you know it is one thing broke news you know got. You go and seek and so. You calculate. You know something was taken from me and you know a record that may play a surrogate and you know no doubt about it but. You know I was only back only to prove you know that were were meant either. I'll look forward bucket bucket for your round. How would you be terror here on six to sport trees had now. A dust timing Cianci did he get out and eat and shout down and in do the restaurant thing we're selling your favorite places to hang out here in Kansas City. Well well. There's a lot. Out over the last coherently. Pleasantly surprised how withdrew it. You know breakfast spot in much of the united and how much they love. Yet New York's. The co wrote. For. Cute they're not barbecue. What it is yeah well a lot thrown really defeat Celtic. Culture that but he cricket announce that the really need to simplify it so. What are we give dining we drew going here man because you get your obviously your guy around who goes around a lot team's city in each of these places. We need to get a segment on the show dining with drew would let you just kind of take us around from restaurant to restaurant and tell us why you like. I did that get something in the work. For the seat and so we'll wolf we'll get back on the tour. Now at the rest of Saudi stereotypical here drew. You dug by your favorite pizza I tend to each firm to really trust your pizza. Pie or pizza preferences because you are playing for team Italy OW BC this year. So how excited are you get that opportunity. You know I'm very odd convert on. You know a fortunate little hole. Daughter daughter Peyton and the click or you know mark and him that and more trouble in its represent that country all I had a great time for your it and law on the heat heat. You guys seem to take the World Baseball Classic a lot more serious than fans who don't should. Yeah I think. You know in in the sense of old war games. Like the Olympic team defense is broad there is such it's going to win whether or. You know how on this but what is it an agent and when that happens there isn't much moral on. Well I've been so quiet and water to the ultimate in soul you know that need to be taken lightly and honored you all president. You know our our country and it and then you know actual production. Do you feel like it's in the way what you guys a team we're trying to do in spring training now. Not at all is well on its its. Playoff baseball much if anything this fall even more ready you know offer for the people that sit in some. If he. 30000 people you know westerners often are the situation and you know the little more so you know there's no way to. We agree that their spring training. So that. You know that all love and all the evil spirit and so what you can truly inspector. Drug never heard that it termed it that way it's like playoff baseball in March and that's that's really interesting. Are the players in the WBZ taking it that seriously because we'll see a ton of it so woods hard for us to really gauge. But the fact we're going to Berkeley this year you know you need a lot of officers in a lot of nations. A lot of the big guys turned out that it oh lead or are they implement. Yesterday. On diminish in everybody. It's not back yet the law. Although it's not duplicate that but it's going on come on and you know you know group around it because it seriously. At that hour that that the economic and market. Was Valentine's Day being yesterday who inside that their clubhouse would you say your Valentine on the royals. I think out what Brendan. One. On purpose and everybody ended up. There. They're ego and enjoy spring training command thanks for coming on this morning we'll talk to you again soon. You got attribute terribly this year on 610 Sports Radio orioles' backup catcher kind of leading us into you know what we're gonna talk about a lot of the spring training there's a battle for the backup catcher wanted to go to spring training there's a battle for starting center field. The royals are going in the spring training with the the the beginning of spring training here. And there's nobody really battling for anything if anything is a battle right now. It's potentially second base we've got three guys that could potentially play at. But I think in their minds he would like Christian Cologne to win that job keep what mayor field as enemy a road work. But if if if copper got good all the sudden the offseason playing second base. Maybe he's the plays but other than that there's really not a lot of jobs that are all on the. Roy gets you third fourth catcher is because Alan interval played as a true ABC team so it's two gonna catch at those days that now line I think. Yeah I think that that one's got the most interest I think it remains to be seen what the royals. Interest level is and all of those scenarios that we can all cannot take our our horse in that race but I'm I'm really -- you which one fits. The bill as to what they're looking for because I think I did well to both went in the offseason like. You've got to find a way to comforts bat a lineup maybe going laurel second base and be decent enough that it. Roll with that that might not be in their plans will say they've always favored defense as specifically at that position. Every time we have this conversation we always get a response whether it be text line Twitter what are I'll grow modestly junior. Everybody wants to know why he's not been brought up as a potential dive for the say for the second base position. It's because he's not ready. We saw last year offensively he was atrocious defensively was okay but why not Lehman AAA while you can let him develop offensively in them analyses Escobar Weezer it's traded. Great we're all modesty junior up at that point he should be ready to be stuff we all see we have we lies. Despite the numbers we can all see the royal modesty junior's gonna be a stunt. It's just not very bright it's gonna take some time in and right now where the window of opportunity is for the royals. I don't need a moment to see appear right now he's not part of 2017. He made very well be part of 2018 in the future of this ballclub. But right now I want the best guys who were gonna give me the opportunity. To go out and win every single day and there are. I think Ellis three other guys at second base ahead of Raul Mondesi in that category pleases and stop this fire yeah shortstop shortstop in the and they used to think well modesty juniors lucky. He does it have to be pushed to the majors like Alex Gordon or might we stock writer Eric Hosmer there is this why has enough talent and that even though you really like brawl modesty junior you don't have to force him into the major the role. He meant triple let him take that time to develop work with the coaches get better. Everybody wants to. Bush everybody at all right away put out there right away. The rolls are good enough that they don't need to take you guys getting at 185. For defense of second base it doesn't make any sense. So that we're all modesty junior develop and then everything will be fine that's good news or row modesty junior am for the royals because they don't have to force him into position. Oh other times it changed at were all patient now right out of it and it and that's a that's really where you want headaches during their enemies as yet there was years ago we do like on let's don't wanna see it now so last year like a Kagan his Lamar seasoning run out and do and how to get ready we'll call you when we need I mean and it is all honesty is playing second base this year for an extended period of time for the royals something's really web bat something really went wrong if he's at second base this year playing for an extended period that is I think there are three guys. Ahead of him right now that depth chart. Act's second base there's only one guy had them right out shortstop and I could see him play and or something would happen Escobar. But it but it second base I I just don't think realm on the sea is an option right now and I hope he's not an option. Right now coming up if you wanna win tickets to cool. The golf show 91357676109135767610. We know the dumbest injury that you ever suffered 91357676. Ted who's ever suffered the dumbest injury. It's gonna win a pair tickets go to the golf show and something that date Morse said that hagee don't want to. Now as you don't yup we'll tell you what it is next. Eight tickets to the person who had the dumbest injury of all time based on the fact that the royals seven pitcher named Flynn who fell through the roof of a bar reports say he isn't stable condition right now. So. Laugh he's just fine luckily that's why we joke about and that's rats carry you know very scary. When he came through that roof when the cows that mood. About a mile away glad that. Any else get out of your system. Who apparently Flynn as the horse that he should do it again in the system day. You know else did I. Period. I was only left because he thought he only had a stable jokingly noisy yeah. An. Athlete a soccer. Welch's is that deplete does Dayne is well known as the older. I. I think this is the fifth if. Dayton Moore said the other day. We're talking Elway here. Dayton Moore said the other gremlins that he thinks that this is the best rotation that they've had in Kansas City since he became the general manager you think about you know. But really yes it is this is the best rotation that they're starting his season with. Since state mores than the general manager here in Kansas City I mean when you think about it some of the guys they went to battle with a fourteen and fifteen and that's starting rotation. I can't believe they were able to get to the World Series and World Series. With that starting five you look at this rotation right now as are seeing pretty excited for where this rotation stance even with the passing of you're Donald inter you've still got to really solid good. First forefront guise of your rotation. And and most likely acting Chris Young will be the fifth guy and a rotation spot. For the Kansas City Royals this year and you know afterward if his starter not being good enough that's a luxury almost right now so you guys think about it but this the first four in this rotation. I think really are the top four the date. More is ever had is again and and there is a little bit of well they're not exactly the you know. The of bum Gardner whatever whatever whatever staff got to look at. Over the years they really haven't had that and you do you look at fourteen and fifteen or like. How they did some work wasn't just him but the pitching staff for shore so. It be destroyed on paper right now this one's got the potential to to be pretty good if guys all play to their. To their ceiling. Yet the rotation itself I think is probably the best that date has ever had. But at the same time it's more of a shift in how they're playing and how they're trying to approach this entire season almost philosophically it's a change because they wanna have a a better rotation. And more power they traded at one of the best closers in baseball to power outfielder and Jorge so layers so clearly. That's their focus is they're trying to change and gravitate more towards strong rotational strong power. And then at less speed less bullpen as they treated the bullpen guy obviously Wade Davis hit a speed guy Jerod dice. There's no question so it really as Billy Kennedy shift in philosophy of what the royals are all about our if you wanna go to school. You go to school legal shield we need yours stupid injury 91357676. Dead Mike in Lee's summit we start with the good morning Mike. Good morning. You guys in the race. I yeah I would have been department store and awkward for him mine. And made out of basketball goals set out. And he went out Saddam and as I went out to block it if my elbow on the shelf and shattered my elbow. So that was my down injured. Like some we don't try. It's always wanted you always wanted. Down in the store right an old Sonia lol you'd overdo it while it was a little slow you wanna. You get that the end of the and basketball's it's right there all the time your husband shot there maybe you are on the two backs and it that is you know now done differently done revolve I'd never take us out of the ball in a store really never. While that's what gives you supposed to play the bulls in the semi while I would immediately gotten so emotional and that allows it to exit do it all the time I've never every time at a sporting good stores they're at a basketball shoot at the hoop. That's what they have the little plastic thing over The Who soaking right through do NASA what's the point shooting into the beginning of the Jewish descent tell me at the guys that loud now critically knowing that he walkway like give no idea what happened is I'm not. I Assad. The shot that ball this year that Joseph and only to Europe next year at sixty and Sports Radio to mornings ago. Good morning guys Gloria. I have to let you and your work here. I was playing fullback in high school football. Power plant the metal. I'm blocked the linebacker. Turnaround seaworthy. Tailback is going. And all right guard gets called for holding. The referee there was a flag. I turned it right before victory marked by a basket not a real hole. With the flanker. Where they'll wired home in. And that instances I missed two games but. Yeah. Wendy day he would put. Christian voice in India the flag you're not a miracle. All right and just a few finals of that I think that's the leader in the clubhouse thinks who felt there was a Duane Brown Mittal would have won and I again these officials may have these these rogue officials with their flags. Jacobs in Kansas City here next to you beat back. By yacht. I can't. So I. The ball off and we like to. And it and it went her normal activities. Or can now. And thought it well my friends and now there's a little awkward. What we are. Eight out there and buried in the new day when girl rugby guy camera I got paired at the bar. And I broke my ankle sprain my ankle without the ball. A couple of it's pretty good to me that it that is pretty good as well our rights we got a guy with a flag. We got another guy who sprained his ankle kicking something of a movie theater. Colin Kansas City what do you. I it. Yeah Eagles had a bad injury right now. Yeah personal and you hurt yourself in the process that slowed well. Can hold them ultimately to secure currently carry a book shares. Local high school I played like football. Legend clash in. We can't charge what sort of lecture crystal ball quite accurate especially in grandma uncle. Oh hybrid three and that's our original bond schooling or exactly nice break him blue springs you got the final call good morning frank. In the morning when I. I lie at the royal game and my wife with two the record hasn't gotten there yet nobody as you are room and while going upper hand she broker. Out yet became a registered for them like a strong if you think. I honestly don't look for a pane at right there is no way. Insured up. Doctor the next day and as straight as you broke the. Did you stage with a let me the next day. These things litigated. No it's like the third inning opening day. Formal Seoul Seoul had she breaker some pulling upper hands. Well apparently there are all those spot in her. And just get. Great at the wrong way they're out there and I don't know we're okay. That is unbelievable Ariza who wins she will face the penalty flag got knocked out that knocked out stitches east he's my guy yeah he's your guy do it rolled his ankle in the movie theater we got another guy broke his collarbone in touch football and in Frank's wife breaks her Beatles. Pulling her pants is that apparel or don't work basketball games is something. I'd like the last one I really do I liked it like it's it's it's weird it's crazy right. I think I would view on that but it took two out of three Franken blue springs is the winner. If you break your finger pulling up your hands. That's no good asking me this exact same telling me gigabyte of that emotional response again was like well let's not ballads like. My god that can happen it can happen. Whom I suggest and don't bring it also if you want to and the gulf for the entire right exactly these are cheaper tickets herself and what you do movie of Hollis partnered on vita site. I don't know I'm about stealing my slightly hollow it's an ally as I had to get to me it's like I'm sitting here wondering well how how would that work to have a hollow spot my thumb what's gonna happen and it right. Scared that is very very skiers are congratulations the Franken blue springs you are going to the gossip coming here on six did Sports Radio. Can't make every turn and they've got advice for us we'll find out what they held cell next. At 1015 here from Travis Wood in Dayton Moore right here odds extend portray a Travis Wood siding becomes old show. All of today so he will meet with the media Dayton Moore will meet with the media as well right here on 610 Sports Radio day at two year deal third your options at something earlier and actually what the but the royals do. Scoring good Jon Kamen. Four million. This season six and a half the following season and then eight million dollar mutual option with a one and a half million dollar buy out. In the and a third year only go so congratulations to him congratulations. Us working. Since our thanks to tell you right to say about your. Eyes got an email on his. Our identity Dahmer at the new roles McDonald as our apartment at. Somebody god you are right now get you royals Nadal I'm Barbara and I got us offer values that he loves about this guy is a good point I've. I'm fully she's she did get well summed the day because he's down in the dumps. I'm fine. It's not going to be it is of TDs to make it up to you today you and all that out of the donors and now this valentines isn't this is this is all about I think it really is like Italy and only did she give him nothing for Valentine's Day she was a 105 on no. Him in in the game we played 10 o'clock our vet does Steve lives yeah it'd admittedly Sox but whatever and it adds yet it's a little bit off today that's only one mistake. Are usually you were targeted Specter back there and I was reading an email so I don't see you know I think 87 at. It was an existing meeting given me this is affecting you. Now I apologize now. Hi all I look look what it's like apple or Buehrle when I just didn't know you were really gone by about does that. I mean people would have a weird way of messing with your mind in this one is clearly messing with your mind so not really five sons and 76. And I and a number if you lament please call until Mikey loves him and I want to really know. 57676. And we need to pack him up he's down the ideas I'd give up the. Yesterday at 36 of them were they Q McDonald's that's who now has a brand new partnership with the Kansas City royal big. Deal with the team turns a double play actually interest it's not like when they gave about big Macs for sacks during the she season. Now the royals have their own deal with the fast food restaurant in part of the agreement is when the royals turn a double play a make double hamburger will cost one dollar the next day. It's being called the big double play promotion and there's also going to be a mic better royals make double value meal true. Local establishments it's going to be a make double medium Fries and frozen blue raspberry drink yeah. They're also teaming up with Ronald McDonald house of charities that point five cent donation we made them when each of those meals sold. And it. The agreements also going to include a royals team in game in across market advertising campaign by McDonald's and the royals. We'll make the local Ronald McDonald house the beneficiary at 25050. Raffle I'll let season it. In 5050 raffles this season it. You can't deceased or they turn to go every time they turn to ice. We get a dollar mixed doubles. From big man. Himself Valentine. Since November. Defense or on top. Good morning. Welcome. Expected a problem. I don't see anything. That I will say it's a great to have this conversation anyway 50 right that's what I expected about that because treatment. I I don't care what it is quiet. To get legitimately nothing legitimately zero hits but Sox. It's an honest truth to a new camera is here and that can happen we're definitely glad. Man those minutes most exam where it as you. Letting all night and I hope he's listening post yours are tired and yeah. Party got that text oh you did yes. Yeah so that's that's going to be a fun time for. Well. If you need need to do live. Hurry latter a I will not get on the other day they did I appreciate that need to be all right I think every every okay yeah I hope so. She's affected your day. It's not irons 9:30 in the morning bill but how was it last night like when you got nothing like what was that like. Doctor if extra outs. I ridge do that it is I did I think most people do so don't care so the bigger idea of an hour goes by. And I guess those kind of be in. OK understandable. That the hell's wrong elect. Us. A world. They get a paper ballot it's OK to have feelings as though the odds are logging its air pretend everything's fine I don't have feelings just despair that. Who hurt his socks and move beyond arrests in an end. A bit and awkward conversation took place not much else got done announced that. The relationship still strong he's. It's fine everything's fine. Guys here's the interesting part allowed to be a little upset that everything phone I agree but but here's the thing. Like if it was reversed and using get her something odd has drawn up. But because sheeting to use something. It's not okay like I'm supposed to be understood Osaka and with that the odds they'll be deal it's only Valentine's there was a push whatever. Cruelty. The studio lift weights. Watched board yeah like I say I'm sorry about that person my Yahoo! I am it's okay it was it was disappoint you were counting on some nice Russell Stover chocolates right in our hearts are not us cookies are cookie or a club pretty good chocolate chip cookie would have been like me in my day yeah. 37 Valentine's right now at zero that nothing in return and is highest it it's right it's okay to be upset about that. And don't let anybody tell you know being macho guys can ask you but the guy wants to display his feelings thoughts Roloson painted as the bad guy at all I had absolutely and end the set the record straight you got something for Valentine's Day. The senator massive amounts of flowers to her to her work in a handshake and a cupcake and I wounds to some of you walked in mobile now for our eyes act and you got. Got nothing but it up he's heard folks he so how old bird that wounded adding little offshore but like. Like teetering on the day well I doubt they'll be okay like life overbought college debate now a thousand dollars will definitely debate this. But I think it's good to let people now that as a guy. You'd open that up though let's over that though tax like 69306. FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash six and sports if there is no conversation hat. A good conversation with your significant other hey let's not do gift for Valentine's Day that they have done whatever less is not do anything for that conversation. Okay that's that's fine. But there's no conversation that is taken place and there's no predisposition conversation or lower we're not gonna celebrate this rugged writer and then at. One side could beat. Guy or girl were tired guy doesn't matter whatever side. That's significant other gets you nothing moved. Or you'll be upset about that does that feel like I'm not off base well I I don't think it's about the gift you wonder she still loves you. And yeah may SS that's. Dig deep yes that's the absolutely want navigate to sit there's like okay. Are you like aids is this like. Thing where you're planning to we yeah I just kind of like there are against this is warning sign is this eggs I was looking at it sounds like if I was telling this is somebody else told me this story. Let's say this is like one at. Of three things that are gonna happen that are ending with your relationship no longer arena thing right it tell somebody else if that exact same because because of this thing does end up going off the skids and she does end up trying to find somebody better which she won't. Tom I wouldn't be that part out really would be have you seen the dating pool there okay. If she were to do this will look back in six months ago I should've saw coming when I got nothing for Valentine's Day to think it's why do Qaeda that's the problem you do kind of see it kind of make up she just decided. I got nothing like walks and I got nothing is that cool. As I was so taken back by a person like Yasser no big deal but did she give you use our line or anything now. I got enough Kemp's got but and then in of course liturgy that we will tell me one any thing like. Really don't hold your hand through Valentine's Day like it like being a personal valentines as our gloves over your eyes extends course radio good morning Glenda. It is it. I. I'm very glad benefited here from London today and I think our Suzanne. Make you feel better dad let dad live update you had to examine you Brenda thank you I thought only bird got invited to Cheesecake Factory it feels so incredibly blessed right now. A burden blasts again delegates start as just earlier this. And so like a cross between a girl and heights they're trying to do Bruce whoever's voice. Isn't the cook. So if if it does go off the rails you know Glenn does they're glad is out there's there's an upside is out there. Look at Torrey it's okay to be its audits August Glenda is going to be there in the end it's good flight C I never I never felt like you are right now because I'm so BM chief I think anybody. So like I've never felt like that I can tell you're you're definitely her. You're wounded or forget your roster I'm going off then you're your your her soul right now. And we're gonna make it better. So if it but I exploit it if you want to date Welch 913 now seminoles as Alan no no rocketed up and down a Megan is worse now taken anyway to anybody in Walton Valentine you know to be my greatest Valentine's gifts. A better quarterback for the chiefs will tell you how they can do that next. Quarterback admitted he's done so instead of Sports Radio there could be a new one in the future sports Kansas City to your kids make an appearance again what the heck did you make him do this well Specter made him do it so I I. On and off on him this time but yesterday was Valentine's Day. Right. SS outs is that we say he's no doubt that this was. Not since I was not to pour salt in the Welch wooed OK not at all. All but judge shows look at how things have changed. Kissing a girl. Back in 1911. If you imagine it will be different that is kissing a girl today spoke out. This is from a add. For the Lister rated Epson. Gum company like perpetrated perhaps of gum common sense gun company had its. Tips called gee you know how to considerable right things have changed since 91. T what no had a chance to go out. I am thinking her GMAC tell your intentions. You not ask permission to kids today. That to mean changing her I its humor is holding her right hand. In her right hand if you wish is welds inside a couple of times at this stage of the game. Whispered softly at her own let's remind you of cupid. He will have dropped her eye and blacks when you say. Play the fingers at him last can't anger hurt. And backed her head slightly John Heard gently towards he would do not Harry. Gazed deeply at the love lights which lumber in her eyes so I want to live in kind your head toys Harris and Chilean laps but. Link in that kiss and tell you had seen restraint in. Paxson GAAP. My ass and that. Then in the round. I don't think she leaned and they techniques he can't. Is she is so let loose jaded pet sitting down girl kissed her. Put your life saying in the back hard on trying to make it did have problems and try to make it stop that man. He's his record antiseptic that they Albania was who have. Why did you Larry taking notes and I hear you over Travis underdogs I was through my head down because our final die at the beginning. Do not. Yeah you gotta ask is do not ask permission to this are things that change is they generally have changed quite a bit. A lot since nine W eleven permission but it's good to hear you can't say that I Jimmy drop blows gonna be hot name in the vessel and quarterback maybe to have ever played the game. In the National Football League is he available or not I think he answers yes and it starts in the first round draft pick. Is what the New England Patriots are saying if your the chiefs are you giving your first round draft pick for Jimmy gras. I wouldn't give any draft picks for Jim Iraq well okay the patriots don't play good players Lee laid out and Tom Brady's at the tail end of his careers so they really believed Gigot Rob Lowe was their guy for the future and as soon as Tom Brady leaves Jimmy G is the got to step been. They wouldn't trade him. It's it's clear. Bigger Rob Lowe hasn't played all that much we paid three games last year able to get injured. Billy you already got hurt so he shows propensity to get injured he hasn't really proven anything in the patriots don't get rid of good players I want no. Parts of Jimmy drop well this is the patriot way he had really agenda over pay and they got. For for guys all the time and and the chiefs really have actually had that happen to them. With the trade for Matt Cassel back when Scott Pioli was the of the the overlord here in Kansas City former once again exactly and in I would view if the patriots are treating you I'm out sick with the Yankees if they're dealing on out. I'm not interest in taking what your guys because nine times out of ten. That guy does nothing. Anywhere else and and guys are successfully truly believe. The guys are successful. Because of Bill Belichick and because of that system but they are because every time somebody leaves you just really don't even Wes Welker giving your whole heck of a lot for prompt. You know what he went to the Denver Broncos so. Public view I wouldn't give up anything right now. Ford Jimmy rock blow but the rule the world as the chiefs have been nine a real interest being kind of march when it comes to their quarterbacks and he goes back to the days of Joseph Montana being acquired. And over the last decade Cleveland dot com has kind of listed all the big moves that were made. With back up quarterbacks in in trades and whatnot and the chiefs are on both ends of the spectrum they made the worst trade. For quarterback Matt Cassel then and what are you say about Alex Smith. It's still probably the best trade in the last decade for a quarterback from another team. To come in because you look at some of the guys in the network you know traded for and in delta force throughout the NFL there's not a whole lot of them but none of armor better than what the tees have gotten. Alex Smith your kids. Go after a guy like Rob Lowe I I look at him. And I see a guy who has the look of a franchise quarterback that's one reason teams will probably take a chance on. Right you will probably take a look at two big problem because just look at the guy. He looks like the face of a franchise somebody that you sick man that guy plays quarterback in the NFL yes sir and that's what helps amount but. With the chiefs it's it's just you know you can't go back to that well you went to once you got Matt Cassel was disaster. Yeah absolutely cannot go back to the patriots backup quarterback for a well and I don't know how many backup quarterback well every time you go to that well even afterward. No let's say they don't get Tony Romo out Smith plays out they may draft somebody he turns out not to be good if you really still feel comfortable. With getting some passed away. From another franchise unless it's like the perfect situation call it. Peyton Manning leaving Indianapolis. You have your exceptions but the castaways especially the ones like a Rocco or castle somebody who's a backup because he's just not good enough anymore or. At least was a good let's begin with to be starting quarterback in the NFL. No reason to take a shot on the gas. Brady's fool then to now because announced but those mid forties right member was like early forties. Now is on our Clinton mid forties and he must really hate is now so. Happy she got over she's not home very often either Australia. Yeah I guess often enough where he still let's play football lost a high she's gone he's got to do everything around the house they credibility of that right. So yeah I just think that if he were if he was their guy. Even as a couple years away wind should just kind of hang on that for now yes. I would think maybe now may I mean everything as a price again but a feared if you really have a belief in him you wouldn't have on the trade block it all right and you know they have now their because you know they they don't care about players he'll just give another guy and that's the amazing thing about the patriots guys is that it really doesn't matter with the exception of Tom Brady. They are just jerseys running around out there following the Bill Belichick system in the Tom Brady says the mean they won the Super Bowl without well they won the Super Bowl without having a legit running back of religion at wide receiver a defense that wasn't as good as it usually has been in years past I mean. This team just finds ways and that whole next man up philosophy that we laugh at. That really works in doing like that's the whole animal care. I never trust a franchise that has about a wide receivers you'd never heard of an update numbers I don't trust it out of custody of those guys remember was it early on a the Deion Branch which the Seattle. Hole disaster and a they came back to New England the tail end of his career actually pretty good. It's like. Who all these guys the second they leave they become a shell of what they once were and it goes for coaches to I mean you know players leave their coaches leave their general managers leave there. And nobody achieves the same success is their right that they had there in new England and we talked about Wes Welker he Wear the helmet out Denver and then look like Darth say it other than what do you remember about Wes Welker spent her career. Alcoholic and he was playing with pay so you know it is you're gonna go after somebody. If your that seems stay away from anybody that's with the New England Patriots right now. Because they are Kryptonite for any other franchise late period if your team that really doesn't have a quarterback though priming him. Charlie is where your franchise where your franchise to sit at the time sure if I don't think any of those chase it's not right at all I don't think it is either that that's what I care about the cheese making the right move late debate coming up in two minutes. Date lord Travis Wood in fifteen minutes here on sixteen and Sports Radio.


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