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02/14 5pm - The Hits, Jeff Passan, Ask Us Anything

Feb 15, 2017|

In the final hour out in Surprise, CDot & Fanning play the hits, catch up with Jeff Passan, and end the show with "ask us anything."

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The drive Valentine's Day you're down thanks in I don't wanna group of them it was due to its building on the royals let's say and plenty of those things. You're my Valentine and he's like I had it with the Valentine's Day that like a business visit by the time or another apple idea what Chrysler showed me this story. This is how much to me to point average spin on balance. A 179. On average. I can't say this enough don't you find me. Because you forced united body start date this girl he bunker so many yes we tried to sit down and took an intervention you're not even your improvement since. Who did you report. Business talent and they screwed you're gonna go broke that I had another study that's a great yeah great advice guys that there you go online ego like I am still. In an imminent. Beautiful sheet give always up there and look if you start tonight. Well yes and I bought you a stall. Well good old us it's our it's like anything. To sell it correctly. And I. They were listening to news. This terrible life on the hill and guys like you can. The only it's heartfelt look at that it cost for the last night yeah great advice it was black bowler. Is it that you know it was bicycle on the elites of that reminds. Me already stopped. And by that I mean a large gash the object. Guaranteed. Craig fanning them. Like a big plus again. I mean highs you don't even pizza shockingly big together we have a perfect cut for that that we can just have tomorrow. The thought of an element of pain so. Spread betting is the gift that just continues to keep on giving. A man. That big bullies good athletes and it. It didn't guard actually that Israel is is that we got a little players gas but here's got a big booties there's strong and but those are athletes. That's the kind of wizard you can only get on the you know. Meaning that for Hudson that before that's what you can only get on the show really quick let me be the first to congratulate you don't you're not I've. Thank you so much for making success in sports your radio home. Peter drive home. Like it is very hard. Ballots I thought it. Took the most loving cup surprise Eden and rising and thanks for stopping by Kansas. I'm trying to take over be ruled Libya like the friendly can gradually he was friendly. And finally 500. And arrest the pair play. 5 o'clock I always felt like you know like a really warm Hartnell and I preach. On over there yeah I got like you. There but that was really are well I'm thankful for this I hope you work it's Valentine's Day if that dale. Go home Wednesday. It's Tuesday you know about adversity did. It is ounce sizes of lines Saturday or Sunday. We're having it on Tuesday some people call it taco Tuesday is limitless and not down there this topic to there are limited thing online. And it popped up on FaceBook doors like. Things to do a surprise I immediately clicked on. And there is a taco Tuesday. On Valentine's Socrates did it surprise and knowing you know. Let's go I loved soccer player of all I've always done them soccer animals always gonna do that hits it in us politics it's all day long it's. This historic in the Zain Kansas City talk about them every day at 5 o'clock movie glory and it's. Shut up and play the hand pick. And number one of course went on a trip to Boston this lesson. Ten right now. So that is of course hit number one your opt in to win a trip to Boston if your caller ten but hit number two it was a comebacks for the ages and Allen field house. And then you'll likely to score. Or we seven point five seconds ago did that a group mental asylum was once a three block blood pitched. We've until until Floyd had nowhere. I'll walk up get up and go back. Ryan Cheney and the jail ING sports network her right here on sixth and Sports Radio 8480 the final Kansas comes back from fourteen down with two and a half minutes ago. Bigger games and more memorable games played downfield as the was that the greatest comeback you've ever since bought. I think it's impossible. To subtract one last EU and U game minute or both days I isn't possible to do that game. You put up there as the greatest regular season game of build self. I find hard to leave without nineteen in the zoo and yet nights yet I get Clark put anything above. But you're talking about the basketball game in the come. Yesterday it was the best come under Bill Self was into the Missouri was my team with 1703. Ago. That you had on the single digits under the eight minute lore like they whittled down a single digits down 98 minutes ago isn't that big a deal we see teams come back from that deficit all the time. You got a lot of credit coming down nights in my try to diminish that at all. I think you have to put in the context out. It would deficit that you had yesterday. You was down fourteen points with three minutes to go in the game they were down nine with two minutes ago in yesterday's game. Bad for you yesterday it looked bleak. You don't come all you don't come back and I saw the win probability which I feel like. So many times the team and he looked at when probability local teams it's completely lost that battle formula. 1% change that's those games. I'll always is the date with you what the biggest component widely been so successful well and obviously it's understood it's a little bit antsy. Now understand how great coach and make it better now than any other team in the big twelve. But that building its special. You doesn't come back and have that kind of deficit or overcome back on deficit in the world about it. Not its brands that are not park in war it's not any other basketball and you in the country they only come back in the game and Allen field house we've seen it many times it is the Allah you're out of that. The crowds are LA and eight hits in the other teams and completely sites and it's like that out I think you solemn faces in the body language West Virginia players they know. Evil and or six points. You knew what was going to happen you can just feel not like it and make it seem like Autry was gonna win all its vote separately. But I didn't feel at that point there was like they're gonna have a chance to win this all comes down and make it a shot executing in finishing. What he was gonna have a shot to view in their star players bonds Agrium rate Mason and John Jackson. All be played poorly on throughout the game found a way to a tit to secure victory yesterday that there. Didn't get a shot a really did in in it's that thing that I've been harping on for the last week and a half and they've got depth this year I hit three guys that found out seat belt. Big timber they can brag about who you're down three guys right having such as the voice the. Brett out as there are no points. Greg the better basketball play at the beginning of the season he was one of the guys. I looked at I think there's always a player that if they'll hate you ball like they are on their team date open we'll work out system. And they come back next year and there are a much better player right. Worse the the CN these three fouled out all right the good free throw shooting team that's right Mason hit sixteen of eighteen. So they hit their free throws three guys well this game and come back from fourteen down to 45. Like it's it's. I'm like I don't I was trying to figure doesn't want to thank you like how like they shouldn't be happening. In the already come out with what you said Allen field house. Allen fieldhouse that. Really did because there's no way. The issue when that game West Virginia was such a better basketball team. For 38 minutes or 37 minutes whatever was in that game and it you can get a good shot off in the second half. Like that the click it and coach it's whatsoever. They still managed to win the basketball and so I said I surrender. Everything that I said about cave but not to a final four. I take it back because if they're gonna pull this stuff grandma and I can be played down feel that it will turn in the instantly turn. Micah if they can pull that off what team. And I think a lot of times it's just that the yield is based on how the game was work and yesterday I think you can just feel that he was just going to win that game because love. Their talent level because of the fear of the other what really surprised yesterday especially late apple in West Virginia is eighteen. Runs the press the nose pressed Virginia and they are known to play that a simple style. Man. Once they put that same pressure on the West Virginia looked so ill prepared to view with the yesterday not play well this borrowing things about the comeback yesterday. Yesterday came secures the big twelve themselves another copper humid than it's not working that they've won either one out right. Or share of it as the dominant from the from the university Kansas I'm trying to be neutral here and the comeback against Missouri is an amazing comeback and yet I think that's the best game. Under Bill Self in regular season aspect but in terms of the basketball probability of last night's comeback was much more problem will be in the war ordered the police car. You were down at double digits with three minutes ago and he found a way to come back when that game or remarkable comeback from the jail. There Orson Kansas Kansas after being down big in late in the game as we continue on it here on the drive. So those Kansas fans are ready to head home probably it's had its newer. You wanna talk about it clips and Allen field house people who are leaving early believe that I would do Hulu could lose to Iowa since still. Well but all the quarterly bells will look. That's our guys did that sell on the call for ESPN last night and broadcast partner Bob what she is in the voice of big Monday joined us earlier on the drive you missed it. You can check out of the podcast dated sixth and sports dot com he also said last night that Allen helped win that game for Kansas. The seat guy you're mr. leave the game early you feel for Kansas fans who headed home a little bit to use them. I don't understand it with EU is also opens loss in games that Allen field house they win 85% of the time. And see what am I think it's a situation that some sinners like a teacher from there you and you dropped from Kansas seniors and it was it's a weeknight game. The long dry that saving the 3040 minutes a deal which were. It's it's well even after your five minute. It's like an extra. Our of your life in Allen fieldhouse we get it you get outside. And guess on home he so luck here Allen field house even see something pretty darts match and yesterday you'd sum up a little. How can you get sick and game I don't think it's partly to go to game. State and you never know what you're gonna see I don't understand. Leave the game early I really don't. I can't because I'm I'm that way I only games the moment they lose competitiveness that we are pleasurable thing had no attention span. We have duke and acknowledge like you thought it was over doctor Lucy. What when that situation like that is suitable. Part is 483. She remarkable comeback. And we talk about the gains were hurt. You know houses game Obama. Gave us not the game you talk about. You know the patriots coming back from 23 to win the Super Bowl we go to sporting events and it's also lightly I don't get it again. You know it's it's emerging got out of a guessing game that. The conscious choice. Police the sport in the U paid into. When there's a decent chance you could do something really crazy university. There's always that 1% since. The other we talk about the 1%. I would say we also talk about the other 99 like at times teams are down nine point two minutes ago when they lose and has never discussed like people leave early for the games all the public. Yesterday it was just it was one of those comebacks. Then if you left the game early or kicking yourself. In the situation where my parents left opening day what was it two other forwarded me you Lopez and Carl both articles on rounds are always Obama are running joke. Like I wanna wait. Should recede I mean I like baseball tickets all the time 79. There was about somebody great comebacks of the last easy. So many. Crazy lady and come back we're Dyson patrons are gore and in manufacture runs something crazy happens and it'll be an easy ending. Yeah Michael like dad I'm like hey you can stay at 9 o'clock am all for your retire. If it is you. What you stated he should just don't know what an. Honor hundreds of people leaving I see. Yesterday it was the 1% yesterday if you left that game earlier kicking yourself what Uga is yup he says he's a special. He thinks it's special Al all the time but you'll likely never see you come back as improbable as that down thirteen with three minutes ago. Down nine with two minutes ago in his name back him one if you want those people they just left that it's an extra sleep. You work in your autobiography and an all time game and now you're out. I would say use our. Outlet in the warn you before the end you deserve to get locked in Georgia out of the Kagan last night oh what we left with a minute or why exactly. Just stick around and you pay the what's next when I hit number four guys blocking sore and that the media today out in surprise and he needs and is ready to start fresh and funny seventeen. I'm ready and excited to keep you challenged. Prepare myself all these of season two to get ready to do spring training and I think that the right. What you do with the results. Are very myself mentally and physically. We're we're my mechanic you know that in and took it as one of those years. And he had and he have violent. Those type for years until last year it happens it happens and now. They just put that I weigh in now move forward. Our as a fanning you unofficially on the show me blocking story your guide to turn it around this season so what just happened for an elephants are able. Yeah he made it. One of the comments that we can play that he talked about it there is it. You know he said he was going hard that he has in the Osce and I think the assumption is that when you throw harder better things happen here pitcher that's not always the case. I mean when it comes to pitchers it's about movement it's about changing speeds and keep in Iraq. And so. It's one that you sorting it make a big deal about it but it's one of the things you Braga so. He said it is one bad year and he also had great stretches here and while it's gonna defend guys that I think need defending him because. So this a million times but we don't talk about relief pitchers unless they screw up. I don't like the highlights and don't make talk radio and don't get written about in less they screw. And so I think stories a much better pitchers in the year he had last year and on to give the benefit of the doubt based on his career but of the things that he's gone and so. If if he was throwing too hard. Yeah on the you know did he deserve. The criticism they got last year when he blew games absolutely but a lot of those were flares or a walker there is some crazy stuff it's. Ehrlich I'm not saying. Yeah Goodyear by any means just that because that's not the case are you saying he's a much better pitchers that he showed last year so I'm willing to give the benefit of the disease. I think one thing the royals that had the luxury of you confidence about 78 in night. Rotting literary you felt good brought angry column brought in Wade Davis neighbor guys the package that apple you felt really pop. Out a New York appoint a DA we felt like it was six in baseball game early and then 78 denied he knew what was going to happen that sort of gives me eight period uneasy feeling like I. This and that. I understand your side of the argument where. Some of the game or past all the like we saw enough of those most organ I think it's fair they going into this season. Is the most polarizing way over there and I think of all ills that there aren't struggled last season. Gordon and everything put changes of the injuries. That it happens expect and have a year ago. Sort it is number one where if we're talking about the first paint it as we all know when that moment is that it was a game and are supposed to win something happens maybe the office of the performed the bull and starting pitcher it's rat sort of Peters the public enemy number one I can tell you outscored ago. We're gonna gain because the locking orient you. Think that's what it is the first one with it. Are you going to stick by that I didn't feel like last season needed in this organization that awesome we're like two weeks too long it was kind of clear salaried and. Who will gonna throw out there you know that's the other fish quality is Rhett yeah this is bounced off an injury had a protective a little bit. There were gonna make the playoffs those story and it gets money I mean there's two things that factor in. I would say last year up on the back into Al Soria. And the only reason they call I thought that's been. Profits wasn't good enough and that just wasn't last year combined with the injuries and it kills him they're gonna make an excuse that the injuries. Injuries hurt chronic sore the benefit of the doubt based on the pitcher he's been before. And so it'd be. You know if he. If he does is he has the same kind of year that last year partly era. I'm I'm I'm like I'm very on the middle about locking sort I'm not pretty optimistic. Confidence level Lockheed soared to come from posts. Like him as a pitcher and it's probably over Milwaukee Soria. But are you think the more this wrong about all the guy is a former oil that they know well. It was last year like he was all in the contract or lucky or he's going to get more expensive going all work and it obviously keep Earl and he's probably going to be Yuri. Or at least or seven. They're going to give walking or you're early in the season. They're big amounts very big inning it's the outperformed those first outing from watching stories that are on our theory import about how are Ingraham. Because obviously you get off to a good start to these amounts in the middle of strong in the middle disease and he was bad the end of the C he was just so up and down last season. The mayor really are your confidence in him long term. Woolsey this year but it got my confidence level walking soared on a scalpel like. It is your your employee you have bosses. You have a really good track record incidentally. Your up and down for whatever reason when. Your boss. That you would want. I mean that's that you want you're not the person that is bad year on the radio this up and out here on the ray you're the person that four great years but so what's more I get it because guys' skills that I understand that understand about saying. That's what that's like at Dayton are doing what it's not scheduled any good they got money invest in players and it's that crashed into the media. Well again that there because they wanted to be better because they know we can't and that knowing that I was a former house argues he's a he's a really good pitch that crummy year it's got about that. This year I'm not asking him to come on the media to say we think blocking sores on some of its realistic I think at the end of the season. I think it was obvious to everybody that watched the rose somethings all blocking sore and I think Nate telling you he's fine he's fine and it kept on an out there I think or more posted it couldn't pass it what you keep saying put the ball about the situation I think they count the amount the wolves he got beat around yesterday where I think that the good gullible and I don't think they you know locking sort of way. That's what. Ball players want that's what manager of couple out deletes it for three weeks he can't do that this pitcher to do. I didn't even egos can do in Iran about they're hoping works itself. And that's what you do that's how baseball works so I mean you can't Citic. You hit me you can't just have a pitcher about pitch you can have a hitter not yet that's what she pitchers Popovich and in. You know the only guys on the banks get rusty you know you've got a pitcher and hopefully. He works out last year he did so I just willing to start this year to get the benefit of the doubt that he get things turned around patiently on the. And I was at net stubborn as has been a good thing in a bat that I would say he was the overload my sockets and Eric house where I like the article and it was right. But I don't think anybody got a 100% and I think lastly I lasted it was over allotments or him into being wrong about what he soared so we'll see how that report this year I'm very curious to see the first as our restore the earth and appeared as we can agree for those leveraged situation as the reform. Because I don't know I'm pretty cup match from going into they'll probably find 11 or other bullpen guys. They want to arms can be the fourth of the spark this team. I don't know what to expect walking sort I think that makes him the most polarizing guy on the team last Japan's. I talked to him earlier today caught up with them that now but in twelve minutes. Got to go through the world's current roster we played pretty next draft. Sixty and sports. Oh. Asked got any pain in about. Twenty minutes away text your questions and now it's an excellent 693. 06 who answered them on the other side of Jeff as an Yahoo! Sports. Sat down with me here in surprise there is always good to see NASA NASA simply must be talking baseball with your personnel here at the ballpark. I was gonna say we don't live in studio overlooking this beautiful field that surprise where there's a crane. Out of left field. And lots of all people around us and you guys this story it is keeping all. I thought. I thought. Well Paula this happened but. I'm just gonna preface that by saying there is an explanation. Ahead all right. Ciller and the royals' clubhouse and it just opened eyes the past and I oversee its past and do. These Pedro Gomez for low low. And I'm telling you would have thought. That was the rebound pads that light by. What is it that bit about what it I think it's he would allow. I. Andre at each other so two things two things number one. Pedro said Jeffrey which is how interest is absolutely he's small or do something even more. You said you know let's not pass it. Number two I have known Pedro longer that. I might not be for it I don't think going up you got beaten out like listen. You two were both in the lane together. And he just the one who jumped for the ball first understand that it's crazy is the person being used you people. They do the glow like everybody respond properly when we use BP well in the big. Pedro pairs spectacular. That's what he's he's got that the most beautiful. Pursue. Really disgust me an NS someone as this show has previously established. Has. Insecurities about his hair I I appreciated good had a pair like major business I appreciate that you appreciation I try to do different things my players sought higher. I don't know your hair because you're always where I try to keep that. Take over take it up. Our rights and loosen it no I'm not. I was worried there was going to be like Larry and speed up the Republicans that didn't look at a guy like a frightened basically what I and all that might hear you recognize it as traders agree here. The whole team it was like this it is went you know like how basketball like Libya and public Stater create a player Erica it's like every day you play at this point you made him look like that that you know what though. There's a bit of an evolution as you as you run out the the chain of positions. Frank mace and at the one has sort of gone with like like a modified. Did. You know from it and play. And Dovonte is it that too is a little bit more like it's a little bit more out there Josh Jackson at the threes just let up. I Jackson's hair is now law it is large us what you from the room. And everything well look I'll let you. Let's talk about references that are gonna fall flat out there facing Kansas City for 800 Alex free people on the text out of there and appreciated the built and as I normally do so for those three people appearance surprised but what are you trying to keep it its early. Nothing is really happened with the team they just made a move we'll talk about Travis Wood what are you trying to do it early on inspiration. I talked with Danny I think I hear about mentor for awhile actually because. This is a familiar story to Kansas City ends. Him going in trying to by the Bobble head on a day getting stuffed bird Ventura's mom but. I don't think a lot of country knows about it and so to be able to. You know Yahoo! has a very wide audience it's being able to tell that audience the glory that is Danny Duffy. All the good things about him is very cool because I think people. Need to recognize like this is the attitude and this is. Like this is someone from. Who identify as Kansas City. And does it mean remove their full time he was there the the whole winter he said peace California and is living out south island live about the Kansas City dream like the rest of us. They need a few Utica but you've been around a professional athletes and though. They all valued differently but for the most markets like most people they value money number one pick it up yet been pretty openly says that. Money isn't and no one prior order and be home for freedom we being and please why you want and desire is number one for me and four. Dave off the opportunity to seek free agency where he would have made a lot more money than what he signed for at that I want to be DNC. That's a very unique team you don't because I think it now for a. Athletes have lines it is and I mean them he puts his money where my office. He really does back that a post on some earlier today him like it if I ever fan found out that Danny Duffy. Was not a good guy I would be legitimately disappointments like with athletes. Really you know a lot of times people in the media. No athletes only on the surface only what we see in the clubhouse. You know we we. You know they they they shut things off and understandably so it's would hear a millionaire when your celebrity when your star. It's really difficult to let people that the goal to be vulnerable like that. But I think Danny Duffy is a a legitimately. Could humans be. And he just you know keep shown it the fact that went out of the stadium that they talked about that. The day event you're down inventory die and he was you know he wasn't. Danny Duffy that day he was just. But grieving Kansas City and like everybody else does give people hugs because not only did they need it but he needed to. We start every season saying that player X needs to be good for the royals to be go to the player X isn't good but yet they still find themselves in the playoffs are a 500 record. Is that true with any Duffy this year like Yevgeny Duffy is just average this season is there anyway this team makes the playoffs. I think if they get really good pitching from the entirety of their rotation like irritation to me is entry. Because they've gone out they've gotten Jason and they go on and they got Travis Wood. And they have the enemy lines there for depth and currents could be you know the mind and now it's going to be anyway Davis but there is some way Davis and make cards were if you put him in a short inning role. He's got the opportunity to go out and really be something and I think the signing of wood. Allows for I don't know what they're gonna get from Jason Vargas in what they're getting it from Christiane those of the big question mark split if they can get it. You know 16280. Innings from Hammel. And Travis Wood all the sudden the pressure is off stuffy to go out there would be a Cy Young caliber type pitcher he could be a guy who has. You know 35 ERA and wins fifteen games is opposed to the guy who you want sub three winning eighteen. I'm not really sure what to expect from the other guys in the rotation. I think date up he's gonna be good this year. I think you know what Ian Kennedy's gonna be just look at the back of his baseball car I think gave me you gave a prediction only to me we both get really close to what ends up being. I'm not really sure what to expect from markets I'm not sure what to expect from animal Travis Wood Nate calling for the other guys they have in the rotation. But I think if this team miss the playoffs I think you'll be able to say panel like last year meant reform five what this team now. Yeah and you know you have to give the royals in David Glass credit they have gone out and spent the money and earlier this offseason we are saying you know if they're actually planning contending. In 2017. What are they doing well the answer was there waiting out the market because the market has turned into the steaming mess for the players. If you go look at what players are getting right now Chris Carter National League home run champion only three and a half million dollars guaranteed. Mark charm mode hits 47 home runs last year it's at 37 and a half million our country why does this. That. There there are a lot of of questions among the players right now why is this. No one wants to say collusion because that is. Day in enormous. And potentially dangerous. Thing to say when you're talking with labor agreements but. Certainly in the back of people's minds they're wondering what you know how can a sport. That sees the Miami Marlins. Selling for a billion and a half dollars. At least ten billion dollars a year in annual revenue come and play have a free agent market is depressed as this offseason and in grant. Who's the worst free agent market probably I've seen since I've been covering baseball news really really stand as far as that goes by it. That the facts remain. That. There are Major League caliber players. As whooping good in the major cities were signing minor league deals are. And there is a glut of talent and a bunch of these guys who were either signing minor league deals. Or signing when your ideas are gonna be free agency innings you're in you're gonna have to sing crowded market. And and teams are are going to be able to pick these guys are. You wonder if it's than you normally it's near normal hey it's great for teams that. For players who are I think fans. Long have looked at saying oh they're making too much money you know mark from August 37 and a half million dollars who's crying for him well. Commensurate to his actual value. 37 and a half million dollars is nothing. And and that's the issue should the talent be paid for what it is putting. There and for what it is performing and it's not right because I think. If you look at other sports that we how it is normally the longer you stay in free agency the less for a player you are like in the NFL if you're still available only ought pressure good yeah me yes that that you look at baseball when we look at signings like Graham Watson Jason Hammel and you pick up Travis what you'll like. Those are good sightings adding that such a backward thinking the way we approach every other. Professionals. Yeah I mean the best guys like in the NFL the best guys sign for free agency even began. In baseball it's almost like you wait until early December but however that's gonna change it because. You know the best contracts this off season. We're done at the beginning of free agency as far as players you know Brett Cecil giving. Four years with the St. Louis Cardinals and says the skating. Well over a hundred million dollars and there were heard there were guys you know Ian Desmond. This is right around the winner meetings giving nine dollars next Fowler getting 85 I mean there were. There were a lot of deals that were signed earlier on the winter and that money goes away and the new collective bargaining agreement does not help I was wrote about this what happened. And I was I was worried about it. Immediately because it was obvious what was gonna happen. The big market teams don't wanna spend. And they don't wanna spend because the penalties in place for going over the luxury tax who are whether it's. Draft picks or international dollars you have to theoretically and potentially give up a lot and pay. Hi fi on every dollar you're standing after the Kansas cities of the world this is probably good thing. But. You know if you're just looking at the welfare of the players they're the ones who are affected negatively about this. You're talking to Japan's and Yahoo! Sports I know this is a bigot and a big asterisk by it healthy is this the best lineup one of the date more air. Because it because when I look at the power up and down their line. There's seven guys that hit twenty home runs I don't think they've had that kind of consistency in that kind of pop open down the line. The question is are people. Going to be on base for. That's the that's me is the thing that the royals have have so sorely in severely lacked. Throughout the day and more just guys who get on base are we gonna see a lot of solo home runs this year. Probably sell. So I don't know if I can call the best offense that's a look back and see what. What some of the others Troy I guess the early ones were pretty grim. They have Hosmer missed I mean. Yeah probably the answer is probably. Probably but the royals never have been. Hi our offense I just look at best. A scenario I think you look like 3456. You can puts Al detained Hosmer moves mall so layer like any of that combination in 3456. Yeah I I don't think that is gonna have his standards set lineup this year. I I don't and I and let's not forget outscored neither. I mean I. I think you put him at the top of the lineup let him get out he's not going to be as bad as he was last season Jeff passing a Yahoo! Sports you were my favorite sports writer today. My favorite baseball writer but now you know what I might have to move a couple guys up and I Jerry Jerry Kress they jumped me today her bit. They're weaker as the inquiries are frozen ball club is moving guys up the list now pass that all could you big time we are closer than that man and you know that. Sometimes truth just has come out and its parent and I will say this man would say cream get the money we know that like. No other rhetoric that the black creature. That was just passed and Yahoo! Sports. Always enjoy talking just as good this seems even though he beat. Time for Pedro Gomez alone and appreciate. How bitter dramas here tomorrow that the time. Anywhere you look close as you look closer than I but as this you know that as a unit that's on it you know if it bothers you you know on the big. I don't care who it is tomorrow on the big time. Herdsman. Well we have development that he would beat me. Heidi watney is down big time for hurt yeah Heidi what I think what we have big gamers here today Pedro Gomez Heidi watney. I've been there is Ian yeah people work year that's it's not surprise me a little bit unlike the first day like they pick. The kind of made it did he do much of replacing its dodges the White Sox and park Rangers and royals here and you go to. Apology different parks and see. Two teams it's on reds and Indians over Goodyear. It about why the body of the report pass that was because I asked him with and going across the street through the Rangers and in the near earners in and it. The pod juries or thirty minutes away isn't enough public is that you can knock off sixteen and one. We're all here first first thing in the morning yet it will be networking he has been here yeah I was here. Yeah and Bob nine yields yesterday from punitive I'm not get out texts that are right now excellent 69306. Your questions next were asked if anything on the dropped. Sixty and sports. Listening on the go get the 610 Sports Radio land. Yes it isn't even he's going to go and disease you can have sex with men you're sure. Okay. That's a very good. It's too. Back in on the drive here and there isn't here bread meaning Chrysler bank in the studios asked as any sponsor in our bipolar standby generators. Buys. Kate our Tex being Tex lines 69 freezer six. We will answer your. Question to ask you guys to question colosio church that you guys ever fault you Barbara. I've never I don't know boulevard before you ever had a far no mean. That's that phone call Brian Flynn had to make to date more wheels relief pitcher Brian Flynn on eight weeks were. Follow through with Barbara. They hate gay wedding here. He's got a good. But we got to become comfortable conversation. I was the in this couple days ago. But like Howard. Good like I wanna have for yourself Felix bowers and efforts at the super power like to be able to life. Snapped jet like individual things like you see these scenes though that. And you obviously great to bow out record that you that it would with your mind like actor goes to infect and and it like perfectly played somebody else I'd like to see. Like a man Brian Flynn imagine being able to see Bryant laid his work it all the rules book is all that almost like he did all through. Seat on the way you describe that it was like the perfect. Millennial way to describe that and so I'm just saying it would be great if there is the superpower where you can just have the time photographic memory. And sharing with people is good what is what does he saw something and he gets that chance of the to conceal one time Adobe they're gonna happen. And it just seeing a license. Rain and some things. That people told you this story and maybe by August that it viewed. You can beat woods in that area or shall remember this or you know I was thinking that amazing super outlooks dumbest thing you've done greens and here's. Pirates who are part of war playing. Like two into a ball. Like. The car's air I'm looking to catch the book all. This blew it right there if we get about it. An accurate. Records of its new name. And here I don't regret that. Were to always. Look back at the opera and stuff it's Mac news for it right on one of those. You know the little what they come down and like parking lots and keep you out of it snap that thing on this sport and how cold. It was amazing. Ice hadn't done something a little. I I I was ten years old. My first they like overnight summer camp and we're playing game called shoe gulf we're just basically put the should you put your Shuster on. Part party here tell me sort of fling it towards the target. Yeah I think I'd I'd just been all these people I was trying to like be as fit in with the group. And my first swing and shoot golf I think somehow managed to kick myself right things. And it's just I I went down on the ground and I was that was a rough go Tex let's extend 306. I'm just for both the presidency that's more probably more to the newer style let's what do you guys considered the best videogame of all time. You got you don't want it probably for me is that mobile I mean I I just. This is he's got a really cool after I was passed videogames that makes sense then it was you start like. No matter analyst of the starting cool like in my twenties I think Alan I had just enough time doing. You know so for me colleges when I was big video game guy used to mobile for me Austin. Two part answer I think the best video game of all times and Mario three. I my favorite of all time for your life it was yes it was like playing movies are one of your Salt Lake. Well originals. And made. The we've got to Xbox is our house in. Thirteen dollars. If the star of Islam that subsidized health and set up like this means. But it's unbelievable and that group adds great. I went into this question iced over Iceland how has been on the mattress. I'll I would I bottom at the beginning of last year while. I'll never be unhappy if I spend a little bit more money in it really. Only about a television. It usually side with the bigger television you won't regret it works. If you're on the and it's not necessarily. I disagree with that what that I've got the logic was if you're on the vents about fortuitous that it. Edge sword if it because if you give them 42 you might think. Of it. Yeah if these entities through. The answer is if the dollar dollars it out in the 1000 dollars as much more culpable then collected the thousand. And sleep is so crucial man like. Actually goes much. Those that. Like three all those cash and together you get ready you get the fever dealer yet only one hell out of them for very. No I didn't I just was like man I got three crappy dollars and negotiated mellowed out like like below. It's awesome and I brought some betting here like sleep is crucial. You could give us some things don't get much sleep and eat at Betty good badgers. Get all new earth size it was done mostly stopped. Yet. I. Thanks line 693060. Got a minute left before fox talking and of course the night shift. Run the show Hugh Lee and Steve insert. Visit go to an amateur he hasn't fared in an awkward situation. I have absolutely I was hit I was like Pittsburgh. And it's like squeaked. In this little girl. Started laughing so hard at her mom heard it tooth and I was trying to play it obligated happened in their moms yell at a school girl for laughing. And it was amazing. I don't have a party story. You know part. On an odd beer four year old it makes so comparable. Talk about it. This is yours like the bar are. Mere. Pots are coming up next. Run the show you. In the third after that seven on the night that you work. Four days. Ice in front.


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