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02/14 4pm - Lo Cain, Valentine's Day Voicemail, An Interesting Trade, Best of Bob Huggins

Feb 14, 2017|

In Hour 3, the guys start their Spring Training profile on Lorenzo Cain, help someone out with a Valentine's Day voicemail, CDot throws out an interesting hypothetical, and end it with some of the best of Bob Huggins from last night's postgame interview.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Got a bill. When it comes the Floyd Mayweather and potentially fighting somebody just told. What we're gonna step by like I don't want it here he says they're close to setting a book by NASDAQ continues to Ian. Neitzel and he was posted some of lightening it up for six. Here is our setup. It. Rory. Is out it's noise. I'm really is no I wanna see him fight I think that it's it's going to be great entertainment in my opinion in a good spectacle. But just when there are going to bite like I can't wait for the wheat or the sports and 5 o'clock announcement where. Floyd Mayweather is going to bite out of McGregor but the song Indians about money and all that led you you can miss well I'm not really interested. And I'll just wake me up whenever Floyd Mayweather is going to buy kind of Macgregor and I will be interested and they will you'll happily give my hundred dollars for pies and regulator. At the line I. I know it's it's it's something that we all want to see happiness is a question of how long it in a drag this out along we're gonna go back and forth and we finally get something of substance there. I would get saying it's right but I mean I guess there to a certain extent it is a new is that somebody is talking about bite which makes it that more that much more sense. I alerted me during the break earlier we gave up the voicemail numbers somebody is called didn't. The cowboys go number that they want some Valentine's Day help and information so the other drivers here that right easier to help you the people hunt always tells me. But tells me it's about equal partner to help the people. So at 415 will get that will play that voicemail or thirty. There is a dozen discussion about Kansas history I wanna. I want people to be honest about it place in history and what you were you well. In order. To win national Jamie to the final fours we have that apple were thirty or some funny audio. From Bob Huggins that will play in about 45 minutes or so boy. Don't wanna do while Lawrence surprise. Before they start playing games in the it is going to be such a long time between two and showed because they plays a mean game is it's gonna release. Preempt a lot of our show. It's kind of review each individual player in the story lines like it's been time reviewing tire. It's got to play in thirty games like a month it was time. But there are enough guys on this team and I think that interesting story lines war need to bounce back from last season corn contract years I was in the next couple weeks previewing different guys. What a preview today's Lorenz okay. I was watching. Com and we'll be network. Apparently called line and one I've got a little bit. They're like raking his place among sooner fielders in baseball. And it's not diminish from the he had years ago and one announced it was very tolerance of cain's ability 1980 barking with the will be more on the fence about it I play audio this is from LB network about the center fielder in baseball. On the Kansas City Royals. Kate was unable to repeat his dream season or had a career year at the plate and help the royals to a World Series title. Last year he had just below league average hitting playing just a 103 games because of injuries to his hamstring. It's in season side by side in 2015. He had that really good on base high slugging and with the elite defense had a seven win season a war of seven point two. Last series would back offensively but. Point this out as defensive backs are still very good leading to a war of nearly three musical rent okay. Cain is. Abel that's what I've got four when he's healthy there's not many better he's liberals impact center fielder hit for average gets on base. But also covers a lot of ground and I think we've got that he'll be hamstring. Got past that tipped the missed healthy. I think he's going to be very good it did and I got to match a little bit higher Ramallah some analysts say where but he definitely I would Schroeder has a shredder you and I got some issues right now. And they go on they continue to have a discussion about tolerance okay. I think there's two guys on the royals second really set themselves up by actually let it with Eric Hosmer. The difference that money for Eric Hosmer like a 12565. How is going to be a whole lot of money next season. They could differ with you make it one by 165 which are already make it that much money like. George set financially. I think there's two guys that can really set themselves up to make a lot of money next season. I think it's the reds a pain in my sockets moose just coming off injury if he can show. The power still there that this season hit that he added when he fifteen wasn't a fluke and that he is now can turn into really consistent productive big league player. I think sets and so forth really nice five year contract. I don't Lorenzo Cain isn't that exact same boat. If you look at his baseball caller there's one year that the stick out a little bit differently than the other one he was the guy that didn't hear oral out of power. That one year the power just figured out not cracks in the last time I was here in spring training. Conversation with children's okay. And we talked about like what he thought his powers it wasn't like and I will the fifteen. If it were a little bit more power that I think he's shown that. But there are some guys that like their career average or their careers like 708 ohm is what at a discount pops out and that's when he fifteen children's pain. I think this is kind of one of those years if you can stay healthy was when he fifteen real was the player that we solve his or in the MVP voting. In wasn't very dynamic often today defense lawyer it's still they're. Because if the players still there rent though Cain is going to make a lot of money to a coming off the. What are still there that players so that's Austin. He's LT the team announced last year. So you know I think. You know really take into account. Now. How leg injury can affect your power. Alleys when your arms. And legs man. Lot of it's down below on easy and some of those guys if it is an industry trainers most of the ball park early. Mean you look at those guys. It's weird baseball players. Like yours the big booties strong. Like those athletes. And those are strong when he hurt and you lose all that muscle you lower. The same. Such an EUK go slowly and editors and 31 and. April 13 so he's little little and those guys up for contract. Maybe you know watch for Stewart. He's healthy. Think there's any doubt Lawrence looking at me. At all the team that they got healthy and that's what's gonna be used against him contract. Mean it'll come up with a different things. And afterward about this were worried about that. It's got me back to. Stay healthy if he is healthy. Or help the I think he's gonna get paid. You know they don't like what that you actually it's an old. I 31 feet and it's. Got on the field. Yeah what you I think with Cain though I think kaine we've just had a conversation with Democrats. Caves that we can go one of two ways I think he's the guy that you get a nice contract early on in free agency and he's off the market. What if he struggles this year not healthy I think he's one of those guys it January February tolerance OK stole all the market like. Look at what it's silly to be against corporate the most what I'm not comparing it to break a mosque at 28 home runs last season and was still on the market and a half weeks ago. Came to mean you get as this one count and he's gonna get this going to be a program. He hit me 31 at the end of the season 32. You know the season starts next year and that is going to be. So this figure for. And that's why I think at least tolerance of pain. How hard to see the royals paying the money long term the Lorenz okay I mean they've already kind decided what thirty year old outfielder they want on their. That aren't they outscored four years 72 million dollar after this the need to make your forty million dollars. A third of all outscored and a lot of money after this season. Are they being going to pay. If Cain healthy this year at the good season. Is one contract. One. Again it is. Asia so if you have that much money tied in the left field and got it over thirty years all that just turned 33 Allah scorned it. McCain's gonna be 32 about the timing given that contract do you want you eating out is it the deals. So much before. Errol. She won't talk about money. Because. It's partly just joined on the stuff because. I mean. It's not our money and there's no salary cap. I mean there's a luxury tax there's no salary cap. So players like glass wanna pony up the bag and maybe maybe does make it doesn't mean I don't think it. I don't know I mean common sense would tell you that you don't wanna pay you out dealers in their thirties that much money but the same time. Maybe you do that sells a lot of tickets man people love Lorenzo came in Kansas City and if he can get him. You guys get. Meet the middle a little bit or closer McCain's number whatever that would be he you know it's gonna be hiding it is probably going to be his last contract of its. 345 year deal. I don't know I mean this to me the biggest thing for these guys they help the defense they'll pick that matter. Yeah I think with Cain I think that's the easiest thing if Cain stays healthy I expect and have a good season other there's a pretty strong argument to make. But after Salvador ray is worth the pain is their most valuable player. Look at this team record the last couple of season when came to healthy and in the lineup and when he's not there there are completely different team offensively they're completely different team and clearly defensively very much different team Lorenz of gains on there but I do think in terms of a budget in how you're gonna allocate your roster. One thing you can say about how the royals have built that is they signed a lot of us more contracts in the conference they sign that have been bad contracts almost. You can get out go like they got out of that out more on that contract your and a half early. They old eight million dollars this season that's not that Ed and you say get out of Al Gore and got corrected outscored contract. You wanted a lot actually get out of that and again I think we cup and looking only on the field and outscored the great players that part of Kansas City history and hit a home run in the ninth inning home grown he wants to be here he's our guy inject gore oh nation and there's more to a though. He doesn't intelligently there's more like any. Citing moves to a contract even though just look peppered with what a great third base last year and did a great job at the plate. Most of me from a business standpoint is more valuable to copper. Moos puts bought its cup mergers DC. I think people most of court though even paid and that put up in seats and it appears they come to the ballpark is that parking they'd like tickets that you'll believe. You in that so you know when you look like those guys going to be 343536. Year in his Busch still value in May even though you're not quite seeing on the field. It out of anonymity. There's actually value not arguing that point I think with some people other like yet to acknowledge that should it move or with everybody. And that perhaps a course like. You just go war in nineteen seem try to add in point fourteen EG sports night I think this team to pilot decided. Who's going to be our park or movie for what young guys we want to highlight a copper. Mine is the mayor those guys are going to get a lot of chances and those guys that's been part of your new Cold War that I think with my stock is policies Escobar Logan's cocaine and players like that I think they're being really close to. It's a year away but deciding oh. Make it wears on which one of these guys that we don't economics of baseball we sign I mean just looks like it got to meet is based on his agent base yet questions like it's part for me to think it take its tolerance of pain to deal long term at the intimacy with us more contract aside or it was just. Well is to keep everybody back from the war. If you've already made one of those decisions from outscored and that the contract at least week by person and doesn't like it's the best investment whales. I don't know what you can on the wrist and adding to those conference on the team I always find it really likely that ain't gonna. No because I'm not write the checks I've no idea of how much money got how much money once it's been really down you know I mean you're talking strictly about winning. I loved how Lorenzen came here for reform we're talking strictly about winning baseball games. In the but he's got to get healthy and that's to me that they like that's the biggest deal that I can't stay healthy that he can help you win baseball games. Really is it's okay can somehow managed to stay healthy this year using this week. On the field we feel the royals went more. You really do an end I don't know how much he costs mean its not like the NFL where and we can't pay polian vary. You know keep it here yet his salary cap we have this. The odds when a super bully they Russell Wilson who's this guy who's that guy it's not yet baseball and. The rich man if it's not that they wanna play and look like I don't care how much they spent like it really doesn't matter. What baseball. If they think he's gonna win at the road when working or looking out there that paid if they don't they get somebody else on what that too. But the mounting especially in baseball at just under Michael Ayers you know. Don't put it away and that's all I care about Hillary advocates in there and when he's healthy they went. Earlier in the show we opened up the drive voicemail line in case someone needed last minute Valentine's Day advice. And somewhat relationship could be on the line let's album out next on the draft. Sixty and sports reading. Fan and see down to the is that we have to look at baseball players acts which usually got a big booties the strong man. Like those are athlete how important to have a big booty or you gonna have that's that's where all the power comes from me. You know there was a big job and you'll put our exactly only thing I don't have a big blue covered that I asked the question in the context of the hood. Great goal by a one the united many people Atlantic City he's taking part cashing in but also be agreed baseball player in Atlanta sounds about right. That is the only beyoncé clean them picked at the back. You know it drives here there is senior Brad meaning is here as well Chrysler is back in the studio. We try to help people you don't. Isn't at all. It's up to navigate the why it's the right thing to do to help me and all the stuff that's going oh and you're happy relationship highs as happy relationship a relationship expert like that you're not in 10 I'd I'd like. The horrible wasn't a great quarterback can teach quarter I have the PGA of do. They don't like some crazy people to become like there is one hour. You know like. That he can't manage your own mind that you can tell other people what I think those that he would do to each seller does that that's the thing that's why I'm I'm a relationship teacher you've group. Basically I mean I offering was basically say that it's really the greatest service that you could have it all costs and the price is right to give full proof wisdom what people have now been using that drive voice mail line either complain about their team losing or call in with relationship questions so we can and number out earlier. 9137170770. Somebody. Loss. Confused about what to do on Valentine's Day according highs called and left a voicemail. We have retrieved the audio. I thought we split forced. Hey guys. So I probably about the other guys so I hated figure why not. Michael put and I've been dating for like five months in a we're going great I couldn't be happier. What it is our most eloquent and together and she told that she's not really got into it. I got a nice Christmas gift that I released her worry about it. What should I do thanks again while the shell. Pirate ejection handle she's not anti. Now get rid of me what. Are your life all right yours should not she just she's not that it did. Am knowledge and they are not yet not I heard about the hideout because you're a hot or not they want to know her well hey guys you replay that can actually hear that again. They guys. So I probably about the other guys so I hated figure why not. Like corporate and I've been dating for like five months in its been going great I couldn't be happier. But it is our most eloquent and together and she told that she's not really got into it. I got a nice Christmas gift that I released her worry about it. What should I do I guess while the shell. I thought he said not in him and hearing the first thing we go to it that way and that he. Eyesight second and so it's not I thought you said not that and it suits or disregard that other public. No not not I was wrong about that yet don't buy I didn't hear correctly she's not that it outside or in right. That's OK no big deal. That's fine. It matter what advice you need it I don't believe this policy that she set him you see it. It's like six months to get serious or does I think it's the past. I really does that. She got emigrate Christmas present he said they would go where you got hurt. And then she says she's not that in the balance I'm sorry this is the Santa. The trick no ball for the old ball thwart. Some you'll totally go get them. I'm gonna go all out because maybe she used gene you wouldn't valentines isn't that important you got to organize it for valor or for Christmas. But it's still up in the I grabbed some flowers grabbed something small gift. So small. Duties. And from our these. It's my kids and they're human and that it would in the Virginia legal leap of course there. Clay court stated I anything we're supposed to figured out. That you asked your fiance. Bear arms of the hungry. Not that hungry out on it earlier this when you come home with food what does she do. She eat some food. Is something you all you but it was a test. One thing if you call Hawaii Wednesday and companies argue agrees she's a no hitter something new anyway. Not like that's not doesn't that's not the way it is and are well. Serena like that but again work three years into this deal you know so five lots of different things like that to me. You hit six months. I mean that's when you start to figure out 56 months whether it's go time whether we're in this thing and have some way to use a teacher so. It's a first Valentine's Day. So thousand. And she says that I would get her something anyway but they'll go over the top don't get a giant Teddy bear. You know get like don't filler house of roses. But you gotta get or something and it just doesn't care about yet. And because they care about and it's a big game you okay it's a sweetheart do that and I think he's covered in case she set them up which outreach years. I don't think she. I think that's not all I'm saying it's a little attacks and it's a good point your bottle line I'm not that's good too much got to go all out. Each regular more than a bottle line communities that are bottle bottle line and get her star. Start a bottle line of us get her bottom line maybe supply out roses. And something about. Women to know that you're gonna. There really didn't like these were no thinking about. The. All the schools but. Demise has. Opened my daddy tell me that I was deputies that are evident not needed they needed in the Smart man you will not go wrong if you buy gift that you've all you're happy he's on. Yeah so that it needed to answer to see you want it's it's like it's. Urban you're you don't. And of you know I certainly not address this always have. Or or where I. So like that you know you can't like this policy out over dressed for over. I would go more than she says on this first. Douglas's that works out the you know she's in amounts of the next couple leaders not to do anything but the first one. You got do you supplement. Another week becomes an agreement on the air some. Yeah absolutely did not got to spend average 170 dollars. You've got to come home with them and modernize the car with hand written note in there telling you feel about her. You know and then you know you're I think is related news. Is sometimes I get. In and done this with my fiancee do it for like him members here whoever. I get the blank cards. And eat you know needs right hallmark. Use rights of the from the heart from you. Give a little. Our model Michael Pittman is anything wrong with a little loop from hallmark is long as you add your own personal touch it and little a little. Alley of from all from hallmark Ali yeah yeah yeah got a place at Wal-Mart one. Dell hallmark like Nadia hallmark is fine yeah see you. Here. Likes that eagle over the top old jokes yeah I mean you walk again now yeah nonstop. They do it's funny like in this depends on it it's yours is it. It depends what your relationship. I got this group was like some friends that I have we just recycle carts. Like cross out like Christmas but that it's in America at birthday and he's sending Iran a funny note. And that it goes to electric group of friends is really play I don't suggest that for Valentine's Day. She got a first one. But that's funny too if you wanna like. Depending on you know Fred echo that she thinks is funny deal it would've loved lap and you make a laugh. Him. That was the from Herschel you'd make. Series on it. I'm at this guy he's really easier you heard that make them laugh and you'll come salute and the key to this guy's really serious note. I think on the load them Arctic island there you add you never hear that. That's funny we have a blast. Well. Coming up next. How many big twelve titles would you trade for final four appearance of it adding it's an excellent drug. Sixty and Sports Radio. I've everybody glad. New Year's surprise Arizona. First workout for pitchers and catchers today. They expect stuff back and kids to hear small trees. Sunny areas they call every six right out of 91357676. Dead with a four pack of tickets to the Kansas City golf. Over the over the market that she's center February 17 of the nineteen and get up to eight rounds of golf and more with admission. While supplies lash up all the huge golf sales and get more info at Kansas City golf show. Dot com Europe and that is no Weytman. No I like golf eyes and and play golf so every wants a lot of glance this might seem like on them. Regular route there on the link if somebody asked you go play golf I'm gonna do I can handle like oh. Yeah I could play and it's great because well last year aging golf when I was all people into these golfers like you got a good golf and not all of them. I watched like three people the off like their group the off. Like forty into about a political or want to into these things that might have been changed my means and not an interview golf tournaments ago now now golf has a great place to be solidified their. I've been a few of those things and it's awesome. The so much gear he can hit clubs you can. In Trout you wedges figure out drivers that work for its agree it's a great. Sex like it's already sorry what is. That's 69306. Regular season championship show determination and hard work and the ability to have a consistent team over the course of multiple months. Getting to the final four requires luck I'll take regular season championship day. Now might have told us is going to make me sound like it. But I think it's hard though. I'm not I think that we've overvalued. It this story just a little what I mean by that is the streak is amazed. There's nothing you can take away from the street I'm not played so well there is another basketball school in your conference call or any bush is amazing. I just my point it is if you're honest with yourself as the case you've made it and you could say. I would attract Rios for one more final four years so you're telling me. I can just go back and random years and this they are picked any three years that when the gates well we don't when the people we've been second in the big twelve. But insurers use that one of the other years that you didn't make the final or you make the final four you'd take. Like I don't know how cool the regular season is recuse I think to diminish how special making the final four so much about college basketball. Isn't about winning an applicant which is obviously the goal at every team trying to do. So much about the telegraph we'll see about getting to the final the road to the final war and how special it is to that's 300 additional one games. Only for the played out last week out who those two teams play in the state court to play well all we all want to we all its. The like that's really the goal in college basketball or a lot of scenes like seen this in Kentucky in those schools obviously the goals and that's what you which. But it seemed like beats you a final four is a huge deal. They come back every five years or ten years or if you're at your door of the team they got to the final war. That I don't think you paint in the midst of it would it. The street is obviously the streak is outside. Sell in the arena and all that at the coolest thing to you means we dominate up our lot count and what is good cop. It's not the ACC it's not all big east. Well you really solid basketball conference but I think if you look and you could say all right. The year ago lost the northern Iowa and that you're off the Bucknell and Bradley you come in second and it will you put in your week in Europe that team has legitimate shot a final when they make the on. I'm not plug on national championship and obviously you would treat every big twelve titles with the national chain which one more time. Talk about up in the final. I think you would do that when you constantly when the conference championship. Blood. Who does what can you do. When it comes in packets as they would you rather have an excuse like okay let's talk from like it achieves. So as to the chiefs when the division. Thirteen years in Euro and only those who wise. You'd like is for me your point I would trade. I would trade conference championships for legitimate chance like super bowl of course I would do that I would do that for the royals. But it is safe to do that. You know I mean how it went Kentucky as the term of years ago it will Robert Willie Willie call it's time that that group. Do you want that that's a full year and that's a full year crappy basketball. In your state finished second place again. In SEC still finished second season of good years and he's still got a shot to the conference that the trade conference operatives. For. Oh. Well that's a good question. Do you yet you really say here. Where does that put you in the term if you don't count like why. Examines it would put one example a good example of real school North Carolina. North Carolina has seven conference finals the same time so Roy Williams at North Carolina it's the same I don't accomplish each at UC he's going to be lower as going to be tougher to get the final grunting like that you could not when the people in India to see like Oklahoma when the ball through them off or. I'm like Carolina that's a real school. Carolina over the same time frame it wants seven conference titles for final worse. In two championships we agree that better than what you have accomplished at the streak is amazing and don't think that'll Rommel. Everyone would take this set in conference titles in four final four treatment over the over Internet chat widget over the fourteenth conference titles through final four in one title everybody which hate him. I think. Would you give the Porter Wright could change if they're great. Well. Let's face the anger at Kansas but I think that is has now become he didn't like that is but the fall or disease like bullies who won the conference in each of your pictures like that the fault is making the playoffs we know we are going to make the playoffs but there's a question going into either who's gonna win the big twelve anymore. But it might have been the first more odd time it's not anymore he's got the point every year we are in other teams when. Think that public gave it a little different a lot of there's so much history there and I mean I think it's more. Can't I want when you go to for oil and national team Japan and the all we all did well. Like for the kids is that is that now that I'm close to it it's more than that. Then winning a national average. You go to the final four here are Britain harper it wouldn't happen east he could still fall back on history. And that in the rules. And niece in fall down at everything that is Kansas basketball that makes sense at all like I don't think that. You don't want to still can't and we didn't want it to still be united like. We can win it will stay like you there's been more kids basketball in just. But hurry in and there's certainly in the top 1% of the like there are the blood that special club yet it's different it's a different. Provide immediate that the roots are so deep in like. I think more than like David residential Jim should at least were conference champions on its agreed to a national championship but guess what he's been invented the game. You know I mean there's more to it you know so. Of course I don't know man I don't know. I just feel like even in the chance to win a national title is still okay like either still you is basketball. And asking us. Would rather be Kentucky over the last eight years in Kansas and out into the solid ardently pigs yes I quickly yeah I would not like it says it is a popular here. Tell part this is a season as the coach of the lucky locket that they've made the final four. War I would I would I would personally I wouldn't want you I like wicket stand for don't. I'll pars which you know almost the when guys do they got to operate the gray area to get recruits get guys and I get that I'm not saying that you know pay news. You know all the angels that I've reached these things if you were there or not. But I don't I would rather be Kansas because of the I think it's got more history and NOL rock was there history Kentucky. And let's sync. Such deep roots in the game. It's just goes it's the foundation passed all the great coaches that come out of Kansas it off rubbing and want Dean Smith case. Eagle on dollar on the coaching tree there Schwartz Kansas basketball and winning a national title it sounds weird but it's like. When they don't want. OK we invented the game we are basketball. I don't I don't. As that you fear and hardcore fans can view it as a follow them in the eighties you know the numerical those guys. OK don't want to win it but now. That I guess the more I think about it talk about poetry conference Egypt. I think it K use season. The regular season has got like watching your favorite movie but it's enjoyable which you always know what's going to happen at the end like that you've lost there. A little like I don't know how you can ever like. Individual games and moments that all right last night with a very exciting contest. The soak up there's a share in the big well I think it becomes like. You enjoy the regular season what you know our marches where we need to zebra that go were always a Warner tootsie were all with the eighteenth most likely with a national championship. But I think at some point you one of these things in a row. At the beginning of the season and next year. They've reached at UConn women's point I don't know who's gonna the other team next year I don't know who staying I don't know who's go I don't know trade young could commit to Tamar. There when the twelve next year the conversations going to be is this team good enough growth model or is this team good enough to win Apogee which I know they're good enough to win initially that every single year case. When that it will release as long as they wanna win I think if you've been really honest I think they treat the rigor or those conference championships the goal of the final were put in that's obvious are they opinion I've never seen my team go the final four I've never seen my team win their conference before I don't know anything about basketball. Coming up on the other side some residents of the final four. Bob Huggins was going ruled yesterday in the post games with audio audio we played pretty excellent. Sixty and sports. Coming up. 5 o'clock it is your chance to win a trip to Boston that will be the first bit. Until the promotions for the perfect mark so listen in at 5 o'clock the first it will be your chains. Two and a trip to Boston with the sound of the Chrysler will play. At 5 o'clock thanks to Dick Smith four will go through that read. At 5 o'clock. Talking K you basketball big win yesterday for the program a dramatic. Come from behind victory against West Virginia that'll be the second here. Coming up at 5 o'clock but. Last night I'd go in the West Virginia post game show and how most of these colleges do and station post game show and then they get the coach exclusive. 101 time with the coach in Bob Huggins one of the more entertaining coaches. It was a doozy yesterday. What was really confusing to me. In watching the come in case you last. Was West Virginia. They're called press Virginia now my impression that speed you up they get you to play at their tempo. That they practiced against that kind of attack the all the time you think they'd be prepared for it looked like. Like it never seemed possible war. Or that's all you run against in practice every time you do full court drills. Imagine you're going up against the press power not for airport puzzled me also puzzled their coach Bob. Play we had a time out left. The conversation was if you get draft if there's nobody open call time out off the ball was. And we are you know Monica and Grenada and hear the the eagle you can't get too out of bounds but we just didn't come get all of me weep. When when when in terms of what we've talked about a lot as we do little to. You know your for a threesome is a go to ball. We can go do. It just goes to show me me and bad in college basketball especially. You can practice late game situations and go through all that stuff but man when the bullets alignment things are happening college kid who's unpredictable all the it's only too well. That's part of it and they're Allen fieldhouse in the blown a lead. In the freak and a and in your freaking out here now feel about your blog Italy eat. A year eighteen points that's gonna happen but it's crazy that we can talk about it it's still puzzles me that they can see the price in the east so. And let's practice though that's practiced that seat that's Allen fieldhouse when he does little fourteenth politely. On national television yesterday you could yield a tightness just watching like you can see it on the face of the players that you could sense it from watching it. Yeah that they got tight the moment I really be and it was over like once Allen cutesy like that it's horde it's sort itself out. You think that happens and gains may be names you think that happens in Lubbock probably. And seriously let it. It's a nationally televised game on big Monday in Allen fieldhouse in your little fourteen point lead now you're getting trapped you're not thinking about. Well there's an open guy I gotta get it you're not thinking about that like your brain. It's so clouded. With the mast that's going on around you you're about an inmate if you're. If you know your pearl. And here you're 29 even in the league for a bit a little bit different. But that stage in that situation. At that age. Doesn't surprise. And I've seen it before it I felt the exact same way whenever Missouri with planes can let down your house you're not playing to win anymore. You're playing hold oh yeah my god you play defense electric plate to hold the lead even though you're ahead yet it feels like normal hi could you go the other team's momentum you know they're coming your dislike. You're looking up at the clock in this corner like all right we got to get through these next two minute and oh yeah minutes or an eternity and that's what it felt like yesterday West Virginia because. West Virginia was the better basketball team war. 47 minutes. Mina forties on the fortieth in the NBA but like what 38 minutes 37 minutes and there were better basketball team. I mean it couldn't get a gift shop opposite in itself the it was coming apart. College kids it was in our national team out here what they. Yesterday about Logan was pleading with the guys just get in the gym reflect your craft keep working on your game tonight. What's that locker room like they get a recorder you do. I don't knowledge I mean is too much to get in the gym is it too much together and jam work on your if you allegedly love basketball. Does that over on the bench and complain and coach my plan from. I mean it some of these guys and and they. When you hit about well before you hit the rim Europe and shoot and health care how you cut your bad shooter. How do I get an image you make yourself better sheer bargaining entity because the more you shoot. More than maybe veterans and maybe that was submitted listened to. You know if you don't you don't have hero born of the ball you don't shoot line drugs. And I had three wide open shots of the first they work no more close. Obama ala I'd love his. That's beautiful and I'm selling human. It doesn't matter how much practice at some point human element comes in pressure. And it was clear you give you the charge coming from page view. It was that Allen fieldhouse run crowd started going crazy the student section was going crazy started it all out. And then you look up at the scoreboard like. Two minutes left in your cold and it's not like boxing match I did you get hit with a big punched. And injured days and you look at the clock in the agency I got a minute forty left that is around you or it rubble out of the longest minute forty seconds your life. And that's what it was yesterday at West Virginia they got on to the in the game and it absolutely no count of war in two minutes in your eyes would open your chance to win a trip to Boston. And we go to the biggest stories of the day in the hits next on the drug.


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