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01/11 2pm - A busy Big 12 Night, Jeremy Maclin, Rex Hudler in-studio

Jan 11, 2017|

In Hour 1, the guys reacted to a busy night of Big 12 hoops and discussed why nobody is discussing the impact Jeremy Maclin will need to play on Sunday. They're then joined by Rex Hudler in-studio to tell stories and also dive into some of the latest charitable work for "Team Up For Down Syndrome" and the YMCA he's been a part of.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Damien C dot I gotta be collect my thoughts park is pick a staff is that something you guys say to one another ethnic. Daddy's that is likely to be. A wedding that that you made poverty we have of letting them know we're gonna have a way that he's at Chrysler who are here read. I live right look you in the face our boost him and I said to play yeah I said please don't they're culpable. That takes corny engagement that. All solved yet have a hands. Yeah I'd say I asked I said are you gonna have had when I said he looked instead go well. The time I said. He and you say it they'd zone Isiah and myself rockets that ice adulthood so. I did not think we're gonna have Baghdad. But I I didn't quite expect highs are participating this week now. Parking stickers that I don't care and it's good golf but what are also little FaceBook live out here anymore so they'll hopefully Isaac everything that's ever. That quite. He acts knew that I. Plus Fred came apart and the staff I've pretty good. Creative I could you create my own wedding day it's out their offices Dini is that very talent New York or all of. I'd like to get hot. Good drive. Let's do this you got the drop. Four days on any bargain Van Nuys liberties this thing had to be opened here on Su and 5 o'clock. Rex Butler shoot 3330. Heels may have hopefully 3:30. To 4 o'clock. Lots of you need rest of us and I stores and they've always done it every day of my good friend Kate and as the best news you guys. Mark mark what's good plot is good day of my friend. Tex lines 69. Three. Zero's it's acie got your number when Gainey called kid caddie mr. Cutler to remember that now. I do you remember that. Was that wrong of me today of if that's how you feel comfortable addressing. Key because that's partly for. How would you adjusted. I would just call him cute cuddly I wouldn't I wouldn't really complicate the issue played I don't know mr. cut your. If we had fifty sit on the shallow and columnist percent. Right out of this as you say it called fifty existed these. Confusing yeah Snoop Dogg on the show I would just calls. Right now it's not really confusing to anyone else you do the person that's confusing. Carriages when asked about something called an eight years Salem. So you're telling me that no one ever has made the mistake of mr. sends mr. dog mr. Cody. Wouldn't say no. No my age it probably run into a. Okay. Well paid you text their fur bringing that out. No all I cannot yet say. Where I'm going. I apologize and its job. It's uncomfortable for me that it is for you idol tell you that. Because I just want to be he done with this announcement I wanted it's all happened at the same time there's a thousand reasons why that's not happening and it's fine that not happening that way. Odds go into where I'm going all that's there it's just there's a lot of corporate stuff. It has to happen. Legalese stuff he'd app. I now that's kind of how I feel about it so. Honestly it's possible that during this show that change rigors 1 email that I am waiting on to receive once I received that email. I have to sign something. Back something off. Chrysler has promised me that he knows how to work the fax machine and other than that. Maybe tomorrow hopefully today. Definitely wouldn't he realize that you just entrusted mile yeah ideal as got a big deal. Is yeah I I have the future. Potentially in my hands in the next couple hours as possible. Because I'd be nice. It's a good job but it I don't know if it's good enough job Mueller bodies of bats well. So badly he played view of this girl to bring it back it is actually a bit concerning got a fax machine is still involved in this crime I agree cited a redo working at 9 AM radio here so you know we're still living in the past I don't. Leo it's like national signing. Palm. We've been doing a lot of things the last time. This is the last time I would imagine that we are going to leave the show talking about the university Kansas basketball team. I don't think there is I have a lot of cheese and Steelers thoughts also to get into today ploy on day in the big twelve last night. Kansas one. What they were supposed to win. Case state loss when I thought there going to weigh him. And Baylor who was was what we saw they wore. Ams they let them so volatile off the hook say a Vegas part of what you're gonna matter as I know biggest goes more. The country you know what they were out West Virginia underdog. Point underdogs. Outlawed optical and they were a sizable underdog and today dot broad. In Morgantown so. It will still goes through Lawrence everybody knew that we didn't eat last night's game to note that it's a question for is Baylor was legitimate challenger are they finished second place. But Kansas doesn't lose games like that so you know I mean I ridiculous idea or atomic it was a game on the road. When you beat the way you Baylor just got exactly you can bash which they could just go down the line because for the university Keynes I tweeted this out yesterday. Big game against Oklahoma felt a lot like fresh prince about layer episode. Remember the one where will thought he was this hot shot pool player he goes down to the law and the result is money. Yeah and it uncle Phil has to go down the pool hall in the acts like the field played pool right and then whenever the stakes are high enough. He sells just three break out zeal and all of a sudden he targets of the black widow Jeanette Lee and he's out there it is 08 ball corner pocket. That's what yesterday's game felt like Kansas first fed kids act like they couldn't play basketball. Oklahoma's the worst team in the big twelve their tier. Not on the IT they're gonna play date one in the big twelve tournament and they're gonna lose their first game all was really bad. Down of that team at halftime don't care where that name is Oklahoma's good and then the second half. I think you were down nine going into halftime. They come out Adelman just cited have you know what was over the Oklahoma calls timeout even though there by one we all know that really down and gave. Big trade baskets were a little bit KU goes on another run to use got three really good players Oklahoma has zero really good players that's the ball game had problems they've folks. The game ever felt in doubt to me. Even with him down because you just knew you could see the talent discrepancy in just the shots were going in. It is I don't I don't know I'd watch every dribble that game last night but what's a good portion of it it was at least up on the tee top TV for the entire thing. I never felt like Kansas was in danger of losing that game not one time. Just over the course of forty minutes with a town discrepancy is that big goals are the types of teams that are gonna pull off upsets against Kansas a team that hits twelve threes. Fifteen threes eighty can pull off an upset against Kansas a team with one star players who can individually winning game take over like we see in basketball all the time. Is the team that can beat him as a team with the big guys that could win the rebounding battle by fifteen or more that's tied to team that could pull off an upset. Against Kansas. Oklahoma's none of those teams Oklahoma is just there is a complete talent gap which there's with a lot of teams with K you what it's not. Top tier the second year that's tops your fourth year in terms of talent and god that's why I was never worried about. Use it we can move on to the Baylor Bayer's. The last time we play this we love to quote the Malcolm X movie always it's always had that some teams are running jigs and can I. I'd say it. This one yesterday. I think Baylor is good. It is not the best team in college basketball. Why the whole system and who cares set I hate most about college basketball season. That we have to pertained Ed Baird is stretches there's a real challenger to Kansas to win. Every season I would say there's one team you'd think it I would say it's every four years. Like team as a player I think it's really really good on my field the quality that's in my dimension it yeah. West Virginia is not better than Kansas oh well. Our be Baylor they're not better than Kansas. If you like it's important that ticket right number one on the contrary. But the difference between you and all in case you would all these other teams is Kate doesn't lose games like that yesterday. Can use not lose the home games and they're not in and bears the way Baylor and a and there yesterday and I think as a really good college talent out of that great college town. I think it is as great college town and that's going to be the difference in the conference can use when a slip a couple times in conference there on fifteen and 316 into. This conference there was a huge gap between Kansas whoever you pick a second best team isn't West Virginia. We clearly see last night there's a big gap between West Virginia Baylor. And then there is a green king inside debt between Baylor and everybody else that's conference revolves around three teams in only one of those teams is great. I agree spurred the most. Or I think said the act could just be one game that got away and if that game was played in Waco instead of Morgantown maybe it's a little bit different and I think that West Virginia because of a muddy up the game. But maybe they lose to somebody you're not expecting two to Baylor could just match up better with an out talent them. Talk about writing off Baylor is finishing second in the big twelve I don't think there's a huge gap went over the course of an eighteen game big twelve season. Unnecessarily between West Virginia Baylor so it definitely looks that way in a one game sample last night I just. I don't think we asked to do that song and dance it is certainly not the thing that I hate most about college basketball this thing fails a college basketball is that the regular season games are meaningless. But especially when you talk about a top flight team like Kansas the nose and win the conference by two games minimum. Five games Maxwell what they're gonna be so called the bullets are gonna play meaningless games. At the end is that if you didn't. Watch last night can you game there's. You'd miss anything. You didn't miss anything since substantial substantive other than you know you're happy to see Josh Jackson for much longer frank based on how a player and you wanna watch the team you know it'd be games with teams that you care about. Most interesting local game it was adjusting to twelve game was was faced it last night. They state needs the win those road games like we said to finish in the top four of the big twelve. The big twelve could get four teams in the tournament or to get at six it's gonna depend on how much they beat each other and they state I thought. Was gonna steal that game I flipped over was watching the end of it. Case states and it they're tough they're competitive on the road in down the stretch Sullivan was inflicted by the officials some of it was inflicted by them. They self destructed. And I thought it was a horrific we weak technical called. I'm Bruce Weber in that spot because that mean in books like he got fouled driving to the rim and I don't think that you call. In a one point game with less than twenty seconds left and the guy drives to the rim gets filed. But it's not called and misses it. I don't think the rest to turn around and and call technical foul on the coach and that's Pollack the rest just passed a note that there's gonna be emotion and hotly contested game. And swallows whistle but Bruce Weber called everything under under the sun united in the call anything he wants that spot. And knocked in a technical file we see that happens too many times in sports weather beat college or professional. Officials the game in about you yet is it makes terrible call and that's spot makes the game about you. Although orgy Saito very disappointing loss I know you're underdog in that game just like you said if you wanna make the NCAA tournament. I think that case they takes care of business at home they're good enough team that they're gonna slight case you would hold or West Virginia or Baylor or one of those good teams at home. They states deftly good enough. 00 and three against those three good teams and bring him which. But you got to win these kind of road games you I have to win these kinds of games I thought there are Droid two. Almost. All time gambling loss for people who had case staples for a half and it was in the game by four. But up one with less than thirty seconds lasts then give it the way to go ahead and it doesn't get the follicle that way. Then asked a follow on the inbounds plus the Bruce Weber fall so the guy on tech commit. Makes three of four free throws now brown and hitting the thirty footer as time expired to lose by one but it's the diet tech would have made 44 free throws and you would have missed the thirty footer. It would've been a six point so weighing in like ten seconds to go from an easy case they wind. To a huge case they lost against the spread but yet they're hitting the thirty footer and make it boot but awesome gambling moment last night if you had any action. On the case state game but coming up next before Rex Butler at 230 when he's in studio. A simple g.'s question about the players that nobody's talking about it could be the reason the chiefs win. This game or any of the next three games how far they go in the playoffs coming up on the drive. You linked TV into the studio sixty and Sports Radio doctor Judy tickets dot com right now and get 610 off your ticket order using promo code six pence or. Let's talk there's nobody in studio. Birdied every Saturday and always. It's a hug so you. Bob undecideds say we haven't seen in the water. I don't look at me or not start out hugs hot stove until after the new year it's after the new year and I'm excited to see him haven't talked to a. It's just few tax remain a moment or two. Who have seen them conversation the united you're Austin always he had to have on one last time that's exactly right. We'll do that coming out. In just a little bit. If there's ever been a player. As good as Jeremy Maclin. Be discussed last as an influential player playoff game now. You say that the expectation has to be placed going your highest paid players in salary can't business so the expectation. I do it all our work we get so heartily Alex Smith because. More money than anybody on the team so the expectation at the quarterback position is more beautiful. Just a huge second highest paid player on this team the expectation is you need to be healthy eat he par they choose playoff victory. Eric Fisher is the third highest paid player on the team in sport to Jeremy Maclin. The expectation for Jeremy Maclin is what now four catches for 44 yards which is crazy because. Across Ohio you want Alex if you can acknowledge that the fourteenth best quarterback at best if you're gonna say that out. You have a mediocre running game. We're really big this team can make a playoff run just Travis Kelsey entire retail Betsy. Good Jeremy Maclin would be a big help against a high power offense would be a huge help going to New England at bats for a deep where you have to go next week. Especially because as a third option in your passing game he should be able to just eats. It. With Kelsey being bracket cover did have one word about Tyreke hill because he nav forty yards and a moment's notice on a touchdown averaged 44 yards touchdown this year. Bakley and should not be a primary responsibility. Of the defense we subtitled but the Tennessee game when he was more like himself. Against the Steelers he had five catches for 78 yards a lot of that was in garbage time. In a blowout situation he says he is healthy he says he is focused he says. Who's tough year physically and mentally for him with both the tragedy that happened to his best friend. And obviously significant and growing poll. That he had in the season so it seems logical. That Jeremy Maclin should be poised to have more impact pool of post season. That he did regular season but that's a low bar with 44 catches 536 yards and two touched I don't even think that you need last year Jerry Mac on the top text messages. If only Maclin could throw himself the ball. But the issue last year maybe going into the beginning of the season people had the belief of well Alice McCain get the ball outside players a wide receivers now we've proven of the last two years is not the case. They don't have a tough time getting to repeal the Opel or private Kelsey the football or last year Maclin the ball. In this year I don't think you're asking Maclin to be inequitable. Five catches for sixty yards in this game. Reproductive. Absolutely and just require some defensive attention. Is being an impact player and be an option and you mentioned you know. No running game and all of that. And this in now it's you pull out all the stops and I expect outs with a run the ball. I'll be surprised about so it has less than thirty rushing yards. I think that Alex Smith is going to have to force the issue. To run the ball weird two Reza that they can be they're more the slumping defense they're not they're not SP defense that he can get a on the edge while. Don't read read option stuff quarterback keepers get to the outside. That's out that's where Al says voters brought last year where he ran for over 31 downs and 500 yards pools because of the job running to the outside. I retail jet sweeps a guy's gonna have. AB dot. Sixty tegra that you he has 45. And also rushing attempts touches in the running game pluses targets in the passing game and a special teams such as if Tyreke hill has less than ten. Touches at this game and they lose that'll be a legitimate point of criticism off on Monday after the game so. I don't know that the running game isn't going to be there for the chiefs but I know that about depending on Jeremy Maclin but that he could be huge variable for you to your face you just have to look at it as this team's offense in who you want to run your offense to how dynamic it is this change. Pick of the first four games of the season when Mac seven targets if team target seven targets eight target. Now since he's come back from injury. Three targets eight targets for targets five he's not the focal point of the offense the way he was early in the season you don't need him to be that would Tyreke kill and how good luck Travis tells he's been. But I would like to see five catches for sixty yards six catches for 72 yards maybe get eons ago I mean it's bad that. This year we're counting. Four people out of accounted for touchdowns on the chiefs odds aren't always it's who Jeremy Maclin to. It's insane to nose tackle quicker to you yes zones ask those boring and he called them she's backup quarterback coming out as little chuckle it's just it's absurd. How old. Nondescript. But not impact hole. Jerry backwards in this new reason for it in terms of what he's healthy and when he's locked in. He's. All this is athletic pride goes the system came from. You know as each shows the sign your there's no reason that Jeremy Maclin cannot have an impact that she's in the let's go in for just the magic man. Imagine the chiefs have a running game and have Maclin plus Kelsey close Tyreke deal. Maybe they can actually be the offense that many of us thought before it was being atop an office in the NFL because I don't think that's where it's gonna be great. I don't think you're Dataquest is gonna be great but the road game to be effective if Alex with the Tyreke killer running but I don't care who brought the ball as long as the chiefs run the ball effectively. And the three options in the passing game vs two makes all the difference yeah and our top text message with the other players knowing cares as Maclin is productive or not. There's two other players. It's right it was your relying on Demetris terrorist guys who are depending Olin of course every till in Travis Kelsey. Ford also that was ranked twentieth in the legal and let's not make it seem like the chief shortly and the scoring a lot of points I think if you added a another good receiver this easily this year Jeremy Maclin. Was essentially Chris Tomlin. 44 catches 508. And 36 yards receiving and two touchdowns that's not. Fourth highest paid player on your team but at the data over a thousand yards last season if you can add that DREAM Act and to this offense. You gotta really really good shot you add a dynamic player to the offense what dolphins would like to add a dynamic player in January it's just about. If you think that it's gonna actually happen. Don't denied that it Jeremy Maclin got involved that it would be a good thing for the jays it's just what's the likelihood. Because if Joseph has a bad playoff games chiefs lose we're talking about him as being one of the three or four biggest disappointment on team this season right I mean it. What's that list Alex Smith one Jerry Maclin to. At the less than being you know DJ got her baby Tom. Maybe he can't discriminate on the view them on that idea does it have that high expectations for him going in the region ball obviously got hurt disappointed but. I think you makes yards Jerry that's going to be the second most disappointing on the chiefs this year behind Alex Smith if he has a bad game of the chiefs lose in the play offs. I which sort of what riding in his league is that this offseason with how much money he's making. The emergence tied repeal you're gonna be asking yourself this is German African have a bounce back. For you next season or view is we'll just try to go the cheaper direction watt receiver we know how well playoffs are we know how people think. If Jerry match and has a good post season it will raise the disappoint regular season that he if Jenny Macklin is a part of why you win your first home playoff game and over twenty years. It will raise Al unproductive he was the season. For a guy and I understand he was injured but Jerry Maxwell is a better player than 44 catches for 536. Yards and two touchdowns and it's crazy. That Don target poetry McNamee kind of the same number touchdowns this year that's insane dream match is a much better player. No question taxpayers' expense 306 just to confirm got an ice and not going anywhere as a result of park park leaving the station that's. Lying I'm done on Friday. Cannot yet say we're going hopefully within the next 44 hours but carried it and ice are going to be here at sixth time that. Is the adjustment I am leaving the city. They are. Rex hub a local. These air dot dot policies. Of our good friend rats out there for the next hour drive to. In CE DT to TV studio sixty in sports media. Police station taking your calls at halftime during Sunday's playoff game six in Sports Radio. It's great to be with you especially on the best number one show and it in the country here in the town in what ever let's just for the people in the country. I thanks Al Lerner give love these bands out here they deserve a quote spirit Louisville Williams TV analyst paws were saved a couple of kids here who got a game to win fifteen year Major League debt ridden. Bo Jackson is in the house new album is quite good point. I garden but no they all more resourceful. They're repeat Thursday therapist. You're single player on the world heard you're perfect there. It appeared to help the people in Montreal fiberglass whole different ball game heading to sit back whatever you have to pass gas. It was a beautiful. It was picked up while Rex toddler. On the drive. Haven't outs of modest there's negotiate your day shock. Stop us and happy new year do you guys manage putt you. I hope anyone offended well by the hugs I gave you but I can't help but animal I'm I'd like to hug publicist did about the late do you wanna do therapy there's an accident. Today in a way that's. And he wanted. Here there's anybody out there that needs that he has. After the holidays there might be some little blooming in some people's life sure trauma ought to try to encourage some money for sure all the good luck any time good. But I miss that when we were or listen to that gold medal a promo entry there yeah. And I'm and I remember when I was back home in the offseason. In 2012 when I went active the deal Jennifer honey we got to move BK seat. I'm a weird doing that every Thursday then over the full bright yeah I like did you know there's little shocked that you would want my opinion and I'm but you know adults. If it helps one person then it's good enough re. Once each one we were talking. I think it was yesterday on the show about you know we've been telling a lot of stories this week since Friday is my my last thing I heard that I know you know when I read that. I felt like I felt when they traded Jerod. Yeah I did the first thing was a whole new world. They gradually after I digested the news it got better and better and better because I know it's got to be good and it will be good for Jerod too. To rod gets the start it's gonna be great for me I appreciate that very much name and we were talking about how. This is the first show that you can. In in town. And I we sauce for the before I was like there's no way that guy is a real person. I thought I know you it can't it was like let's have a bond that's okay we'll have a bond. And educate men and you were so genuine and so real you blew us away. And we know we couldn't get enough blood and we just wanted more solid more modern more mud and you were on the with us before before off. Question for which peace in that right now but I'm okay I'm I'm more I'm goma on Hersh you. No word dude colonies now she's got a stomach we've had three more months and imagine that you know bouncing around. It off the walls and things yeah and up to Christmas tree and everybody haven't heard her return tickets Christmas step down but we like to leave that stuff key to keeping them for awhile here anyway anyway look Danny it's been. An incredible five years for us now to bring the friendly here to move into Kansas City to feel the love in this place in it just so happened they went to the promised land and brought the prom queen home. During that time that's amazing so only God's timing is good like that and really that's not my timing was his but elected of people winning cures all we all know. Yeah even cures. A wild balding redheaded broadcaster who come into an invading their space in our I don't and a position. It's a very privileged spot in this in this hold town here in this whole community in the midwest. That's up. To be a color commentator for the royals that's a spot in have a have an outsider from California come in the never played for the team is really an unusual match. I was thinking oh Kevin Hewlett. The front office of the royals it's that made decisions and you know what it's going to be tough but we're to bring these guys in here 'cause he has some big east periods but also. He has a positive energy and let's let's see applicant if you can help out at all image you know what. It's about teaching the game to people. But this this this crowd here they're knowledgeable baseball fans are you kidding me my mother teach him some look. The experience I've had it's been pretty good is a player 21 seasons still in the minors to in the majors you know unfortunately in post season. But in sixteen years by I'm still learn the game so I'm learning the game believe me the royals fans are still learn the game no one knows at all. An expert I'm no expert if anybody ever tells you there an expert in something. Aaron. And right don't trust them no answer especially our sport our sport it is unlike any other because it's. Even with people around ball around that in people. There are perfect they look perfect. And a win make it look easy. In his heart Hamas are right type body. And I can't taste it and that man I'd go to the gym I don't know painfully. I don't have to have that type of body to compete with the world's greatest athletes into play on the world's greatest team and and in the stage of a Major League Baseball. That's a lot of stress. Now it to get chill pill although I do occasionally look at myself and Mair. And that can be staggering if you don't watch and a watch what the intake watch the food and take the cake as human. Turnaround sometimes in and I'm like I might flex. And I see a cottage cheese factory break out that's when it's time to say Hud. Enough for the enough of that but Costas enough that the carves its goal leave him alone popular. But the visual. Yeah you're right because she's the only you know yeah it's everybody not too young guys though no not us you know. You gotta keep up with the not to finally two dads got to keep up with the Steve is yachts of the world when dad is out here united being. You're funny man I can't believe. That guys hear that voice Briggs smiled and we loved his job. Here a little ball business that bounced and this broke me and you know work for them for eleven years straight always help. Unbelievable. Now Ryan oh god bless him he has to put it would be and I am am pulling him to see. You're sitting on a plane or bus on. And you feel like you make me puts on headphones Ehrlich pretends like he still isn't it but not really listening to anything just like kind of get a little hug free zone rhino yeah it was good there was few trips this year. Were were worry or fear is actually autonomy bump me up the seat next to rhino. And he actually was didn't block Gotti did have his headsets on but I would happen and I'd look at tell wave if you do detention and he would take them off and listen to my question petrohawk he has totally shut me out but. He's on. Yeah I'm gonna know him and his family you know he's raising cues Jim and Sarah it's that there are beautiful family in and man they have their hands full it brings back flashbacks as minor move in on. And speaking of that. One left the nest this took her to a Montgomery Alabama a lot go to war for the double AC biscuits and the sea biscuit and it's called the biscuits crack Tampa Bay double A team. Because she interviewed him. She went to the to DO winter meetings yeah. Came back with five job offers Whisenhunt when he won additional wife told him dad I wanna be general manager who big league baseball. Two points he. Is no went in the net and I don't care that it's little wonder it's sold the owner. The owner of teams and I need some elect use they're gonna groom her and that Dublin area. And hope she stays there for a long time but I draw over down there in that divide in this beautiful thing out that one down three to go. Good for you Kate William and David are next and when David leaves a law. B hard not to shed a year but it would know to tears shed wouldn't when this. You don't like that I want to know at all yeah. He's available totally felt it was time it was time yeah of course you came from college in state three months. Lot of kids come back for a year maybe two years before they go out yeah dump Trotter she got a degree in four years here she came with me. When nobody was hate on me. Right yeah just like that until there. K you rock jock Don no I don't wanna make any enemies here by saying Natalie did and twelve thought it would be a it would be. People would vote would like that if they knew that my daughter and he came all the way out here to go to school which you better pick in California to go she chose here. And Stan. And up to Massoud people weren't happy he stayed people were not happy that's when I found out. The rivalry year is real between the college bowl much I thought UCLA and USC was right in southern cal. That field in comparison. It's real odd year. It is we need Missouri fans should lose an apple not hate him. His daughter goes to use your gonna be Matt Holland thought OK and you. Was sorry he was talking about the rivalry between the schools of random. Okay great that's how supposed to be at rivalries are delighted you you're supposed to AKU. While I wish I was back out of high school and being recruited to you know be a lot of fund choose but I would no applause football player I don't know open accuse Kay you I would think so. But Allah we can't we can't move that far ahead hardest part of it goes against notre Dame's scholarship by its two yeah. Tourists Notre Dame stars of what to address cook it gives incurred gifts and its human around campus. Hey what are we gonna do we have any hot stove when he's gone characters we you and I we know until there's look it's gotta be here we get a Kirk Gibson. He did beyond. Give these great while getting to tell some football stories and we'll get him to tell the story when he went when he showed me around campus if he knows that more than I do your members. That bigger so we had fun he was there he was an all America. Football player now than turns out to be in baseball player and a world champion that. All I know is let's not try to get anyone in trouble I feel like we had Curt Schilling on dirt wanna hostels and ever since then it's been all downhill you're Acker don't know not necessarily shield fields curt will be fine she'll. She'll will be fine he's he he might find himself in that in the political ring before we know but he was well warned of not only is it possible questions put the ball would would Danny weed I told Danny's gonna stirred little yeah. Careful and he said bring it I'm out rated me member of Mary's admitted anything call us so let's talk because he did say Hebrew it's awful the week before as a Super Tuesday right yeah it was a pretty ill so we told him yeah careful and then Allen. I love him. He's he's he's an outstanding human being and the work he's done for LS image on all the work they've done well off the field now relief that outweighs anything comes out of his hustle it's your voice mail that the Schilling left heated and at some point blank. I hope so come on man it is or isn't often a lot yes I sure. I've had many more teammates out there that are that are close and rock Tim Raines got to get in. Your body got seven in my head ex teammates in. So I haven't got seven hall of famers I've played with them and there could be many more common now yes she'll rock. Com and a carrier and this sudden there's a me guy yet the unit yeah the yankees' latest over the Yankees. Rickey Henderson center fielder you know Dave Winfield. Phil Niekro period and went on to Baltimore Eddie Murray cal Ripken. Saint Louis Aussie. All went on from that to. Bloom on Montreal. Period no not rains come rock there's no and I and and and and there's there's one other hall of Famer out there. But you know the unit. Randy Johnson that's right and did not according to maybe he didn't say no I style and I saw deleted immediately shut issued an order there is. Really your thing I'm most proud of and I had no control over course I had no control my teammates were in the masters I got to play for users or guilty Billy Earl. Whitey. Joseph Torre. Most meal by name first name first fair deal Terry Francona. Now Joseph Maddon was Mike was one of my coaches for the angels in the in the magic got kicked out and he in turn it and he he he managed that day and a couple of the days when when the manager wasn't well. Is that gonna consider Joseph Maddon. A guy that I played for I would say so you'd think so why not play for a little juvenile court he did. Is Joseph Jonas and a lot of times you played for Joba sort of put him in their teal prank calls guys so look I got mentor by some really good managers. And I would love to have had net and Mike Scioscia but I broadcast from those guys. And I loved him. Or packer or run can't wait for the future and more ahead we're looking back although what just tell some stories. Stores and we got some charities of the did you come up our next segment to tell stories and you're gonna give us some therapy Thursday advice on a Wednesday oil coming up with Iraq's other for an hour heat on the drive. Any NC ID MVP electric TV into the studio sixty and Sports Radio doctor Judy tickets dot com right now and get six turn off your ticket or using promo code 610 sports. Such acts. I suppose are all about it it's like I was excited that pop rock. I don't regret. It. I think you're ever went up the back. Our argument and you were probably. Pretty well. I automatic. Actually what I one hour I'm I'm I'm emperor. Well advocate as one are popping up yet rocket able optical light they ought to expand our retina or whatever. Electric. Lucky to still believe it. Ginger how about that term are now all of its tracks beyond the bow hug stories. How dollar that he was against each other. Some guys so guys called in sick when they knew he was bitching and I ran into the batter's. Because I couldn't wait to get it do you see him. We appreciate she's built I did see how are you it'd be let's go I'll remember it don't love him one time first time. We're gonna him from second base my pleasure it is when you rub of the ball look at him in the back and a mound looking to go up keeping you in the game. Backed up on that luncheon at unit we eight done with you now. It's also like so it's. Portuguese kids play like I was of the immunity yesterday and they have is that LeBron has lost his last six games in Utah Jazz. LeBron have a tough time against you draw right why did it just rape against Grady Johnson. So I thanked him later he's on a radio show back in southern cal and in between jobs between the rows W job that I had. And I had a I had wondered what drug dog hour. And I he was on ahead a thank him publicly for never drove me because I never talk smack with anyone I want to talk with Maddux are probably should've but I didn't I was young in the league but he just respected me but I want to it was disclosed. But you'll ever talks back with. Was him and largely because I knew we were roommates and 88 before he became the big unit he was Randy Johnson. And so I knew him we're friends but it's on it's all about competition I thanked him publicly for never drilling near never. Because yeah when you don't like he could throw he's sailboat that throws ten monarch master. Yeah yeah absolutely let's go to its shelf the white gay in it just a minute I see just looked this up hunt against rabies shots in his career. Eighteen plate appearances seven hits. Three doubles a home run five RBIs. 389 have to do you not up on net launching pad me. What Greg Mattison is here Isaac Wilson now are off. And Wilson won them fly it one of the final hits I got over him Wilson there were an Angel Stadium and it was a it was a hit to the rights act and he was run over to cover the amount. Indeed it in he looked to me there's talk in between him huge you know what you are young said what the. Pick a little bit everything everything I don't you hit. It was it lurk OB one right down the middle or pick your chances and targeted ethnic. Compliment pat that's right I mean Wilson Alvarez U 579. It was a good. Pitcher this -- it says it is Rex Butler have good luck you know blind squirrel finds that acorn every soul I do I want it sort of pragmatic disrespecting general tougher dollar dollars for the cubs in rock concert I'm on the young player in the league and I hit a double off been on the line. But in the only had ever government's second base he's rubbed the ball behind mount like Randy was look at me in these look at me like. Use. It is like me. And that's exactly Pickett talked as what is buy things that you're here we talk about filings all the time yeah that's exactly what used to me so I wanted so bad to say why. Think our meat but I didn't I kept my kept my composure share. These attacks are let and let ago. I've told that later though I'm not talking instance yeah let's look at all happens Rogers Kenny Rogers told you know we had a problem yeah he was mountain fastball to me. And to retain jump ball for him looking into Albany can cure behind. That's disrespect. Us disrespectful. But I didn't. Kept it kept my control goes by charged the mound never charged only one time and public has got to three times my head at you for myself ads for myself replied of course. But never in the big leagues because when you do that you jeopardize. Somebody getting hurt. And because I was as fast as I wasn't I can get done and I had a football mentality pact to curb his myself. I got the second baseman that's back would you could slide into the guy out nowadays he can't take. You know Tennessee take your skirts but if there's any women listening that was be offensive to him I'm so sorry don't mean that term. Now on the field between the lines. That's on out so what would goal in their heart out and bust of him but that the catcher and in and they would go back in their Taylor who were retaliating don't hit him hit somebody else who's up and come in here. Rice of course a city and Baltimore and user cal Ripken junior here's the thing to second base I mean sometimes Sunday that Pena to football Utley at second so whenever it got to get hot when we go slide in the I go hey you know were to come see me come to my office next inning. Coming on come on in here did a run anywhere bring it. Missed that I've yeah. There was no fear because ten years of minor league ball. And Ellis playing for Jennifer my kids and he Manhattan and I knew at some point jump when I was gonna have kids and it was on diet and how much time left so I figured no one. Nobody. CAD may unit man it was so on Google doctor play the game. Thankfully we should tolerate you got Zumaya artists that you don't want this guy needs to be Q peel open the door got to go to Japan for summer than chilled out learn how to play under control learn how to play. With the same intensity but not with the intent to hurt my opponent I was able to enjoy and smell the rose my last five years in the show. Well it's part of the reason we love you for a lot of reasons yes it's a good hard and we do a lot of charity stuff on the show and you're doing some stuff as well so I think the shell Ford from the YMCA. She signed with us right now. And thank you Michelle tells about your latest involving what what you would hug and everyone's doing over there. Right up thanks for having me on your show at Drake law. Coming up on January Tony ate it I can't anniversary of challenger action at the Fed rate their for a calendar program. For kids especially. As a part remember we had built a sports complex at the north and Charlie include that for all kids. We had a baseball film we need to we have to football field. We need to additional baseball field we're thinking about great work more baseball field and this city to make sure we include all it all ability. That's exactly right Michelle pat B being blessed with a child myself beast when he he loves playing ball has the same passion a typical child does. But doesn't have a chance to play on a field anywhere and in Johnson county. And in Overland Park we need. The commissioners he's me is the superintendent. Of of the Overland park school district. Are the whispered to her no no doubt move out about we need a meeting with him we just desperately need him to give us some land that's all will will will supply them. The construction all the materials will take care of all that but we need a place for kids to play baseball. Show how can people help. Well I and actually aggregate everything out challenger. It would start again at thirteen years ago marked to market going to be back in helping it celebrate juniors and you can actually buy tickets or donate on. Mine challenger actions not integrated. By the evening. Have a course record number and even in the anti lock directly and Kagan did an active Italian. All he. Our James sorry about that has been. Can help me it's the best that Tivo for downstream at the detail last year here's the as the guest of honor he was so developing amazement. Yeah and we actually have great. Liberties on. They're currently Christian below is going to be blocking differently and of course there with art he and he was with a roar all we have Brian shirt to the comment. And of course are very own Rick Butler in and it's and it's dark at that showed that are very challenged athletes will be walking the runway. To support. Our effort to rating stands for such a great program to the point is greater Kansas City. Bent and Michelle we're not done with a couple of possible other royals guessed to. Oh god grant received this admitted that this if a couple of things it could conflict but they may not so that they then that's a case. We'll have two or three more it's beautiful. And yet record. We mentioned earlier you know we have that. Populous north wind it would do you want to really position ourselves in the Johnson County area. Working with a different as possible school district and even municipality. To construct a an all inclusive not baseball field that park for everybody can enjoy. Best thing Michelle people think it's just exclusively for kids who have disabilities but it's not. Typical kids can enjoy it it's synthetic surface so you can put on functions is all kinds of things wonderful things for the community and especially. A community like Johnson County. I. It's great mr. Michel for the YMCA challenger fashion dot com it is January 28 so hopefully though it's tables to console coming up some money played out there will put it out on the social media pages challenger fashion dot com thank you Michelle. Way to go Michelle thanks for coming on. It all right there we go that's the shell Ford from the EYMCA in challenger fashion dot council some tables drive listeners and a help pod out. And especially its unity here. In Kansas City national's giveaways on the first topless. Is pop quiz our job. Tactics became the city's vote in sports show IRO Paulo January 19. When he said it's everything you love of the great or that great outdoors under one roof license here. Al's measured Arafat the creek lake now because that was my old to be or trusted bin Burnett. That's this thing alone time. They get to taste of regret that choice you don't respect what you shouldn't. Do it get that not even close to him. Thirty more minutes of rest of them coming up on the job. He electric heating into the studio sixty and Sports Radio.


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