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01/11 - 1 pm - The QB

Jan 11, 2017|

We hear from Chiefs QB Alex Smith. Plus, the Chiefs need to prepare for this worst case scenario & the Take 2 Before 2.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Apple. And I believe. I need many. Thanks again all the hard work and that's why didn't he sort of Chris Jones and actress tells secured through those guys are the real thing they are liberal and he's gonna ask in all seriousness and hope. I'm old sort of gets an opportunity to. Pomp on the Mike from time to time he solstice fell zero lately. Put him in a dozen of guys during the course of the season on the cover and she's. They've been in BP. Certain investments. They staff do that about four years ago. Was fun but that. Affair read in the middle of the day or day when are doing and you sit around playing pretty well in the end. Every day I had to use a while to win a parking it was Danny Green anymore so I was on Romeo. We Romeo press conference there. Saw signs everything else it looks fairly good football if you were on in the morning or at night you would probably never pressed. Prevalent is are we here at. Bullard oh its true and this. Main Ryan soldier once said that he knows a lot of people play in the National Football League. There's only one man he knows that actually living his dream in that JB. Aqib Beecher. Injuring over there and it sounds like the new. Coach at the Denver Broncos is deathly gonna be paints. Chills and it has left him out of the building before got a contract makes that update. Long important doll. Not dispenses began I mean I wouldn't in studio city tales use restaurants or the other by Raja seeing Anderson. Just 31 minutes ago ministers have been Broncos closing in a deal may just have their next head coach still working on the numbers. Relating updated information and I you know us as we listed as show I don't listen the show's. Apologies. All. Are right zone. To start off the show. We talked about Al Smith. Alex Witt. Is event. Been in the league a long time. The big he's still somebody that a lot of people. Our tore. A ball. Some people believe that they can win with outspent. Lot of these still think it's he can win without. Sucking they're a lot of that toward when he comes at thinking. He's a good quarterback not a great quarterback not sure how far would you go outspent. Outspent he spoke to the media just short time ago about this weekend's up now in its Steelers and this would outspent dissect. You talked when we were talking masters play out. Speeds up and specifically. It's. Intervals get home to I mean I think the biggest thing is it's just haven't played on stage. I mean I think all of you know I do there's a lot of emotions this time you're doing everybody's put in a lot of work. Sacrificed it to have these kind of opportunities in the hand. Sometimes the stadium and setting and everything comes with it. Can affect his preparation. I think having gone through going to be played on me this year I don't know much these days is it because of helps you just kind of we'll. More uneasiness about going about it business invoke some football. And human with the stuff that comes with the it's time again is hopeful this. Yeah a minute. Punitive living differences. Don't travel. Routine here and and and you know. For us offensively you know he's cadence and I used it to. Just to keep us going the other way you know when you take take it depend on us. Totally crowded times for it like it yeah you've got to him. Okay. Yeah and it's harming me that this corner. And analyze all the data mean there's a lot uniqueness there's a weekly matchup thing so it's hard to get into specifics. It's it there's an. Differently on the road this press conferences and it's. So yeah. It'd yarder on both. It's. That you're going sentenced to. Good point too much preparation any different and let them report. Honestly now I mean I think I think we all want him. You know I think we don't trust our routine traffic preparations. The process that we go. Our business. Not a if we do one thing is try to look different than just your ability. And you know just because we're back. You know more often on your question guys around you and other important industry because. You know it's a different issue. Yeah I mean. Some difference on saying you know. Obviously you grow as the season goes on and and there's kind of a journey there. As you do with. You know obviously here now your identity and dealing with pain and injuries and things like that. Certainly those things that are. The same. We so. A little bit of both. Yeah you got from the John did I was getting sprinkled for sure you know I'm starting him on active games ago I think everybody was aware of you know it's. He's from Dave wants to be making plays and and never slowed down you know that really hit the wall. You know an interesting debate turning point you know fortunately when Max out those few weeks. It turns out to paper for Terry to kind of flew more because. I'll announce news power plant more and specialties. And this due to be there you know. Prepared ourselves when. It makes plays handles all the stuff we do have him ask a lot of them. Sort of like I was trying to next big jump for. Is it. Yes first what you see it. Here. They have and it's there that it's an exercise browsers. This man had. In physical point promotion. Something's been on their problems aren't close for a long time. Special mass out of evolved. So these don't get to this point. Obviously injured nose into physical you know everybody's and I'm levels of soon that are going to be jobs forces got me to prepare for a lot defensively you. Two. It. Everybody everybody can. Linebackers corners guys in the coverage nose guard. Defensive and he tackled. That matter failed they do at all make you prepare philosophy feature experts. What people. I don't know about faster you know from the acting. All the teams are better you know he's he's the best the best plan planet high levels. Had a margin of aired as it turned out because there's. You visited so. Little details get magnified view games like this environment like this I think. Part of that speed though I'd I mean I think goes back is the stage of your music handles. You know you kind of father's business. You get into the details of a better job in executing him in football and was problem. It's gonna continue to excuse. And a consequent buildup along emotion there wouldn't be the team can handle the best. Who has been urgent. Dallas that game you know I've seen much as far as cutouts and things like that. Long. It isn't because people want. Please ultimately doing more oh yeah did the same thing there's been a lot of times they've changed you Austin over the course of the season kind of progressed in concert there actually. Then there's a lot that big week to week pages and change you know they make you do they're prepared. And they make you prepare they do a lot first. It changes which weeks into the. They're talking about it's. Perhaps. To think how much we'll probably. For this particular. That's just different now. Differently this town is desert obviously offensive zone pressure and do a lot of there were a lot of like a centralized. Thing guys around you guys play all over. A lot of times I think Patti and me. You get cut and you know they're a hard time doing. He has been in town and stuff so. It's kind of a balance there I think I've prepared for because of this. Ourselves Alison at the end. He tells me it's going to be one of the tougher tests. All out of playing eighteen remaining in his entire male field. This Steelers defense is playing and a much different global. Now you're into the season in the award the beginnings. Deeply feels that the chiefs offences playing much better than it did when they played the Pittsburgh Steelers both the dawson's has gotten better steelers' defense has gotten better as well so. You know what do I do too complicated Alex Smiths in Samoa so Rossi and offered their. There's certain. There's sort of the background. Audience gives serves right there in affiliates. There's certain iced towels side angle like record ounces left. Oh yeah he's too is left yes sort of richards' words that are. And just certain it's absurd. And Libya he has been that. Old doesn't mean worse yet. You know just like those steel. Police say the you know right we look just like for the balls they steal these assets that one question about while with what we have this yeah. Now Ryan tweets is it tweet about. Certain gazing. And Alex Smith and visited pinned on my account you can bury them out at drives a generator he's doing the same thing or are you looking at Alex Smith again lovingly called on it that's the that's the thing I didn't know that was the thing that little literary excellence what are right now the top week. At the pinned we right there. I I was going through some balance with audio and then I saw Stephens urges gazing and Alex Smith went over his shoulder. All one beats truly happy to relate to him you need to file the one who visited the weight Stephens or illicit. Either right they're ready SP in the old days you'd see it. Asserted his gay easing announcement really were you look at him like a dog looks and he's a meter or Ryan went to Gordon they've really really was pretty much on outscored well so. If oh. It's right there NFL insiders. Get these side armed and they were the reporter. Good stuff SE bouncer accident before. Are there isn't saying that an arm he's more like the burden it on the I. I how long. I. I was ice queen. But is saying that you plan for the wars in hope for the best. Other ceased though appeared for the worst case scenario we get to that. Studio sixty and Sports Radio Judy ticket. Come right down to sixty in particular using promo code sixty in sports. I'm trying to do. It's. Been. Are disappointed right. I realize it's just hard feelings towards the weekend and trash yeah. Literally I'm not a fan I'm not a fan. Here in orphanage expects that was shown ourselves and I don't apparently liked his act out. Yeah I'm not really fans. The good book though. We've been vaguely first time here in the song. It is significantly. Really this is awesome ever an assault with a member. They're playing on fine bonds bump in the yeah I don't think. Cristobal. No defense. I'm not at all. The unedited version of the song is much better. Two of the of overheard the store where OK let's. Accident. At an average but it U verse. A rope with this tweet from mom. Frank Mason. Local San because this is my last semester anti. Times lie speed and polish on living live into your mid thirties and white access. Lease about it if sleeves more Cecile all honey I don't know. On that airlines stays and plays very it's a town where a lot of people live in the don't. Still go to school there. We think a percentage of people who mourns the Denver took a classic he. And leave less questions. It all right so checked it back to the seats. Before the break we're talking about worse case scenario. In one of the things that we set about the sees here the last couple years. Is that typically. They're not a team that's great and it. Comebacks. By large margins. Today. Typically when it seems they got down by seventeen. To 1417. Point two whatever to a three touchdowns. It's carpet in the make a big round. Just because. They have been built to be a quick strike all of that is now they've got some of that building now basically because a Tyree feel. He's a game changer. He is a god you get a Tillman a flat he utility all announced. If you do so we needed and the ball all told me to take it to the house like 68 yards would receive them do. So that dynamic with its offense has changed a little bit but a lot of people still. Think the Baltic seas all dense. As alt instead. That would shorten the time would think it. Do you agree. Agree with that but one thing this chiefs team has shown us this year than Billy come back. Mean they've kind of showed it this engineered that they did they flip to the the first game of the depth CB Richard biggest comeback rector for the chiefs the comeback against the Broncos. What they did against did the falcons who come in through in the clutch. He's something they've done and they've got the slow starts this year and other teams get via. The raiders game the wanna know Opel scores the moved on the field scorer at Drew Brees the saints the same thing that she's just come back out of the chiefs have proved the ability. The combat Alfred were fearful that with Elliott minister David says and you physically exhausted I don't it's almost like not they get down two touchdowns to a couple of teams here. It's not that was the biggest surprise of week war. It's that actually did it up again that was a gain there we can change. What people think about him that he can't come back as they attract record was two minutes for the afternoons were being he couldn't do it. So at this game is a chance for Alex Smith that he holds the racer in a racist past with a big win against Pittsburgh. Yup and sell lots of rest Baylor for MacKenzie star he was up on 93 point seven the fan in Pittsburg. Only two and pony show and he was asked and it seems come back. If they're down by two touchdowns ask what happened this past week in with the dolphins. Play in the Steelers they went down to just sounds Torres was asked about it. A little ugly they've been pretty good in the two minute this year but what they've really pulled off the ball back and look at the Denver. They came back in and nonetheless struggled. Regulation. Against an elite people somewhere in all of won't know where they needed to be important to me that they thought. And up through the reason for that. They spent all hope he gave all of them. Workable. So well that he had that yeah you can go to quarterback. Isn't like the plane that went off the crowd Welker a couple of. I cells to read as bomb answer in the question on ninety point seven the fan. That yes he believes it sees this portion of the chiefs is good enough. To wit if they get down a couple touchdowns that they can battle back into a ball. And I do believe that those days because had we seen it this year I do believe that's the case but I also look at the Steelers. They can run the ball effectively. Levy on bill that is a team that can grind the clock down to the chiefs don't have that opportunity. Hit that much time these other teams they did against Broncos can't run the ball she shrivel to come back on the Broncos. Cindy your chargers won away from the ran for some reason some cheese Republican back. Mode trying to make come back on a team we can run the football selects it's like Alabama clubs. Scarborough goes out they listen thirty yards rushing you were able to run the clock. Clemson and of time at the in the come back and when the game it's a worries about the Steelers shirt I know Alex Smith come back engaged. The day you talk about Pittsburgh can run the ball which is the best clock friend that you act. Will he have enough time to do it he's the good lord of the slow slower this script that he Andy Reid is on for the first series to series. It's gripping to carry out to a game he's had time to do. Twice a bit after the bye we talk about any re scripting plays all the time how he does a few plays the first composers like. Where's that created ideal time. Always had two weeks to kind of think about what he wants to do. He plays it up for a second quarter third or fourth or what's he gonna do gets Pittsburgh Steelers play becomes agreed mystery. Excited 69 threes those states it's of this question and I have. What do you trust mole. The chiefs in stopping. Big band and that offense. Of the Steelers in the final two minutes if they have to wanna drive. Or do you trust more in that cease all states having to school. In the final two minutes. With the draw. I trust. The Austin's. To go to on the football field. In get points if they need points in the final two minutes more sold in. Having to stop being an adult at its best is the way laughter I still I feel better about that she's been on offense in the final two minutes as opposed to the defense having to stop him in the final. Actually the one thing we've talked about it and get talked about is you don't know what it is because it's something weird to get boy take away. The fact that she's a plus sixteen number when the unifil. It big portal with this team is this year. Getting Edward turnover getting a score. Getting 43% your points on special teams or defense that your offense. We can dismiss because just happens. It's actually been a big part of Hollywood. Big Ben is prone to internal as well on the road. That's the one aspect because hey kid you don't know what's gonna happen that's when we talk about offense defense. What do we talk about turn over to talk about the unknown. But that is a big part of what she's been winning. The flu people. Mean fluke is just the flu peak rate their own luck bat the ball out of running backs in Chris Ivory fumbled the ball inside the tip. Getting that six. These are the things you can't count on but this is a big part of with the chiefs have been good. Here we discussed that these kids say. Berries can intercept the ball to second quarter take it back in this going to be the Steve what you predict you know we could talk with the office we talk about the defense but the one thing that the chiefs do. We are turnovers in weird situations tightly turnovers in situations great or look or speeders profitable Kelvin Benjamin the Carolina Panthers. That's what she's been winning. We talk about Smith the running game and just needs on defense all the time but haven't been winning is the return over. I see your point. Bush. Big Ben doesn't make a ton of states he's been pro he's made a few. But it beat in the Baltic it just seems like they've become a closely especially given out on Antonio brown and exit they mate was a was at three weeks ago two weeks ago. Would it did last second touchdown. Where on eight Antonio Brown stretch is the ball over the goal line that was just a rape. It's been this week give me yours is to run off the bat but this still prone to turn over earliest. A mute as last game in two interceptions against the dolphins. It was at home who exactly taking care of the football. He's been prone to do that of an effect this season and always get to 49 touchdowns this year. But he's turned the ball over as well returns a ball over on the road what bin does Britain is not. Here's what turns it over he's willing to take risks. Russia and that's from V if you makes it it's good but he's willing to take that risk weighs thirteen interceptions this year and six fumbles to get twenty turnovers. We kids eat each cheats is the most time he's right roll the dice it becomes of steak guys but. Sometimes he makes that costly mistake now because it's the chiefs at the hope is people take away things that joke is whether than winning this year. They get that while taking the ball away usually it does of reality. They can't destroy him as the teams they've had some close games in on Monday considered a man they when it. Have they would they Caroline. And they would need the Denver Broncos game means weird at least turn over just come. Manifest themselves in this and what she's wet but it's that's a mean talk about a sudden it's the x.s and those myth you can break down. It's the weird occurrence. Altered to lime in Mitchell Schwartz he unveils something that we did know about him we get into that next. Six to. Those. Who. So it. Republicans are. Because there. It's Wednesday. Because his favorite day of the week and there's an option became does not until Sunday. Think green is Kennedy's plea. I don't think he's gonna give us weeks. We'll take like a movie or something things with and help these guys got a functional right. I gets a hit some since he's made a big time after the playoffs mr. really drunk. It is pleased and here at the groups that occurred while. It is something so at the edge which has entered. A what this win bad. Is there anything on the line why you always want them money and everything so badly. Like the fantasy football season and wasn't even about competition with human lake it was just about beating the all you Big Ten Conference ourselves like is an inferiority complex but it. Your life. You're like yeah Kansas City and I'm the Saint Louis of this discussion. Mostly hate make that comparison myself by just when you might feel a suitable or. From the twist. I have been debating is whether an amateur because it comes off as a but after all the crappy gave me for the reason I decide not I don't really care anymore. I only care issues. What in the L not. You should you should hear a ball game dad get that he wants. A into the gifting needs. Thing. Also what do you think that was a bit ago unity and news. All right it sounds like the two sports reveal something about himself today. You'll a little spies taken aback I don't know. Zeal I didn't want to you know. This will be the first time you have to weigh in eleven minute into the synergy Aziz who's talked and that also got to wait for us enough footballers them around. Blocking people Demi entry. On a minute and of this he dropped the bombs. I here's the truth here is a line between. And people. You guys are my fastball. I haven't heard they're desolate where we're truly is an. And it is. Every week. The good news for quite like this. Environment. You have the the person. For more guts to. You. That anything for protecting out. Well I do a lot of plus the blitz was coming through 2000. Everything is coming bills are movement. Things like that zone they have other games setting them. They do hundreds of these guys. When you look we got. We're definitely so hopefully we were comfortable over there. The victim was and continues to do their comfort journalist though. Okay well here. Truth is. There. Leo it's. Yeah a little. Does your dog have a Twitter account. It's good enough answer it so it's sugar Philly. It's only about dead. Thanks so I just heard about them. Okay here he's got a lot of followers this Google's decision doesn't count him a little over here and who's gonna do when you first got news it was. I was and he's gonna kickoff we have a few dogs. Legacy in the neighborhood calling for Palmer himself. That is that is different than. Does he speak for himself heard to someone else manages accounts. He types in some the we have on the due to speak to talk to city's parks and there it translates. It and it don't you love. You've got the offensive line's play and just play your best apology right now. You know I think you're a little too up and down. You have in his in his game wasn't on our millions. Into the from. Perspective you know I don't move stuff. Pressures them in the run game we give them better. You know there's always good stuff and again I was about that and again I think just being more consistent playing. You picture than Richard moment. We didn't return. Before that. Stevenson. Yeah definitely going to be Dresser practice and get. Were. Ice and doubles mission Schwartzel what we learned today is that. His dog has an instant Graham account with what he say 60000. Followers as we're and other things started. To rumble. You go to the Twitter account. People talk to about it he didn't. Written to some real good stuff. This or didn't to by Friday. It's old and you also want really is Gergen right to the belly I mean we're in we're in them via. Finally my dessert can have a Twitter account no I mean or instrument now know as a matter of fact I think that it's a little odd when people who have. FaceBook or Twitter accounts further animals like Welch but. It's cool weird. Well weird. All right good this. Who was did you ever meet the parsed. Was tweeting it did was it increased net I don't know who it is. Stop these that we do not affiliated with view. I think we've we've all established that I have a deep hatred from. You want your can't get run over one I didn't want to know you asked for somebody you. Ask I hear people do no wrong yes yes yes you do yes you did I mean I didn't show writers LED others started tweet and it was Greg. Male and he was delivered by mail that day of my cat was outside running or I know for a fact he was out like he ran out in the morning and let him back in. I don't care we expect first snake problem. My brother actually suggest that by a mongoose and put it in my garage which seems like a bigger problem than the snake. I think however the year grudge yes you'll see in the springtime and Shelly villas and Braylon these kids that is makes climb. Which I didn't originally think I was only looking bowl low. The horizon try to kill this thing to did you yes several times a body glue traps I've but I tried to kill the shovel lived there and lived to tell a story. You know this that snake is its reproduced twice in the time I've that I've been trying to kill you know this since they accuse mommies or not pissed off enough to OK Wesley wasn't. Oh well you'll rather somebody Hilliard cat in dance naked taken. That's his footing with a grudge is this thing. Started. To read text and you know I hate my quote who hate my ultra low Mike Welch. He's find it odd that his dog has a FaceBook account at all. Also suggesting my dog must be ugly and boring little happened so. Do you believe that sports as in C Graham kicked accounts or his. It is 60000. Went to have to remind me about that snake. I'd kind of forgotten about it with winter here. I just ask if you think your the snake you Voeller to. Be tough to find it in the winter. But it's like coiled up in my lawnmower and a big gets the key is what's Brington probably was before it was. Pretty damned if it was pretty. And I had babies. Were multiple babies to the tennis snakes this year. Does the eagle get a heat socially. I mean originally I was letting the snake lived because I understand it's an important part of the whole ecosystem of apparently my garage. You're keeping mice are might might. Garage but up the world towards the regional keep mice out. Eaton blogs and stuff like I don't like mice and bugs so I'll take one stake over all those listening just a year we do it's take him long. What the snake. I mean the idea was to get right back in the garage now the idea was I was gonna catch it or glue trap because I'm not man enough to grab a snake in my bare hands is it gonna national include Trevor can take on the middle of the woods and just leave that there he wondered when you open your toilet if they will be in to stop it. There's a sit down at stake will give in their note about to bite your books. That the crusher on. I don't wanna think about it birds Textron 620 Ryan at the park. The wife's car in the garage were because of a letter of snakes that popped up this spring last time I saw I was on the way in the basement I feel your pain. I am living in constant fear of my garage yeah there's companies that actually and I ridges and it's I don't under. I'm not gonna pay for that I feel like you know like this vague yeah. I'd I just. I don't know with the sales he'd get endorsement for a sneak hinders them within. I think that's a plumbing company actually it's not a I don't mistake for example by the state removal company under person out there. Easy on. People do this for living and overdoing train. Terror. You frequency that had that mouse is apartment in the one doing okay bats. That's a vastly different thing. All the normal in the garage to you snake as apples and oranges he got was dealing with eight new mouse. In dealing with a serpent. Breaks yet the things not just one like multiple. There's companies are trained to go out there and get those snakes and here right Davis they left for the one thing I automatically. Probably last night. Yes I clean up my garage. And you're right glue trap stone worked excellent I try to like out or babies. I felt really bad year or oil along like all of Oilers hard and look for moms. Yeah I'm looking for the for the big daddy. And no my cats marketed the snake. I'm lazy bastard doesn't do anything. I ate a cat so much. Oh trying time for me and you guys are over here just mocking me. I just tell guys that there's companies that go out to the stakes are categorized as that typical. And you so traumatized experts who to root on. Cool man and it's got a number down come over to that in just a rep tile on my dame garage. Poll. We get via the Tate 242 in the we're done on the days. Studio sixty in Sports Radio. In trouble in sports. The. Sounds like everybody. If you use that snake who played Alex Smith injury as a pretext. There aren't sneak literally. Who's under or more next. About how regular rush Nate now my trousers they know how but it has a lot of did you just say lot of people think here. You'll be in the kind of. A one pound that is. Why you bring him back so he would say the word. Thelma and. Is being watched. Kidd said. Dino is jemaah. I'm looking at that he's beat and some in the you don't know their loyalty to. All the. And guys against. Well let's fine. Now battling glass houses in her got a new coach yes we moved it actually talking about it to say he's made shows licenses since we came on part of what he could be the Broncos coach with the Rasheed as we talk about snakes. Politically it's what you guys were talked about. Thanks and small crawl space under the house I'm fairly certain that's whether the living in the winner to get more reactions due to me on the street asking about the chief Steelers game. Thanks. I just shook hands right now there's four guys in this room right now who's willing to pick the snake with a bare right now. It is is it to his side. This is an enormous Nate I'm not alive ultimately it is Tucker I think we law. It's been in my garage like four years. The first time I notices there was they've relatively young and small snake should figured then I didn't want to do that because I thought that it would be four iron and four is Anaconda. I thought it would be fun like I eat the field mice or whatever comes in my garage do I was happy with it. Four years went by on the skin in the corner and let me tell you one. No not in the senate radler is that with the rattlesnake in the past. The non venomous snake that. I'm sorry I'm just too scared. Not that do need a hand salute you on that somebody suggested putting my cat in the garage for bay is at stake for a by listeners we could speak rye. Years ago. That Dieter. As to as anybody offered the test and look at what he has. But it did that all bogey that's neat career and how might how wide is the garage door. Standard garage door because that's about the wing of the while. Like if if we just want to get the brass tacks here due to corporate won the single car garage. Purdue today it is in Normandy and only get bigger to. Oh lake city Greg snake that he didn't dollars and exit. That's that is exactly what it's that you sit you grip brain statement you'll grab a largely. I say anything about winds. Talk we're talking right snow skis and gives you still would you grab he's it would grab a snake bit. I would like listening now. Stop it take to report. There and it's older it's just killed. Tucked but the beginning. Alex Smith few athletes have the opportunity. These at least what I mean by that is Alex Smith as the race who's in it. He can erase everything you were birdies that were set about it he's actually pretty decent quarterback in the postseason. He's got an opportunity to go out. Wipe out the history gay news anchor that's what he's considered. His wife has got man that's been said about you know here's about two to wipe yourself and you're gonna hear about it trust. What ladies like to do it remind you bear that if you deserve read the clippings she will. She will tell them like eating like will within Saddam would not exactly people are saying. People talk about the manager Clark manager ever view the body is the end of the network anyway go. It's Alex with the hope he beat the Texas leisure thirteen nothing in the playoffs but nobody wants to talk about that. Does it change the script is we'll get right we sure the defense did you what was out there it will talk without Smith. He actually has the razor in his hand he can literally wiped out everything that anybody's ever said about him. If you beat Pittsburgh Steelers quality opponent but of course got a great chance. To parlay that against New England Patriots in if you win a suitable. Few athletes get an opportunity twelve years in their career became completely didn't return beautiful golfer you. He couldn't do anything because people give them any credit for winning is simple they'll we'll talk rubbery Lewis in the defense. Brad Johnson the same thing to talk about the defense. If that she supported bill this year a lot of the credit would go to Alex Smith. Defense is okay it's ugly. We gloss about the defense how good it is 626 mile film total defense are great but seventh in points against the and a number one or number two. Eighty read. With a ring he's teaching himself the kid. It's a road block to get that rain this morning shot I. But Alex Smith holds you racers being in question is will use it won't continue to say the same things we've said about Alex Smith okay. Us want to do wonders how have wanted more pops. It's easy to get back what I do wonder if you get more than anybody else here agree that talked Pope who we kind of cued him as a game. About the things in there who operate from what I tell my take is this Italy constituted exit gains in playoff games. In the biggest games sports. Both of the games that matter in the most every single thing in the invested definitely be the case. All the players out there as well. These guys have a lot all of a plot but we assumed they a lot of pride and they should have a lot of people with that. A lot of the players. They get props. They get the accolades poured their place. It was one of those guys here and as he does got a lot of credit this year and a lot you were talking but even put up possibly being got to get into the mobile. Was deep pool. Indeed Ford to be honest the source after the season app so we aren't all the bulls props with the way to be played in the fourth after the season. What his play. In the second half of the season for the bulls by them on Republicans say there's been some part is that multiple games in the last month when he did not register a tap. This act that was heavily dramatically down the over the course of the last month and half so. It's on you right now. It sees need the real DE four to stand up. He needs to prove that he is that guy. That is playing to the best to visit built ability and he's. Trading an animal troughs to look at the bulls what they were at the time early in the year dirt on the nights it's and other various cells and with some. C span said a while there in pasty awards. A massive contract when no. That was way too that your deeds or just give us a good performance on Sunday and will go from there. And this is an. They have what happened to put in the needle inside the eggs they pleaded. There's been a very appetizing for sneak in Beatles. Well late swallow their foot hole basically so it's true. Ghetto to a girls he. Satisfied judicial towards an olive the snake anatomy and I get the stakes of banks. Back at a. Altman and I go back get to my house in the two right it's true that doesn't have dropped an easy dad being nicer coming up next here. 6 this morning reveals that its board yeah. So. Everybody the other hot cocoa.