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01/11 - 12 pm - The Same Concerns

Jan 11, 2017|

It's noon, so naturally we crack into a 610 6-Pack. Plus, it turns out the Steelers are worried about the same thing the Chiefs are.

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Okay awaits. It's noon here. Hot seat. Backfield they ship Blake. Big what else it's that time. 46. Pack. But he biked as a deliberate subs to deliver. This. Who is. For your kids get over it suggests that allows its calls but as I don't know I got distracted by by the show. Ron your own service on. This show and low power out there so to. Street stuff that from the showed you we're drilling there we talk about culture I don't wanna talk about what Oval Office. I not suitable for higher office felt awful we talked about the cultural life. Injury addressed the media just moments ago a year ago library here on six and Sports Radio if you like (%expletive) again I guess it sticks in sports dot com. The big take away from Indy three. So exactly a a glowing review he was asked about Justin Houston health. And he said this could be 54 because ago. Yankee. So it worked good to go feels like a stretch he said they'll be fine I anticipate. They have not been definitive amber rose just. We didn't sit Jessie does apply. He's pretty good that he does. He didn't do the Tintin can. Is adamant as into the city's plans a practicing did he sees me practice fields to predict you'll. What do you make is over six days he doesn't fly. 10%. Is 90% chance points. I'm gonna go twentieth. Of it is so weird the way he's been tied banning pot up a couple is built any couple money. I didn't seem to law. To bottom affected just as absolutely going to play I'm an emotional month Hamas and it just uses got a play I do believe he's gonna give it ago. For me and I am aren't. We'll see in practice suited to do all week Dallas had to do with the game. Now around the game. America again it's commander. Who publicly. But here's the thing. Earlier this year we didn't you know we get used to just he's not playing these games he has to play now you can. Concerns for their poise and oh my gosh I started to realize dual led that drop I wanted to hear. Who did do little or thousands upon drops. Would have done. Shut off to a some good things productivity. With the purpose of doctors say it didn't. I would go back to that she's here in just a second's. Boxing column but itself. Start in the zoo last night yes if explorer in quarter. Feet porous and since it was Todd Palmer say. It was pretty fertile and tennis 9400. That he thought eight that was actually real hunger breaks but he got the actual numbers here for just grown and government stuff up. But zoo announced attendance last night was 9688. You were close to definite majority. That will execute. He estimated attendance but it tot former redoubt just seconds later. But 5907. That was you know estimate attendance. I don't know if you saw pictures again I've never been good jest guessing the amount of jelly beans and a jar but it looked about 12100 people. It was it. It was and this is a new boss more. We're going to supports programs that through the affiliates spoke in a winnable game you lost if your skirt looking at the attendance that's coming to games. You need to. And they're struggling in Auburn 77 was 72. We were offered to enter the station could go to the game. So fortunate to get three more people. I needed an extra toilet paper I was. Unfortunately. In Italy have time and lose it would the next time you go to one. But you sound so I just need to get runners activity there and I got it ultimately this is all the tickets or they'll they'll. Basically bigger girls than for you to go to Columbia white castle or tigers basketball. Shakespeare's. Doubles quite yet. But it's anything other than tiger basketball. Might twist of nine news in Denver reporting that the Broncos are expected to all offer dolphins' offensive coordinator and Joseph. Their head coaching position today Ian Rapoport also saying that that he was scheduled to leave Denver. A lot of going back to the Denver practice facility had left the building sense. Things are cooking in the mile high city. I don't it's not about the guy I mean they're saying he's been doing a really good job when he interviews it sounds like. Maybe he just. Of the broad goals that this is their guy does he got there and have stated this has got to be the next coach of the different rock or something he loved they're going back defensive minds that nets actually won a Super Bowl so why not put Miami's defense. I mean if we're proof this year should they finish total defense they're about the grad assistant coordinator for gulf and it finished 29 to the NFL total beat. I. Points against the heat. OK they were great. But there's not a lot of work with the sexes. Which. More college but guys. Okay so what's the grace and now I mystical. Added a game during last night's game vs Florida State he appeared to to push an assistant coach for the sentinels. While diving out of bounds for a loose ball by the way do did lose that game 8072. Florida state of like hearsay you didn't they don't think you get it on purpose like he was trying to get itself on the wire act that coach would be armed. Our man was below or write to me. He was rather aggressive with the push but I think it is in the news was too. Perfect cults pack that. I'm not taking it that way it was aggressive when he went into the to decide my physical adopt or back everybody does in Myanmar but yet we needed and that's the bigger point everything he does gonna be under a microscope and it did look a little. We do extra English on the show of their team that he typically goes out does say it was Canada Greece and help. He's going to do it again he will do again he's come close the last two games. In the any argument that personnel will do something really really don't all you do something some else diplomacy is over the next couple weeks and without question. Do you think he was rather aggressive in his approach to the sidelines Ryan yeah yeah yeah added. 100% think it was intentional. Well. This just. Last one for you guys here's your wrapped sixers expect regiment it's of deli fresh stuff just from NFL network you'll brands. Given we'll follow on Twitter at he'll underscore brands. Key highest career playoff passer rating. Didn't and number one Bart Starr with 104 point eight. But to this cause warmer and one of those two point eight. Drew Brees comes and number 3100. Point seven Aaron Rodgers. 100 points story at number four and number five on that list. Number six number eleven in your playbook for number one in your heart Alex Smith. What is 99 point one what does it mean what position what does that really mean. It means that. There's only four guys that are better in the playoffs and I'll expert okay what are we if you're age and a lot of degrees warming and name are now the lowest Mark Sanchez. I don't know we're talking about doesn't see this thing classic 94 point three to deliver a level that's also what we really say did. I just I finally got. Seriously. Mark Sanchez has a couple of names dump Alex then we say to Mark Sanchez good stocks slipped out to. He did go to battery battery back to eight to ought to do it see objects that day Pitney. Yeah mold. Why you Sanchez out. You can't give them his footsteps as saying I mean I just felt like it was puts us back on this thing just to finally seems finest opera there is really. Rust desert. Remembered for all. I mean yeah you say Mark Sanchez also that was Russell Wilson and Joseph Montana I. I CN. I'm not the lovely the names oh. A fine fine I'll add all of the next time I apologize annoys you wanna fix the race. I've bad what's the stuck on a man's day. Assaults and check this out I just got the media advisory. We'll know Marshawn Lynch had beast mode yes he's about to launch yes flawed. Billy if BB PS law at all o'clock AM Spitzer where. He's the first a new operating partnership with us a tour. So yes laws is the first capsule collection developed by and watched by a beast mode in connection with another professional athlete that athlete. Spencer worked. Detroit knows more Sean Beckham's is that Seattle. The beast mode spurning. For. Yes. Through a sex I'm saying Ryan world just with talking about staff. But my stats like those women he can do whatever north. That's. We have our robot analysts talisman for the fifth best quarterback and pour out if they had some experience and we don't that's not true have been. Is that that's that is is he the pit. He's in the top team quarterbacks that we seem play in the bowl season. Note that it Joseph Monty is no Albania to Monty and as an analyst he's been pretty good number eighty. We get is Tom Brady on that list now he's not a joke interest. Well let's wait numbers but Trent Dilfer notre dove for and I. Probably not bad leading pass attempts. But I'm glad I was with the altitude at which you're doing to bring adults. What to do it don't you dare. Go to dated. We don't hear it gathers new music in I'm pretty sure it's that I was number ID news. All right 66 it's six bagged rob do you buy it since deli fresh subs we deliver we cater which here. We've yet to eighty read your we had to say next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. Judy tickets dot com right now. I guess it did a particular easing promo code sixty in sports. I'm badge on the day ceaseless debate out there. Phone six stand let's address a couple of things. But a little bit earlier hurt Andy Reid lives he owns sixty and you also heard here at beard. Like it. Beer was really serious. It was a mess around and he was like with. His tone today. Was it's all business I'm sure Sharma would ask the bulbs. Our in boxes order. He said that if it quarterback. Very citizens and good yeah me he was he was really sure disease is seated at the elaborate two months. All I know was asked about maybe the difference in terms of you know playoffs global bourses saw Greg this is of the ball on the speed of the game so what daddy salted you know guys like mark -- about the whatever but. He was he was serious today was to see you don't care about many things disease that's based leasing questions on the play the Steelers earlier this year during the week you ever are basically same thing but he stopped. Aid Tony Brown what do you do plea deal on Goldman back. Big Ten said caution. The only thing actually care about. But just use. He said Herbert is gonna practice here about that they care about just used the rest stuff. It was they are genius after the break they build quality is up to divide it took questions again. I get to me and national media deal with the B reed I want to keep you know. Eight peak when he said on Monday it's very easy duties of website he see exactly exactly. Everything in my Tomlinson yesterday's three easy to do. Is killed watch it and see that he did dressed. He wants to talk about this game and the he had this response to just have to do the game around again. America game. To the game he was pissed off load the cheeseburgers something you have an answer regarding but he states in view of you may answer. To do with anything else. Fisher curious to the question. Was asked if during pre draft scouting you give a guy an advantage based on his ability to be a special teams player. Assuming they are angling for you know like pirates he'll question. Or somebody else Julie DG Alexander may actually you know. It's halfway decent question he we mean you've value to guide you picture him to be on special teams and I get it I understood about the exit I agree. He'll based question to be honest with you we were freeze like that. I think it's. I mean I think it's a little odd that somebody's asking him questions about pre draft Seattle now all's well that the idea of a dead as a little bit more importantly it's all tough games if your for a likes football odd that. Like step process and had a general idea where my pin. The adult use dude was so bad intentions with the Gonzales is legitimate question I mean had I not seen use sitting across the glass in that room next to me you thought I thought it was vaguely. In my be a better question red for the draft pick coach watch Alabama game or she Helio line back Bambi like. I get back to the game. Two game. Well it's actually good pusher for Dorsey. We right now. Old yet you'll always hot right now you'll talk about the draft now are you. It would pursue the right now mug and ask about the damn Alabama I might that it of course sets you. Solbes and a minus equation. It's. If your words she's been salivating over the Alabama linebacker you're watching the game. Till salivating over see Steelers has that and it was salivating over Alabama's linebackers then. No it's a question for Dorsey got wind play a Mondays and play in his. Amos with him they know. The. Date night might might meet somebody that played that game he says it's now. I have no doubt you were literally salivating. While watching game. So. A grid actually has to wrist bands that you were special for football watch and wipe the salvation office chin. Censure. 100% true that your you can customize the 91 they have a name round. Only one not two. Oh and a great measure ruled that these weren't. As we look. We've. Ever change. The plane. Is going to and so. Brinkley when watching. Alabama in this attempts a game and linebackers JJ IT what are your. We do you wonder what do you do any reads curious about the Shawn Watson's performance. And I would just Dorsey about how he. And as Dorsey that. If you want to hear right now you estimate this John Watson question probably so. Oh oh. You know on. Yeah. Probably asking that is that it. That's. Always sound like sandy. Really wasn't live audio from bank whose basement during the Alabama quote once again. 000. You know I'm. Yeah. Or keyboard is let. The one thing that the Miami Dolphins were concerned about with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Is the same thing the Steelers are concerned about with the chiefs will tell you what that is necked. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. And we shall hear me. On six it yeah. Something happened last weekend dad's dolphins pains me. The team themselves assumed. It was. Thinking man. What happened in the regular season. Automatically. Get it transferred to the polls and that's out of outwards. Imus in the team in the players and the coaches thought that well maybe a lot of teams thought to do the fact that this the other dolphins. Molly watts. The Steelers in the regular season in Miami. No big deal was go to his four and beat upon and that's not how it works. Because if you if you must stay the same type of thinking. A lot of people look disable. The Steelers. Crushed the chiefs. So in essence all the had to do was is go to the city traveled here. And they should be it won't want to secure it's not that's how these things play out like this a totally different. On. Type of scenario number one because you're playing in a different venue number two is the playoffs. In the playoffs Danes are totally different from regular season playoffs. You did meet. It's very similar to what Mike Mitchell says that the Steelers. We talk about the chiefs have that bye week he said that just like what happened in the first game. With Miami it was a relevant they slapped her face off we returned the favor. I'm sure Kansas City he'll wait to do with. This for muscular safety Mike Mitchell. Basically saying. It say they they clearly wanted to smack blame me around what happened tumor earlier this year yeah Whittle payback he said it's. Probably wouldn't change one. Is who'll pay back on the Pittsburgh Steelers essentially all. I'm sure they're tired of seeing Antonio Brown highlights and lady on bill violates than they've got some pride about themselves and they have a chance. To really redeem that you can't redeem what happened gets a Steelers. Lets you play the Steelers again at the Steelers and Bursch who again. General problem and it teams in your head the team that owned you this force that chiefs lost the last four playoff games I don't wanna know these guys don't care. Made a few of me because it 2002 in game with the ravens they might care about have been NB shipped. Who covers Steelers in the Pittsburgh post that was on Katie KE in Pittsburgh. In said this to the chief Stewart the Steelers did turn table. All very much so I mean look the newspaper but it. I've forest walks it was like a point to point so another non the yeah because of the band that they dropped so yeah. Did the city. Probably should be favored you know playing in a place at the top plate to go in and play it get a good defense although they're not that good against the run. And they get where U verse on offense can really you know I'm maybe really expose them and been there and do what Kansas City like do you know keep. Keep the ball ball control. I assume that's exactly what they wanna do Mike Tomlin scheduled respect for Alex Smith and then Eddie plays the rest with Tomlinson whispered glossy about Kelsey. Jerry Kill you hear that later this week but. It keep the ball of the entities play makers run the clock so she did you manipulate the clock is why Obama couldn't finish off Clemson. We spoke Scarborough got hurt they lost the ability. To grind the clock yelled move the chains get first downs which would have been impaired at Medina game so they'd have time to come back in the game went on today. And I think that's one of the things that bet you have to focusing on the final a couple of days. That's why I think it win of wind says this morning your boss is aware of him having the steps are step up. I think he's right about there because you want to keep the ball away from that this pursues alternates and we know they have guys. That seen. Put together a drop. A nine yard drive over the course of so many different place with lady on bail in the about the order in other guys they have but also. Have guys on the roster. That is gore. Touchdowns quickly in the blink of an like in Antonio Brown. It'd take much for its owner Ron to affect a game last we do because it seemed like in the fourth quarter of all he was tool was breaking out in getting to the end zone period early so. Spit out where to mean. I'm not saying he's an all six. Everything deadly Gambill is looking to do this or. But tactic that the bits seems to have to be up to run the four ball effectively. This week and if they wanna have any scenes of winning editor. If that position we are not evidence she's favored some of these games against big time offenses. The raiders had the bowl three minutes longer the last time they came here. Drew breweries have the ball about five minutes longer with the saints that high powered offense over the chiefs Sony played some of these offices. You tell what you don't want quick strike was scores but he points Ian. But I think a big part of achieves its Spencer ware shirking request these guys can be so important Tuesday half. To be able to move the chains they have annual best strategies keyed in on the sideline. If Pittsburgh what's play game they run the ball time and drug o'clock just make sure you take advantage of the possessions that you do you have Pittsburg try to limit the possessions. Absolutely. We'll try to limit the softens the chiefs look really good blast who scored seventy points last two games and one of those teams is what the best defense is in the that filled the Denver Broncos they still were able to move the ball should add 37 points of the illness fuel. In your opinion how effective to get to be on the ground really effect you get bill moved the tree but but I'm talking about it times like these is here is their magic number that you have your head. Is we will also talk about you know you know. I get a rushed over a hundred yards and a 120 plus you know. If Terry kills part of that equation. Get the yards on the ground article gets a yen in Alex Smith Alex but the George 3040. Gonna have to. Alex Smith who helped the running game we have we have spitz words or Peter west a lot of credit last year when Jamal went down. Move the chains. Alex Smith was in the with his nearly 500 yards rushing was huge. Levee gets enough credit through the running game last year with the chiefs. At a get a run the football man Spitzer where. As yet on the football Al Smith hopefully will be it would make plays with a speak because we've horror by Thomas say. There are different team and he's a different quarterback. When Alex Witt is able to make plays with his lights. You'll lulls would Chris Jones says that era theory did earlier today we get to that. Studio sixty in Sports Radio don't do daddy tickets dot com right now. Sixty in particular in total to sixty in sports. This again tonight. It's pumped up Sunday good old Travelle over here. It's good to talk about it would thinking right now I'm with you could speak more ready for the game. My plans renowned and we both those who like the way. You wish it was Sunday on the patient and there are there. Increasingly heated cheeseburger French Fries at a restaurant they go a long time doesn't it does seem to burrito. Basilica really work that don't take Brinkley law. No it doesn't you better work on its speed bill for that eighteen inch big challenge. Tennessee I think that will be a detriment you. On the sit there and raise up to speed challenge. First done wins I don't think you're going to finishes but don't think it. Through this is going to be a ordered some air so what does it sounds again. We get a one topping eight inch bigger and we see you take it takes proper. Jay being clear is that is the error in this situation I would be the torts. And a very slow reader. But I bet basically crush is about two thirds of the pizza. Goes and has a beer. And hit the king and there's talk and she's with somebody in their. And it goes back to the Toledo area a mama last slice and basically got or to go. That will be beer. The world leader exactly our anticipated murder drink any beer while uncommitted did the DC in the beer that sounds to the judge has the know what's the real audio buns in the water that's. Growth you did did you teach in the beer. So insane as interest Roger. Human being. There interests. Just rivers throw up yet heated because you're disqualified if you do. Now. A I'll be disqualified Brothers nothing on this but pride. Sorry that's not have to make me eat vomit eagle at the door he did that. Chamber of the crowds and a half past Ford's recovery. That help you actually in on just like this. Through the free yourself Clarence intake taken eighteen inches today too fast in Philly. New watcher of and yes Tex and I am a slow mass to cater. To. Take a slow sometimes when you are just ridiculous to do I make love to a cheeseburger. Take advantage might include us. No for play involved would be increased even close. They squeeze deathly fast it didn't see it night. Senate but I was the right was that an engine. On the sector. That your motivation either Nate you'd begin though is I got to inspire carbo load. You like you don't better eat salads and everything else you made steps next in the south and taken big steps. He to sell food cheeseburger but slow and sell and cheeseburger sound taco salad and throw it yet. The wishes right GO. I'd a stunt rookie defensive lineman Chris Jones always a great guy analyst who great sound bite. He spoke to the media and he's done requested at dolls throwing at them first was how do you stop laid out. I mean you gotta be patient you gotta toy physical front. Because I'm gonna take on this Remington said in the ruling you know. As a very physical and face today and you know increasing CAA hit hard in get to the signal fast. Playing this act last. Slipped on it for you want to pay so. Much and yes you know opportunities when you watch tape on him. See how can I take him managed him suitor weakness in cedes prone forest about socialized. To act take advantage of their weakness. You view life. And difference you know. Watch elastic goes well could use different companies some things go wrong last. With the question. Thing is going to be a very different game is in felt like. We're more ready it's game meaningless game would come as well as well and they ran the ball all over the sort they would have prepared his dad. This is here more so. Some. Experience. I mean just to name is Seth Cummings. He's. The news defense the vocal play him and answered over me those guys prepare as well in those that make sure we've mentally prepared in every situation. You know we can make sure we take practice legacy games. Those guys keep us on consoles. Like accuse Ahmed of course man this monitored very got to the same speech that I used to go play a game today I mean. Does that type of gamma imaging machines. Who's aside we've got to believe in your heart you know console with you know if your heart believe your man by body will follow and you know. That has me that I mean just maybe feel like on a plane had like one knows very little speech. When they get tall. Everybody he dressed everybody's attention because he don't talk as much when he talked. Everything these days come from my heart is like today where he has. There is in the team meeting none. Existed to hustle award that's awarded takers. Been Oscars today one of the ways you can. Counteract crowded erroneous statements to play hurry up offense and in Ohio because of the he can't keep making noise the whole time. If you guys have to face and head of temple on the face and college quite a bit. What are the challenges that presents he was defensive line. I mean we are gonna be locked in you know that we expect in those things that and you know the crowd is going to affect you this is. Popcorn and everybody's the other hot cocoa. The stone cold Steve Austin side it's bogey crazy. Norman if you try to her real slowdown is they go play several bilateral that it and we just gotta be logged in and we got to be locked in mentally prepared. What about physically don't eat when you notice he's going to Polonia puzzling is that on does that affect futile defense one man. We are an NFL for you should be condition another on the stand those situations you know this is not college anymore log Roman. So we've got to be prepared physically if you need it if she conditioning got to get an irrigated yes victim worse got to speak the words. It Sharkey a little bit ago he got to please first playoff games last year. And he said it was an eye opener to him how much faster to gain got in the in the playoffs then during the regular season. And he talked to either veterans and about what to expect when it comes to you first playoff game. Tempo I mean he he coaches me up like you know listen to normalize he says the end is going to be ten times faster. And it was regular season have slacker. Let's talk a whole other season within a season so you know. Are prepared myself well I'm continued preparing to sending you know the state there are putting over adulterers basketball skills recently got a stupid over the Harlem Globetrotters this week. To be 380 close and and I mean Jesus. But he dating split the latest. It is definitely not out there 82. The mill with the woods is. In the report he's it's he. I'm. I am leading it again and I mean users. Great leader Rome you know. To beat Hillary. Do those the main and you. Can. To listen listen to some of this athlete in your peers. Oh really I'm really looking screen quarterback honestly there's. This guy you I mean he's very equipment in the and me and me in my again with a battle for swing I'm telling you like anything happening on the lose one in Camden Tim Tebow. I'm on Friday is now might as well if somebody doing. Though it was Christians. And I have an issue of day you gotta keep begging humane thing. Community in him. Dude. Chris does a great sell by eat is essentially said he's he's he's got it. He has stated to Contra. How many times that string quarterback how many times he called comfort pulled 386. He could go back to three. You re forgotten running Joker Christians are you slight raising his weight I was at the 380s and it was reported in that report and Kolb can expect a. Ellis of funny stuff. Chris Jones is always the best known role he's you there plus the title of the ways that are Coco everybody the other hot cocoa. Telco Chris young's best man. He needs to show just what he says he needs to show. Actel so everybody the other high Coco. Have you seen the tweets from. March Wilbert. No one minute ago he says life is beautiful. Assault these that's all it's eight minutes he got aggravated he'll play. They'll all give it will be given got confirmation of this though. The terms what are counts of first. Life is beautiful is the the tweets he was going down on pose wait one of the things. Bad he talked about though was the was meeting there where. Yes and I seem several tweets about this now and you know we've got a couple other all the guys and she's locked room to go through here's my here's a little bit more about it but. That Cindy. Is why Eric varies. Going to be one of them the highest paid safeties and you know not the highest paid safety in of this offseason and you know we often times under sell. What it is to have some of those intangibles. But when you hear every 152. Other guys on the roster talk about are paired. There's not a single guy. Who says anything bad about there's not a single guy who said hey you know what. Had Roy motivate me in fire media every single guy we hear is when Eric Berry talks we listen yelled. When they're repeatedly he's as he says don't months only halts Sergio but he speaks herb Douglas. And the way that the way to Chris Jones described as you know when he talks to always come from the horror. And when he when he speaks to you with a political theater. And he says I wanted to go play right now. Described as they bring Lewis type fires you up and I've never been a huge Ray Lewis it is but the guy can get your current big big finish at the dusty likens is that your email asking about having the Christians shows Steve insert out there as well. Just funny man is it sits there still people don't want. We're back on this team next year long term these what sold off in the long term contract. I just don't understand ousted might have watched him back on the steam I can understand you thinking that money could be spent better somewhere else always in that argument but I. I don't know on the person put a lot of stock in the intangibles of sports in the mental aspect of the game and they are very being on your team amber what are gives you reminder. That if your dragon asked if you're just don't feel like getting it done that day. White Duke Lacrosse field to nine what are you know what he went through yup and just how can how can you possibly ever asked that but are higher there. What Eric Berry say there today. In the press conference what do you say matter. He said there was something that Matt chemistry and chemistry. Chemistry matters. I can't imagine. This she's seen an organization. With out he'll. In the secondary next big party closer there when the one finalist here they rattle off ten straight wins the regular season when the policies and how much that blizzard bears. He's the one constant. This year buries the constant net 600. More speeders were speeders gonna take a leadership roles well. Justin Houston and we've been an impact for the team this year. I just Mann act. I hate to think about this chiefs team without your readers. Seriously as these are bring Chris Jones podium every Chris Jones he's the best assault on two boys two week. He measles. It's a dusty tells the tells us all he needs it's he said he would oppose the within. 03 music that's too little that is supposedly. Honors that he's the best athlete in their hands down on the anniversary quarterback. Was totally dismiss the reality is that the law passed. Alex Smith whose new polls then there's me. Everybody's the other hot cocoa. See Chris Jones. SE. I'd do we secrets Jones but we did hear from the quarterback indices Alex Smith in two minutes. Just had to do with the game. Program. America again but yeah. Studio sixty and Sports Radio.