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01/11 - 11 am - Chief Concerns

Jan 11, 2017|

We talk Chiefs & Steelers with Tom Pelissero of USA Today. Plus, we dive into your Chief Concerns & we hear from Andy Reid and Eric Berry.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What did Jack. What did you. It's a. I welcome back patiently in bank. Without your success or regular transport back come. Out we're too. Of the show. Yet that debate. Is gonna continue to. Play Al wild man in terms Els speech areas where you can ask him or should have stayed in August of whatever obviously healthy debate. But. I don't want people to be overly negative. A lot when it comes talking about having a stadium in the downtown area of yours it. What is get ahead of the curve fourteen years. Ways to get ahead of the curve with a spinning light rail and doing those things down economy to be targeting the infrastructure writes a bit like what they're doing. With Lamar Hunt junior wants to build a bunch of hockey. Arena has been eventually get a team needs that the ground work first. I am a youth hockey and have a bunch of places play overly XP in the sport in bin Gil. For the double AT need chill or go for the NHL specific ground work first best times are too. Dirty eleven years into this 45 year old leash humans will get ahead of the Kirk. At Texas Tech like six and 306 that I love and get with as I was 75 that's stupid to compare Casey to other cities. But at other downtown stadiums no other city here is the legacy. They Casey does he would beat a Natalie it's your way. What legacy guy would talk heroes. Legacy can cities have in downtown stadiums. When he's the play. And it rebel and east for crying out. I'm not I'm not a zero day attacks or understand. A big silly. A big silly. You build new stadiums. This is what to do you can't ever thing for you this much stating. Roof still leaks that. Press box. Duke it out if things draining down to get the water out. Alan Embree I just say I mean it's. Not a hundred imperfect command of the made some improvements in the stadium is great and I loved Steve Miller. I would like B I would be open to baseball not a huge fee of downtown for football bowl because. 'til evening is a big part of the city's identity. Baseball the union. That you help the boards you know the restaurants he would help. Look what the piercings than the film crossroads district always breweries open it up it helps you're downtown business. Power like community as far as they don't have a tenant on their. In big ticket is Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday give Barry dole yet in a power like the best Tom a year for power and light is clearly debate. Paul did a downtown stadium you'd shuttle's would you take you down the current like he did your districts drink beer and nobody would be perfect. You know I'm with you man told the with all right I'm assume mean that. The hotline is available and there's somebody beard because that will be topical Cyril from USA today sports. So I should assume that's aroma could L once said went down and Tommy man you duel but. Lake we pull I'm at bay out of thin air right and try to predict it and then literally as the producers calling me I've got news yeah and set in the second interview which on the base at this week. Ivan you know. That's for. Here it that is nonstop that's what that's what you're one of the best in the business mandate happy new year I eagle but. I'm. You know like get got a newborn here so diplomat that toddler and coaching search Newton headed to Atlanta Libya and he got in this weekend on Sunday. Well. Congratulations on the new addition let let's talk some awesome Steelers and she's here because that is the matchup that everybody here in Kansas City itself focused in on. And what are the things I have a question to you about is what I look at. Both teams a tape they've had two units that have played extremely well to close out the remaining portion of the regular season. That seems offensively did a better job of vol putting points on the board. In the and you also look at the Pittsburgh defense they did a much better job of shutting down the opposing offenses so which you that you think is playing. At a higher level is at the c.'s office or is it the Steelers defense. You make the right point there late which is that all of them have improved wit. Given any thought that that they. You ads young players like retiree bill they're figuring out how to integrate and into the opposite ends of the current L evening news while little bit. He's had a phenomenal year for them there and Alex let not legally accurate in your situation early on even coming back against people around. A little bit of rhythm with Pittsburgh and you know and pat on defense and let the biggest difference I remember being from Pennsylvania. First is pretty yeah this year they eat that but a lot more athletic. And what they have been in the acts but the other thing it yet players Miguel at bat applicant wannabe but they don't know where all the help well I think today. He sent a lot better that's why they've been. Winning down the stretch here I don't think you can run the football on the Steelers I don't think you can hit in that direction I think that's what you're going to see. The peace attempt to do and of course. Excited about it injury quotes seem they're going to limit turnovers are not be the team that they would stay. I can be able to love went on in that way. Tom what do you look at is the biggest mismatch one that we've been talking about a ton is obviously we use said the running. The Steelers can Buehrle gets chiefs they can't stop the run but outside of that we see is the biggest mismatch in this game. Well I. I think they had the weight of the Steelers can spread things around a little bit offensively create interesting situation it'll be interesting to see exactly how to achieve. Played against Antonio Brown of course his seat got up and our little corner. In market speeders. But then you know you've you've got the Pittsburgh offense with a new iiroc. And I think a lot of different things other vibrancy to the table. Lydia and held it there all week it is hatred and political runner. You're going to find in a leak that will make the Steelers so difficult but the sand is the way that they can't achieve between the tackles they can. Insert the field horizontally to stretch you vertically. I don't about like he got a lot of different pressures seem like these they negate the quarterback when you've got one in Ben Roethlisberger who will feel what he will not. This week but he can expand plate is getting so big in. Russert and bow saw him. And they can run on you if they can throw it on how people act you know attacking the opposite it is going to be. One of the really interesting I'll sort of deal with it and that's matchup. Tough and it's until Sarah from USA today sports here on the day super let him bank. I got a tough question for you don't wanna polls and it's in regards of the colts it's. I'll take you got Mike Thomas for the Steelers got in UB for the chiefs also now coaches let do you think that one close. As maybe an advantage over the other in the specific game. I think the only difference. It's idiotic. Because Tomlin and somebody leaves very much involved in all the aspects you know I know that somebody rather the George that we were into the cheerleader res limited not the case at all he would heavily involved. In that he needs in terms of putting together the game plan that that what that go to Denver garbled whether or not your play caller. I you've got your hands in everything. But it as a contrast to annually who a big part what he does is. I've been involved in the playful aspect of things being able to control the football game that way. I think credible legitimate go to the NFL you look at what the problem is trying to win over his career one that it ever to a hundred victory in the league he cried and the credit he deserves it'd be read to me and nobody is not suitable head coach but I think it eased one of the best coaches. You know all time at bat and talking about that the other 25 best coaches or somewhere along there ultimately get here and look at his track record would probably you didn't play out. Only time they've been able to advance in the playoffs. I think it read it is really really good at what you got it didn't bear is gonna think what the view is so so different operable relieved that it is. Tom Smith can redefine what he's known for a in the league he's gonna win a playoff game last year he's won one in San Francisco. But he hasn't beaten a big team like the Steelers in the post season has a chance to beat them in the New England Patriots. He kind of erase everything you already said about him these last couple of games. I believe never racist and I adult they called you didn't come out and struck the ball downfield when he advocated. How well he really good at what. If you want to do their ball control team in the future they're that they're gonna wind the internal market they are not going to. They'll make a big mistake and all of them feeling that something else would have been better. The object in the seat but certainly. Chip on it shall there you know and and I remember seeing an NC general of the summer popular in like a cat carriers and a bump into them. I've brought that out these are role inside every once talk about these blows with plate brought it down field they always want to be warm that. I think one big announcement and so you can do is we. Not be you know the reason a lot of people say well he's got out because the net put the ball down field like this so obviously things. That bill incident but if Alex Smith can play it now we'll all if you can't make a monopoly outfield make it be bad about it. You know certainly here and you're gonna show some of the critics say that's only a natural part of. By his final days for you Tom ordeal like man. In this matchup this weekend. War on. It is a lot in the big line which of course are always. Apple may not money you know that the line and ship it a little bit toward achieved in the past couple days at opening like four. Out tomorrow five. Well that our goes Greg. An ugly ports in city. I know that along I don't there's a lot needed cheap stand there remember back what. By 2002 you get nobody would be out there have been several opportunity where that that are likely if they're able to. In the bay. Through IP region is like the street plant victory and it recently. I do think that they're able that particular support I think there overall package played that building. It is the top spot immediately failed that we heard this you're a pats game all of that. They come and a late said last question made of a question you're all in on this NFL coaching searches you burn a child McVeigh. You're about Dave Tobin Kansas City anything more looks at Broncos Libyans Joseph Dave told CNN San Diego mean UC Dave go anywhere. Yeah me. And an iceberg in Denver. Told seemed like you candidate Gloria Gloria I don't see it happening for an error like some other things play out here and it might it turned out a couple times. Eight Diego won four walks I don't have a really firm Il what they wanna do it very clear that they've been keeping up a coaching staff being acts. Are they likely it would not work for Philip Rivers that's why they expect that he sent it and once special teams coordinator. Up and Japanese held it. One respected got a bit about special teams quarter within weeks. Rudy back at that you're hoping he gets the job and and would would that be well if you get an opportunity to get them. Haven't been person's got our blog at about eight years ago. You must follow on Twitter at Tom del Cerro he covers the national football league for USA today sports it done man. You know safe travels we get to Atlanta we appreciate the time out congratulations again on the newborn and hopefully we will see you in Houston. With that she's big a part of the Super Bowl but there's not others by a top Dillon dubbed Britain's next month. But good. You guys make your ratings to cheat you snapped that streak will love it Egypt Egypt in the league. We also to ma'am we'll talk to let it. Or take your idols are here on the basis with what he said they eighty's role that suits. He saw the biggest lines and eight it is back and forth being. When it started owl the steals the same data shifted to you it's he's now been. At the it just makes sense it makes and it's a lot of people they can chiefs has been read. There just even a lot of credit EB read it and not the biggest is the bodies at the number initially the way that they did with the Steelers because the wide. Opt out it they looked against Miami but the would you remove yourself from that. In just watch and gain in the topple ball on the bye week or it's easy to talk about Reid's record at the bottom. Big east are thinking of it that way these are about the tees moved on in the passes out. All right a lot of times guys talk a well we'll talk also the top aches and some of the things that you want us to touch on when he comes to the Kansas City sees. So that size six on threes he'll say it's gonna dress she concerns would do that next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio don't do pretty tickets dot com right now. Sixty in particular in total to sixty in sports. Yeah. They certainly paint him as a liberal just yet again. Like whose. It is. It's going to be one hell before you Philip accidents at that Mike Welch admitted to liking golden showers. But I'm just I'm. Just reading a text like Jones are technically. I. They'll come and go almonds. And tell us. They'll they'll handle it. Everything and you know none of that there Siegel and good to see one. Mason. He might give us. That they can keep you senator and oh I know you turned down my 25 dollar Beers and its role as I assume you computed the golden showers. All focus is to read this trial presser after a month. The incredible bear. Let's who doesn't have that I'm just a little little politic now right now. But I didn't watch. Obama's farewell speech last night and Romo interest is said and we don't hear a ball major things going on seriously yeah I'm just it assaulting a rush is whenever. We don't care. No problem. Maybe there's an affable. Oh does it with a powerful. But I. It received its arms Ryan as it into. This was the but he was he. It's the Thursday. That Rick cash and by the have been mine. Yes tradition. These media billboards being India. Official during the yet titled. Each week on Wednesday we let you know we're not talking about enough. When we let you let us know it was simple we're not talking about enough. The address of every week. On my G1 concern. Somebody's chief concern when you know if you actually day in the history of being with putting you in the corner none of it as a but again he. Apparently Shannon Sharpe that the chiefs figure of the Super Bowl and beat the Atlanta Falcons and win at all. Your thoughts really seeing a shot that just the opposite of that extra that I went through this thing I'd have not confirmed that. I just I don't see that in the matchup the stock instead being good. I don't the falcons will be either of the I don't think they would beat you did via the cowboys. Possibly beat Green Bay is pretty Green Bay is beatable but. The chief sect is he getting there the falcons thus. We tells the NFC straight down. Seattle. Looms Atlanta. Dallas he got to be Dallas. The Green Bay might be the hottest team in football right now so I don't know what. And the texture confirming it was correct to stand in churches and think. Who ever does any of the room full story. The real team. Fiona early in the year and it was whenever I don't think a lot of people playing. Texture of the nine when three says I've heard some talk about the home and road splits the Levy on bell and Ben Roethlisberger. That I really be concerned about those. Yeah I think this should mean we got some other stats we'll get into here a little bit of regards Ben Roethlisberger ECB bigger concern. The guided the anticipate you need to shut down incident in the number one is laid him. It's tough enemy he can be happy I guess about bids splits on the road in this film he's gonna lord C decides he's been playing so law only be on bill. Summaries and he's hit. Inexplicably. Better on the road than at home and spend played his first playoff demons being cast that that was at home how good could he be on the road. Seriously look much better doubles 400 yards more. On the road than at home and look this year to be one puts Hillary shield at home and on the road it's very concerning you know goodies away from Huntsville. That the these bad there he's even better on the road like you why you plus and basically all the all the banquet in we're talking I'm just I I. It's not like stop immediately said Brad that I beat. I thought you'd wrap it up. Baxter on the day when success is chief concern is Jeremy Mac or there is Jeremy Maclin he's that that down this year. You'll have young secondary that are any big game in that Jeremy Maclin take advantage of some of those veterans have been knowledge. I guess the Steelers secondary. Jimmy Mac does not somebody I'm concerned about at all Jim Matheson a green. You just hope that. And we seem to steal the secondary. Chilled that HTTP. On numerous occasions you sold that is the case. Comes on the secondary actually gives them less yards for dean and cheats there he teamed in the year sixty Dina felt she streaky against the pass. Here's the funny thing. Jeremy Maclin this year 44 catches Chris Conley this year 44 catches. Yards Jeremy Maclin 536. Conley by the perfect almost identical players. Jim he's been targeted 76 times Conley 69 of course Mac when. Did miss miss dominance and it's pretty big jump their it is funny mute. And at that decision. Dexter out of the 66 I was there is a boy's just in March Willard is gonna play this weekend. It's a great question we talked resident this week and we had many special show he age of fifteen minutes live he felt like people. You bring just more TC that's the re back from my card you played using them that he's really hit the passing game is if it's linebacker. Be able to do some things a defensively that what is the reason why he disorders being. I would expect to see him but he. We'll let us know and then I saw. There's like 69306. Her Wednesday we go through chief concerns what are we not talking about it enough. Who were not given enough love to. This Celtics are 69306. Aptly address those or you. This texture of the nine when three hey guys I hear a lot about Indy Reid's record after the bye and it's even better in the post season. There's a Andy Reid's record after the bye make you feel better at all because that's not making me feel better. It does it feel better. It does I'm backed to rested his wanting the fact the change Reid knows how to prepare. For an opponent after the bye and he says the only success with the yes it makes people better. Are the still still the Steelers though yes the one of the best organizations in all sports. And they have one of the best coaches and one of the best quarterbacks when it best when he backs won best wide outs yet I'm still concerned but the fact that you catch at extra time to prepare. Does give B. Or company to track record his track record. Nineteen into this for three though in his career but he did have a bye week before the Super Bowl needed when it's still yet to throw that in their you know that's that's not thrown in there some reason. We you have to be excited Dewey eighty Reid doesn't yet optimism where he's been so being good after a bye week. That's why when I went Reese as their chief concern is still injury being taken out the night before by a delicious cheese burger. Right. A lot of people saying the freezing rain supposed to be in town this Sunday. Which team would back the most I think that's a myth things we've rain present and but still weather tight the most. I don't think it affects one over the other I think this act both teams. Both teams send their they play outdoors. Both teams play being in colder climates. At UC deck I play here's the thing though. If it's icing if the weather's bad Levy on bill you can see for him that's which one sees why would say he'd been it would actually be the Pittsburgh Steelers not chief. With inclement weather. I'm asking you or anybody else really excited to pick the homeless massive Todd Haley. It doesn't homeless. Dot aliens when gave him a lot about he's gonna wanna do some of them. He still didn't even know nobody's here in the organization. The government that core feelings on them together to get her to him one last thing I do agree with the attacks on the immigrant. We talked about this a lot out of the 816. Mark Donovan did say the players will notice the thickness of the new earth down the middle of the field. I do think that will affect hiring they'll speed or Bell's ability as the tape and cut in the backfield. The du to birth. At Arrowhead Stadium not only be talked about very much is between that between the numbers I mean it's like. Five days away from from game time Q I prayed with a lot of people when you hear that. The re sobbing the field like right down the middle but it affects everybody of course it affects everybody but. So I I can't say it's gonna take time he'll that is affected and you brown has a point. Item no example how that affects what one thing where he said that pleaded that Tomlin planes a kick in the time ridiculous and see what happens. Believe you know fields where we dug a league of bills than usual running style political com actually did a story and maybe he said he trend with Greg banks is ED Reid said this. We'll stationers. It's. Two unique style one that he is. I created so. Talking with the running I don't blame game let turf. If we those damn cute little turf I mean turf monster in the know Lotta Lotta good player the worst Turkey C this year was an open. This won't be anywhere near like that. Oh Washington. That's terrible to him. Nothing to seize but I mean just into. The answer. By the way quick out programming update for you as well Andy Reid coming up at around 1140 and also Eric Berry expected to address me as wells record book as life career. Next on the patient. All right Dennis gonna wrap ups he's concerned some things had changed its football team since they played before. But it died in two questions we'll do that. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. Here millions. Yeah. Accommodation. Some things that absolutely changed for both teams here since. They played each other we. And we four I was. I was up 43 to fourteen. It was over or. OK it was over early over the two point conversion done. We don't anticipate. That the rematch. Being anywhere near that type of law now I would mind on the chiefs and if people the Pittsburgh steels I'd still see that happening so we anticipate that this match of the going to be a lot closer. I but foxsports.com. Has an article out from up threats might seven things that have changed since the steals crossed the chiefs. In week four so touted Dole's through seven different things. And now let's of the east bullet. Number one the Steelers almost fell out of playoff contention with four straight losses is true. Once they beat the chiefs they wanna be the jets' opening up four straight losses after that. No did coincide with a knee injury. They've been Roethlisberger. Will be losing games late Jones I think was excellent quarterback. The play begins New England Patriots they put the patriots in the cowboys during that stretch but I don't think that matters at all what happened at fourteen stretch from the Steelers. Ain't regroup themselves since then and become much better. And and the other thing about that is it's like you're like this team is totally different Olympian about the borders and if he's not a factor in the offense. And not playing of course they're not addictive global team. People are scrambling around being frustrated if hit Antonio Brown on your fancy football team. When big bid went to the sidelines with the injury. To press it down now. Different team is and they have all three guys all three superstars it e.'s position. Audio off its its way Pittsburgh wins this game please we will do as a matter would have the first around them when he drew Jones. Not been Roethlisberger. It started digging number two. Number two bullet point tiger teal heavily involved in the offense that has been the biggest revelation this entirety season. Would you say is thank you we knew Kelsey was it. We we felt like markets Peters is gonna back up this play last you be out and start the secondary. Hi reach deal. We'd be Knoll will we added we felt good about Jimmie Matt and we all like Chris Dolly might take a step forward we felt. Like yes of depth with the running backs Tyree TO has become an all. Yeah and we Katie extra salt two thirds of the snap counts from the chiefs on offense. I think every killed two you think it's any mystery wiest are being used a lot more in the offensive terms Kelsey would oral. Five games and six Rian over hundred yards. He takes so much the defense attention there'll watch what Perry killed as different skills he goes on in has a much better explodes out. Jimmy Mac and he comes back could be in effect retiree kill definitely been more. It is apiece for the chiefs early on an excellent piece he's become a fixture for the softens since that Steelers game. Now I'd bullet point number three lay beyond bill has been flat out ridiculous. Man. It's says twelve gains. The fourth year running back as average 257. Yards. Rushing and receiving per contest. They don't bill you can make the apartment that he's the best quarterback in football and a the lot while there was a David Johnson or maybe Ezekiel Elliott but I immediately down bills does anybody. The first game he came back number one able LA we're beaming an 844 against the chiefs didn't stretch sixty seat 6538132. And 57. This is what he's done since the close up season starting November 21462118. Through 36. 93. In 120. That is what he's done of course the playoff game yet a 167. He's been on the role 120 plus. Since November 20 this year he is close the season extremely strong mentally strong it's easy entity org average we played the chiefs' first hour now. I number four linebacker Derrick Johnson went down for the season. Betemit is a big Tom blow we couldn't stop the run with DJ now we're hoping to make a playoff push and run to the Super Bowl without each day. Yes stuff. Vijay was a part of a game he's not part of it now so this would think that bodes well for the Steelers is what you need. Just more shall learn to come back and be on the inside with equals. That is a huge loss since last and deploy up the Steelers defense. Has gotten tougher in a lot more confident. To me that's on the big sword bounces entire playoffs. All the teams here it is see AFC. One of the biggest topics is how good the steel Steve has been but Dupree was a first round pick he's become much better right Jazeera has come back strong. From hitting his injuries which he's parties learns that she's police are burns when she's put the Steelers the first time around we talked about their lack the pass rush. How they weren't able to get the quarterback since then. It had more sacks than anybody in the NFL the last three weeks of the season they finished the season. 38 sacks on the year of chiefs 28 sacks on the quarterback the Steelers ended up with 38 get into the quarterback. Much better not only that the had five sacks in their first playoff game against the dolphins but Dupree. They start him in week fourteen he's been starting here into the year we fourteen. Yes or a half sacks. They begin to the quarterback much much better do what they did against the chiefs first time around. Yup I final couple points being ought Travis Kelsey. Espouses these small fattest Chelsea has been amazing this year and yet it rates threats. All hundred plus receiving on dark day trips because he's been much better to you look at what he's been doing towards the end of the season. That the terms Kelsey was and always good skills usually exploded on the scene this year. Starting in the Pro Bowl he's got that they have two days ago that there actually worried about who could trivia skills in their first game against the Steelers this year. Five catches 23 York. But then to close out the season. He had five teams will over hundred yards as he Diego game did you waited eight yards and everywhere stretch. Worry in five out of six games have over hundred urgency. Final point they touch on the chiefs are getting back key players humble sides of the ball those key players. Spitzer Wear on offense in just in Houston on defense Houston's biggest difference. The fact that he wasn't there in their first game heaven just in Houston back this game I assume won't get an update here Mimi read just a few minutes I was just he's the Buick is. We talked the other day it wouldn't. It was an ringing endorsement. At all. About just that he's coming back so we'll secretly record they do in the walking boot thing when Pittsburgh tried there at the beginning of the bin. They played cat and mouse as far as just the news that. I don't know that's a viewer to read between the lines we got. Play golf ain't he read addition laughs next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio to. He tickets dot com right now. I guess it did a particular using promo code sixty in sports. Coming out here. He says it now. And even blocks. Right here on sixth into Sports Radio who do. Look additional write Downey is the end of the bridge. She's inspired just like the graphics. Some big time matchup a bit this is wanted this one that. This is the game of the week in which you say. Between this in the and Packers cowboys. Moves to its simply that doing them. Let's see Dave's gonna be game to beat. That defense that off the patriots in Texas as the worst game box or the week all the match of every argument to watch Indy Reid's speech here in a few minutes will start off like this. We look forward to that. The challenge of playing Pittsburgh where another. Good football team. Good. It could hear from we're gonna hear from both ain't you re all see from here Beers and probably will be later Alex met. But. He's been once sounds a lot. Bill did well let it was time where where where Bryant was like easy Ganassi opportunity. Was there a couple weeks wasted opportunity. He stepped always challenged the out onto our gains as we talk about salads and a B a B eighty hitless in his sixties. Did you wait while waiting for Andy Reid can. Go off about something the world you just. So yesterday and that she's website that posts and mean and our record now supposed to video Don target quo as he was out with the Harlem Globetrotters gesture in the light to a church post thrown Alley oops between lay eggs and bouncing off the court Nam it was critical but it. So posted on her face. And there was this guy. It was Matt preserve his last name but by and I've of the six and FaceBook page but Matt. Was serious as a heart attack. When he commented. Quote should be spending his time watching eight. Newt. Just relinquish. Eighty Reid did the week off then I got three points were young man number one it was on the chiefs website they're clearly okay with that or they help set it up. It could be both I don't know but the clearly find number two. It was part of a thing for kids about bullying prevention. But he's out trying to get back to the community your inner bitch at about Domtar bode well one cute eight. Saddle them number three. Oh Miami. Second drunk at a bar. None are trying to help kids not only one another. In your bitching about not watching tape Mac it'll life. That's all. I must now. It's so essentially you're saying it is impressive because this guy got this all because poll is trying to get back to. He was joking for a second I really didn't somebody commenting and he liked to ended his stay in law yes don't. I mean. I I'm beside myself I don't know where I go on. He's close out here. Yeah he was with the Harlem Globetrotters. Is there to help it's nice as an anti bullying prevention policy dunking what the globe Trotter knows thirty condone. Now he wants and he was he was LaRue is throwing passes to him while while I don't know whose name but he was gone. Haul flight did this I just. I I thought I was gonna happen in your as a last. You know what the best the part of it you know best part of all this where at these can't win. Like a lot of celebs they can't win the big do things and you think. Did they do when you don't things they wanna do to help people make an impact on people's lives in in that. Guys on here like to guide you mention this talking about it. It's. I. I ticket double life thirty pledged to luge but I'm including this year and AB reed gave the guys we talk he said leave. Mike probably gave all his respect. And speak into the media they cities that were read exactly the opposed passing ability. He said he stopped and a good look yeah Hamas is on the exact word but is asking bill have been worried about his runs that we it was a outlets like our top of my Thomas now. He said he was not concerned about pull all the football let's go to any reply. I injuries did talk about the risk practice and then. Roland there's so look for John to play at this early. Obviously no country and they are they know exactly where are subject to a football game before he and everybody out there. For the game and welcome Amanda Perez and and so that I'm here. And you ask why don't these buildings to play yeah. Anything good points to. The simple reason why you play in the post and. Well I. I would I think history during the season I felt like coming back reconciled. When when I was asked before but com. Distributors competitiveness I would say but I think he goes well during this isn't it. It's the voters those mean it's seems as though he has heightens awareness. What did you hear a lot of experience. The playoffs there's so I mean he loves a challenge. Him and does well. India just need just federal program was comfortable as a kid just figured I would Justin Houston. Now hurry back in the morning after. Tremendous partner. Hey there you read that helps you. Notice some guys this. Earlier she didn't. Yeah I mean it's just what was there I mean that's not and I think we've talked about her and bill that and we're just available me it took off alone schools and he uses. I guess I would we've registered with the what do you. Well. Progression is in the routes designed to go through aggressions. They've managed whatever coverage. Audience and and so there. You know you're hoping as you go through their progress their somebody open. There's nothing. Any idiot can go what's your expectation of what keeps it looked like you. I've applied no more hazard watch a practice. I think killed. You'll be fine. I'm anticipating that. Are very cool yeah he. He did not know. It was. Glee on those counts. It's. Let's take responsible. Yeah well we're in closing gaps. Gap integrity is important. He has for your browser seems so you eliminate those. Well whatever coverage area and say he's become a factor. That's. I meant you know revision achieve their gap Terry when your part of it is safe Q and you got to do simple. This is it John are both very good team we're really occurs. It's. The suits and we beat them. You know I've said this before that I guess special teams coaches that are you raise anybody be it coaches. After the deal was. The whole team. When they game plan. When they talk the media they've got to deal. Of the whole team there. They've got her cell under they come out of a game where you're everything is perfect. I think they're. There's ready isn't very good coach. We would what would loaded it gave me important to Philadelphia fifteen years ago convince you it's. The inspiration that his first job. However I memos. David arrogant are you to slow. From Rodham and Missouri. I brought men. As an assistant defensive line coach. And special teams coordinator. Quality control coach so there there weren't any quality resolution mode and focus at that time so. And I started a new position. Him an opportunity to learn that phases. OK we lost in three different cycles or try to get and you re back here in just one sec so as we national media day because he reads a about the Obama and Conaty took a lot of beginning today I think Israel and so. Sell salt will see how they dolls and hopefully after injury wouldn't hear from Eric theory libelous about it. There. You go through the process so stars here today and make sure you take it step by step and then. You practice fast and measure you got that going. And then what you have there it is you're doing you're bachelor and other games and a little clusters of those what else are. So don't be surprised by the it. And hopefully. We'll catch you. There's a lot of conversations friendly and help others. Antonio Brown on this flimsy building but beginning angles because you feel the same time what kind of town. Well they're very good offense. And I both those two are all pro players. And so we've got to make sure we do a good job against them. And they know you're quarterback. You guys. You know you only that part out. If you you have slightly getting to the game plan and make sure that your your mastery then go before it was quite. Probably headed and hang their head they learn from their mistakes they're disappointed obviously. Learn from their essentially for progress and play the rest of the season there. We know they're good football team that's what you love about this. I love this challenge player. Because. What do you. Consumers yeah. There is no different the way for measuring the back and pull out whatever the recession. Economies here and work them I don't know exactly what each of them I'd have to say that he's here working his tail off and I guess actuary can play again this level. Massive rush hour or I may make for a much as usual we'll go out of Missouri this. It's. Now my concern and I know his assignments we take care of business. Right now it is. Andy to tell you kind of special teams background do you silly game during the pre draft scouting free free free agency he has an actress. Sure that I asked to do all. He certainly does that versatility became equity guys over the top if she had that kind of background it was a scenario. Well that all coaches have. You know he just has to do bigger. Your numbers there players. So as I just one position evaluates. And and and the actual players here. I'm not sure which Obama so there's a position to do pregame program again. It was America again. Thank you. Right. Well what got testy at the end there with a little aid what was the question acute I don't not to make delicate question one's. Either the Indy but that's not a I don't broker eagerly. Await the muffled you're wiry. Yeah I know he we did make it out. We are listed in a reader as. This reminds you when you were. Were guys that don't look forward. Years or. So. Specifically remember Thomas those songs songs and he was kind of the one who told me throughout the season. About chloroform pre season regular season so. December won't football into the playoffs and he just sitting in his victory speech peso. You just. Regular season game as it. Yeah. I don't think any image specifically but there over it was a learning experience overall you know so got to see. What would you have to work alone was just grateful they go the biggest thing for us. It is news. It is easy it was quoted. A different. Honest this is this is different you know a lot of people. A lot of coaching technique this is a little easier to. I know taking him there wouldn't do it we have a unique style. Always take me is how. This is a little difficult you know it's his style is unique period. North that I that is to say. Because it gives opportunity basis so this is just. Playing good significance and understanding this I was right yes he says he's changed the game like her best. On everybody has their own opinion have to wait. He does bring a uniqueness of the game. And he's very talented player and we ought to look at what. What were right about it really is doing what he's doing. What has done where right investors have done in the past. And I mean if you see who wants it done in the pay as you see anything different from that. You know eastern again. I was being pretty cool not just to get the risk was how to clear your mom will. Home and just kind of got to evaluate what's been going on what's been taking place. Just enable it. No clue you thought so you'll hear me. What we're very prepared just goes. We'll focus and their focus from. From the giggles so. You're going brought to handle business know its just our coaches visits to each other and chuck is getting dug in. Here. His team this year. The team this time. Oh chemistry an experience. A lot of people don't account for chemistry didn't seem. Some almost solely due talent but it. Sort of chemistry has been the US last year we. Playoffs this year. Does that feel this feel differently are your priorities your feelings on the three guys are added that changed at all week you got home. Need. Mean I assume they go back its members in the process. I can't really be concerned and other factors also affect isn't just vote. Just keep putting into words keep coming into the boom you know obviously. Indefinitely so. Nobody home so. You didn't I'm. Do we. What we've got ahead. At the end of the day just compete you know. The most success and leaves office in game Lucent's. You know little film in some cases we will make some plays too so. It's just all about compete in this way he comes out soon so that we can difference between life and it was. One day. You just will and we'll have a close game with passion he loosens me slowly so. I mean you have to ask you know. We see you know advertising pre game for immediately unity visualizing. Or that it. How does that process before you can. I do it's called pong even walk throughs and just going through everything like. You can pretty much have a limit on physical risks. I. And a big loss here. But nonetheless. Aired bearing on now got your career back from there. Because the summit tendencies. Steelers. Palladium altercation. How difficult it was to be a recipe. Forget it don't feature. All. Think that's why I think it was just the guillotine. And just gets the ball three RP I think we'll do OK so I think that's the main thing. It is. Interesting. Is there anything from this time period or anything like that space of just into the the. And oh yeah that's what's. Ice about those are buried lie right here on 610 right before Berry. Was injury. Injury so what do up eagle will address some of the things that both Indian read an your theory had to say. You're about oh maybe 1215. But Doug coming up in just a couple of minutes guilty sixers sports expect here on the basis. Studio sixty and Sports Radio.