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01/11 - 10 am - The Tipping Point

Jan 11, 2017|

Bink says Sunday could be a tipping point for Chiefs fans with Alex Smith. Plus, Big Ben is a little confused about something, but we'll help him clear it up.

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Oh yes what you. Guess what day it is. Anybody. That's pumped. Does that give. He's got through a lot of money. Were no longer do. I don't know I don't know anybody. It basically and now we're out here on the run there. Sixers or security assistance force. That now. They're going to do more especially bad if it plus now. I didn't expect them up with suspected bank it's jiggle ignore well I mean it was. Green has also an accurate statement. Lord did it and it and it. Old man was going on there was totally unlike every day on day it is really is. Bodies or these this week in its divisional play that would Gaza. You like dad yes I do like topsy if you like third weekend I'm sure that you do like it. Com a man plenty of fun stuff to talk but in regards that c.'s bureau over the course of the next four hours but. Specifically gonna start with com. This big game a lot of different people. Yes correct but it takes Darcy quite premature via the hook what the sound byte was a theory is why I did not act. He's got it all up so let weekly notes not for him to go ahead there it is cheese. Aggressive. Now armed. The chiefs have a lot of people a sellout of the pay above. There's some players that need to step up with this game this weekend and I don't think there is eating got into a look at. And stayed there when he comes to stepping up and being in now. It in a spot where they can and analysts say it cement their legacy is I'll be sad as soon as legacy is not eyes out because of your legacy game but he got McCain definitely stepped up. In making us all fooled the ball the future of what he's doing here in Kansas City in maybe it expanding the load for the him. Just this year and next year is one Al Smith outs that is able to do this weekend at the it would go far in terms of really count comforting the fans in the course of quarterback position. Opel would ideally speaking for a Smith because think about this if Alex Smith. Can win the super. Will he be grown in that same class as Trent duel in ray Johnson because those guys get no respect and they were. Because they think they're. These ads he's cities are both based in mean total defense he's ranked when he fortunately did not exactly. Dominant they're not number one points against the seventh in points against they're good we know they're good in agree with you when it weighs. The chiefs are donated dominant defense which are dual hat. It's a veteran golfer never gets the credit. For winning that race Brad Johnson doesn't get the credit for winning the rating goes to the defense. Alex Smith if he was two winnable. I think teaching scared of accused. Many different though I would say it is I think this is a glowing offseason products that they're adding he's been through does refer to perpich he's been a bust he came here. People think he's a game manager you think about him. If he wins this game. It beats the patron signals. Alex Smith can redefine who the I don't think people look at the chiefs and say bad they didn't win because of Alex Smith they want because the defense and Travis kills him though. I think Smith out of the credit for it. If he were to go. In win it all without question. It's a lot of pressures on him not even looking that far in advance with the Los I don't think that this particular weekend this will be a legacy games because when I talk about UFC championship. We're not talking about possible to go yeah I got to exact and that's a point you gotta go bought it starts here Yankee go and if you don't win this exact. You got to win this one but I. I think Alex Smith. It is I don't know what drives them I don't know if he's driven by criticism he doesn't mean to a paid more doesn't either but deep down these guys have to play with a chip on our shoulder. Alex Smith doesn't talk with a chip or shall there be certain plays. That iconic picture that was after one of the games and Alec was at San Diego he's like some of the game great pick he was fired up but it's part. And get first downs pop up point you see him get mad when someone goes after at least like that he plays some passion I just think. Did the good thing for him if he can kind of by new years is as holy he's he's quarterback in the NFL if he can beat the Steelers in all different. If Smith is concerned how was going to be recorded we've been playing football. It doesn't get any bigger or just does. Pittsburgh. A bigger will be next and just say New England Islamic played tetris where we talked about Pittsburgh this week. It's been an instead of the Texans raiders because without this win they clearly did. It's right there for me it's right there three game. Perhaps you're gonna be remembered Alex met the people call it gaming entered the game. All the negative connotation he's had against him he can race all he can race every single one. Of those stories about you know this sale on or you can add to them and add to this says this is him being on track to define himself. All the way to all the people have already deposit what do you remember. Zoolander remember about Smith he's gonna take care of the football and he needs so many of the pieces around we what does he wanted him that's to ease the interesting thing. But these playoffs because I think he does care about his legacy I think he does care bowl people say about a remembered that it. His wife certainly does. I'm sure there's discussions all the time around and household nobody gives you respect. He hears all the time football and NFL network game season tweets seed is tweets she obviously had to exit the weathermen did you know he's he sees it. She says she's all our beds and you see this out did you see what they're saying about you today so he sees it. She sees it he knows and to me. He can just erase every he's the few people to race every single thing set about. If Jamie reed woods of suitable two or receive it reads by coach he was his view he's like Phil Mickelson before a storm when the majors he's the best to never win one. That's in Erie. But out Smith if he's the one guy that can change everything erase everything about him which I find him growing interest in in this game ED read. He can get a ring in cement his legacy for sure. Is that graffiti read gates and hall of fame unless he does when one asked Marty Schottenheimer how tough it is to get the Keyon if you don't win that race. The fact that he is a fourth from by the fact that they are at home this weekend don't you think that adds more pressured outs man. Because it seems like right now if you if you double are built in advantages to get a victory to advance further in the in the bowl season. There's no better time for the chiefs and Al Smith did take advantage of that than this year it will talk about all the all the things he can race. Space he could have been two. Eagles outlays at least an egg all he adds to these are secrets he adds to everything that storm instead about sort can't go the other way for. This is a great chance he's almost people holds you racer and his team. He can race every negative thing said about him for what he does here in the post season he's got a brilliant game to game Indianapolis big blue at least he was great. It was over three under for the yards passing Porto says it was great. People were remembered at the stock on the game manager are tired of hours ago. But out Smith demeans the one guy the one player victories everything ever said but bit his legs he's already submitted. For for the in October. And Alex Smith. He can change everything people said about him with three games three games distorts Sunday with the Pittsburgh Steelers. This is one guy who gives him a lot of respect. It's Mike Tomlin of the Pittsburg Steelers glow. But Alex Smith because of one thing he wasn't talking about his arm. He talks about his legs would something he's gonna have to do in the playoffs but he. Guys they are a lot of weapons to be concerned about starts Alex Smith the quarterback. He's a savvy veteran. He's up also decision maker he takes care of the ball. He doesn't get sacked often. His mobility is underrated and an asset are probably highlighted it. The last time we played him I've always highlighted it every time we play them because it doesn't seem like he gets enough. Respect in that area. His mobility is an issue also confronts. It affects their systematic they have some design runs. That feature his running ability your potential of his running ability in terms Summers shot done sidecar running game. It also helps him in and add lip fashion. As plays breakdown he's able to extend plays and create plays because of it. He's also able to utilize his legs. And really I'll find escape planes and hurt to be at a run when given opportunity. So we go Mike Tomlin brilliant football guy he talked that talk but Alex Smith. Stretching the fuel out you'd talk about any that he talks about the one thing that you wanna see Oates with do. The one thing players and coaches respect. About a Alex Smith. Is not how he throws. It's his ability to run yup you're director from my town and he's powerful outs is part of a bit held in particular that it. But the thing about it is this is what makes out with you heard from Tom this is what concerns. Mike Tomlin it's not his arm it's like that's fine. That's two out Smith that's. He can he can make some plays get the first there. Run he's a guy they're gonna watch her here. This is why Alex Smith. Strikes fear in opponents eat this does Alex Smith as the showed up most this year earning as little bit last couple news. But this is the Alex Smith the coaches like Mike Tomlin to warn rings worry about what looked because he can rock you don't want to return to this Alex Medina what is. Alex that does not a dumb guy he understands. Best the best part of his game. Is being versatile yeses and he plays in which he's gonna be too with his arm yes is going to be a lot of plays we beach width is like. He saw he looked in the mirror exactly the last month and is a development. Did you bag to meetings and he's got more rushing yards would be a run easily he says he looked at him he said and you know what. When this offense. Is that it's best. I'm running with the football alma another dynamic player for this team that way it. I think he looked at ease that you know we got a couple what team but we're just trying to be do we try to be great you can Jay Siegel of the holds eraser. What do mean by that is. Wipe out everything that fuels that. Eighty read I don't think so would this admin and if you want to indicate at what other player is a story line like Alex with his career. The disrespect. Negatively when we have certainly not been wild about Alex Smith I hear it Tony Romo is a died in a lot people say yes it playoffs except Joseph what he's I get a chance to hold B racer. Alex I agree holds that in his veins he could wipe out every single thing said about him. They a couple of good games it's been lights and everything twelve years gone. We don't look at Alex Smith much differently. He holds it as an instructor for them he just got to go do it. We have fought side. He could add to every negative thing said yeah the opportunity has got a little more doesn't have that he had his quarterback you'll Michael eraser he can embrace everything. In his path up all right the other quarterback in the game Ben rock as lower east coming to town. But he's a little confused about one thing in regards cicadas city. Will set a strike next I like Alex Smith and that's a good team. Studio sixty in Sports Radio don't do pretty tickets dot com right now. Guess it did a particular using promo code sixty in sports. So this stuff Smith pronouncements we all know. Fine thanks. On six sand you said the Priceline com or another name. The author and producer pulled in a racer. Brought us doesn't it names it is he is careers is definitely a lot shorter announcement talkative guy that bought the contract. Journal that he is the right way Brooke I'm spoiler goes out and beat the patriots. He starts changing everything negative things that body Hampshire. Give you that when. But Smith is twelve years. Of being labeled BP managers change his feet it's got a great. Man that we talk but she Stevens whose defense is so you know really. Historically it's not mean to 4644. Total defense 26. Against the run. Eighteenth against the pass having that these numbers are topped it with a teacher cupped in his points against very good their numbers up. Al Smith must step up and I just think yields and a great opportunity right in front of me keep its purpose and better you never know if you'll be back in Evernote the same situation. Beat eastern Texas in the playoffs. He beat him last year. If it changed anything said about Alex Smith mean it would be to excel don't plan objectives that you beat the Pittsburgh Steelers start to change those things. Oh look smitten with the FC title game appearances it was but this but they don't talk about that ultimate L. Last year we did it cease holes. We. Imagine going back to New England this year with a better team. And trying to get over it or is that would change every even though he's been good the post is these really has been he's not that bad. He beat the Texans on the road kill them all. Botox but they still gaining a treat Pittsburgh Steelers. Star flip it's. I don't wanna mention this because I saw a little bit earlier but we've really haven't no one's talked about it that much haven't seen. I sought on this goal in the early but as he Joseph Elly did you hear about the that car accident he was in this morning. A minor car accident or is he do Elliott is now waiting and he's taken its what are east we get a good. I've been in bigger collisions LO well so is he deleted. Luckily as is is good to go. For the Dallas Cowboys and is not injured in the minor car accident this morning well its you can proceed because. All that and if he was to be out for the penalties are. It's thing Larry it's. We're rapidly David at the UB wrapped for the doused out good for easy numbers are right. Then bust our. He met the media and it's the media was radio show with it was not a raiders yep yep yep yep he was yet so they are because Nicholas wood itself is always right is different he was on a radio show in Pittsburgh. And he had some very interesting things to say. In regards to law can't city. And specifically. Traveling to Kansas City. And facing the tees and one of the things that he touched on is. The the noise. Age she didn't actually know whether. That the noise records you know he he's bill that. Arrowhead is is a tough place to play it there's a lot of noise here but that your who has the actual record when it comes in at the Guinness book of world records here. It's going to be loud they're you guys may even electing either interview people out of a more mature Seattle at York took a month confirmed the louder or whatever but it did. It's going to be lout. Dole has it been there yet it fool we have there we got back. Seattle and we got to back to back it's a raiders of the right reasons the question is the patriots that's the game when that it's that the record. The government and I didn't read before the wall occurred in the royals I was one OK but they first got the record in three up in Seattle Saddam. We're gonna pay 101000 dollars have Guinness commander and Alice were out I feel like you've big beneath a reminder probably gonna get on Sunday they will this bill get that reminder. It's funny because he does remember that is it is out there. Mean it isn't a little hard to reek of the other day it's it's that entered from Seattle so well Seattle's a lot of state aid. Did they get confused people get confused because they don't pay attention to it and why would be if you're not living Keene city. Who actually owns the record Casilla that agreed so job of marketing themselves. As the NFL's lock us. Until the chiefs. Wouldn't get that noise record back but regardless they're both loud we. I get us home. I just don't. I don't hear about the record anymore. We know it's loud or hit me let's assume we really didn't care about it wouldn't happen because when you have this back and forth and you have. People talk about who we just been 101000 dollars to have a Guinness book war records come to two cases that are on the seat. At that point I'm I'm like I'm over it already we know that it's not here and just warts. Easiest quit a couple of days ago. You see he said he said. Bet he doesn't get what anybody says. The loud stadium and a national globally to Seattle that's not that's what he said which I thought that a lot of kids idiots who probably. Exactly. Exactly what we know this that'd be. Watch his crowd on Sunday. The thing is I don't think the aliens are actually louder but The Who speaks of the stadium. The way it's set up. It's bitter cold with Seattle just the way the stadium is built. He's better to hold the noise in but daddy who cares we rebuild though it's really loud now that big bit was he spoke to him to stalk somebody when these reporters. Critical network. Says. Was her name at the can give Oliver. Were vertical network and have overcome she said bin said there's a way to quite chiefs fans and early it. No huddle offense quick first downs says or to screen continuously. So it's big bins plan. No huddle. Quick first downs says hoard the screen continues that's big Ben's plan about a reporter there it in a filled like our here's big been we've talked about playing. In her own stadium. You're right it could be left out there. You guys even know Arctic either Kansas City you'd be a lot of older mature Seattle at York took a month and her so loud and whatever but it's going to be loud. So communication is gonna be at a premium I think one way to try to help put you'll know on the road and while we try to communicate. It temple the faster we can figure out alarms scrimmage without the play clock the wartime we can communicate the more time we have to check the more time we can make those things happen if it were slower in and out of the huddle a lot of scrimmage you know you can look to those who are currently tenth circuit that that the PG what's parent or diagnosed talk. Music that you have stuck with the well you all so that'll be key fourth and it's a private school in. A couple no huddle stuff about that in the late Patrick that the crowd out of it but to build a move fast enough you have started your it would be. Indicate that console be ready to go communicate and that we all been there in a record in the game which currently allowed it to just know that the media took that much more old critical as we practice. Think she's eons channel. No huddle offense still left out. How the entire time that didn't think he goes no huddle I'll be fine now you got to be loud being hired game. Don't play in the bins little games here. Oh it's no huddle it's not be loud. Let's give bidders opportunity here to. Beat war they get worse we don't know huddle that's when teams have to communicate the most. And how they can communicate inside the huddle what you wanna do. No huddle do we communication. Is for old Elvis you signals that the use of probably can he's Maureen signals anything else. Being noisy. They're the no huddle. Make it tough. On big bit and you and you brought up to 2.0 beat allow the entire game payment we'll just be doubled or just go but up to 6:30 AM get liquefied mile but the. Even even if let's say that Pittsburgh is off to a good start. Don't don't let the dismay I know who you got. Absolutely want to take you out of out of a game would come in what's Jews could touchdown. Go for two exactly like you didn't it's. The eagle plea to not think they know they've achieved its third week in the crowd. Out of the game which I think is that. I think is interest I think that whole concept. Is very into the hears more big been on the key to winning. It's always a store front they've got to pass rushers that are just all the edge and their secondary used a team that has one or the other it's very rare Argentina has. As special players based dual. All the fraud in the back of the defense I'm sure they're extra healthy from all that that that will buy wheat to pick out that they earned and I don't know this is going to be an all child for a while that's what that transport support that put pressure. Well on their offense can argue that's fine. Rude hurtful or council on a watch and you know brought justice go around the patrol the line of scrimmage and put all the pressure on the the goggles brought again because that's what they want not what they. Ever heard you know they've earned the right temperature Obama because of the weather climate. Eco little bye week Bayern. That's not why I'm here. They got that survey they are themselves a little quiet week that this suspect. I don't think so I don't he basically gave the chief a lot of critics that they are the and he said it deities that middles of the earned. Get that extra week off which figured these will be jealous. Bit and one of the week off they beat cheeks. They needed to tie the chiefs with the same record as. That's what they need to do in a way be different chiefs would have what was chief who's the been division what are the things would have been different playoffs. At Pittsburgh actually got a number two seed. Instead of the Kansas City Chiefs also religious stuff from Ben Roethlisberger. Courtesy of 93 point seven the same outlook close to the quick and pony show look up close Pittsburgh was given an emergency. We just look how close they were getting. Pittsburgh Steelers finished Lebanon five chiefs twelve apple tell me all all those gains didn't matter. You lose Pittsburgh you lose that when you lose they had Ed too. You don't want that. This action does work out so well for the chiefs have home field advantage against the Steelers at home. He's a better chance I get tested if they win this the we'll talk about how difficult could be going into week. Big time players step up big time games so will the real. In is he the only seat that needs to make a statement we get to that net. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. I want him back in the days. That is a bigger network is back here I didn't know what to hold on I've said it. Blame I like get a return on. That's been the trick is untrue. What does someone here. Oh let's. So you're saying it's tomatoes and yet I've met them act we don't. Org expanded whenever. Opposing teams fans. Figure out our text line numbers and they just repeatedly exposed dealers Sonia. If that careful beautiful number out of here spooked that it but then there's the proposed would be we can block. We could block debate if it's both the conversation but teach future. Single Steelers 50000 times expects more. One quick way to solve that block for easy if and when you went in cricket weather report. I love your incorrect weather reports say how might just be ready. And freezing my drilling rig the race presumably telling me that the weather until it might it be told that could be so wrong as well could be freezing rain. I don't think the major ice storms so it's gonna be somewhere in the spectrum. Fifties and rain to the worst ice storm we've seen in this idea I know for a fact that seems like a pretty big is just guessing run just guess and maybe. For (%expletive) Anyway it's Agassi and it in for a weather report you won't want and I would love one. That's a letter calling it because you as always welcome whether wills and and re not all the way out of calling it now I have yeah yeah pastor I have ever. Laced it past. I have to put I think you have to pay deeply what's the weather going to be you know I think pretty sure you said publisher I was beach I'm still circled the incorrect weather report that way to get the tweets the masimo and tweets. They get and how wrong it was Owens and you know. For the thing quick or not a with a quick update early bath Don. Tree Mason. Mason. Rams running back arrested last night. Certainly was for an incident from July in Florida. He was a maid park riding an ATP. And 3 PM in the afternoon. As police report quote scary place. When they tried to stop him he sped off on the team he went to a police chase and here in January it was astounding arrest. It was an ATV. Completion. That was pretty cool they got old video of what he's here about this is is outstanding. Pretty cool. It's still is that it's only since. Taking liberties with and so all we treat us. That's worse he SAL that's worse ATV our side in the past but he was doing we leaves and airing a agree. About wearing a helmet he sped past officers and one of the moment chase. The web ports aren't sneezed so little baby because. Oak Ridge and we earlier this week you'll supposed to be like rain he. And a little bit of bombs and as we did ball starting on Friday evening right. I think I think it's duel with the majority on Sunday now I'm messing anything relief for Friday or Saturday now but I am still seeing freezing rain for sun. Are you so OC premiering Friday night in the says. Excellence is your release that as sports X which we have whether it's surgery it's very very true. It's important will weather man's wife tweeting me saying stuff it would bad reports or whatever like. Who's it out Smith wipe the demanded that the weatherman. Yes sells. Well whether means wife committed a super. False weather reports. Eight the last segment we had those the sound bites. From mom big bit. And rob expert was very complimentary of the chiefs defense. Even highlighted. The past pressures of the tees today. What the real. Let's let's call for what fault but I season the hand he was a monster or staff the cease. The last month and a half almost. He's been missing in action. He's an he's not being effective. He sat bolt who gains which he's not reported attack. And today. Remember the small minority of folks are some little spots date. Call various different shells. And dates throughout the notion. That they wanted to go ahead. Jump the gun. And give deep for a nice expansion. Think about that before was playing a high level he got it in sacks really quickly this season in people like all giggle yeah like this guy out. We got a glut we've got a lot. Given that extension while Justin was out. Wouldn't now's the time in my estimation. We're deep sport. Asked to put up shut up the east facing a hall of fame quarterback. With a decent line. And you're playing at home. In the playoffs deep sport. Needs to be a factor but now why it thinks it could be some other players in the game. That need to make statements as well but I did before baked in and talked about the forty year old the last month. And the lack of production he's got to stand he's got he's got to make a state he said two tackles combine his last three games. Two yes I have been diverted his and had a sack since the Carolina game. November 13 vessel time twelve days before things even. Oil covered. The problem is. When Justin Houston came back. That media pass rush was there. He can't handle it left tackle. He keep his final on the other side just mused that a lot of people say want you switch. Now you don't look Von Miller lines up against right. But surely leap pad pressures in the best situation. To get after the quarterback to do you try to creep those mismatches. Teams don't look at and so our it was put her best pass rush from their left tack. Would put our best guy against their best off with one. Well you put your best guy under. We this guy that's what you do it's what teams do so the chiefs. You just in Houston is an asset you have going against the right tackle not left tackle make sense you create the mismatch. Other. He's got a alternate at that opportunity but he. He is a chance to a lot of talk a lot of run. Early in the season and he should have you played really well it was a really nice surprise me before was really the first half surprise. For the kids to be chief announced change to Terry keel in things like that second half the season. We did before was that guy that would you look at the production San Diego. No tackles whatsoever. DP. Do and. His level plays drop off really casts. It it really fast and cheap snacks are getting to quarterback only once every three games not a problem now in fairness to him out. You do have to mention him bring this up. Is that going into the year there was no place for him to go without. It's a lot and think deep for the sack master didn't think about the big care about the fort. The end by the middle portion of the season. What happened. Everybody had. Are trying to pay attention to hit an entity tackles we'll sliver of the titans game Nowitzki needed to against Brock who's he had none against the chargers. And he is not shown up for the defense the last couple of weeks. They need an early season before in a bad way against the OK let's go to some other names debate in regards to this possibly being a statement game. Spitzer winner do you think that he needs to make a statement or not I think this dubious statement gave Christmas where only from the standpoint that. I have said this all year I don't use it to where as. A number one running back a look at him as a backup running back. And I think that he's trying to. Let the world know that he is indeed a guy that can be. A starting running back and natural. Although Houston game lectured the playoffs in the 67 yards he didn't I don't think he played at all in that doing on features into the net. Eighty carries and added so I don't think use affect and now Davis played Maldives in a game so. I don't know what we think Spencer where if you think if he goes out has a great game he was actually really good against the Steelers the first thing around. But it is again a lot of it was in garbage time. Who's your who's beaten up against the Steelers. Against Steelers earlier this year he's productive 82 yards rushing average is heist ever of the seas. Six point three period of 46 yard run the really changed everything again when was when that happens are noticing the Spencer ware. Catches the football. Season Spencer ware that you get against the chargers the seven catches 449 York. But he was the beginning of the year we had seven yards rushing get a 149 yards receiving against the chargers like I. I liked this version. Of Spencer ware when he's a big part of the passing game out of the backfield BS is a chance but I had a little. It not as much as the fort indeed force clearly the number one guy that can really needs to step up and really showcase himself in the post season he lets get paid. In the do. But Tyreke kill I think every you can definitely. Take some steps forward and continued the positive energy and apostles also have a bought in being a playmaker if he can make a couple places within. Absolutely to make a statement. Yeah I think so I think every kill us is forced playoff game here's the thing he is go on from the room picked nobody knew about. A all the sudden he is nice return peoples are talking about it he's been the talk the National Football League the last couple I'm talking on the field. In off the field to him he's clearly. The big topic and he's been knocked out of the front page Sports Illustrated yes they don't talk on the field. Every deal with his return to be eased the number one guy teams are talking about. Tomlin gets stuck in yesterday's talk a lot about every kills and its Alex with the Kelsey. But the last couple weeks with a coach have been talking about people posing coach would talk about a repeal. How do you stop Mike Tomlin was asked the bucks to for questions even yesterday you kick away from Tyreke guilt. Mike Tomlin. City yeah be careful when it. You and eager trying to put the ball out of bounds EU can make some mistakes. And it is and always go your direction but that's what Tomlin said merry affect futures since talk about characters Tomlin on Terry keel. Very thoughtfully you know bomb in his easier said than done. You know you saw what trend that directional kick did to us a couple weeks ago. We put the ball out of bounds twice gave the ball to forty so. You know we gotta tread lightly as we prepare. And understand that our ability to minimize. His touches in that area aids us but we don't wanna give the many things. And we gave our opponents some field position a couple weeks back kick a ball out of bounds a couple of times nonexistent in net. Outage that that sounds like Tomlin. Can be kicking it out retiree TO Zach he's got hitched didn't kick it out of bounds basically just sitting there. On one's going to kick retiree. You know we talked ouster of mark speed is another guy that they do is is or the of making a statement was on stage now Leah keep the door in L. But die yet there's just guys that have something to them about their Tomlin. A kick entire week for sure he's here he scared. Is it ever too early to think about building new sports stadiums here and the city stopped conversation would get into that he's sixth in the NB. Studio sixty and sports radio. And out and trouble sixty in sports. This. This. Days of public debate it written down here to its fullest extent. Why can't wait to las Newsnight just. Before. It is not. Because the president elect's desire at a press conference right now. Man my Twitter line is so juicy right not just giving us a lot of good night when SE Sam months of proposal all focused about it. You know it's funny stuff so are gradual form and weeded out he's absolutely right that the most important press conference. On Saturday at around 1140. We're record if you read. Lives so listen. Radio stations maybe Denver Broncos might have won your student do a lot of reports that the incidents shows that support Nader Miami Dolphins. Young guy about 42 years old could be the next head coach very reliable source Mike Bliss of nine news in Denver reporting that broncos'. Expected to offer itself into the corners and Joseph head coaching spot in Rappaport. 1015. And you're so said that he had not left the facility it would back in and he's not sure is actually delete them. You what is important sometimes you wanna get a lead every B reed was gonna go interview with Arizona. She's got on the plane with the Philadelphia made sure he never took an interview the good news here's Dave don't. They still don't worry about they've told possibly do in San Diego but the but the situations as their ruling limiting so who's interviewed with two teams chargers and Broncos. Big toes so if they're Vance. He'd take days until all the list for Denver Broncos I'm actually very glad seem to head coach. It was CB head coach in Denver. Yeah I just. Yeah I mean I'd do it differently. I'm just want to see good people dig that great opportunities. AA if he go to Denver so be it. You still got the best still did the team got beat anyway so does that matter. If you didn't get a head coaching job and that's why don't you got kids that he's going to be successful somewhere Republicans to Johnson just suck. It and say that's just my thought and see the event to beat those teams and so is it as a team but they got a quarterback. In the NASA talent. Got a quarterback Peyton Manning combat injuries can be date Tobin LA and if you with the temperature. If that's bad acquitted trees already we is that when these two news fresher. Let's get to this idea came across this article from the KC star yesterday. In regards. Conversation now think a lot of us have. Too often but it's something that you delta should be thinking about in the back of your mind. In its stadiums. Especially in a town where not all the stadiums are brand new. And that should be one of the things of people to be thinking about wind yesterday. Vietnam came out from day telling. Cost of cheese will stadiums means Kansas City area will face. A new question. Should we start thinking about new stadiums that but that's the was passed in 2000. Time goes fast. 32007. Team. I was just for fun I looked up when the sports that are open and remember exactly when it opened there I didn't see I don't sprints there was mention here not but I. When the the sprints that are open its doors in 2007. It's two year old facility at the decade old facilities will be talked about. Bring in teams that count are applies Getty got a new upgrade me you know two year old arena league yeah eventually start thinking about upgrades. For the sports and if it's eleven years now at the Jackson County voters approved it reads in sales tax. For the improvements both teams 125 year lease extension so at this point there's fourteen more years. Left on that extension the rams left Saint Louis less than 25 years. After their stadium was open. So things can happen should he chiefs and royals actually start thinking. Other new speedy you don't Kauffman Stadium one of the oldest Major League he's already out Portland think of that. But really. It's not a warn in a way. Tolbert the Orioles blue jays is older and yankees it's a of those few that are older and it's like a local calls vehement in Oakland. Little bit older Chavez ravine and away. Is older. Can't say it is legal to stadiums Major League Baseball that's the great I mean I'm not an advocate of moving Kauffman Stadium never have been. At some point do you have to start thinking what does until the day we got us are thinking about that deal with the roses in his it too much to improve the stadium. We're the better off moving the stadium the downtown I never wanna see the chief Tim and I just don't. I've told him or reasons for that until he's such a big part of Kansas City. Do you think about the parking troubles they would have to be was downtown afterwards that now. Amid a ton of trouble where it is now what on the cusp of I seventy import 35 almost the benefits of amnesty in downtown. For baseball at its orchard on count it helps. Businesses and everything Ailes because of the traffic it would be coming for the amount of baseball games that you have at home but football. You got the eight home games you get the two pre season games which nobody goes to and of course you have. Playoff games reviewed the playoffs did that bring revenue downtown. People that royal stadium. Downtown the fourteen years. You've got to start thinking about 3011 years that's not is that all 2006 vote mean that the map bass that's gone between 2006. It just seems like yesterday. They passed it three aids in sales. Are trying to VA when six out build a new stadium downtown I don't go to another game convenient no transit to help. It's a big part of a huge part of an idea what it is what you eat the date that person acts he's never going to another game. I'm up by an ant the person bridal party and Saturdays I can't imagine maybe you don't wanna mess with the during the week I get that. You don't dual businesses in the traffic and everything else during the week I think it lets you into a downtown Sanaa say in this this text or hasn't but. If you go to a downtown state might. From an outsider looking in if you hear the concept of a downtown stadium. And you've never been to one. You think oh man where you know park everybody and it's going to be stupid busy down there and you unity long lines of Parker's can take you forever walker of the game where we gonna tailgate all these other things the people start thinking about. But if you go to an actual downtown stadium and Greg a lot of these places are are ready you prepared their parking structures around things like that but. You go to Cincinnati is a great example were there for the all star. With the downtown stadium phenomenal. It really isn't it nice that you say sending the Saint Louis having. The court you be trouble or straight to find a lot the market are going to park at 8 o'clock in the morning. What exactly easy. I just I understand if you gestational. Downtown Seoul is such a bad idea why as its sole province on BC's across country you went to the vikings beat wall Laden's and you don't have places that are. Put stadiums outside of the palace I mean even the metrodome a million times. That was going to the new stadium for. He's what are couple weeks. All this audits went downtown admissible at a bar in and we hop in the light rail and went to the state. I do wonder like if the division is between these setter and their closer. Urban nights then and and the folks that are in the city because I think a lot of people in the surrounding areas the suburbs. If you're not already spending time in downtown KC like if he and Al is an attraction for you if you don't go down the Westport you know if you're not. Actively involved. In like that downtown scene in Kansas City. The most likely you were a little apprehensive about having to go down there to watch a baseball. And I think that most of the people will. You know what party go downtown and in the sprint center have been the PL I've been to events that area. Yeah it felt so bad I think we can name have been into the coffin performing arts like I've done all these things. I think we can manager Dan downstate so I think their there's a lot of people who. Don't necessarily spend a lot of time in downtown Kansas City doing things already and those of the people who are most applicants. I'd just ask the question though because if it's that bad of an idea. You've been singles right it statins are downtown right there OK I beating Indianapolis. State of downtown. Our group in Minneapolis state of downtown iPad if it's sexy toggle. I know I've never been a Soldier Field I know it's not downtown Chicago but they have plenty of other. Facilities that are that if it's such a bad idea why so many other cities at their facilities down back. She baseball working there much better football but ski and there's more games you more tidbit to get transportation. These are things you think about hopeful. The end of the street cars were very popular with the at one point seven million writers and a lot of earlier this streak are. He got to think about how you give people from the north and a good people from mobile pork to digging I mean you're gonna have to work on your infrastructure before you go downtown and these things you need to work on first. Before you build a stadium in the you don't do the stuff afterwards get time to think about it now. If you think start spinning expanding like real to downtown did you could talk about stating chip to figure out that problem. First some a couple people on tax line or mentioning Kemper arena and why don't just hear that damn bill Kauffman there. Just address that a quick correction three purposely Kemper arena it's quite quite a big undertaking skill as a basketball words and that'll be be a two story like youth sports facilities so we're gonna re purpose. Kemper arena for that so it is ruled that out there's room by the wrote down there is room by the river and then put the stadium there is. Now 012 core you know saying crossroads of west bobbled it actually is kind of an area that would be. You would they dual US made field usually tailgate stuff like that the build on par with the metrodome was pretty legitimate ones that match and Cleveland there's nothing if it's who respects it. I do think though that that the public transit in in the area is going to be a big concern and and look who got fourteen unit and essence start worrying about that and would basically send this article really early we're talking about fourteen years in the future and there is something else man you got that look on my billion dollar stadium like gets. You gotta Ers are multi million dollar stadium like you've got a text planning I think fourteen years on the back or to me look up fast living here's went. Exactly. 2006. That seem like that is eleven years ago. Nexus Gwyneth thousand dollars and our national cast artists coming up next who should be in any number one in the targeted the chief defense this Sunday. We'll talk to USA today's top del Cerro comes a National Football League in just two minutes next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio.