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01/11 8a - Danny Parkins

Jan 11, 2017|

Host of The Drive Danny Parkins joins us in studio one final time

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And I we have Mack gathered on a team. Kansas City Pittsburgh when the hour next Dress Barn on the east Kansas City Chiefs get ready for them posts. Talk about the fifteen minutes here on 610 Sports Radio but. It's time to active with read the books were probably gonna talk to for the last time in the studio anyway getting par excellence here Saxton sports radio and he is leaving. 610 shark ever had to look at his right for a short time and loud crowds what they say this to you do any before we get in this I appreciate. You leaving at 610 Sports Radio in Kansas City because it is allowed me to hear from people I haven't heard from in years or about half a ground. Yeah oh. Well it is because he's so. These are all out now these calls in and question Ed said. Bro is where do you know why and who don't know we're in any job. Out of it like right on iPhone and it's ringing in my. Hasn't called me eight I get texts from people like her back. Andy like I'm here so able because you as you're Levys I think you've read an NB. You're welcome you're welcome people hope that people are extra yeah. I you know I was talking. Through a a colleague friend of ours who used to work in the market. Generally beat you carry things I thought I can dad. And he was saying. About the job music you know I heard about it from would XYZ personally. Why I personally they know it would it would telephone sort of this music you know I've found this out and it journalists like we care so much about. Uncovering secret that word journalists in this room were talk show host level at a pavlik did journals and club and bad is it we care so much about uncovering secrets and telling stories but as soon as we know a secret or tell a story we tell everyday yeah. There probably is some truth to that because the announcement it yo. People knew ahead of time people in this building were coming up to me saying where I was going on before I let. That hill like I was fooled. Do not tell anyone other than like you or immediate. Circle right you know what I mean soul my parents knew. I could tell my siblings until I was you know in in person Catholic go all over the holidays where I was going into richest. It's blow my mind how many people have reached out and out before the announcement even came out on the show and once the announcement came out of the show it's just dessert. Is very anti climactic albums for his breath as my dad's lately everybody knew but Italy was crazy because like and I I gotta be honest with the and and it looked ate it first the ball it's your business of the audit well. And you have my number is my idol was evidently easily available also yeah. They they do because they edit and it's not because they want to wish you well because no Z and they want and oh yeah where you're going to who's taking your job yeah. Pretty much and it's funny too late. There is there's well intent behind it and that's why also can tell late. Where you are what the pecking order of the business yeah but if you wouldn't take the job. You probably are wishing me well put if you would take the job what you're not really should be well I'm thrilled that I bought suvs may be are gonna vigor to try to get the job so it's it's been weird it's been uncomfortable I. I've only known about it ever. Three. And a half weeks. You know what I mean ABA I go to Brussels or I'll ask. Yeah yeah yeah yeah like the sixth pick as well as people that are you yap who might be is somewhere else or say some things that you are putting out there yet it's it's happened but in terms of an official way that obviously there were things that were you know in the works before that but in terms of like official the this job is going to be your job congratulations. That's been legitimately lust and amounts. And so debt is coming together so fast yeah yeah you know already like now I am hoping to announce today on the show but I as of this moment right now cannot. Yeah it is and these are coming any annie's death I don't so are you gonna Russia. I am not going I'm not going to Russia although Russian knows where I'm going yes they did and because they told me that I described earlier column. Golden Boca. But it's just it's just insane to me how quick this turnaround is going to be Antonin. When my last show is Friday and I will be flying out. This weekend and started my next shot next I cannot utilize the conversation must have been four weeks ago and you saw Danny in the hallway and told them where is go right it was yeah. Crazy so what are for Bob to break the news who. Told me that we're going to do BA as CIA operative in Siberia so. Ideally it it's interesting because I would give you this advice but obviously you can't heed this advice and I told welts this before he came here to take time off. And I now and and you're not doing that and trust me I would love to gas I was just like decompress now. I would what's your idea might my to do list right now is longer than any to do list in the history to do it's because it's like you want to wrap up this. Correctly right you know I mean and it was very important to me to at least get a week it's like a week. Regular bare minimum of what I said I I need that to wait. Promoted I think you know the last thing I want is for people to be tweeting mean. Three weeks imagine what Kansas City and it's gonna happen any bus tour and we you know I wanna do that as much as possible to get it out here. And men. There's wedding obligations that are just you know. Her eyebrows when I got to do things that are just steal it for me there the weddings gonna be here staff is staying here. And so I'm ready commuting back and forth on weekends are taking. Eighth and ninth day at my new job so he's not working weekend. Author of the day in day out and our weather here on games for CBS. Six to go to Pablo like it's. Changing slightly as it's just. It's finding a new place we're gonna have to buy her new job at some point that it's just. Is insane. Idea that before we got married when I went over to Saint Louis site literally did a morning show on Wednesday morning it was in war Wednesday afternoon of that axis say stupid it was Saddam by GAAP. You know you have a boss is you know this is what he wanted in the you know you get a new job and you're gonna do I get an important part of why should act the act of two weeks. And I would love to do that and part of the other complication and I've. This I've told people I will tell you anything you wanna know that I'm allowed tell you salute one part of it is. Is there they're making a higher in a year in which I'm getting married like yeah I have. What a bit of occasion here as has been negotiated and earned and joked about on the show many times and so it. Taking it. Two week honeymoon and and in July united mean that stood. Bolts and all and all that's what they're there they're in negotiation and which it won that week or next. But it was like you don't review they got to give me. Quite a bit of vacation off the jumpers in new hire and ordered a late. Satisfied. The way and year end and all of the travel that will come with that. And o.s doing exactly identical to what I did and in which is our most of my life yes I don't feel like I gave us a little. Stars just married you know bad move not honeymoon moved now the good thing is though you do have. Of good woman with you who could help you imagine who is amazing with bill woman with bill spouse would know significant other how difficult it would be because at the end of the day you can. Political sport get things it just say she'll take Darren about it and it works out well I am blessed to have a white that's amazing and handles all kinds of stuff like that. And you're to sort makes a lot easier. She's amazing and dealing with me on like a normal Wednesday when McGwire take I really need to watch this West Coast NBA game is slick enough of the burden. And today and it. Everything else that I will be throwing into the mix you know sixty days before wedding. It is absurd so it's that's amazing and she knows how much I appreciated out like key she is to this entire thing. But it is that was part of why it's also having to go down so quickly because like. Thank you so much eyeball at the new job which instantly and parity at a resents Hillary who's this guy yeah exactly it's like oh you're going to Pablo firm. Four days her bachelor party eight days in your new job and then you're taking two weeks. Off to go to Italy in my life and I know there are there other us another clue he's he's covering West Coast. All as goes that's that's just a gambling per sausage and it clears these clues being thrown out there a question on the tax lies interest in or you go somewhere where it's legal to smoke marijuana. That's the question well if the bridge is a question we ask that question is volts yes and no I mean it's legal to smoke marijuana everywhere and don't get caught it exactly yeah OK if it's decriminalize in those places you know. I'm not too concerned about about any of that stuff. What we're gonna put us that's I'm not going to Denver drew and Larry I can't talk not go to Denver amount the browns coach I'm not replacing Chris Berman the and I browns coach they fire the guy today all I don't know people just keep floating on citizen and things of what is and is not happening. He's going to be the office according to for the raiders. I think I would do a great job but I agree I mean I'd be fantastic at the genocide all the pieces are in place. If you go to sixty and sports dot com right now you can register to win chiefs tickets this weekend they take on it. The Pittsburgh Steelers in the playoffs here and Arrowhead Stadium were given away impaired tickets courtesy but like we got to go to sixty and sports dot com and register to win those tickets coming apple continue on with our short timer Danny Parker who talked chiefs would Dan next. The record any targets for the zero. It's extends Sports Radio that. At a time when Danny for the final time in the studio as he makes his way he too. The moon and so you can fines and they're beginning. That's right thank you this article I am. I haven't would genuinely embarrassed by I tried to get it so that I could just announce an all in one swoop you know what I mean yeah but it's just that this is radio we takers those wages are way too seriously man and as a it's like everything needs to get the secret. And everybody. The secret it's coaches I I hate it I I genuinely. Hate how many on returns text messages I have been edit and same for me like isn't on here from a lot of people in my answers but Russia to everybody you know that I don't know. Are you have the right way you don't you wanted to have that final week were all the regular guests and all of that you get do that one victory lap as short as it might be in one week yeah you have that the right way I'm trying and it it's also exists and I don't know how much people care about this hopefully they care so on you guys want Ambien two's I assume talk about some of this but it's like. Also weird that it's my shows a red Friday in Bora it's fairly significant football game. It's where we also went to talks sports on this show and Buick I only to talks in sports right exactly it's so we were bouncing around and it's just. It's been very sloppy but I've we've got a lot of fun these last couple of shows and today we got. Rex Butler infer an hour to tell stories and you know hot and I have a great relationship in the Neil Smith will be in for awhile and pass in the call in for one last time Friday from Hawaii. Duffy said he would come on Thursday at five so we're just. We're doing things that matter to us in the show that Chrysler has a ton of stuff planned for Friday in terms of what old stories of production wise and all of that but it's just. We also would like to talks and Jesus did well stocks and she's right now we are a couple of minutes to do what's good talk. OK I have highlights. Katyusha obviously I had to get as you think man I like I'll. I've been overly optimistic about this team all year long as using schaeuble since April yeah these guys are all like nervous winter night. Where do you fall on this I think today. The Steelers have the three best players in the game and then like the fourth through twelfth best player in the game on the chiefs OK I I think it's in credit I think the chiefs have the advantage. With brass obviously and home field. I get X-Factor is just in Houston I don't believe them wedge don't believe that Justin Houston's gonna be a 100% though he's now. If he is great and it's a huge benefit but I think he'll play well I don't think no idea how well he plays goes a long way to determining. How good this team I agree with it can be. I think that if they win. You've taken progress from next year in the literal sense there's you've advanced one round further in the playoffs. But in a practical sense you still just won one playoff game yeah you know what I mean as I don't think losing to the patriots in Foxboro. Even if it is in the AFC championship game's gonna feel like a tremendous amount of progress so I find the bar to be. The Super Bowl sword you with me like they lose on Sunday the season's a failure. It's it's disappoint. Ment you don't need it's listen to Steelers are really good room and there's a reason why in some at some point you could get the Steelers as a favorite. This week at one point but still it all for home teams won in dominated the wild card weekend. And three of the four home teams are legitimate favorites this weekend except you. What do you there's a real champs they you're going to lose this game I don't think you should fear the Steelers. You should respect the hell out of god yes and what did they win this game five times at a time it's it's it's going to be probably the best game of the week at stake I think the most competitive fun game to watch this Green Bay Dallas should be awesome I think Atlanta blows Seattle out and I think obviously that the patriots blow out the Texas Saturday is gonna sock. I think united I'd better Atlanta fairly sizable the I mean I I've not heard about the patriots game that's too big of a line but. Yeah I think I think both games Sunday are awesome and I think that the chiefs late Saturday when it five times out of ten I think there was a thought it was first on salary is usually. It was a salad person on Selanne. Almost. Be the only person anywhere that puts any value and new division championship then because like I look at winning the AFC west this year the best division in football it's an exciting itself teacher as a major accomplishment. Is this that this is a massive accomplishment. And would you say a moves against the Steelers means a failed season I think it's it's in the face of what is a very big greats. Accomplishment crunchy I sit I sit disappointment ID go as far as failure and was the last time it on the edge to us 2000 and yet your shirt. Yeah well you know OK good I do it yeah you don't like I I. Division titles would I think I'd ask you to remember shirt from now on but I always so Contra were not controversial to bet he was asked and I mean. Charlie Weis was eaten that pizza and drinking beer and bitch and about Todd Haley and they were fighting in this I mean like that whole thing was acquired Mike Castle shirk from that I don't or I. Like this sort of do this particular division it's impressive to be the best of four teams in this division but. Should you be celebrating in Houston for winning the AFC south they wanna division championship but the division championship is inherently watered down in the sense that we have. Six playoff teams and two wild card teams and you you only get you gotta buy your second best team in the regular season in the AFC. It is an impressive regular season accomplishment I feel like in general. Post season accomplishments our teams are measured gets it right no. The bit that's how the chiefs measure themselves I seem like I don't oh lead the united Ali came back this season because he got the super. Here Derrick Johnson is trying to come back from a second ruptured Achilles because he thinks this organization is in position. To win a Super Bowl so if the chiefs themselves Arnott. Judging themselves by the standards of the AFC west and they say that's the first goal to they've accomplished the bare bones minimum all of their own internal goals so. I'm not gonna do cart is not that I can't do cart wheel I odd more winning and winning the division it's a nice accomplishment but it's one that immediately feels insignificant once you get into the sex if you lose on Sunday that's all people are gonna talk about the season and with a loss another playoff loss at home for the Steelers and people in five years ago they did win division unit lost the Steelers nobody remembers. This isn't winning the AFC south though doesn't AFC west. It matters when you win the best division in football and it does they've been in matters when you have a long period of success throughout an entire regular season. Well did you win you'll want to some of the most exciting deal with the participation trophy loss I don't know. And I am I. Yeah. All still has a lot of effort to spin it drags you guys it's an increase under the Brady thought yeah I don't know or zero dollar or slices they're great guys that's. Seriously you win it AFC west I think that's a big enough accomplishment in this season. Rihanna really good ever Broncos team a great raiders team at a chargers team that was actually. Solid and they've lost a lot of gays and they were all close they have like thirty players on injured reserve it's a good enough division. That winning it I elevate that higher than just the I would say the Texans were in the AFC south three to wait a playoff game as a wild card. Denver's old AFC west for so many years that taking that back bending something I I will I will evaluate if they back it up without with a home when child earned you heard the the home playoff game at the back with a win that now if they lose a sudden I don't give a rip what happened for the first seventeen weeks of assists depend on how they lose is that and I think if they go get right destroyed it. Yeah you have a terrible taste in your mouth for the rest of the offseason and you're wondering. What the hell are we gonna do with next year. But if they lose a close game to a really good Pittsburgh Steelers always. I hear a it's hard for me to be as critical as I would be if biggest got smokes I. I think that the there's two parts of this like sports entertainment and the chiefs were wildly entertaining for a long period of time this year so it wasn't. Insignificant. In my vote literal sense of I didn't waste my time. Watching the chiefs you know any sort. There is absolutely value in that and that what life is just one big span of wasting time and you hope that you enjoy yourself what you do it. Did struggle to supernatural life is pretty much a waste it's a series of things you do to waste your privately dot. Hi insulated you've got enjoyment out of the team being the two seed winning the division what great message on Wednesday there is valid huge bear but in terms of what the macro sense of sports you're trying to win championships and you're trying to progress from your report. What you do next year. The deal which was wide open for this team with the best players are under contract the best players are young like this don't fire Andy Reid and John Dorsey and if if if they lose to the Steelers it just means that this season. Alternately ended in disappointment. And you can make the argument overall was disappointing because they literally would not have progressed in any way other than an artificial division title which you can disagree with artificial I would. Brooke brought from last year dead and that's fair I think the bigger picture though is that the just touched on. It's not just this year for the chiefs it beginning this year we were picking the windows 2016 you have Eric Berry under franchise Derrick Johnson Tom Hawley. But really the guys who have big contributing are the young guys that John Dorsey drafted the guys that John Dorsey broad and those are the guys that built up this season so go to the next year if you don't have tomba. Oh well if you don't have Derrick Johnson let's Sox probably a draft somebody to replace him but oh well. You have a longer time that I think we originally thought in September with how long he can no question this team no. Question blight. There's also the flip side and it's not to be cynical it's just reels that when you get your shot you've got a cap you guys like you got a shot you know you put it to the nationals is the example that everyone uses like they shut down Stephen Strasburg in the play well yeah we're gonna be back every year and so we don't you know don't how tough are those flavorful I mean it took awhile to be back in and you don't know and other spending throwing good money after bad yeah there's no guarantee the euros direct especially in football again next year mean put this way. How many seasons the rest of Tyreke hill's career would you bet on him having better than this one none. I would say none also found a betting man Don not I think he's it was insane and everybody saw it. Eric Berry. How many seasons would you bet on him having better than this one not not like these guys are all having these big moments these big so you got it now it's not impossible how does. And on Tyreke just because federal waters shooter perspective maybe not from a look all around dynamic playmaker perspective for enforcement death from a wide op perspective I think he has a better you in this one I agree completely what did you mean in terms of touchdowns. It's going to be hard for him it doesn't well yes you know it is a very tough but that's the total unbelievable over any player yeah it's it's just. It's kind of pull for you right now and you've got the whole game and by the division is going to continue to be good so if you believe like I do that a huge part of this is the the rats and the whole game and only need to win three games when mr. bolts that four or next year you might make the what else you may have to win. Italy after a four games on the road to the path this offer or. Every till pulled this hamstring and he you know tonight so the thing is now. Opportunity is right in front got to capitalize on the opportunity and it's golden. It is due showering us with golden opportunity isn't any bargains in studio with us here. I television or radio headset avid avid dot Ticketmaster. Outlets. Cutting out Specter goes inside his own mind and asked Danny what we do each to have some studio for an hour. We go random questions would do any park next. And here arrives extend sports radio's we talked to Danny Clark is one final time in studio see you traded ahead to move on so it's good to have him in stewed yankees vital times here with him I was out at syllables so there I just don't waste your time out just don't waste your time what we like to do how many birds first word soccer or rice sounds sounds like it sounds sounds like Russia. Sounds like yes. And dusty inspector placed ask random questions like we have athletes and we have the more we had people would studio I've heard that Specter goes like he's probably done this deal on re. Don't knock it just you would never been on air gay couples was elated and ASEAN struggling. How many teams do that she's win this season with Shawn Watson as their quarterback and stand. It's great question thank you. I'll say he. One less game. 1111 and I'd say they're eleven and five team with a shot I think Shawn Watson is ready made for Andy Reid's system and I think that Alex Smith. I mean OK that might be a little unfair art but I don't well you know what they don't win the San Diego Dan. Though because that's the first game of the season he's not ready to make that comeback and then they probably don't win the Denver. What you do lose to Tampa. Right right absolutely and do they lose to Tennessee because I yeah they're definitely not calling a one read play to Shawn Watson's running ability because he wasn't running at that point. All right that's good point. I'll stick with them. Oslo lab but five but I guarantee you they lose the CN BA games are the season does that as a rookie he's not ready to lead Beckham and it's probably lose the dead they probably use the bedroom house with who's very very good at the end of him. Where is the water. Sprinklers come from a hose. Man piping right here on a consistent yeah yeah I think I would think that. They tapping your walls and under under ground or is that something from when he gets out it's from a natural body you want it there's just looking irrigation system like Mike said but there's hyping the cubs at the same place near the water in your shower can't take tap into the water Evers got a water like this one of their house from the city he tapped into the water one sprinklers yet looked like Google it underground. Water map on you know and immediately there's like -- definitely always minors I didn't somebody's daughter out of actually does that through initiatives like god he's a yes that's what. Absolutely it's not prosecuting now it's not yeah that's a single and a sprinkler. The same bloody in the shower all the water you house that was in the same spot yet. Irritation at different types of water. Knight Jimmer WUEO. You know golden shower in the shower at the so it's it's that it's a drain in August oh yes they play in Los Angeles this. On is that running rough shot or Ross shot that's a good question. Mr. ruff shot. I drunk god is there could be shy but I it alive if you say it fast enough like you're gonna to keep people don't know you just. I don't know when it happened earlier to mean. This hour I said I want to get in one false move one fell some one fell swoop him. Yeah okay it's else FP LL no one else who wants tells one false look at paycheck yes not necessarily fast. That's was like you said in one swoop if you pulled that I decide once moves that Indo us. Ha yeah rough shot as the word nude I just looked up and it's SE its own work to legislate them if I don't that's drop shot. I was childhood it's. Plus it has. Mind right he's a dollar out of means that I don't. Kennedy had been run over somebody black slated I don't know really I mean yeah I could give you the definition so we do use it because the our football cliche it's. Rank these in order of importance. Refrigerator. Air conditioning. Heat where realism. What he means well because if you're living in a place like Minneapolis air conditioning isn't as important Galena Kansas City living there in his city. You're living in it and a normal did more Zacks next job where I read these reports if I refrigerator it right. In Kansas City. I would say. Air conditioning number one especially you know stuff which you noted the closest we've ever been to breaking up is when. RAC went out during the summer last year and he or the year before last and the condominium. Complex would replace the air conditioner for 72 hours she I thought. Just put aside and deal with Israel walk a mile in my hotel. No because I'd like edged bought fans and it was fine Mitt opinion and metres below comparable with your spine and she just. Was so angry at how five I thought it was that it you don't see it nobility deal so much personally to air conditioning is currently number well kids. I guess yeah. I obviously that it we sure if she lives in whatever HTC was invented. If she lives twenty years before that she would be a billionaire because she would have invented HCA's legitimate basis. Ridiculous that we should have to do much to deal the climate which it would just glad to whatever we want to be obese and conditioning growing up. Yeah she's princess. I don't know if she needed in climate control at all times and if not who's who's a breakdown on a legitimate senate so I would just say you know what. Heating or air conditioning heating refrigeration and I'd order because she needs to have it be her perfect temperature and air but at all times but educated. It detected it too wide range today and maybe but she has so it took to sleep in the cold global war when she's in the shower so it's just. It'll be 68 and 76. It's it's insane awful it's insane. What happens first turbulent three planes or the correct way to load and unload and what's the correct in interest widow window middle islands and interact the way starting from the back but they can't figure that out. It's insecurity particularly as well actually accede to correctly because I've read studies on this I'm not kidding. The correct way the fastest way that is being timed his go window and it'll dial it should be outweigh how does that make any sense because everybody that we do goes in first if you you load the people standing up getting out. Letting the person ain't getting back in their seat another person cubs getting out getting back in if you're the IOC right you're seeded first. You gotta get to wartime OK look I'm loading the claim that accent yes and get ugly to unload all play a boat that's OK okay weirdo okay so turbulence three is gonna be first because clearly nobody could figure out their attitude that they do it's anarchy getting on in getting yet. Apparently southwest thinks they've got the message down everybody piles in the aisle seats first and it really makes for a longer. I never had the opportunity to fly first class for the idea I would be the last on the plane. That's a benefit us all a dream come into its regular guy and I sentiment cocktails why I think this people like trump over me for like. Thirty minutes so there you look at them and you go Hans. Outsider on the last totaling three flames though. Turbulence pause I whether there's nothing caught my wish him I think there's a way to do it the best I can't do you have an idea. I don't have an idea of the outer tube of the year plane but then almost like. Or steal yeah up like off a separate student on the inside that you're gonna sing it. On the net are confined to jeans and khakis for the most part pretty much what material DC could make a nice hands. I mean pot you know this what I announcement yet because the public to get our public. Sweat pants and sweat pants. And one of the lure the lore would be nice to me I like the libertarians wouldn't girls that was with me in things those like hip hugging went lower means what anti handling yeah I'd like those. Then pretty close to swept all we know it's close it's because it was left outs. But I where. I don't that's good enough answer for investments and snatch him well what other what other that's that's probably another material. We don't I was out on tents but just pathetic. Answer gonna look the same a hundred years or just the style will be different view except for well she wears the jewel G cents technology exhibit a hundred years now by people right up there yeah ever vote for Alberto lights go down the Siena and they'll actually blew it up and down the seam I don't I've shared this with you a hundred times but the fact that you gel your hair for morning show. Blows my mind takes like five seconds and I don't think we all that stuff in her hair in the morning as I decided to usually done by. In particular item. And it ends there insists. Let those guys it doesn't Barry nobody else does it third yeah the sits this is the Mota met Danny in 2012 it's like. No you're the gel haired guy a parade we don't need to sell your secured. Play and the last well the Big Easy did pretty radio. How crazy it is that I don't know work in TV Oliver yeah I agree radios and TV but I just the I find it to be a hypocrisy the how about not words web pads that never shaving down I really don't belong here now Adams and other than any not going TV's I think another. She's you don't pay TV is really well had you seen Chris Berman is look and yeah and it's this new age thing nobody knew where vintage tees on to you. It final one sign typically power clouds different than dog and one in the clouds and fog. As I've really don't affect us we're drive but they're so beautiful and yet Faulk is not. I hate class I would like C plus or would you you know really anxious like lately have you. Now like you're up on the clock I think with a lap only lone played into our guys are beautiful but no matter what the weather bonk you don't enjoy it bought. But she can't see. So it makes you feel like let's just. Inside that's the dumbest question ever heard in my life well this is wondering questions would entail okay well. Paula called the fault there's no sun so it's not a nice day out. It's not you can have loads of blow flawed. Everything assaults closet since I didn't gonna sit yesterday were brought this up with that the best part of your dating his critiques the question. Let me answer the questions that are used. You could have low lying flawed that's when they team and I do it's it's a four media days Carlos is timeless yeah. At least as opposed the box at all I don't know we'll ask me what would you do over in Kansas City is the one read you will find out next. It on this show we did a Parkinson was on his way to an and I starting on blah blah blah I hope I can announce today it's getting ridiculous it's getting to the point blank and I I don't know how many. Private misses out on Twitter. Asking where you go and I looked at my phone it's full of text messages is he going years I appreciate you guys think here. And and I just a money answering an actress is not my business is up in blue and again. I am trying to handle it as quickly as possible but there's just click. Against Russians out of your control it's completely out of my control and again it's not solely we work for Entercom all right we work for a corporation. I am leaving this company I'm just going to work for an ad com station in a different place it would all be happening at one time but. The new job wants to make their own announcement and so it's got to go through their own corporate stuff you know only so it's just. Complicated I am day is it is that going to work for a corporation I'm working for another corporation yes there's job radio in India take and other cities must. This thing out dancer put the puzzle together or Russia is where we're going to be good to have him read you of one thing in your timing Kansas City what is. All. I think everybody assumes. It would be handled the David Glass situation better. I think that's everybody assumes the answer should be. But it's not. Because IA. I believed in the about the validity of the questions. And especially at the given where they royals were at the time. And did it hurt my relationship. Internal mean. With the company man and the royals. Per waits too long especially the latter than the former. Yeah it did. But they're asked to be some sort of principle on YouTube so like it just. It did dedicated fire mean for asking the owner of the royals Obama rolls if you ever so teams so you know. I feel like I asked the fair question. Carrington and I'd probably would have gotten to where we dot. Where we've gotten sooner. If there was more compromise from both of us sooner and sold that probably could have just been a lot smoother of a process. If I would have been more. We less tight today. I'm very tight day and he is very tight deed and it's what's made us very good on the air like. We have a great chemistry we have an odd couple radio relationship I'm. The white guy from the suburbs who's not from Kansas City. He's the black guy from the city whose passionate about the teams I'm Taipei he's might be I'd be over preparer he's. In rob let it fly united it's it's all those things that are so different. That if ball where we recovered from the time was I hosting solo in Syracuse and and I was hosting here today any part to show from nine to eleven I had and have a partner. Since college radio and it would be a rotating partly on us your keys that's what post game show you know and then he was coming from hosting a podcast in college wants a week. And he had done the night show less than twenty times and and he was put on with me for hours today. We were just in such different places in terms of bar straight up broadcasting. Ability. Today. I had no flex to me at all. But just no ability to compromise or sympathize with his situation and we were terrible day Arab people like you guys are magnified audio from those for shows and bring I would know. I don't know how to do that yet no interest in doing because it would be mortified in my new company would probably rescind the offer she. You wanted to say did you sign that already. Actually that's kind of what the holdup on the says. But again everything try to find a fax machine as a sighting yet except it's. Boy I think that if I would have had more flax to me earlier. We would've gotten to where we dot sooner if he has the same thing right if he would've moved more to the senator. On his stuff and bid less stubborn on his stuff. He wouldn't it you know it takes two to tango circus so to speak so I think he would say something alarm and you know what. People kept saying has a lot this week what you guys in the street job bridging the gap from from neck and afternoons and also pick for guy that we did it it's. There was another show there you know what I mean and so I think it may be if we you know with Vernon banked GC and if we would maybe started the process sooner. Maybe we wouldn't. Dot net right away and we would have gotten the rays in the job security of the JC experiment would not have happened that maybe I'm over thinking that but like. That stunted our growth quite a bit in hindsight. Because. You know the BJ you know Jaycee was a football guy who was figuring out if he wanted to do sports talk radio everyday and we started with a baseball season. Again and he left before football season so we have to retool shall again insulate. I think it would give him tankan and I would have gotten on the same page sooner maybe all of that stuff would not have happened and horror. Been together for years but like two years and a little bit at the corner quote top of the time slot. May be would have been three years at the top what do you remember most about an hour drive back from Indianapolis. Meaning you were going too fast real yeah I thought you were going too fast in the snow. And it we're a great car and a unit meaning you're good driver and address driver in my heart I driver. I've visited gripe I felt too fast and dry pavement side yeah. Their. They never said anything. I don't will you wanna be that guy it carries and sleeping back. Ed it's always asleep before it pulled out parking right it's you know there are definitely times were put my foot was on the bottom of of the passenger side pointing Heidi righty hitting the brakes here but he's not so good to doubt definitely thinking you were going too fast but what he's got kids he's got a lot to live for he wouldn't be endangering it definitely if you did that did you say. That's the number two segments into Steve and then the the pollen to the post race yeah. Yeah. My my call into the post game show was quickly could be square right now little angry because of the whole situation right I don't. Love you remember this. I I did once take over the straight hijack the radio station signal essentially. And do the night shift more so long as it outer if that out of your member of the fact that you were actually the one that lit a fire her comedic caused me to do that. Yeah man I got this I still have the note that you lets me read when you win all that when you when you left we love letter. You don't get it varied and not to to supposedly but he broke you very nice letter to I mean. Must be a period of time here Bob you remember this not that you would it going bush when he made it measles it's a good chance I went and I are out there between our between our old. Our old boss and our new boss -- we had no program right we had no immediate supervisor. And clings the most responsible organized person who was still in charge of flight making sure we had audio a radio station but a lot of people were turning to you would mean. For light. Dated today. Programming decisions the Jovan Belcher thinking about it I I was out there and it was like hey Bob you we've got to work about a fire sale yeah I hate. Someone needs to be on the air something's happening I am I've lived closest to the stadium so I went on the air dry wit to the stadium and entertain the student at the call somebody an article on McCain BC political boss. And so did you and I kind of put that thing together and and I am a huge believer in wraps and might the only way to not be considered a board opera producer in your entire career and I mean that's not he wanted to be. Was to what do the show or river. You asked me if that's well and don't like no you're like I don't believe you. Yeah I bet I still remember the poisoned by yeah yeah these that was a kick in the balls and I was like. I can understand why doesn't believe that that was such a fire then at taking over the radio station getting yelled at for a lot of it than actually being allowed to stay on which is here. Was 'cause it it would might might logic was we did have programming at night we were just going to. Fox Sports Radio just now like we had you know royals games at a time whenever whatever month it was but. Just post. And the new command and you'll see you as opposed to think that the boss Dave Bush knows just post. It's the nine that affect my ratings don't tell anybody that if you try to be told you wimps. Just post and so that when the new guy came and he was viewed as. But I posted its facility at nights and is present may have and he got wink and now is back during morning drive so you welcome at the Pentagon today I heard it I got could archive value zero you're there you work very hard but it just IA. Total log time ago in this business and is something that I try to impart to younger people are part timers or whatever but you've got. Have to be bold because they'll do it's it's a business of bull so you don't need they'll go if you don't go out and take it or at least at you know the job if Mike so why jobs come open. If you're working at this radio station and you haven't told our boss that you want my job your more moron you ought exit could freaking job if that makes me or. Different jobs that and visionary Vasquez yeah you got that you know if you wanna do this and you haven't at least throw your hat in the ring for Europe. Ole even if you think as your percentage for what makes you look EU in the wipe. At least thinking that you deserve it until the all people outside the building how to get all the Barbara. Best to let you would Aberdeen Danny bank newsroom hey he's got our state later Monday other way two minutes next.


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