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01/11 8a - KS Lotto Tix, Mike Tomlin on the Chiefs, Q&A, Top 10

Jan 11, 2017|

We giveaway KS lottery tickets with bad fan reaction, Mike Tomlin talks about Alex Smith, Dontari Poe and Tyreek Hill, weekly Q&A plus the Daily Top 10; golden

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We want and need the show opening gains on monument to all year long so what we're gonna do is give you an opportunity to win 25 dollars. And Kansas lottery instant scratch tickets or if you don't you get the right one you could win 25000. Dollars. From Kansas lottery so we're very very very excited about that will be commercial free till 830 here on 610 Sports Radio clustered now weighs her next chance 1000 box. You can. Tax cash 269306. If you want a reminder tax. Message and data rates may apply that's right that's a reminder for you as well as well final analysis Tex cast as the crowd etc. now they're ego of net is is that where you're texting cache to six entries are excellent excellent reminder to our owed to the reminder text I catch a very very nicely done out of you all here here's what I'm saying right now of the Alabama fans who punched the TV was kind of foolish he destroyed his TV. Because his team lost a football game but fellas we've all been there before we've all done something we regret. After our team loses a game my. Red brick Cheney be assistant principal of Shawnee mission east. Tore out of the parking lot after K you lost to Rhode Island on two wheels and we still haven't heard from him and that was back in 1997. Or eight. I went outside and peed at an apartment complex in the neighbor watched me do it after K you lost to Arizona. Not a moment I'm really really proud of we've all had those moments welts I'm sure you've had a moment that you're not proud of after your team has lost a game where. I've I've sat and drank the entire case of beer out of anger a close eye on the couch and not move to just kept track of one after the other after the other which was. After. It was after the 2010 she spun out of actually yeah I just sat there and I did nothing else to do so I was a slight I'm not moving from the spot because I want the game be replaced. How so how did something similar after the colts game but. The best one comes from my dad. It was a worthless week seventeen game in the early 2001 call at 2002001. And it snoop minister of surpassing the ends up. He takes issue often fires are right through the screen. I did you go right through this period of peachtree TV. Wow these new menace if that event that is this is some ten team that was not a good team there is a worthless game in week seventeen I think the culmination of the entire season. Got to improve it is. Fire that it even lies there should be. More resilient. There but they're not as it once and of course but when it that they they should be because that's that's where the focus there anchors of these guys that he's like OK we all need to do is build a TV that didn't take issue flying throughout history right now let's. Definitely not what they've had a motto they put that TV together so that's probably the biggest. Overreaction to a game I've ever seen because a guy and the best part about that as it was during a work this week seventeen when valujet. Yes I'm like get so pissed once they came it is a three hour radio show that you are. Got a lot. At this at midnight after a playoff loss they and why thirteen and I also got rid of all I got rid of everything chiefs. Thirteen I guess I just started to root. I wiped absentee simple for Christmas the first time I've had she Stefan that man I'm there to get rid of all you got donated everything and I'm so so I was so -- after that that colts Stephen how did you respond after the Tampa loss earlier this year was up probably the worst performance you had the tennis and the loss of around you know what was the worst for you 2006. Duke lost to LSU in the sweet sixteens -- erratic spinal dean I was Lester Earl easier and LSU I hear that LSU made the final four I went to be geographically dash at all. And so I Q so they egos everybody's had those moments Seoul were gonna do or take your calls 9135767610. And you're gonna tell us your worst moment after your team is lost the best to worst moment is gonna win 25 dollars in Kansas lottery instant scratch tickets writing Kansas City start us off here on sixty and Sports Radio good morning. Good morning drag and saying that. Or. You are okay go ahead although Leslie. All right so I a shame that the I've only been a few moment in my life work ever cried. And those 2013. Cheeks called game playoff game. Obviously I thought we had a and I actually. That it would then discard a note pretty weak story here. Though I I don't know how vividly remember the game out met at a at an opportunity to actually stormed back when they gained. Repair Leo burgers pirate prey on on kind of a broken play. Yen on our that is it's I bought all black honoring. Fire right finger and right after that moment I realized that was pretty much. I'm a bit we're done started Connick crying in my yard girlfriend wife now called me and the and I stood and I took a swing at the wall and I hadn't done it broke my age. Changes. And and it should pursue the lap eight. But now I can say that she's extremely passionate to answer loved it's double I understand it. There are two the complete moron I did not give any reason to. Not only oh yeah I cried I broke my hand. And now you know or every studies in your wall township. Yeah I'm out so that spat out like that you know what we law that. Empower the I've got to. I was the Q I told you the leader in the class act as a great learning at the beginning got a I don't it and it does seem maybe that dude how whom is still room to move that the do they do not lady's house the other can be. Back them. Ryan and punched a nonstop right exactly now via I mean it was it was a it was a good punch by him Brandon and Kansas and good morning. Good morning good morning. So. I'm kind of one of those guys who value that they need to buy or are you argued that you. Number they're at the trigger your mind no I'm not quite heated it you're gonna do it. Oh well mine accountable like. Is deeply in my I'll. The keep their pedigree the year and one of great law. It by either model where he battled would. I'm gonna although that. Dale and Elliott that you dial. There and our record in the wooden mallet that dale. At though it but they did Ali I would now like I whine like. Almost all of their thing though are. I would say it was great. I they argument it or not gonna yell and it. Like I'm not alone like you are all. But I kind of whatever why. So let a proud moment in that despite. You know. I'm not gonna let it will be being called the movies in the league knockout blow. There have been there so you got out there about. Alec that particular that you noted that out of it that my great you know there's got to. Lever knows that he's been in net for the. Yes perfect path at Brad and I appreciate the focal thank you very much in its true. You know regular season losses shouldn't get into the point reader like we're rated abortion spouse well regular season losses tend to affect me quite a line by line at the same time. I love that the bar is Alex Smith doesn't sit. The book that well it sake and that's very that is if they're true. Steven blues RAZR out next in morning. Hours. Dialogue here you prayer and a few years ago. Richard it they have that what in your kid you'd. They admire liar. And there have lived in the game and I. Raise them on the area. Brokered and have. No major problems that that India why we're certainly not pleased. Even a recliner out of the deals. Very good Steve appreciate the phone call 913576. Sevenths extent Ryan and Casey still the leader in the clubhouse he moved because he blamed his house for the colts lost. The people's laws in Indy sandy and belt and good morning. So no sorry for a long standing. At the base odd man out as worried as he got mad if he. He makes it there and let them off as in the game as. Dad Matt and that was it at last. And when they're loyal. Or they. We pick our loyal my son I did not hire you and like nothing that and I. It wasn't letting royals blanket on fire like this mean that says as a Google speak it's. At the first burglar that was angry I was wires get things happen. I'd go up 91357676. They can anybody be riding Kansas City two calls let DJ in Shawnee is first good morning. Morning near that level again or I or. I remember when Nancy. Or the well site in it up very out of a little get it done by and no doubt about seat belt that the kids. So much that we lost the piece it all and you ought that there are so. We walked out in the packet. In a hole in there and here. Mean that it was all I actually hit the war. Ship. Literally eats. Our plane thought like literally formal sort it all out of your Cold War call. Or we get that 21. You know. A book the door and another black guy. All of the wonderful on so on Blu-ray. Or. That's pretty relative that and is a good when I noticed it yet now they have an open concept first or Portland business is at the John Marty in St. Joe your final call for us Marty good morning. Upload a political. Yeah I used to work down there and I've seen I think he paints come out kick contractually and let the land who. Looked in cars it and domestic. You Natick and reading the compact models using them and swords. You cannot fight down there and it's. It made him and I lose I mean it's that are trained. They they take that in Syria. On the other note. Medio it's twenty. Blew the game is seen Eagles. This year I got a little upset that my hands of law. But it had surgery that 42 so. I mean that's equitable and her. Well going to be there a better going to be better. I would hope so all right so we got the hell guess that's not plot to stuff mandate handed backhand is not structured referred for punching I don't know why. We try to make it that way but it's not you're not supposed to go punches especially inanimate object is it dike walls and things are right so who do you think the winners I still think riding KC yeah play it sounds like him and asked if he had he played its house for a playoff losses come hardest talk. Yeah it really is arriving Casey is our big winner. Or anyone with that as well right out of the top ten list today. Top ten things that are golden top ten things that are golden since nine threes or six on the tax line today will be your top ten coming up at 850. Message and data rates vampire quite yesterday on the show we had our friend David Hughes on judges every Tuesday at 830 and we started out the interview very like harmlessly going David a year a year excite every fired up about this this game on Sunday this is what Damon said. I am fired but I don't know fired up like the Warhol's. World Series were on filed while ago or. More. More anxiety in mark fired right now and immediately because. Beat. Because we pulled student per click here we go over the cult lecture with the way in but it didn't look a lot more anxiety dementia. Yes look goal bring on Pittsburgh you know character from part it's more like an error. You know repeater earlier this season I think we can still win and but I am a little bit concerned are all fired up if that's the that's such. So that's David Hughes talking to his yesterday not as excited as he was for the royals he's more anxious and nervous. Fired up and other saying that to you guys the last two weeks that's the sense that idea being around town like I don't get the excited. Il. Like people had for the royals I get the sense that people are excited. But I also get the sense that people are anxious and nervous more than they are truly excited. And they're not enjoying the moment as much because there's so much pressure. To steal and two we and that this playoff game at home I think I'm looking at three different guys at. Yeah radio that same boat out not only in my that so I think there's a realistic reason as to why I'm in that boat. There's not a seven game series I mean we have right before game seven there's a lot of nervous excitement because the reality is it's winner go home. There's no tomorrow you'll get another shot at if you screw up this game like that song it's wins ago hull put this and that's the structure it's what makes the NFL playoffs so compel better than any other because it's winner go home to what everybody loves it why everybody watches it. Because it's so intense everybody knows this play could be the play that ends our season at work could be the play that makes our season. That bad is it a little bit of nervousness you know what the royals it was like hey they're good team if they lose this game that's all right as mother games they can go win. And so there was a lot more excitement surrounding the royals in that situation where with the chiefs. I don't want one timer markets Peter slips and Antonio Brown takes offered eighty yard touchdown to be the entire season. But it very easily could be yet and that's what scares me about it and I feel very similar. Today and news I think Josh and Mike in spec I think this was similar feeling prior to deem for. Against Houston. You know there was an essay yeah elimination game his little little nervous energy there yes excellent there is this town right now guys from mice deal for Mike Holtz if you will from the people I've talked to obscene and you know run into whatnot. We got a tights pink to walk around Kansas City right now and you know I I but are there teams Specter isn't really as tight as it seems like we all are. About this football game because at the end of the day it's still a game and in NYU wanna win it's not life or death I give all act. But but I think I think a lot of us are tight because I think a lot of us unlike me and I've been that this is not new. I think a lot of us in Kansas City under valuing. The chiefs and I think were under valuing the chiefs because of past history and past history and does not factor in. To what we're looking at right now and when you are eighteen as expected to win in the chiefs are expected to win in other than to receive for God's takes a you tend to playing not to lose and we've seen that here in Kansas City and I think the fans have that mindset of going. Please don't lose it's not like I wanna win as I please don't lose and that's the sense that I get. And we heard from David which is like. I'm I'm surprised. He kinda had that feeling as well about this team about this game. I've allowed that surprise and I think when your feeling that polls I don't know that it's necessarily all about the history so that is good for a lot of people it's about the history but. It's also because the Steelers are really good football took it and I think at this moment it doesn't really matter what your history is a must for the patriots going against the Texans. You know this is going to be a tough game this can be really hard for the chiefs to win is to be really hard for the Steelers to win. It's gonna make you really close to why it's basically a pic of men in Vegas because both teams who went in looked. It may read wins. It's a big. Big monkey off his back and everybody can take a bit of a sigh of relief and any I'll take you to a barbecue place you wanna go what's the lead out and these. It's on it well part of it ought eighties back is he has had a home playoff winning Kansas City based music culture doesn't get it done in the post season egg Kansas City as an extra monkey on their back because no home playoff victory since Joseph Montana and 19940 right so. They're both bull. Does monkeys on the back if you. Why that's that is true I also think it's a flawed stat especially in sports here in Ireland since 1990 for why a lot it which is on the organization well I mean. It it's it's a small number compared to the perception that I think the chances are this gray restrain his eyes or straight is a lot to lose you learn to holders oil that span who does that span of twenty to about the span of 23 years has dealt solely how else former playoff game yeah that's week. Mean there that's not good that is now where this great franchise says. We have we've got a couple of nice years a lot of really that was well that's that we were it was like last week sort of like Tom Brady's stead at home in the playoffs and like that that the home playoff again Colombia while it's it's like stupid insight about. Jesus had before in 23 years as it is fifth playoff game in 23 years and all that that's not good that's one every. In a five plus years or something so. I I I alternately thing. The joy of winning will not be as great as the depressed and feel of losing and that's what we have to give I'd that's why. I think people are still afraid. Fans are still afraid of losing this football game that they're forgetting that their team is pretty damn good. And we can win this football game and that's the shift we need to see over the next couple of days stop thinking about Ono what do we lose and start thinking about how we are going to win. And then go on the New England place in the AFC championship that's the minds and I want the fans at. That's the mindset I want the city to have because it does all trickle down and that's the minds on what this team to have rolling in to Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday morning. I'm joined the ride for the chiefs I think most people are joined a rod is just the reality of the situation when you look at the Steelers and chiefs match. It's a very even matchup and it's one the chiefs got smoked on. Earlier this season so yeah of course they're going to be people who are a little bit worried about it there's going to be that thing in the back your head that says hey. The chief might lose this thing. There's probably 5050 shots from and that's why to pick him game in Vegas because it's probably 5050. So. Yeah go into the game. A little bit of nervousness and a little bit of excitement it's normal to feel that way if the chiefs do win. And he read all all taking whatever barbecue place you want to and it's all you can be taken. While boys and yeah element of the whole package for its own thing out oral backed by big you do it at us it and we quote unquote like small but will go to his favorite group. Also the way this team plays. Leads to nervousness anyway Turk because this is a stressful that we don't this is stressful team go. Watts and place over the seemingly close games down to the wire. Kind of no lead is safe obviously fun to win by only you know big enough so that is that like quietly into it I mean. Did you read like a massive sigh of relief when the chiefs were start were pounding use the last of the four yeah yeah because I was like after the well is a game this is what this is like. Cool as most summer or nail biting stress. Inducing. Matchups and expect this will be the same type of thing. It. Syria that is most of those games I am ice. One sorry to physical pain that ecology and you said it. Point point winds aren't as excited until I nobody still you wanna you wanna be a preseason games and boring kind of exciting was for boring fund that's that's a good start preparing for New England early on in the IQ but you're not going to be out of the game on Sunday join us on FaceBook -- it's the only place the entire world can come together and watch the game we're going to be Ryan Lilja cells and on FaceBook live for the entire game we're going to be interacting with you talking to you guys weighing in you know addressing your comments having conversation. It's gonna be like Bill Walton and company were the other night for the national championship games have you won it and if you're not going to the game you wanna watch the rest of the world every cheese and the only place you can do that. Is with us at FaceBook live FaceBook dot com slash six of his sports. A nervous about what game on the Mike Tomlin spoke yesterday getting tax and not there. You'll get any text for me on Sunday there's a few saving deem is over when their seven nothing I'm I'm a brakes on this. So I do I get very scared keep Bob's going to do that I did text every week wave before the games over how to slabs of dead so wrong about that though. I think once spoke at Tampa day. But he wants the exhibit there was the Tampa was the one yeah. Temple was go you called it out over early and then it it and have gone the wrong way bet that's. One at a Eckstein and there are a lot of times he got a ride. Mike Tomlin spoke yesterday for whatever reason I guess being an eastern times in the get the advantage of being ahead of everybody here in Kansas City Mike Tomlin did his press conference yesterday. And what are the things he talked about was you know not slowing down Kelsey Hill all these guys but now last in the last couple weeks ago factory number eleven room. His mobility is underrated and an asset up probably highlighted it. The last time we played them have always highlighted it every time we play him because it doesn't seem like he gets enough. Respect in that area. His mobility is an. You also forefront so that's Mike Tomlin talking about Alex Smith and the mobility and the mobility wasn't an issue at all this year until the last two weeks of the season and and all of a sudden they added that packed into the scheme they added that back into their repertoire on offense. And holy crap now all of a sudden for fifteen weeks nobody had a prepare for Alex Smith running the football. And the last two would you get ready to enter into the playoffs you add in that mobility again and Alex Smith and those design run plays that they had for him and that's a game changer and and that's what the chiefs have done all season long was add things in offensively piece by piece little by little to get to where we are right now. And now you've seen everything you've got to prepare for everything. And guys out of what you feel bad but Tomlin is deadlocked when Alex Smith takes off that is a death nail for whatever team that they're playing because all of his runs seemingly. Equals something big. That continue drives score touchdowns their big moments would now. Smith Ron and I hope that they are able to to get to some of that because I think they are successful when he's doing that. Vs Pittsburgh though he's not been able to do that three match ups has achieved with Pittsburgh. And run the football at all now model fits its scheme if they are monitoring that common set it hasn't done a bunch of any two for 143 for 51 for two. Dozer is rushing yards. Or attempts and yards out vs the Steelers the last remains an Emmy it's only go back to fourteenth so yes these are these are pretty recent right so. That's 66. Carries for 21 ya and it's better to go back to 2010 when he was in Sanford Sicily and running in and run then either. But you don't assailant that's recent if he's you know when he won new idea needs more than 21 yards right he needs some opportunistic runs worries. He's got a really off chunks. Four you know for for him to be most effective and maybe the Steelers just don't give that up. Steelers normally don't and that's gonna her for this team but that one really it's optimism building thing the chief to Don over the last two games. The office is looking good. Over the last two games and I know that it's now it's a very small sample size but at least it's the right was he rather have looking in his last two is the right to you you'd rather have them look good for you know. At least the majority of the season. But the fact they've look at over the last two games in this gives me confidence. In these guys Alex Smith is gonna go out there it is taken giant dump in the middle of the field and say well. So our guys don't play me I don't. Anyway hire somebody to do that half the guys won't even blame me anyway assaulting a giant dump in the field move on I have more confidence that Alex Smith won't do that because of how he's performed the last two games yet I agree with adding Alex Smith is gonna have a big impact. On this game and I think it's going to be positive one because of internal and do whatever he needs to do to move this offense to him if he could hire anybody except Russia right brush you can hire somebody does it get iiroc and of course I was sure I bring down naked it is some sort of thing I'm done a column. Golden bowl. You can absolutely do that date date Mike Tomlin did was asked about the backup quarterback geez just in case something happens to Alex Smith. What he thinks about the back. Doctor Poe is does it mean to be reckoned with it from a less concerned about his past and abilities. And I am. His run stopping him in and pass rushing ability. On that dynamic guy. So there's my time talking that she's back up quarterback Don sorry oh. And it done Tariq told does what he's supposed to do and stuff that middle and occupies guys and doesn't let those lining get off to that next level. Laid him down is not going to have a good day running the football he is not gonna have a good day I think a lot of that run defense does start up there. With Don Tariq though. Totally random Mike Tomlin. That press conference just decent he spoke for fourteen minutes right 27 and but the four points in as low rates at request for a fourteen minute monologue thirteen minutes answering a question it that's unbelievable that didn't hurt gills like used to do stuff like that give up their just read stats and numbers and all of us like I was innocent and Charlie why did that yeah I'm bill Coughlin was the bat Sosa does that. They like filibuster at the beginning Andy Reid just gets up there and you know talks about the injuries have been says you know we look forward to the challenge of playing. The Pittsburgh Steelers we know there are good football team times hours which you would any be. 47 minutes calls for a gothic he would know what to do coach cancer keeping them for 27 minute. Risk but I I enjoy I don't think what is my dollar relative there now like not sure that he said anything but listening to Mike Thomas has an entertaining I mean he's he's he's very charismatic. Willits Alec. Me out while another good team. Might honestly activities that sort of joking about Alan my I don't mind is this if they go through they give you what they think of an opponent however again you know. These are interesting in went through everything I don't freedom I don't need a fifteen minute monologue neither is donated to us along a path Nelson and I. I also appreciate it thank yours and tell me what you think of the team duke is making what I say I think what you think of the opponent because. Our opinions only matter we need to know what you think of them what are your impressions are the opponent where you gonna do about it so if you give me a little something in that model and the bed that counts is that. Good lower leg golden question over there I said it did didn't do glass is making girls sexy there's a girl on the NFL network who's dating Danny Amendola Josh is in love with the she's got glasses and I'm looking at a I'm thinking if she didn't have those glasses on. I don't know she Diaz like sneaky sexy as she is. With those glasses on let's sausage you either way I think it first summit enhances room a big for others. Out of it necessarily to tracks and he had never seen it grow like all she'd have glasses she'd be attractive now but I think. For some girls. Glasses work well yeah I think for this young lady they do I'd the big thing is gonna be Tyreke feel and how you stop him and I think Mike Thomas kind of got a pulse of this easy. Easier said than done. You know you saw what trend that directional kick did to us a couple weeks ago we put the ball out of males twice gave the ball on the forty so. You know we gotta tread lightly as we prepare. And understand that our ability to minimize. His touches in that area aids us but no we don't wanna give the many things. And we gave our opponents some field position a couple weeks back kicking a ball out of bounds a couple of times nonexistent in net. Idea Unita interest in math but at the end of the day I'd rather give my opponent field position and give them a touchdown because Tyreke Gil has the ability to take it to the house every single time so it's going to be interesting to see. How might common in the Steelers handle a combination of both will be great. Combination of given us great field position or and kicking and arrows are allowed to us that they Rica they both can. Could be a helpful you liking you directional kick it out of bounds at the five Europe would like directional kicking out of bounds before you know of sailing you you can get that sucker advanced further down the field so. We'll see how they play it all out our top ten list today top ten things that are golden top ten things that are golden 69306. On the tax on today your top ten. Coming Anthony fifty coming up here I'd sixty at Sports Radio we have our weekly Q&A TF questions for each other. And I tell you a lot we have no idea what's common we do that next. Nether is Lindsay and me every. I mean that's Q hey. I'm gonna talk only six questions six and losers in six minutes you'll want answers by. You read they have no idea what they're being as yeah. This torch. This term for a long handled gardening tool can also mean and he immoral pleasure seeker. Nothing he is off limits. And what I hope no. Ride it is diver. Our weekly Q and it we ask each other random in the same questions it makes no sense probably but they make sense to us. And we need to know the answers well to suck up some good ones so start with you must rent. All right Josh. Yeah let's go Josh first Josh Johnny Benz Ellis charging fifteen dollars for itself via the super glad this story back room off I had not heard nine yeah nine for an autograph 51 self genuine it's going to be a hero yeah yeah yeah John Daly yes yes. That's true Jon Heyman Zell is now charging fifty bucks for herself the Houston at the Super Bowl this year. Who would you pay. Fifty dollars for herself be where it doesn't matter sports anything probably George went off. If we're guys. Married guys are from cheers died and he loves him. So maybe he ever comes apparently you get that self be with George A glance the show. The F today of fifty dollars for George went so it's it's great question is Steve Carell dressed as Michael Scott. That's a you do yes. Maybe I'll dresses my iPod welfare died in February 5 I I would I'd welfare probably Will Ferrell for you and there's so many people. But I can go with here Will Ferrell was a very good 1 but I am a a sucker for history and all that kind of stuff so golden girls. All I would do Bea Arthur which he did. All the device to be recognized fans get their lives actually have a couple with her bronze statue from Disney World that I took when I was there last there's a deal god that's what we're looking here it's great. Football on the optical Barack Obama present United States. We did these dvds Phillies back into the Booth and say no idea what chance do they tackle maybe rightly get the motive that about it nobody would itself he was it was like Ott nine in. For Bob. Would you rather a big men or guards him think a lot accounts vessel these days would you rather have a lot of bigs. Regard. I think college basketball's always a cynical or gains and you know so I'm saying there's nothing better. Then a guy who you know is going to be able to drain a big shot and watching frank Mason last night. Gave me that like I eat I liked the way you can rely on him. To shoot from the outside like Landon Lucas is a nice player and lovely and it Lucas and all but frank Mason was the reason they came back and won that game gourds to flip the game. Very very quickly from scoring standpoint and you know I think you have to be able to hit shots and pound bass focus a lot of teams don't and if you got to panic and hit a shot. I'm going to that some of the guards there and they must you have Anthony Davis it's gonna be exactly. And so very chicken and egg. Who has you know. Kansas law this year is that there to guard Eric. Exactly and other years it's him you know having. It's always is supposed to look like problems all the time exports of do we waste so much time looking for problems in creating issues in sports it's really ridiculous but claimed does Russia have anything on you. I don't think so. Politics and a better Russia and caring if you're running for president what would be one of those oh moments he didn't want anybody to know about. On his digs in France and happened right if enough. We can't necessarily talk about but at a Russia's complete we're go to France right out of there out of France Sweden Denmark can do that you know now so I don't think so. So Federer made fun of Russia a lot right and an off that accounts and their price listening. From oh. So their mother still excels at everything except that our roster of Canada would probably come back thought at some point and in fairness. I would have I would have won for that's. I do everything I can't make sure that anything I do is not documented anyway I'm with you as is so what's the point now lives rather. All the talk to somebody to text somebody because text they can screen shot calls and tips that. Lester acting as a lawyer calling all time now it is whereas. All right Bob. Amid a Michigan. It is now famous after posted ticket because he's angry at. Police officers foreseeing that his car outside was left on line that Saddam because it was cold it's Michigan has January of course. There is frigid the cold they wanted to keep his car running by Randy was girlfriend's house regret that our launch of the key in the ignition. Chief of police says that's a problem and that is illegal yes. It's illegal little Harlem park to me it is. Is that a fair who has the ball their would you say it's fair that you get ticketed if you leave your car running outside well I think the reason that they do it is to send a message to view. Not delete your car running because it could get stalled and then when he gets stolen that insurance is got a hay and all of that that the cops waste their time finding a car. That was stolen because you're too stupid and left the keys on self. I think what the police officers are doing and why it's against the on why I'm I agree with this laws because the cops that we got better things to do the try to find a car that was swipe because you left it running in your driveway. I gotta I gotta side of the same have to I would love to get the other perspective here but. But this the world we live at a Utah hope the world yes everybody would not steal it you can beat your car running you could be your doors unlocked and everything would be fine. That's not the world we live in so take precautions or to answer or you don't automatic starter re you have to have the key to move the call you know Smith. Mike what's still arrives in the mail at your house. Nothing. I others. DL you view if you order something I guess but other than that I'd I'd pay everything online everything's done electronically tightest I automatically pay for pretty much everything I have. I like to write checks anymore. I'd I have a checkbook. I'll use it mean I have it it's hot it's odd yeah I check mail probably once a month. And there's never anything and there's a bunch of stuff out the throw out and then you know stuff from relatives and stuff which is cool but most of good instead of throwing. Way. Any grocery store flyers now is basically all the junk mail and giving us some of the movies now for the sag awards start with a couple yesterday that. Other than that sag awards yes green next to build towards Tampa author of the Screen Actors Guild and haven't heard and I vote immediately had given her that and he hasn't mentioned that you. Could you vote for this sag awards. Voting member of the screen actors yes. You do details mine is yeah as a Seychelles my got you into the sample you have to be in the union to be you know what to work to union shop sows the reunion is this the screen actors. Rawls covered under the same umbrella. If you look at over job and I don't say you had her before I get to vote on. I cannot allies. You haven't had that conversation like you finally bring Al back. If it is specs are or socialism only bomb. If you go to KU where which you've done. Who. They're on anywhere. I go out around and it's like oh yeah I sit there and Syracuse has safeties. Yet here. The let's move as they have like KUN Nikkei was good oh I have a very strong affinity for Nebraska so mean. Maybe not the time but in retrospect followed it on the UN now that you know Nebraska or welts coming I think everybody in my class was like. Errors owners wanna stay real please Jackson's always freezing cold Iowa yeah. I got an awkward to. Anybody leader as everybody back Iowa Iowa's it's the way it goes. Coming up here on 610 Sports Radio we're gonna YouTube our top ten list plus. Were also gonna tell you about the worst date ever for Las Vegas, Nevada we do that. I. It's not NN yeah of course it's candidates on. Thank senator golden top ten things that are. Golden I like this one very very very very unique and runs are a lot there on things are Goldman. There are a lot of people that things out there today and lie your ten of them are just ten we can't limit it just remembered and I golden Colorado. And good revered. Can you Nemo. Does that make you one of the year like right now he scares in severe you want them here right now Dan Burton and I Golden Globes yeah. So Hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners. And if we kick come all out you'll have nothing to watch the football and mixed martial arts flicks are. There it is member a number eight golden gophers went to purify yourself in the waters lately and it's Hulk. Totally forgot that the Golden Eagles yeah that's a good one minute it's right it's university of Minnesota. Under seven Golden Tate I have. And. Oh yeah. Like that one early call these numbers don't take any other people in golden dismantled three. Golden Graham's. There's gold Lee Wilson the mayor's Mill Valley. Thing as runs the first goal these ten enterprise will be gone against them intently and golden. On gold be on number five a golden boy I call them golden bowl. But but but but but if you think they're the number. Number four the golden arches that little bit arches that so we've always doing. More government says movie coming out about the gold largest they'll actually looks really good it looks amazing a movie about McDonald's about the whole B rating of Italy and I happen oh well that's yeah yeah it's all I am of the see my movies is no. At a McDonald's and a grim looks phenomenal hopefully that's it for sag award the actual sentiment about sports. On her way. The number three Golden Corral Golden Corral. The thing in scenario number two on over to pony boy. Ever heard of months back I don't know if media outside while. Well that wind comes up again in. In step Brothers yes. Windy little brother's wife. It's a long ways John C. Reilly she says it says Steagall pulling away. The but the and the number one thing that's golden of course the golden girls but god. And I didn't. I I don't know why you people wanted to go there and I'll clue you would you people. Saw oral before I don't know why you thought that's where we think the jets really strange pretty cold shower efforts as we keep getting out of I don't know if the publisher relief comes at the Wii is thought to be nice I've my uncle. All. Levels exhibited the gold because of the of course the golden girls now streaming on Netflix it and when that came out we figured we'd do all things golden. In the overtime and. That. Have you ever gone to Russia added all the shower. And Herman can did. Another pro golden showers undergo a product that up. I give up that Syrian tired of pay if they vet sways your opinion on an individual I think you have the problems like you go right after all the things I know about this one person who that person might be magnets after all the things I know about this one person. But this is what's gonna sway me the whole goal that should hours today so Gould. Food gets it right yeah. Everybody loves gold's like go to golden shower CAA broad showers there is not that big of a deal like that's not something that makes meego. Bind her opinion you reviewed its chain I just punch him in the face other. Taller in person as opposed to all the other people faking tolerance for this. Taller person if you Lexus golden showers you go ahead do it the wrong with that. There's and stopped blooming onion with French Fries now at Outback Steakhouse. And it's obviously our preference is they some people like. Girls live and I've been through yeah you don't really realize that our word girls on the NFL network wearing glasses others like golden sellers at odds with the different strokes. A world in which we are going on. Las Vegas speaking of unbelievable. They got their ass did today at an historic fashion on Monday night with Clemson winning. The two worst things that could've happened it happened in that game. And it did happen in in fifteen to twenty million dollars. Was wagered on the game in Las Vegas and they took losses as high six figures. Which included. 36. Bigger bets on Clemson plus the points and 855000. Dollar money line bet on the tigers at around plus 180. Odds and so. They got absolutely crushed. In Las Vegas because of how or Lee they did and how Clemson came and won that football game. And or was just unbelievable. On in doing so and and did the sports books in Las Vegas they're saying if it's the worst loss that they've added maybe. Of all time in the bulk of the money was on the underdog tigers who scored a touchdown with a 12 left to win 3531. It cost William hilly seven figure laws and was the single worst loss on any game ever for the company. The director of tray trading at William Hill said quote. It was as bad as a result as humanly. Possible out. How about that right Mariah Diehl sat at the director specialty games for Caesars. So Clemson winning and high scoring game produced quote. The worst loss of any college football game. I can't remember the majority of sports books were heavy on Clemson throughout the week. The money started coming you know the tiger shortly after the demolished Ohio State at the whiskey super book. At a the first 111020. Dollars that was wagered on the championship game 111000 was wagered on clemson's only twenty bucks went to Alabama. The orange money never slowed down at a twelve sports books in Las Vegas in the Caribbean not one of them said they needed. For jobless Sweeney not one that said the need for jobless Sweeney team they were all Crimson Tide fans. Worst case scenario Clemson and over the total of 51. And that's exactly what happened Clemson and over 51. Hit. And my god the sports books took a beating. It's an amazing thing about I mean. The biggest they've ever taken was what happened to be a high scoring game one vs two GAAP you'd like a big hit a beyond likes of those major upset them that. You know as like a long odds and there was no way it was gonna happen them and from that people are close national championship game as feel bad beat yet but it it is a bit of bad deep in when you consider the amount of money involved and I'm sure it's the worst college football. Beat ever for Vegas but it's not the worst foot water that's still belongs to the New York Giants upset the patriots right. The 2007 patriots in the 2008 Super Bowl that's still. The biggest loss Vegas is ever taken in a sporting event and it is funny because a friend neighbor for Dublin road all the information we just talked about he said at the end of his article on sports books did however manage to open for business on Tuesday. And a half bet it's only open for Billingsley can I read something. I just. -- tooth or state assistant coach Dennis deeds is from Jeff Goodman grace and Allen did not make a dirty play. That was not a dirty play he plays hard he dove after loose ball I should have been sitting down but I wasn't my intent was to absorb the contact is hit it my hip. And that's what people aren't looking. And so grace and Allen dirty player coming up in two minutes it's the final time you get a assaulting this person may be ever we do that her best.


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