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01/11 7a - Headlines, Arrowhead, Chiefs v Steelers

Jan 11, 2017|

Headlines Worth Talking About, the mystique of Arrowhead plus its Alex Smith's time to shine

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Then I saw there. It's talking about state pension display learn something yeah. I'll do my words Harley-Davidson north. Harley-Davidson has the largest selection of bikes to choose from. Lot of staff to get you in college you but let's start locally were the Kansas Jayhawks are on the road at Oklahoma yesterday they trailed by nine at halftime. But outscored at the sooners by 26 and there's basically three. Cross border now. It's here in the second. And the game with 28 and the number two jayhawks improved to fifteen and one porno in the big twelve. With an 8170. Win on the road at. Oklahoma lot of anticipation in Lawrence for those new rankings next week where the jayhawks could be that number Owens and myself excited about it is Bill Self gave give himself excited about it when he was asked back because. I'm glad that we're not the number one team because we sure don't deserve. To be the number one team right Alley it's it's it's great for fans it's fun for clicks on the Internet and saying you're the number one team. But app on the eleventh day of January doesn't matter though it really does I would have liked to seen Baylor number one in Kansas number two up until they were gonna beat. On what the fifth day of February is that even lower and sort whacko. Personal and I doubt I. Think is. On the road on the road so either way you get that number one number two matchup but it probably isn't going to be. That way in the number one ranking system Apple's side is is it just makes teams played even tougher than they already played the university of kids but nice win last night's second half was. Very very good that's when I was able to to watch. Kansas State dusk creeps into the top 25 at the beginning of the week. Look like they're gonna stayed there that long a controversial loss. Down in the lobby at 6665. To beat Texas Tech Red Raiders beat. Yeah Bruce Weber not happy after the game. There Borough of Manhattan. Probably about 2:30 in the morning and add a few adult. Probably a lot. Of the point six seconds about a hundred dime. So. And. It's over his whoever's mad at me last night calling the at a station here on sixteen hours radio. 4982. Supply gaps. They had a a non call on now on as a dry dog vodka right. They called then for a file and on the rebound. Then the bench got a technical legal. And they were they were down Raikkonen who hit three afford the line to go up four and then it buzzer beating three technical foul. Austin game five seconds ago ended up losing the game that's going to be Kennedy MO for Kansas stated that during good times you tag goes there are bad times you technicals that's a bad time to get attacked. We have now seen case they lose to just heartbreaking games in the first what four games now. Of conference play the one in Lawrence and one last night the Texas Tech Red Raiders those are heartbreaking. Heartbreaking. Losses. But you can't let them linger you've got to bounce back it got to find a way. You know to get past those things and continue on because if they let this one you know sit there in their craw as well it good. Goodness route and don't follow through losses both on the road three points. Now Bruce and his bench were in the right now. They were made you you try to have some type of idea of keeping it holding breath threes accountable. And I know that everybody misses calls and all that stuff but. Further and further wildcats I can understand it because golly miss that call you really optimistic callable for two and again the game so. And with a couple situations. A couple of situations like that man it Bruce Weber I am so irate then I'll care about the technical however sit down with the bulls beat and a bunch of other people at the big twelve to figure out. Why they hate my team he had they they have they've definitely been job now in two games and mean more so last night and they were. You know over it in in Lawrence because that. Didn't guarantee they were gonna win if they call that would guarantee overtime with an opportunity. To win but the last night man. Not getting those calls now. Flip side is you got to be responsible for the way you behave and he got to understand time and circumstance he can't get a technical foul. In a situation like that note that not all that they'll put yourself in position. But Bruce Webber got a legit case to go to Tommy two towns over there the director of officials for the big twelve NCA dude we got issues we got issues. And riot. Sticking in need in his other Webber out that is. Take music and they'll find it at some point but dusting in the solvency Timbaland Baylor Bears go on the road to West Virginia as six point dogs. If you come close to covering at spread as the West Virginia Mountaineers. Beat Baylor 89 to 68 as both teams now three and one in BB twelve finalists are. We're going through the kids who want to emit more Bob Huggins. Greetings. In the final seconds come off the clock and perfect. There it is West Virginia with the final call beating the Baylor Bears not eating and housing them last night. Not in Morgantown, West Virginia which is becoming like Allen fieldhouse for opponent she'd just not gonna win. When you go to Morgan you're not gonna win a basketball game when you go to Morgantown or Alan steel doused. That's why you gotta take care of business in year old Craig. Because if you go on the road down two of the location you're going of the nine he just don't have a chance to win at and it makes it very very difficult to win on the road. In the big twelve. Final story from college basketball last night denied duke loses at Florida State ED 72 the video up on our FaceBook page. At FaceBook dot com slash 610 sports but it appeared. Grace and Allen as he's trying to save a loose ball and went into the forest defense in May or may not have shot an assistant coach on Florida State. We showed them if I. Us. Whether you think there was an egregious enough to say that Eddie grace and Allen was dirty Harry would out of his way to try to hurt somebody or something like that but. Shut the hell out of Baghdad yet. There it is stay here is why it took me out of momentum he put his arms out. To just try to protect him at all look mustard on it doesn't happen heavy. The spec even as they duke homer people who extra now right. All calm mind now take off the dukes on grounds hi I'm. I mean let me get this I think if we're looking through a dirty. What he called prism prism well as he did it to himself he was the one to thirty the prism I think we're now overreacting. To every single thing that he does they tried to do. Saving the trip someone over the weekend which was I think BS he tried to kick back guy and the bolts. Don't. That's what this ticket is up now he was I reading that I'll give you maybe he just. I think he's learning I think baby steps I think he had this taste from tripping be kicking to push a bill I think you are in the sense that I got almost trip that he had a that's almost trip that he had it it was almost as if he has that reaction to trap somebody and that he taught himself because he brought the lake down pretty quickly he kicked it back that happened. But he brought we brought down quick enough to didn't necessarily trip the guy it made me think he got close to tripping him but maybe thought better of it he's learning. But either way. He should of that duty shove the Florida State to coach has put extra on it. You Sarah everyone that was he'd be put some extra on it is who's going into the into the bench are you still naming your future kid Grayson. It's looking less and less like okay. Terrible name regardless it is fantastic and always on not if it's down grains and Alec you via the best person in the world to be Mother Teresa asked a Grayson would still be it had a horrible man I'm with Mike. Respect there's going to be a very good pitcher. Well apparently you can out race. Raised the Specter replayed across. They in Baghdad is it true that there's no money across the aisle yet there's not. So 1 AMC BS news the raiders make you change at offensive coordinator. They were. Six in the NFL in total yards and seventh in points but bill musgrave is not expected to return to Oakland into when he seventy. You play that Bruce Weber who cares. Look who they have coming up acts that she's I thought they should've played bill musgrave act after about a yeah in the in the playoffs yeah I saw out there Mike. He might be the best quarterback MEU. Under us he should play well thought the second half of their playoff Cassel hooked up to get so I ended an ethical sort of back. Yeah Ilia. Back right and whose replacement though nobody ever heard of no is the guy he's been. Very well thought of its coaching circles in the raiders have been blocking him from office on court earnings yet downing. They've been blocking it from offensive coordinator interviews around the NFL we stated while loosen. If you're gonna block interviews for a guy that you have to eventually given the job so that's really where it came from as the raiders had somebody they thought was going to be great offensive coordinator. Emitted one who's into another team they could keep blocking him from going on offensive coordinator interviews and without giving in the job that's how is that there. That Meredith you know I downing shots yeah. Actually realize it how bad. Yeah as did the raiders offensive coordinator. For the tickets get admitted she asked. Attention bill before the AFC west go I Cutler had you know what's new this story is out yesterday I didn't know. All that information until he got promoted. Yesterday a Beverly reported the yes there's a article written in the San Jose Mercury news ten things to know about new raiders offensive coordinator Scott downing OK on the violence as by Mike Welch a SLI. Well god I wish I love. The NB AM that. I did you know these Sacramento Kings still existed as a French guy they do they are making some news this morning. DeMarcus Cousins the hot hand NBA all star and teen USA member looks like he could sign a 207. Million dollar extension. With the Sacramento Kings who stayed there displays some rocky. Season's over his last sentence since being drafted and Kentucky I think you're gonna talk about the tweet that they set out last night where they're trying to decide. Send some guy down in the weather prevented him. From from going to the to the NB AD league team in like Reno or someplace like that. And his tweet was so and so will not be able to make it you'll stay on the active roster due to the snow and the inability to cross the Donner. Pass a I doesn't give a it's regularly and there is directly to things that I guess correctly. Chris I thought was safe as early as really really good. We get this guy go to the Oregon trail through wherever he was go to the minor league teams so I don't that's for a year ago but DeMarcus Cousins and I mean it sounds better than some emotions and now yeah now. In its center like some little town like these if we go through the Donner pass ahead it's you did this to the 270 million dollars or chance to win. This is one of these flakes of 207 million dollars to talk about sports and widely. Sometimes. Parade athletes for not wanting to win 270 million dollars in goods that I want I just won 270 million. The cubs are going to be white house on Monday as President Obama is wrapping up his to permit in office after eight years. The other guy taken over. What two weeks or so but and nine days and nine days from. Now but that comes will be there on Monday despite president Barack Obama being eight people White Sox fan yet there was a deadline to get in you know in the White House and so the cubs you know acted quick any time there's a deadline. Things seemed to work very very sad. Asked himself. The Chicago Cubs are going to school. The white house on Monday accents is an Illinois guy Godzilla president night he had the invite Chicago and I yet right away you know. You wanna come before him out of office the united better better hurry had to come up on any future teams that may or may now I heard the chiefs trashing your show up right after the cubs try to get it out of the way force. Success. Ollie. Our our real waiting for that that story nobody the first team that they've boycotts going to it's happening you know I don't be whoever wins the Indio resident and I said earlier estimate I think I think in the the next whoever wins the NBA this year. Be the first ones to say we're going out of what other teams will follow suit with Matt and I wonder like baseball and football and hockey will walk and a follow suit. So it kind of illness I think it depends on who wins. Because of its Cleveland her Golden State I bet they decide to not go yet because they've already been there. It's a team that's never been before you have to do right. He opposites I could see especially that brought the brought wouldn't go Anemia I think we know everything about LeBron politically to the point where he's not going right. But if it's a team that hasn't been their before. In the NBA I don't know that that's going to happen and with all the best teams in the league. There's no parity in the league right now you know 83 or four teams even have a legitimate chance and all of them have been to the pinnacle before so. I think it's probably the NBA that does it first I think whoever wins the NFL it was a Super Bowl thirty go to the White House this is calculus. The MBA though I would be willing to bet a lot whoever wins the title this year doesn't go to the White House and and I would imagine. It whatever team wins the Super Bowl chiefs this year that there's going to be some guys who who have other things to do that day you know there's going to be guys that are out of town. I'll win that trip happens image out of it the patriots yet he would although it'll be a mystery it's good point coming up it may begun. But it's not your fault will explain that. We're back got to hear odds extend Sports Radio on a Wednesday angry text angry tweet when they should be mad or playoff week the teams to get ready to take up the at Pittsburgh Steelers. And you you can replace the teams with s's if you want like a lot of people have been doing this week I'll not say it on the air. But if you replace the tees and Pittsburgh with too as is it makes it a lot more fun here and right now very ironic too 69306. On the text like teleport we're going to be watching that it ironic your ride you're on your life your ironic if you're in trouble for that one mice brand. Home. Let's get a satellite top ten things that are goldmans and intent and things that are Goran. 69 threes and process until the girls last partly attacks line today message and data rates apply your top ten coming up at 856. Ordering it not be able to adult because it just came out Netflix all the episodes dropped. It and are streaming political campaign when he does the stream I've got all the dvds I don't I don't need to have the streaming of of Netflix or anything like that I've got my old to take care of site and watch it at any time that I want it industry. On a deal place you can you'll watch the game with the world essentially is on Sunday with us on FaceBook faced a dot com slash extends sports. We'll be live from little just house. During the game will be commenting on the game will be interacting with you the molesters during the game. Watch the game we can all watch the game together and comment together. And will be live from Alice's house coming up on on Sunday during the games and join us into FaceBook accounts like six and sports should be a lot of fun get it will be a lot of fun we'll have a lot of blast doing that in interacting with you guys have a good old time. Over at builds his crib RI yesterday. Piled into I guess his name from NFL. Moderate ticket diamond and I don't work well as a network yeah he has never been eased visa lottery as he really yes OK he used to be on he's been on a certain show that references a certain jungle. With a goatee individual. Guy yelled back out all right al-Qaeda so the days ago with that was that world world. And I'll grant said this hot is it takes occasions because he got vacation drive a car that guy. And so good morning footballer whatever that he had the show is an Angel network this is what they said about aero. There isn't that sense you do not want to go to aero and stadium for a big game you know it would errors they protested here's the thing yes you do. They've lost for a hero for a half games in a row era to win four all in the last they want home playoff game. It was Joseph Montana beating healed not all right Joseph it's Pena. The great atmosphere and intensity great fans don't want any yet there are acting career. Great great fans great answer grapevine but it is not a great day so if I am the Steelers I wanna go and costs that mixing it up. We're worried about this Kansas City error and this is a fake. They now I'm Kansas City you can get that back and yeah that's well worth the see where the Palestinians but it's time to go and get the groove back because. For her role you guys greatest regret is that desperate you can lose at home playoff games in a row. Get that back he had to bring it hurts when you want to be undeniable that we can get that on dividends that good right now look what commitment. Al and I find that to be totally insulting. Because he's basically blaming the fans for the chiefs failures in the playoffs in their last home playoff games and I'll tell you what these the fans didn't fail the chiefs' 35 tend to be Baltimore Ravens. The fans didn't fail the chiefs of the bill hunt game were Priest Holmes fumbled. The fans didn't fail when Lin Elliott missed the kick the fans didn't fail you know win when John Elway was here he was able to do his thing. Against the Kansas City Chiefs the matchups had not been great. At home for the chiefs in their last four home playoff games so to say the myth of the mystique of arrowhead has done. That's a slap into the face of the fans when the fans are now their fumbling football's listen field goals not stop John Elway and looking at the Baltimore Ravens like Charlie Weis and Todd Haley fight. So I mean we've talked about the missed the mystique was gone for a little while. And I think it's on them but the team from that yet yeah. And its oil to playoff Israel and guess you can look at them. But the atmosphere at arrowhead right now is back whom we've seen it firsthand this year. It's a rough place to play and it should be in no bye hope that they make it that coming up on on Sunday and I think I think the fans well and I think the fans are going to make it rough place to place. I agree how Brandt. I'd do graph first read the headline obviously I was like that's certainly. Oh and four until last hole. What are the middle class home playoff games yet in our own little record in there that's a terrible record does not sucks it's not the fans' fault right to actually I took it like to talk up a nice ball. Fighters like the fans are great there at the mystique isn't this tell but the mystique isn't there because. Part of the mystique part of teams fearing coming into your re your places home record who says what people fear going to do what they don't lose there may Tom Brady dominates people until. We see it every single season it's very rare that we see them losing that stadium so. Yeah they have a great atmosphere but the record is what scares the hell out of so without that record if you're coming into Kansas City you have to earn the respect. If you're the chief shipped earned that respect that nobody wants to accompany your house and play in the postseason because nobody wins in your house in the postseason. That's the type of mystique that you have to develop but it's not the fans' fault right out on is not arrow that is not on it chiefs kingdom or anything like that. A lot of times it's a bit odd coaching. It's been on a Marty Schottenheimer not having the team ready getting getting into a bit of a shell of playing to not lose the plane to win. Has to do with Dick for meal not drew her ability to defense were big thing right and haven't had no punt game in 03 it's. Todd Haley and Charlie Weis not able to get a ball in 2010. So those are the reasons why. The chiefs lost at home in the play out but I hate. They say the mystique because it really it it's not that the concrete and Reba our fault it's not the stands fault that they lost. It was all leaked internal things that we're going on that caused by the people that were playing of the game need to meet. A stadium doesn't help you win games like if if Brady and Belichick dull it's not if you're gonna have that same mystique in Gillette anymore because those guys are gone. Now you do have the mystique backed number one because they're winning football games they've got a coach in there that puts in a great position to win just about every single Sunday. That you play a football game so I I hear mystique and I hear that that's not true. The the the the team is finally good now where you can trust them. To win a playoff game at home the last fourteen is as good as they were in 95 and 97 and 03 there were always something Bayer. That just didn't fit right and then in 2010 they locked into winning the division that year because it was so bad they had an old game and got their ass kicked but you you look at. Now this team this team gives you the feel as a fan that they can't win that football. And their state. I agreed with all that. I just think it's fair to say the mystique of arrowhead has to be directly tied to the playoff record at arrowhead I don't lose your majesty to the fans notice I did that but at the same time yet to look at it from not just. The fans respect the chief perspective. From a big picture perspective if you're the Steelers. Are going to a place that how it's gonna be really allow we have prepare for how loud it's going to be. That's a tough place to go except for the last fourteen that garner them at once you know exactly how that's just the oldest and most recently set and he exhibit that's it again. That's another knock against the chiefs organization that she sure as shots of they I don't get that I don't look at that as a fan shot that you see it being Brent went out of his way to praise the fans in Kansas City you said the mystique of arrowhead itself. It isn't that imposing we look at their last four playoff games there now they lost all four. And I don't think you can judge mystique or dominance of the stadium or anything like that going back in 9597. And 2003. And 2010 I mean no offense man but not 2010 now that is ancient if we're talking about weeks or. We're talking about 20102003. To 19971995. That is ancient ancient. She's history. When it comes to sports now if they go out there and you lose this game to the Steelers and maybe we need to regroup a little bit figure out maybe there is a problem there and we need to get the Long Island medium to save the damn minds so seeking clean out the demons. That that's part of the issue here you have to earn the respect. Right in less you earn it by winning them why would anybody respect you and you have to earn it. So the chiefs go out on Sunday and they earned that respect by taking care business against the Steelers betting a lot of that mystique comes back and in the narrative becomes. With Andy Reid at the hell you don't wanna play the chiefs at arrowhead in the plan that's right. But for right now Andy Reid hasn't had a chiefs' playoff game. So that mystique isn't necessarily their because it hasn't had a chance to happen yet after it has that chance against the Steelers will probably see it kind of get back on track and then people will have that narrative. You don't wanna play the chiefs at aero had in the playoffs. What happened to the pork Pittsburgh Steelers when they went exactly exactly big time but the. Owners eventually is all on the team the flip that around and nobody else coming up Welch said yesterday that Sunday will be a season defining game for Alex Smith. He's not the only one that this game will define on Sunday find out who else Sunday is huge for will tell you next. Today why we're sitting over it will just cribs smoking cigars and drink and Scott's. And watches on FaceBook allied dig big league will be in studio at halftime taking your phone calls so you can weigh in at halftime the only place in the world. Were you can call at halftime and talked to Jay Brinkley is right here on 610 Sports Radio so what halftime gets near gravel fault line. And dialogue. As the team's 1130 to nothing lead at halftime of the Pittsburgh Steelers out at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday. You've got to take yesterday an average player they thought it was a do this hot take about Alex Smith and defining his season in this game. So they you're better off under a 100% agree with it. Makes or breaks the I think for Alex Smith this is the game a new he has statistically a bad season but. He also won a Tony game so it's hard to figure out exactly what is Alex Smith. This year and I'd say what is he going forward. Dallas goes out plays amazing football against the Steelers and he's your quarterback for probably the next two years. And he's viewed as having a really solid 26 team with a great playoff victory against a really good steal it and him what men's jail about Alex Smith hearing Kansas City he. Ladies up in the playoffs he does and he gets hot he get Joseph Flacco point twelve point thirteen kinda hot and that would be huge for the chiefs Jeff. But if he goes out there meltdown completely more than the chiefs went twelve and four despite their quarterback and they are legitimate signal caller away well that'll be that'll be the. Perception and it will go in the offseason and they need a quarterback in either quarterback and quarterback now because of their lights up like he did in the Indianapolis and you lose the game and it's not his fault that they lost the game. You know than they were OK too but he he's gonna have a big game I I I really believe that because he hats in the post season wheat seed Alex Smith played very well. In the playoffs would you say yesterday 29 points per game is offense has put up in the post season a big number you you put up 29 points on Sunday. Second ask in the last okayed the deal last year they're 29 points because this defense is only giving up 1819 points for something like that so the Steelers might be able to get that close it out and they married they mostly and that's why they they played games but it Alex Smith leads his team that this offense the 29 points or such and special teams would be that's it's never going to be a very nice game. But I'll take one step further from Alex Smith and a I'm gonna say that you said about Alex Smith. Applies to this franchise as well and I was reading an article about the the dolphins yesterday in the Miami post gazette herald Tribune and they said that that was nice that the dolphins got to the play offs it was great that the dollar long knives are quite as it is better. But people read the newspaper Aureus. And Andy's it's nice for the dolphins. But going forward. Just get into the playoffs is an acceptable anymore they've set the ball and for the Kansas City Chiefs much like you might set about Alex Smith. The ball has been set with Andy Reid like what we have right now hole playoff game and a two seed. Is nice but nice isn't good enough anymore if they lose this football game on Sunday. That is a season defining. Lost 888 means the season was a failure I don't wanna hear about twelve regular season wins the rays of Boehner for winning the division. If they lose on Sunday. Then to me much like Alex Smith that he performs poorly on Sunday. The seasons of the season is a failure if they lose on sales last year is jumping off point right exactly in DA your raced all those. Men's and Abby total into a playoff game at right annals things now you've won that it is like you're you're taking steps but. I think we see the AFL I don't know that that. That's I get they're taking steps right is going he got to go Daniel. Liked doing the patriots in 2001 haven't looked back since this is so it's so hard for me to agree with that I had I. Can't. Why you don't get anything going twelve and four winning because if you wonder if they don't laugh a big fire I think finally taking the division away from Denver was so huge they've won 2010. He had to wait tenant has a long time ago we Denver's own the division sensed when he title nobody else's wallet. So the chiefs to finally take that division back from Denver that was such a huge milestone and in the way they want it going twelve and four in the best division in football. I think that's already a successful season two is it to an extent. Now it doesn't have the same kind of happy feeling if you lose this Sunday but I can't go as far as to say it's a failed season. When you win your division for the first time since 2010. And you win the best division info yeah this will be able to go back in though and say well on the division yet that won't be any consolation of these do what is the division tell you should get that won't do any consolation for me I wish I wish you would I because that I I think it would rubble he fare that did. Yeah I think you ID there. For the spread for them with the exception hanging a banner of their practice facility that nobody cities. What and and selling T shirts what good is a division championship really get if you lose in the first round of the playoffs or stick around because at all the best part of this championship is to get cheap journey home game right yeah I don't imagine that home game then what good is winning a division. Maybe it means nothing really does the end of the day. It means absolutely nothing because. Everything that matters in the NFL your defined by your post season success you I Manning has looked at as a hall of fame quarterback because a post season success. Tom Brady is better than Peyton Manning because of post season success that's what you're judged you lose to the Pittsburgh Steelers to meet the season's failure. I can't say the seasons of failure because I said maybe this is the enemy that's possible just the fan media says today. You win the AFC west I get deployed to Oakland at Denver and San Diego both little fingers up like yeah. So bang it in the eye of the sea that to me that does matter and only one team wins the super woman in my mind was that you say if the chiefs to win this volatile they'll. He owed it to a successful season if you win this whole playoff games of this just plain to see you played your CD get your house money you'd go to New England. It is a successful season if you win on Sunday it is a successful season hands you you you've gotten a whole playoff win monkey off your back yet another playoff victory two in two years you've played your CD EU. You legitimize. What you did because of they're still lazy you know of the hub you really all I guess our breath or what have you but. You you've played here seed and it's it's it's a racing yet another demon. Which is winning a playoff game and all because if you do lose this game at home to the Pittsburgh Steelers. It is it allows everybody whether or not likely to further than narrative that she's really weren't that good football team this year they locked into a lot of whip so to me. It is a season defining game as much it is is for Alex Smith as it is for the entire. Organization are we not allowed to have a little gray area like I did it success if they win failure they lose. I guess it is seeds of Baylor when UN AFC west two to twelve and four no matter what happens on Sunday against a very good high powered offense having to president Alex Smith if you cutesy and about the entire team B is Alex Smith has not had a phenomenal season. But the team's twelve and four but that's not at all about Smith but that's all the man. I was that's what matters for the team and it doesn't it doesn't matter for Alex and because that they lose on Sunday. Everest and wanted to core right exactly how it's the panel's 350 yards but fortunately doesn't notice that's what you lose the people who men which says which does affect the entire shape Alex Smith let's Alex Smith had a Matt Ryan type season and the falcons won eleven of five. But the chief would call them for so let's say a Matt Ryan type season chiefs go twelve before he gets out dueled by Ben Roethlisberger on Sunday. Oca but still good season for Alex Smith. Even though we lost about Roethlisberger. But Alex did not have a Matt Ryan type season Alex Smith did not have as many touchdown passes as calling hopper nick this year he missed a game. On played fifteen games and is fifteen touchdowns and one that is a Hussein it. That kind of season means that what you do in the postseason will define you because we're season was good enough. To have people step back and go OK he's a great quarterback we have to do something now to approve it because of how your season when it and I think the team does as well coming up. Colleague cal our response to being called a fraud by double a Sweeney plus will give you our current frauds in sports we do that next. Wednesday morning Friday is gonna be epic around these parts will start telling you why as we lead up to Friday but I just wanted to know. That the Shawnee mission east band will be here on Friday morning and that's the thing minor footnote to what's gonna go a lot of the success in studio and playing right way or and they are they tea requests. And in writing music for you that so appreciate it to the good folks over. At the Shawnee mission music department university's music department forget that taking care they're gonna relieve band on over here. Alex and his his standout is the bandleader over at Sony mission and he's excited at least he's gonna get the band over here. On Saturday or Friday morning and debt be wary there's going to be Manning at suits. Delivering things throughout the city so keep that in mind as well as you drive to work on Friday if you wanna go to the game on Friday he can't. Watch it with us on FaceBook live at Ryan Lilja is ousted you can register to win tickets at 610 sports dot com all brought to buy Bud Light the official beer sponsor of the National Football League make sure you go to sixty and sports dot com right now and click the register to win tickets button and you could be going out to seated cheese and Steelers on Sunday. Brought you by Bud Light top ten an hour from now top ten things that are golden top ten things that are golden 69 threes or six on the tax line today messaging data rates may apply. Taft Kennedy if so double Sweeney yesterday the head coach of the Clemson Tigers the national champion Clemson Tigers. Was very offended by what one member of the media had to say and that was calling cal words he basically took umbrage with what Colin coward had to say about him he did not light. The team all season long did not like Clemson did not like Clemson did not like Clemson. And decided to go ahead and call the Clemson Tigers a fraud. Throughout the seasonal that's stuck in double Sweeney's crawl all year long. And doubles Sweeney responded yesterday. To Colin coward in calls about four well Colin cowards fired back. I couldn't be happier for Clemson. I didn't buy am I watch them almost to seven times I was watching when North Carolina State could be in the Clemson. I didn't see Detroit game I don't think that was on my local carrier I'm not sure of devils saw much of I don't know that was broadcast in Clemson. But what they did last night was remarkable great for the scorched they had great dignity. And I can take a punch so that's telling coward said in response to this. You know we wanted to play Alabama. Because now ya gotta change your stories she got to change the narrative. You're gonna mix it up. You know the guy that called us a fraud. Ask Alabama for a fraud. Was named Colin coward. Ask your own never met him no no and ask him if Alex were Alabama for fraud ask though how stated we're fraud as Oklahoma if we're fraud. Don't draw does that guy. Does he he didn't do his homework so don't print that. So there is doubles Sweeney going on college coward and calling him. A fraud and that's of people say about the cheese that they lose on game that they're frauds and all of that kind of set because that's what people do that that's the hot it gets you get response and an attention so. I was disappointed with the Colin Cowherd response I wanted to patent would go back a little bit more. At Clemson that he did but you gotta you gotta eat and if if if you go out and you call somebody a fraud and they go out and prove you wrong you got to own. I'm glad I never understood people that are offended by be wrong. I admire their polio played people who do the right I cal like the way an electric hate. Sometimes around sometimes and wrong you're not not listening because I made a wrong prediction if something like that if you're not listening if I'm wrong about again case and you'll fueled plants inspire. Maybe he did maybe you BAC get a playoff share where it so well is that the feeling eligible last year he does. On target I'll ask her calling clubs and fraud it should at least asked them hey guys. Do you do why give me at least the Whittle credit for lighting a fire I mean this would that's a college should've done it because of doubles bring it up you don't bother. Narnia you Miller gathered at you don't do what it would guys bring things up take shots at reporters and press conferences. Because she got under their skid it's because you you eat wheat that you tweet that you tweak them and it's been bothering him Boller he should say they should let that bother you but it does. People absolutely. Bothers people when you get on the basket so to take the fraud staying one step further you had a pretty good I'd. Come visit the rest biggest fraud in all sports because if that's what it. If that's what the word is going to be thrown around the let's do it I couldn't keep a good soccer back to the same thing. SEC football the biggest fraud in sports to hear about it are off all reliance on Alabama. None of the other teams are very good right. And it they all just kind of grabbed on the coattails of Alabama's that we wanna we ought to just carry this SEC flag we chant SEC would really. They should just be chanting for Alabama because they're the only SEC team to ever be in the college football playoff and now they've also been really good. But the rest of the SEC isn't today just the idea that. When the tide rises all boats go hire that held that that's saying is something that I get it put the SEC is just kind of crap outside of bail it really is Alabama wasn't there they would be just a just another league and and I think as you say they're frauds the ACC probably not get as much respect as they deserve that being the home of the national champions who was York fraud I mean bat but I was a problem that suicide. You had one team that that one of them is that really refer every year legally into the college football season and probably teams in the SEC you're gonna make it NFL football playoffs and Snyder in the I don't think the ACC should be pounding their chest. Yet they had the champion coming the club since the champion at the that the SEC about ACC's getting checked well. There are. I don't get it comes it comes to the of the dollars of the year seemingly so they did win the SEC has won the national championship to the last four years with with Florida State. And now Clemson grads who was in at last year's so they've bitten. Pretty good I mean it's a conference of really two teams North Carolina economy and rising up and all that there. At the top at least there's more than one team in the ACC do you think about right after I get the SEC I think about Alabama. And then I wonder how overrated is Tennessee to be before the year right and yelled you out Ellis you've been stub their toe to yeah he should lose and you know it happens all the time you can write the script of that. Josh who's yours Baylor. And true. The party. That's going to bail and that that is there my my biggest fraud in in sports right now as any NFL head coach not name Reid Tomlin Belichick Carol McCarthy. Those are those the the ones that I truly respect in the National Football League others are totals broads in the NFL and I also threw. Big dent in there kind of as a fraud because it while he plays. On the road to be big band. Is a fraud marbles on the broad helped front a senator Barack in the 600 OK go really equity side and by the way. Tech slide six 3060 geyser idiots Auburn LSU Florida all recent champs. Auburn with Gene Chizik LSU with less miles Florida with Urban Meyer none of those teams have the coaches they'd won national championships with spill yet. Sorry don't really wanna hear that and that's ancient histories about you have a different coach now from below last time you win a championship there. Juror not legit right now coming appear on sixty and Sports Radio we go commercial free from 8830. We're gonna need your help 91357676109135767610. Is that all of a number. Were given away Kansas lottery instant scratch tickets 25 dollars worth that you could went 25000. Dollars. Tell us what the worst reaction you add. After your team has lost will do that next.


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