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01/11 6a - Divisional Round, Bill Self, Shout It Out, NFL

Jan 11, 2017|

4 different perspectives on the upcoming Chiefs game, hear from Bill Self after their win, we Shout It Out plus NFL ratings are down in the playoffs

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

If K state win last night he certainly longer. Last night I saw us all of us Glaus or going on during the attic Kansas second asked. Last night it's at K state is leading an item that was a five dollar that was the end. Midway point of the second half or something like that they lost last night Missouri lost last might as well. There was a tweet yesterday average Todd Palmer over the local newspaper who covers the Missouri Tigers and he said that death. What do the that that would may have been 538 but who knows one of the the at you know sites that give odds of things like that. Since last night was Missouri's best chance to get a win in the next city. And pay in them losing last night that Tony Brody still coaching at Auburn Jersey Dakotas prayer heavily yeah. So they've lost last night of the eight you to the Auburn Tigers last night downing Colombia for the 47 people 47 people showed up to the game. Last night down in Columbia can't say I blame them with the weather impending and all of that kind of stuff and mode I've heeding warnings to stay inside Larry. Yeah more days out of this better and better. Preserve it literally takes anything you can do anything you do to kind of stay away. From a from the page last night is well is that is our commanders is that right after the game that that was you know we are whether governing guys that actually probably want to a lot of people here exactly Auburn was lucky to get out last night you know the impending forecast 62 today here in Kansas City and that ice. Ives is great weather I'll Wednesday it's Wednesday. As its mid week how you steal your feeling good but you are right C east you start giving that it deemed weak mentality now here. Intensity does everybody see the day I foresaw what's happening in the right now I foresaw and that's why I picked this game on Monday. He had remembered but I did pick game I picked the score. On Monday is I've already and over analysis mode where I've already looked at this game in thirty different ways. And it. Now jumble them all together I have no earthly idea what I'm looking at because that's how obsessive I've become my original was. Chiefs thirty Steelers -- want to get on the stick with that write downs are dead and a figure as I was looking down right Gary having done it document on my computer Harry have my pick and pop ready for Friday ahead of Monday knowing that I would over think it throughout this week. The time Sunday came by my brain would be that giant. Pretzel of playoff ridiculous business yet so that's where I am I'm so mixed up by midweek that I've not entirely sure what I think's gonna happen or drugs and who better for it and you know that we've got to keep yourself an even level. I'm happy to know one way to how are you feeling cramps while Mozilla. I feel like. This is why you get like four days off on the bye week if the players don't do this is Julia right analogy of that that paralysis by analysis and the thing going. I'm no I'm seeing and what unit until I see the first injury report that's gonna factor in my pick but until I see that first injury report that I mean do like the real weak yet untried at this kind of just kind of pace myself. How you do it over there youngster you do an all right I'm more worried about FaceBook like well this house in June with you what's in the game. I've got a lot of people coming there's going to be a clown show go on they we've got bells and whistles of them and marching will be will just outside that on Saturday after any kind of makes you uncomfortable. At will just as I was thinking about this last night and enroll you know we all approached this kind of differently it will get to that is in 12. But ice thing and just judging by the people around town and people that we've talked to. For a lot of us guys for a lot of us this may be the biggest gain any of us have been a part of with the Kansas City Chiefs would you factor in being the two seed expectation level being at home playing the Pittsburgh Steelers. This is bigger than going to Houston last year this is bigger than going to New England last year this is bigger than going to Indy a couple of years ago this is bigger than when he and having that home playoff game against the yen against the Baltimore Ravens so I think this is the biggest game that a lot of us have been a part of with the Kansas City Chiefs and really the one that we remember like how it was Frazier and honestly. If you truly remember that 1994. Game with the Buffalo Bills. And my right hand as a raise your hand is raised Josh yeah and up there it if I remember that Houston game more vividly because they want yet it was a.'s chief task throwing the ball against the side of Buddy Ryan yeah I was like seven and I still have that letter and address doesn't throw that ball buddy Ryan's face or remembering the Houston game as much as we like these guys four guys specifically but that was just I was so a good ally the moment that you're never gonna forget exam showed that yet that sticks and in my head probably a little bit more. Then the buffalo game that I try to race for memory what was actually like 31 to twenty ask it this Montana went down early heated spreads so that now was it that was 1994 that's 23 years ago man and that's old. Long time and for a lot of us now that are you know in college out of college a couple of years you don't really have those full sports memory easing your minds a year. 891011. Years old when you start to comprehend what's going on and have that wreaked ain't ability. In your mind for a lot of these games and a lot of these events and so I was about there's a good portion. Of our younger part of our audience that this is the biggest game that they ever seen and ever been a part of in chiefs history it's really to me. A Kindle why card game two years ago so the Kansas City Royals and that was just root for young people that was basically for the entire city that was for everybody. In 2014 that wild card game that was the biggest royals game any of us had been a part of and the biggest royals game that any of us. I'd experienced and I think that's the feeling around town this week. For a lot of us and if you all or in your thirty's or your 40s44. Years ago was 24 years ago okay. This is still on Sunday going to be the big east chief's game a lot of us have been a part of an a lot of us will remember and and and that's that's partially because the chiefs just haven't been that good as a franchise to give us these big time. Memorable games but also were now in the golden age no pun intended of chiefs football. Where we have the best that it's ever been really offered to us and now we have a whole playoff game the two seed the expectations. Tape delayed to the West Coast may that statehood day and now and and now we're looking at a situation. Where this to me. Is arguably the biggest game. For the chiefs. That a lot of us have been part of and it's gonna start taking on that feel as we've hit Wednesday now and preparations for the week he started like Josh is said. Once the injury or comes out is your game week and it's time to go. And it's going to be one of those games this is the biggest game most of us have been apart with the Kansas City Chiefs. It is to be fair there was it taped the way to the West Coast a minute of what does the golden reference meaning it was being looking at the clock and realize and it took you less than five minutes north Florida and or the big glass. I. Well. I call him the golden. That's what made you laugh harder. And realizing how quickly you are one and there with a. This is the biggest chief's game that we've seen probably since maybe 2003. BC the 2010 it was a home playoff game at the chiefs worked henin six getting a crappy division. That she's just won the best division in football yeah and that's why have a tough time understanding why there are a lot of detractors out there that don't think. Why can't close the chiefs just aren't that good it's like the chiefs won the best division in the NFL and a amid the falcons bet they've had a really good season and they won the NFC south the Matt Ryan lit up the NFC south. That's for crappy team again and is it that the wind AFC west I think should elevate the chiefs even higher give a lot more confidence and this team. Haven't a whole division playoff game would back had a record in this division. And Stanford are up 124 record. Good six in no. It's the AFC west of me if that does it tell you this team is ready for the big stage I don't know what does I'd never rely. We've fallen victim to the West Coast bias. Yeah why don't like it they don't like yes I live nationally analogous here at the West Coast bias with six and on the last biting you you couldn't you can make the case that the chiefs did more in the regular season with the teams that they had to beat. Vanden doing the patriot stated in the pit and the Pittsburgh Steelers Cleveland twice in Cincinnati restaurant. You you look at the the New England Patriots they got the jets twice that they they got you know the bills twice okay so it wasn't like exactly had a rough roads through the division that they had to navigate. To get to where they are and in the AFC that she said beat the Broncos twice at a beat. The raiders twice a playoff team Broncos defending champs and they had a -- say Diego twice and another record wasn't good they gas their coach. But that record was you know and I give him saying it's really not indicative of how San Diego was. As a football team because of all the injuries. That they suffered they were still a very very cloth team as we saw here on opening day and in the chief said do some magical things at San Diego as well. To kind of get them going in the right direction so yes they've bitten through a whole lot. And they've done a lot as an organization and as a franchise. And also along the way beating did NFC champion Carolina Panthers beating the Atlanta Falcons beating. You know whoever else that they had a play in beat and and win games against this season that was even outside the division to get to where they are right now so I think this is a well tested team I think is now he well rested team that habit that entire week off to get ready to eat healthy. The not to go out there play against the dolphins that your your quarterback ankle rolled on meaningless play you know late in the game like bad so. I just think and I look at thirty started to see some predictions nationally everybody picking against the chiefs. I just don't get that mindset and and maybe I never will meet legal lose on Sunday and I've got egg on my face but you know what at the end of the day I'm not gonna sit here and say but the chiefs won't win this football game because there's nothing that tells me the chiefs can't win this football game that she's wont win this football and and I think that that it is the kind of where we each are as individuals because at the the four of us. All have different feels about this game. I'm all up overconfident. I'll just admit that right now I am over and act as you witnessed even playing three games ahead all year all year on her own actions and out there are the Super Bowl right heading into divisional weekend but let's find a leg up over content on the losing sleep this week my stomachs not knots I fuelled right. Feel great going into the city bus being nice run and everybody got a sex allied the other Pelosi guy your world that I got a little misguided. On the I. And I looked out that you guys and I know Welch is a mass Specter and a double bass and I think your Qaeda you know all I know the announced crowd. About all that together now. You're not there like I like we will do little to his house on Sunday. With a victory man that's just the way it's going to beat. Because I believe that the children our future I also believe it Andy Reid he's got the golden touch when it comes to giving his team ready. For games after a body he just that's I have seventy knots. In my stomach as we speak I guess I've I've. Brooke loves to be and Bob's world with Goldman skies and already wondering who the 32 pick in the NFL dress had a catastrophe but I would love to be in that world but I have I think I know how good of a team. The Steelers are everybody sure everybody sits back it's it's not going to be easy. But you're old standard when it comes and they're really 00 that gold stay well maybe the patriots more than golden standard by united Pittsburg right up there. And his silver standard. They think they're they're one of the premier teams and they are in in this at this point of the season. You're the final weight. Right here in the eight they're all eight teams left every game's going to be tough. The only team that really got a bye week this week was in New England Patriots because of how things fell with the with the raiders and in Texans. They just might be the first divisional playoff game I can remember where the opposing team had really no chance whatsoever on paper. AM on paper and still low even on the field I really can't see your world today at age limit their letter jackets and you don't know all this to herself or exit as ever doubted JJ watts on the sidelines looking out. That's the thing it's gonna be tough it doesn't matter who you go against it's going to be tough to this part of the season you're going against one of the better teams in the NFL. Due to see against the Steelers and improbably the patriots have to earn it sure so it's not going to be easy but we've seen what this chiefs team is capable of all season. It's hard for me to beat who's terrified. It too worried about it. Because of how well the chiefs have done in ways that you can't even predict. So all throughout the season haven't tried to do this internal struggle thing. Were I try to get excited for the game. But not try to over analyze it because you can't over analyze certain parts again. I can't plan for Marcus Spears to go what is snatched the ball out of somebody's hands like that bit the way to the chiefs win this year. For whatever reason it's telling you I enjoy the ride a little bit or at least try play out over to fully enjoy the ride. But I can at least try to enjoy derive the way this chiefs team play. I don't animals again in the mode too that I know what Pittsburgh does it scares me and nothing's gonna change that between now and Sunday right. It's just American and she's stopping I mean I feel like it like that they're. They're game plans pretty clear to me so. As long as that she's probably can but it's the open infidelity Dubai it's a lie about Freddie anymore about yelled at this mode about Lee got valor. Roethlisberger to brownie related death that despite our nose in there I just hope the G stopping. Right I and it really is to me it's it's more lately about this Roethlisberger has made a startling via belt and they're not stopping prosper brat has not started so you gotta stop that run so maybe I'm bell booting at all in May be that they do we could I try to figure could try to figure things you like there's nothing we do about it other and our staff is there. You you almost remind me of the guy who's is still afraid to lose and will be relieved -- not excited if the chiefs and I and I kind of feel like that that's where we gay sports that probably be tremendously excited they went over but be utilizing that we always likable self about that are in term time yeah to be leads to you don't enjoy way. The wins because you're supposed to win and I think there's a lot of right now. For chiefs fans anxiety because of how many people are saying the chiefs can't win the chiefs are good enough Errol it's lost its mystique all of that nonsense but we've already heard early in the week. I think the feeling is for a lot of cheese stands right now there's a lot of anxiety if we can't lose because we do. That we have the hear it from the GT the breaks in the skip a losses and everybody else roller hot takes out there about the huge city chiefs we want to wind because we don't wanna hear from the outside that's the way I always feel. With Kate you coming up epic night last night on the floor in college basketball and grace and now it doesn't again only this time meeting the laughter. We'll tell you who we attacked next. The final seconds. Any ahead. Virginia and not. Bears last night it up Morgan. Now the West Virginia it was the Lawrence is defeat buying team that hole. It's big. It was the largest defeat. By any newly crowned number one in the history of college basketball. And Baylor had 29 turnovers along the way down those country roads in West Virginia where everybody's married to their cousin. On and they. They've ever had. Not in the game and the mostly number one team has ever had the game in the history. Of college basketball and they brought the brings us to a couple points that I wanna make about the epic night in college basket and duke lost as well grace and Allen pushing an assistant coach. For Florida State last night as he was. Going past the bench and diving for loose balls and just falling in he pushed an assistant coach out of the way. And no matter what grace and Allen does right now he's gonna be scrutinized it just doesn't matter even if you think well that really wasn't a push it doesn't matter grace and Allen did it. It looked like the push to push he doesn't get the benefit of the doubt anymore he's done with the benefit out. It's not like the trip enemy. It's really not like I understand people are gonna look at it and say beat. 'cause this race and Allen all that's their he gave a little extra yes he just lets all it is like is like you would out of his way it's I would go bush this guy know we saved the ball. He X in a pretty nice hustle play there to keep the ball alive and then when he was flying in the out of bounds area. It's extend the arm will be able etc. two hands. That's considered Zoller that guys who pushed Writely a Gatorade buckets. And brought in had to break his fall down he broke his ball he extended his arm. A little bit more than he needed to whom did he push status as accountability is grace Allen he's not giving the benefit of the doubt any more but the west lucky anywhere it was in the vicinity because the way he is back now purely runaway run away again Natalie just splattered on the floor it would have been good. But at West Virginia gets a big win last night over Baylor and I think Josh you said it you know who cares of Baylor number one it's not going to be number one vs number two lately Kansas and a month. And he said nobody wins in Morgantown and articles you said that on the air decent as we were set out stereotype plays to win a season long but it's all he's atop Dan's it is and what surging can't win on the road. You go to those country roads in Morgantown. Is blacks have just put on fire damage these. Stormed the court with that I don't what do you guys think about that a top ten team. And they winning game and a storm the court I think last night I mean I've I'm pro courts barring all time sure don't go ahead do it but I was just surprised they did it because. They were crushing in the entire game I mean they had to wait. Was so anti climactic mean it would write they had to wait they're just probably the second act of and yet they still. They still did it but you know your I think everyone saw it coming that's on that one wasn't even an upset me now. Exit it's just you go to Morgantown you lose a of a big twelve basketball game but the court storming was really really crazy because. He's good chance 99% of those fans did not know they were a top ten team their own team they had no idea that their own team. Was a top ten team because they're too busy beating their cousins and that's what happens West Virginia so. You've got that going against them so they may not have known that their team was a top ten team but that was like I'm bailing out their last night beating. The Baylor Bears the new number one team in the country. And they won't be the number one team obviously with a new Balkans I matters Janie good. West Virginia I am never going to be somebody says don't rush the court at all available that Korea anything you do that celebratory enjoy it when you beat the number one team in the country in joy it doesn't happen all the time. And that we. It may be because. In this city you have a lot of KU fans. We could just take for granted their greatness that that Bill Self has I think that happens pretty much every year I thought that for a long time. Twelve straight now and big twelve championship series at thirteen now are going to be deterred well they're going for thirteen is seen so many okay lost track I've lost track yes yes. So they feel like we take for granted how amazing that is needed to let other teams like West Virginia who beat a number one team in the country. Understand how bad how big that is for them very Mauricio let them have there but the rather fond of that. Is a really good point my buddy tweeted me yesterday drew Qaeda said is just the part of the season now we start calling the big twelve the best league until the end of the first round apparently. I asked today is that that's that's. That was really funny really true because now people are going to be walking around and this is the best league out there look at the West Virginia upsetting the number one team able buy into that narrative and then on you know march 17 when there's one big twelve team laughter to big twelve teams that we're going. Oh my god the league was overrated again it's like we should put that into the Kansas calendar of events and you don't judge will we start talking mentally you know that is the vast right the league frowned as the vast storage to Morris comes in on defendant they ever dissent in the league Kansas wins last night. Our Bill Self catching up with great early. Touting was a guy since we're embarrassed. Can we employee we employee. With a leaner G year compared to juice the first half. Gotten some foul issues and our bench would be good and they give us any thing and end up. Certainly our. They confuse this with their switch gene is only her or me and whatever was an. And we we we hear from you were down nine. I didn't think that we did very many things right of course they were so much more athletic team in quick out quick disarm every. Rebound. In our guards didn't help clean up at all Josh and heavy halftime. And second half I mean that's about we we I wish we could bottle that that's about as good as. Is as I think we've had a team play on the road. And somebody else's building on that was a that was impressive there and I think we go to no runs start second half may may have been more than all of for global run and then and then we. Was able to trade baskets with them but I think we got it out to fifteen or sixteen if I'm not mistaken and and of course he was really good second half we really channel human halftime and and then of course a little Mahan was up moves on real hit like 27 with with. Ten minutes left in the creek forgot to keep looking to score but this study was exceptional. Well he had nine point. Portsmouth first have put ten man team in the second when he was great defensively offensively finished. 1190 from the field five assistant of those three turnovers and those are on the first have to work. He was fantastic. Yeah you would we weren't we we weren't any good. The first half of all mean RR and try to make bad coming. Passes or won't they are. You we only in the upper level turnovers would accept seem like a lot more now in the second half we played with pace and you know it's unbelievable when the ball starts going in the hole and it was basically just open man. Take the shot in the end everybody shot it pretty well. Amma it was an airline watch the first half they came I was like your president Obama's you're better and sophomore Andy and I like I saw the score half terrible at it really miss anything at flipped on the second half and also admitted at 100 run or whatever was at a negate cancels out fired frank basin. Was great in the second half of that I ask Allen a solitude is like William. Brent Mason than just forgot how to score hits he had like eighteen points and ten minutes. To open the second half yet. He was bumble and hello they asked a young man won the rustling at a forum in 28 yet use humans as climate is funny like go just keeps scoring dude yet you'd like that guys are really really good and I think he's also one of those guys that we don't appreciated now frank Mason is a lot of fun to watch in Kansas again the gold standard when it comes the teams in the big twelve coming up we're gonna shouted out. 69306. On the text line today what ever it is it's on your mind will discuss. Plus were on the verge of either the chiefs or royals leaving Missouri we'll tell you lot next. Rory it skateboarding and your insurance angry text Wednesday on its extent Sports Radio 69306. On the text like today it went away in a I think it's unfair that Pittsburgh is is playing the chiefs this week and get an extra hour to prepare being in the eastern time zone so they get that extra hour to prepare they're up early in the city she got her brother did NASA Wear jeans that Wear you guys good morning Andy and you're driving him listen to show the story so we appreciate that as you do. Every single day here on sixteen and sport tree eventually call any time 82 mile. Call in and in shoot the breeze drive and India in the office today it's total it's got past guys right here guys right here fault lines are pretty sure that's our nose ripped him 913 and I guess seven accent six stats that that guy though Robert that historically jokes about it on the coast of Derrick Thomas is dotted the packages CAA him have yanked call it and anytime he wanted to throw line is open so drive safe today go through the of the plaza to navigate yourself. Two Maryland stated to be in preparation for the Pittsburg Steelers. Soccer stadium looks like it's dead Saint Louis city in pretty much got killed yesterday because the citizens Saint Louis city god loves that war went into you get the crime figured out we're not voting on anything to give anybody any kind of money. Republic stadium which is great but also the governor of Missouri says Eric Wright and now we're not spending money on stadiums anymore and we've talked about a lot on this show. I mean he's he's been in office a day and already done not paying for a soccer stadium were not paying for stadiums in the state. We've got. Decade sell in ten years we're going to be talking about this on this side of the state what are we going to do. And at the mindset of the state of Missouri is still we're not paying for stadiums. That's not a good look because all of a sudden eighty Jackson County asked the pay for a maybe they moved to Kansas side of things because voters in in in the city of you know in the city itself. Vote to pay for attacks in user fees added in. But what's going on in Saint Louis right now with the soccer stadium. Just keep an eye on keep that the back your mind because of a decade we're going to be in that same situation you're thinking well there. To get state money is like three million dollars a year to these these sports complex right and it seems like those folks are pretty confident they can. The document do still keeping that one like Gibson exist like leg grandfathered in gathering but by RT we've seen no new money. And now know. No. City. Money right as one of Saint Louis that one wild one and quit it real really sad sad they they they told the at the prospective owners of the soccer he will you come down from eighty million dollars maybe we'll think about it expect voters to know we won't know the difference in Saint Louis as the city is separate from the county. So they go out how immediate build stating their those voters decide. That they want but it will be in that location where they want it right next to union state so early cool look off your batteries have a great and easily that that's not gonna happen. But it is something for chiefs and royals fans the pay attention to. I still believe the chiefs are gonna end up on the Kansas side and the royals are gonna end up in downtown that's my dream that's my prediction that's I think is gonna happen I could be totally wrong on that. But this is a eight a small precedent that is already been sent and you know once things start to happen it's tough to reverse course and politics you know it's really tough. To reverse course of politics so something to kind of keep tonight he can with the least I've. They saw that it is. And isn't good now. It is it is actually utilized its largest yeah yeah it's not like it's going to be hard to find a home for the chiefs it even if like let's say Missouri doesn't wanna spend okay. In the dot gap. Then go past that's going to be the alternative I know very very fortunate that we had two states he yes you know it's a bit in the middle of Texas and Texas assay were ill and that you know some of them that way one government can't screwed up I get to governments the construed that's awesome and your putting your face him. Kansas right now 300 million dollars in debt. Well. There are no good options is the Argo option as the as the best bad option we had to I like that idea that we are were ten years away from this becoming an issue so he's. And his concerns us it does because by the time the stadiums. Need to be replaced over here to sixty years old Annette that's a stadium and that some places have replaced their stadiums why east. In the time that Errol heading Kaufman of our government were broke this and actually going to be a big deal now but all the governments are broken there's no more money to be spending on barrier broke early next 1000300 million in Kansas having Missouri's obviously in better shape in Kansas but still. It's not good guy it is time to shouted out 69306. The tax line today you tech topic we about it whatever it is it's all brought to you by eating Jane's haircuts remand. Coming to than ours. Diane next week right now 91 elect gas. Demetrius Jones extends and took my wife's Collard greens are what Stefan curry is to basketball. Wow that's quite phrased in very high praise I'm pondering that it that is high priest if you cook on the right away. Collard greens can be really really good and when I mean the right way lots of fun. You've got to plug in those suckers and it sought to aid those suckers up is if you don't have a bitter you know they kind of bitter and sought to them the right way. They are so good instead Corey is really good for basketball he's been an amazing live my life that compliment answer good. Avery not for a time. Oh wins and I guess the windsors the most company. The guys facility did you do it like without help. Yes I I've YouTube video out every time after time not every single time to YouTube video I got a mere of the due to. Tying the wins or not is a British accent there actually is a German accent. And it he does it for me that I just follow along those interests think are fair enough I mean nighttime attack probably more often all of you guys but it. I mean I learned once it was easy for me to figure it out on your mind that's not big enough as they probably like to say putting pops. But while putting parts. I like putting pucks out of hand for a long time like those the fudge sickle seems to have those a lot when I was a kid but not anymore. It's fallen out of favor in the back into his camera again letting busted a spokesman as really you know yet doesn't help those of what was the last time you put him out. Been a long time. I bought some Weight Watchers. The local bars yesterday and it really gets its title like the putting Hopkins and it's it doesn't sound is not now knows any candidate in Weight Watchers skinny gallons of it too is that it's really really did that. Now I mean and when mom is always good you did. And bill Crosby. If he tees moved to Kansas I stopped watching and I root for different TS you'd expect that though he's longer in state and you here is where they are I mean if they lose it if they moved to Oklahoma. I can understand that if they moved to. Cleveland I can understand that that if they move across the state like I'd seen a lot of people's content while they moved to wyandotte county I'm done really why. Because for whatever reason people Missouri hate Kansas and way way more than people in Kansas they deserve so you would rather have hands is not saved the franchise in the city then you're zombie you know her some. For some that is the case yes some people do believe that they moved to Kansas State they move them they're no longer RT which I will dumbest thing I want only go to Kansas side the trips. Pelicans are both sides is they like their fantastic right now I'm going to both of them right about like two storm pointed. They're their businesses on both sides say lives look not a big deal I idling norm Stewart for that is he won't spend money in Kansas I don't spend a dime in Colombia not gonna lie I Greece through go to aux fast he would spend money before I haven't money Columbia I've spent vast amounts of money in Colombia in Lawrence and in Manhattan that's an all by god who that held there except a they got started that's the way and it's the kid I you don't and I. I had a counterbalance norm Stewart and I was like well I can't not been when he missed server because there's a lot to spend money on losers talk a bit of money Colombia is not sure I'm sure there is never spent money anywhere and can I don't people that myself toilets in Columbia rest stop just because it's Colombia. Speaking of top shelf in calling into work because you have diarrhea in that that's bad and that's like you don't want to use a six game or a day off because of diarrhea. But sometimes you have to but I think you'll works for me there's a mode if you feel it coming on. Complement those of mode you babies and usually clears it up so if you look at Berkeley cold remedy. Try one of those now that's food poison that's just a different story that things that run its course. And and you'll be Alina for a couple of days who please let the Bodine the only yeah. You speed those. Are you swimming competitively error is just the creepy guy at the dead at the competitive swimmers don't even Wear those anymore now that is true. In enemy. Liking competitive swimsuit is different it's like. You know like longer shores that's an accident that gets basically cancer like wrestling Singler and so Nolan needs to Wear those anymore those they'll be of the children were in the first place. I end. Now they're not even wearing him. You don't either Davenport Speedo suits all the guys on the swim too old guy at the pool at his hit. As well is that this really old guy at the pool I I can kind of accept old guy at the cool because there's a lot of competitive swimming that guys do now the GA has a three day week like competitive swimming classically you'd join us no good now. On that one because inevitably it would be areas you know you be wearing that long whatever they call along swimsuit are more concerned with the creepy guy that at like you know the joke oh pools as walking around summertime and that it's at the beach that's walking around in that there is no there's no need if you're the one of the joke hope pools or if you were at the beach something like that there's no need for speed absolutely there's no need for speed there's no need anyway. Well yeah you wanna tiger asked her. You don't Wear that anymore anyway tell you where it'll stop yeah yeah they're they're they're Qaeda style patriot really stop. If you're at the pool for the day with the sale that is not did you guys ever Speedo. I did he said ice all the time bicycle at row like we had to take a swing class yeah him and we we had the Speedo and you got a ways we had to Wear school issued. A bloke I'd just turn back in the game somehow now tax cuts. That's a rock and rose I figured I'd grow up and everyone wins America's so we are allowed wherever wanna. As good as it. So why should see these are discussed that is gross and everybody doubles doubles suited for the elderly and a double suitable in the swim team do you drag you know it may even sauce grass like OK what is this class over yet that that grows weary somebody else to speed and actually using some justice John and thank goodness there were that was not the time when cellphones or pop all the the girls that field with organized these fields by if you're honest swim team back in the day you warp speed but if you were just high school gym class. While at stats stats tell in the line especially using somebody out yeah I'm gonna sing runs five at the beach you don't need you don't need it now known to see that you really don't but I think some guys do just to make others feel creepy coming up the NFL is considering something that they really need to say no to tell you what it is next. Bears face of food were. Here in the second. He was on fire in the second half that is our team play brought to you by Anthony plumbing heating cooling the technicians you can trust. With your house he's ranked Mason went all wild in the second half last night draining three after three after three after three. And the jayhawks beat Oklahoma after a guessing miserable first asked Josh I know you watched the first half backing Camilla volume had TF and in Kansas came out. The second half they and really lit it up and did some really good things and I enjoyed watching frank recent play. In the second half of that game he's just a fun player to watch he's he's what you know you want college basketball to beat. And frank Mason is that guy some news from the I don't know it's news department but I think it is news department I tweeted Bob shoes and it was on the call the broadcast last night with friends are still ideas it was a real like you would friend together come on our show any time are you taking over for Brent and apparently he is easy tweeted me back. He goes it's it's mean France for shell and holly Rowe on big Monday all season long now for big twelve basketball is that news that we know Brett was done. With the big twelve basketball well apparently he is and Bob shoes and is the guy. Who's going to kind of take over big twelve basketball with friends for shoah and holly road so I do like that. A lot the NFL had a TV ratings down 7%. Not in the playoffs pretty much. Matching what happened in the regular season when it comes to television ratings being down this year for the National Football League now. The apologist for the NFL city games were compelling and they are right the games were not compelling this week and at all. But it's if they were the least compelling playoff games since the eighties the most blowouts in one week and since nineteen even one or something they. Rush has been down more. Yes they probably shouldn't it was 7% yes but and again the Green Bay giants game saved on Sunday night because any date forty million people watched that game and that there's a big number. For that games unseated. Via national championship numbers point five million. Wow holy cow so not only is it forty million on Sunday for now wild card game 2.5 million watching meg it is cable television to network tell right so is different but. Is his interest in it is that the difference is that much yeah forty million to 25 and and I think it's bigger now because of the cord cutting to you wonder how many people dating is stating that the court and the more people would watch but twice and I think that's a pretty big number. For the championship game college football because you know it's become kind of a provincial type of sports which I've millions and nice number see that's that's the thing though. And I was driving and I was listening to fox Sports Radio on their discussing this. And twenty million is not quite that much when you look at the previous history of the national champion oh really baited partly is because becoming so prevents those becoming so. Regional allies is a sport and and I think it was clay Travis who's on at the time but he said that it's beaten like SE. The southeast of this country is becoming like Canada for hockey. But it's for college football. Where it's such a huge deal there get people care and other places but it's huge in the southeast villas mean look at the markets. There were ten of the top ten highest rated markets all them were in the southeast except number nine was Columbus, Ohio. The rest of the ten were all an SEC country and for the highest rated watching that game. And part of it is probably because it's two teams in the southeast two teams that are from you know once South Carolina. Was from Alabama so maybe that's where you see a lot of those numbers kind of come into play but. For people in the southeast it doesn't matter whose plan national championship game there watching. Everybody else they appear in Los Angeles of USC's Planar watching yup that was summoning the pac twelve is playing you're watching but. What do you care about Alabama and Clemson habits of the night. Ers hire those who doesn't start at 8 o'clock and nine of these cousin goes past midnight he's hit thirty. Yeah 830 that's right accidentally take off very late kick off and you know he is about the kids can't watch because are back in school. And you're missing out on capturing a younger audience making them fans because you're starting your games. Too late but I I I guarantee you got a bigger number on Monday night that it would have gotten on Saturday or fried version or something like that so I I think when he five million is a good number you look like. Bit the last year Kansas so you game Althea Desmond epic that game was two million people watched acting so put that in perspective. Of the national championship game getting 25 million vs the two million watched Kansas on the single channel on the scene log in under the same night about the same time itself. You know and I don't national championship but it's still the football verses. College basketball is still going to be age I enormous you know disparity. Between the Tucson I. I'm I'd like that I think that's it that's a good number. For them but the NFL and I was reading this on Yesterday. Roger Goodell talking about playoffs expansion and you know what duke did we really need to see Tennessee Denver Tampa and Washington all play another game. I don't think the answer to that question is yes and the NFL's got I think he pulls a playoff system in place right now I just don't think. From a competitive standpoint to watering down the product we need to expanded anymore they the second fewest teams in the playoffs. If you start expanding the play offs. Then all of a sudden your regular season doesn't mean as much and it's not as compelling and the NFL regular season guys is very very compelling just like the college football. Regular season is very very compelling because at the end of the day only a handful of teams are getting in and I think that that's important and I think get you wanna add the play just as it's gonna make you more money may be on the back end but what does that do to the course of the regular season it waters that down and you lose a game to Tennessee romance not that big a deal were you lose a game to Tennessee now you -- oh what's gonna happen houses kennel affecting us and more people are interested in what's going to. You can't have half that we make the playoffs I don't think justice in that's the only way could possibly you can expansion in in the NFL right. The F Deb ate from the county on sixteen and sixty entire talk about half the teams in the league you'd be the NBA that is if you have. Without a seven game series in the NBA creates second season they more. As second season because they realize how completely irrelevant their regular season true he has. So they've marketed as their second season so people start to tune in more than you can learn more about the teams as they go and all that stuff. It doesn't work in the NFL model they try to expand playoffs manned us. Hoop that would just be a whole book hit. Complete disaster there's a snap reaction to the ratings being down I don't know I yeah I anymore markets that can be in the the BC journal I think they. Talking about this before them because are always looking ways like to make it an eighteen game schedule the ray machines which I don't think they should do that either. I mean DN SL right now while the TV ratings are down is still the perfect model that's what every sports league is trying to get the 32 that that I mean they are the perfect model right now. When it comes to having the regular season the value is much of it is vs the playoffs being is valued as much as it is. Why change it right now eighteen regular season games waters down a really good product in the regular season right now. Adding two more teams to the postseason giving you 64 more teams getting sixteens in the post season. That waters down the playoffs as well and I just think right now and the NFL playoffs are so quick boom boom you're done. I just don't think you can you can start doing that right now and watering down your product I think it would be. A bad luck right now you can register to win Kansas City Chiefs Pittsburgh steeler playoff tickets at a website sixth and sports dot com all brought you buy but like the official beer. Of the Kansas City Chiefs just go to 610 sports dot com and click on the link it's right there for any register to win you have until 11:59. PM tomorrow. To register and then we will announce the winner. On Friday morning so go ahead and register now at 610 sports dot com if you wanna be in a the stadium on Sunday coming up in two minutes we'll tell you everything you need to know and downed goes every one will tell you that means next.


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