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01/10 5pm - The Hits, Story Time with DP, DeShaun Watson, Ask Us Anything

Jan 11, 2017|

In the final hour, the guys play the hits, Danny shares a fun back-in-the-day story before talking a little DeShaun Watson and ending with "ask us anything."

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Okay. The drive with Danny and she got I think albums and these are the two best in most absorbing into play the national championship. I'm excited for tonight I I I really think this is the shot lots he's kind of even scale. If he is the reason why they win you games definitely. You see him at least being off the ballot in the same vein as Vince Young. I don't mean to it's difficult here. Is there any way that Clemson wins and he's now the reason they went on average and shot. I just foresee a scenario in which plugs it winds of the shock Watson isn't the reason he would owe S 500 yards of offense last year before touchdowns. All forty. Word he's a monster man. I'm picking Alabama because I think their defense is a little better quit I think Alabama wins at home that we really. Pumped from interstate I mean I think close it is hosting the old team that's about his biggest gamble. And without his best bet. And they're better. And they're not scared of revenge proximity. Health and the better quarterback I think that way. And. Good road would love. 31. Ask Alabama referral. Was named Colin coward. Or a fraud is that guy but he he didn't do his homework oh don't print that. I came out I heard me tell you something's. Hello kitty at Clemson. Couldn't clumps of the drive. The let us on the ride for more shows for. Shares have made it evident any part of the anchor Anderson. And Ben Chrysler on 610 Sports Radio in sixth and sports. Dot com that's housekeeping items here you wanna leave to show voicemail you favorite moment a story. Sample would get out of town message it was a voicemail. 91371707. Sevenths here of what acidity or my. It's Friday is big last show. We have wrecks out there tomorrow from 230 to 330 we got Nielsen meant from 330 to four. On Thursday Joseph Foreman is gonna be on the show for the last time 330. Hoping he said he will daily dusty gonna be on the show Thursday at 5 o'clock. Friday's show Sam Munson. Jeff passed in the last time around 330 and bill mosque at 525. With other surprises highlight stories and memories a long away. Our chief Steelers on Sunday. Tickets but this expense were knocked out right now to sign up. For cheese Steelers tickets courtesy of Bob white the official beer sponsor of the game city chiefs deadline is 1159. Thursday night. Watch the chiefs game with Ryan Lilja in the morning show on FaceBook live. Also chiefs tickets. It's at its expense were back. And be expanded pregame and post game outrage right here on sixth on Sports Radio plus bank will be taking your calls pass regular station in the city. Taking calls on the first half of the chief's game six that Sports Radio ice but that's. Name's Casey occasionally. Big stories of the day you have. We really didn't shut up and played ahead. What Kerry did a direct vote caught the game winning touchdown. So this audio. The seventy seconds long and it's from last year but I want a place where you anyway because it brings us about the methods or walk on. Our future patriots wide receiver perhaps if I was going to racially stereotype the white slot receiver. Boller her street guys run the call last night it had some fun with a direct from before. And. And to recruit that is a good port city outside I don't know we'll round it really have to work around to get excellent. You could see right away recruit quality shot he put his right arm like. I didn't there. But he only had one hand them the chance to be able to try to play. I didn't refer. Good shortstop. Makes just admire the hard in the will is he. It's his fellow. Probably. Call these fine. Wide receivers and we had a dinner tickets got the the right ground if he were. He needs to be. 1 June 34567891012. I counted four team white likely changes I was gonna say. Aside from invading almost blackout all white why receiver being yet. Punter went Euro. I do think these. What college athletics should do more of promote. He's exceeded that it talking athletically. Probably shouldn't you playing at the slow. All wanted it. Didn't get a scholarship gym rat didn't have major offers former shorts has now and himself into a player that I think get a chance to play in the NFL just because of his heart and his will. We just think about receivers. Exit differently Julian model that most coaches make some different thing Colby is he scrapped. Runs great routes out. First one in last in the leave plays for the name on the front of the Jersey not the name the back of the Jersey. Hi guys blow lights you all about effort Carrington it's all about effort route running. He's not fast he doesn't have two options he deceptive deceptive speed exactly shifts the he's quick in small spaces. Smart gritty my favorite one so re pretty lets you know he's like. Gritty it's in yeah well. It was quite as active and white for their plight like there's an old like all of the other way value to say about other races of people. Gritty is part of the senator did the white athletes scrappy is gritty and scrappy yeah hundred this year degree and scrappy. And what. Real high motor. You know Josh and write checks as I voter here that you say I would say morsel the receiver. Big guys. Oh yeah surely big guys that run the floor stuff like it that's Jones has high moat yet finishes the play yet you're right. You'd never your gritty attributed to. Anybody feels the wetlands are dead thirteen. Thirteen white or white arts yes absolutely. Read very gritty player. Also surprising based on a name that is why Matthew Della woods oval. Scrappy all coach's son knows how to play the game excellent with a bounce back so as crafty no crap is a point guard thing. So I am saying crappy delight I think he's a point guard in all but in basketball is usually used for a big man that's not at. Crafty underneath for a right got to tell YMCA yet like uses the bank should. Big on the banks shy. Al floater I'll tell you agree a 100%. It's if you say it that's why they put them back or there would justify it got to play at bats that they coach's son it's. Created the game got a backward not use that. Coach doc coaches always say that's why news and put it there. And that's why he had the vision and a good news. But their retro coaches ought to say I do need two hands right well use them share which I just one handed passes. We need to go point. Do you follow an herb street we're playing that game intentionally or UC that was just I think that is Fowler herb street I think disease himself and those kind of guy ice. Like herb street was that app right. Crystal was usually fast. Kristall ruthlessly Larry Bird like god. It that he was a super good that I had no idea about I I soon to Chris Collins worth was Kirk herb street and Tom waddle like. I would I would racially profile but across the middle all the time yeah that guy just like underneath I don't know I totally profile Chris now everything Evan I've just recently about it is a product I was it was super burner. I had no idea the tax lie is always chimes in with other Roland yellow light and as important spark plug all its rate ones but though I think can also be dial the binge. You know it'll like Alice in market b.'s bark one. They got that little spark plug for the off its. I think I can beat anybody I ever used for kick returner punt return with speed. Spark like so any change today. There's new broadcast by Al Smith like some guys always chief's days. Anytime they talk about other surprise Allah let it Alex and it is like. But is. Wired kids being deceptive is being deceptive about what a schism dispenser of deceptive leaping ability. Deceptive strength. Ever read anything that is athletic but not expected to be athleticism like us that is all surprisingly. Did you not Washington. Is really athletic. Right. It on the football hockey you run the football like I rod you know. Look is more mobile quarterbacks in the well. Five scorers volume fell right that there's nothing deceptive about JJ watts what is this but just look at it looks like a polar bear early eighties Ali. Insane so yeah you can have what does not very deceptive but still he'll be it's your it's mildly surprised. I give some anyway taller 691357676. Then. Would support that tickets. Are mavericks is equal. Power January 22. At the Silverstein. I senator arena. Game starts at 40 by six right now and I don't 357676. Debating this earlier today if last night was an all time. Yeah last night I think all hall of famers art trade evenly. I do evaluate Curtis mark and differently that Adrian Peterson. Richard Peterson when he is up fourteen is going to be first ballot no doubt about it there's not going to be a lot of argument yeah. Eli meaning of Peyton Manning does what you're different kind of argument you're gonna make for Eli as opposed the Peyton Manning. I think that there are some games that are undeniable instant classics. We'll tell our kids that we watched him you remember exactly where you were when you watched them put Miami Ohio State. McGahee injury pass interference at the end of a dominant that dynasty was not on the end of the mind you dynasty. I've put that net your one of instant classics. But is this a tier two game is. OK here's my question. Tom Brady's greatest quarterback of all time somewhere you're through five errors. Elway and Montana and eight and rockers and those guys we can all agree that girl all time greats proud to have any. I'll concede to you Miami Ohio State better game I'll concede to you USC Texas better. But how much better could they possibly EB. Then last night's game which is a rematch in a title game you'll never get in college sports because there's so what's burn over your rematch. With a transcendent. All time college player. A two time Heisman Trophy finalist. You get. David Goliath situation because we never say that Clemson is David but. Certainly you have the Goliath the perennial powerhouse and Pamela and the team trying to be the new. You have the charismatic personality of doubles Sweeney and everything that people love about him and his connection to gamma UFL talent. All over the field. Mean. First round pick Sunday and his defense multiple first round picks on clubs and defense Mike Williams a top ten pick. And we'll see were shot while those who leaked how they'll be more than a dozen players in the game to play on Sunday but he's. I'm willing to listen to us and last thing. End of the game shifts or or ends on a touchdown pass with 12 seed at the amazed if that's all of that stuff. Isn't an all time classic. Then I'll barometer for all time classic is the old player you can either it's great is Michael Jordan. But the only player you could be its greatest right Russell Westbrook gets it is the best player opens before you appreciate of course. Some attacks line. We agree. Today's culture requires us to compare everything to something else he can't this be a good game. You don't need to immediately call USC Texas 2.0 we've now had two ball games this year that we. Try to put up against USC Texas. I'd I don't think any more on this we don't just step back and appreciate the game for what it was and I would say really great apes and its suburbs Boise State local. Last night was Boise State Oklahoma I think yesterday was eight was a very entertaining finish. And sometimes I think people confused really entertaining finished with a great games. Just it was a great game I think it was. All are too many points of the game Alabama Andy Beyer re deficient quarterback there was a huge injury in the middle of it that clearly changed the the momentum of the game that that changed Alabama's offense. Think the last eight minutes of war incredible drama but is that game that you wanna sit down and Washington is that again that you want a re rot. No. Texas was a game that that you wanna go back Hillary watch I would say after a liberal whatever Reggie Bush tried to lateral. After about lateral it was an amazing game. Yesterday it was an amazing game the last eight minutes of it took a long time it was over for how urgency for a regulation not and that went overtime. Regulation. I absolutely agree with you that the game was to ball okay. Too many commercials extended halftime days that we live instant replay in college all in the case. I absolutely agree with you gave was too choppy it was too long. The royals World Series games if you re watched. Re watched sporting events nickel back and re watch a seat next to you. Like. Again I want to poor quarterly gamble OK but it is an incredibly. High ball hour to reach last night. Was the second biggest combat. In the championship game in college football history. And the game was decided there was a go ahead touchdown with two minutes left that a game winning touchdown drive with a second. And that's not a classic game. I just I think that we've gotten in way too critical of sports is it the best they've ever knows what the biggest basket ever know or is it to what he hunts. All players on the field and when you combine both defense the defense lastly I guess I would even say. That there have been two examples of. The last year that I would say was more enjoyable to watch the game just for any sport. I would say lightning homer of its local. The tips Oklahoma basketball game we have to sit here and debate about agree gamer and I. You had buddy yield of the best college players you had Allen fieldhouse at eight all time performance. Or. Debate on the outs at the net which image of game we just on basketball with a more enjoyable watch the net. North Carolina Villanova markets change pages shocked that we now Purdue it. Chris Jenkins ending it all the moral it's always like shot with just eight more enjoyable thing to a lot like you can't I think. You can't remove how choppy game was college football for as great of a product duties. Is severely broken and how was televised backstage. Insert ads everything in college football that Timmy made the game less enjoyable. I at least and what is that like Oscar in the game we spend. Five minutes reviewing an onside kick it had no meaning on the into the game was over and spent time reviewing it. That is. Take away from the game I understand what people did and maybe that's just like how my brain works in the compartmentalization. Of it and looking for too much knew Ozzie goes hey that's part of the game it happens and took away from. It was preposterous the reviews last night that the way to the way of celebration of the gods like it at all that's off. I just think man. If they had all of those things and that's not a classic but it doesn't mean it's actually the very best. That's not enough for me to say to that game was an awesome. Could you share last year's game was even more entertaining and that usher at a new ones I think that's a reasonable stance to have. 4540. An onside kick that was kickoff return for a touchdown. Of more long touchdowns in the game with OJ however it could make that argument. There were injuries in last year's game their injuries on this game last night on both sides but the best defensive player on clubs in the Ohio State game. Well and not number 99 the defensive end. He got hurt in the game he could come back huge injury for clubs in just like Scarborough was huge injury for Alabama so I just. I think that we've gotten to a point where were way too cynical if the second greatest comeback ever. With one of the greatest college QBs ever. Against the best college dynasty ever it was a rematch they had two touchdowns in the last two minutes. Bit similar to what it plugs into the over his or 431. Or whatever by sixty something points scored the game. Oh okay. What are we to. I'm not button in the okay category is like guys like guys at the beginning I think there are years of hall of famers. Meaning. He is not the same hall favorably Eli Manning will be. Okay Tom jackets this. Jackets sit whereas it was just a great game in a classic I would say yes okay. I would say there are cheers Stewart. I would say just like the Allstate they're different rooms you can go into. There's a room that's just Willie Mays right guys in jail and Babe Ruth does or with other guys better navigate your Allstate. But there's a more exclusive club I would put last night's game in that very exclusive club. USC Texas is at the top of we never watch a better football game that. Maybe you put patriots giants. David Tyree helmet catch a pair it wasn't better that on the same level of it will be really hard for us to watch a better game than that yesterday's game just wasn't better. So. I think it's better it is I. I just reject the idea that because there were two but he breaks because the official that was. I just I think that that's absurd but IIII used. Eight it if you have got. That jaded by sports that you have a threshold of what actually is great and you will complain about. That is so small that may have to stop wasting your time announcing you ups and anybody. If you're so Jed I think it's a mean effect. You know. Expect there was complaining you guys I thought I was gonna go to bed thinking it was all the good deal. The wake up or in the morning. For sure he wasn't thrilled with the game being four hours and fifteen minutes or whatever one's ever imagined that would be rolled out but. It was also McKay was well hall of Famer it was a classic. That it was sold watch more enjoyable instead of four minutes of or hours of orbits its three hours and 42 minutes back. Eighteen minutes extra that it was or whatever it is just also choppy I agree it's just so. It felt like the game at least until the could just never get a really good flow because the officials would not allowed to. There's no reason why I thought the course of a game there should be seven challenges. That's what it was like I think to college athletics has become so dependent on it that the officials are free to make calls but they just say hey. Let's not let's not always so let's not be decisive about anything you can always go back and look at is what's rule in the in the college basketball games. We Spain ten minutes trying to figure out if it went off a guy's fingernail. Well yesterday they spent ten minutes trying to decide. Touch back on one of the play again. Terrible job by the officiating side not a hall of fame officiating job all the same game. Let's discuss the shot Watson in reference to the chiefs if he possibly is still on the boards on draft experts. Are saying he could be and sort shout outs storage on here where the drive comes through it and a tax on that let's expand 306 general wanted to know anything's starts and that meant a monopoly drug. That yeah. Back on the drive the ABC got Betty hi assistant Sports Radio substance boards. Dot. Bottom last game last story. Goodell to use it. Good to go study it's. It I was tractor got to bring highly he had oh hole as Twitter account will Missouri win tonight just ago I was like maybe 7%. To spread their point basket. Auburn minus 11. Point yeah. Everyone in Missouri circles believe dozens are his best chance to get a SEC win. Can you just host the show for sixty seconds or fire in a bad. Why Auburn's. Are you leaving scores out of this one to the point 6 o'clock on SEC network router interested in speeding home to watch that one. But only the David my story was one of the conversations that we had it. When I was working in a separate job January over here we were in your communication. You yeah. If we wanted the audio well. We don't salad I was over at serious examine MLB network radio addicted couple had blizzard of policy. And ideals and this over navy now to hell I was not able to send now we had the I could now I think about even though we got that no no. That podcast ever outpost. Price wise move disappears. That was gone into it's it's it's as bad pitched. Benito. I bestows. It would eight. We had the all star game in Kansas City. I won't care tonight we were doing tentative and we needed that extra attention to right. Yeah I think so and then we had kennel. He was expelled Dansby was like in her kind of helper he has to be on site producer writes we had our board dot Tyler back in the studio we add hell. On site doesn't stand fast. And we're doing the show. And remember. Kansas City had the all star game like. Not all of the guys have been called up yet. This is the approval rating David Glass was next to nothing the payroll was still really small they hadn't been winning. They were six years in the date more process with no winning seasons. Mean Morales was. Wall except when a guy would get called. Man. Aired the story of this are about. The so people. If they'd be interested in buying the bills that became mobile. And of course. But he. ANC David Glass. He's walking by. The state each. And cattle. Over the royals. Go get. And he had it Dillon an interview five since day lord hired. And so. I'm thinking when he says yes these are sort overlooked this is not this is unbelievable. David Glass into interviews guy's got approval rating gives you. And we're gonna get him. Am we're gonna be able to ask him questions that people wanna know the answer to. You know me I'm new to how relative I've tried to make a name for myself but things are going OK but they're not going rate. I thought they were fair questions I still think that they were fair questions. You can argue time and place. You sort out and I was sage against adds to the story. My plane it was to ease into those questions yeah like let's try to get some information in the in the if you got these questions you can get those questions off. Read exude that plane we did not execute that plan very well I think we asked him why in the softball question about the all star game being in Kansas City. And a and began to go down the line of questioning about finances of the team and if you would be willing to operate at a loss similar to field a winner. And about if you would be excluded selling the team. And I'll never forget that reset. Because I asked the question. He gave the answer. You know signal you know not not exit its own team very brief Suggs who the errors. Talking royals owner David Glass. Who's putting down his microphone there and blocking. And he just put the. Microphone down to officer at seven walked off the stage in front of the couple balls and people who stumbled to watch the live interview with that and got called in to. Old Boston's office it was very expendable time like we all are at all times and the buzz if fired. Respond if fired. I didn't go to the moment Serbia here thousand fortunate it was able to partake in some those festivities. And you know an apology about time and place is rendered all year and there were some hard feelings for awhile and the rest is history that is the David Glass door that is David last. An Arab what they won the World Series and I was covering it in the clubhouse all those years later are thinking this. I'll use that lots of time place and bring it up. What derelict ship able ways are there and is hot meal and Danny's. He's sort of figure something out yeah. But I remember the next day and that's almost going to mean that was an amazing moment an amazing question in all that sort of stuff and some people see you know you're. The people that pay as tenacity and their conflict. Over over that well. The president and firing you can move past the so right. And just by the means is it made things very complicated for awhile for us play. The time. It felt like it was the right. Maybe it's regrets. Ballots how close I've ever been to being fired. I don't even wanna ask you closest ever but. Because it's you know. It's going to be here. I don't think I'm ever really been closely been fired. Be honest I mean I've been suspended twice again but yet yeah. I was close that it was memory you're going to be fired I'm an active they go bows like on the going to be employer. They never said that's me just to be clear but what it was like a real conversation about the consequences in light by worth. Am it's like any votes and I. Remorse which was my I didn't believe I should show remorse at the beginning they both times I central. Viewpoint right I didn't do. Ayatollah detailed story about illegal activity like gas and go like I understand why and being suspended as a makes a lot of sense yet I couldn't really argue they like cares what were you thinking I said I thought or was funny. And that wasn't those of the should answer it should not have this mineralized. Stay home for the next couple days yet. Actually the only other time it was yours you need to be with me at 2 o'clock and I'm like I did I notice beats. Okay yeah you got a really good idea. Of what this means for us so. I understand we were like listen man. You've got to be honest in this job this job is a series of a thousand decisions live on the error an audience every day. They want you to be as G and pushed to the limit and share your feelings or eBay but never go over the line and never actually stopped that line annoyed so extra is if you go I. Years. With not getting that third striking new ground not getting fired and being in good graces with everywhere when you leave late. You didn't commit any cardinal sin that wasn't able to be over. Ill so was rocky and yet. Super rocky. And that was that was the closest that was the all time I've really fearful but others were I've got in trouble. I'd ever fewer jobs here that was always allies fear for. But anyway are you guys got that story out of us on Tuesday for don't ask for nearly got to figure out stuff for the rest week alone. The shot Watson. As achieve. I think it's a weird spot because so many teams need a quarterback. What's so much of the NFL draft community seems to think that he doesn't fit the Pro Bowl. For whatever reason that is. I think that last night was the worst thing that could've happened to you if you Richie fan who once the shot. I think it best case scenario for you. Is he falls a little bit like Aaron Rodgers fell. Or light Paxton winch was drafted and some team trades up to get him right to exit the bears looked Jon wants. A third pick in the draft. The light and he's not the third pick in the he does agree we got first agree on the but he does a great out there I would say draft your franchise quarterback if you figured if you think it's a franchise quarterback draft where you don't argue about 113 in that situation if you think you pans out to be quarterback to just take Haider. To get like nobody goes back and says me and you know what you over drafted for fill in the right held at. Eleven and don't know whatever does that. Seoul. I would figure the team would you both say they let's say it's all late first round grade on the show on Austin and we got a third pick in the draft. So we're not predict predict to take Jonathan now take the top defensive lineman of the draft from Alabama. And we're gonna trade back up into the first round. All that what he's doing that is also trading in front of the sheets like. If that she's picked 28 to 32 the team it's drafting Shawn Watson is overwhelmingly likely to trade in front of those positions. In order drafted especially because everybody knows to Shawn Watson and greed. Is that absolute match made in have been perfect day. An accurate thrower with a deep play ability who is Smart who can run the. The options the read option zone read type stuff because he's got ability. So I think it's a shock losses on the board for Andy Reid it's a 100% lock that the chiefs. Because about this doctor situation and I think if you don't walk into your crazy I just don't think will be. I'd be a little bit surprised honestly it to Shawn Watson gets out of Latin. Maybe look at it seems that need quarterbacks. Cleveland needs a quarterback San Francisco needs a quarterback Chicago needs a quarterback Jacksonville. I envision Rasner the quarterback I don't think they're going to the jets need another one I could see San Diego seven. Saying. This a perfect scenario we're gonna have a quarterback we still like Philip Rivers for the next couple years will still develop just on lots and and that he is primed you takeover so now we know our core is gonna be enjoy Bozo and defense ate into Shawn Watson quarterback. I just personally don't know how you can see that got play against Alabama the last two seasons and see all the things he done in college football. And insulting to our other prospects in this class better than. Because out ice that made the comparison you liked. It will work. He doesn't run as much as Mary noted kids anymore but he still runs when he and he did last night and he runs in the big games I hate to marry go to comparison. I. I like three comparison and people say OR GRG. Three catastrophic injury. I just never was able to recover from. The shot Watson already blew out Disney came back it was Heisman finalist twice with a shot Watson has recovered from his big injury. So I remember what RG three was at the beginning and I think that's what he could be is if he except he stayed healthy had a better atom borders I think that's what they show on lost its. And it's weird as you say that aim at a belt it's like that's terrible well I mean that's. Three with which was gonna revolutionize the quarterback position in the NFL at LT Jon wants back good boy. Beatles it would ease we talk a mobile was a look at all the interceptions that he threw. And from what I've telling I've watched the games. So many of them are off wide receivers hands and I don't that's typical of people are saying to their same laws they want with no legal back and looked at him but how many of those interceptions are actually on him ostensible Lamar. But he also makes Eagles were big place. These boats have more risk because he drove the ball on the field but he throws the book of at least those boards 321 touchdown interception and people say it always got mortars have is that anybody going back to the start last year what you use his entire time as a starter. When he was fourteen touchdowns and two interceptions. When he was a part time guy before he blood as me went. Two people that are using apps that are just taking off two interceptions and fourteen touchdowns. Seven to one touchdown interception ratio so. I don't see it. There's a little hit or miss I think Colombia doing a lot of interceptions got felt that way about how. It was once that he'd do a lot of interceptions but I also think that if you want a point 28 quarterbacking how's it to a lot of interceptions and it ends up being really good matte line. Matt Ryan is last year Boston College completed less than 60% of his passes which is hard to do if you were Kool Aid to college quarterback and nineteen interception. What about I mean I mean I got this list for you right here. Matt Ryan 41 college games 47 decks. Russell Wilson in fifty games thirty texts Ben Roethlisberger in 38 games 34 picks. The Shawn Watson in 38 games 32 picks. So west interceptions and Matt Ryan less interceptions and Ben Roethlisberger. Threw more interceptions than Russell Wilson. You can throw a lot of picks in college football because too wide receivers let you down or you have to take too many chances or. It's high volume in ninety plays last. You'll put up 4000 passing yards and als and receiving yards in ninety something career touchdowns. Without. Running a lot of plays throwing a lot of passes thrown some interceptions. It's part of the game when your play making quarter. I even things just obviously the shift of the waste spread offenses are that don't think entering the NFL as hard as he used to be because the NFL team that you were going to Joseph is going to run the a variation of the office if she were running in college and I think we'd see more examples of guys like Watson working out in debt this guy. Does he not play a lot like that press got and if that guy's a fourth round pick him and come into an offense in the unit. Have a seamless transition from college watching chance in the right situation yet. It's the situation is a thing that you and I also talked about alive and has some sort of disagree I would say it up portage is key to anybody's development I would say the great quarterbacks rise above it in the end up being successful regardless of though you could see how being in a bad system or system has not pitcher work skills at. How that derails the start of your career gap in how being in a really good situation that's why I'm not saying I want to go to San Diego the San Diego makes a lot of sense. It fair to address them you have a established veteran quarterback it's still playing at a high level. It gives Watson time to learn the offense in the NBA the backed up and the whenever he's ready you've given him a good running back give a good tied in in homer Henry. Rivers would be pissed. If they'd asked him as he's got to be thinking you're moving need LA we've had all these injuries I've carried this team you're not actually try to win. We got it actually try to win while I'm still good. I never thought San Diego's possible you're right it does it does make sense for the shot Watson. I don't know that it makes any sense for Philip Rivers and and the San Diego Chargers but she's the best fit for him in the NFL. They are in amazing. Al with one more year Andy Reid the system the mobility the ready made team wide open window of the young talent. The deep threat and Tyreke killed and number one option Travis Kelsey. The the chiefs are the best fit in the NFL for Charlotte's I don't think there's any chance will be on the port four. That's like six threes or six asks anything that's. The police station taking your calls at halftime during Sunday's playoff game six didn't Sports Radio. Question yes. Even in these consequences yet you can have sex with men you're an issue. Okay. That's a very good. It's too. Wrong. Tax us creatures accessed any speculative buy generators by staying out accurate it's a good show each and every day with questions of life how it's done ready to answer some damn decided to answer the questions that science or that it OK okay O drive okay. Can we fire to drive dating game for Carrington before Friday comer. I don't think that we're going to be able to pull that off okay. All right. The show's greatest achievement was eight making Andy McCullough entertaining radio what other regular day gas station. Up the dial which reflects. Very great and to steal a cult that not only didn't. I did read the second part of tax Kevin Harlan our networks. If they could could mean yeah heartland. Are old policy. You ever won the column was done with Chris Russo and is going on and on this because response narrowing at. Yes I do remember about it was fantastic. I've always been stated Colin you guys. Didn't like awful that's consistency out of college like I like Jeff studio lot on a personal level on all. We've done some big growth it's this stuff together into zone I was a tumor never assume it. I would just take parliament Herm Edwards for the pretty obvious reasons I think that Kevin Hartman is if not the best certainly one of the five best. People in the world his job or it was the coach we don't have the pope's perspective we spoke. Harsher. And I think that's that's there. Mean heartland to use you know these are musica text line 69. 306. What can you tell us where you're going hopefully tomorrow trust me I hate that I had the duty announcement. But the option was that we do the announcement until you could say everything ones and there was chancellor Friday it was those ballots today. So there was gas there would you like one show before on and I added that goes spared us or the audience so I wanna do that at all. Which trade 21 round picks in the future like that one lost two or first book and get to show wants I would. I agree that's probably too much of rats to cheese in Alice stay at it everywhere else with their success rate has been. I'm hitting with first round effects. And of one ticket it's always hear David Johnson. What do you guys. Think Ezekiel Ali but the answer. I still wouldn't lean towards Johnson or bowel. Especially if it's a league where you're getting either apple wonderful point for catch it's going to be crazy next year like goodness the you'll. You know again. David just just that means at the season with a fairly significant injury not a good team. Pittsburgh's red ball there weren't as good team but he still was the most dominant player policies if he is great. Situations so conducive particularly. Like being system safe out there there at the consensus out there and text line 6936. Top three places in Kansas City apart are I mean. Places so all. You know they incidents and that. Did you cluster in the Jay yeah you're right you're happy to insert yeah I know you listen he had that's that's just way too broad restaurants. Gas prices or grab a drink places there's just such a broad. Yeah term that's you gotta narrow scope wouldn't quite yet especially I don't have a lot of time I was prepared for. Good female personality had success at 610. I would say yes. You know and I don't hear about them I I would say yes. It's definitely a male dominated by the target then 25 to 54 so. You've got. Gotta be good obviously it's tough for a woman that it is a man and you could say that should be but that's the reality. And I would see it easier to do if you have that light. What happened here where hyper. I mean they're there are examples of it and it rise up really fast and they in the industry when Erica so yeah. Does want to show us in the be good Shelby eagle doesn't really matter Rachel Nichols Sarah Spain. But just it just hideous the end opt out my edges Mildred two of the three people that were on the broadcast last night. Yet like an odd thing about it. In the split it. Women at ESPN who if it would be really good at sports talk eyes that those we would come to mind right away for Shelby what it. Would be great and ocean as a weekend show promotion over a chance to chase those exceptions but I think she'd be really good with the daily radio show. Name of the new show will be the drive yours it's yours to drive. Like I don't really plan on Monday it is now just it was umpire radio show and I think it's gonna sound familiar I think it's probably need to drive it that would make us. Imagine you open I was I'm planning entered into the open to. What's going to be. Yes a couple ideas on. We have to with the pick up the pick our own song. It's an unusual muscle forget it think it's arrives. Got a budget deal tomorrow. To buck the best you've heard will be here for a. He electric heating into the studio sixty and Sports Radio the basis.


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