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01/10 4pm - Weird Derrick Rose story, Big Ben on his walking boot, The Captain Calls In

Jan 10, 2017|

In the third hour, the guys try and figure out the strange D-Rose disappearing act from yesterday, hear Ben Roethlisberger on leaving Sunday with a walking boot, and Steph, "The Captain" calls in.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Some guys at high speeds that Sports Radio six head. Doc. Dylan Ruth. These South Carolina. Sure shooter. Murdered nine. African Americans they were going to aid Bible study group as expected to sentence to the death penalty today he. Did his own defense he evidently showed no emotion as jurors did their roll call and their sentencing. And I would imagine one of the easier death penalty cases in the history of the American judicial. I just saw this above us someone that was on covering the case that there were six different aggravating factors they had to come to beyond a reasonable doubt to conviction and death. Defendant attempted to incite violence calls orange you families and friends endangered the safety of others crime was racially motivated selection of victim lack of remorse he checked the box on all six of those points. Yet I would say just from following the story. Very easily I can't imagine that there was much the lumber deliberation on you especially the the one that you would think maybe just there and again obviously no legal expert but it's a scene a reversal. Selection of victims which he didn't let someone go. You know damion it's a diving recently to tell the story of what happened and all bats that he was selective in who lived in new diet so. Dad obviously a horrific horrific story I am not a death panel the person. The save least but I'd imagine in a state where you have that it would not be very tough thing. To convict him of that crime and if there is a crime worthy of it. This certainly would fall under that jurisdiction so they're Rico bell Dylan Ruth sentenced to death in South Carolina. No easy way to make a transition. To the Derrick Rose story from last night he went A wall to the next Carrington a plain useless because you. Created park is the best so I'm watching the Clemson game joined the national championship and dozens of people. Are tweeting me saying that on my eight by S or make the announcement that I'm leaving Kansas City the park is because death has taken one more victim. And when Derrick Rose was eight wall when people were worried about him in the players' thoughts on the immediate terrible happened to them. The Orszag the department pic of death it got what a smile on their wrath I don't know why you're mad at me for you being who you law. All ask another question about that mark inspected yet you are last year's national title game correct and football oh who won. Alabama you chose to stay home this year who won. Clubs OK if the defense rests alleged. Interest I see it now. You've things. I had. 6000 dollar gambling position on bugs and last year so they would want it paid for all the expenses. I stayed with my cousin we both in lives in Arizona we put the plane tickets at a time. That was a cheap ticket to get into is it went for under face value it tick off that and you could drive from Alabama to Tampa you can drive from Clemson to Tampa very expensive ticket last night I don't know one that lives there. Pot getting married this year a lot of expenses so. We were not lamenting at all not being at the national values so we get it by choice. You're the one choosing to focus on the negatives that Potts I understand that but if you wanna go back and talking about your guide your grows you don't you put that evil on me Ricky Bobby. I didn't do anything I shall have to work every day long is the weather spine I still have to work there I singled out I'd never just don't want. It's like coming today and not telling anyone that. The situation. Did that. Derrick Rose yesterday they're playing a basketball located yes sure as doesn't show today. Does it notifies employer doesn't tell anybody honestly. It's definitely a world doesn't know where you walk das is a big NBA secretive loads can't figure out the answer to it. Now what is knows everything. What is. It really doesn't. Like. So many Derrick Rose controversies that I've followed with just like the utmost scrutiny over the years because I love him as a basketball player and as Chicago and. I feel like his intentions were terrible. And his acts Q Sheehan was horrendous. And I say to save us. Definitely Jeff what is it says details are gonna come out. Rose has spoken about it it was something to do with his mom and he flew home from Chicago. And he was in some sort of distressed state. And the team called him and he. Hit decline. He ignore actually I teach him respect he had ignore on his boss now. And ignore a Smart thing to do don't answer the phone what he did it as a viable that you literally hit the button I'd say he declined the call ignored the call up now. There's a serious family emergency the next. Goal at short private label sometime. I'm see I got a little bit of respect for this because he needs is based. We told you guys on the tolerate him pop argument yesterday during the national JB two game my dad called twice. Is an answer the phone. And called the third court the national championship game I know gonna talk about. I don't talk. Any minute and talk about this tomorrow yeah tomorrow and I'm happy to have this conversation with excitement into the ball. I know you've got to a bad disrespect. Busy brides today pricey you ignored your pop. Not in the mental space that this conversation with you. I need my own space stir up a lot of talk wry sometimes people call us at 650. Right to talk. To talk right now I get it back at 730 let me let me get home are happy to have this conversation with. At various points and allies all need space we don't need to just boom sound after whatever does happen to with you today. And will contact you later add to justify why you answer the phone but don't ignore. That's the only thing I don't signal that you got to. You know that something's going on the all I've I've Buick it's OK to hit ignore is if you're just some sort of savage who doesn't have your phone on vibrate. In your situation where it's inappropriate for your phone to be bringing out loud and you needs you know shuttered immediately. And then you've it to ignore. That's really argue because you had to rake her on a not vibrations ridiculous but it's always situation right I'd be acceptable but. Syrians. Why. Why don't believe the story you do said out loud to us a pass the smell test the past the logic and reason test and now they're rose I'll tell you. I need to pass the logic reason that's not great at logic or reason. If it was an excuse to thank. Bentley emergency summit series mom health situation whatever and it would be excuse. Why not just tax your coach. Why not just answered the phone when your in transit. Sure it was flying private you can have cellphones. Just cure it why not save. Where you're going is where you're going is a valid reason to miss an NBA regular season game what you're. It's like it's ridiculous for you to miss an NBA regular season to be out eight exactly if you're Derrick Rose your teammates are used to playing without it's not cal Ripken junior during the middle Iron Man streak we're talking about your joke you know has had great practice playing basketball game about Derrick Rose so I just don't say this until Jackson I have sleeping at Phil Jackson if you need to speak to it. I asked if the knicks are you know spiraling in his direction and I'm glad the bulls a guilty that's the distractions and nonsense anymore. Of those votes. By this for a sack there's an error rose's mom fell ill. Something happened to her and he was just so distraught that he decided he couldn't taxes boss. BRB. Mom sick and just get a point it's just so it's absolutely not it's. He figured out to be mad or skull don't sultans and oh and you'd be you'd television host and tell. I take the news. Are you even I assume it was out blue where you write those dead and only when it was okay yeah you know hottest I didn't sons and fun. Don't like it does he would do just what the real purpose of your call is in the beginning yeah don't waste my time for two and a half minutes let's also created questions assistant to the meteorological casual stuff you talk about when it but we. Out pops out and anonymous he wants to come on the show or beauty. He's he's a prime piece of real statement Stalin he was the Cologne yeah. Well we can talk about the dead everytime he has the kimono it's always like based on the guys in my job I like your New York. I annually integrated into business over there were running. Annual audited shout out to the guys at your job. Friday shows you know it's. Giving ice is too nice to have ever hit ignore ought to call. Point what are your time that's. Earlier on Mike Morse soul. College does. I would just it would carry out letter Yemeni answers in salaries. We see you deliberately will ignore people's call. 100%. I'd ever done a very passive aggressive when you win a girl arguing and then everybody's Doug there really early good night. 830 while I say good night right it's isn't it. It's you it's I'm talking as if our di. Vinci tries the call you fix it what's wrong in the unity or on our. I'd let her know don't talk and fight very. Very passive aggressive social media bullet you'll play you'll see people with just. OK tax. Just go well and not just all right all right all right all right then. Are right it is my OK there dismissive passive aggressive. Cairns in the all right in or if he's as a it. You don't mean that it's all right all right thank you don't seem everybody's got to the media light on the field or that nobody hands that. Yeah passive aggressive. Bull what your goals high schoolers. From this. I try to be honest and open about your everybody's done that ought to pass on its next good night at six poverty. Meaning ones right now what he means it. What you gotta do very fast aggressive Abbott today. Varied view. That's that's a past Norris hall of fame. Good have a good day. Enjoy your night it. I sat them tribunal time I saw you at night and I enjoy your day enjoy your night's yet in night might be a first ballot that's progress while I take care take years ago I'd taken. Her eight years ago when. I don't know if I've ever said here someone is very old. There what I say at the restaurant longer and airs on that you federally the oldest expression of all time goal. Always we were at this budget is not bother knows saudis that can I trouble yeah. Just ask for tax attribute for potential waiter and he get the one finger like he had a huge concern it was like. Touch W or glass of water. Some water the water is can you some water to try you for just like the old woman from the room. And I troubling you for a glass of milk. You patrol needs that last shot back Ella are. I didn't attack slide about what's the most passive aggressive thing you could say attacks on telly good night early in the evening is undefeated. Think enjoy your night is pretty strong man you don't mean you don't you don't wish that person any enjoyment be your telling to enjoy it and there's no truth of that sounds. We have Roethlisberger discussing his status. And audio steal that some people are taking offense duke coming up drop me I'm proud of them I mean I hope we can get. Go further and he is now but I mean further than us on yeah well who knows now hey he's on the hill wing right now my whole salary and wanted to go. Do you like getting into the studio sixty and Sports Radio. History we thought how does every Kansas City Baylor the world watched the playoff game in one spot. FaceBook line this is about to ask don't have joined clings to beckon me live a wild live just south of the game one just watching the game. Acting like you victory Chrysler dodge Jeep brand kissing construction and village west discount liquor mart into play. That's so go to this extent Sports Radio FaceBook page story in new guns. So they enjoy this great tips our teams are to. 610 Sports Radio. Days of I've seen Jordan tonight. Top one who's your favorite again. Both fast but I don't know what that is or. You know I know I I trust me I know you do have a good night all right dean. Just regular OK I think is a good one. Jolie here that's excited says the statement ul is used when I saw my girl I'm going to play golf that she responds with all. Yeah as you know it's you'd clearly messed up. When she replies well. It's like I'm fine. Deal lips is in the tax tail. That's a big one of the three dots Alia dot dot dot. Every audio. OK then it's now at a game alive but he's got that got out there are you doing all right you figure out the rats now. There pass us have a good one I think is a very quality when. Kirk what LIV. Is it different courage to have good died today Julia Reeve had a Goodwin a little more konduz and nobody's as via. That's that is America. I'm still going with a teller have a good night at 730. I. Just so many what does it say about our generation if you start a fight right now is that it completely happy. Good night early in the evening and see what happens again and see its wheels is because just have a good tune we live together and so that he really weird is it that what you can't do with a live in girlfriend wife whatever that's just not possible. He talked about. In the with a group I don't I don't forget anything yeah now to the woman's announce to you and actually is state undefeated career scorecard. That talk captive for. That's coming up. In a little bit but. From the talk tempo show pony on this week at some point also bad Roethlisberger on his status. For Sunday. The question all the fans wanna know the last time they saw you bent. You had a walking boot on your foot I think they wanna hear from your own lips of the Euro cash. Yeah I'm not dwell on might think that it was precaution. Precautionary measures taken by the doctors and then. Carol over the trainers they who wouldn't know it all Omar left. This stadium certificate holder that went right to the hospital for an MRI and it's that put me in a boot just as a precaution because we're more sure what was going on I haven't at the food on. And since I got home that night. Just kind of reactor regional or injury. It's so. You know art and I feel that our visit today but you know what a terrible rout by the to go. Open and shut case yeah I think he's going to play here. Whole week on bin Roethlisberger. Into the white towels sound like a broken record is home road split its outlook talked opponent that is watched more Ben Roethlisberger though I've seen. How she and you just like help explain these to go back into it as a small sample size we can go back to the last two years have been all over that point fourteen. He played all sixteen games last on the ad for Ben Roethlisberger. And hold point three touchdowns or interceptions. Eight games on the road nine touchdown passes five interceptions. Last season's 201516. Touchdowns seven on the road you played twelve games so 66. Five touchdowns on the road nine interceptions. This season for Ben Roethlisberger. Pulling in five at home. 98. On the road. Why is there's such a drastic difference for Ben Roethlisberger. When he's not home. It seemed like one of the unexplainable things that happens in the NFL that's the biggest reason I'm picking the chiefs bit novel Berger is a completely different quarterback. I think with the time you have giving just use the meg getting Spencer ware back that you're gonna run the ball effectively. And I think they're going to be wrinkles in the offense that really. Jump start this off cents. Does not trust their quarterback on the road. Pair of mean listen you've been very consistent on this. The numbers do go back more than three years that is a more than adequate sample to say that there's something there. I will chalk it up to being one of those just beard thing this. Doesn't make any sense the I can't explain it I don't try to just say oh well then it's gonna be thing I try to figure out if there's a logical explanation for it than if not. I'll just say it's one of the unexplainable things in the world happen. Because in the last game hurts me. The first game of the season. At Washington. 300 passing yards three touchdown. At Indianapolis 287 win it was oh win 3816 Washington. Three touchdowns no picks fourteen point 7% completion percentage eleven yards past 221 yards on just when he attempts. 146 or 812. Rating on the road. Murder is not even capable player on the road what is it or are we seeing that he can't sleep on television but Roth's hates air travel. Are we saying that he only plays well with. 60000 yellow towels in the stands but what possible explanation could there be for Ben Roethlisberger being bad away from Pittsburgh. I don't think that exists now has nicer so I've I I'm not gonna what it when I see good games on the road and I know he's got a body of work that goes beyond three years. And there's nothing. Logical out there that would explain to me I'm not going to put a lot of waited too. I just find it odd for someone that is good has been Roethlisberger. Maybe it is an anomaly in a day and I am interesting in finding out over the next four days Obama what. Is the cause of right but there's no denying the numbers at this point. I too sick denied three years numbers did not one individual game to game against Washington. And I had a season you can't deny. Three years of battle and ruffles burger. They just it is a huge cause of concern for me force for someone that has the advantage is that he has seeding their expertise of the better quarterbacks on. I think it's a lot more like the first I think it's a lot or even the people wanna give it credit. I was still take good Apple's burger. Oh and so the last last night you wouldn't it now but I would take it that they were in Pittsburgh for that game and now you would it take announcements about their home. The road thing you think it's close what you gleaned general I would say for as good a quarterback in Roethlisberger is there should be HE instead Alex Smith out please. IT great quarterbacks in the league I'd be the biggest. If they are playing Atlanta he's not out playing Matt Ryan if they're play the Packers got out player Rogers or that press got its because these days is he has. Chansi out plays and all liberals Sunday. Expect I mean I take any given Sunday any quarterback and put up that big of number what we saw about planes look for huge portion of a playoff game in Indianapolis so. I think it definitely can happen I just I wouldn't bet on it. Doesn't it doesn't make logical sense I've seen him be good on the road I would not expect that to be the thing I would say the injured look saying it acquired Alex Smith to play. Arguably the best game of his career outing it's gonna take the best of his career pronouncements outplayed them Roethlisberger. I think it would take things we seeing this season even with the diminished Alex Smith sure if he plays like how we played against Oakland the two times there's a chance yeah out please Roethlisberger. If he plays out played against Indianapolis when he was in if he plays like I played against Atlanta you have machines outplayed and Roethlisberger I just think the gap between the two just isn't as wise and it should be Oregon that I think it is it is a no doubt hall of Famer like that Roethlisberger story time in the gaps and stops by to brag about just being better at my job than me coming up drive. Do you see doctor DM VP electric leading into the studio sixty in Sports Radio go to good tickets dot com right now and get 610 off your ticket order using promo code 610 sports. Six cents. We're back on right now to sign up sheets Steelers tickets were given away tickets courtesy of Bob fight this will be responsive against city chiefs. Deadline is 1159. Thursday night. Beyond FaceBook live during the game. From Wilkes is living room with Bosco was playing inspector. There was got a second screen now with I've matter phone log on FaceBook live the sixth and they'd normally be interactive with a playoff and we got the longest pregame show in the city got the longest post game show in the city bank's gonna be the only person the city taking calls at halftime because things crazed person. And l.s of these book live from. Out she does and thinks a crazy person needs his ball Obama. Follow Obama is doing that there in the national championship. KB two callers solid and but the ball fine bottom. Working there in the title game. Was he upset that the SEC lost Ali wants to for a couple minutes on a launch of real time I was sure if you they had an Logan McFarland and grammatical way on there. It isn't it really does amaze me then Alabama was as good as they were this season about a quarter but the yeah I this is crazy which you can do in college football so a different kind of beast man. To date it's a different kind of beast it's the type of thing where I didn't hurt is a below average pass. Did you see there was just echo around that they would have been six and eight this year. With no loss of points court. But they outscored their opponents with defensive touchdowns. Enough to win six games this year crazy. Diaw on defense and special teams say they have you all as far from an and a full quality since I've thought about. No it is saying right now addressing that today they can go Wayne Indiana felt what he says but the number of players on Alabama's defense that are gonna go in to the NFL. It's not a small number currently there's going to be seven dies from a defense that play in the NFL and so it's a that's about as close to an NFL quality defense as you can haven't knowledgeable which is what makes the show on lots of performances against Alabama. The last two years all the more impressive it's about who you play and he played his best against the best competition in this is insane that the machine that Alabama has become. That they had made quarterbacks seem so interchange quarterbacks do you think there in the NASA. All hundred I was gonna say I mean. Every power five quarterback with the exception of maybe two words three and he said some nice moments needs a good athlete and I like him a lot of he's gonna get battered it would. Awesome and how it works about him that would shock we've Jalen hurts in the next two years wins two national championships and his legacy is. All time college football player who went to three national title games in one too late. Because Alabama that would shock legally is a surprising that I would think if you're a good quarterback prospect wants on or a wireless not a team you wanna go see I don't always gonna have a good running back in are always going to have a good defense that's a quarterbacks drew. Yes I I agree with you I I don't know why they would have a better one maybe he spends all this time on being graded every other position and I felt left tackle. NFL offensive line NFL running backs which he just he has such as the ability to be great in every possible position. Off ice stuff on the line ever open ready. Look at your. Look at short of the cup and betting everything on the Jenkins. Sports that. I saw I don't know anything about everything and die I lose all the time look at me. You get to you know things. Do you listen to what date certain. I have to now. Can't exist. I love this woman is the best thing to happen in Kansas City. Since doing this just in spelling error. She has beaten me every NCAA bracket. She went to play fantasy football the first two years we were together per team what further her fantasy league that my team went in my innocently. NN we invited her on the show a GPU mean by seven games against the spread and now last night her team is a national champion. Any direct air. They don't get to be happy and I mean I think we're. Out. I. Good for staffs let me ask you with all the sports knowledge that you have that gauges went through a line. Would you like to host with me starting on Monday because it's it's clear like we could be improving. On that. Signs. I am thinking that they are now I want it. Yet are you fall it's time away from me which secretly. You know you're gonna get I out of there. I mean not I I didn't miss a lot out thanks. Cleaning up app you or lack lack by. You never let me track there LL or heat shall I RT. Yes that is that is true to be a little Koppel that I you know of all the time that we've posted that might be you actually be the captain. The baggage to control the TV your vote how Ottawa. Really out the other Iran I thought that our policy lets you ought to say because the job you have to watts or down what did you end to the other stuff. I thought it was a hell he steps that indeed Dini thirty split. Talladega. This path has it or you say what percent time would you say you have zero control. If I add that I seriously thought that you'd be making that I get out you get. All our belt. I don't let me let it. Heritage she didn't know about the page up page down but on the died in select a month ago. She resort Obama won one by one and then she was in the channels used in sent a Mac. I don't. It's legal I could hear it or you're gonna order the full cable package of the region's debt every channel when I've gone. That's true that that's exactly right so so what. Asked earlier to describe what you were light during the club's entitle it how would you how would you describe your range of emotions aspire. I mean net. Roller coaster. I'm happy that. Alabama quarterback. And I would not going to bat or not like get up out at each year. I mean I I cry up high that I recorded output game I lot. Cried yet or work. A lot Apple's policy. Really really big deal. A very very happy I'm going out Baptist Church here at. OK good good glad to know what the next year but my first year of bear it will look like will be. And matching Shawn Watson jerseys do how much credit do you take what is this is what I found interest to us she's sitting on the count she's not bear. Double was hired as you were leaving I believe and you seem to take a lot of credit for the success of the sports teams that have been going on race. Yeah I mean hi I. And how high it more rain but team I think I'll lock them all the time the game. And low. I mean that was the thing I I'll. Airy fairy. Yeah. Viewed as you absolutely deserve it but would I found remarkable was. The royals she takes credit for. The top. The cubs she takes credit for. Now Clemson she's a she legitimately believes the G between the brackets usually beat between the gambling she legitimately believes that she's a good luck charm for whatever team she touches. Everything I thought in the gold and by the way the team that I felt I. It even worse I mean we can act caring and app right Negroponte why I keep it very polite. About about it. Terrible. It's a good one there's. Been higher says I am day and act now it wouldn't really be arc in that heat are. Marcus Vick stuff. Very good very good congratulations. And I tell you that dinner and that sort of Vegas and a lot more so congratulations on the title. Okay I'll see you. A whole album I just I gotta go back I gotta be collect my thoughts I was gonna ask you how to Shawn Watson gets out of Georgia. Harkins pick a staff is that something you guys say to one another record. Patties. That is likely to be our our our wedding Afghan. That you made fun of me if we had a wedding Afghan you're gonna have a wedding easy at high Schuettler who are here read. I remember I looked you in the face Arab boost their and I said two things yeah I said please don't leave the couple that takes corny engagement pictures yeah. We've all seen the couple. That just is in the middle of nowhere taking pictures by Cherie yeah or staining old railroad tracks and why you do that you look dumb yeah the rest of doesn't like all that's a cool picture. Of you thinking and doing yeah. Also low. Yeah have a hash. I mean I'm yeah I'd say fast and so are you gonna have enhanced what I said you looked at me and said no no idea that's why I said I. Meaning instead. Of pigs so Isaac I hope it's Jorge is ice idol and so. I did not big we're gonna have Baghdad but I I've been overruled are expected highs just in this. Now the party's pick a staff out to weed out. You it's we at all from what the I just think that's kinda orally for me out a number of while also went on FaceBook so you thought you might import. Well how about you work here anymore so well that it is a social media freeze oh hopefully hopefully it will hit it that had a why is it deals movie it would march. But yet you really got to as we're gonna have Ashton. Have vanished. An atlas that says filter your wedding. I don't know we thought about it you guys have and a it. I don't know I don't use that Kelly that. So and so on and I don't even Taylor this really wasn't up to name right. See that double. Edged. Its firm to highs. Currently the highest since Smith cited her high is the column while. Smart move IC should give that out. And and we just heard that I just and android allow people by you what brought. And our roster when people stumble onto. Wedding registries and whatnot. Yeah and we got a wedding national. Step sound accompanying this is no joke of a French about the park and the staff I could even created a pretty create my own wedding it's out there. She found a company. People charged money. You pay that money into consultation call would you like your interest at Meebo available while your name's all the stuff you nicknames. And then they'll create their wedding crashed at forty. Sixty dollars. For a wedding hash tag. They got like 101000. Requests and had to shut down on the website. The wedding is the tech business huge racket but people just charges days of dogs can eat organic gourmet. Gluten free green food. They're too many requests. To pay sixty dollars for a wedding ash to correct the way OSI doing work that's what I say. You sense that this is right at the I'd. Now I know what happens if yes it is this all falls apart when I leave. You need to go into the wedding the wedding ash tag business in bright jingles and come up with aspects on the tax on so. Gotta have a wedding hash tag for this degree and have to let people look at everyone's pictures from the waiter looked wedding later on commode seat. You set I had the most millennial thing earlier. Has to have a winning hash tag experts know but that's you know that's like people do. It's a people can search that dad and see the pictures that everyone else took the way. Right. I don't tell people do it for organizations to take any news. Corny looking engagement pictures that tell me you haven't done. We're not doing it because I had the photographer hit in for the proposals so we got the proposal pictures or not doing it okay all right. That's you know weddings. A morning so many things about it but I didn't know that I needed maybe I'm just not remain taken place. They get married yeah just nationally but I don't maybe I mean he started square one let's talk about the road exit. Just me in the middle of some field in Missouri taking random pictures and urge Sri just doesn't appeal of the NAFTA deed that's not that's. Maybe that's a type of engagement picture daytime. Off the tight he didn't get better at noon every one. Who read perhaps. Also the foundation current great marriage now and a lot of Missouri shots in this week. A series. That I have a fire and did you ever play this week. Admired and always bares its pilot. Back at this park and pick adapt in the parking ticket that's been. He electric heating into the studio sixty and Sports Radio. He's Steelers. He got eight game coming up at 6 o'clock in the few minutes at 5 o'clock or else tells stories back today did texted. Avenue wondering. We've got a few over the course yesterday today since the announcement that Friday will be mile I've showed Kansas City news ice will. The years area guy and all of that and Abiola tell you guys hopefully our next day. About oh where I actually going it's just though about not and I's and crossing these contracts that sort of thing. Ditching in the house how many people have said what we've referenced that in passing that we had JC Pearson on the show before. That would be actually there was a time before heist that there was a different third member of the show. And JC Pearson was holdover from the big show is it's kind of struck me and I think it's a testament to what we hear. So many people say you guys don't agree job placing net. It is and we replace the show and board has beat column. The voice of royal stands in Kansas City and being he's doing his thing ended days and JC decided that dated a sports talk radio. Wasn't for him and it's not everybody is it can be a grind especially when you've lived the athlete life. We weren't the show that replacement if permit they pass the sober for afternoons or yeah a lot JC Pearson on the show with prosper. What was. As he left in August like right we July August 1 of those who it was isms was about armored I don't know exactly by and I know that but he but he started. And opening day shouldn't write in it we'd read an entire baseball season which and I are being late and this guy just. Our guys got him I disagreed on almost everything but it bled so some interest in radio conversations I felt like but he just. Didn't know talk about baseball and then he left right before football season and yet we just. Big the big beast of a geno Smith you guys had a huge falling out about geno geno is what what's as a member is what agent the agent said something about geno gap in Jaycee stance was if you won't attach names who would ever it's not positive don't saying he's staying in the and you had some hate him a test. Elevated I ever ever say that means JC hated each other because she knows what it's like a little bit in the stretch without. Compromise it's a but it is crazy now don't even think about it there was a time that people legitimately want adjustment to be the quarterback and was a hundred resentments he was the answer. All 100%. Convinced that she knows the answer for that she's a quarter. Yeah are you think about that IIB yeah as we we took we all those guys on EJ Manuel twice geno came on the show yeah. If you court. At that time that you came on the show it now looking back on it it actually makes sense why they also adjust to us because they're like oh you're a media market number one. And you wanna talk to my client my clients getting graded out at the top of that first round of what are you like Tyler will settle the like if you like back you came on the show and it's it's crazy because that's one of the. Every body we talk to about the draft that year jets elements. There is any good quarterbacks. I think the Jordan natural inclinations say the wrong about somebody. Yeah right absolutely that does is going to be important that in this draft in the first round sack on third fourth rock. What is the Ryan NASA Tyler Wilson whoever was someone's going to be good find out who's going to be good in dragnet no one knew who that was going to be right. Political belief was one of these quarterbacks is going to be good MA and the scouts and in a algebra managers were all right none of them were good quarterbacks. Now none of well. It was. And I said that before that was one of the great things the John Dorsey is gone as the jays right it's not only to lose that you make the moves you don't. He didn't draft a quarterback out of desperation because he was a start of Aaron McKie. John Dorsey didn't need to reach on a quarterback to hit at the very beginning because John Dorsey if he was presented as a quarterback you're gonna not have a quarterback for a year. I'll get the guy next your next time around. He had jobs or did you do it. There are some teams and some situations right now where is it I don't get the quarterback in this draft in this off season it seems to pay a premium for. Either Rob Lowe or drop below too risky or Kaiser Charles because there'll be teams that draft out of desperation that's how thick skies work but he might. And if he does it'll save my job so law take it. John Dorsey wasn't in that situation and that's why I say I've always says announcements might. Disagree with how they've gone about it but other than there are there's no quarterback would you rather have the announcement. Like now with the information that we have issued argued actress got to know what was cheating Dak. Actress got when he was available down the only quarterback that's been better than what they've had has been an and Ender par. Ausmus and battered the entity Bridgewater Johnny in Zell all of those guys that they had realistic opportunities addressed the only one vendor. That's who says you were Jaycee hated each other markets a minute I think I hated JC. I really didn't we disagreed on a lot and you and I we we just get an early and work on a lot of stuff and that wasn't his lifestyle. The blame him for. It just was you I had saying we had been working together for awhile tend to do so it was weird to bring in a third guy that by the time football game around we it's hard to get more comfortable with them. And then he did wanna be sports talk radio anymore so it's just. It was just conflict from jump street and that's being perfect weekend I don't dislike JC Pierson at all but it's a nice it was opened the couple met its ultra. Europe pothole before and are you got a bunch of money. You just read what old now. NEC dot. The only two TV into the studio sixty and Sports Radio go to goody tickets dot com right now and get 610 off your ticket order using promo code 610 sports.


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