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01/10 3pm - Drop Battle, Around the NFL, Terez Paylor

Jan 10, 2017|

In Hour 2, the guys got into something before realizing it would be funnier to get into a "drop" battle, primarily on Carrington. They also go "Around the NFL" and Terez Paylor joins the guys for the final two segments.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Who is the artist. You're reading that you were in fact it's correct on your second guess well Mariah care. Was the artist she was the number one artist but that's on hero. My son chase on a playoff game 94. I serve is really fun hole left it was a playoff it was always funny you during the break Dini looked at me and said he's got a really good voice. Yes he does you're okay. Kind of like goats were right here strong females air. What she got a good she does though she's an incredible singer I'd seen it. I can't take away. Is that hostage no it's not take all as it's generally understood thing and rallied to viewers out saw Tyreke he'll run like meant at its fast now you're right. Got this against Jose because I had identified the skill Mariah Carey's voice does not qualified need to be adjusted Eric if she if she's your go to where were you on this when we did drive your body. I guess Mariah again no you didn't he died I was like Mike. I guess that was I guess he did we were all here we were all present for that I was way off you are 100%. It's terrible should we do what more drugs you box before we go lower but it sure Regis sing songs no I don't wanna see some people say that really captivate. Jamaica over data bobsled team. The fossil fossil jamaicans bring terrorists to. Exploit for Jamaica. I mean this is good that had you not punch them maker yeah I mean that it is it worth the as a as a friend is someone that genuinely wants you to succeed yeah. I hope that you take some of the things from the show that we've created via aid. Implement them in your news show up the cinque ports and not be taken with this should really cedes that right there burn Britain got the Sox to. Berg I that you should do okay. The second. Never again I'm never ever. But I like to say don't do. But it makes no bull look it's everything I hate. Don't. Care what about you you're gonna keep singing after I'm gone. I don't know yet. We might continue the NBA finals bats a long time from now and then the. I'm tied to live there and it's not do. Today you and yeah. Good thing is we are no with the NBA finals are going to be sure we get is why don't we do us why Hewitt I make the bet right now. And then that way I'll take LeBron again okay I'll take the warriors. Witness. Okay. And then. You'll have to sing on the air or all I'm saying in mount the comeback concert. Event that you wanna do and that's fine. That's a great idea. I think it's gonna happen. Can't wait to check up on this back in June but now he's huge. It is because it's too early for number six months into the future elevated it is long term not short and certainly well. I'm sure I'll I'll be there. And now you. Away. I think I think it's going to be. What was your favorite song you sing. None of them my favorites. You do when they're wrong in his defense did you and there are laws while looking in if they know where we've noticed people wrong is you can't make a black and Blanche. You lie about this and a little bit eulogies rat lord knows Houston don't care what kind of nasty name Jamal's basically means that he's still an idea escalate calling navy's final after a song it's. So Ernie QBs. In the pound cake was Kelly Jones on the phone he was that was during that of the dial does does the far far right. Hello to you fives. Call maybe I'm just. I need to eat it with every babies that you make in the play. Are we done to move forward do we have. Do you have to does want to move forward I of the hi I I'd I'd I'd bet you. I bet Q we have to do this together as a unit as a team it's your back and god is so bad. Why did you decided a year in advance that you were going to sabotage BK you fight saw what I did you do us. It's the grand advance. Thailand lose is the parade and it. Think that's when it happens. Fault lines are Italy. For a bit so bad hole there. Truth be done now I'm ready to move fool you on. Okay. I so there's really no other way to put muscle I'm not a good human being and not a good person I'm a selfish individual through Don lemon moment. I. Just wait to results that are you know here. Should be much older Sony's attitude is he less self centered and think more about people. This is and the. Opensocial to a relationship. People are saying yeah let me play the very. The test guided billion had a nice ranch and that big yet. At the same guys Iraq. I didn't know you had all the. And I. My favorite thing is when people find slang expressions for the first time in the try to incorporate them innocents is a samba. It airs I'll let. You care. But on week. Talk is it uses of the word then Danny. He's sort of figure something out and did you use on fleet in a sentence. What is keeping it 100 when I tell you I don't know like you use on fleet and sentence are those that that's not what I meant. Alcohol. What is your name. What is last week I mean all what I thought oh what is that that's who you're asking you I don't ask you you could use it correctly in a sentence. Then. I would say a day. My new car from Dick Smith Ford is really on week. That's correct that's correct and loaded for you. Thank you. Trying bleak. Oca. There aren't good. I don't know whenever wanna put that I'm now I remember that treat each time I heard of that war that about. I was mad because that was the day that door and Beckham got kicked off the tee ball. Low you know after the Tex I would like talk sports like. This all girl teams just got a kick off now this doesn't affect the sports the rise. So it now. He's of this case they'd accept me cannot root for your team. But said more than one if that's drugs was a two minute and a little more contacts there are about. The current. Amidst these drops. I ski just put these on a flash drives site call Carrington what I'm audiences leave him voice mails with and singing about. In an anti. Lara hit. What is. I. It says she got makes dog bark at the. Idiots. Really are it's. It's not real big problems for more that's what it is more than the eyes on Alex Smith. Rubber what you said you'd rather have doubts that the minerals burger at the time. I saw that Tony as you were smoking at the time I say that it was backed up instead I didn't know that throughout the course of disease and outs what's gonna go fifteen touchdown as it. I didn't have that kind of foresight about the time I said it. Over the last two years Alex Smith was better than the robbers yeah outreach possibly have for seen outs with not having a high touchdown volumes season. It goes at this team scoring. Soviets. As barge in there I know he was gonna stop running the ball and I said that. If there's I don't know should scenic. I don't know at the top beer is but light of some have no idea. I. Know that's ridiculous. It just so but like still might be the most popular beer in the country at bat IP there. So that's not as bad of a comet injured trying to take it out of context that's what's wrong with the liberal media you take us. Don't buy it and then you try to make whatever you want it to be easy. The tell you this sneak in above all to enjoy it into wakes. Eat about the David just drop rappers everywhere. Are that would that Steve now now we're just now to support literacy. Walter tried to talk about literate. His personal support literacy. All time. I think today I rather have Alex Smith over Ben Roethlisberger for a simple reason. It doesn't turn the ball over ain't he stays healthy. You're talking that she's quarterback accused India are out of the backs of the drive. They put that Lou well his neck. The only two TV into the studio sixty and Sports Radio dodger goodie tickets dot com right now and get 610 off your ticket order using promo code 610 sports. The first does put to rest on the radio density becoming great broadcasters. The great content provider star. Good friend. Look at Ford talk cancerous paler in fifteen minutes my last time the radio host in Kansas City as Friday. Is my last show he's been gracious it was two segments so that any sentimentality. Of up. Does not take away from precious. Chiefs and Steelers breakdown before that this time that the troops on the. Ice. Aaron Rodgers he's become the pick of the hail Mary. The diet pro football O'Keefe said. Normally a new area to neutral grade. Because it's a play that is made by the receivers or the defensive backs maybe if the quarterback throws an out of bounds that's negative grade. Aides pressured over the throat. Get a slight positive grade but in essence it is a wide receiver defensive back play the quarterback that is more off its skills. That there is still there right from the helmet there are certainly skilled anything that Athens. With the frequency that he's failed with the air riders hail marys seemed to happen there is some sort of three and I think NAFTA tape from. I think that air Rodgers has the ability better than most quarterbacks but won't rewards it. The catch fire in the top it seemed like there was and try to get to the back of the end zone. Any successfully did it. Now accomplished off a little bit is there some degree of luck and a guide to jump up trying to bat the ball down did that happen. But some quarterbacks give you a better chance of complete. There's like some receivers did you battered team based on their physical abilities I think air rider keep it better change it now is it. Alex and into the 5% chance of completing that pass were Iraq as the 15% chance I think it's a polite bent both fifteen personally play like that that is they. They substantial difference between the other quarterbacks that I think helps him in subject of going on there. I obviously because if you look upon to. Play. Last year one of the hailed mayors and Aaron Rodgers pass the ball over 65 yards. So there's this. It was to get the ball. That war and get the ball in the game a ten yards. Ranging against them. It's still simply getting the ball and in the end zone at all. So I disagree that there's no skew to it is it mostly want absolutely. As a guy they could flip the ball short it's why I think Aaron Rodgers throws the ball the last two. And zone and going for Randall Cobb in the plan was for Randall Cobb who don't know I think it was it. Go to the left side of the end zone and I'm a lot of football left side of the end zone. And drove all the seeds of what can go about doing I don't think there's much more science in it than that but I apps would be better after inexact science and other people with the OPEC. I just today I was shocked to be more willing to admit that little part. Why's this work. I wanna pick the Packers to win against the cowboys in their freedoms and why I'm not yeah I'm not picking. I was gonna ask you now. All for a whole team went wild card weekend if you had to pick a road team to win which you picked a date of Seattle why they Seattle. That's our biggest better than it was gonna be Atlanta against Seattle I wouldn't pay the Seattle Seahawks I'll be normal was little buzz is the office. And it just feels to me. Like one of those teams to score a lot of points in the regular season that things were easy but now a playoff football there ought to be able to adjust to the wealth of ball. I am taking Seattle and I'm surprised I I think Atlanta rules of I I think without Earl Thomas I don't think with the Seahawks can keep up the falcons. In their deal on the road basket and it landed out does just enough defensively. Of Jones and Beasley at linebacker. I I think Atlanta is just good enough. To to really disrupted as Seattle especially since they don't have the power running game which used to be their big edge over a team like Atlanta. Two teams you can pick here you can pick either one of them it's Aaron Rodgers to keep doing what he did in Dallas poor. The smallest underdog or slight favorite on the board the only road team that's in that situation the Pittsburgh Steelers. But I think the chiefs are going to win. But make no mistake about. The chiefs the most likely hold team lose Dallas better achieved during the regular season even though their home field advantages of mr. Terrell. They're playing against Aaron Rodgers and makes them work things that they did really well the cowboys Q. Then Atlanta to me is significantly better. And Seattle and obviously the patriots are a seventeen point favorite or whatever it is that's against the Texans. I think the Steelers are the most likely road team when I don't think any of the road teams are going away personal having its gonna be Dallas New England. He had a good 12 seeds carried on two weeks and I wrote it seems hard in the NFL I'd. I don't but I it's like what's been on the wheels because it was black black black black black us into the next one more likely to be read I don't think. Prior results have anything to do the future out of icing the NFL's one of those things that the one thing you can predict. Is that it's unpredictable some glanced at that point he got so you're saying Atlantic is he too badly chiefs exactly. If they're mad at them and adding they're two and a score a lot of points to get stops and it changes in the playoffs their players it's one of the teams have already seen an all offense one time. They can limit what they what they wanna do defensively in. And that was different than running against the lions what. Those guys is any better policies that he was during the regular season. Our biggest Seattle are I'd be surprised how were on different sides about what I'm on Atlanta. But beyond bells ideas through the NFL is let's step hurried into the NBA is there shred of truth in what he's saying no. Other talk about this go if you zoom ring since he's never wanted to beat. Snapper and one of its kind in June operational. Player. I can play beyond feels good generational changing. What Adrian Peterson all right Ed you also about the first running back from some awesome too but I really like boxing fault. Is but she wore a revolutionary transformative figure for the running back position that let gun belt but yet go. Is the best or you. That type of running back today there's a lot of that type running back today to both strong. He was good out of bad David Johnson and I think he's slightly better than Libya and now Zeke you're it. It's in the conversation there's a lot of running backs that tried to blow things Libya belt system at a class. What was the first one to do two things that was a guy like Marshal all we're at staff Currie definitely. Changed the calculus of how basketball was way step curry could retire right now Inglewood home. I mean the standards of the pro football hall thing on basketball until a standard it is yet. You always say can you tell a story all that was torturing about this player you can you've got. So the story about modern day basketball with lots of Hillary. Look at the leadership denouncing the playing golf since the great contributed net loss that there are at this stuff currently Johnson. You can't tell the story of modern basketball without step step is that today yellen. Then on I got two kids now why does Wednesday at home and be rich stuff currently a first ballot hall of Famer. Yes what he unveils a football and it does not open IC good luck that a lot it's silly. Everybody wants you LeBron inspectors to focus on yourself. A trip down memory lane what he sees from the chiefs' chances against the Steelers on bill. She's done the breakdown and deceiving Jamaal Charles achieve next year to rest Baylor. Two seconds back. The studio sixty and Sports Radio. Another no jokes it. There's not jolt for the people hate Jews who want to do not need it. To raise pay you that are affecting over and out chiefs beat reporter for the Kansas City Star of the. Into the good I think that's fun to play things out for. Very confident I think that often critical role. On Twitter had to raise even learn what the court that it wouldn't be. This these evil chiefs from reporters. Whenever he referred to go below per share in gold. You know me calling it like he sees it it's an even better football team. They got their corruption and that the good quarterbacks and punitive rules or reds he learns she's gonna. Brandt. You've got to okay taught me on the drive. Welcome back. Drive the ABC got any ice extent portray it in sports dot com. In our good friend. Donald the red zone than Freeman star here with us here with UNESCO. The best damn beat reporter in the business. Man loves football like I love my mother Alabama. Doesn't. He is Torres Baylor what seventy rats. Example on old leave. Who moved up we'll make that don't. I don't listen first evolved. Get sentimental stuff out of the way. Your great job. And it's weighing that no one else would come on my shelf. This before today it was even part of the show. And Edwin Jackson is on the show you were doing the zoo and so he was thrilled to have you on also. But you you were no footage you want anywhere either. And no you don't do we tied it came up in rows in the ranks of Providence if there is that this thing in Kansas City media together at the same time and it's been a true pleasure working with you the last five plus years. Like whoa man and the kind of added that you know you'll muffled local news radio that didn't use. So man who. Didn't quit. What we're doing badly over local radio show on the forgot that he. Yeah by the fact I've been to go old well. And that's before you book. No thank you thank you very much. And it's just you know. We wouldn't do the shows me if you could come on you're always a glimmer of our first names and we say okay we eat his meal we got to do we gotta have a few gas and all the other shows have to have gas we got to spread the resources around in. You know how it is like. You're on that lake non starter analyst for Kerry to nine you have been for years liked or a rat's ass to be a part of the show saw mean. It goes without saying Amy Torres and Chrysler you know they're gonna be year afterwards and all that and it's I I assume and I hope that it'll continue with you coming up. Oh yeah pull a little light on my day I'm a student loan. Won't you've got to have you know you all know. MM at this regal has kicked it out enough the you have to be such as you get up about it. Yeah it and know you know and it not gonna miss bounce of theories off view on the air and off there. Sometimes I'll just tell text or as Taylor insane things alludes you think there's any possibility of that is true that'll be like dollar scene is the tape but thought that this person and a reported this with three different sources like OK yeah you're Smart. Edit you know I just I I'd call back down the silver backed up and then we talked about it again next on the radio. Great things are given nice little thing dollar. All that. You study the Steelers. I think did. I assume you are on the page that the first meeting to mean something in terms of matchups but it doesn't necessarily mean there's going to be a blow out of this game's gonna be lopsided I assume on the same page there. Our idea at the going to be cool. I don't put it on the in an effort game it was we were the only potential problems these guys do it would be useful. I don't it won't happen again. I mean the good little quote like competitive out there. What did he is at its best woman Villanova cliches with. There's been pretty good match shoes. And that it's going to be. It's going to be world. Is going to be if he plays the difference here is the wall where Watson in the offensive. Little old. What stands out the most. Is built. On the way that they outlawed but patients. They didn't. Pace in the pocket doesn't give you. Let that block develop what their government power involved some one. So really Blair now all the defenders. Are right they bill it bills that we. They get that would punish and they trotted into the wild hammer. What that two days they'd get one grounded. To slow down past Washington where did you are effective. You can Wear out guys have won that game outlook what does all of asking. That they didn't come off that one game with a quick exit shorten the passions. Sudden that the deal will legal systems and you know they'd they'd hateful lot short he always mr. Blount to sources. There's a lot of screens that a lot of straight after the bill one of them even. And the question attic we know. All. Of it yet but it's an attitude well we're in the great predictable and how would you lose a ball into the school and you know no bad. Let them when you know way out of the incredible. Surgery is simple question how do you stop lady on bell. Really the ideal right I believe you've got the award he's a floor. You've got to losses in the floor that never thought that critical let imposed no more often than not. Ideally you can matchup and he's been box and hold them down enough that they don't punish you without committing extra defender to. The problem obviously in this country collared in the developed greatly in the big when you listen to your job. I hope that you're going to be publicly about it. I figured there'd be an act of the robot. Maybe about being in the we've yet to play around. Is that it would have been during the game that you might not yet. That he outnumbered in the pocket it might not be. That he you silent Beck played not better. The problem is a tool that the polls here. You have to give brown. And these other guys they've got cold. Campbell an elderly parishioners march but the big body that can win now you. They're afraid that now he'll let you do that will help you are caught in that game. Rod and the number in beaver really more than it will say in endgame of this type in the Opel or middle so clearly you're cut a hole. It is not the one that is at adequately enough that whopper burger. You know you're hoping make a mistake he'll make you look they can be struck out but at the last open here if you'll have the ball well. So than terrain is I mean just simple sail out tests lady I'm bell up against this run defense. I'm kind of going under the assumption Elian Dell's going to play well in this game. What is he has one of those greatly beyond bell days how do you win if that happens. Would buy into that you did this plural. Upon the ball over. Got a ball that there it is not open in the race will be using that you. In that they didn't get bodies. You know like make about world that is what. And like you can give a formal or even bill has a big day you can still wish it were totaled. Well. And they invited us in schools like that but it's possible if they don't have the big game since the war. I'm actually able to let that all what does it. I think that it was well. Of the big reasons that they'd have to hear that you won't say that although these are the ones who will be happy Nolan. Football all that Miami got the chance it would mitigate. Its. What that does leave live chickens can't afford to. Into the not a good deal. The defense could look on the election. They crashed down on the options. I think they I think they give each other out after a double faults. And also the party by just. Could not a threat. Easier you know Google will have been kind of the picture particular outbreak and now beatable this soak up. He could do actually go to pick in the game at that is going to be will equals there. Torres mailer she spewed red from the start yet I have thousands of that was. Still might have the three best players if you're gonna actually do woods wrath of the rosters for this care what. Roethlisberger won round two battles that relate. And you know maybe you say Peters is more valuable than a running back may be may be at Houston's healthy so he's reliable running back but but for this game this day. I think he goes 123 all Steelers who. But the next like. Ten guys might be cheap stat that that's allies say that but she's could still win the game and their idol and you've got Andy Reid and you've got the rest and it at all that stuff. He got the great point. Agree with that a local school re act in that order a bit like it is like yours on your guys write you and. You are young tells C Ty hill right. Right right there on the line. Bid for the certainly pocket he was he but I like Abbott. It especially at all but when the girl but the ones who get it DePaul kind of work. All right we got some more big picture chief stuff that's that's that's the steelers' side of it will do chiefs' perspective heading into the divisional round of the playoffs second segment with the reds paler and my last one. I don't think they'll drive the very sad Torres Finland next on the drive. The only two TV into the studio sixty and Sports Radio go to good tickets dot com right now and get 610 off your ticket order using promo code six pence sport. Yeah. Effect in dogs. Divisional round of the playoffs if I mean these were your two segments of course it's always respect. With the chiefs beat writers start this paler column Twitter snapped yeah red zone that read stop the star. Website tire place tanks and be good by story I was informed. The idea any targets is leading sixth on story number one story of the stars' let's look at that how about that arise. The city needs some real newsman that's really what that tells. Look at it this way I ratings you've got stores. You'd be surprised. Yeah. Right well to tell you people. Like like it's hard enough rightly people kind of life. War. Different kind of stuff that might say. That lead the. Alliance is certainly if you guys could expose some sort of local government corruption with three months of investigative journalism and put the streetcar was paid for pilot cocaine dealership but that also simultaneously. Siamese cats had juggled on video and we would. But those societies captain Lee wouldn't violent would have what much more clicks right is that your saying. I'm Lian. I'm saying that trend kills you reality show it will move could force that's announcement. And say that. A blueberry it is the threat is why I've been there so that's one side. Is that discouraging CU on a level dividend and what I get deep personal level given how much you put into your work. No because I've been at least not a joke we call the ship all the life. You can't put it would work in about do and capable slopes of what you look like. You know I'll I'll let wanna do this what part of the wouldn't give Egypt to do what we're not gonna do about it in the journal of perceived as a coach. You know high school level most of them do and that gives me an opportunity feel like I have that too. And you know practice Gerald it's his fault and inquiries like a lot of Latin you need. The best the best political body. You know and is it political job you know. Evolved is that there I love. Did you go in day out they should do to you and that's pretty. It's amazing. It's eighty comes through your writing in in your doctor and you're your passion for the work so it makes great would you see a guy like Lewis read it. Get mentioned for GM job but do you dream of the day with the chiefs or someone pulls you with sciences you know. We quality control. Like is that it is is that is that the dream of Torres Baylor. Now I don't picket they would correct all malveaux reform that would. I would. You know I like being doubters from what are happy that be like a lot of phone. You know order partnering about being in the media is that. You gotta know like BP and apparently. I'll pick you all. Company. Right also like double play. You know bill. It's left a man like that you know I believe that it is possible that. Up from the couldn't especially about all of this job I mean it's beautiful. A little Angel do you don't talk you I'd lose the ankle while mob giant slalom. Which. Please don't go you know and not worry about it came to the general manager got slaughtered like unless. You live in a series. I got a stable newspaper industry I've never heard of anyone getting Camden newspapers. Well we don't. Beat writer for the most part we're okay. That's true yeah. That's very true that is that is. You got on the web and in the U Ryder history. Okay and headed straight excellent point. Therese tailored she's viewed writer for the star character I go back and forth on this he puts a lot of stock into the whole road splits of bad Roethlisberger and the Steelers. I feel like. He's a hall of Famer he asked to have good games on the road and I conceded games on the road where do you come out on the. More of what we're reasonable lately but I XEU. Like he could come in here Sunday and then will you actually. I don't care about his world would people come here do. All I mean I can't that matters a little bit about that wards and of course it's all. He you know I'm goodies you know he can do. You know I'd I think. That would inspectors into my thinking on the game really at all you've been properly. Got the Super Bowl ring you need to respect that and you can respect him and be right mr. I guess my question arises and best of both the view news I agree with you that at home he is so that Ben Roethlisberger that you're afraid of but this is just like a one season thing if we go back to last season Ben Roethlisberger on the road fourteen touchdowns seventeen interceptions why is not that same guy on the road. Well connected to a bank won't look at all ovals well obviously. You know if it was just what we. But you know you've got. A lot of chances. Leg. You know whom you hang in the pocket controlled the ball a lot. Formal. You know what kind of got Cold War. Game he can you do that you look at the what state you look at. Because then the guy that forces and for the world yet actors that's the kind of his way in the middle of the with a back. We're old form on the world that hole and he played a kind of way. Like that nobody can also be the other way that he doesn't seem real and that won't. Ranks the chiefs' quarterbacks then the guys that are gonna be trying to take the ball away from Ben Roethlisberger behind Marcus Peters. And on the local option possible optimal yeah. When the ball option. Just didn't want no interceptions in. Even though that was. Well right it will be moving the ball well in bad air. You don't feel you contributed. To the wall would accept. The actor will. Oh game at minute that you. After you read it hurt the big. Oh. Well what appears to be it wouldn't surprise him that well you're more apt to get it will be the. Peters. It hit big league start mark you could add to the guy. We've. Got a lot of last year's ball production guidance that you know it is practical guide. Are those who couple rapid fire C series Therese penalties beat writer of the star. If to Shawn Watson was on the board where that few strategy expected to take him. Oh me so. Now all of a little eaten. A politically Bob. Oh. Bob you've seen it. And the little people. Only okay yeah Mac and we've. Would consider fun. You could you support. Due to call. We'd like to act as you leave it to make it while we need to be made clear for the moment shall that won't do. It or. In the fall won't read well. And you walk all warm and I want to become Venus certainly here in peace or lick church here. They. Thank goodness. Maybe the word is he couldn't play that may be that its war on a cold weather. And all of these sorry political differences. Well liked in the NC where he could play here you know all hope in the of the division EP. Better way a lot of these flat look I want the guy is gonna be an excuse guy on him all alone. Love that I don't need any follow so that is that was a perfect answer because I agree with you again. Do you expect your ball Charles to be on the chiefs' next here. All while. That the way they can happen. He can't while India yesterday. You know he's he's he's there contradict facts. Details about the slumming it was well. He did they do very well since you've been adequate pain you read it that way imagine it will conveys. You know these days. And you will all look an animal. Like the situation struck say that he pay you knock on the play and I could have been back. You know what I'm fleeing the compiler you can be in the region marked and Holler at looked at it like me. Now. You gotta get that will be able. If you read the combat you know the structure that you do that and the opportunity you've never. It happened. At that point oh yeah that's an act of its intricate. Given effect I think that he's shown that a week gal. The threat a lot of help in getting it. There. On that he'd be called control what you need to look at that and ordered you. You know from the business standpoint if you're an extension of the wal. All they do mall may be his first start I don't know what you all did that it met yesterday. It's now been it will achieve significant if you really know. I can point. One. Of the you're like yeah. And I mean the camera in. Would say I want him back on the big name. Or does this mean just looking at it for me is he running back has been a question that this team has so far with the production they've gotten. It next year nobody's paying Jamaal Charles five million dollar in the season. She's no team in the NFL you get him to take a big pay cut or you caught them or you figure out one of those one years. Berry had incentives to get him to come back next season I actually like that you'll on both sides. Ain't that we really. Mats who won't pay what you think they pay. I could either hand and will fire base. All it's what incentives. Right like maybe there might beat the rate won't achieve so she's. What the captaincy peaceful and more optional. And if you wait. In the thing that. In my passage you want me. You've got open game and all. That accurate and why are you won't work hard. Yeah breaking tackles well and it's hard to imagine that would god want me later that we'll all. What we knew what did you win the football watch the Chilean to have a little G. I don't know what did you go ahead but are you that means he didn't he might actually act Rick. In my head and actually get what you were. What that last theory from me to you on the radio in Kansas City Therese. And maybe this is widespread and how dare I haven't seen it you tell me if I'm missing something sometimes I am. The chiefs let Chris Ballard interview for the bears job they let Chris Ballard interview for the titans job. That this year there's a report about John Dorsey may be being interested in not resigning or extending because of an looming packers' opening. And the chiefs block Chris Ballard from interviewing for the niners job. Is it unreasonable to expect John Dorsey to leave after the season for the Packers job and Chris Ballard to have some sort of handshake agreement that he's the GM and waiting in Kansas at a. I don't know what they were reasonable. I think it's a possibility Dorsey would be back. The that the possibility I don't know what they would like you I think there's a lot we don't know about the situation. Around a particular achieves. And Dorsey worsening war back to Green Day remembered the order it at least at fault now. Play there he learned that'd be a moment of personal that it gave their 21 years you learn that the law will it fit council. So theoretically he went back there in the gazans job. You know he'd be right in the round war that Thompson's reasonable ones that he might have more power. I'm didn't read all in the organization. Can't when he had the ball off. And just have Pollard you know the ball but it is in the day you know maybe that the organization yet with a war I don't know. A lot and I wore long colonial people loved it and it. If that would review. As it's blockers Ballard. Comodo. Great I really wouldn't they why else would that would they blocked Chris Ballard. All things black and blue America think great reasons to like ask. To supplement didn't go. It makes sense like apple and I like accusation that. It makes it. We won't be like there are it is reasonable to achieve that we are what you wish I like. They want they want their that you will you know lol if they're of them all in the way that it might it would certainly be shot. Could that be built on all of that way. This is how happy. Right well they're blocked secret ballot and industry in order. Right okay. That felt good to read is the best your friends. It's. It's like what is it so long adopted by year I've I don't know I don't know what it is but your advantage that you're jobs join the game Sunday talk to them alive. But what. The local formal offer. All right thanks buddy that's Torres Taylor she's beat writer for the star. I didn't have to give us two segments today. We yes Roethlisberger audio from the week that we will get to we got some stories you're asking about the one just a recap. We'll get to the captain's gonna brag about Clemson and beating mean gambling for a few minutes at 430 years ago. And coming up next there might not a sports story more up the Alley of the show them what we're gonna discuss that some drugs. And he MTP electric heating into the studio sixty and Sports Radio dodger goodie tickets dot com right now and gets sixty and off your ticket order using promo code 610 sports.


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