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01/10 2pm - Title game, Watson in the NFL, How We Watched, Give us a Min

Jan 10, 2017|

In the first hour, the guys reacted to a memorable national championship game in college football last night and also got into DeShaun Watson's bright future in the NFL. They then discussed all the varieties to watch the game last night included the party atmosphere with Bill Walton on ESPNU and ended the hour by taking a minute.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The drive with Danny and Steve Jobs I think now the reason he's the best in most absorbent. Played the national championship. And I'm excited for tonight I I I really think this is this Tom Watson's and that he instilled if he is the reason why they win you teen's death. You see him at least being off the ballot in the same vein as Vince I don't mean to difficult here. Is there any way clumps of winds and he's got the reason they went out I shot. I just foresee a scenario in which plugs it wins a good shot Watson isn't the reason he had almost 500 yards of offense last year. Four touchdowns on forty words he's a mosque there. I'm in Alabama because I think their defense is a little better quit I think Alabama wins at home we really. Comfortable interstate I mean I think clubs saying is hosting the old team that's about his biggest damn well. You know without his best basketball and they're better court. And they're not scared of revenge proximity. Health and the better quarterback. I think the way. And. It's. Good and wolf good did it rolled and let them have the ability. Thirty willingly. Ask Alabama referral. Was named Colin coward. So enthralled is that guy that he he didn't do his homework oh joked frank that. I cap turned the Nikkei you something's. Hello kitty at Clemson. Could clumps of the drive. Days in the seat it's an honor to be here on game hearkens back nights of news this thing into the open sea hero 2 and 5 o'clock. The reds Taylor has given us generously A half hour of his time will be on from 330 to forty today. Who's segments. With the Torres Taylor. Forward well that's right say goodbye and aired the captain. Or thirty I'm joy design and each and every day about my good friend carries and Harrison. Good afternoons he got park park what's good if you thought they yesterday's Scholl. Was about Dini. And you thought that was going to continue today you were sadly mistaken. Because not only is being leaving on Friday. You all added into the equation. The bandwagon now favorite college football team of 180 Bart unions. Won the national championship in I'm going to give you credit I said I would give you full credit if it all under pursue it came to fruition any did. Yesterday. Du'Shon wants in to put themselves. Indeed Vince Young conversation. He put himself in the Cam Newton conversation. In the Johnnie means they'll Comverse station yesterday. That was an all time effort against they dominate the yeah. Shawn Watson is all time. He's all. In the usage. Himself in the Johnnie means a conversation how now surpasses. But what metric. Last year he had a 4000 passing yards season and a 1000 rushing yards season was a Heisman finalist who lost the national championship game. And then this year he virtually did it again was a Heisman finalist and the site beat Bamba. In the national championship game. John resulted when a national title. I mean to show and is it all hi I am college football player. And this run for clubs and shows that they are on par in the present day with spam and now not all time Bayless still by far the best program in college football of course. It's not an argument to be made for a number two program that doesn't start and end with double Sweeney's Clemson Tigers and trust me. I appreciate the credit or giving but if you didn't get. I was gonna take it but it's a lot or Buehring would you give it to me because bro but I tell you. The little jarring and off putting it out unsettling to meet you who's you know you all be better than just about anybody in this you know each is better than anybody in the world. Normally this right. So they've been patch dolls. I'm about to show on Watson college Jersey all by Shawn Watson browse. Or Jack or a beer or zero egos. This this team is all time man and I'm very not used to being this right about anything sports. Anybody yesterday I think. Gave us another example. All what I think the shift in football news now how. Football and how you win in high you're an effective program is different in the NFL and a lot of different way news. Man for all of 2017 is that is a quarterback game. Yesterday I think it was pretty clear that both teams from a talent level are about the same. From a speed standpoint from a coaching standpoint how physical the game was played that team from the ACC could compete with the team from the big bad SEC. The difference in yesterday's game was aside from my Williams I don't think there was offered to players not from both Barbara as talented as Mike Williams was. One team has a future NFL quarterback. Injured herbs might be a future NFL quarterback who three years down the line. He's not today and not even close. How Alabama was as dominant throughout the course of the season how good they were throughout the course of the season with the quarterback that cannot roll is amazed. Here are five time 353632. What gets the first down ready ready to do touchdown to go ahead and but sometimes the course of football games it's got to be 363. Set especially that defense in each button. Eagle quarterback to be able to drop back in the pocket and make a play with a smaller. In use all over an eleven play stretch Alabama. With over three and a half hours of live I'm not getting a third down river and Portland in consecutive. A lot of those were ever born Scarborough was out he needs are quarterback to try to we knew the game and their quarterback could do yesterday and you kept giving Clemson Mort I'm a more opportunity and they would go to a quarterback that can win the game. Yeah I mean there's no question that the biggest discrepancy in the game was not fixated against jobless Sweeney or clubs are bamba's defensive line against clubs is often want to start the game looked like that was the biggest mismatch start of the game it looked like Alabama's offensive line Wisconsin's offensive line was going to be the thing that was ultimately get on dual. And that Clinton was just not equates to on either side of the ball when the line of scrimmage and both Scarborough is gonna run all over on the and Clemson wasn't going to be able to do anything to the point attacked what it is a mirror image to last year's game. The exact same in any instead of beer special teams players at a blocked field goal onside kick extra point. Clubs and kept turning the ball over in their own territory but it wasn't on the show on Watson. Watson was clearly the best player on the field on either team you single handedly keeping clumps and and it. But it looked like bamboo is gonna just keep them at arm's reach. And the team that was gaining more yards it was getting work third downs but at a time of possession clubs and was all we fall short does gambled with Nick's statement. Just happens to win. And I think that that's. What was remarkable about it to me was yes the quarterback discrepancy. And the Scarborough Scarborough injury opened up the door and the team that figures out a way to win that game always. Did it. And yeah I've become a pseudo Clemson fan because of the girl that I'm going to marry. I don't know how anyone could watch that game last night. And not Hewlett watching as the game went on because they ran ninety plays with just repeated last year the same thing they close wore them down. Closer is absolutely Alabama's equal and last year was. Rocky a rocky one. And last rocky two. It was the exact same thing to even fighters. A heavyweight out and we got the game a third time now would be so different because Shawn Watson would be daughter we don't know clubs have. At quarterback next year but in terms of caliber of athlete caliber program styles making flights those to brokers were equals we discussing yesterday. Last night was Clinton's opportunity to break the organ was never able to break through the team's national championships or the old guard in college football it's Ohio State it was NASA should be chipped in Florida and Alabama those teams that win national championship. Just thought the first time that while those other schools only won one yet closed since first one since 1981. Running it with a different kind of style and I do think you're starting to see that the talent in the SEC is starting to disperse to other schools the SEC went six and seven in bowl games this year. It's not like outlook even forty years ago where was the SEC. They were gonna go nine and three in bowl games in in in the big ones where you match up Wisconsin against challenge you. Allison was going to dominate a game that's not the case right now the talent is going to Michigan the talent is going to a housed at the talent is going to a school like Clemson. That it is a lot even in a school like Alabama that they dominate 99% of college football they don't dominate Clemson like that if they played that game ten don's. It goes five spot absolutely and I damn low winds last night's game at Scarborough doesn't get her a visa to. But I think they only would that game last night because of the club's internal arts but I don't think that Scarborough so is healthy battle wins eight out of ten games. I think even with Scarborough. That team is either. I don't know if you agree or disagree with that private clubs and loses last night because of the turnovers at Scarborough doesn't get hurt but. They had those weird turnovers and Scarborough got her got her and that's kind of what happens in games like bad things happened to both teams and whoever overcomes that and the team with the better quarterback over him as always Barbara I think at a time was the best player on the field in the early part of named Shawn Watson was good and Ryan Anderson for Alabama was dom yeah as always around the football. Scarborough has clearly changed pace in the once he was out Alabama just couldn't run the ball effectively and it was agent hurts region go win the game. And I think there was some confusion with Alabama in terms of their offensive coordinator. And a couple of plays you could tell it was a miscommunication member of the plate where it was clear they are running is screenplay at the back field. But OJ Howard caught the ball but if the running back that's I think he gets the first down right there were to meet with miscommunication things that happens in the game my tactic again and you've continued to leave the door open for Clemson and then. Additional lots of rain right through. Text their rates in Danny can even edit pictures that's emotion or reaction throughout the game you know it's her number one team think if you win the royals were in the World Series thing to me in the cubs. World Series whatever your number one team is Amaechi. Her number one thing is college football she wanted to go to a school with warm weather. Away from home because all her friends went to take you to she went towards high. And she wanted us or great school spears he stumbled upon Clemson. And you know. Bought new gear watched during the game edge of the seat like text with friends that were acting game issues just. She was expects will be on today at at 430 talk about it a little bit and so the stuff about us leaving. No I cannot tell you yet where I'm going I'm very hopeful that I'll be able to announce tomorrow. Where I'm going after Friday but still have some last minute things out to work through. What I ask you because I've been surprised that this has been debated in some circles. I am not surprised people are complaining about the length of the game. What's the game so long that you would hesitate to call that a classic. To call that a great all time game. Because to me that was classic that doesn't mean that it was Texas USC. It's the best college game ever but I would say that was a great championship game and a great counsel I would consider that a great game but I would put in the category of not all hall of famers are first ballot undeniable hall of fame that's like the debate Eli meaning a little bit more than you're gonna debate Tom Brady down the paper and I mean these Tom Brady conversation. Is a 32 conversation yes this is what he did. Richard is on a few big Tom Ridge Gordon hall of fame everybody initially put their hands up or you don't you don't need to have a hall of fame vote anymore. But some people we argue and debate a little bit more that's why put this game I think it's a classic if you look at the states but rematch it living up to wit the EU to show on Watson's place in college football history how he played the fact there was a game winning touchdown that rent for okay does that with 12 left on the clock. That makes it an all time game what is it USC Texas was it Miami Ohio State where that some of the great all time. Cult audience that was all I wouldn't put it on that team. The problem with that. But I don't think there's a huge adapt to whatever the next fury is because so many of the championship games are nondescript that you don't remember them other than. Oh yeah Hamill won that national title by two touched but it is. I look at that as maybe it's not one or two or three but that is in the top five is in the discussion. For all games because of all the facts that I remove from it now I will say. It is choppy. And sports dot choppy year. With instant replay. Review. And then making the pastime longer for the national championship game and putting in more commercials because people are willing to pay more for commercials. In the biggest game so a four hour four minute college football game. Is it absurdity. Let god be your pocket to get needed to expand the flow of that game the fact that they were reviewing that nonsensical onside kick. For five minutes the way England's ability to celebrate the national championship president is any okay leaders and injustice of broadcast television IC dot yesterday if you watch as much constable if you. Yesterday it was a perfect example college football. Football is a really exciting and fun product. I think it's more enjoyable to watch. Palpable on a Saturday the last year though because multi it's like a challenge is whether against an official review 78 it was assert that. Everything in college football yeah everything. It it's got the ocean watchdogs but she doesn't want to necessarily quite that closely all the what's gloves if she's a who's calling for these things just happen. Like it's it's tough to tell. Ask for it come in they could second guess themselves. Changing everything else. The vast majority of the time they got the first obvious by the time wasting it. It goes absolutely kill the flow of the game and it makes it a lot less enjoyable product. But the stakes of that game like a game could have been six hours and 44 minutes past the would have been invested. Because of how it ended it was insane I wanna know was right about that I'm wrong about so much. How much are you are now on my side about Shawn Watson he's on the court the chiefs. That's the draft tonight deviancy down. You like to dvd into the studio sixty and Sports Radio dose of good tickets dot com right now and gets sixteen and all of your ticket order using promo code 610 sports. So. May sixth at Sports Radio six guns or stock now. Well those stories these trips down memory lane. It for the rest of the week if people wanna make appointments to be with us out here guys talk about. She's stuff for it felt like I assume that will be talking she Steelers. Data he's going to be on the show either Thursday or Friday that's right Hudson on the view on the show that's Thursday. That's tomorrow's tomorrow's 3230 that's our. Rex Butler for the last time tomorrow to 3330 tomorrow. Neil Smith for the last time with me 334 tomorrow. And everybody else will be in their normally scheduled time right in the Duffy hopefully Thursday. And then yeah everything else is supposed to believe regularly scheduled guest last Sam Munson on Friday last bill mosques in and just pass it is gonna come on the show from Hawaii but not until Friday show sometime he's traveling back plus she steals while Steve Mariucci is going to be on the show Thursday through. Oca said we. They'll images the final thing is that will privately some of our favorite voicemails you cannot gives called 913. 7170770. You can leave voicemail to us your thoughts on on the show in. Insert what you're gonna medicine really anything else you wanna say in the best of those will probably end but the other. On Friday as a video of Jews voicemails don't have to all be like sentimental a nice nobody wanted to and ridiculous. I wanna make fun of Danny by all means we cart it. I had 1371707. Sevenths here on the subject of Du'Shon Watson and him potentially being a member of the team and city. I don't know. Hal is easel on the board and you need a quarterback out you don't take. Teams that are going to select before the sheets they need a quarterback more than the chiefs do. Oh how I view the San Francisco 49ers. Tiger passing order Shawn Watson thank you. Now if the Chicago mayor's tiger passing order shot once thank you always see all the time NF LG and just make decisions that I would make. And I know the guy they got to become mine had to go through all the other. About it wage and things Senior Bowl and all that. But just as someone who has watched John Lawson. His timing globes and and is watched him play in the 567. Big game since he's been there I don't know I'd you cancel I don't know how would today's modern NFL. How you don't see your debt quarterback can translate to the next. IQ. I agree completely I've been saying it for years the guy is. It adds about everything else about him. All the and the obvious oh while we just played an NFL defense last night and bam and torched them again. Great relationship that was mom. Graduated in three years. Smaller. Cerebral on the fuel mobile. Big arm. Religious the every tree that you want and how humble. Every tree you'd want to have the quarterback yes except he's maybe in incher too short. Navy ten pounds. To scanning. What I do. I don't understand all in other example in looking at what a lot of different NFL scouts of Tompkins you. The name that keeps coming up again and again and again was the number two overall pick in the NFL draft. That's Marcus area now if you look at the first season for markets. OK maybe there's some things like this team grow a little bit maybe just try and improve on a couple different reads be able to get the ball a little bit quicker. You're too what you saw from our markets marionette that's your com. And there's no way he escaped out. No way I also think. Day what has hurt him is that some of the tops our guys who alternately had like catastrophic things happen to them like Bridgewater being one of them in the injury this year GO. RT that's it. It was saying. What is broken via RG three and a lot different injury concerns I hate this is what is that going to show it to errors nay. So he has had reconstructive knee surgery so that's what people will say they'll say he's skating. Like Bridgewater like RG theory he took some hits last night oh he's so off. So he's gotten better and more judicious about what you Rollins and protecting his body but trust me. That's out watching the alt to fill. This game. And this guy's. Because it's staff's favorite things would mean literally watching Syracuse clumps of football game we bonded over Clemson football in a lot of ways the last couple of years. This guy is an NFL quarter I am. Positive. Of but I I know I assume you're going to the direction of eagle like the racial fires and all of I was and I was actually out of is that that is a part of its app I hate that cliche. Camel is a gamer today yesterday yes they were hit the hell out of the sound ones yesterday to get back up. The little helicopter is six times in the amazed other onion dip down. Oh yes absolutely. He did you hear me OK but he's call backs staring his name. Advocates. Ice finalists. If you wanted to win loss record believed lost about 33 in three. As a starter clubs. With the. Win over band of the title game he's beaten. Oklahoma. He's beaten in Ohio State. You lost twice. He's has he beat Auburn. I saw last night that now this year Clemson was beaten every team every program that's won a national title going back to 2009. Because they deep at all or are they won't and it ended beat Ohio State in the playoff it'd be forced day. But it's just I don't know what you could want from us I don't think he'll be on the board duties but talks specifically about the chief spit. He's Smart he's a mobile throws a beautiful ball. I don't know what more you could possibly want to be the next guy behind Alex Smith Allison is the quarterback for one more year to Shawn Watson can sit. And that Andy Reid you have to show on Watson beat his next Donovan McNabb. Because McNabb throw TT DeSean Jackson and the Shawn Watson can obviously throw it deep ball. I I don't know what it is if she's put all of the shots together than I should legitimately take two seconds for the chiefs to turn their card if somehow someway to Shawn Watson's on the board I don't think you will be. But if he is. I will be war is that she spoke to I just don't know how you see his skills and I think the Chrysler compares many made the markets and it was a really good. I don't know how you can see that quarterback the one that we salt plea last night. If you need a quarterback you pass different you have a young quarterback about Tennessee could passel. Was of course court is you have a quarterback. I don't know how you cancel additional I don't know I don't know does out. Because if you ask me right now. Who I think is viewed as quarterbacks elected I don't think that Watson's going to be I think that that emits Robiskie from north Carolina's will be the first quarterback taken. I think he fits the NFL tight. I don't get it and it's ludicrous to me it's just it's it's completely nonsensical. All that's what this would happen to risky is very clear and again I haven't watched percent of mistress you that I have to John Watson. He is the new shiny object that you haven't found the flaw in yet because he has that starts. It's a you've seen dish on Watson have 36 starts so it needs a few too many interceptions this year but trust me some of the more on him. He's still better than three to one touchdown interception. Ratio. And a lot of them were tipped ball slick off the hands of his receivers. Writers don't know Heidi tassel. Especially with the direction that the NFL's going so. If he's their Batiste trust me. You should be bank and at Strom and undertaken but I think he's gonna be off the port is active can win I think and probably more highly of Mike williams' opponent John Watson 02 Michael woods a top ten. By Mike Williams is a you'll with a number one receiver taken is a top ten walked. And frankly. He might top spots in Tennessee. Marks Mary go to needs number one wide receiver. Help them out of the reds on their running game like. I I I think Mike Williams Tennessee is it miles Garrett number one to Cleveland as everyone says that he's the consensus number one pick as a pass rusher that's what they always say until. They don't say it anymore right that's at saint right now. I don't know how all that it would just scuttle about what it right now. Tennessee's got 21 round picks. Mike Williams will be Tennessee titan I will be lowered. If they don't make that selection the guys he's key Shawn Johnson. He's he's so just. Big strong willing to go in the middle back shoulder red zone goal and get a high points the ball he's just. I I will be lower if Mike Williams is a top ten pick and I would almost be willing to call my shot in guarantees that he goes through Tennessee Titans because they have such a need. At wide receiver. People asked for some stories we will give them see you back in the day stuff throughout the show Tex lines expand threes are six and the way people changing how we want to big games coming up on a drive. NEC title in the MVP electricity into the studio sixty and Sports Radio. Coverage starts tonight at six on 610 Sports Radio. Thanks for being with us on the drive an hour from now to rest Taylor will be on the show he's gonna give us thirty minutes today to talk keys. And the Steelers. Have. How much if any. Did you guys watch the alternative broadcasts. Last night I do not want to second. Half time I turned over to believe it was SEC network Paul find bomb was hosting it take phone calls. I watch staff for about a couple of minutes I didn't turn to the coaches show I watched that. For a couple of minutes in the in the I stopped duel and would channel it was a long but it was beetle in the union okay. Beatle Rachel Nichols he's John John Marcellus quietly analysts handle. And bill wall and they were hosting I don't even know with the name of the show was I don't know what the concept of the focal room. I want spent about fifteen. So good so you fifteen minutes is a huge way to tell is sure that was different does want to see how they were gonna execute. And how did they executed is now that they. Neighbors here uses codes was on the silver and things I've seen a little bit of that on my time my last night. But a lot of people seem to be giving you know crazy bill wall. It was an event just with Walton going on about his. How about Bill Walton can be again it's a spirited animal while analysts very much so so you had everything from him trolling tee shot Johnson asking him like what position he played in the NFL and if you played with anybody that was ever good at. To going on a rant about Merrill one like. There was nothing off the table and I couldn't take my eyes off it because of how immensely entertaining NN. You're watching the site. Was that not a thing that was part I was during times that wasn't the economy was the conversation would basically put you back to with the game of something exciting Kapanen some glory in the alms and your eyes then go from. The three. Art breakdown of unit two people here are some people here's people there and then the screen of the game on the left hand side so your eyes are based. We take you to the action based on what was beings. I blow what they try to do new stuff. I he hadn't gotten myself in a position where I wanna watch big games in a way that is in its. The way that the Basque his broadcasting you know an anemic. They have Kirk herb street on the title game for a reason because he's the best college football analyst and they put the Basques producer and director on the main broadcast because that's where fifteen million plus people. Are watching it's I haven't myself gotten to a place where I wouldn't watch a huge game in a nontraditional fashion but I love that they exploratory. I like to and then once the game started to get a little bit more competitive a little bit more interesting than I was less concerned about. Hearing day. That extra stuff in the extra noise in the funny conversation and I wanted to focus solely on against that's an island from ESP NU. Back to the regular game so I appreciate the creativity of and I think that there's too much in our sports media. That is lets two people together let's have them debate the exact same thing that everybody else is talking absolute that I appreciated it was six people accounts of people McAlister acting in good times and they were just having conversations. I think we're the idea was poorly executed was. It's like a house party with a eighteen different conversations happening at one time the difference how parties you've got to navigate yourself those commercials and pop in a conversation popular one conversation. X yourself out of it in the interim of the conversation. This is seven people having a conversation but how can you follow the conversation on television we just very hard. You kind of stay in line with what was going well so was jet. Went a little Waltz was ranting on. Marijuana and not on the error was this intended to be on the air the replay is Oreo. Marijuana should not be a schedule and one of the road get him. Get all the people who have been in trouble for parole leader who just Obama just blanket amnesty business move on to the future whom. Oregon I go out and art are familiar you don't. And it could very well yeah you haven't just made America great. Grizzlies O'Dell's brought the most serious part of the whole five plus hours as the game went on forever that they moron. I don't want everybody to support for that everybody basically just. Sort of old zoned in and listen to Walton is Terry is right there are multiple conversations going on you were traitors like usually hard to follow but. I didn't serve as people watching experience you're dual national Sam costume going off about god knows why it. And tried its collect everybody's emotions all within the context of watching the game so I love that. I didn't feel distracted because. I'd like to get hot. Would want to saw somebody from Sports Illustrated a camera tuchman has finally take his idea. I saw that someone had. Idea those bad Thursday night games she would wants the coaches show that over watching the game if you could get the door so. If so you can get Tony Dungy brought me here is the Indians catcher to even be talking about the day. I can't censure and I'm not interested in Jacksonville beat Tennessee. I'd be more interest if I had that kind of alternative option now is that going to be the premier broadcast though. But I do like he's been inch rise to give you the option to view the game a little bit differently did you read Richard I just media column this week I have. Okay. He'd lead with a story about how I'm fox sports two of all places he's at it literally gotten had 9000 people. Washing into the Nielsen ratings which means there're more people listening to this radio show us that were watching this broadcast that he talks about. But the coaches all agreed to be Mike's dot for the entire game. And theirs is the producer and director who were making decision about political back and forth in they had camera angles inside the huddle. You were in the locker room at halftime. And it wasn't compensated. But it was just going back and forth and they broadcast the game and a five seconds away because they obviously because of the FCC can't Wear any sort of curses. But the game was broadcast with. Live commentary from the coaches. On what they were seeing and he said it was completely experimental there was some huge problems with it. And you know some guys seem to be playing up to the camera a little bit more times it's just that bad direction public revolutionary access because. Fowler herb street sideline reporter Tom heard all the game broadcast. That's ought to be doing it for forty years of figuring out a way to put a different spin on that. Absolutely is a thing that could grow television viewership in the future just like the options out there. I wouldn't listen to the homer broadcast right I. I did it ever played in these kind of digital media like he did it. Where they could perfectly sync up Mike Kelly with good with the television broadcast I'd probably want that's bull and what what game would blizzard be playing and where they would. That go to the national championship setting in these kinds of settings when they think outside the box if there was the homer broadcast available. I would suited pulled on a second I got a myself in the frame of mind to think about thus I like to get high okay carry on your time. So Missouri is it a big game where there are actually spending money on television production okay continue now with our. And if there was a way to sync up the voice of the tigers might Kelly yeah OK I don't think all with the television broadcaster I would watch that. I was in a participant. We'll see a Bill Walton believes in aliens. He built the course is new he's really there isn't me this high you know the good question for belt I mean after the didn't really feel like intelligent life within this out there are on their own plan and you don't know and who are you older mounted on the way. Until I wanna go do what I need to do you wanna you wanna represent who I wavered a bit. How can out there just from the night with the idea how Google and ask him if you've got to all 1000 the other ball out you'll have a without. It's a B fifty I have a hard time which means he's been out of space before trust me nothing negative of being given and magnified. I've been there right yeah. So ESP and you basically Jesus branded and what. Ha. Ha. On Twitter. Here's what you. I. Over that Earl Earl might you know don't you knew about you or turn you really solid but in short term memory line in Danny's son and the time and I suppose that's policy Bill Walton four and a half hours to talk about you wanted to talk about. You don't think that. I mean that's just spectacular. Is that you. Are. Living wherever antioxidants. Thought by my room later got something for. And I. An honor I write it. The battle there yeah the most action I've gotten months to get back with a ticket. I didn't. It's Europe that guidance. Did you book him for what while I'm shows it's going to be tough pill while the hard man to track down I understand. What a hero. Love law and the city at Clemson. Could clumps of. It was impossible by the entire thing. So would you might when I was watching you and so bills was like you know I'm only here because management as he did I am way too Smart for this room you know why I'm here that's when I got the bill okay that's why the bad yet the natural reaction of Blake is laid draws in his arm across the whole time as the by by the mid first. Quarter he. The game got to a law that Gil is right only in about that. Had the bide. Like I love I think someone would have been around hunt for four hours need to talk about that at this point I'd I'd just CBI Rajiv I tried. So it's a rise of Ryan. Seventh inning of a blowout like legit but also smells. Like it so it is right next to a out. I did OK I've done that I guess this game. Before running for. It's fantastic. Taylor that read thirty are aware of these and Adobe got to get submitted at the that rule is beautiful. Well it's a move. NEC dot. You electric TV into the studio sixty and Sports Radio dose of good tickets dot com right now and get sick stay off your order using promo code six pence sport. This is Ryan will to watch Sunday's game to me by FaceBook live on the sixth and Sports Radio FaceBook page or a crush. What does the report. He's in Steelers tickets courtesy. Get up like this year's sponsor at Kansas City keeps. The deadline is 1159 on Thursday that's right I've told you will be hosting a FaceBook live. With Tabasco playing Specter from living room I think wealth won't be there as he's doing the pregame show. Got extended pregame on Sunday it would fuel station taking calls at halftime of the game on Sunday extended post game. After the game on Sunday spot for all things chiefs and NFL playoff year on 610. Sports Radio to rest paler. At 330. Terry. Take a minute conference hit new highs. It's time. And all our college basketball to the college football season has concluded itself. How you always do don't you say that there's always these his reign of starts with a college basketball or college football season looks like the start because I think. The national attention starts to focus a little bit on college basketball and we got some good ones Baylor at West Virginia number one ranked Baylor travels to West Virginia. Xavier travels to Villanova. Duke against Florida State state is the ninth ranked team in the country. State basketball. ACC's good conference and as in the rest of this material is. Ranked Kansas State travels to Texas Tech. I think we all agreed that K state is gonna grab people at home. But the difference between making the turn and miss the target is finding a way to beat teams like Texas Tech on the road. I would agree that Bramlet Sox got to do the whole thing I mean there. I think K state is legitimate I think their ceiling is probably absolute. Absolute best case scenario fourth and had shocked. For the big twelve. But I think you could make the turn at the fifth or sixth in the big twelve iso two and I think that they've got a real shot at making the term I just think we know that there are some guarantees real loss there grinning and with these Rose Law Sharia law thinking I doubt you win at Baylor. Winning games like at Texas Tech at TCU the difference between you make the turn and as maternity care business on the road you're bored half point underdog. Text that. It's reported today maybe I'll roll a little bit those putts that went into. Law one. I appreciate that they gave is what is he in the news at fifty I've used by Gannett the rest of the week to tell stories from back in the day the people asked about the guy with your guys is how. So law is due back. And if you race. I just a quick minutes today because I was thinking about everything over the course of the championship game as opposed the long we'll be. Maybe beaten longer than minutes on this Gibson it's a long time ago so once or darts that long to. You said the exact number of how long the national champions at last I believe I said in the open for hours informants I haven't even shorter than. But he I have atlas just four hours and eat it regardless the fact that it's even considered that loss afterlife. Is a gigantic problem and it's not just from that's been. Course of the national championship game this has been a problem all throughout college football. And there's a very simple solution at least get it back to you you're you're never gonna have college football games he hearing what. You're always gonna have a lot more scoring it's going to be back up tempo sticking it to three in house. All you have to do is. Trying to eke out some of those first down stopping the clock. Doubled to substantial. Difference trying to get college football back to attract work. You can sit through game and feel like it's not drag Cohen on rapper Huntsman. It is. Making it more like ENFL team is such an easy fix to need. And yet it's never been discussed and more people continue to move away from the city panel like it's like the fact that the last team to get more offense going take up that role. And the culpable products in general be a lot faster a lot more drive. A problem that aisles of the mission go to the NFL last. And it's a halftime so quick. Sometimes you don't have people back from their seats in time because they're doing stuff in terms concessions but that's on them twelve minutes oh. At the last. Couple commercial breaks segment event of analysis at halftime show time to read a couple of sponsors period punk bands donated eighteen to forty minutes past. It's not necessary coaches are so well prepared he's been so much time doing this stuff now you don't need that much time in the middle game. I give him. People asked why I said what was Sean Smith so response from the former chief John Smith. He's an all Osaka pickle guy got a new job progress on the view gay. Well we got to the same hair. Wragge yeah we'll let the fifth Bloomberg. You remember. Chiefs'. Offensive line in the not grabber was telling people to jump off just yet what you call shot. Reverend she's quite the browns it was in the terrible. The whole season. He said he. It definitely gonna win they got low now against Cleveland. His Twitter mentions were an absolute dumpster fire. And he was telling people to club CEO. He they would run from him in the dark alleys to jump off bridges and all these sorts things. IE retreated. And this. Hedo. Solves that whatever shouldn't be surprised when he talks often uses the people look at a snipe back AP responded today. Brag parity bill sort of certain over. And violated the locker room to ask you about it. As a whole team saying yeah our had to get in the way. I was allowed to ask questions for a little while there like there is hurt attic she would shots that's kind of unstable right now and it was a good. Interview with the athlete. There's Billy Butler and I had a thing in the clubhouse at one time kind of getting over it. Obviously had issues with teams at various points coaches general managers PR types. But I believe Sean Smith was the first time in Kansas City that a player took rely umbrage with anything that I did on the radio or social media I remember I wasn't there. And and she lives did he raise his voice and play. Well we were like he did act and us. And I told you next time that happens you gotta fight fire with fire down and you gotta do the same thing that right. Men you taught me that was no black people have a tendency to arguments I've got to what do they got that's got arguing back down. I thought is we're not where. Came from the ideal woods today if you're going to be critical. In an opinion business. They give us press passes it'd be so people jolt. Take advantage of it'll take accountable for. I think you should show up. Whether it's weekly or bimonthly your monthly whatever it is if your going to sling arrows from your ivory tower. Even ask questions. Go up there and what judged FC. All what the players see it go up there and he showed that the complex whether it's before a game after game during the media stuff during the week. Because sometimes they'll pull you aside the day. So it's a wants to talk to you re solves a lot of problems with it. And knowledge you know and Sean Smith not a problem and that we use that as an insult for a long time. But it NFL player told us to go suck a pickle tried to Johnson and and he's the head shots but as well he's become. Not at the top of the list with though it's all it's linemen Eugene Monroe was one for from the ravens who retired has been due in the marijuana advocacy he did nothing for us on the line to remember daddy did tweeting about it and he's talking about how he would smoke pot before games and use that in in lieu of painkillers and he felt the effects of painkillers were hurting him. But Sean Smith is started to be out of it as an advocate. For. Got to know drug testing for marijuana in the NFL but he's one of the spokespeople. Offer subjects officials with and I found something some common ground that we agree with you remember when he was in that Twitter beef that they need to weed out the picture of his army and it was a passenger bill. I was covering up his address full I do I I'd forgot about that that was a good I remember woody just weeded out the picture of the dog. And I was like. It why does he was dead in a conversation was avoided Ed users reminding him that. He had a pistol with his name engraved in my son's first person that we've ever seen. On that don't precedent. Oh yeah that's that's possible and I thinks. He said that he was at the shooting range on that but it's still it was still. Escalates two footer beasts if you don't Twitter deep shots as distraught Smith and the Twitter be. Yeah. So will use us some minutes at 250 years so the rest of the week to tell some stories will be played stories. Thursday Friday Joseph stay out of Twitter beef and we seventeen that's my goal. Really new year new me. You expect me to believe you. Even believe you obsolete and so are you ready for you but not even meets again thank you deal. I don't goal. That I believe you and you don't voters vote. I'm a changed man that would make. You're. Day to day work environment will be more peaceful yet but I'm that's unfocused. You'll love meetings there'd be fewer meetings for you they're sure if you didn't engage in its would have beads. Secrets to a person now or obese at all. I'm trying to stay the no beef I can't promise that no it's very hard I have no problem if I can't promise that yeah I'm trying to overall view more peaceful person. Sounds really bored. It's peaceful yeah. It would help me they'll be investigator for you. Should be a little easy Joe's gonna be a lot more peaceful it was me and ice after real love and everybody that's right. But bring Heidi and short so incredibly peaceful bugs here is he's gotten he'll be here tomorrow it's thirty talked about it. To date more. We're gonna Oca. I was gonna be like to ask it every one of organ all right distributed Bob. Is pop quiz hotshot. Artist. Is you have to name for this report tickets the Kansas City boat in sports show portal all January 19 the 22. Ice. Then just. It's. Do you know with a please of them Michael Jackson miss them tonight and I don't believe in my book that's. Not hear what we're tired of letting it. Hey. It's. It's. I mean I Dessens but I don't think you're like the gases no into the gasoline and Whitney Houston. Clearly a little. For right carried.


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