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01/10 - 1 pm - The Shoe Is On The Other Foot

Jan 10, 2017|

Former Steelers coach Bill Cowher thinks this Sunday's game will be the best of the weekend. Plus, we go around the league with NFL 4 Downs & the Take 2 Before 2.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Had to get past region Whitaker insisted. For any college but we're united well he states with weak side estate there on the road against Texas Tech at 815 minutes to. And Auburn over on ninety point one came easy at six in Kansas and Oklahoma boomer sooner. It was down at eight outfit today the temperature experience it's been portrayed. About a gallon import Oklahoma's way. Oh they're gonna get their ass hole rock ash I'm surprised. Is what we can't say wanna be about it but doesn't. Lessen. Us. Should have been. There would re in the big twelve was intent I think it was liberty rising export led and this in defense expert you know level. Open. There's anything in the game they're going to really conference six NATO role struggle. That he UP Davis buddy yeah yeah yeah at no not at all Saturday Avis but if I'm. Called. Lot to get him back though they'll be back probably. Next year he does a good job. Of that that program. All right. Solid Jessie new rule that created out like the upcoming schedule for a year when they're in our rankings you mean you're currently number one number two in the can bomb. Coming back to back with was a West Virginia and and Baylor. And then you've got. News for you got two games in between and you go right back to West Virginia Baylor so that is a tops one of adversity in mr. Cox. You know one of the things that you look at when you when you try to figure out now or look at this matchup between the Steelers. And the chiefs. Is some similarities. Between the situations. So like for instance. This past week in. Yeah dolphins team that in the regular season. They beat up. On the Pittsburgh Steelers in mind. OK that was the regular season. Big you get to the whole season. In the game as it pits or this or had a lot that they want to prove. In terms of moving for defeating the team to beat them in the right policies and they did it they they put it on line. Now this these are in a similar situation because in the regular season it ceased travel to its pork. And it was up. It's our jump on them early and they didn't let up. So now. This shows on the other foot that she is on the team that's at home you're in the post season and now this market to travel to Kansas City in the cheese revenge on Pittsburgh. In Pittsburgh post that is an article about Tom when he faces a team twice once the regular season with the post season nine times he's pleaded team in the regular season. In the post season as well six entering Mets. It's okay and it's pretty and amidst we still lost three of those game goes on like guarantee. Mike Mitchell the safety. For the Steelers. He had said something as well he had said we've asked about the chiefs who had a bye this past weekend. Eagles quote just like what happened in the first game against Miami it's irrelevant. They slap our face off we returned the favor. Is that your Kansas City. Do it who lets its version without the eight kids city's going to be looking for them. You James here's insane. I don't remember playing 8080. Based. The chiefs like the way that Mitchell views that is that the chiefs are seeking repayments. Or what happened to the course of the regular season. And it makes sense any feel better about the situation because what they're not playing in Pittsburgh they're playing Kansas City. Bottom line here's what bill cower had to say O Jim Rome show about Pia the scenario. Look good it up matchup I don't say I guess this is playing very well on its own life because someone such issues on the hook for as much as today. We're Lucy you know over that lost their mind you know regular season. You know Kansas City Chiefs team. It's almost the same way yes we can be your place in you beat us just like I needed to Pittsburgh opera so let's go to Kansas City. What are they that they kill others saying we McChrystal was taken last week so. They understand that this could be a good challenge it's a much better football team there in Kansas City Chiefs the last time they played. Turned to kill dynamic player on defense is even get healthy after an equal so yeah that is a bit they chose that when the dust is particularly care. We've built our Mattel did you read yesterday we look forward to the challenge of playing Pittsburgh where another good football and they don't challenge of work. Our season the same dignity BC's channels. They aren't your great challenge. It beats. They don't only say it's a challenge but he also emphasized the size of the aforementioned humor Bill Lester for the play after big big champ big big chip doubled him up scorer be your great challenge. Was that. I don't think you deserve better call me do you look at it that Pittsburgh that think in the world killed these. There might avoid thinking you know we hear what they're doing Pittsburgh knows they can be achieved is they get. So the back there minding deal with the can do in chiefs on the other hand. I think actually the advantage here because they held an addition they've got the motivation any bitterness volunteers. Let it let Pittsburgh do this to us. Our house and ask why just remembered lastly Jeremy Maclin was what happened in the past in the past. I did get to a certain degree but to get motivated by a loss you can say that you that you just put this episode you know. I know the loss this court but now or at home it's going to be a big picture we're better teens. We're better team than what we showed against this. Who's bill O'Brien. That was a primary there. Who's better we look forward to the challenge of playing Pittsburgh where another. Good football team I mean bill O'Brien takes a page right out of the injury playbook on this. He got Andy Reid yet. Bob Sutton on defense I mean you got some top notch coaches in this league we have total respect for them it's going to be a big big challenge but we're glad it's at home in front of our fans and we're all very excited. Well host on a good players in the corner beard could challenge. It's going to be a big big challenge is going to be a big challenge. Lives are gonna it's gonna be a very small challenge there miniscule amount of challenge. It's going to be a great challenge of the smallest denomination of challenge you have available please give me that. All. Coaches can see the words with the YouTube and we should challenge particularly when I'm when we tonight he's challenged all opposite view yet out. With the Ford to the Albertson's. And a report in the afternoon wherever. Are there any issues that before yeah what he looked forward to a good football team would you not look forward to that sort of the point. What do you look at for the plane usable but reportedly play the Cleveland Browns this week I think we're gonna get. Starters ran it doesn't play into that likely doesn't. Does individuals like Reggie noticeable thing is they say that they wanna face the best to win at all old devils at the same thing. Legal front as elemental Prague. As a state of Oklahoma. A fraud. Do you think they Cleveland. Fans care ordered your great challenge DP Cleveland fans here if they Golden State Warriors of the team at their face and final. It public don't wanna face the Golden State Warriors. Plain and we think hue Jackson said if he said big challenge that's all true. Curiously he says it. All on. Oh my goodness it's. All right. Do the Packers. At any saints. O beating the Dallas Cowboys without forty now Nelson with the Tibetan. Boom studio sixty and Sports Radio. Home. It's. Back in the division flake of bank without seeing some people don't this quarter different challenges. Georgia cubs Bulger polite. But distract. Love this track. Must say my best efforts to get through in the shows we've probably fall flat by the way. Am still. So let's say most of man up a fifth time I tried these out if there's no should he keep sweet not pitched to him and Willie Nelson. So if anybody with you know it happens to know its new buried there are not talking like notes new like what are the way how crazy radios were player I'm talking like you know. What do stupidly in the where's manager positions there's. The smoke a lot of we got it exactly I know and but I'm more for being intentionally aloof and our. Was intentional. Bring your standard disposition is typically aloof but ever since you figure you after you drive Shahzad peak doctor on this place. Change guy and breaking news and that's. It's just keep them in America should so that probably as deep cover for a few people text that load though. And visited a full force out. And you probably go into any kind of insane and told all his friends and I'm. If parents live and how high. Inclined to use. Carefully poll taxes. In the bedroom or. It's an 118 in the afternoon on the doctor. What do you do homelessness Sports Radio they're. Suppose we PG. It was because they've so what do you nuclear. States that note we tell bald jokes on this show. First down guys wide receiver Jordy Nelson of the Green Bay Packers perhaps you've heard of it is pretty good. But it hurt you played in local schools and true basically. Easter. It's a statement. Sports news the mean them. Terry Nelson suffering at least two fractured ribs now and over the New York you've gone days. Sources telling Ian Rapoport also saw some maybe as a possible collapsed or I'm from long. Wouldn't sound and enjoyable days and he sold it hitter and I saw it in all it was his helmet straight to the ribs. It was not too pretty axes to Gordon wasn't with him over to look at it. Hold in that moment. It rapport single take an incredible effort to play this weekend I don't think that's a stretch of the imagination. The Packers have any chance. Without George. I think it's really tough. Because I think that they're gonna have to get put up some points and had just don't know all the way that the the cowboys have played defense this year. But the Packers could give them a lot of points in forty Nelson's a veil that were put up a lot of points he when he went out though elephant stools. Crews. Yet but the thing the ball that giants' all since though. Is that they. Continuing to pump the football all day long and asked not to be the case itself as the cowboys I want to be able. Have won the football what they haven't had a few in the white kids is 145 yards Wilson B team in the game. He had over a hundred yards to Jordy did one point at thirteen yard what I am saying is that giants were not able to effectively to lead the offensive. When Dallas is able to do that and as the one game. They take time off the clock. It's gonna force Green Bay into some situations they don't want to be. Outside the chiefs games at the most interesting playoff games the arts falcons and the be good and yes I x.s unimaginable hell no I'd like how like the entire slate except for the taxes the page it's the worst. All the things you says at the end detects that a beat the other makes no Robert and all day. I knew that he is approved medicinal marijuana for the elderly you know he's right. But her lines if he's right or taking your time he's right muscle redeemed he's been in June. All all of them we celebrate it and if the chiefs. Beat the Steelers in the Texas somehow possibly upset the patriots. Are going to Super Bowl I musical mama back home Texas they coming here because. Our thanks to. They been paid. And we've created. Snake nowadays. Sort of ramble is the Jacksonville Jaguars. We're trying to right the ship. If hired Doug marooned as their new head coach didn't exactly overwhelmed buffalo who was the other with them and also Tom Coughlin coming back to the team this time he will be a VP of football operations. The section and make a difference at all. It could he doesn't stressing though the situation I just out of time in buffalo to release Sadie was gonna be a failure of the we'd better himself. Inside the lead when he didn't even though he isn't it to be insisted he was it head coach he better themselves saying look into the cheesy eggs one right away but. When he stepped down about what it doesn't do anything here to the Symbian isotopes. Richard Jackson Egypt was here are you excited about that whose basic adults. It's something like I hadn't had a 107 they'll manage. If you don't walk up there. It's a few little. But the first ever gonna steal like coach who walked back I feel like Mike or Tom Coughlin clinical Mike when a select Tom golf and the guy. It's come back is only seventy. Really he looks older though you really tell us. Measles. Skins all shiny. So we've putted it's been stretched over a skull and help people out to be Tom Coughlin. But he's eight he set at at. I have backed off limits of the team. All oh my goodness. Now it's my answer yeah among the most. I can't see here's admiral dozens of another pass an extension you're jags it doesn't mean you like. Oh yes he Tom savage is making a return this week always be available this week. Actually meets weekly nice pass to the Brock lobster. With Tom savage waiting in the wings did it in the shadow is savages savage you weren't in the name over and that is true. They got to go to Foxborough is patriots patriots in trouble doesn't really matter who's under senator bill. It's just going to be beat them please 32 names. Birdied thirteen. It's gonna be ugly the Vegas line was the sixteenth. It but we talked about that a tablet out what does it went up. At this is Dubya. I do not anticipate to Texas to own anything dissipate and on the role of of course not. Why office you get may. Saturday to it that's so it's it's the Saturday night special will not be lots. Then join us upon your wife and when you go on the ice. And I go to Jasper. Isn't open to the current. I thought yeah stay that way and get it you don't get to the bottom. There I guess it's since family owned they go on vacation once a year in your clothes that we albums that you say to see if it's open this week. Let's ask and answer it man that's beginning with the same players and I was doing. Giuliani. Anyway you still trying to crack it's we. Lucie fort downtime guys. A couple of weird stories surrounding the New York Giants since last we took O'Dell backed him. Who got apparently mad at wall because he tax base. Punch a hole and it in the packers' locker room from the trash locker room we call trashed it that I've told all there. And then they proceeded trashed the airplane they were flying back to New York. Which they had. The bit to close the plane down for several hours to clean it after they there's what you emboldens them. It was in chewing tobacco as well it involvement there a real hoot about blacks it's. One giants million. The two aircraft. Be good sports about it. Got a couple things. The Indy I was the ringleader if you knew the number one story after they lost is going to be about the bulk exploit. In all that stuff right. Now it's because of all bill back to junior. Bomb punching a hole in the wall. Connie said on the walls and now that's how about the plane. It sounds like you've got to give mature group which got us. To some degree they're them. I can happen several witnesses though are saying out this guy has. A tech employee from Brooklyn said quote another thirty minutes have passed and the gate agent told us that the giants that destroyed the business class Avant. And then we saw several personnel walking countless seat cushions off the plane. It's city girl he tweeted out that thanks giants she's able to actually make a connection. Even with a blaze in the cleanup. The years who also and here it is being reported hearing the business class cabin the cleaning cents. Only partially masked the alcohol smell and popcorn chewing tobacco and other food crumbs on my seats. After she went back seats promise you that you don't play now coach you. You know it's tough. Because you feel bad about it dispersants that next you tools that if I was put it. In the little look important right for them with the making the flight magazines or in the Pia. But they're. Little like a Brooklyn let me and it's something else and is doing is so for now at 538. That Thomas's cell put out their team by team forecasting them. Percentages to win the Super Bowl had to sympathy for what is this exactly is there. A way. Is exactly the same exactly. So chiefs of 16%. Now the 15% yes 60%. Is exactly yet because because they 530 umpire I know I know it's not the same because. They've they've cleared. The law the team's not edit word. A limited in the playoffs they initially is the most fair weather Nate Silver fan I've ever met you say and agree here Houston has 2% chance on as I'm just. Let's talk about what was it 2012 we got all fifty of the State's right in the presidential race the duty of the all over me up 46. It was amazing. You got 46 of fifty bigger like that's crap barrels a day or more dates overs as Blake Sloan told me about these again and above. They. I don't know I don't know about that it necessarily be able to use locally as you said. Added I don't you give me the first warning about it. I don't get into a big political thing but. Q you 530 in Hillary like 73 year eighty something percent change wing talk but no number I can't. And and that the sesame oils about the since EA in this forced it's basically the forced aides were giant swing states yes in a bad year. Electoral College screw him. Nearly 4650. They have the wing. Limb with a 35%. Chance of winning the Super Bowl. Asked New England the second highest percentage. Became the city sees Wong at 15% well by the Atlanta Falcons at 13% in the Dallas Cowboys at 12% everybody else. Is below the woods via odds for the via. That supercenters and dropped from them. Again and sadly there's still like fifth you have favor right. The odds love. The New England make in the conference championships 85% and 50% chance that exit from the losing money spent by the way. Here billion Tibetan like 180 just went a hundred. I could money men that. I just gonna wrap up in his bill or downs. Our next topic. Is this a problem that sports or just something we don't. Looks like. Studio sixty in Sports Radio don't do daddy tickets dot com right down to sixty in particular in total to sixty in sports. What do you get when you. He didn't quite a cliff hanger and it's a bit to do that in 2000. And sixteen thing or he tells them he needs to be the year of the current direction I think 26 he was the year of the curve when playing. Let's move on. What did you call that number ministers joined all 4015 with your girl number no I didn't tell them putting fifteen was a year of I might not be that if I just people loaded what you call the number you still got it I did call that. I was just a short. And. Analysts are news deals but I was hoping I was just loaded. Excellent nine when threes rain to can be any spot it scene and takes the into the problem not a takes you through. There. Oh my if your what they'll be yes she got Josh Berger on Twitter. That's for. Me to say too much on Josh Turner's extended to sit in the picture of a shirtless man of value that they had to deal tonight. Think he's a I just likes big brown sniffles by the weather. The darker the better. I don't know what you have to type to Google final settlement. I just know his personal preference on an aerial is a silver and you get some it usually texts tweets. You prefer as the Canadian bacon and at the pepperoni if it wants taken. Got out for a cup. Good little birds Twitter you know he'd never sent anything to me about the bodies but he knew about it though I'm excited I'm so I do know is that a brand that features. We're order he's been. He's a show of shows Saturday. He's got to show Saturday. It hit a low man will show comes on right after via. A school sports Saturday one of a guy Richard norm Parker. You may see what would you consider maybe. Accompanied me to achieve it packer on media day you don't. He's a man you know or just got Richard he's got a lot of time you keep barking up that tree still Ethier response and I don't think so mean. You just keep barking at that Trier. Oh Monica S. I just thought it is not a sexy said that it and I was was talking to us about this. See what you're saying trying to belittle it all put by it is well. Sports a lot of times. You have. What we have told injuries. Beyond told you trees. We have goals coaches out their big hit opportunities. Because both their relatives because of the year of you know Debra. Because of the year fine. In yet this this situation went on in Iowa. With the occur trainers. His son Brian. Has now been named the new offensive coordinator. Of Iowa hawk eyes. And ride it meets in a season. It's like balloon all awful by this because it seems like it becomes a nepotism. Why kidney why do people get opportunities to. To be able to. Beat whistle for dogs I was thinking if for a I was asked about the next question you're gonna get this thing if I'm contrary it is bad doll. I just don't know old. I just the point that I'll make is. I immediately and when guys get opportunities. To colts. Any half family members that are already in the profession. What to think that I don't understand about this specific situation. Is when you hapless son that wants to get into the profession and wants it coats typically the way that I've seen it when it works and how basketball. Is it local else we hear the kind of figured things out to try to try to you know all. Lauren the ropes you don't typically. Start on the staff of your five. To go hand in hand it on the line. At times other places the coach yet to see what you're another ballot their kid to get hit good so. Well to do this and their son to be this has been bred England reciprocated the other guy in our browsers and Kindle uses office coordinator that worked out John Snyder. Assistant head coach special teams coach. And in eighteen the state Indy Reid's got a son. On the coaching staff it happens a lot usually happens later there was a groom first before you become that I've. Who knows it's a Kurt take a challenge there. Because they get to France if you're not with me a lot of noting like the one. It's a pocket jeans and lewd and figure out there. I just starts. I see that sort of give your son. In opportunity let let the majority of jobs you have. You know in like they say what is not a ball what you know what who you know. You've heard that a thousand times is not about what's nobody who you know and I agree with it I think it's liable who you know because if outlets seagate. Looked up some way out wanna look you Ryan. Bull woods this. I just thought they did. Colts just like this is Betsy big time goats big time programs agency and jobs. To your son or daughter oh what it sounds as though I don't really see it that way the wood short time from from what I've seen and know more about. I mean I like council Baltimore accounts basket act and there had been a case where guys get jobs because their parents. But acted a lot of times. Especially college basketball coaches do you want your son. To go ahead and make a name for themselves else hours of the goal in the latch onto another program that led. They know to kind of get started as Brian Schottenheimer for sure when you the last name it helps the term. I think it's always better different place that looks like you're not promoting the field house of friction with the rest the coaching. All his son's gonna get his son's going from. I didn't go stuff that's coordinator houses happening to realizes that do you think that a state folks. Automatically. Just want bill Schneider son to be the coach I don't think so and there's some that will mean I think you'd be incredibly difficult. If he who was having a bad run for Kansas State is important that coach. If that is the name of the coach is on the stadium Bill Snyder FEMA stadium he beat up I was that is weird one royals got ran from Baylor. And it's also Italy and stayed here I thought they would have got to the whole thing. No he stayed there. What good guys with that can browse now with Lane Kiffin definitely typically did a list of those things play out though you don't like sources yesterday ass on April. We'll talk com. Norv Turner's son was just fired from the vikings they let him stay on the staff for the rest of the year although north was gone. It can be good and that can't be good people are you know crap talking everything that's. You data reader I don't think that works. Dude I think that works it'll is this weird how that works. I mean life is well did not say you job he said he and the job by the late excellent. Is it lets at hand is but it be careful what you're saying obesity and out of what you are going that direction that that is a list of the so. Babysitting in the job I don't sit back that you're gonna slip the united I don't. That you bestow the excellent all at least partly in he said a and got the job. He's a doctor about that. Just take things in many different ways and years of the dirty ones not a excellent excuse dirty one. No question about it is what podcast. All right. It's signs in the rumors too many people are really upset right now. About one. Brian your slip them late to slow things down and he said he and did you acid and it could be headed home. On an a on all of his the other seeded. Is that we're doing now which is editing stuff Nike dudes India and it'll cut it's it's got to study. Genuine right new it's got to be genuine it's got to be. We can't music underneath it you gotta you gotta know it and is continuing there. But you your son be fraudulent maternity fraud rule sounds like I'm not going to do it won't do it because of that. Hole. Final segment take two before too that would done on the basis like I'm the only one running around with a picture of me in a sibling naked in the tub. And studio sixty instant media. So well. Yeah. With cameras and huh. Confluence of the bases won't. So it's important. Can sign up to win she's still tickets courtesy of bud lights the official beer sponsor of the team that he sees that debt off. Don't forget the deadline is 1159. This Thursday. And 59 PM Sundays can be all the cheese guardians when the creating start. 10 o'clock Michael to do is read Sunday to be it is true sports complex. On digging holes and after. So yes if you would have been to about what's gonna happen to gloat through that everyone deals to people who have to have similar to sit at the Steelers have a host of left. Against commercial perceives the way that they had against the Steelers last week due to default hot takes welcome. Pulled a free if you don't take a blind you know a little bit afterwards to read through it all right go crawl. In an after being sports teams who get fired. A pizza. Triple gold. Bulls. Would keep the ball. If he called crazy race because he likes people to poll in some years until we told him to our call us this he does call he wants you to call him who knew the ringtone I have his numbers saved in iPhone which makes it through very comfortable by. So ray then equal Nadia always involve him from my number he asked me to call him through your ears ring to it will be Texan like Tiger Woods in the morning we've. Already needs number. Not know he does the star sixty sevens the work I had no idea. The star sitting at one logical for your phone. Beat calorie yeah if you're remark or your line yeah. And Alcoa marina but on the screen don't mostly don't eat. I'm sure Colorado McCain column and her parents were calling. It's supper. Talk about Jones show them. I lingering children. And did in the picked up pretty quick nuclear could be picking up so and put you back Ian don't you there and I'm. It. Sets a lie or at Torrey you get forty and text like tiger Rory. God dole hits you with a forty intents. Fastest rate I was in Tuesday to almost a star 67 still works by the way it's. Argued that it will take the field into number game last night was actually perfect for two and Clemson Alabama. Lot of people were talking about the time the link the big game these could believe it's so long. What troubles this year what these games who won't heal problem with how these teams belong out here I can understand half a little bit launcher. What an enjoyable has the ball game of the year we're talking and how long. I watched that the couple more of an effect consider what you replay on SEC network right now. I'm starving for more college football but the game and everything you want the hero. With the show on one today at the villain which government thinks is that statement you did dominance you. Almonds he beat. Last seconds of the game you enjoy. The other thing too is all the story lines coming out of but the Shawn Watson slipping to the second round. Earlier this year couple months to talk but the shown once there was talk about midst of this. Sean Kaiser be the top quarterbacks. Would you want winner Sean wants. Here's the of the abyss he's going to be hot day in an amnesty and when he goes become on the C a small ankles are small audience there. Think for the show once and he just winds in Italy that the Iranian and so when time who player personnel. They said would you want to play as we watch who you play. We look at the game feeling like you're scheduled serie a watch you play against this team NFL's load. We're seeing all of it was loaded with pinnacle talent that you can make you happy he had Steve Fuller patch on yesterday that they retired his number. Bush's that was once again books there to retire that number you put a slash. Bowlers last Watson got to retire once the number of that but the other thing and I feel real good for him Sweeney this guy was so broke. He had been domestic problems at home alcoholism his father he and his mom travel Tuscaloosa he's lived. In the Portland with his mom shoots him dead he could afford anything his mom forty dollars now justice and dabbled college. It's amazing success story with what dabbled Sweeney was able to accomplish. They are still dangerous for us I think reducing its policy. Out of football. Counsel Paul sickness and didn't get. Sure does it get there by. I watched last night like everybody out there that have been. The one national championship game last night. You had the the results of nick say in Alabama taking on Heisman Trophy finalist is Tom Watson. And the the slight underdogs. In the Crimson Tide us. I did think initially that rematch too happy. New year. As good as windy played last year. Boy was I wrong is actually this time around it was actually a lot better of the matchup again. To see Watson. Put on the performance that he did last night was absolutely false. There's one of the things that we all local while sports. Is watching big time players. Make big time plays. In the biggest games all of the years that the less salt last night the sun Watson. In the club's tight. It went that it was actually cool to see. A guy and it falls in gobble Sweeney. Who's overcome so much adversity in his life like briefly mention you know coming out of a situation which. Yet a household that involve domestic violence with a spot of coupled with the fact that he was acknowledged it is miles essentially ruled it. And she was overcoming adversity with him. You look at the connection that we saw. I have seen the last couple of days of the stories about this Tom Watson and his connection with wartime and Warrick Dunn the former NFL star running back. Had been one of the individuals that gave Watson's mother. A home. To support that does that singled off Stanley. Our household the airport that he adds I thought was off it's pretty cool intimate one of the great story lines of the council Boston. I. Are they for a couple of days. Which talks. About its for a little bit we talked about that NASA jet game outward in. Game tomorrow it's Wednesday it would a couple of days away good for me be re glad you're from players here from achieves what they say about speaks for itself. Gonna talk Tom Hillsdale two tomorrow from my USA today at that wasn't writer Ronald o'clock we'll open time adult all of that while they simply think that got them. The drive for the coming up. It.