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01/10 - 12 pm - Hey... It's Tiger

Jan 10, 2017|

It's noon, so naturally we crack into a 610 6-Pack. Plus, does Arrowhead magic still mean anything?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Somewhere. There weights. It's noon here. Hot seat. Back getting your own taste yeah. The midway point. Right around. To stop the sixers force expect what you buy goods is thought to myself we deliver which cater. I. Good thing for the perfect fifties. Forest and bring my lunch I'll QB gets if any club. Director of north bit is that Ramos catering it. Grumble I was down yesterday. I always just throws me off are we going to move like fried chicken at 7:30 in the morning. You forget the night shift yeah you don't want an answer for dinner. For better. I mean I'm Norma grown ass man I can eat a fried chicken dinner at 8 in the morning everyone can waffles. I have. I wasn't trigger while over the chicken and mashed potatoes gradient and visited some. That's really the people who worked overnight. They're bitter and these get off work. Twice from Jones. The question was actually a couple people recipient footer I can confirm I'm not the new replacement workers by the way. I will not be via your body that I don't. A sudden you know. Having a vacancy right moved as of Tuesday you know well. Mr. go there please so I'm that far yet. Maybe or they act. There's there's there's a perfect. For the for the support that I just felt as though. But I desperately. And guess I don't I appreciate I'm a word on the border. That. And let's go and he couldn't protect. Yeah it's good viewing goes out to be where it was right let's do it. Clemson or on national champions. Think we saw that amended to take like four times there's no way. A discussion if they feel as a big amount on the show remorse there weren't that well we're out we were talking about it is that there just read it just doesn't do its could be done relative Shawn Watson drops and or warning on the and the defense three touchdowns. Including that one at the last minute of my second row as the game. Untrue and growth to touchdown grab the paradise CDs including that one record and I saw a lot of people asking what round to treat her. But it really arrogant at all Wes Welker knowledge yeah I thought active but I thought to the objects now salivating. And it obviously game and it was it was it was it was a it was a really today it was too long. Now what started it up Big Three sad. Think I said he could set their watch that game for another two out was what broke good thoughts. People didn't like the time of the game and I'm like Israel Jordan in the game when we went to give up. This last game of the year but please don't want ours that's all know the whole level of the year or beer but it's anyway let's go to the years. You're the shut up perhaps affect so here's the problem could. Could that be for if you want to try to capture new fans which most of the time national championship game do. Like people who don't watch games throughout the you'll watch the national title game because. Of the entry and they got a lot of time to forget about it between I don't know and here's the deal big clue what was the best fifteen minutes of that game. A lot of people edit and aren't fifteenth I will guarantee you that a lot of people somewhere around half. I'm in the third quarter century and that's why all of football I'm Al and that is the best you speak for school or their water cooler. Cilic NC state game last night and their little lie in the going to be like satisfied. The ratings in the ratings game it I'm sure there's going to agree. But they're great I don't you take all these ancillary tracks that you won't put together like it was that a source just drawn out west that's. What was better the game where the Georgia Missouri game to do. But you're perfectly the game and I don't quite the way just make sure that it was so excited to circle when they got damn Eagle County Georgia Missouri game has trumpeted it you've enjoyed. I enjoyed the book like. Good. Sort of to say. Even interviewed the bull bull hit. Very rigorous schedule for the rule book by the hour. Would that those three not exactly happy with the assessment of one calling foul words he decided to fire. Back today. It did today. We left no doubt. You know we wanted to play Alabama. Because our young got to change your storage got to change the narrative. Are gonna mix it up. You know the guy that also falls. As Alabama for a world. Was named Colin coward. Ask gallon never met him no no masking her out of fort Alabama were brought as the Ohio State were brought ask Oklahoma. Woeful. So enthralled is that guy. Does he he didn't do his homework oh don't print that it's. Ticker next question. I'm I asked like the best part of Canada questioned the cultural the single bullet that they were sprawled. You've been here boasting for hiking out and yeah. He was literally. Youth are better off it helped some races it is. We'll have a little bit and is out from the world of NASCAR and the finance our failure in Missouri native oral had more caucus Goer every week going to would Hitler there. Missouri native Carl Edwards expected to announce his retirement. Later today effective immediately for the when he seventeen year is stepping away to pursue actions. Outside of racing's a wife like turning right. And this year is Jeff Gordon next here early. These guys. It was a he's already said he needed to see what trees this year. He'll be back. Write a children's workers from it if he is because ultimately of course rates bull wins the race was on the race. He's got its state he's all locked up I mean he eats and why does an excellent attitudes bodies. But always serves that's. You know what you think of NASCAR drivers you don't think those guys look like patched at. It's purely I don't all the susceptible bodies I tried to go to a NASCAR once I got stuck in the window. And kids that. If you and you invading your always look at it they know we're not supposed to check it out through the six packs and was commenting on the triceps. About summit on this fact now I don't want to. Dubai ports aid departments expect right now. Decade the fact owned. It's. Steelers placed out linebacker coach Joey Porter on leave yesterday border. Just bad things that we got arrested yet you are astronaut a doorman and a bar. Steelers coach Mike Tomlin though I guy who lakers met several times on an elevator people had to. It's out of his decision. On order quote being in the NFL the privilege not a right. If you're gonna play this through that's the exact same thing the guys Libyan people do when I got my driver's license in intimate it's a privilege not right. I am correct about 45 intensely review react at all pompous what do spirit. I mean he knows. But I don't like the sixteen year old just got a license. Maybe he cocker probably I do a lot of this well the peca this lab no effect on the game. Poor or or he him not being with the team whatever does that affect them. 00. Lastly for you boys college buckets are on tap tonight. No I think we'll be locked down that key state matchup number 45 he stayed on the road. I suspect that this city fifteen. Minutes Zune that I should be really good game it will be locked on the zoo. At home take Iran offered fishing etc. our sister station and it was one. Eight MBZ don't want to be scrutinized not one for punishment he was he kidding it's Ike. Listen to Kansas gonna wash them out as it all night and because look the last time was the place. It was like the fight this to us that we had we have exclusive audio and Anderson after the Georgia game. Tonight on smackdown bill runs juvenile offenders are. So Barack could go to who have not knock it down well. I. There. Our security cannot look at Coca Robert. I was not Shakespeare's pizza dough and fight between Anderson and Bruce Pearl. On its community to doubt us Bruce Pearl be over the trying to get like your cuff links options pulled his jacket up front I don't follow him out of there now holds. He got my head every spam rules. Look look right Tim's did the things. Then the thing. Bruce pearl's and always legal benefits of skim them seems. I had good years. Referrals or sweaty days that it isn't it subjecting it is the nineties who would he launches apps in number two Kate must also also want an eye catcher right here on sixth in Sports Radio there and Norman's and I take on the sooners. Covers or six tonight when John Doolittle. Radio Texans were true. It's too little. I ask you how sad do you like John do you do me how sad. What what the balls are so. We're gonna go to the you know to me that band practice banquet you go to spring football re uses in bill. Good work with Ritter left and right that's right gonna go in and later this month to 44 spurt there. Mutual football fix and they are you trying to watch the games here I am not that your experience. Legal football. It's thawed out for the music stuff. 66 bankruptcy by Goodson has already hear a lot of trial assault to indicator we care. When he first I think there's a couple of workouts and invited bank meaning that go through at the time out. Just yet. Other Tebow did have a trial I've got to find where you've council's yesterday. But they have an open triumph Griese is right there he once did this for the royals. Zero what it was increase in the trial. That's a great question and has a great question we should get on that Tebow on the announcing the whole open tryouts may fifth. Turning it Annie in the community America ballpark. You had to their website. For more information you can also email he knew you were at. 9133285618. For the low price of 15105. Dollars. You can. Each open draft or to track you're getting hit seventy home runs per year it'll be the show I actually had a 117. When you're. Reduce its next. I am who. It'd mad if you early bird registration and Federer fifteen going to sign a 65 per player pre registration. From the sixteenth through the fourteenth of April it's ninety bucks man if you show up on site under five but now. I'd. That's fine when we know we're the fans are gonna play their games that the independence of insanity Silverstein ice and it's upon improvements that are no just that the SEC Arenas she's the arena. And someone I don't know when exactly Indy axis. Look at I don't know that in like butter that. But in their hands is it. It is Alison in butter and that's the zone there he's been out of Israel long line and got really excited sporting KC signing goalkeeper Andrew dykstra. But there's new manufacturer has been that sport and. Well. It was a fun game to watch last night with the national championship on the line. But that was only part of the story of the national champ ship as what happened on the field would talk about what happened all the field. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. Boom boom to. Moving. And yeah. A. Tonight actually instantly makes us here. On Zain stand. Some. When it comes to watch him last night's national fantasy gaming. There's lot of fun in terms of watching. This sort of the day. Today what actually happens on the till the finish to the game. That fourth quarter that come back from Clemson. This on Watson was the hero. He was the guy that was the two time finalist for the Heisman Trophy. Everybody loves watching him play. Going to be. We we project Dubya for strong right. Could I think the series scenario and I did either I think either but no but there is safe before they do is we don't think it gets but Matt Millen admits he said you know crazy things happen. Eight and you never really like we we let me just say how to act I fall what's happened is a good would come line policies he's too small they'll pick apart his ankles are not in Poland. It at Sears great stuff coming out yet either way too small is field vision not a great night do you want to have a drilling Russell Wilson. It's a bit decked Prescott it's looking for predate that second and Asia don't sell. You had him. Also at the prospects of Nick's statement. If he wins another CB sip at Alabama he'd be arguably the greatest. Talents of local to Walter. So there were so many different story lines but they won the really cool things and you've really paid warts and Stewart did a lot of other people. Is a story of doubles week. And why last night. Culminating into he'll William Nash it's it should also a lot of people talking about what his life has been in terms of with doubtful. I love. Because it was about the coaches because this is one thing I think beautiful lacks is as far as we'll talk with the coaching and it's. Are you really hear about the chess match between need you read my Tom. Even though my Tom's dad a ring we're talking about that. Sometimes you have that would Billick chicken Pete Carroll. You hear the coach has been talked about a lot that you you get these recoup little talk with coaches in the NFL beat Saban was a huge conversation. Prone to subvert loses he is the face of Alabama. Dabhol is with Clemson but Shawn Watson's gonna right there with them but John's going off the NFL so now face it goes back the devils winning days when that rain. When he's in a big gain you're going to be talking about dimpled swinging. Oklahoma was talking to Bob Stoops when he's in the title game how good of a coach's. And if I did each thing even. You know even at this point we have dabhol restorers rising and exceed in the DC people say he's overrated but I would challenge you this. If your college football player of your team you telling me you wouldn't take Nick Saban the coach your team a moral of course you always peoples these over the course York. Did a Sweeney is great because of the story. It was told the Washington Post for being whistled at a great story on among Yahoo!. Other outlets picked up the story double Sweeney. But they did talk a ton about the last you heard that he pleaded Alabama played for gene stallings with two guys to ever coach in play and win a national chain chipper and but there's so much more that was winning than just that. He is everything that's right with college football he's right that's what America. As far as working hard making your way about it. You might think I'm crazy right now I'm talking about a dead in its fortieth million dollars a year Conan agree to meet our success story he absolutely it's dental swinging. Walked on at Albion within the program gene stallings league's gonna make the team. But he hit the papers education. He came from a house that was messed up Aziz is Brothers. Not a good story one of his Brothers and to be homeless in Atlanta for awhile it'll is so he has mom dad does mom. There's the best signs of alcoholism and domestic abuse all the stuff in the household they laughed. DeWitt for better life they believe. To Tuscaloosa. And so had been able to go to cows is come hell or high water he would go to school. In his girlfriend of the time it's kind of weird I guess he met this is his wife and fourth grade they've been together like for. If she was get in rural Alabama he could afford to go. Big isn't he dabbled as mom. Lived with relatives and friends even the didn't call it different you know that came from nothing nothing. His mom had an eight dollar an hour job importance or they maxed out their credit cards. So he could pay for count. Miss some of the struggles these people go you go to our opinion it's almost at this point out this Tuesday at. Miss long before no doubt about being an athlete in TV you know the hundred dollar handshakes rancher with their for a lot of players now guys they get suite. He would get those ancient. So he lives with his mom in an informant had to share the same bed they immediately want. And it came down the last that he needed to pay Alabama he's going to be in the global TDs were defeated in role he's gonna have to get a job made the money. Come back he was worried about not being on the football team at this point. Yes she gets to go play in the football team right there in the mid teens is gonna be gone. He goes the mailbox discover it and those checks. Rededication day. We did it element of the money paid many for rent at those who took convenience they were living off record. He had asthma. Until gene stallings the coach Alabama finally gained scholarship after proved himself because we need apple needed. So that's a self made guy when your mom's work an eight dollars an hour to pay your tuition account just to get you there just to get to hear what he went through. It's his life story. From his dad and all the things in his mom leaving a mean it's just that. It's just a great story just the chance he may now being played it Albion just the sacrifices. They went through so museum hope hoisting that trophy. Get big or this guy's been a bit to be bitter that they be so great story and bittersweet because he loves where is that now. Stop but it's particularly oriented it is accurate that the coats that it's had to act. The dabbled Sweeney has had. Great idea is keeping it. It eats luck is when she it's meets opportunity I don't know what it is but. Mike Dubose he's on his coaching staff and Alabama local staff was fired he wouldn't real state two years. Tommy Bowden picking up the Clemson. To be an assistant coaches coach a wide receivers and other positions 20086. Games in the season Tommy Bowden bolted out 2008. Deb was the interim coach. Of fiery guy they like the it is had to make a new head coach many people didn't respect him as a coach. He's cheerleader. And kind of a bridge on Tomlin thought he was a cheerleader type of guy. In in last night he can improve himself. What he was building he's again started the tiger. Through the park and he's the one who brought this fire brought this enthusiasm we're saying. You get the right guy to be your coach and the can change everything you teach your perception organization. Been 35 years is considered one. In he wins last night and whipping I could think of what he's. Hold a trophy it was it. It's a good gap is a guy that really busted his dad's give worries that live with is nominal estimates it's crazy stuff that he went through. But that's kind of an untold story and the stories are out there. We don't talk about that was and talked about much on the broadcast. Let me tell you about another story to bed dom was in this city talked about a broadcast I've known about it for Bob although maybe about 45 days now. I've known for the longest time because he started Bakley was plane in the National Football League I was a fan of his did Danny still doing it now even though he's retired. But former info running back wartime date member of Tampa Bay Buccaneers. On out of Florida State. He's been for like the last couple decades. He's been building and remodeling homes for single parent stamps and they'd. Sell. It he has these groups. In yes I don't know what the number is party but he SS are amount a Stanley said he connects with single parent. On our families. Any connects these mothers and he makes should they get into a home day. And back in 2000. He and it was 2006. When dish on Watson was eleven years old his mother his stamp they moved it to a whole. That was donated to him Bob Ward done security your plan. It's remarkable the new home was artists came the TV computer all lost the habits were full of old. Eight and everything. That was to Shawn Watson's reality in 2006. At eleven. With wartime hoping assist to spam. Is there also dude I mean you talk about getting back you never know get a connect with the public cost they got a picture here. Just a shot watch it at eleven standing next the war done is worked on give it is on the T. Joseph agreed story stick to worry it is considering all he went through. It's really great story Joseph Watson devils winning in those days. It is synonymous together with the struggles they went there it's a great story just like that kid that was a look at for autograph eager with the tenth round of the Yankees. Oh yeah kid who's at their looking for autographs wouldn't players decide things now he's in the major leagues. You hear all the time I've seen a bunch of stuff or some some young player was doing an interview is a kid. The superstar churns out to be a superstar. Himself by the way a side note that pitches float around but Kirk cousins about. Oh Scarborough and gray and his figured to degrade. We Kansas things retreated all 12101000. Times as 221000. Like 1101000. People. Re tweeted the picture both Scarborough hey. Those arms that he's angry with Brockton. Rocked. Dude that she is have to win this weekend to preserve the arrowhead mystique. We answer that question. Studio sixty and Sports Radio don't do daddy tickets dot com right now. Sixty in particular in total to sixty in sports. Think that breaking news you just saw. On the dates. Chris may have Exxon footer at first man XY asked. Derrick Rose will play tomorrow against Philadelphia for the knicks. He's been fine for missing Monday night's lost it and so we cannot talk about your second ago when now Bryant broke the news. With a big fine. It'd just make system mean. It probably wasn't. Pool of fame Myanmar so I mean you never know. It's a pretty big jerk move defining guy for a payment mercy buddy trying to set the example and say we should and assumptions that something we're gonna find you for not saying anything. I get that by. We'll be ladies room or is it like to be a little more backlash about the case. And a zero Cuba. If popular opinion is also about it and that you and me to live in Lebanon age where. Everybody has access to email and Twitter and FaceBook everybody but the majority of people have it right there in the pocket. Via phone. Right on you at all times if the damn thing out and attacks and we put on FaceBook and program. When I read you notice. And tell you coached. And they are making explosive diary and I and I Obama could get me. I just threw with. It's your go to edit my go to they'll get shouted in nobody ever questioned them. Maybe he'd try to say that well you know. Coach bill. I had to get out of town and a Fannie and emergency Nazis to to get the year and I couldn't contact you guys because. Could board the plane with my galaxy note who's been doing that I remember exactly about 00. Of his return often put your bags and you're not closed slightly with them all. Actually happened but I agree that they were cold those phones. I don't recall. Oh. I'd beat. The question. Ellis asked both. We're down. Is to you have to win to the chiefs at as an organization to they have to win this weekend to preserve. Or misty. Mean I don't know if you have to win games to solidify her spoon me iconic feature. Must have that many times. You know I got to do good fortune of working at the National Football League were wrong. Achieve our own teams that we. I've also had a good fortune of traveling every single market you know season existent. There's something special there. And playoffs. Move on me that and ample. And we're excited to take advantage. And you've talked to the players you hear from them they're excited to play this game from our fans they're saying about the advantage. The arrowhead brings to our football team loses a factor. And our fans are good to be my. And mark Yahoo! answers a bit of strong humble Brandt. No news and had a pretty important dude yeah. A turnaround in the NFL I worked for. All the team's mini mini leather bound book. If you know this or not. But rules. Elements a lot of very exit but it is right he's right about the currently playing this morning your jewels of the National Football League you have to win to preserve missed the mistake. Best answer is he even said in the SoundBite. There's something special about our own it yet there's something special is. Great environment. Also plays and we win at home if you don't win at home. And there's a state. The Packers had to win within a B it was to get well. Seattle has Dziena win. With a twelve man is Seattle. To continue to Kerry mystique you have to win this week you know. He doesn't wanna go out and say that it's on the line us in this technically although. I'm the mystique of mine this weekend alassane. What you got to continue to win playoff teams at home when you album there for you to fill light the mystique is still. Would you pass a back. Ahead it's pretty suspect it might have been told that this market may be a sport into its. Winning a game at this or articles from this there's a mystique it earlier because of one guy Marty shot. The earth the mystique. There at stadium in the eighties it was a mistake. I was out. Is out there watching the Z eighty chiefs it was a gut. It was a good album more ready made earlier it's the team something special I think really we look back Marty. Think about what he did for Kansas City as well because she made Earl had stadium -- tough environment to go these players all say at the Pittsburgh Steelers are talking about yesterday. The U don't want that it's being spun it's loud and it tells you heard the opponents say that. Cynnex you'd like going their playing because it's so loud it feels like a college environment get excited juices. Point when you play merely stating via making a house or make it a place where teams don't wanna come. Because there's a lot of things whether it can be nasty opinions are going to be loud going to be nasty do you miss disorderly stating should be beat that helped place the work. When people say Ono Pittsburgh hit play in Sydney snug. This nugget academies that way it needs to give back that point do we need to give back the point where you don't wanna come play in early stadium I don't think people enjoy it. It's loud old Specter would stadium but. Pain that place and say day. Didn't and Peyton Manning's ears became uncomfortable out on the field. Quarterbacks make their debut later it stadium screw it up because the noise. You see that attend this year. So James Winston with a gain is first time Planar would stadium into what he issued like the chance because their right into the civil. The shop. It's good at the gave to fill the hole and make him feel bad make the Steelers. Not like the fact that they have to go on the road to play the kids in the it chief. I just think it's important man it's important. Because one of the things that we like to do is we'd like to have great pride. It had to play at home right. You you'll like it when people say miss a tough place to play. We knew we talk about your hit it was all the detail gaining custody talk about the mill race. Winning helps or there all of that usually those two things first seriously. No way to new ways. We you'll win. It or other. Puts it in other people's minds that had not big into the stadium and all this man they say that it's a waste of. And so many fans of the popular come if you look at the schedule. The seas aero had to go to able to go look at this week getting better and Steve Nelson it's like being here chiefs go to Lambeau. Bucket list we hit good Lambeau Field next year it'll say is that she's played the cowboys. Say I wanna go to and the jury's whirl and see game and that's the they can do is that each. Elected. Texture and a 620 why hasn't the weather and talked about him. We know we have we have clearly don't listen to realize our they'll be a lot more weathered tar is re eligible Libya is immense and it though he's weatherman. I love you as notice sometimes we weathered answers yet when they predict things this for our guest thinks they can get a candidate but. Would get closer to you go to CEO Leo say the new data. Indeed this is the storm's going north. South. It's too early for the weather this point it should be a factor it's going to be icing that'd be fun chiefs don't want you all think Brinkley said to me yesterday morning when shall. So this weather looks he's gonna suck freezing drizzle Friday the freezing drizzle Saturday. Freezing drizzle Sunday. It's gonna so. Around here you know like life or would you ironic curve ball sometimes. I absolutely hate. Whether talk a chit chat about the weather and let's talk about the weather or week Alice talk about it. I have to be here for forty hours a week gave basically who every day you let's talk about what. Using heavy rain Nelson. Did say freezing drills as heavy rain if there now. And for me out through school you always miss and for me you just told me that we were gonna get five inches of snow this last week and it. No I didn't. I'd first like Emerson yet that a couple inches three to five as we know. That is exactly where it's at 1363. To five is that we are getting did not he did not did not. Even made the shot I said made the short we energies that our guys. Just want you couldn't make sure that that's was joking about the water two inches so much you could imagine it. I said five just take that are able to appeal to say I. I but never said but you always only as accurate when it comes away at diverted. Never did. All right this is I'll be very interesting story. In and you know what both he doesn't hear it I'm gonna need some help with it stuck at Dover mark Donovan on Oprah. He doesn't Mary I'm getting some help detect signs 69306. Arthur limits to win it rolls. And not to communicate with each other outlooks plane next. You know I am new thing I can't say I do I don't know how to put this. But. Kind of a big deal. Really. People know me. I'm very happy for me. I'm very important. Have. Many leather bound books. And so my apartment. Smells of rich mahogany shaft. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. And match. It's pitiful one. But let's imagine. And it's. And got me by the way really. Economic corner. I'm dealing with that idiot that would be an extra inning let's fix it quickly and streets never did not just the weather. Speakers bonds' name something else where the the minutes. Everyone is texting get about like. Icy to texts. It's touch contact. The support of the big you could show a majority don't hear about high school football outside those try to take a nap. Is that your bent over half a million people have been asking you might have been people were superstar man. Comedy. I know there's people out but how many people do you genuine speaker at a high school football game who don't have a son. We're daughter as well sports in general and a son or daughter in the event a lot. Or someone with a related to a lot a lot of student bodies there than in the kid's point. Okay. That you at the games are Friday. It was getting paid the bigger. The you do they YouTube and that's why didn't you. Well I need to. I would check decide destiny a little bit ago this. It has to do with com. This story a ball warrior McIlroy. And tiger it's. It's well. So recently in an interview and you find the interview that or via the story at Lee Brown sports town. Tiger or a really difference. Today they're good friends. But they stay in here. That there has been a little bit of an issue just recently. Com. Because of tiger reaching out to Rory and texting. It is about the timing. Of the text messages. So Mort Mac or was talking about their friendship. Any also talked about how. His fiancee. Erica stole. Got upset with him. They she got civil court. Davis what Rory said a ball Tiger Woods I'm drawn to him via. He's an intriguing care to because you can speak to ours is company could see four different sides in the when he's comfortable in each trust you. And this trust is way higher than mine is great. He's multiple. But he struggles to sleep which I think is an affect of over training. Select held to calm down sometimes EB texting me at 4 o'clock in the morning uplifting. What are you doing. So his fiancee. Back towards the Osce air. Actually any state to an article actually got pissed off with them. Because he was texting. On Rory in the middle of the night now is like tiger is in the ship so now there the time difference though he's over to Ireland and the tigers here. He takes in gets in later. I just a point is this the difference but what you know things like that socialite and their people on the west goes to you probably tents all that I mean. Respectable. Are all of the of the time difference. You know what time is where your rank eagle time it is where your friends but one exist. When it comes a brawls. And let's say. Your brawls are in relationships or they're engaged or the Miree. What are the limits on the communication. Like it is there is there is time to die I don't I don't next you guys in the middle of the night. At all meaning does yes and his box score is it is there is attacks on doing it honestly read as 69 threes till six. When you have a Cold War or are all really different was they liked it. Is there. A time of night is that cutoff you can't communicate with him. This system when he's that would in August 4. I say what you get up really or I don't sometimes out you know really only at 4 o'clock polite. And you see that just say be more pissed if I ghost takes to get midnight or one examples of four or five or he needs to learn silent function. People on silent responded tiger in the morning if it vibrates or something like dictates you don't or you go full and bull silent at all. If the attackers hitting the context but let me ask you Ireland is there is there a limit to when I in text you now know when everyone. We'll see until the next days on the radio. You euros and what the ritual womanizer with six looks like eczema if I takes you re AM. I don't care 8888 anything happen what's your phone it couple ever and in the white saw. Line to the white that you saw in the woods Chopra won an accident and you start upset about it okay sailors tiger basically. Would you wise is. No. There's no cut off. For you guys are all existing needs more healthy kids and an email with somebody more hybrid and most relationships there probably is right. What relation between dating somebody probably. Its next year why it is 3 o'clock in the morning. In so happens with our phone. Are gonna say something I don't know but it if you text me aside and I'd say oh you are getting some for the show would you say is on the line. We can't let it out this is that just loves lifting me higher. Towards the preakness that's like on my pirate on the what was the questions are I say. I put the issue wonderful if our phone goals all it is 2 AM in the morning. Would you say iMac I mean Alaska sending the health text it to in the morning. With so and so okay on the subtext in the morning return a phone. And they're all sick. Now just said to your wife tell us not to icy Cold War. Put your phone on silent do you think he thinks he's van Morrison's tiger though. Tiger I love you and tiger has something to do that that's definitely how many guys that PG two receivers coming as the PGA tour. Because tiger always seemed so worn electoral. He seemed really you know he's now more I always we know this before it goes this type of I. Decided tiger did you. You think you've got a son hop on what was nobody thought tiger tournament elevator where he seems like a guy that woods at his hotel room. He talked about golf as we did Sony's PGA players. Go Tiger Woods and stayed out looking for gold and gold Tiger Woods' house stay in overtime you to price said okay. That just made their head. As always care about your went down with it big awesome and it's Mexico's trouble they don't care if they know you're going you know somebody that's a hell raiser. Womanizer reveals to me this. Somebody it's not like that appear it matter. WW one of the guy she knows the you're gonna go up there and constant trouble. But when all of these all the stuff but tiger can now. How many women and yeah on those are what they're her EG husbands so it's a way to minutes you will with this guys who hit a lot of time. When it happens to be times though not trusting. Your girlfriend or boyfriend whenever it's because a lead role. I think it's a big part of it when that person sending messages and somebody else. Mean when your I think eventually womanizer and he had a self admitted sex addict like. You probably don't want tiger text on the difference extremely bored is great guys will do anything wrong in she wouldn't care. But I did what he calls me she goes AM wells what he's up. If he's up to no good to deport three in the budget chicks trying to give meeting of the war. So it all depends on who that person is that sending that message. Like tiger there was a lot of explaining people had to do. Do with it and what tiger over the weekend is a price index that you know tigers boring and we said are we talked to all who played Samoa. Tiger Woods golf on PlayStation we settle for parts that all this came out you know every now how many these guys it's explained to do full time they wouldn't speak with. So so so if you had the opportunity to hang out one night with tiger would sit in Las Vegas. No they won't open it up to go to wherever whatever city wanna choose the. You're big group like why after our. That's because Tiger Woods they may be I think she's aware of what Tiger Woods has done before the accident Null after the incident Elliott. I want to text you guys at all times and I know every man. It's a mistake public I'm not that guy like Tyson and I know that Cindy know violate that does ivory sells the phones emails is different evidence of leverage your phone a lot of people hurt at all but it does some other notifications on just don't hear any sent in light saying sightings on cell fees alike want me. Yeah he McCarron pirate that he got notes that he uses in stuff it. Both 31 in the morning against her for Ford got no problem with that got no problem. I signed on the nine and three is anyone actually verified that because Mary I have a hard time picturing his wife. And that includes one I have true and always true obviously she's. Almost saw her assault importance I did in the testicles in a street the man person. It really feed that was approved. You just think this she'd be more upset a Bol as a pulls to the 4 AM poll Dole's architects like. Much earlier like midnight 1 o'clock. Who keeps their full on it. I do we still. It's a big difference LT LT is a huge difference point I'm fearful Arenas execs don't know what time the cut off from my mama's boy. A special income. So hotline. Hidden. That's especially you know got off to butter burger that with a senator phones were would I have she regional Michael's lake. Not three to those. Would be years ago Wasilla. What's. It and you're talking about. And work and talk about. No idea. I do know that you have to phones and continually confusing me. We talked about it. We got some votes that's not the reason but I can tell you released one. And I got to give up this gives number. Yeah. Our operating. Two minutes in excess when about a dozen national test scientist Ian. I waited to hear what you'll power had to say about the Steelers season matchups next. Studio sixty in Sports Radio don't Judy tickets dot com right down to sixty in particular using promo code sixty in sports.