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01/10 - 11 am - Why Now?

Jan 10, 2017|

Jamaal Charles came clean with the fans last night, but the guys wonder why. Plus, this week's installment of Don't Be That Guy & you can't overstate the importance of Sunday's game.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Noble's. Hughes and my bag on the face of that game out. Location. Sixteenth portrait a successful. That. The mall charts but its. Outlook the year. Going back into city chiefs. We wish we had a healthy. Because he's only player Italy. Dynamic as this. Is not the case. You got a role to the wells was been so we're intricate request. To long. Even though he's out. Now playing. He has some things that he wanted to say get off assessed. He did so. Add two more Charles 25 dot com which I do it nobody's looked like before but not think that we all know about. And essentially. Bomb he has this is called the latest this year in Nam. And he said before I didn't are into an update on my injury. He thanked his son teammates from the team the city he was started proud to be apart organizational problem with these does she this year into the playoffs. In all that stuff. Big he states this this is directly from his website. The story out the world was at there was swelling in my need that help be back but that's not what that. The need didn't swell or anything like that I didn't get hurt in a game either I get her on the practice. I says it's a tough break for me but I can't relief while he's been down its border or denounce it trotted rehab and get back right. So then he adds another section where he's talking about dumb. How like dot. And essentially says that he came back in week four needed to shake off some rust. Two weeks later he's been really good he thought he had a good game against Oakland. Any to do some extra stuff and it essentially says that in doing some extra work in practice. That's when he tweaked his name in need of getting re injured he says is his late just locked up. Ice as it was a painful that was just something weird about it and locked up and I couldn't walk at to be carted off the field so essentially he's saying today. Eating get hurt McCain he got hurt working out with a squad duels at the start here in Kansas City but that. He's making it seem as though like the knee injury old what's happening him lately. Is not is significant is everybody's been talking about he has had swelling on his knee and all that. This the wanted out a civil all that is what I will Jamal Charles I think he's Nam. Matt enormous personal moments that guy seems like they're a nice dude beard white guy. Om phenomenal running back. After to support decision tomorrow with this right now I I this August and the timing of this because. Essentially what he's say news. From his perspective it's almost like he's calling that she's out to be lights talking about this woman on the he's giving his perspective gives a different perspective on it. Being in that seats but to come out with it now injured leading up to playoff game in a big time matchup he gets this park. There's one thing acting guarantee you tomorrow eighty re will be asked about it now to Amy read wanted to be asked any Jamaal Charles questions to. Mar when he beat me. Either is where deal is welcome back out of it was the swelling I think that was reports cultural this knee swelling. Well automated in the game when it releases practice he was carted off that practice we have no idea if this happened I thought the timing of his weird. He's trying to putting so about 49 years old PC don't forget about me. He's fine and then that rocky road guys get to in the NFL he don't forget about me I'm a big part of the story totals that he wants to be a port of the story steel. In him coming back always questions now forty thinking. From the age came from the that she certainly happy about this one they don't let their players that are injured depressed well. You don't do interviews and injured chiefs William Hurt Jamaal Charles anywhere. At least book with the chiefs. I've heard Jamal operating G your needs are more comments from NFL network wants that'll time back when the deal were and they were talking with you ramp or talking about he could come back. You know he could be one of the guys that he's bringing back its that a Justin marks solar there was all the discussion. I knew what happened it would come in from the chiefs they wouldn't put this out here. Because it'll be forced into mall they would get everybody be any read an entrance and you know they can hovering into mall back but it minutes on. Tells me that for the playoffs they'd be talking about that. But they didn't do it at this came up from the agent. I think this article was spurred on the I think Jamal wrote it but I think his agent definitely influence the decision to put it out there. This really surprised because you don't hear guys talk about them he said. What would you'll say the world is talking about my knee swelling and that's not what happened that basically what Jamal saying. Really weird timing for small to do. In this another thing we did say that maybe it's the ball solid they're his aides have put out there wherever it may be both the put it out. This a thing that really. Just scratch my head about this is I don't think that this. Let's sit in the good light. He states that some of what's he says would really dot real was that next week I was at home playing with my daughter. She grabbed my leg and locked up just like it had at practice at that point I started thinking. How much good to go out on the field of play if I can't even play with Mike gates. My daughter is for your soul for grabbing my leg is when he calls to lock up a match what would happen if the 300 pound dude they'll all meet. How does that make you well. Healthy. And ready to go to any NFL football team. That I tell every day. Do you really make an investment and Jamal Abu basically when he put those out there. He's delta chief and he has done with the chief once this went up there there's the way. This is gonna be she's going to be happy. And it's not bad they were talking about the swelling he's the nominee wasn't slowing. Relief here it is he's well he's is that it's owing him. Where there was huge city slowly doctoring injuries though he locked it up a mean I don't know maybe the chiefs trying to protect IC and it was safe is knee locked up I don't know if they're trying to do a solid trend Duma favor but this definitely. Doesn't help. Jamaal Charles I just I think the timing of his bed I don't think that you put anybody in that organization the high erupts. And starting with Ada county to put him in the position where they got to answer questions about you tomorrow I. I just don't think that that's the right to do and it beat the other thing is is. You're you're you're taking the attention should be on the T. The Tutsis to be on been going up playing in the playoffs beat it should be on the Pittsburgh Steelers and we're talking about the malls up and ask to not be decay. Here is the quote from the story the story on the world Luther who there was swelling or many they'll be back to tell what happened when he didn't smell anything like that I didn't get her bikini either. I got hurt on the practice field. This is not the chiefs do this and get a player out there announcing. Didn't have the game the deputy where else is haven't on the practice field we know that. We didn't know this infamy. She still at these guys talk and he's done put a muzzle website so. I'm sure over the they're not exactly thrilled about this luxury B reads not going to want it so that he agreed sidesteps the open what you did Kelsey thing. Weis said on San Diego. But John Dorsey made eagle on the Green Day. Which well this endorsing talk or BO if you only getting to the questions. Himself a man of GM should be up there specially we had to oppose these people to talk the G. When you were John Dorsey is that. Most questions going to be positive look at did you have anything critical the say about John horse and the bid is gonna besides the buy them to what he's gonna say is this. I only talk about the players are. That's exactly as it was say. And it's gold gonna go on to the next question if you say we look forward to challenge the Steelers. Well coached team Mike Tomlin got a lot of respect form bins when super bulls got a lot of respect for. First question conjures. Law Jamaal Charles wrote an essay it's that it was swelling in his name. Eighty really well we're talk about the players that are here. This question. I've heard the opinion a couple of different times and that and a sort of usually you don't understand that I. Of him bringing this out. And I think. We've seen talking decision we've seen it twice this year now at Jamaal Charles agent at least. Twice that we believe this year. Has put information out there to keep Jamal relevant and in the news cycle once when it was. Is Jamaal Charles ready to return from the ideal partner wants are asking the question will Jamal beating guys designated to return and we all know. It just marks lord was god but. What we did his agents initially put that information on the team and what they're like. David do everything that we believe what is believed that his agent put that information Turkey Jamaal charles' name. Right on the tip venues like the saints and and I believe it is the saint sinner because this weekend. On the status the chiefs are guaranteed one more of all the guarantee. You lose you don't have a time talking about in city chiefs sees. So this weekend. During the games broadcast they will be talking about there will be a legitimate here there and how there down their star running back in. You know they might be the end of the line for Jamaal Charles here in Kansas City they'll have that. That story in the game. And conversation jokes you know. It sort of agree. And if so what so what Jamal and his agent want to do is bearish side of the story out there have that information. At their disposal when they tell that story when they talk about it. And so essentially what Jamaal Charles is doing here. Is he's posturing for a free agent deal for 31 other NFL teams think I'm ready to go hostile nation that you were given wasn't correct here is what I'm saying happened. He's posturing does to accident they'll east posturing what he's putting himself bourses the team. Okay this team is in the week I'll play a big time playoff game so not everybody has to he has. Our answer those questions would ask the ball to ball and number two. The actual information he has on his website. To. Winning it really got real was that week his daughter grabbed his leg and his leg locked up on a match of the 300 pound dude felony that's all it's. I think there's a couple different ways to perceive a number one is the way the you're looking at a two would be that. I think that Jamaal Charles when he comes out bad information says what I did an injury in the game. I didn't injury doing the I was putting in the effort to try to make a full time and be back up I injured at practice in a matter trying to put in the extra work to get back to where I need to be and that. That's how we have a civil war still a bit doesn't it actually because we know it's gonna go into. Todd is hard in the actual game that you gonna go to practice for the most part. Right well. I should not have. Everybody died it's a list this silly when your rehab in any danger once full throttle our group that some scientists see the whole purpose of and I don't the first of a chemical about the chiefs and he'd see the purpose of couldn't talk about forty year old daughter and has let locked up I don't simply won't. Favors I think this is bad advice I mean I all the eligible Charles player. And I respect everything that he's done here in Kansas City but if I'm Jamaal Charles at this point. The chiefs of disseminated false information at least from what he's making it sound like they they have not old. The trooper been forthcoming about all the kings of the enemy is is these messed up amazed. These well. The job they did as well. Say it got it wrong. So you're Jamaal Charles in the writing on the wall actually I think she's made it sound better than it actually was but it took Jamaal Charles and the writings on the wall for you for your exit from Kansas City. T care. We care what they. I mean I guess if he doesn't give a damn big big audience and say whatever you wanna say as they did it's. I'll bet he our strategy on his part stop talking about it may not helping it. That you can do that he can do right now to help himself with all the other teams out there as to what might. He can't do right now the yeah. It's his warm the seats to all other teams are likely take the same in this that he's a CNN we won't see you play. You might mean and the day at the bottom. At the end of the day he he doesn't have film from this I mean he's got a couple plays from the here but outside of that like yes to rely on his name recognition and where is that and the information of the team was put out there. And you know I am not legally once you guys are very. Because he doesn't care. You know secure because the chiefs are going to be talked about two weeks if the chiefs lose this Sunday at arrowhead not play next week and talk about it. But why it in two weeks so what did she's played it two weeks in two weeks any. General manager in the NFL to pick up the phone and try to get into contact doctor Andrews and still no real studio. Don't worry about that seeks to meet the whole key are putting the soccer is is. I don't think it's because they'll look I think. The idea is out of sight out of mind when it comes Jamaal Charles and if if the chiefs were to be eliminated this weekend the chiefs now become out of San reminding Jamaal Charles story about. You him missing the season in not being their for the playoff run. That's all gone by the wayside he missed an opportunity to capitalize on people having. Eyes and ears on what they're trying to say about it. And so I mean basically the end of the day I think that all he really saying is. Great place so that I'm good to go to them and I'm ready to play anesthetist. If it saves a lot they beat this or this week it okay Spitzer or has a big swing. You because beat the backfires on the top two weeks now not necessarily on the Hinckley. You know brought it'll be honest with etiquette ship sailed they've already talked about mold and lead on the first time. I don't of this makes network I don't think he put his personal website at. And don't distort. Angle Al Michaels Chris Collins worth even touched. I don't you think that he wins the chiefs this year he's just not a story you think that win Jamal charm or are you being with pins are where Turkey entered west. Are struggling to run a ball. That they won't mention a Jamaal Charles their star running back with lawfully you don't think that's going to be a being brought. No they still he brought up to please be brought up they barely even brought up old this year but I guess my point is this we all read this okay we brood already had to say. Might take away from it is this. I would Jamaal Charles stain easily won back with LT but the tenor and tone for this bitter Cold War is that is why he's breaking down. Yet what would they even talked about these trade I remember the broadcast talking about just in Houston B and when he's been out this year it's barely mention. It's barely mentioned some that she's cooler app that's part of I think they're not talking about it she's injured and this is the thing. Justin Houston had taught us what in the Disney. Yes absolutely daft that doing so do you think there's somebody to meet his political seems odd as liars tomorrow asked a question about small beads just use the I'd be what should the but but that is all saying is is it hits the player organization in a bad. That I don't want it to end like this would tomorrow I think justice may god is being to too what's a stand right now distillate and likeness. Here's here's here's the story. When Jamaal Charles went up from October. Pro football talk Charles continued. Continued trying to give back with the chiefs take this day Charles Wilson is questionable for Sunday's home game against the saints because of some niece well. The left in limited participant for these things were out there. Gradual Charles talking now being carted off the field in practice. Get out of the gates talked about. We didn't know that information before last I don't know we didn't we did there's a lot of things that we didn't know before last night and he was very forthcoming. About his injury his rehabilitation process all the things surrounding it. To me I don't feel like a players that forthcoming with the posturing himself for 31 other NFL teams. I decide I'm just gonna would sat out set the respectfully disagree on this act. I see the timing is a little bit bad. Right now from promote supplement but I digress arm. We're all Watson and national championship game last night. But there was another story that was absolutely weird that people were talking about what to Tibet that. Boom studio sixty and Sports Radio. It got us here. Six in Sports Radio eight just to clear one thing up to people don't remarkable walls and you can't judge about certain information I guess doctorate but it ended. If two more Charles as a free agent. Wants to latch onto another team Indians are tall and about his health status. He you know to see it from dot inches for him to reveal that information. And you think this most likely going to be the case the people doing the research because it not about the pay millions dolls to an athlete. When they feel like he's damaged. If you Ecstasy on Bynum are good teams is. We took your doctor yes. Explain 69306. Of the 816 a got a question. Tonight here right parking for the chiefs game Sunday is sixty boxer. You did hear that right if you don't pay for an advance if you go to you go buy your parking online in advance however it's only thirty dollar priced so. Sixty at the gate are 35 in your online go ahead and independently or government that you want anybody in the books are. This is a real easy way to fix that he could just not too artistic he bought. It. And we go about our. O line. Gil and 35 books these. And let's move to. Leverage him right in there Dolan lights you read the state. It would export traffic when I Iran or because people bad taste for the product we shouldn't and you are couple hours you bad. Now there were being middleman he's on a silly for a couple hours you don't want them. Last year the home opener against the Broncos Benny and I left the state the station about. 5 o'clock. We in the press box to about 740. Did you left right middle Russia I mean you'd expect. Drove into the I made a bad mistake and pulled this right you right. Like that's a little bit odd to me your fault or Eisner's the type of what is commercial. Clearly about the right after the show and clearly this is on this it yeah I guess thanks based. Purse it's been. All. Did you see. It this was record here last night but it's a race it was to lacrosse on Twitter. It everybody was to sort out hustled in the Dallas gonna be fun but also Derrick Rose. Disputed it was a nasty it was a game yet easy to run and we're it was extra blitzer Derek rose didn't exciting team last night. Take it wasn't like. The New York Knicks would just sit on their couches. Watching the national championship game they had there was actual NBA game on last night ordained that we're taking there were taken place. And the next one of the teams they were playing at home. It gives New Orleans. In it blows about fourteen points but the big story that everybody was talking about was. Where is Derrick wells. Derrick Rose. Did not show law for the game. Ed Millwood to getting to contact with their roles he was missing in action. No one knew. It everybody was freaking out about it. Day so all the tweets were going out over the course of the game Derek role is not here he's not the arena late nose reset nobody to get a hold of him. The knicks coach has to do a whole problem that does though. The GM ticket don't you get a hold of nobody or is that pricing model point. Final. Bit later that all last night late last night they found out that deer rolls was it at home. Was paying it now it in an apartment or Condo whatever in New York he was back in Chicago. Now oh cool when he finally got a whole album he claims that he had a Stanley emergency which. Bed is seems odd. Wait you had. A falling out with the colts over the week in you guys got into law a shouting match. He got its. In all the said he doesn't soulful work on Monday. It's this weird howl. Dear roles you've got to fall from grace the roles man was seeking BA MVP. Then he starts badly the injuries. With the knees and stuff like that and now he's at the point where he was the big the big all season acquisition. Ford to New York. Next and it sounds like he's bought it. One out of go UCL a family emergency even if that's that's true. The people tell their gas costs for somebody work suck it is not adding up people to work they've lemurs tell your boss Eminem gonna get them to do I gotta FEMA emergency. The ego leaders there were questions you still wouldn't take care of the business at least the you're going. You saw social media like idea night item is it to Ryan to. The people legitimately think in light something really bad happens that. It S not really tell anybody what you know shortened two game. Takes one phone call it takes is called one guy or texting one person hey tell him I've got a few emergency I'm gonna beat out bill Tony. Nobody. It was weird news. CD EU by feel they were to see if it is thirty you tell somebody hey I'm the what do temper tantrum I'm leaving your tiger. That helps you tell your colts eight and you go. Even if you don't eat eat you know GM take tennis and he picked a player Philip player teammate. Guys and find out about until after the game until until to no law. His long time he made in Chicago and now currently in New York this what he had to say after the game a ball the other role situation. And I use stuff. And no and you don't want it but you want those guys and he had he been. And okay. Everything is okay it was okay. How much surely there's commuting here. He's going to. Refuse to take on the successful after the mosque at home. He's. Is an effect. Another incredible easily. I so that was all he was all he was say is he's OK but to what asset and saw that video of no talking to the media to she was now. He was really down about his guy. Hope the best of their roles man Derrick roles though this is Nam. It's a sad man to see the fall from Grammy this got number one pick. Of the draft class. That draft last boast top eight's what began around. You had you had him number one overall I think Beasley will set it. That year. Com. And aides this unfortunate man will see a day today any updates today. They've not a date is wasted the latest that I walk I had seen the latest the latest that I know Walt. Was that he said there was a Stanley Marcy and he was she got oh I guess who's gonna travel back to New York today. Desolate but yet I'm glad to bedazzled Kate does it sound like a lead the way to it would tweet about initially do in the course of the game. Like there with a beer retract possible situation would dare roles of the New York next he would know that. If we did some digging deeper to freak out the idea Jake thinks this is the biggest he's gained in the last 23. Years the tell you why. Studio sixty in Sports Radio no Judy tickets dot dom right now I guess it did a particular using promo code sixty in sports. Yeah. There was evidence that. Presents. Early my mum today here and a growth now. My mother nature of picture of me and my Brothers naked in the bathtub. I was told about eight month old but I generally. We ask you. To actually. Over SP. What she do and they wasted little FaceBook yeah. All played he'd said anything like whenever quote I'm I'm fine with that could be and it is adorable are drizzly Seattle have. Picture that you're sued coming in based on line it's it's my older Brothers that should be concerned about McDonald wrote a sentiment obviously seven years old. Then there was two other naked. They had. The best idea this is also should meteor relief that humility and go out the window. When your when your little kid like I know my grandparents when you slow down lake of the Ozarks. And we go down there during the summer and they have like plunged out. That was like with the prison shower of like brief shower heads and we don't is number their naked shower nobody cared. And they could do just that men. Bulls bet. On China thing. Somebody took a picture here. Was Nolan. It was yours adult Dolan ever Dolan at home one weekend went out some lakers like dead. There's a big if it did geez are you joining us on yeah there are groups out there were jurors they were great speaker. He don't care. Schaub and outlets that Larry's saw that picture I was at all. I am not impressed guys out there at all nobody care unity here I'm not embarrassed by the at all. Like I'm the only one running around with a picture of me in a sibling naked and without wade the pictures out there now that's right here it is prepared and we're right bill out maybe. Resist give us some yet put speaking of pictures as 1983. Dusty was put together some pictures for FaceBook for Roma red Sunday post game show you tune it. He's the picture of me in that suit. That'd put on that though clothes like it's the body suit and like body suit all yes that's an excellent. Surely got a better when the bats pretty good. What about that do you think things are a dozen don't culture. Does men are being down is sell what you think that this weekend's game for the chiefs. Could possibly be their biggest. Gains in the last entry yet think it is it's a divisional round game and they made the division round last year but it's different states different technically doing. You lose divisional round New England when he started one in five OK you lost the patriots. You go back. When's the last time that she's or individual that they were the wild card in 2013 2000 in 2006. Are considering those huge games because you were the number two seed needed nipple to bandage he didn't have the by. With the chief said the bus. 2003 playoffs they for real big game that's the no punt game. Eating apples colts priest's home fumbles the only change of 97. 95 they were in the divisional round. It into the AFC title game once. It was January 23 1994 it's last time they've been to AFC title game except the 1969. Playoffs. We played in the comfort champions gate change in his January 4 1970. You in the AFC title game one year. Since nineteen said. Warts in it was Joseph want him you have a chance in the reason why I think this game is bigger than those other ones including that won't do it for real. Which stake in this big big if they're they're in the AFC title game again dated when. Events on the next update this much tees on this one. And an AFC title game we the biggest game in Kansas City. Since that 94 UC cheap should be involved that is what's gonna get on the doorstep going to Super Bowl. Nudity. An AFC title game. This is rare for the chief talk in 1960. Doc in 1994. That's it basically anybody. Did so. Well what what these are rumored to lead 67 years old humor what's going on. Yeah they're relieved that makes sense yet be born in the sixties mid sixties. Even remember the first time they would the Super Bowl in need to know if you remember. Five years old you're born in 65 OK maybe. 1960 that's probably you need to be born. Two river pursue people are still people around her recalls and tackle Tom Herman people who remember the person get that school liberal neither cool. The most people's lifetime they've been to the top Egyptian game one time. Wright has been alive for how many games Ryan how many wins three Marie. Rate to more than 9394 playoffs. One of them course last year. That was it. Replay if you've been alive with the chiefs. At this mistake like they're really good football team being missed him our neighbor by the chiefs can always say the chiefs their got her early years the royal struggled. 93 of chiefs chiefs are good competent organization. That would expect dirt playoffs will be kept these great regular seasons they get to the postseason they'll win. Whichever is this impression. That the chiefs are really good today help you if you're not winning in the policies. And the perception was because the chiefs were getting in the postings and they're really good day. You're really good regular season team. He really did play a team Alicia actually start winning games in the playoffs they want to divisional round last year and when they lose at their big deal. But the thing about this is your Angel and I don't it's. Richer at home with the number two seed got the bye week you play divisional round with a chance to go the FC title game. If they don't win this game is the season even a success when in twelve games. Mean there's going to be people out there is of course it's the success they've won the FC west with six NL in the division called for. Isn't really if you lose. In your first playoff game you even make it to the FC title game the right of home game against the Steelers. It was done in the right now raised the experts say seven raced. Did you expect to Gulfport this year and only that you got a whole game against that that's the big east if that's the biggest difference yup I used in 2003 at that point. That home game as well. You've Pittsburgh Steelers ran for this scenery. It made the playoffs three times in four years. Police say about it if you look back adding he read of the shares that are right for years with the playoffs three times won one game you beat price of warrior. In the post and that's the quarterback to BP Brian point. That would be. If if you don't make it C title game I don't know how you say this season it is a success. We sweep the division we have all these pieces in place which we all know that she's Beagle and a million different directions next year. Dave told John Dorsey Jamaal Charles who knows what the chiefs look like. In 2070. Might look completely different. I told you this morning and I think this is kind of one of those tipping points. For some fans because. Of the fans that were lost. Right after that Marty year some of the guys some of the people were just young maybe even remember them Marty here. They don't reliever call make the playoffs all those years like they don't they don't remember when the chiefs were in that you know. We're gonna get the dance but we're still is gonna be snake bitten we get them like they don't remember those days they remember the Gunther Cunningham there and the Dick real lawyer. And like those of the teams that they stay with. And even if you're late to the party it's still the same result like we have. Consistently seen our teams be good enough to win a division good enough to compete for division make a Pope make a playoff. And the ages one and done go. And I think that when we see a play off win last year what it does is it just takes our expectations. To that next level we saw and when he fourteenth when he fifteen with the Kansas City Royals. You make it to the World Series shock everybody you know what next year was well Walters or bust. Well now it's AFC championship or boss I think a lot of fans opinions I'm with you and it goes ahead and have a great game. To a Kagan court if that it's being it's easy to game it's sudden. Keep out to race I think we're in a weird zone right now to Wear light. We're comfortable and believing and having faith in the chiefs is a fan base. And we wanna keep that in the back reminding you know what I've seen this organization do this to me for my entire life. And you know like I told you big grand am going to be 35 this year I've seen the Reid home playoff game that you re playoff wins in my lifetime like. That's always going to be in the back of fans much perception in your mind is she's always been a good team. An end to this article like Al in the but the eighties don't think you're you're too young the perception right now is that I think a lot of the narrative surrounding the team Allen team comparisons to. The ravens and and and 85 payers because this scoring aptitude on defense at all these things like it builds up this hope for fans that. This is that this is the use our timer on the go into all the pieces. Are starting to come together at all line and we've got the head coach who knows how to do it he's been there before he's great off the bye. He's got a great record all these things like a built up and our head but we're at a tipping point where they lose. You don't know what we throw that out the window we may be read you've got you know Alex Smith GAAP you know somebody did the Phillies are certainly get. Is that you not filling in 2015 when when the world's now to the hot start addressing you this are here. We did so much good things last you get into the World Series this is what we're gonna cash in. Act like she stands right now they filled same way they feel like this is time to cash in we have to make the most of this opportunity. I think. But he looked to like look at last year's playoff setup the cheats you go in anyone out Houston on the road. 88 you blanked on the road in the play. The great account on air Houston Texans were packed it I. You going to shutting somebody else out in their house in the playoffs is an impressive feat that you go when you hang with the New England Patriots. And become a comes down to you know bone headed clock management the end but you know what you were in that game. And you you were able to hang with that with the best in a lot of people's assessment. And so naturally you take that next step as a fan base. I think a lot of people you know now people we are texting and or tipping points and you know maybe it was the colts' comeback like that. I think a lot of it has been re deep. I think a lot of fans have Don you know what were put that in the review year we know that that occurred but this is. By some stretch a very different team. We've got a very different defense. Got very different looks in the way they approach and I think the culture and mentality of the team is is completely different. Hell we even heard. We're a little later rebuilt our was on Jim Romeo and talked about how this is a completely different chiefs team for when the Steelers face in and week for just this season so. I think this is is. When we look at this team and at least in the 2016 when he seventeen scope. We look at this team our faith has been somewhat restored in the fact that we do believe that they can play. And you get home playoff games like you to even more hope that they can win another playoff games this year take that next so. I think a lot of people or are right there on the cusp of wanting to believe. But if you lose. Lose a lot of. You do in that she's taken steps we will what are tea they just hit you into the post season. They she would experience would team's expertise from the get the title game with a get the seat for what he won one teams begin the regular season. Keep yard of our occupied from August to January. You're okay with what happens after that. You when the post season or far. Indy Reid's taken steps he's built his team take steps you get the title game and actual border. They'll be that guy next on the basis. A studio sixty and Sports Radio. He's a and I. I'm. You'll learn a back to face deflate things. We'll joust. Here on sixteen. Coming up about ten minutes. It's another 65 or sixth back. They ship. But basically to be fine. If you file. It it it. It's best what's the future. You don't need that story. Is going as best depth you know I don't need mrs. current information in their body joint information but they'll like it. It is just missile once it's excellent. And I tell you click column of fatty end runs lobbed at him anymore. Go home. Home on your new excellent speakers go too by the way. No excellent I can see his responses to tax. Chemicals and that is a run five miles. Bring. Every time it's that's that's. Pretty good actually that's a what do you think about during a five. Mile run banquet. He grabs the playoffs he. Justice is it bounces me get. Playoffs. And gusting I go to the gym two months how long huge concessions banquet. Two hours at least. It takes you two hours to run of five and a half miles solo looked decent hour for that. Now we're live in Italy it runs by the half miles an hour. That's pretty good pay by the way 52 in one hour so your body your own like a nine minute mile pace. Swear no I don't advise illegals currently eleventh who would do it six times a week. Eleventh and twelve row Trevor religion can verify this up that Trevor we're all about yes a pretty different older fun. That's a pretty good pace and the crowd movement that's. Guess he assured of words we so percent. The one Sanofi you eat while you run through there. And then defeat the purpose that is best movement. You don't stop if I wouldn't you and they had to be yes and don't. Get pretty lord. Would you also be in charge. Now you're not as large do you feel less than church no no boats and let it. Yeah I'm with you battle run. Outlaw with a pulse as to Adobe. Don't beat the guy. You can't tell you won't believe. I changed my show. Don't blame bad guys went I will be that guy has to be pretty way. It's this story that I saw in your daily news Illinois being just 22 years in prison. Course stealing. A TV remotes. Yes. You are right. Illinois and altitudes is still felt miserable in an apartment complex common area. Has been sentenced to 22 years in prison. What's to be acts. That sounds ridiculous to common area air's remote brand well. Again in August of 2000 dollars an act it's true. It 2015 to be universal remote. From a week department bill which dropped the glove before he left the complex didn't you quit you know jaded. A DNA sample taken from the glove matched uncles DNA belongs in the states convicted. Bentley and database so that's his issue is that. He's got rats but still the oh remotes. 22 years. And I did it because that's what they say right here's a story because of his criminal history demand was eligible for thirty years in prison. Randall list and activated a series of similar revolt in television sets. Other apartment complexes gear box though he was a serial remotely as we don't like taking them. Tumble. Did you want to play two years now where you are hardly played worse. In ninety nears. Gets ahead Pryor's picture in twenty years of steel you absolutely make of a story as to why you're in jail today. Yet but I'm assuming you love the sale and still make only minimum security prison time. This guy looks like today when you hear more. Immediately your parade starts but it still be universal remote just wondering is universe. This what the state started a multiple devices. Robert Berlin's state attorneys at this mr. Graham wells illegal activity it is his yes finally caught up with them. For god so global stolen. Mr. ramble report Bob repeatedly thumbed his Knowles at the ball he took what he won in time and time again and expected to avoid the consequences. That's not how it works as mr. ramble as now now now now the letter he got ill eat it's. Jim duel that. Killers let's now. Twenty years. I. Actually going to be big thinking and reading the new album. And nothing. Do you are you gonna go through regardless of tax people don't know some things about you every cutesy name. Basically they wanted to know if took it to dip and run. X legend you don't you take to do about it he didn't look healthy choice the healthy choice. Someone on 573 is wanting to know who holds B cupcake on a stick in front of you. Trevor I. And you know I guess that's the same thing is never read them both prefer red voter that bridge had been eclipsed the but what is its it would speed you have an all. Star five point three Eagles to six point one. Broccoli flying. Hell no why is it close late all you want it's only one point five this medicinal. And six is Dominic JDS for forty minutes it's none for when he gets about thirty minutes hitting point five minute. The next ten minute increments I didn't want them home with. Improving nominee you've read don't be that guy basically born 'cause I certainly don't wish to be like that. I was like one. Agree and you can if you ask me to a gym and. You don't want to us this morning about the mile man opens fire despite slices grilled cheese sandwich yeah Kabul now. That remote these has nothing on him he made a sandwiched. He sat down earlier. He went back into the kitchen for a we went back to the kitchen for a glass of water some sort of beverage came back and his wife has stolen distinguished career double the normal person would do anything. And shoot her shot at. I don't seats. She's publishers and their particular shredded cheese put it on the on the pan and then put this thing was on top with the shooters are white or groceries but it. And I know I want. Is it with a cup of tomato soup or not. Certain sacrifices to tread mills of a downhill settings that's the only way I see you moving met. I don't think it. I have today it takes a while I don't what don't you. I have to break at any time you wanna go right next I'd not got it geared to what does it appeared he would do if they need to take all five and happened once. Here you 100% a group. I'm up for news channels they guarantee it. I was gonna wrap up Adobe that dime. In two minutes. We have the sixth his or suspect you. Studio sixty in Sports Radio don't do daddy tickets dot com right now. Sixty in particular using promo code sixty in sports.