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01/10 - 10 am - What It's All About

Jan 10, 2017|

Bink says that last night's National Championship game is what college football is all about. Plus, Chiefs President Mark Donovan wants to put your mind at ease.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On six there's Sports Radio six report by John Bobbitt called off guard and fought to a guard to Carl Edwards retirees asked. Then got past the shot. Is a shock. Say briefly that got its start. I'm assuming that Brinkley is going to have at least two or more. Over the course of the so I'm sure they say because we did not need sleep last night. After the national championship. Game but it's to be going right what is the over under on hours left fortunate last night. Two and a half cocked I'll take the under there was a lot of post game. Think it's exactly the loop I was watching the baggage cast of the bag why standard what's got them helped Illinois how long he would on the block I don't know why involve. Yeah John Watson on all the kids. The game was replay. Sidewalk overnight faults. The recap. It's great game at the game won't be it was once the ages. It was a fun night washed houseful bald eagle what house he watched the game and and Ryan is not the biggest out football fans out here. But he did say he was going to watch the game last night if you participate her and so many people. Don't Twitter saying. I would gonna watch and we'll watch this one more chief's game but as what you're culpable as. It's which you get. There's a lot of people saying it was too long it's college football mean I thought it was too long ought to be will be a lot of people did abortion would you dirty you culpable. Fresher blood people were shocked palpable out. It's it's that's how long ago I know I know that well. Typically they don't hold that long but that's what I'll Woolsey averaged trended up since yeah a little bit. Every half hour average has treated up but there's cult is it to the dates the last night. Number one start to gain early instead it only after 7 o'clock starting in the 6 o'clock hour so get in get obese tooth you're screwed. Secondly. The artist but these tools are always on about how they made it real yeah exactly. And in specific younger and it's secondly pass time was way too long. And I did it trying to you don't get avatars that you try to do all the money whatever but to me that just made for a bear to look like this. If you checked out of the football game before 10 o'clock. You missed a fabulous. So it was important glimpse into that touched on their second the least evened the score a little bit we thought okay we have a game what you thought this was over. Right the beginning when both are beast mode on everybody on the Clemson defense she needs a leader in Rio or run the ball but this game had everything you want. Did the passion. Did he wrote the bill. The hero John Watson. When he UT in the major villain. Most people don't like Nick Saban I'm on the other end and the like exceed been what he's done for football. But that was what was as a hero in the bill less than it was everything you like about college football many game. Was right on the in the two best teams in the country early these two teams needed to play each other Clemson destroys Ohio State in the semi finals 31 and open. Alabama unscathed this season. Really the show and once that fuels the only guy. With clubs although more Jackson played Clemson I think he spoke to give him a run as what was put that would be Clemson a do you feel it through the only team beat you beat Alabama. Nick Saban five and one. In college football title game appearances unbelievable record he was the bill. He was the guy that typically winds all these games in India the show on watch a lot of people had slight into the second round. Which truly negative happened because he's gonna be a top ten pick. A this year in the NFL. A lot of hot tea expo and we should have should he won the Heisman he finished third two years ago we finished second this year yet all those takes going together. Great story lines as well. In one great story line is payable sway me yet talk about the fact he's one of two coaches that played more and national title and coached national title. Demos went Alabama. He's insisting Cotto we played we assistant coach. In in stores in Alabama citizen exe retires they'll be calling dabbled Sweeney to be there to coach but that's the story. The store is what I think gambles when he really encompasses America. He encompasses college football in a lot of people don't know was back in the DC this enthusiastic oaks beacon recruit yeah this guy's history. This guy is the American success story he justice he won an actual title last night -- you think about. Things he's been. He was a walk on and Alabama did the one. He had fathers uncles and domestic abuse him and his mother got way of the get away from dead. They don't what she was work and 8000 our department store in Tuscaloosa. Mexico credit cards who dabble walk on in Alabama he went through the walk on program gene stallings he made the team. And we're gonna have enough money. Who paid for him funeral of Alabama's girlfriend's going there everything was going right for everybody else except for Deb you've made the team. Said he could play couldn't afford school mom is mixed up his credit cards that have any money. They were sleeping quarters they were bounced around between friends. In relatives the sleep yet give us when he was sleeping and core so's mother. They found an apartment when it was but he's moved in with them he and his mom had to share bid Casilla Domonique literally had no money was broke evenings or is or could be. The last day discover card since these checks. He opens the mailbox too easy in that he's he's lax they he would pay the money Alabama that day you don't like 500 the Veba. Eagles the mailbox discover card rates the Prakash various the end of money to thieves rip in pay Alabama to go to school literally on the last day doesn't tremendous tremendous stories via grad assistant. It Taliban before Mike Dubose who was on his stand as the situation in terms of Oakmont is statements Monday then again money for to bet. It this year badly it's unbelievable this guy went through. Eighties passion for football but he was an assistant co grad assistant assistant coach Mike to oppose and ultimately fired whole staff he goes the real state. For a couple of goes in the real. Did he was like eighty K a year making money to go yet he's good at what he does he goes the Tommy bowden's staff back in 2003 Clemson cystic coach. Then Tommy stepped down after six games he was the inter coach. They liked his doozy what he can sport they know they're cold prematurely and he's more cheerleader. And coach in this individual might Dublin in the in the see him there oh who hoisting that trophy after beating. The school he went to school he won a title with gene stallings. And in what he's going Clemson. That's a great story I dabbled Sweeney. Too good for this guy it was Dirk or make a forty these moms working jobs eight dollars an hour. Maximum credit card so we can go to Alabama in any got a scholarship gene stallings used against guys skating. Guys or this guy needs that scholarship so what do what do through those cool it's gotta be tough for him to Cody she splurge on his team they're gold the same thing. It is he's got owes money makes what a million years got beat up for whom. In that role to see guys go in the school but it just a great story like devil. Is what's good with college football Shawn Watson submitted his legacy. Lot of people now questioning his Alabama's dynasty. Last second and you know as I did crazy it is true freshman quarterback they'll be back. I can't say the same thing about Clemson. Shawn Watson was special place to Shawn Watson. You re Corey Shawn Watson shot Watson's one of the few guys that could have beaten Alabama in college football that night immediate. And it took a running back from Alabama to go to it took switching office quarters not in sync. John Watson was the guy could be gallop him yes they will they go on to win another one out of those Alabama's gonna speed and held olds I'd done. True freshman quarterback. Those are rules the soft or outwardly saw more than we've dealt. I just when you hear stories like double Sweeney's. It just makes it just just feel really good for god has won a national tradition that there's no question about that it you know. He he he has lot of money right now he's very successful and we talk about players you always get exactly these are every bit but he's tied the colts. That would do anything force players and he want to give too is players that's got to be tough on and I know it. It it brings it back to a conversation and I had with and an N he's a lot of what does over the jeers years ago when he was that you tell. And he had mansion. It there's a situation once in which he. I guess supposedly he wanted to he had he had one of his players that basically had nothing was Andre Miller. Who was talking about but it was. It was a good player that he had on the on his team that was coming out of the bag to the best with that happening money Rick was the hotel through and yeah. He want it to you want to. Did pizza for the team because all the red tape that you have with the NCAA the post could not buy is player a meal. I just hate stories like that but it makes you really so good a ball I got like apples we actually do. Even with bush seem on the sidelines it's just a great coach now he's fired. It took a lot for me to get. May his ma. Work at eight bucks and shared a room with you love and I don't think he did money needed the money DT sleeping in the corps he's bounced around from place to live. Just to get away from their dead even his brother. Was even homeless Alina for one amazed. Yeah I think he's gamble paid for immediate treatment almost a so demos on had a great life in nothing's been him in the the faintly story with him. He is not been good Jew what he persevered he got through it. Now he's who hosting the always initial cheap should trophy it's a good all around story man it is a good all around story. Let me ask you something to do to also this in terms of like the actual game. How much holes in the sectors we haven't had a lot of people talking about this but how much a bull stopper role he'll leave in the game. Affected the outcome of that game because. He was a guy that was either touchdowns early for the job. For the for the tide they also when he goes down I think it took a massive element to their office. Out of the game it wasn't thirty yards rushing after he left the game. And would have made a difference removed from the chains absolute waste in a minute two minutes of Clark took Clemson all the talking about it they can keep if Google earlier on I get that but who knows what happens in overtime BO but went down. It can change is this it hurts. Was struggling quarterback he was struggling there for long time of those Scarborough. It was a battle in ads and ineffectual watching game going this is TP should caliber he wasn't like didn't hit early thing is they they relied on the defense. Bowl defensive touchdowns this year and a score with the defense the defense was loaded with an apple picks. I know the chiefs fans were males watering at the Alabama linebackers. And that's like right now Anderson and Tim Williams and Ruben fox all stars. Monster is they're all must believe that the jump the nail on the fence line and they're starts there's that's the what the biggest re lulled. Did you guys in the eighties re load other illusory drag one big deal these plug in place. Somebody else they can afford league guys they'll only be done on the unifil that's been a problem Alabama's it's studs on defense. Him exactly translated. To the unifil martial artist in guys like that a lot of guys did. Rico Johnson now dollar stock deal more didn't work out. Didn't work out four but it don't you wanted it drama at the end Clemson again you show Watson those 54 quarter touchdown passes the last two cheap she. That is about as clutch. As you can be. He does all the oil would phenomenal what they escorted touched on the fourth and winning it. You'd think he went over with couple minutes did he threw for 420 yards. Teaching you thinking when no did you know I know was he thinking Wendell John Watson gets another huge you know this were books and written out and scores fans go crazy and like. There is way too much time o'clock produce John Watson not to come down there and scored a game. And also wonder what in different tools like this morning. I want to see sad because his team the team that he was coaching with did not win a national title last night or do you still like he's probably. What you at this point like. All let me go we we now you can act. To I think I'm like hitters of the game what I guess what's so since your sweats on elderly Alabama. So what's what is what's but the Europeans unhappy with link if you're. Happy with the is full access to. Yet they blink kind of forced instilled in late agreed to woody didn't complain about it he thought the you know is it was taken a lot of his time with the knicks head coaching job but again. This is one these problems we have. These coaches getting votes. Right during bowl season. These coaches go and leave their mind is preoccupied with the the things some guys can handle some guys can't exhibited think Lane Kiffin getting inlet is he's too distracted with what else was going on. Vince turkeys in gets his shot but switch in offensive coordinators. Keep in mind what I was doing for Alabama's third down special. He's coming up with the waste you get third downs of patients that's forty duke. Palestinian true freshman quarterback because in his life in particular new office according to work with him. Came ago helped me and they go great taken their guy yelled it's the offensive coordinator always NG when hurts before the national title. It it showed do. There's one certainty in our minds and take away from the national chance of last night that absolutely a sex tease fans we get to that next. I have my promise very much you know. Whom studio sixty and Sports Radio. You Linda yeah. News just breaking update. Alabama school star. Reportedly suffered a broken bone. In his lower light lake during the national shame it. Sad that he got injured and he they and a loser McCain I guess the good news that is a broken bone is not torn ACL or anything like that. You'll feel the beside the B back through his pictures were there yeah both brother from tenth grade thickness both Scarborough. It was a man shot at greater dude the cart does it keep it's we got a picture of himself and hit it great. Sorry I started winning these are lifted weights man because he was. He was in FL size and visited greater. He played a G two but it would be if he was a crawl past may hit the intense great. Seriously. Saw LeBron James and high school he was a grown ass man. Bowl Scarborough was a role as Maine he was hit great. The good bit of a player in the group. By the way this. Consider if you Tyler Dunne easy it'll feature writer Bleacher Report. He tweets itself way beyond bill on his patience is the back. Quote I think in changing the game in that sense I'm stiff Currie is the best. Levy. Stiff Currie a bit of unifil. That's instead of its bigger bleacher Portman Miller lead them. Which report draft record soreness in a few minutes talk about Wilbur talk about now is John Watson yes. There's certainty. That I think that we found out last. And I know that the reality today is different for policy in Kansas City Chiefs fans that look at the cheese and the quarterback position moving forward. And we know the current quarterback is announcement. Which always about the next. Who is the future of the franchise. And a couple of months ago. May be two months ago upload two and a half months ago what was one of the names are kept. Coming up your candidacy is Shawn Watson the Sean wants this on what may be Du'Shon watts is a light at all. Ball into the second round may be some light that will be late Porsche. It was so different opinions that were out the year in regards to where he's gonna fall in the trap. Let's go ahead. And shoot that down at least in my opinion on the issues down. This note seen instead of Sean watts is going to be on the board when it sees it notes it's in my mind and I know that we talked to Miller here in second. There's no way at the he gets out the top five in at least the top everybody. What's at quarterback with the quarterback the next ten years it would quarterback do you think you look at this year's crop of quarterbacks. Recourse in wins I see some really good potential of him cheered do now I don't know I don't know budget of that as the that press got to do a lot of things are needed things in the SEC. In what Clemson does the ACC beating Alabama the national title game. Finished in top three in the high school two years this again it's for the two national team should gain. It willed that team to a national title global. He threw for over 4000 yards a year ago green for over thousand again it's a dual threat can you imagine it would be and he read. The possible is that she's getting slim and that game did chiefs of fever Peggy chiefs no fever no teams are good at the move up or you wanting him to move a warm but John wants and it. It extremely high character. He's really likable guy. What he does off the field on the fuel to me is the old idol leader in leagues is everything you won in the quarterback. Off the field on the field he's a pretty warm there too easy to complete guy. It's you don't have problems that all the talent all the tools and put the winner to British peace Marty eat these guys have really you know. If nothing about with him. The exceptional money that'll make you absolutely 0220. Were. Joyce now guys that I really enjoy reading stuff at NFL draft scout on it would lead. Did NFL draft writer for Bleacher Report Matt Miller holds a man. We're talking about the show on Watson a couple months ago you know we talked a little bit about him maybe slow I didn't. To be keen city chiefs and people there's no way he slides is he now. The number one quarterback we still talking about John Kaiser in extra biz you hit them. We'll apart and the and then it will all of it wrapped up a lot and blow it in the war and indeed the top quarterback in the draft if you. He said he'd pick this year he didn't look what you're what your board of. People not want to down here you know yet individual for the struggling quite not even. The reality with Pablo. At the net and get YouTube about tremendous performance against Alabama. What part she's so I would open for quarterback. He's in London via the football board because of Quebec will. That he your note could have been noted it would been ordered to lie. They're here it's not that one the browns all love child Watson one month. Political quarterback. They don't want it to be good chunk. You or for a park that. Well the he might be available achieved you know his body in his apartment that you wouldn't have fared well. Other Ayatollah there's no part questions but and. Matt I you know I love watching you you know folly of war consultant on the on Twitter as well at in his old Rascal. I guess my question for you is you know we saw what to sound Watson did last night we seen what he's done here or the course of the aisle. The bowl season in the house won't play out what questions did he insert in your mind our movie over the course of this sub maybe last couple of months. A lot of people may be looked at it said we weren't sure of who's going to be for trumpet in that. Well that is doable. Last night is born born player to mark the occasion and watching the quarterbacks this year. Certainly well that he or Kaiser or watt panels dot where. There. Because there were a little bit more about. And last night what did he took over. After struggling early the ball what should he didn't do. A big hit it kept going about what would you like he. I don't and on the album because. Mike Williams the only part we did what. It is endless. But. You can look at him and that kind of want. I shall global tour you're like. Captain in the book and I know out on an average of about the situation yeah. Great stuff we'll follow you could definitely cutesy things very interested in this draft Z as you can see already been added to fill draft scout. He's the lead writer for Bleacher Report about the NFL draft Matt takes on short notice for joining us and your. A busy man get a lot of stuff to do today is that game had a ton of guys the NFL they slot that. You know in in what they're too is and it could step for man nor was Julia you to follow on what grateful to it appears that thing. Alabama. He threw for 403. Yards against one of those were 420 this year real or 73 last year re over 43. There's identical Jia. He was told award and for you he said. He says and who did you play. That's the game films they go to go to Louisiana Monroe film. They do what you did against Alabama they go to what you did against Auburn go do when you played good competition. They wanted to see how he responded. India early pacifist though against one of the best defense is in counts for Opel. The best defense this year. That was one of the best national championship forms I've ever seen. But he and know that people are debating today was at the best national championship game. The best game in my mind still to date. Is Texas you'll see best bet that steel and wood Vince Young did. That was still. At the top of the list for me. So Mack Brown used with the sky being pelted for the game he was drawn these compares. You see it once national titles they were machine nobody thought they could go down. If you have the into the game he had Vince Young. The Shawn Watson is the parallels between Texas. Which by the Texas lump 35 year drought as well when initial. There's sows so many similarities. Between this Clemson team. In the Texas team. With Vince Young. And Matt brown bear that are very eerie comparisons between the two and and the game went down if you had to rate of which want to go to Vince Young still it's still I think that was read all other hate you is pressed to get the whole game was good. Yup. I totally agree that doubles since a remarkable day man altitude you know what did you eat immediately pain on the pearls of Maine that ninths. On that stage. That was one of the best performances I've ever seen in my life. Is that stadium sold out for this weekend and what did mark Donovan have to say about the status of GM John Dorsey we get to that next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio you'll do pretty tickets dot com right now and sixty in particular using promo code sixty in sports. Cast your vote them. I still feel the support payments over breast that was a double message. It looks social media guys kind of new spirit of what can be able. What Russian team at Twitter account everything else loses. Hello today we'll get hooked on. Lows that we made it through two segments talking about the college football national championship you talk but the biggest story of the night. Well. All of the biggest source of the night was he had already flown all. Actually I don't I did I don't wanna call my hockey league clunkers. You Madoff and hockey looked like he skipped or he also construction mean tiger everybody has talked to bottom everybody was tweet about. Our thoughts. My defeat is thing about it at least the big twelve in the playoffs. Officiating but what else. Account. When he got beat to a better presentation not only did they said they're biggest bad. To the title game that was big twelve string. Right there might be. Like the into the game and try to clear everybody up a field because they were when you make sure that Clinton got through kneel down before the game ended. That was important was received over weight but he's out there like a balance are viewed in Los Angeles biceps is if you went daily consistently. A we all of them hit it right before the bail he's been on the ice that you and what that I don't know. This is the and hotly as the bullish on this you that you guys dvd devices hammer curls during halftime to make sure they the winds were looking good he never was born here either or did you get hockey league has been Wear jackets. In cold weather I think it went on this weekend as well this today McPhee Woodward Jack. By the way and I'm not making this up son's organs and I Desantis because we've we've we've been talk about the national championship game and Alabama but this is true story. They reported. A lot of outlets along with eight Gerald Robinson who's the public safety reporter for Alabama media group. She states now on this article here in you can go to a yield dot com albums out. Their newspaper website. Police. There's a hold up report hostage situation. Under way into schools. He seriously. These swat team multiple law enforcement agencies are on the scene at the Alabama credit union on Paul W Bryant drive. I think every road that towns here just tell us. A feeling that this morning I did every ruled that towns Barbara. It's such a gamble our. Office. You thing. Every every wrote. Baby. Yeah. Don't count at. What Iguodala is there's not a lot of disclosed in eastern west under brain drive the U turn. Right on Bear Bryant drive me turn. Left under over hundred yen. How does sell these did you take what you are on the campus. Took one with Saban in bear. Well. Roll tide expert doesn't do you like that relating came from whatever home size. All right mark Donovan spoke to the media yesterday. Ball. 1130. Had a couple things that he wanted to address in start with the state of situation in regards to what the beating the Saldana. I think most of you know there's been swept into the league controlled games sort of weird words is leakage and I'm really happy hand and then. You know that you sell tickets. We have a number late last week so technically were sold out there are tickets out there. We whole bunch of tickets for the request now it's etc. and then they meet in the marketplace. They're singles club seats out there we're basically so. The chiefs. Even worried about it doesn't kid me. It be any team order Manama. Oh in the ninety's all decade and it's just a light I would Marty was I understand the economy and everything heals trouble finding other ways. Spend their money but there was a time and then you to have HD back to the waiting list on season to inspect a waiting list. Very short and by the way I was on a four month. Why they would elect a Green Bay when there in lawsuits. When you're getting divorced it's the season tickets. A real talk. I remember my junior year. In Atlanta Morehouse College. Monday Night Football. Monday Night Football. Was black. That's how bad it was in the ninety's for top. Here's Monday Night Football black now there's achieve scheme against the browns back and 090. Eights and what that was blacked out. He is that it there are thousands of tuna was reported earlier there's thousands of all tickets available for this weekend's all options game. Thousands I don't get it. I don't get dolphins are the Brohm to all the time I'd be just don't understand their he's also asked the same course he'd be repossessed. Battled divorce. You the sensible bourse will be back. Well I think cart since then. Not to. And I agree with him they were really excited about accountability. As you know we don't have contracts and and I couldn't. But it hasn't. To complete it starts. Job happens I don't think that if they get focused on this ball. You're the president and at what. You just pick in the truck or. They don't play then do they know she's a blame game will truck clerk and on the pros are last year they. Fell off the chair still volunteers. Did not Clarke are in the press conference in it did in saving fell off the chair. On videotape I heard about it if they can get spots that applauded chair that. It. Admitted trusted you meet in means to go back out there in the key the whole thing doubles talk about Moses arrowhead mystique. That still have the same as the. Mean I don't know you have to win games to solidify her spoon me iconic feature. Lots of them many times. You know I got to do good fortune of working with the National Football League were pearl. Achieve our own teams that we. I've also had a good fortune of traveling increasingly with the market you don't seem to exist and there's something special there. And playoffs. You'll elevate that and ample. And we're excited to get and it's. And you've talked to the players you hear from them and they're excited to play this game from our fans they're saying about the advantage. That arrowhead brings to our football team loses a factor. And our fans are due to be my. They're excited about it clear things abuse Aston chief you don't win it big stadium he didn't speak together six and two at home. 62 on the road so they've been just is go on the road as at home this year. In Indy Reid's time in Kansas City Chiefs are 2.3 nine at home port in twelve on the road not much of a difference there which is. This is afraid because he wins on the road at home doesn't seem to matter but it should better having home field advantage should it would have had always wanted to have. Have Thomas is about mystique and it's not by how hard it is to win in certain places we'll talk about how hard how hard it is to win here. Hard it is to win in up its port land ball. Foxborough yes you got to continue to be a lot there in in an end and rattle locals win so that people. Believed in the mystique. If it's cool to be a real thing that means that ITT tea to win those global. In what they use to his second rattle again like bin as much as in the others but it Pittsburgh given Payton and said he'd that'll. He didn't always so much but where Denver. Press conference talk about the fans being quiet he's to be input on the scoreboard. Quite patent war Pete meaning you'll work somewhat that they put that on the scoreboard he wanted to and he needed the noise. In that actually did affecting even a guy like Peyton Manning. I don't think it affects bin. I usually when quarterbacks make her debut in Kansas city of her and Jane was once and what affected by the little bit surprised that did infecting. Yeah all the Ben's been here before he's done that don't expected but it. It can't hurt when you're so loud they can't change their plays I mean it all starts at two good time out the noise. These players they get excited about playing and only do it more is Peters comes out there he's still. He's jacked up later Wednesday. Do reject the again but his her mystique hitter would stadium I think it's a way around the unifil. Oh Packers tickets you can still buy a lot less we the game at Lambeau. So this is not just the chief problems in this whole problem. Because watching it homeowner fifty Stevie your sixtieth Stevie. It's a great thing in by this expect first chief is it is instead of the stadium thought the missile parking lot of people taken that option. There were so many hot takes last night. Just a few of them need to be addressed we do that next. Whom studio sixty and Sports Radio. Did I day still played today. It's so funny that you punched us on the Warrick shoe box a mess quote giving birth no audio and yes I didn't. It is your religion bock and yes. What is the same woman it's not the same warm I don't believe that this. Targets out they both look at the box and she is chairwoman of things to buck among this woman who wore the mask while giving birth. And the videos corporate law and put it. It's just like writing this in aid and walk you know it's it's a way. I don't I don't so audit of its. I ever have another child or encouragement afterward to balk at Edinburgh. Gotta have your pocket and always. It it. Pixel and and when three guys asked me if I'm buying tickets as that no. You should see and look on the face. On this superstitious guy who watches from what looked out. In don't invite anybody over. Third and two on the line that experience base in the TV. Aha chiefs. Talk about it sometimes people don't wanna be room for the people watching games get a tournament. You're up off the couch linebackers they know this is the every aren't able where the money to somebody else. So he doesn't want anybody to come around like game went on wants to watch it by and so is it because it. I'll be nullified the luck of the couch or because you don't want people to see you and linebackers and for what she schemes alone. For watched the Super Bowl world I know I see you get in a three point stance and every snack. Rest try to tie about the snap count as it gets he gets. Gets what. Well that won't bother or power to you sir if you let you do have you. A idol. What does weatherman is to get sixty tomorrow is to be 61 tomorrow it all was said by this week in. Would talk about freezing drizzle. He'd sitting made us teens city. Which get Sox. Beckett. The real steam or that people sliding around. Makes that place with all the working troubles appear to have on a sliding around a two to examine said yesterday about. Don't do don't give anybody any money to park until you actually did it to be out there is a concern about a but my whole life fraudulent being in the lines to go to the gay and like people walk of the vehicle like England prepare your pardon me did I give it to me. Images and cash to a separate. Go get it I mean clearly you know I'll have done it like it typically. It would turn they would talk about if it has that are clearly screwed somebody before you edit box man it's all right. Human. This object. Oh my goodness I don't some high updates maybe that makes things was that you. What going up in trying to conquer a lot of money. Bells and I can't confirm Gordon oh okay. Should some palm. Some hot takes last night in regards to the national championship game it's just college what in general. That. There's one particular that I wanna shoot down then there was some. Lot people would shoot down a lot of hot to exceed the it was a couple team that you want to mention in regards to. Skip Bayless in the end we got to get to the clinical double sweetie but the hot take it I liked from last night. Was. That. Lamar Jackson all of a sudden. Wasn't worthy of the Heisman Trophy. I hate it. The Heisman Trophy is never did it now after the tells the ball well it's never given out after the bulls take place if the water was hundreds and show exactly. They gave out the trophy and the parts that are the trophy the parts that should've won the trophy 1 central. Doubles Mark Jackson MI just shot watts have been absolutely. What did they do about the shall be to date is John Watson did. Absolutely. Did some didn't win. A big show us what it acted after that done signature game against USC. For people to look at this in hindsight it was legalized in the he's a white Vince did 11. He he won yet they wanted the national temperature. Was that the senior was it 2005 when the titles in 2006. I thought that the year that I thought the year that he won the title was that the line here. I digress yeah last year mere warm which one I digress. To save it Lamar Jackson all the side is not the best individual player in the Davidson did you wanna go to didn't let him work to get the and he Jason white and one that one get your you want to Eisner. Lamar Jackson. Reggie Bush vacated is that he was the best individual player in the concert this year. Mark Jackson ones and like affected everybody wants to after the fact say the dishonor bosses should want is what happened last night. Unfortunately eyes and they'll be given out a month ago is handed out. Before the tells the wall playoff. To act like Lamar Jackson was not worthy of it I Mormon as being distant from people are done. There are so many art takes to get an enemy Morgan I will say this more as a quarterback at Clemson when they game he's that good. You blamed unanimity on defense but it the other skip Bayless on a roll. On. He was Toledo pistol or what's his topic today Nick Saban is overrated. He's five and one achieved your idol. But he's overrated by the way skip was going all over Clemson. As well earlier in his game ages of regimes who Wheaton don't hit sand. He goes. Skip Bayless this game has turned into an unfortunate joke Clemson has lost its torque because its leader has inexplicably. Lost his way. Little mobile world. What are we were we got here. Right before that he says the Sean wants and just doesn't have a badly missed TD throws that were there third down pass was in close trouble. Somebody kidnap Shawn Watson who unleashed. Who at least on nick Stephens deepens a year ago who is this in the lifeless compound now says it's just so what is this about the shot once. Aids is so nice things you say things he's saying things they souls another thing today to. Alabama's dynasty over mr. Hockney. Probably on first page of rodeo all the other shows Al Levine is that as we lose a second ago. But that dynasty so. Let's stop knee jerk reaction. Just enjoy for world wants regain. Jon wants the ball. Inexplicably. Lost his way. Of course he changed his tune once it's on the once and Wednesday titled the Sony hot takes out here in these guys I'll read this stuff in the here they say they don't but they do here is a devil Sweeney. After the game he'll think these guys here are things they hear things. It did today. We left no doubt tonight. You know we wanted to play Alabama. Because now ya gotta change your storage got to change the narrative. I got to mix it up. You know the guy that called us a fault. Ask Alabama for a fraud. Was named Colin coward. Ask your own never met and don't know him ask him if Allard for Alabama were fraught ask Ohio State if we're fraud ask Oklahoma before fraud. Don't draw does that guy. Does he he didn't do his homework oh don't print that. Take our next question. I have heard you something. I would you estimate holds if from April players stated we don't. This to the media we don't that don't watch TV listen to sports radio and we'll read the new audio that that's not true needed every minute I'll never. You're about that. Though I look toward the end where he over eating at worst expression it's pathetic what lick our next question. Question for dabble in the boys. As wheels fraud. How low demand. I. Asked also that. Me a spokesman. In your week in the day you know what let's talk about and exceed and you know. Stuck with a guy that won the national title is come up with tuchman again that'd teased when five years which has never been done. I have been warned in time is skeptical bill check fraud. When the giants beating point. He called bill check fraud. A lot of meet the title game culpable. For him when he slumped to say you lose the in the game. They'll be an idiot they fraud because they take our next question picnics what. That's really blue or you hate me he really believe that though he did. Skips a Smart guy. What I discuss is Nick Saban overrated and really. Build that program up her machine. The favorite excuse me I don't get it twisted being good neighbors already liberians to win the national title makes your daily with a 31 wants. To get it twisted Brinkley knows what he's doing of course he knows he's going to see Joan though a lot of people don't. You don't get what. I don't you're you're sitting here talking about it right now we're talking about it should at least he's equally as. Well. I'm sorry but fox and pay him to be respected they pick site yeah yeah yeah. That'll pick the people will be respected that can be talked about they pay him to get ratings they pay them. To have people talking about their opinions ably caller's phone Clemson for I heard. He's getting paid millions of dollars to seek means. To be controversial. Even if he doesn't necessarily believe them is gonna sales mean literal failure to do was go to Twitter open it up. Find out also what people are talking about and take the ops that states. That's what it is and we see that all the time in sports you people constantly playing the contrary and in. Beyond as we do the mission is accomplished because we're sitting here talking about. And it gets people fired up and it makes you go no you're wrong and it starts debate. Where Collins got his show made he talked about him when. Would you would you go on ESPN. Or fox sports one and have some ridiculously hot takes what their paychecks. You would hear so. It everybody I don't know what paycheck a putt won't do that well what's not but how much everybody out to elicit additional they would do the same thing right. This little's multi million dollars in their did those those paychecks right so my point is this for everybody that bashes them. Look I Bassett to. Into the day you're getting sent. Put that paycheck I might do the same. And as dumb crap for twenty hours a week I get paid hardly at all the other thing and if you noticed last night shot Watson as were in the word Fuller on his years. Whose first before former chiefs quarterback. In what happened was that number is retired at Clemson. Demos and golf outing reverent toward talks before the lead to show on once more to Jersey so here's the problem. What do you do now. Know report retired for Steve Fuller but the shot Watson. You would think is never be retired Clemson duke it will be easy to be split it's a Fuller yes last Watson as a no way anybody were they or the next guy worked on one side in in lots and other of its people are former chiefs quarterback he was also known for one. Super Bowl shuffle he was the backcourt wrecked me and he was one of the yet in guys from the Beers they did a little Indio. In the Super Bowl shuffle one of most people I was. The Stiefel rose one guy but he weapons examine ourselves well shots were ringing Steve Fuller packs former chiefs quarterback. Little modes of there but they've retired member reduce. Slash your next question. Why should Watson slash Fuller the enrollment in the next question. Your next chance to win a thousand dollars and national tests contest is coming out. In just a matter moments in Jamaal Charles he's weighed in on his health in knee injuries publicity good decision to do so we did today added two minutes next. I haven't heard me tell you something's. Studio sixty and Sports Radio you'll do pretty tickets dot com right now. Sixty in particular using promo code sixty in sports.