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01/10 9a - Saban, Reid on Dorsey's Future, Pittsburgh v Pittsburg

Jan 10, 2017|

The legacy of Nick Saban, Andy Reid comments on the future of John Dorsey plus we have a little fun with the Steelers

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You saw. So that they. Alan mills. Well the you know and that faults I have to explain. After this there's not that he. I won't go well that's good good lineup. What good did it roll. It's. I'm a news Zane playing on the Alabama networks. Feel now normally go to motion comes to the right of his quarterback. Here now Watson won't like what the floor today. We're always 12 remaining. Slots down. And they're very exciting. Also. Also be calls from. Well the the the TV that Don was watching last night. In the afternoon and into the last night. Laws that stop though their roles I was surprised always then some. People out there. That is the Russian caught it a lot of the Russian called the national championship Davis servicing around the United States today. But it is early and giving the reds he broadcast and what does he would do as the sentences. And it was a so that's the Clemson go all the Russian called. Alabama golf and then of course the the Titanic all. God I feel pretty good back here and back. Call with Titanic playing in the back I mean you got to feel really good. About that this morning and say several nights now says that with with Titanic it does well. This Sunday we're gonna be doing a lot of different things here one of the cool things are gonna be doing at sixth and Sports Radio halftime of the chief's game. At halftime we're going to be the only place the United States of America that is taking calls at halftime of the chiefs game. And I you can do that with us here on six Ted Sports Radio see it's the first half I thought he wanna give him off you chest he called think he'll be taking calls. At halftime so there you have that this weekend here's a great game last great ending execs are great great as a not a classic game yet by a terrific finish I was I was over channel nine and we wrapped up the news and about. 1030s right and I looked beat Chris cats and I say how much time left the McCain said fourteen minutes as a okay cool I'll give it give B of the last detail and 1125 almost a full hour later that fourth quarter finally and it was a very long the long scheme and in college football players championship history. Is what they are saying four and a half hours roughly that game lasted. And if you waited out all night for I mean you've got the ending that you want you got the ending. That we talked about happening earlier in the show yesterday and that at this time I guess yesterday. We talked about what would happen in this college football player as far as the level of intrigue I mean it's one of those things that we're gonna watch something unbelievable is going to have. But it's gonna turn out to be all of the game and we're gonna come in tomorrow morning Jack to go all lines got so lost and leave. Do you know that's what's gonna happen because every single time. You don't expect something to be epic like the sunflower showdown last week nobody expected acting to go the way that it did. And we came real and what an incredible game though awesome ones I guarantee you will horse here at 5:58 tomorrow morning we don't. That was a great football game did you believe the Shawn Watson with that run at the end the wind at Berkeley I mean like something is going to happen and we're all gonna be just beside ourselves and their laws mean it played out just like I thought it was going to play and it wasn't Shawn Watson scored the winning touchdown. But he threw it to two future doing the patriot wide receiver hunter renfro and he made the catch and had what twelve catches or something like that maybe there yesterday Mike Williams was outstanding yesterday to show on Watson's draft stock rose through the rules yesterday I mean there was. A lot of greatness that came out of that game yesterday and you saw one go in when both Scarborough went down and didn't play in the second half. Alabama was out of sync offensively and just couldn't figure out a way to get it done blowing a fourteen point lead at ten point fourth quarterly. What a great win by the Clemson Tigers and fun ending for everybody involved will. A big picture standpoint there's a lot of what ticks flying around today because any time you the national championship game anytime there's a final. Andy do his season everybody is going to have their different opinion and skip Bayless is one of those people fox sports one. He has tweeted it. Mix David overrated. And in part to show its not it is early predicts David great. It's insane. I agree with them is sick mix David is not overrated and I didn't want to read from LA says Stan he's done it more young age you May Day five million out they did Michigan State did LSU which was nothing before him they took over Alabama. And Alabama. When knicks' David took it over. You have to remember at that time Mike sure what was there go my 94. Eight and five and he just was mediocre and a lot of people said. That's as good as Alabama could ever beat who wants to go play in Tuscaloosa. Answer Nick Saban and four national titles later in five national style appearances. He is one of the best college football coaches in the history of time and he is in no way overrated. Yet but he but he is no bills nighter and and I would challenge Nick Saban failed and a fellow assistant coach failed NFL head coach. Two goal coach at a program that isn't a national power that is a brand why the hell would you do that well Heidi he's Smart to not do that. But I I you know I think I retail for you to do something that's stupid like lightly but your career don't go to any I challenge you to do it the hard way what but no thanks I he I'd. I wait the extra hard I. I would take note ballot. I wouldn't ticket. Yeah you can take it Saturday you've got. And I would challenge you to go do what you did was there and we go to Kansas Nick Saban and turn that program around and that attack only got him his legacy as. Mean like like to me he won at Michigan State which was brand name program what do you say sort LSU brand name program as a brand name for me it's a brand name program it's about six in the pecking order in the Big Ten each and every year is that right. And still out there and say he's a when they're pretty good coach Pia went down let's hear it but he's a bad coach at all but saying don't vote or by okay some action taken over northwestern then we. But they go to gold release the school's name that doesn't have the built in ability to be great overnight. And see what you can do. 100000 fans they'll issue the hash is that money every day goes along with the university Alabama going to lob. Go Lawrence go to Bill Snyder I will challenge that Bill Snyder every day of the week is a better. Coach in Dixie he won at Kansas State nobody nobody could win it could stand it LL after. Bill Snyder yes he can win an Alabama what else he sure you can win and now been announced capsule as slim down once it I don't know that. I don't know I challenge till Saturday Alabama. My children to go to this did but I I challenge to go to a place that's got. Built in tradition to premier coach Bill Snyder goes automobiles I had a fantastic way to Alabama I you don't know exceed it could winning Kyodo Sony has had a how do you know bills that went out that was done first of all. Make saving could win and it's an eight in a situation like daddy did at Michigan State he did LSU. I don't know where everybody gets off the side in the knicks' David had it easy because when he took over Alabama he was seen as a running away from the NFL to a situation there in what looks as good as LSU he'd be riveted bear Reich now he's your typical small man militant guy who has to have people battling down him and can't handle people that make more money than him in the NFL and that's why he feels he could relate to adults well that's essentially what it is you're totally out it relate to adults. About a guy who has a sculpture of himself a statue. Outside. Of the Alabama stadium does yes it's been there for years Saban does yes but not themselves know Nick Saban didn't put it up and Soledad. That is how OC that is that's outside the stadium and Alabama that big save instead already. Yeah of course he's been incredibly successful. So then at five championships and there's no need airlines and race nick save and where he could possibly be overrated. I I'd like to see it I'd like to see and take over Kansas and see what he could do I honestly when I I would love to see what would happen if he took over Katie. A Michigan State had any real tradition their basketball school their school that was kind of middle of nowhere little brother to Michigan in a mean that it's not like Michigan State with some type a juggernaut when he took it over yeah it's gotten better since then. But yes David held the way some background work saving it LSU. We not only is fixated been successful the places he's bid has success after he left it a success before he was there I mean. Ellis you may have been down when he took over. But it was like LSU was Kansas. And I worked Kansas but they weren't good look at Alabama they were. They were even down when he took it over but they were Kansas when he took it over. I just think it would be an audit take kids up to go to Missouri go to all they go to. Whoever else is an ill readily bad football program Iowa State I would. Now they went and all those places but I would I would love to see what he could do when those links are really what I just will be intrigued. As ST I guess you could say a you know Psycho or something like that I would like to see. What makes AB could do one dollar perceived Iranian bunny institution that's a terrible argument because now he could do it anywhere it wants. The go anywhere and win accounts but he would get the recruiting he would do that why did you OK you can guess that's don't want relatives as lesser spotlight would bail them. He needs to get up and have an opening up. I sure Dixie at the photos that I wanna be it cuts I would find it on the right now he can win. Any hour but you don't know as he has you eat absolutely no beaded with less and take his own gimme a break he can take this. This blueprint he's done in his name and everything you win you're now AV but he did win last night he did not find a way to get it done on my gosh she didn't win. One time that he went to the vessel James in game today a five times he's been there that limits our way out there we go over what do you think he's gonna think about more his license five Windsor that while this miserable person yeah. Because that's about it yeah awesome person well that's that says that it is over. Aided by way knicks' savior when he went to LSU then netted ten win season since 1960 wanted to what was it last losing season and magnetic converse championship since 1988. In that was on a down year for the SEC were Mike archer and eat before who was a coach at LSU before ex military DiNardo ask me are Gerri DiNardo got answered that I guess who's flat awful market through all that I was withdraw their different air residents like all oh wow. These are bad but they always had a 100000 fans they always had the ability down there you don't say like every time you turn on the ice or ice chain it's not unlike thousands sands is does it nick savings walked into these juggernaut situations he's not and I would say Urban Meyer. Could be put more in that category is save him but even he had success you've talked in big goes to Florida and Ohio State to places that it had success before Ford and not for awhile since really Spurrier but I mean they're just so pretty different variables and their I can't for 12 call Nick Saban overrated if he's ranked it number one of the college football coaches yet as far as current coaches. A good big saving number one I would put didn't bill Schneider top five. But what Nick Saban is accomplished. Is on an unbelievable even with a loss that happened last night and look at idol ought to be painted as some kind of key state homer something because you know I'm not but I am I don't think there's any chance of that happen Miami. Bills and I hope I think what I think bill Snyder's the most amazing football coach we've ever seen he took a program that was left for dead and built a university. And built buildings and brought students and made nationally ranked and brought basketball I'd like like Bill Snyder. Changed the culture he basically created Manhattan Kansas in its current form like that the trickle down effect of Bill Snyder. Is still wide sweeping we don't even know. How big and powerful. What Bill Snyder did was and and I know that anybody could Israel's side there's no titles that you don't there's actually there's no I'd ask you you're you're absolutely right and I think he's a destitute about to get where I had on that made this a Saban vs signer organize to saint. Beat the BB Saban the save an overrated isn't complete joke and it's easier to win the SEC that it is the winner of the big twelve everybody. Moon coming. Got it he read talks about those user Jon Corzine and you have to hear what he says text. It's a celebrity you a chance to win tickets to go to the both show. The boats that's coming up here on sixteen and Sports Radio so we'll give you a chance to win tickets to bat. And about twelve minutes or so on sixteen and Sports Radio red Sunday it alive red Sunday three red Sunday post. All of that going on here on sixteen and Sports Radio this weekend on Sunday. Beginning at 9 AMC dot net will be live from the Truman sports complex that's when Weld's takes over at and for the seventh street casino reds Sunday pregame show live this. Port complex that it due to. He just spec and Lilja will be at a little just housewives. On FaceBook the only way to watch the game at arrowhead with the entire world. Is on FaceBook collide with the EU cling inspect and little jet will be watching the game interacting with you guys talking just adding. Just watching the game with you guys like you know were at a bar whenever and you can tune in on FaceBook live halftime I think we'll take phone calls in the red Sunday post game show beginning immediately after they game it's all brought to unite victory Chrysler dodge Jeep grand and his sick construction. And you notice extant sports dot com right now to win chief Steelers tickets courtesy of Bud Light the official beer sponsor of Kansas City Chiefs from. You don't week we talked about distractions earlier guys with Jamaal Charles Wright and and him coming out saying what he said on his web site. And if you miss that segment 8 o'clock podcast page sixty and sports dot com. You can also check out to malls column and FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash sixty at sports. And he kind of raised the distraction now everybody wondering what the future's going to be a Jamaal Charles it's now the second distraction the chiefs of had this week and it's only Tuesday. And the first distraction was what's gonna happen. With John Dorsey could he be leaving the Kansas City Chiefs his contract is up at the end of the season. And multiple network reported that Green Bay is quote unquote sniffing around. John Dorsey to potentially bring him back to Green Bay well mark Donovan the president of the chiefs he addressed the future John Dorsey. I think Clark says. And I agree with him they were really excited about the job but they need done done. As you know we don't talk about contracts and I don't say this evening Jack focused. This book. So let's mark Donovan talking about the future. Of John Dorsey Barry very non answers there were focused on the future of the game which means that they're talking agreement and indeed just a question any should be talking. To the Green Bay Packers word does not get out there if things aren't happening. And whether or not Dorsey leaked it to get more money from the teams are to get a deal done quicker with the chiefs or he wants the whatever the thing is. They're talking where there's smoke there's fire so judge Dorsey. Or he's pull. Are in talks at the Green Bay Packers about him potentially going back there. And taking over a four Ted Thompson who is two years left remaining as GM but there are reports they can just push him upstairs in the final two years his contract. If they have an opportunity to get John Dorsey. And bring him back in the fall a big loss for the Kansas City Chiefs Andy Reid talked about that. Are you I don't think doors right and think about that they honestly we were lucky. We have an opportunity to work here and she's very privileged to be yourself. But it I know it's part of the business. Powell answer the second part of that with the continuity part. It's great that we've been able keep people together here. Players and and coaches and front office. And hello all sorts of Clarksville who who we've all been able state gather and and help build something and I think that's been. You know that's the tribute to Clark. So that's what Andy Reid had to say right there is a tribute to Clark. Be Pargo took to art. We can fairly edit it ass on the and there. Needed it irks. Those Clark's. And so that's Andy Reid talking about. You know eighty imagines him that's the business and it is business but when Andy. You know was trying to blow off I think is really the most important thing and wide as teams where they are right now has been continuity. They've lost Eugene Chung and Doug Peterson and that's it for years. You know losing anybody goes scouts you're losing two years and losing coach you're losing players you have that continuity you win. And seemingly. With a guy at the Helm that. Seems OK with guys getting other jobs and from any. Pushed Doug Peterson that direction he's pushing Dave told that directions as he's just trying to keep guys around for his own you know the it's also within within the confines of a program that seems to be OK with promoting. You know yeah yeah it does and look I think more than anything I wasn't there for more Donovan but I was there for Andy Reid's press conference. Give it a lot with the Donovan when you added that the united wasn't missing much. After. I asked that question are faster and better every every week out yet. You did tell us that you miss that part is that aren't as I didn't did he say that yesterday he did now they re side of the field yesterday. Applicable items that Florida's side line and you live off for us to whose day. There's play tiger Reese on the planet do last week. The final weekend of snow the whole week. Arrogance and better grass growing temperature yeah those are. Ever the the point is any just looked frustrated that he had to answer the question I think I think he was thinking okay. We we talk about the game that we have this week because that's the important guys like. It's not a big deal for us to get out there and actually you know win this game yet and try to make it through Super Bowl try to go to an AFC championship. Actually bring a trophy to this city it is true but this is also the business time of year about FL it is but I can act like I guess for me I can understand where the frustration comes from though for colleges who are like what. I've worked the entire offseason last year the entire season before. And it all of this season to get to this point. Do we wait until after the season to do this and I understand why can't. Is just super frustrating because I think for everyone involved what your fan a coach whatever. Partly you'd and you want the instinct and then go away for a little bit will come back to it after the season. The chiefs have a real opportunity here to go to a Super Bowl. And it be nice. If that would be it was something everybody would be allowed to focus well he even mention is and you guys at the week off the talk about the test what a pathetic and this is it any day I mean Blahnik the bets. Ice man and if you do make it to the Super Bowl don't you think you're gonna get a lot of those questions bleeding after the Super Bowl too is Dorsey leaving what's going to if they don't extend it. Are they Unix debut because now we're in 2017. This is the lame duck year for all intents and purposes for Andy Reid as he and assign a new contract or he just gonna play out is. Deals here in Kansas City so while there is a gain yes that doesn't mean the rest of the world stops and everything else ends because your focusing on the Pittsburgh Steelers. And you can try to direct the narrative all that you want people in the media still have bosses of jobs people are talking about things and quite honestly you know that was the biggest topic for the last couple of days could John Dorsey. But you know that was the big story when everybody woke up Sunday morning and they looked at the phone in the Twitter and everything and saw holy cow John Dorsey being recruited by. The Green Bay Packers what's this mean. For Kansas City people and oath they won and they've invested in this is this going to stay together we break up about it in. I understand people want to know widest. Is John Dorsey gonna make a decision before this week. Now to endorse product to make any kind of decision on that until after the seed you still got passed in understate you have to ask. It's it's still it's a two way street liked to Reza think was the first one to bring it up threads it's his job to ask that question. Well also it's in eighty can't say anything about it. It's a weird world we live in right because anything you'd say Andy Reid did have some kind of information galaxy was a different interview this week in green dancing away well we're gonna do our best and he said he had like a because of that. And that's why it's such an odd situation because as a reporter it's your job ass but there's no way Andy Reid can actually tell you even if he knows anything I don't know that I have been. See John around the I think it's whether or anywhere is like our. Hi all is car hasn't been in the parking lot market partly is that Byrd who ball a little flyer from the local restaurants I mean. It's as it stands as John I mean able to also be tied to the back of his car we don't know. Coming up here sixtieth Sports Radio we're gonna give you an opportunity to win tickets to the boat ship grab a phone line 91357676. Ted is our telephone number were given away free ticket to the boat show and he had no knowledge of Pittsburg. You could win we do that next. The votes 91357676. Dead. Is our telephone number we're going to be playing a game for idea. For the better part of the week here on sixty and Sports Radio to help give away stuff whether it's Lotto tickets from Kansas lottery whether to vote showed tickets war. Whether it's the opportunity to call vaguely at half time. We're gonna give away stuff here on sixth in Sports Radio playing a game that we call Pittsburg Kansas vs Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and Stephen has got that all kinds of copious amounts of trivia. About Pittsburg Kansas and Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and if you know of a correspondent Pittsburg Kansas or Pittsburg Pennsylvania. You're gonna win tickets at this juncture. To the boat ship some 91357676. And as our telephone number. 913576. Sevenths extent of the telephone number very very easy game is at Pittsburg Kansas. Or is it Pittsburg Pennsylvania. Matthew in Overland Park here a first tier sixty and Sports Radio good morning that the U. More on goods thank you very much. Steven. I Pittsburgh Kansas or Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. This town was named after Pittsburgh. Bert and that is for. There's a lot of information on babies at the drop Yates as. Copyright stuff I think explain steel czar there now somebody in copyright Springfield in time that's their fault. If how accurate the name of the town. I mean Washington's or girls there's a lot of information security for for a cure for Kansas City Minnesota Libya thing right. The first to mayor of Pittsburgh was at an Easter Danny no. Probably what. Expert. You tell me. Out and get Ellis has density of their first mayor was added geezer Danny. And BC news anchor Brian Williams started his career in Pittsburgh. Bergkamp. That is. You are the big winner today in you my friend are going. About shadows making reservations about a lot of information that's for Al there realized that I think there is. Update retired in the world sports Carl Edwards expected to us about his retirement. Tomorrow. So caller I heard of him. Universe Carl Edwards the NASCAR driver not really about from Colombia he's from Columbia Missouri's a local guy. I had no idea. A bit much attention did ask army I know Ricky Bobby Roy goes fast and if you go come first. Relaxed. That's that's what I now. I draft then I think you would know Carl Edwards sling shot a day aged. They're winners chip bring us even spent doesn't Carl Edwards took on critics who say they want. It is yours is diffuse the situation with Ricky Bobby close. Carl Edwards in him and and what's his name from him for years the two local drivers. Says what's new owners Clinton lawyer a lawyer Carl Edwards or those are guys who Carl Edwards that was really tell is the only do you need to delegate lead anybody out but if you go to those shows and guys are are the local guys here Josh Johnson insisted his skis beat Jimmie Johnson coached football officer. You're not race cars. Here's a comb over Jimmie Johnson has more titles than. In racing that he doesn't upon it he says he absolutely yeah around the also present extends commercial it's pretty amazing how it's great test and it's a thing as one commercial over the guy has patches dollars dollars and ride of the commercials putting what's Jimmie Johnson. Honestly do you think is is better known race car driver or the guy and talks. That's your question I think I mean obviously. In his heyday be the Guy Fawkes but as the years go forward at the race car driver elevates the brass here's that you need to go to the closet that I start asking people. No me about Jimmie Johnson. A close. Nice today. You and other guys who tell me about Jimmie Johnson and see who they start talking about and it you don't probably after which one or is. And then you play dumb ago who is better to justify or Jimmie Johnson head coach of the cowboys it and make gaping. He Jimmie Johnson was when you mean which one did the the only Jimmie Johnson that is out there you had a take on Alex Smith earlier in the show that we we talk about how this is a big time day. For him on Sunday not maybe call realized could be career wise but definitely seasonal wise routes. I mean this is this game against Pittsburgh defines everything Alex Smith is done this year Purdue about the season where he had his worst touchdown percentage he's ever had in his career this year yes this season also a more yards and he's ever had season. Danny did well between the twenties they didn't do well scoring the ball so what what people think about Alex met they think about Lotta mistakes. Yet some really nice place in his last two days of actually been really good. His entire season. We'll be defined by this Sunday against Pittsburgh he plays really well. That all anybody's gonna think about is how well he played its Alex Smith you're our guy. But if Alex Smith goes out he meltdown in the chiefs lose because Alex threw three picks in this had a whole disaster performance. Then the Rea I reactions going to be how could you possibly go into the offseason and Alex Smith as your quarterback after what we just saw waited actually mattered you know. You know that that's interesting you bring that up because you mentioned the season for Alex Smith it could be vital to the offseason the Kansas City Chiefs as well. But if he if he goes out there oops the bed. Is that going to be to their development it's okay if he goes out there they lose he has two interceptions. And in Troy Polamalu runs on back it's it's gonna be all about Alex Smith who took that right I mean that that. And and the pressure's gonna be on the organization because. The DD what they called upon as in the water gonna attack big time if he goes out there as a big day goes well we've got this team is he's no good we get up the couple back now we need we need to get over the quarterback. And and people are going to be bad on Monday morning so I EO Dick Dick you know spektr's you know what he's got to take on Alex Smith. All with this is vital game to not only defining his season but defining the future of the Kansas City Chiefs. Could be one of the most important days of his career because if he plays well we could see Alex locked up to 2018 two more years of Alex Smith at that point would be in his mid to late thirties and pretty obvious and pretty nor natural time to move on problem. So if he plays well. Not only does it help the chiefs in the offseason not only does he get Alex Smith another couple years is the starter Kansas City. If it plays well the whole narrative about changes. It's a hole playoff game the first home playoff game since 2010 the first hole divisional playoff game since 2003. The chiefs haven't won one of these games. At home playoff game of any kind hostess Joseph Montana was a quarterback. So Alex Smith has a big time game pianist Steelers team that everybody knows isn't quite the Houston Texas last year this is a legitimate Super Bowl contender. If Alex has a big game. Throws for a couple of touchdowns consistent through four quarters of the chiefs beat the Steelers. Then that entire narrative surrounding Alex changes and people look at him is not just a legitimate quarterback but one of the best quarterbacks the Kansas City has ever had if you get into the. Final four he definitely take set leap into number two on that list I I have a hard time. You're putting Joseph Montana on that was of great quarterbacks because he was here for like five minutes had a cup coffee and last you know it was like he spent his. Along part of and shouldn't had the last playoff win four or I don't accept that add on that gratitude and sort of better than that should have been my interim and that in itself. I don't let tennis should be more he should be should be more of a footnote. In this organization they really it that he really is a key he's like right now there's a little community college points that. To the futility that's spotlight and so is he goes out their performs well and they win it and they would like 3514. And Alex has three touchdown passes. Not only locally people can finally say okay enough with the Alex Smith dogging. Nationally people say it as well because it doesn't help when you heard she's been in you slip on NFL network or hot take fox sports line or ESPN or whatever it is. And you see people questioned well highlighted she's bonds yeah you take away the gap but. From the kids penalty. Zero I think no matter what way we cut this a thousand different ways if the chiefs when the Super Bowl nationally it will be called the fluke I ideas. 1000%. Believe that I understand why some people might think that that changes some of the national there of but I'm telling you right now. If the chiefs when the Super Bowl. It doesn't matter Alex Smith tossed five touchdowns in the Super Bowl. It's going to be looked at as a fluke by team that held at some nice things break their way. Yeah well that's just people who are lazy you know if all that's like a category is that kind of what you're saying dad Michael had an incredible post season rerouted the ordinary on it right yet. But still the joke is Flacco leap like every year is still comes up he's got paid now it's like now he can't live up to what he's getting paid group. I don't know others have heat like ever. Has bent over. Over that hump probably never will be even though he had an incredible policies are on the other want it. He did have such it in and by the way Alex Smith does have that ability to have a a similar run. To what Joseph Flacco and we've seen it they make that game but he's an Airbus and air. Yeah I mean is that he's appointed ever do it Flacco I don't think ever gonna do even though he's got that he's got a championship and played really well in that it wasn't. You know relying on active defense. A completely in in in their run he played well and as he ended the day do you think they really give a rip if they're called Little League quarterback. Maybe while they're playing. Probably not after meeting I mean anecdotally visitors thirtieth when Joseph Flacco goes to the bank and looks Canada's ring as he's put mr. Kennedy ATM. Do you really think he cares or skip Bayless and they easily quarterback turned a first prime appreciate that is names mentioned all the time yeah I mean tripped over got a job at that and that's amazing to Trent Dilfer. Is it the fact that he's on television critiquing quarterback play not just football the whole book critiquing quarterback play when he won a Super Bowl. As the U worst quarterback to ever win a Super Bowl. Yet he's on television critiquing quarterback Trent because when your television very Smart and that's amazing to me like you're while ivories. Every fired college basketball coach is now an analyst and he's not even a good broadcaster but it is the best analysts now are all the it's for succeeded unity they get and a college hoops as this whole. This whole thing. Is that he won a Super Bowl as a quarterback that's his whole hook that's why nobody cares about it he won a Super Bowl. Despite and so yes that's amazing and really alleges that blows my mind Tex lines asking ravens don't have direct deposit now they don't actually. Here here's you know funny sort of the chiefs never had direct deposit of they have it now but years ago when when Derrick Thomas was playing they never had. Direct deposit because Derrick are one. Would leave all his chances locker room or in his mailbox and he you'd go in there do you have a stack a sixteen checks at the end of the year in the hunt families making interest off a Derrick Thomas not depositing. His salary every recently. A purpose never had direct deposit is the guys would beast you know. Witted to go to the bag that's it let's go to bank anymore easily edited show up like if she have that hard checked. And at the bank and especially you make millions you know really need the money and it checks pile up nice for months and I got that lets you organize let's run it and yeah. What does Eric Terry L these guys though so the chiefs are making interest and and off these guys checks. Through the years it sounds like you're really good problem to have it really does it like if you get your check cashing a check out -- they could that it chief problem making that a personal issue under title IG's problem but they do these guys were cashing checks so they were gonna direct deposit as they can make money off if you targeted gestured Jackson and at this that's must be a nice life to have it really is it was really I would probably go go bad for anybody who's like yeah we got direct deposits artist but it's Jack stack up because you know. How did I do not need the money. Breaking news from the world of college football that affects a major player will tell you what it is next. Don't forget it was extent sports dot com or write me how to sign up for chief Steelers tickets courtesy of but like the official beer sponsor of Kansas City Chiefs deadline is 11:59. PM Thursday. He still get to this extent sports dot com register to win tickets. We don't see that she's the Steelers Sunday out at arrowhead stayed you heard are somewhere that or Rob Gronkowski. Was going to be making an appearance on Family Guy this week well is staffed curry beat him to the punch staff curry was on Family Guy. The pricing its Golden State Warriors star staff curry. Like I'd step on such a big fan thanks is nice to meet him and know we just met but can I shoot on your land during your next post game press conference. Sir I'm through enough. This is exciting for the whole Bay Area to be just four games away from the championship ad I don't know that seems not just gonna go away go we've got to stay focused keep dole we've been going. That lady. Yeah I had a fat lady yeah that's the repeater maker golf that's not how we talked to people like Al team. I don't earning at legends. So that was asked. Stick to carry out daily guide Peter Griffin was sitting on step Curry's lap. At a press conference and the best part about it to me is when you see it easily rolling his eyes how boring these press conferences. And and now lives now eighty re trolling. Welch legitimate satire areas where shall I want prevent it variation. They pick all of those press conferences. Both Scarborough broken leg. Old Scarborough broken Alec adolescent running back when they lost him and that was it that that was the game right there. Your best offensive weapon 93 yards to tees in the first half. And he goes down in the third quarter with a broken legs sounds hazel but that recovery time is probably. Quicker it's you if it's a straight break on a boat tossed them. I like the ankle or they need because the ankle assuming ligaments around it naked Hugh Weirton and need you to get to have surgery on. Broken bones. Are all that bad as long as there you know actually straight breaks on the on the bone itself and knotted round were the joint in his. You know Kirk herb street. I've heard the name or Kirk herb street and I heard the name. And he does college football that the game last night wouldn't have the big muscles was officiating okay and opulent dollars and I was like just like makes hockey league look like wimps. It is out of this guide me hot you legally looks like not some guy that guy everybody knows that again like come on that he's got that does nothing but by isn't your eyes like he goes to the gym and it's all curls all dialogue yeah no but who's gonna stop it or break his stride it's like. Well it's our. Just those odds stood by 2000 curls look at the mayor the whole time but that first down gambling to last night was like holy Cali has laid the game was so boring at the beginning and it's all people were all anybody cared about yeah is this guy's arms and and whatnot and hockey leagues even tweeting about it man that makes me look like a weekly so. I'd hockey league kind of set the mold and started the whole thing of referees actually being safe but back in the an old guys like Andrew rice remember bands right now like. He appeared to be and drive you know him as the guy was acting he was given them the business band right there permanently hold that Red Hat yeah. Ask Gary mark rightly those guys are physically fit and hockey league came in and started to become physically fit and now all the groceries look like they can kick your Miami's Jackson was just like that just was jacket tight sure it has it's like yes socks showing he's still he's still Tivo assured as we get these yeah I think we're still. I'd Tebow. I need I need your you know where you get your shirt yes I hate that company to make me a ref Rees Jersey right anti god and goddess on a gas but I mean it was like it was like commodities like to selling your bro he's buying behavior like me and like he's the guy in the in the magazine only airlines that says he does the the what's the stuff they don't allow it in baseball. Stairway CA screaming yeah. Certainly seen video of an airline magazine and they got the guy Desi agents I do agent that's at that refereed look like that and it better shape of my right it was it just arms either it was the way that he was hauling things like Hugh is so old four with the muscle movements it was like. Excuse me is the gym over with me earlier is it that way I. I am calling things shall championship game I don't know how they decide to put a lot better they had zero assured approval. But is very awkward forever and that real. He was except for slate some deep warts and all of those kind of hot anyway. Kirk Hershey was doing the game and he talked about early on the Alabama defense hitting the Shawn Watson rattling them early knocking him down and hitting over pressuring them and all that kind of stuff. I thought to myself that's exactly what the chiefs needed Sunday like all of sudden it click like Justin Houston I think. Is going to be a guy who we didn't see really play all season except for the Denver game about Denver if he has eat if he plays as a big game and they get to. Ben Roethlisberger who had zero quarterback rating last week week when pressured. The kids in each he's got a great opportunity to win this game to be I think a lot of winning this game. Is on Ford is on Houston is on tomba to affect the quarterback may be old sack of you definitely. At the quarterback speaking of that cornerback Roethlisberger no boats they'll boot blogger crowd out of boot today which means he's not human. That that tackle looks very similar to attack on both Barbara where you had a one Blakey caught underneath the defender's body and then get turned awkward. This fine ship that way he's not from this planet there's no worries from this planet if you're having those kind of things that your ankle you're like Matt. Brood on it keep the swelling down all the back in a few days totally fun at what went one for you Wear the blue at all a week and still practice it or where it's different authorities. You know this thing. Senators got roller blade and a great right now and actually really is some people think it was controlled job to begin its own anyway it will see ya we'll see what happens as the week goes along. Because as you know it is only Tuesday and today should be today when hot takes began to fly coming up in two minutes late to make the base next.


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