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01/10 8a - Jamaal Charles, Andy Reid Game, Clemson, Danan Hughes, Top 10

Jan 10, 2017|

Jamaal Charles posts about his injury earlier in the season, we have some fun with Andy Reid, Dabo Swinney rips Colin Cowherd, we're joined by Danan Hughes plus the Daily Top 10; Bill Walton

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Jamaal Charles as what we call. They need to meet your read injury re we go commercial free until 830 here as we do every day at 610 Sports Radio. And the ball has been kind of somebody haven't heard from because when guys are injured there on the table mindless like they're not even there that they they get sent to the school life. It's sad the way they get you know you know like but never that girl in high school that got pregnant she disappeared for awhile and nobody know where she went. Like that's what happens when you get injured in the NFL you can disappear if. Sox 20 yeah not just in the NFL any level you get injured you it's like you've been here the view of the plague yes people avoid you like you are the plague because it's it's almost this. Subconscious mind set where if you get close to agree to get entered to fit exactly like big big security you've got it has nowhere to be bad he can't talk to anybody so. Jamaal Charles as a web site which we found out early nicely and let's zoom went Jamaal Charles 25 dot com is the is the web site. And he wrote a column on and you could read the entire column on her FaceBook page. At FaceBook dot com slash sixty and sports and he talked about his injury basically going through everything that it happened since he re injured himself and he made it is likely clear. That he didn't have swelling of the dean elected the team said he did. He'd heard it in the game he heard it on the practice field. Staying after to do extra practice with the running backs and the running back coach him EB and all those guys. Out their on the field. And that's how he hurt his knee felt the title locked up and realize something's not right here. And thought maybe a couple of days of rest would cure that it happened a year the other need plane with this kid you know a few days later than build these data doctor Rangers get this guy shaved off his. His knee and all that cleaned up and put on injured reserve. And done for the season and and guys I've looked at this is delegate to porting number one. Let all the chiefs fans know hey here I am I'm still around and then let other NFL teams now I'm only 29 years old I'm gonna be okay. And I'm gonna have another opportunity I think to play and don't get Allen got hurt again working too hard working too hard not negate it absolutely worked into art so. I thought it was just a very very interesting well written well done article and a very informative would you guys take away. I like Jamaal Charles but man the timing couldn't have been worse. Why why choose now. But why not wait until after the Super Bowl or at least until after the chiefs get knocked out of the playoffs to put to pen this thing you'd have to blog this this week. The chiefs have a playoff game everybody's been talking about that playoff game in now everybody S to stop and talk about small Charles read to stops it well. Here's what Jamaal Charles set about his knee he decide to post a blog on his website now we have this information that's a little bit different than the information we got from the cheeks. But the information we got from the doctor. Actually would indicate that the chiefs are telling closer to the truth than Jamaal Charles. Small injured his knee in practice then why would he have to have the meniscus on both knees she he said he density hard VO walking with his kids are playing with a so I definitely like the one he says blocking. When you locked up and practice and one mile of at home and watch after the homeland with a scared yet I think the more I think the more likely scenario is there was a structural problem with his knees. And that would concern a lot of other teams when you have the meniscus on both knees shaved they were concerned teams that you have a structural issue. If both your knees locked up the net through practice whatever it could be practice to be at home doesn't really matter. Both duties are locking up it's not re injuring it that's a structural issue to had to be fixed. It would that's fine I don't understand it. Why this would be the week to Jamaal Charles would go selfish with. You know I think the number one in on diskette he's guessing obviously is we don't know number one he feels left out. Number two. He's tired of the truth his version of the truth not being out there he's not allowed to talk about what happened to him a number three the season's over for everybody in the NFL separate teams. Teams are starting to make their post season and offseason plans and he wants to make sure that teams know if it when he gets released by the chased. He could be ready to go for another team and I want to point out only when it I don't know that this that's kind be ready for another team nervous says is I have yeah I have issues. Like my. IV issues of the ninety's I the reason I thought that was a usable only 29 years old I still feel like I can play in this league and when he wrote as a well he still he he's making a plea. The 31 other freight I handle on how many is it didn't feel right. About a fiesta only 29 I got timeless maybe. So that that's the way I took Mikey he's basically throw it out there because as you know teams are looking at their rosters right now their their waving people they're cutting people they're making plans they've got their board of who they wanna target guys can potentially get released and you know Jamaal Charles is definitely on the appetizing as at least I think I mean that's that's obviously going to be. Consideration if you're Jamaal Charles you want to you want to let people know that if I'm released. I can still play. I'm not right I'm not going to be released with the intent of I'm just going away eyes don't tend to play that. Yeah the timing has yet to this that they I have no problem with the morning news to tell other NFL franchise as I can still play he has an agent. Right I don't think. Mutual Charles is an out here with the website acting as his agent Kiki to have his aging goal around other NFL teams say. This is what's going on to mall he's going to be OK we think. He still just 29 years old all that stuff. I understand the timing of this drives me nuts and as far as why the chiefs would touch him on the off season. It's it's tough to have this discussion he's a big a lot of fans they're remembered 4014 Jamaal charles' point thirteen Jamal chartered a long time we was on top of the world man but as we see with running backs could be resold to be Shaun Alexander could be the Damian Thompson Rodney Hampton is another great example of that to you go from a top of the world that. Two completely off in one year it happens all the time with running backs. In that she's probably don't think they're going to get 2014 Jamaal Charles back in it would be logical for them to believe that. And I think that's the realistic approach you're not gonna have a 2014 Jamaal Charles backs so there's no reason to try to get. The 2014 Jamaal Charles back I I also think maybe with with a all the attention now on the chiefs. He may be feeling a little left out he may be feeling a little depressed I mean you don't know what's going on. Inside some guy's mind like he was the guy for all these years and now this team is finally in a spot that it's never bidding before. And he's not there he's not part of it he's in Pensacola Florida Bezos and make it about him rehabbing himself and you know and in you know maybe he needed the outlet too sometimes you need to talk about things sometimes you need to. Have that outlet to let your voice be heard to make yourself feel better I mean maybe he's this is the way he's dealing with. A depression or something I don't know what it is of interest try to go through all the scenarios. On why he would do right now but I I don't think he did that because he is concerned with the Kansas City Chiefs I think he did it in the present over the south dead battling astle you have to be. In the national football eight. Yeah you can say that but I think the chiefs have been very good Jamaal Charles so I'm a little surprised he would choose this time to do something so public we could very easily just gone to his agent said hey let everybody know what's going on he could have its her he could've written. That entire blog post sent it to his agent instead of posted on his website. It had the exact same effect of being able other teams know exactly what's going on eighty people were tweeting him in wanting answers to what you hears you know we just wanted answers all the time for our. Very seriously I mean it. I don't understand why you would think OK a good idea here being taken this week to have all the fans see. This is what's going on you can do that later the fans will still pay attention to Jamaal Charles dot com and mid February. I don't trust my iPod whatever I don't care. It is. Because he he doesn't care about it Betty doesn't care because there's Airbus a day cares about herself he's doing it for so right so look. You say it's reportedly five for Jamaal Charles be selfish on this. What Jamaal Charles is being selfish obviously I would agree. The time I don't disagree entirely selfish but I'm taking it from his perspective why why would he do it probably feels left out he probably feels depressed he probably feels like he's missing something you probably you know there's a lot of things. That probably is factored into why he would wanna do this and and all of them want to stay in relevancy yet and a in the public guy and in need is his name to be out there right right. So he's yes he's. This this is a selfish time to do that. But that's his and he's worried about it right and end all of that being said. At the end of the day when Jamaal Charles has done working at the same feeling I think about Jamaal Charles is we did when Dyson mystery as we did Wade Davis mr. I think him and like Eric Berry maybe. Fall into that category of those chiefs that are totally like but last year in Kansas City. That when they move onto another organization if they move onto another organization. We're gonna have all the feels like we did listen in to Dyson on the drive the other day here. You talk about wade Davis and things like that they were such a big part and Jamaal Charles for many years was a bright beacon of light in an organization that was acts. Off a little bit differently though bill after after this a feel like okay. These Don I mean he wanted to. Essentially take the spotlight. From what is the most important game. The chiefs have played since when when you're this is the most important game at the biggest game the chiefs have played a sense. What throw throw out there maybe 20102003. Because of why we can't get back to the no punt game I mean that divisional playoff game at home hasn't happened to. For thirteen. Years. It is yet to get to choose this week her. Okay. IAE. I don't think it'll it'll change mine my thought on him I just think he's hurt and he's old and as a running back and I. I move on from the outside of the month I mean now allowed to be sent an Arnold out of that I. You know I'm not the seven million dollar cap Everett has had multiple knee surgeries but not really that. Even even though they might if he's healthy mice will be that's running back. Don't be it's gonna happen top ten today top ten things you want Bill Walton on. He was fantastic last night on the other college football coverage I think we need more Bill Walton in our lives top ten things we want. Bill wall months 69 threes or six on the text line today message data rates may acquire top ten coming up beneath it. All right it's time for you to grab a phone line 91357676. Tennis the telephone number were played for 25 dollars in Kansas lottery instant scratch tickets. And you could win up to 25000. Dollars in cash. On one of those lottery tickets that we needed to pick up the phone dial 91357676. To 91357676. Ted. We've got a special midweek edition. And it's not this year or last year it this week or weeks for with Andy Reid from the time they played the Pittsburgh Steelers earlier in the season so will play sound bites from this week from Andy Reid and from week four of eighty Reid and if you get three in a row correctly you are gonna win 25 dollars in Kansas lottery instant scratch tickets a gravel wind down 9135767610. 9135767610. Is the telephone number will get more to the college football game after we give away these lottery tickets because that turned out to be. An epic battle an epic epic finish anyway last night in college football one of the more impressive finishes that we've seen wealth back. Following the script of impressive finishes in big time sporting events after the when he sixteenth season. Tournament basketball. Baseball college football we'll see if it continues super not a classic game classic finished yet classic fit at noon. A four and a half our games on a classic. Classic game now it was a classic final six minutes up and it was a great final six minutes. All right let's do it let's play this week or weeks or with Andy Reid likened Shawnee good morning are you ready to give this a world. All right was this said this week or was this said in week four bye Andy Reid. Practice today to give that. An energy. Ordered earlier practiced yet it was not we it was not an eight or thank you for two putted really study. Then ask hours out of gas Wii Sports you Griese didn't sound all that excited 87 like enough. And it is CMBS. CJ and oh OK all right you're up next good morning CJ. From Laurie all right was this said this week or weeks for. Why did I mean by time you do let's but time gets. Still reform. So the other things are important. Certainly for. Now it was. Or it was not weak fourth night at 357676. Dead yet and because he's already has John really hard to boarding Jeff. All right was this said this week or weeks for. Hopefully that's a quick. Him. But I. Is there we go for it was week before I. All of it was this dead at this week. Or weeks or. Just seek out goes to them. Or I try and try him and see to it. Since they didn't what they can do that. Well for it why is this. Trying to stuff now I. It's definitely more all right if you get this correct you're the winner of Kansas lottery instant scratch tickets are you ready. Yeah yeah. But. You know I think we. You have to get in the game you play this it's. This. A week it is. You are the big energy ask you do. One went 85 dollars and Kansas lottery instant scratch so congratulations. To EU and it was that this would not yet now he eat he was he has cure for insomnia is stuff about well all he was boring as as as all got a whole package discussion that control you which is great eighty read proving yesterday that he listens to the sale. I mean do you lose the no show. Earth the very least that he picked up on the on the package question I asked last week and then. Well I am river brought up Tyreke package will be similar to the package type keep package small we have thought of that and then last week I asked him. How do you currently packed yeah I should we expect to see Tyreke package growth and eight retiree did you anticipate his packaging border into the postseason and getting larger so that yesterday at a stats about the disguising defenses from the from the Steelers. Try to prepare Alex for all the different disguises it is for these things through that. Well you know it's like. That every team has that so be it that's part of his game and then you get yourself ready for their package and you know it's complicated and as complicated as you might think it is term perish from the outside than they've got to keep it. Somewhat coordinated there are just so they can function at the level that they function and at that place up. If they don't diluted today as a nice blitzing it's. When a team as a blitz oriented team her right excellent blitzer every down. The good blitzing teams normally pick and choose when they do it. And arm have a small package in the day you know they study here. Here's your protections meant to sign up to go there so it was a two. Total talk I'm in Oregon and murders right after this attitude of I watched the video is very good 910 time suitor because unlike RI I'm I'm gonna watch as these huge huge tax that he mentioned package. And so I watched the video. And you can see when he says packaged you don't say something you try not the laughed like yeah here will we do that we don't wanna laugh we duck away yeah like Andy Reid you could tell. Was trying to hold in the laughter but he emphasized. Package. Any had a clause they were to write and it looked at. You with any kind of eighty any kind of smiled a little bit they said small package and kind of stumbled again in like try not to laugh but definitely working in. That was Indy Reid's message TU. That he listens to this well today is April. I think I've I've made fun of yesterday his his inability to catch some some jokes here and there are some some funny questions. Well clearly he caught it because that was the only time he reference package throughout the entire press conference it was the only question I ask that the press conference that he said it why he said packets twice that is low key comedic genius a grand jury on Wednesday if begin to admit parts are funny little apparel and throw. Package package. Package package. An arm have a small package. If so he's he's wonderful. Definitely definitely a tiger I mean like I said I've known people that have been in the car and six and has been so he elicits that we appreciate that and I'm glad he's buying into the stick the of the fun in the humor they can be mundane. Press conference attack can be which are. My game press got its big game last night. They win Clemson beats Alabama Alabama did just absolutely getting slaughtered out there in the final two minutes of the game and loses 3531. Doubles Sweeney for whatever reason decided he was gonna rip Colin Howard fox Sports Radio. You know we wanted to play Alabama. Because now ya gotta change your story she got to change the narrative. You're gonna mix it up. You know the guy that called us a fault. As Alabama for a fraud. Was named Colin cal would. Ask your own never met and don't know him ask him if our if we're Alabama for fraud ask though how stated we're fraud asked Oklahoma. If we're fraud. Or draw does that guy. But he he didn't do his homework oh don't print that. There you go up college cowards because of you know that today that it's all of our. Also that is how do you call the number two team in the nation a fraud two out of date because they had easy wins yet they had wins they should not a Pat Brown the season there are always airline waste your day goes on they never should have lost the three game hits again there are a lot of breeze started to think OK Clinton's a bit of a pretender. And that's what he said and look. Collins said that about Iowa last year in this 115 season turned out to be incredibly writes this time it turned out to be incredibly raw. A claims improved so yeah I look Colin Cowherd well that is right. To say that Clemson this year was a bit of a fraud because of how they want some of their games do you think it is Sweeney's well what that is right after beating Alabama for the national championship. Right back called space do you think that Colin Cowherd would be right as he sat there called the chiefs of fraud. Cool. You know Pete Briscoe but now there is no deep Frisco that he be well within his right to do I would disagree. But I think there's definitely an argument there because the chiefs don't have a dominating quarterback the chiefs don't have a dominating offense they don't have the things that. Most people look to when they're trying to decide who's going to win a super ball because they you know that the way to Clemson won a lot of their games this year were like holy crap like like the winning of the North Carolina State game. Is a game that there's the bats like beating. Carolina you know that that that was like beating. Don't milk and eggs like relating to airlines ways for Carolina that is anybody's guess how old the ball away from the receiver you have a bet that that's bad days and that that you win games magically at times I don't know man acknowledged that it is the difference in talent from team to team a specimen look at this while like once in a team like North Carolina State. The difference is so huge the questions should I want him so I thought civil in the NFL everyone's so close that close games just happy but that you you can't sit there and in Rick collings now word for calling. Clemson a fraud and if it did the same thing about the chi Letzing you bouncing in Jenna about it. But it is he calls the chiefs of fraud. As a national guy. He's not that are off his rocker because of the way that they won games and both the takes were going to hear this week guys just be ready it's only Tuesday. She strapped in for JT the bricks not dates strap in for college Howard's I'd put it JD say that makes you continue their efforts have been optics will talk about it off the air yeah he took a shot at Kansas City on Twitter the other day and he even got mad because I asked what the raiders score was like. Ears and eyes is our last few days like today and well peaceful hot today I'll ask his targets of these to 00. At all Erica your hosting the hot take kings of the world. JT the brick is on that list he's unless he gives his takes us from straight from 1995. They are straight out of 1995 okay. Source there are in yet skip Bayless who got hot cakes for everything. Ankle are starting to fall into that category other daycare is these guys are making all kinds of its. When there takes about their and they don't care he's made sure formed today young talents dot Mikey he's got no show on. Notional threat whatsoever to do today if it is probably yeah it a doubles illicit is that just like texting and yeah. God is they didn't either listen or they at least ever run back to them what is set right day they are completely oblivious to what's going on in the media. And Colin Cowherd doesn't play that cut. Every segment today than he's doing it wrong yeah. Every single on still. I'm getting at is we you people want the sequence it was it was a fraud because of the way they want however they played in the ACC but the big gold SEC which that's the biggest fraud in America right now as the SEC and so you've got. You've got hot takes that it it's Tuesday morning. The hot takes will be a fly in the next couple of days about its east and I will promise you there will be one person. Look but there'll be somebody that uses the F word to describe the Kansas City Chiefs you know what's coming. You know it's coming they will call the chiefs of fraud and it will site Carolina they will cited Alanna it will site Alex Smith. They will site waiting in scoring and defense and special teams people will all that a fraud I will call them the way they are built. And they are not a fraud I don't think Clemson was a fraud you winning games during a special year. We waste gas in India today I think that's her idea of those are great tale. Those are great ways like wow. Other words a lot of argot census data partisans is right I mean come on you'd react after the fact as a factor that's that's an outstanding. Yeah. But I think in in college two year a little more is my that your little more prone to having weird things happen you are and in especially when you rely kickers accounts is they'll suck. But like in the NFL and Major League Baseball every team that wins a championship like. You go back to the only Kansas team I still go back to go to tell us a step curry shooting you know it against them you know publicly Davidson in this. The leading to yet who who somehow got meant this to forget how to shoot free throws right almost instantly they went from amazing to hold disaster from the charity stripe I mean. Or you go to the royals they go to the clubs this year cubs about three. Oh 31 lead it. Was yeah I was three wanted to Smith yeah a 31 lead the series and and blow death house that he impossible. And that's where I think a lot of these problems and frequently yeah yeah I had Indians had a 31 lead they blew it like. Those weird things that's why I'm the more time goes forward. The warm start to wonder. You know the chiefs this might just be the year for them because it seemingly the year for everyone who's had a long drought and right you think about Villanova Villanova did they about the cause us he but the cavaliers. Stabs equipped and tigers all these names start with C cavs odds I had to do. Yes we have figured out where it right. Dealt were done for the day to adopt that you can't top it cubs Clemson where she was the key status. As chiefs hard see now there. They all start with the city yet. Champions this year all star with illiteracy. And so there you have it sorts cowboys owner. You bite your tongue ready to watch you don't have to go watch. The game I value them in regard to how they just watch us on FaceBook live it little just now beginning at noon on Sunday and lots again. That will just this. Whole life running a screenings and how. Then I'm not lie and act. I had asked is going to be impromptu swingers party it will just how crazy we could maybe we guys here that wherever that wake Revere I hear there are swingers in that area there are Susie from sales knows the ball 69306. Is our techs like today you can weigh in on that also go to our website at 610 sports dot com. And you will have the opportunity to win tickets to go see the Kansas City Chiefs in person. At Arrowhead Stadium courtesy of Bud Light the official beer sponsor of the Kansas City Chiefs go to 610 sports dot com the link is right there drew just click on it. And register and you will have an opportunity. To go see the Kansas City Chiefs in person on Sunday as they get ready to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers are top ten list of top ten other things he wants a Bill Walton on he was fantastic last night on the college football coverage on ESPN time tonight things you want to bill wall on and on top ten for you coming up at 850 all right coming up or talk to army and gaining Hughes former Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver the last time that she's won a home playoff game data was actually two years old was that long ago so we'll talk to him. About the possibility of winning games here. At Arrowhead Stadium. And I'm also interested just to see how him as he as an alarm. Is enjoying this spaying and finally watching this organization potentially hopefully. Get that monkey off their back on the big time home playoff when we're talking chiefs would gain in Hughes we do that next. We're talking teams all morning long here on six did Sports Radio except when we talk about other things like going to your college bar gaining views with us here. On 610 Sports Radio is it is our rule of when you kidding cannot go to your college bar. You cannot go your color bar. Theaters. Inhabited buying. College student. In the year ago you can only go dorm or excellent column group. All right so I was okay go on the other day Specter things you too well he handing Linux Ireland's in my arm and oh man out when you Iowa for games do you rolled to the college bars still. Now there's actually a cold slip up in Ohio where there's a portion of the turnaround that it like where would be. The coaches then. Older people grow and proportional count where the student goes so the kind of gravitate towards where the overcrowded. Right on I think dev but the difference here Bob good to K you Wear it there's really get the ten discriminating that is not really that divided historic days shows me it's like the bars you have to goats were mostly college bars and that's about it in a war lords is a place that that is welcoming to everybody not like Iowa City which is a very married there on liberal town. And I updated as a lot of this wonderful organization here in Kansas City. Howell fired up for you through this game where it finally today and where the tees and hole playoff. Google is it's it's tough here. And I go by a local fired up like the whales. World Series were on filed a while ago or. More. More anxiety in my fired right now and he deeply because. Be calm. Because we pulled shouldn't expert here we go over the lecture with the way in a lot lot more anxiety and jokes. Yes look Goldberg on Pittsburgh you know there appear from Clark it's more like. You know repeated earlier this season I think we can go away and but I am a little bit concerned parent who fired up if bet that such critic. Based on the opponent. Does that factor in free toll does to me and you know I'm I'm yeah I'm right there and anxiety level. And it a lot of that is is is Pittsburgh. Yeah I think a bigger mainly because of it being Pittsburgh because they're playing so well you can argue that beer. One of the audit they're not the hotter Greenberg and built. Coming into this week's so I great anxiety level is mainly because to a Pittsburgh blocked at the same time. If you're what mr. Burton who would beat Houston Texans coming. I think that still has some anxiety just because we haven't seen green cheese saying. You know it's been a long drought on that Arafat sealed. To concede that success in the postseason success so I think there's as anxiety going to be all right in the city. Did Hughes former chief wide receiver here at 610 Sports Radio daily and this idea. That. Started last half yards startle. I. It's like oh good. That with Alex Smith. What is in this game to its go to the five isn't higher seas in the way people perceived Alex Smith and 2016 when he seventeen would will be based solely on this game. When it's all said and done is that a fair statement. Yes I've been very fair and it wouldn't be there two years ago but right now I mean you you have the factory and Alex. It is now in a position. That beat expectations. Are higher they've ever been for. And for the team. And what com look here if you're going to be a threat quarterback and you're going to be a quarterback. That obviously had some. So great pairing but also some some some shortcomings. This is where you. Go to work I agree that's what. Can't find your legacy here in the city. Because in order to get to where everybody needs you to get sued or get to where everybody wants to be a quarterback would be able. And those who took part in charge and that he dug deeply. Like he did get the unit earlier in the season. Arctic burglary lot of questions as to whether he can be the quarterback of the future for the organization. I was talking a Len Dawson yesterday and I asked about the 43 is journal Bernstein loss earlier in the season and he's a game really doesn't factor into this week but players remember that. Do players really remember all of that. Absolutely. Absolutely. Are traitor a large. Portion of the team. That wants architecture chips and read that they want to be the better. You competitive nature of the competitive juices flow where you want to some kind of retribution or an empire and law early in the season. And value to thirty or your whole field. For the right to move onto the next round play all. If you and card compatible on your body you want. Now granted. An alternative would have been retribution would be used to correct and so it could've gone either way. That's in the match that you really want you wanna show people that you consider to be where you're good at what and flew. You were just lucky and close gain get to this position you can be the better than the it just so. That the bet that code yet choose between them Lila early this season so players remember vividly. Now. We for so long ago woods say forget about it but I saw dean in last. Sunday's game with with Miami I'm unfold the same way that it did for the chiefs and their first meeting so what. What are you change other than don't get behind fourteen. You know fourteen points early what are you just. Yeah I have a little bit about Internet. You want to not do what you did and burst in order and do what Miami did last week but the same card you don't want a place scared. New water still keep your foot on the gas pedal on player like. We saw them play yet Denver Broncos apparently we saw him play get the Oakland Raiders all cards you have to have that kind of mine that. You're right it was. With a mirror image. On how to beat the Miami Dolphins are how they'd be earlier in the seat or early turnovers. Allow him a big point spread but even in the Miami game if you look there. Even wit the three turnovers. Miami still in a position where they had the ball it would driving. If street where sport it would have been down one school so it wasn't like Pittsburgh really truly capitalize. On every. Mystery that Miami made so there's some encouragement there because. Pittsburgh although Libya over pondered and Antonio Brown I don't work underneath the cut down early seem to be real Mallorca open. Miami could of cargo. Gathered themselves and it football game and that's what could happen in this game is going to be some ups and downs but the chief change in the position where you're scared to looms. And Natal. Keep poster for worker. It burst through and people support and pressure leader. That data and any read coming off a bye week is nineteen into when you add in his three you know post season record coming off vote by now. Troop lawyers then they're not there I'd done they notice they know how good Andy is coming off though by how does that give them extra confidence going to this game. Absolutely you wanna know that your coach spirits successful and something. Letter home playoff games whether it extended but separate stand by Turks and Greeks. There and also remember. That's what public and remember. Good matchup. I mean if you were told me last week okayed it and you have a million strong there will be. I've heard the Steelers are beat everybody. Knew that the Steelers are going to be in my vehicle for that matter. Hoping that the Jamaican but I think eventually speak here but still we're and so although Andy Reid. And every one America may publicly say it would medical care for three different team. 90% of their preparation was for the Pittsburgh Steelers were they kind of felt like at all of the people that was going to be. Girls everywhere so. You add in the fact broke. In real have to prepare for routine over the bye week they're really focused on one team. And that's where it shine throughout their career. Optional one pain after an extended break. All right Dana and before elegy about a year. They win. Yes. Going to be bought for Britain and I'd see actually act the good work Steelers turned the ball all we're more than. We capitalized and just what we did. A couple of the big gains and so earlier this season start paying. Eric fateful com now it's going to be an amazing environment and achieve them up and take away. Ego data we appreciated enjoyed again we'll talk to you next week before had to New England. You've got to take care data views of us here on 610 Sports Radio. Coming up we've got an oldest former Missouri governor Jay Nixon who was forced out of office yesterday. And top ten things you want Bill Walton body was fantastic yesterday on the football broadcast but we need more Bill Walton and allies and our town next. Yeah. I listen up men. Hello sports fans. Our top ten coming up just a moment. Go to six cents sports dot com right now to sign up for. The chance to win cheese Steelers tickets courtesy above light. The official beer sponsor of the Kansas City Chiefs the deadline. Is 11:59. PM on Thursday so still time to get yourself signed up go to sixty and sports dot com. And sign up cheese Steelers tickets courtesy of unlike the official beer sponsor of the Kansas City Chiefs who want to send you to the game coming up. On a Sunday top ten today top ten things you want bill Wolff on he was fantastic we've loved him on the the pac twelve bass boat owners are watching pactel basketball games is. The only reason there's no other reason to watch the cup and champions that we found out they're gonna put on Monday. One of the alternate broadcasts less evidence of chanted game I I tune in price for about a quarter. When that what has boarded the game I thought that over there and and watch them that displayed he was he was outstanding needed more go on top of things you need. Bill Walton on down I heard and I somehow some way you need him to get more Kalb well yeah. I gotta have more job. Or deep. Baby Jessica. Instead here it's kind of rock legend Bruce Dickinson. A lot. A bit of Dickinson wants more capital to probably give him more Alabama today. Involved you are right MB selfish but the last time I checked we don't have a whole lot of thought that featured the Calvin. Yeah how about. My so what does. And the only prescription. Is well. I don't know which part one place he can play any number of parts that explicitly that skit he be Bruce Dickinson. Number. Got to walk mom he should be on the espy's what was in his network again. Less than. It's. That's terrible you should he throws the SP that outstanding. Member hey how about trumps cabinet all that would be good. Kellyanne do you mean this guy who's just like Uncle Sam could take a great ambassador to the United States and senator resident McGrady if we review legal nationally and like five cents or liberal. Or better. October 7 Celebrity Apprentice because previous. I'd rather have a bill a Bill Walton as the the secretary's. Long this is Jeff Sessions are confident there. Effective talent dozens of attacks and then I apparently they're getting married soon they'd say they'd love bill while the B dear Betty I refer narrator for the when Leo yeah. Everybody else. There have been doable here don't you do it if you put. The number five thing you want Bill Walton on your mom's car. We wouldn't accept the bat well or rock. Our rob just the way of all the watch. How Will Ferrell the wall and through that it was really labor costs of this one there's an opening now Bill Walton on the home run derby now. Her. He would be so bored by that he was bored football game he's yes. Heard 300 everything we want Bill Walton on a nights at the wheel with off the mountain got the volleys in the Molly's. Devolution. In Bob joining other college bars the other that before you know well cruises college bars on two with number two. You think you want Bill Walton on wields his basement target there's some of Twitter. That would be great we're in a row we've reached out and reaching out to Bill Walton. Try to join us on on Sunday interface but like I am the other aboard the U want Bill Walton on of course his weed or wanna should not be a schedule and want to broad get a get all the people who have been in trouble for parole leader who just Obama just blanket amnesty this move on to the future. That is lasting and just view you as they're kind of commercial appeal and it's a man who makes we've legal. Free all the pardon all the people in jail via we'd. Four president leave so the what is. The prettiest yet he really is he's easy fantastic fantastic individual. And he is just out state now speaking of outstanding individuals. Jay Nixon the the smell the former governor of the state of Missouri over officially left office less than 24 hours ago they have a new governor over there by the name of crichton's he is a youngster in office but by all means it is time to pay one the last. Bitter respects to governor Jane next. Mr. governor okay. We're moving. Charitable arm of the players. Our fans the hunt family. Governor I mean. Now and you know I thought today that coach who did very very good job today a little late numbering and Chase Daniel. On the current governor okay. When you think. Governor not count. And he usually does. Charitable arm players in the courtroom the hunt family. Well it's in the tenure of former Missouri governor Jay Nixon not quite as good as it bungling Missouri's. Entrance into the Big Ten Conference eight years again that was one of the better ones as he tries there are reports that he did hand over his royals jackets still with the tags on a hot to be that's Ilya got a gunners so that's cool. I we will not be taking out with them I wanted it in the first place. And he was forced to have itself he will like you'll leave the royals jacket hung up in the in the closet what about the chiefs are guy when the chiefs jacket that he may now there's there's no moments true rams. He's adopted them officially and maybe now maybe now cut to finally cut the tags off. Chiefs jacket yet is crichton's a Saint Louis tied to what we always like Saint Louis people as governor you they do in saint population base. I mean it's all but there's better people here in other I martyr I did that yet there are lessons sets dual people here than there aren't Saint Louis look at look at the mayor obviously yes there are smarter people in Kansas City in regards Saint Louis but population base tends to skew towards Saint Louis so they tend to run the entire state and that makes a lot of things that happen in this state very explainable but you're looking for guys from the side of the state my guy state senator Jason holes and would be a great candidate to be governor. Next time around for the state of Missouri I think that is the guy that we sign up here we start pushing him forward to be the next governor because. We need Kansas City represented on this side of the state coming up until minutes it was epic it was wonderful you may have gone to bed and you missed it but well let's hear how it ended in two minutes next yeah.


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