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01/10 7a - Headlines, Alex Smith, Bob At The Wheel

Jan 10, 2017|

Headlines Worth Talking About, the legacy of Alex Smith on Sunday plus Bob goes to a college bar

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Then I saw there. It's talking about stay attention display learn something yeah. Sure. Brought to my words Harley-Davidson north worth Harley-Davidson has the largest selection of bikes to choose from before we get to the result of the college football national championship we are all sitting here about 42 hours ago in. Up vesco. At accuser said this as far as the level of intrigue I mean it's what those things that we're gonna watch something unbelievable is going to have. Happen it's gonna turn out to be a hell of the game. And we're gonna come in tomorrow morning Jack. You go all like not that we still lost and yet you know that's what's gonna happen because every single time. You don't expect something to be epic like the sunflower showdown last week nobody expected that thing to go the way that it did. And we came really what an incredible game though awesome ones I guarantee you will force it here at 5:58 tomorrow morning we don't. And that was a great football game did you believe. The show on Watson with that run at the end to win for Clinton be like something is going to happen and were all gonna be just beside ourselves. Barrel old now likely to gain ended before 550s yeah Alex fourteen hours and twelve minutes of flight was in jeopardy there referral I'll let you know I and go like losing my days. Find on the couch but we did get that epic finish and it went in Clinton's favor. It's. Good good good that's good good love. What good did it cool. It took them out club will be poor. And as one of the second all the way up that second national champions. In school history. That the tigers radio network dates back on the extra point you can onside kick. And they are your new national champions with a 3531. Win over Alabama to Shawn Watson the offensive MVP. 36 of 56420. Yards and three touchdowns went for the touchdown got tagged. Thank goodness they guy they would still be playing where if the thicker they went to overtime and they kick the onside kick the second lap yet. Outstanding does that what does it do round the clock and handed it off and and better leverage take it may spill. I thought that then they got a vacuum ticket me for the for the for the wind to say credible finish. I don't even know here's the thing. I thought that game was going to be over early winter wind it was fourteen nothing Alabama I thought this gonna get ugly death and a lot of people isolated Jeff Schwartz. Tweeted I feel so stupid for picking clubs and right now like there are a lot of view of this accepted at fourteen nothing meg game was over. It's it's almost surreal how to Shawn Watson was able to come alive and take that came over the way that he did. Because the weight started it seemed almost impossible. To see that happening is second half so I mean it's well it takes it to your advantage to shall Watson showed why he's going to be a top five Pitt it's. It's the difference in two halves dude I mean you you look at both Scarborough in the first half 93 yards two touchdowns for Alabama he goes down early third quarter he's out they have no running game they have no ability to control the clock he had no ability to keep the football. You're relying on Jalen hurts a freshman quarterback a true freshman quarterback and a national championship game. To close out one of the better kind of you know many dynasties that we've seen in Clemson and he just wasn't able to do them both Scarborough doesn't go down. Alabama wins that game and and that's you know that's that's just back right there he doesn't give her. They win that football game because they take more time off the clock they may score some more points clubs doesn't get as many possessions. I think clips scored touchdowns on for their final seven possessions and that Alabama defense was gassed they said they were doing ammonia salts and things like that on the sidelines. To try to keep energy. And it it's insane and I'd like they all do that that's nothing illegal you go down that Larry has he done the opposite the sidelines of the the chiefs game last year in Houston. And I went on the silence there was ammonia packets everywhere a bad guys do it you know boost themselves give themselves a little bit of energy. But that Alabama defense was gassed last night and when you don't have a running game you can't take any time off the clock. And he turned the ball right back over to Clemson you lose a football. Those are all fair points but I still say and Lane Kiffin. That's it that's a huge difference in this game it's got to be a major thing to be talked about Lane Kiffin if was able to beat Clemson last year won fourteen games this year's offensive coordinator of Alabama we'll let you know and then it. You'll lose I mean that you that's not a coincidence I I think lose in the running back hurts more than lose blame I really do I think if you Scarborough you win. You said that lane lane. Lane Kiffin isn't on my brother yes. And so after the game just John Watson made it official kind of what we all figured he is going to be NFL draft luck and a Heisman Trophy finals the past two seasons. ESPN's bell pepper has indeed third best quarterback in the upcoming draft behind it for this B and as soon Kaiser. Oh by the way will more Jackson you you what is drive that Heisman Trophy over to shop Watson's house again it's O says he deserves it. Very very serious that they'll be caused a shot lots of deserves the Heisman Trophy Lamar Jackson at. He is Eddie George in 1995 because everybody knows Tommie Frazier should've won it not a shut it hits them and that's true. IV aids here's the guy's been trophy was stolen from the shock lots of the question. And the way we're gonna say and they should wait and Johnson Greg it is their regular season award and I like this young. Guys were for the biggest of games mood though and I'd. Why not wait it would after these crazy based on one game. Hey can I can ideal millions from his entire season he was amazed that he was second in voting it's not like to shop wants net of one big game he was right behind the march accident totally. And after everything considering the differences. The differences aren't that Jackson had. I just can't imagine. Anybody at this moment same Lamar Jackson deserves that Heisman Trophy of. Additional Watson can can I make no we're only point real fast a team to four and a half hours right. Why isn't being played on Monday night after school was back in session lightly why why them why not add that Monday night on holiday or. You know I mean he's got to be a bit advantage there and playing you play the national championship game obviously that rule or the Saudi Arabia for a little animals it's I mean if he's got to be way to do it where more people. Kane skated joy that he beat is acting ended at 11:25 roughly central time. That's 1225 on the East Coast no kids watching man I was watching the Bill Walton channels I'm calling it yes and you for awhile and that they'll stay cool room via bills is of their tail. And it was like midway through thirty goes. It was. What is going on your permit its third core natively for three hours if if I'm not ask us. This thing I felt bad for bill as he was like and a sweater and button down. And then Waltz in the you know Apollo creed here at B Shawn Johnson in the rest of the current sweat pants. I feel I'm thinking about doing something like dad are watch party it will just house on Sunday I think about it some kind of suit or something crazy like that the winner over to Ryan Lewis's house on Sunday so don't. Pulling you all concerned about watching game. I I don't think it's anything different than the normal experience and I'm. Because there. We definitely on Sunday nation to tune into well I live you life you know you are too serious about it and in Atlantis resolution you gotta like Al little Dallas sports I was now might users who fought for me it was. Was just the freaking playoffs at the divisional round and closed at least you play us tonight and needs some. And I still revered let me yeah today I think you'll and I heard a yes I'd like reading this whole thing gap and then immediately on the ground each other's dimples of the caught. From the mess around yeah I don't I've got to do what's in the basement then that's what's gonna happen like I. Seriously you should be watching this place to live I forget I don't will do is everybody's excited through wilted does that I am excited hero will says but. I think the most intriguing part of this whole thing is inspector snaps. It's gonna got it half yet he if you shorten the police thought when we respect their at some point during the game yet. That his go it it just pitched like it will be. It is an accident itself. All right well let's get you news she's site and read hopping through the media yesterday. Says that Justin Houston and Spencer ware and we'll be ready for Sunday when they welcome me in Pittsburgh Steelers. He didn't sound incredibly convincing but he said it's all take it. It is a seven grandkids Louisiana to have raised it to go well let's just he's opposed to day by day yeah let's take as good a gradual but today you -- OC maybe you'll more. Are available but are they ready and it's like almost like it to do different question so we will see what happens. It's the Jim Ball great commentary Bob Evans and I just expect that on FaceBook I look at the as they're alive I think I. Jamaal Charles who knew he had a web site raise your hands IE raising their hands and not studio but it is on Jamaal Charles. 25 dot com you put out a blog post yesterday. Basically explaining now what's happened the last couple months off following the Oakland Raiders team. Out in Oakland he was practicing his leg locked up. And has not been the same sense as he still wants to play football but it's up on our FaceBook page at FaceBook dot com slash six and sports who wanna read the whole blog post. But that's kind of the cited two balls putting out there on wife is not playing for the chief. I can tell you what man Ted Cruz is not going to be happy with that blog post by Jamal Charles he wet roads there telling everybody that he heard himself in practice of what's really going on with his knee. Let everybody know I'm playing or that the swelling that day. Said he had he didn't Harry to have like I it was a very interesting well thought out well prepared blog posted basically here's what happened here's what I'm going through years you know it was it was almost like. I don't want done as a member of the Kansas City Chiefs these are my guys I'm with them. But the time has come more or I I've got to move on and they're gonna move on without me and I wanna let everybody know exactly. What's going on and put that out there are almost like put that out there are other teams. To understand what's going on and couldn't possibly wait for a like you know three weeks or it may have Visalia why why put that out now. Why decide to do it today Y Hoyer yesterday why put out of logs say well this is everything is going on with me it's like. Small became a B side by another team for it until free agency heads I think because there's been a lot of speculation and things said and sometimes you may be here a lot of that stuff and you're like I that's not what's going on. I don't know man I'd is I guess. The way I look at it is. Why well Howard you helping yourself by posting that walker right now you could talk to other GMs in the NFL you talk people around it's not like you're gonna come off by our anyway. I expect to all Charles comeback from injured reserve but they did a trip to both men mistresses and by the way. It hatred this guy this guy whatever. A big driven by the way where they trim both of them. It's not something that happened in practice it means there's an issue with you were knees. So I'm curious as to how incredibly factual. Jamaal Charles post was because that's not one knee injury your trip in the meniscus on both knees the Emmys it there's a deeper issue we've ever done is he's he's he's he's only 29 years old it was a positive. Please for Ike. I think. All ultimately he did it just to feel better about you know getting it off his chest may you know who knows I mean. But it was a very very interesting post wishing his team the best in all of that and like Specter said it is on our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash six just sports is it that the medical evidence would indicate that there is morbid structural issue it is needed him herded them all those years of playing football manic episode you Chevy look at decides to take deck and it those kind of hits is a running back over that period of time that size yet you're probably gonna have some health issues Logan deficit. Around 8 o'clock with what's going on with Jamaal Charles quickly it would have been probably one of the biggest brewers tonight if not for the great college football final right Derrick Rose. Was missing for the knicks team last night when they were. At the garden you did not inform the next of where he's going to be he was at shootaround. Earlier today. But did not inform knicks officials aware is gonna be apparently he's in Chicago dealing with a family matter but did not alert anybody and leader told the next after the team but does kind of a weird story going on throughout the consul Paul final. Waiting behavior the more to the story. Movement that's not the last you're gonna hear of this about it I guess on excused absence of January was are concerned about them. And apparently showed a pin in Chicago so. You would also review it elsewhere and we are watching that saga didn't she think of the movie Celtic pride. They're see them moving and it's two Celtics fans they kidnap the lakers fair lakers player during the finals because they don't want to play article is yeah yeah there is like we have a Celtic pride situation goes on here let's go to what's happening and so I'm glad it's not that. Because other teams want their growth on the court when their plane at some. Would you rather there's a bigger effort I. I enjoyed the news of the right team and what we did you learn which you guys capture Ben Roethlisberger or Levy on bill this week. I'm coming out next. 69306. Of the days like today who would you rather can't dance on the steal and pass to Joey Porter about that would put on leave of absence coming out here. A sixty at Sports Radio Welch is hot take about Alex Smith and actually. Clinton Dawson to Greece will do it for next. Our all right if you want to see the team's Steelers this Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium just tell what they have to do to this extent sports dot com symbols that ran a front page whom you can click on the we'll photo. And Bud Light. Officials here. The Kansas City Chiefs in the same into the game argues give us your email sign up for them. Does have a vote winner drum later in the week and you on a shot to go to via. Classic critical yet if you don't win those tickets from Bud Light you can watch the game line with us we're watching it with the world the only way to watch the chiefs game on Sunday with the entire world. Is with us on FaceBook live live from Bryan little his house -- expect it will tea. We'll all be gathered round a high fly with a rabbit ears watching the game on Sunday Welch you're gonna be at the gaming and yes pregame show beginning at data tomorrow actually it's like okay you pregame show but I got back in the days before the game yes. Productive chiefs all day yet you know anyway so you're gonna do the reds Sunday pregame show beginning at him I'm looking at my sheet here. And AM live your sports and yes the truth sports complex and then it was C dot highs we're gonna do three pregame show do little's on the pre pre pre game yeah you're right or that say that we about a lot we're doing man it's all hands on deck so we. We are talking going on it's it's going to be an all 610 football extra ram again is extravaganza today basically and Brinkley will be doing the halftime show will be taking calls and asks for the outstanding just fantastic and of course. Big we will be doing the reds Sunday post game show all of our playoff coverage sponsored by Victor Chrysler dodge Jeep grand as a construction and don't forget to go to 610 and sign up for those teased it is deadline 1159. Thursday night. But more importantly watch with us on FaceBook alive if you're not going to the games can be a lot of fun we interact with you guys risk and have a blast we're gonna we're really we're gonna do Connolly bill wall did it last night for ESP NU. I wanna should not be a schedule and want to grow and get them. Get all the people who have been in trouble for parole leader is just Obama just blanket amnesty business move on to the future so that's kind of the conversation. So if we get a bill all that awesome. That tells our top ten today as well top ten things. You want Bill Walton on yet he was outstanding last night and now. Via. Possible national championship coverage. He was part of it be you know you're a football the name of the game and didn't matter it is better. He was still fantastic last thing as a top ten things you want Bill Walton on 69306. Or Tex lines and able to our top ten. At 850 if we're if we're assigning roles me and Lil are going to be more of the Bill Walton side of things yet that he's gonna be bill let's. And I probably got Mikey Shawn Johnson kind of there in the middle you know I expected to be Bill Russell Wilson was. Angry way back guy and I thought Taylor. No war we'd tape it. And yeah. Duels is really funny really funny but in different kind of funny when yeah he's very entertaining but yet but he was almost like the straight man last night. And and he was seemingly trying to watch the game unlike most of the other thing. Is try to it's into the game. Most of were being. Little house or he had anything to hide adult once again bright and yet there do other things that strike two and Gideon are tired and miserable parties and they're doing either you know it's at home and I watch the Super Bowl begins going to parties is a total waste of time of the thousand. Does not goes all the horrible loss to the Steelers Q and that's the last time 02 Super Bowl party I still remember it was terrible. You gotta I've taken and Alex Smith notes all they were kind of agrees with talk to living the last night over channel mine bit. You know no that's. Optic I think it may be legit to make him. This game will define Alex Smith's season. It's tired it nobody will care what Alex Smith did for the first sixteen games this year what happens against the Steelers. And it forget it even about New England or what might happen down the road this game by itself will define Alex Smith. If he comes out he lights it up get one of those performances like this August the colts and the chiefs win at. Alex Smith had a great season yeah beat the chiefs were the two seat he had scraper for its home of the playoffs against the Steelers and you play to see if Alex Smith. Sox. Fees goes out he's just terrible the chiefs lose Pittsburgh moves on a New England at. Everybody will be wondering. How could you possibly go to next year Al Smith that your quarterback you have any realistic. Optimism about this team yet because people will if he has a bad game will go in the next is trying to divine yet we cannot we not have faith regardless of all the other you know. All the other stuff there'll be a loud loud noise to move on from I think we've ever seen anything word you could have one game at either make or break it to the point where if Alex plays really well. The narrative shifts entirely toward Alex Smith is a really good quarterback he's underrated to haters of the problem right if you plays really poorly. It's another seismic shift to the day where Alex Smith is. Now terrible how could you possibly justify demeanor quarterback for any more games that she's won despite Alex Smith. He should have never been the quarterback in the playoffs. You check out what you haven't nick pulls you draft a quarterback as soon as you can add but he goes out there has a good game people are really be talking and our right Alex Smith is the guy especially winning this game he'll be the first quarterback in chief's. History since Joseph Montana to win a playoff game at Arrowhead Stadium needed to do it it's you think about it's been such a long time whatever the this the Steelers to ask them what if they win the game and it's not it's it's a game like we've seen earlier in the season where it's not really on him. I think there'll still be a lot of people would say that's okay. They were on the game Alex Smith is a winner gets an accident as does the next week. Become maybe a little dividing not quite as much as this one because it's at home is the this the Steelers the patriots. On the road at New England. If you lose on the road at New England no one's going to be like oh well you are terrible now. I don't you loss on the road in the playoffs against the patriots everybody was on the road against the Patriot Act well yeah to part of why it unless he goes and there's rose 3% yes and now held out disaster Brian yet that would work out with him I I don't. Think the New England gay now if they beat the patriots that it's defining game and yeah if they'd lose it doing without I don't think it was using laxatives Sox needed a quarterback let's yes absolutely. Atrocious typing Gaby your I think your right I think I think Sunday is a big moment. For him hero Len Dawson bold Andy Reid say about. Alex Smith coming up here and in a few moments of sixty and Sports Radio but when the experts talk about the cheese we kinda listen and say all right we you know we're gonna buy it or have a cell type of thing because there's going to be a lot of odd aches. About the I think it was a BT's a lot of them were saying they can't. All tell you something that says the chiefs and we'll tell you what it is next. That I called last night in the national championship game Clemson winning 3531. Over Alabama. And making Nick Saban now legacy it. Jeopardy. EA we got our editors saying that. It contradicts Sabin is legacy I mean you. Dollar by any giants aren't adequately lose an initial T just wanted to shoot an all out there. I'll tell I don't know and somebody joking I mean I I think I just may call Alabama today to start dialing random numbers and Al. They will do that after the show Europe are gone thanks to media it is dial random Alabama numbers and get people's take. A league game last night and see how bad. Alabama is adding that they are working phones now there are not go to sixty and sports dot com right now cause I I'm the two there are tons of land lines and Alabama. Spite upwards cease Steelers tickets courtesy of Bud Light the official beer sponsor the chiefs deadline to register is elected 59. I'd Thursday major make sure you do down there Alabama they had dial up still. I'm down in Alabama your top Baghdad and our guy Alex Smith needing to play well led Dawson throwing jays dollar does he need to play well he didn't have he defies his entire season you're just this one game no question here's Len Dawson talking about what Alex asked to do. Alex is gonna have to make sure that he minimizes his mistakes and mistakes I generally think about it as throwing an interception. Fumbling the football those type of things they can't give the football. To the Pittsburgh Steelers you know you can't do that and also eliminate that so I think I. One turnover in this game one way or the other could make a big difference I think those teams are equally matched and I think if you do turn it over Alex does their own interception or somebody puts the ball on the ground. That to be the difference in winning and losing the football game I don't expect it ceased to be negative three on Sunday and win this football game like they were a couple of weeks ago. They can't be negative three but Alice is gonna have to take some chances today yeah I think the teams are evenly matched only because the chiefs defense is that much better than of Steelers defense but. There yet to put up points with these guys man and you can't just go out their play conservatively because these. There's just too many weapons in Pittsburgh to impeachment so many different ways you have to put up points at least somewhat keep up with them. But the same time yet to find that balance I you try to put up points to keep up the Steelers without fall into the trap of trying to beat them at their own game. So it's going to be easy out again you want thought it was gonna be easy. But there are a lot of factors that work in the chiefs' favor outside of just you know match ups and not getting down fourteen nothing with two minutes into the game two was yeah these dates and names you know deal. Know amateur or junior Miami had to try to do that. What got network and every year this year despite an uphill battle you've you dig that kind of deficit early against them leaders knew you also hear when he talked about fumble in the balls a quarterback that's what changed the entire game for the dolphins they were down point is 647 seconds left first and goal. There's like all right. Score here at the ball back at halftime. There's a move that it's it's possible the game and then James Harrison's wash the ball right out from Matt Moore because he held on the ball too damn long what he did the entire game. And that was that it was over from that point four the only it's funny I should have pulled to the cut from when he last gentlemen we're talking about the of the the first game right India's. As a player you remember that that's an Ed senior you remember getting beat 43 to fourteen and what that felt like it. You know because everybody this week is saying that game doesn't matter and in the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter but players remember that game players remember getting their ass kicked. By the Pittsburgh Steelers here's Andy Reid. Talking about. Alex Smith says some good games and playoffs. He's competitive guy and he loves loves the situation whether a tea. Temporary job this year tips via. A lot of respect for the quality quarterback played you played this. And with a wind of and I haven't nodded his head Andy Reid gave a vote of confidence there to Alex Smith I think EEE ultimately you look at the end of the year numbers twenty touchdown zone over 3500 yards passing a couple of interceptions. Ausmus had a good statistical year but while I am a 100% on your side this game on Sunday is going to define the season but that's at what what he's done already doesn't matter anymore it's about going forward. And having success on Sunday that's all that and Ed what you do in the regular season is nice. Put the way you are defined as of players your post season perform a question and Alex Smith is had a bad season. I mean that's it there's no way around that Alex Smith somehow the chief you're sitting here is the number two we see in the AFC analysis had probably his worst year since he got here. At least his second worst may be Tony fourteen travels every couldn't throw a touchdown to wide receiver but this is not a good season for him. All of that changes almost in an instant. If he goes out against Pittsburgh has a great game for all that changes the narrative change is ever the way everybody sees Alex Smith the way he's talked about nationally. Everything he does everything that people look at where they think about this chiefs' offense and Alex Smith in particular. Changes and higher well and I think what else changes to it is the perception nationally about Smith like I Eli meaning you take a look at he's a hall of say he's a lock for the hall of fame. But it's because of what he's done in the play I mean that that's were guys who defined that I mean you know what Tom Brady does in the regular season but Tom Brady's a beast when it comes to winning post season football media just speaks about not mean. That was always a difference in the argument Manning or Brady who's better take her time. And the not always goes to Tom Brady because of the success in the playoffs. That's where your defined Alex Smith is a beast mode in the playoffs. Nobody's gonna care about the regular salt Stephen run up the in their cheese and number segment the 6 o'clock hour check out podcast section six and sports com 129. Point eat. Once again went for Winamp or four points per game offensively he's put up in the post these great. Did you meet your what your best thirty against you don't you just say he highs against Indianapolis rice they're trying to do and some war and no place better really good player I mean in maybe it would take a big win it. In idea he'd say upset win to kind of announce that ran. For first is actually upset for him to to be recognized in in that veins got an opportunity again get him really does get opportunity in front of now that numbers interest in the 29 point four points Alex Smith's offenses are putting up in the post season. Chiefs as a whole scored 46 and a half percent of their points and defense or special teams issue Brighton and people are saying that's why. They can't win but I tell you that's why they can't win because that's the exact same number of points. But the Baltimore Ravens in 2000 pad their defense and special teams put up 46 and a half percent of their points came from defense and special teams. And that number 46 and a half percent that's higher than the 85 bears. And that's higher than the 25 in Denver Broncos. Two defense is that are looked at two of the best defense is of all time this chiefs' defense guys is not getting. Enough credit for what it's able to do. And you're gonna hear a lot of national blow hards like JT the brick and scream and a sedans and skip Bayliss of the world's talk this week and say. The chiefs are good their lucky no you're not lucky not when you do it at a clip like that nobody said the Baltimore Ravens defense in 2000 was locking. Nobody said of the the Broncos defense last year was lucky and nobody shares cells of the Chicago Bears defense was lucky. What the chiefs do. That's how they play their opportunistic they have a nose for the football so what they're telling you they can't win because they score too much and defense and special teams. I say that's hogwash AT and win that way because they have to the last couple of. Years I have one more example actually. The 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers scored 48 point 6%. Of leaders of the company's 48 point us. On defense to special teams more than the chiefs of more than 2000 ravens more than all the snap and they won the Super Bowl so. It's it's not a reason why you can't win in fact it's a great reason why you can't beat his teams are used to stopping. It's hard to stop it's hard to compare it to death and yet if you try to prepare for at the Pittsburgh Steelers this week what's your number one thing you're focused on. Stopping lay beyond where he could take over game recede. Like 2728. Yard running had against the tougher touchdown against Miami was one of the sickest things I've ever sat like that guy Kate who you. Wolf you're gonna get the chiefs who do you stop -- kill devil you put him everywhere and then if you stop him what about Jerry Mac and about Travis tells. Maybe maybe Tyreke hill has elevated now to where he's the guy gave me and for guys but so many teams are still ticket to an end that it's Tomlin kicks and he even Joseph Porter should should be put on leave together is that if you putt at it and Tyreke it doesn't mean it's right I don't know I think I'll. I had to slice it how excited are you got two home runs on you like like I swear to god Mike Tomlin pumps to tie retail if I was the Steelers out the car hit it solid but yeah. I want because you just don't know how the it but everybody keeps doing it and that workers last and you wonder why I can't be NFL head coach I would not want to Tyreke LII group I guess I agree they are good but desires tell I agree that you shouldn't put so everybody keeps doing it so. Why I think that. The Pittsburgh Steelers of the New England Patriots could be any different out of my patriotic until the patriots well I guess the eye could see Belichick that they make politics more than everybody else is he to not scheme based he's player base to us it is best players the football he wants to take away your best. Everybody else is try to move forced their schemes it's not that complicated just take away the best players so putting it's possible I think Belichick will be the one guy who Smart enough to say. We're not letting Tyreke they'll touch the ball if we didn't find any way to make sure it doesn't happen again you just don't take him at all coming up. If it's something everyone does that maybe something some of the shouldn't be doing will get into this debate will tell you what is next. Here on 610 Sports Radio try to figure out my outfit there will just outside this Sunday afternoon we'll be watching the game alive with the EU and the rest of the world on FaceBook live he claims spectacle little jet. Will be doing an on FaceBook live soon taken after the game watched the game without us. Interact with us now talk to you guys you know via FaceBook all game long refund and it should be a lot of fun it's going to be much like the other cool rule was last night on ESPN it. Have we're not gonna Bill Walton we're gonna have me well and I don't tell us we're gonna have. Spec well as well we'll show I mean you just depends on your Alley try the game goes. It will have Lilja and you I'm kind of doubting pads on to football game Italy a judge my performance last night. Maybe maybe not but gamble will try to have as much fun as they did last night with bill wall top ten things you want Bill Walton on though he was fantastic Ian out last night on now accounts for well. And you know I think about a top ten these you want Bill Walton on 69306. On the techs won today as a Gator is vampire top ten coming up an hour for now its weakest tweeted that he's a terrible broadcaster. Who cares he's very entertaining that's what it's all about there's nothing more entertaining. That a bill will call the event. You have certain guys who we would call great broadcasters you have other guys you would call whole area expanded their first kind of a side show like. Like John Madden like Bill Walton yes there are certain guys you looked at insight is certain guys you looked at entertainment and is out what exactly are you speak. In entertainment my wife and I went Delors as we get it like I like Stephen is like to so we'll all buy this makes no sense to me and old time. And it doesn't matter man I mean you know the landscape first of all. And so we went to the wheel after the game and and and I was sit there and we are talking about the other day and Stephens it why are you at the wheel you're too old beat well. Actually I asked not be the owner of the wheel that question on Saturday what you do well arteries. He has an open because you know all the alumni want a commitment and have a couple of cocktails after the game so. We open you know during the in during the winter break when kids are around. On game days just reveal the economy and and that's what happens and alarms were there a lot older than I am sitting at the the bar and you now have a good time and he thinks Steven does anyway there should be an eighty injury sure able to put your college aren't on how old you should be when you go to your college bar IC BS young man. And there is no age restriction because when you get to be out of college you want to re live those college days because they're arguably the greatest years. Of your life and you go back and you wanna relive that and have a good time. And there should be no age restrictions on college now if you're being creepy old meaning grabbing you know college by the gas in the air or something like that trying to pick up. When your forties or fifties on you know 22 girls that then that's an issue. But if your goal and you're just hanging out it's cool we love when old people would come into the wheel because they would buy they would buy for everybody. Inside that ballpark and take care of the tab and nine times out of ten poor people with real job right exactly. And so you go back in you've kind of returned the favor did you buy for anybody else my wife's rough we had a lease. Not because she was drunk to be our guy's telling you doesn't pay for anything including toilet he. Paper which you paid for re absolutely absolutely. Absolutely love the blue note we've got to we can't notables. I I would feel absolutely would I do spend money on things like. That I will spend money I have a problem spending box. I'm drinks or dinners or things like dad I do have a problems putting money into oil it's a big it's. AM on earth I mean it's all. You flushing money down the toilet but should be back that's what's your rationale here remember those old ESP and you commercials now like hash tag never graduate. You remember those gals in Bob graduated twenty some odd years that I did not it's. Wendy graduate 1999. Okay so eighteen you don't want it banned it's time for you to go to new boy you keep timed out. Re living this news doubts of going back to collagen reliving the glory days I'm sure. Understand and move on to something else move on wall. Red line is I don't understand this age limitation on anything you don't like to be taken up room a college bars or go to a different ball and Lawrence. And and and make the next chapter of your life you're not gonna ever be able retreat college Howell the have you I learned is ago. You have a five year window out of college to go back UConn bar after that. You're done that it had a totally disagree well expire at the same way voided because we ask you went to take you weeding go to some. Commuter school like Syracuse re don't have enough on immunity. So. A Syracuse is my safety is okay Jake. Syracuse is my sloppy. Got a chocolate in it is Gaza Israel thank god that's why yen that's why I like it here yeah. Syracuse is deadly lacy school I would commuted well I understand age restrictions on any of that stuff why say you're too old to do XY or ZYY. If you go to the wheel man go to the wield a mean death you know co led you look weird no I'm not a good luck Paula not a good idea by you you don't wanna make people feel comfortable. Why not have some fun I remember after every home KU game a thousand Hawke and if I went a little bit early they were beat. A lot of people in their forties and fifties or whenever there's an ounce in there is out there avid drinks have a fun it's not it's like kids. User is that I go to 1 AM now if there are still there 1 AM that's got a problem because that's when the well that's. It's when it's it's it's gonna quit in time and yet a lot of people trying to just find that desperate hook up the grass second probably don't wanna be there for that. But don't look after game as people knew because it's fun out all you've been a Lawrence but there's not a whole lot of borrowers that aren't. College ball right you rolled on the street some of them like. Older like Louise is like you couldn't get in if you're under 21 back guy that residents one of the few places and they still have the writing all over the stalls out there oh I don't know I'd nerd on the I. It's brought it they still have an all over the wall in the actual are my assumption would be its film about an okay respect governor see that right I and there you have it and they all college bars every bar and lots of I'm. I'm a little a little was elected on this because it's creepy when you go to your college bar and if you go there you there's certain times here go to college bar. Breaks. Summer. And homecoming what about debts and that's a sorority and yeah he'll have to tell us kids gather bar that. Take a little people the bar and houses here when I was in college a bump and grind up against each other other co Eds in all frisky that we isn't. Locker advantage to the Wii is that it got low eighties a time where I mean yes we're time that the hawkish use on CN maritime college and I said general prominent among our fifth. Crazier audio did you ever just catch herpes by being in the rumor now had an invalid it's like it's good by almost osmosis out never can ever at getting in the plains college kids you know. It was late morning shows which it was and rails again in the win them getting hammered out you're you're not visual art to. It. Are not all your old asses Golan back. I'd ask your prime you're too old you are so jealous that I had I was at a college bar -- opportunity to take up golf just for her yacht with a very time goes on winter break that's when you can go you would have went that Barney overtime vision got shingles like a Friday night there with a college kids are out you should not be there Specter goes a Cracker Barrel for well I don't think I would do you awards in a random Friday night if there wasn't like a game like going on you know like and that and that tells his vice part down a note that not go there on game day except all the old paper and that's probably what you know there's some college kids in there and and and whatnot and in doing their thing that we it was winter break it was it was kind of -- called atmosphere you'd get out at a couple -- you had the perfect time and entering break when students are there and -- -- it's not -- there it is opening game days for the alumni innocence exists specific reason. Why it was open but I just I just think that sounds like grant grumpy grandpa. That knows he can't get back it was college bars and he's jealous of welts and I look guys here's as I know I've I've I've annual periods I don't break it down down and ecology and you don't wanna be there anyway old. You want another I don't feel as. The college kids year they don't. Well apparently it tell other problems Europe's problem I don't know vesco on this one man your house is far ahead and if you if you were in Syracuse right now and he commuted up to your bars on the weekend their demise safety school. You would be going out every once in awhile once or twice a year but it might as the senate Bob should be at Colorado as well known god ballots that's a lot of college girls I didn't know there and they stayed the same page she hears a text embodiment last time I was at the wielded my daughter for once Obama's first inauguration day within two minutes Bill Self artist Townsend to more coaches came in for once so you wanna tell bill he can't go to the wheel. Oh so you're putting yourself and Bill Self scout I I got I thought I takes are on the scene itself isn't college it fills up the palace used. How does not in college and I think when you asked people around Kansas City who they built me a Bill Self or what the first five deal that remains now don't notice. I FaceBook message your wife last night. And she was nice enough to provide me with some audio. From you at the wheel on Saturday it doesn't realize yet. By Saturday night we'll lower cost. In his fifty's think you know college kids ready. Yes sir Elton. Relaxed as he started but god love the odds are you're a. News businesses that it. Awesome coming up we go commercial free for 8830 here at 610 Sports Radio Jamaal Charles speaks out find out what he said about his injury and his future in Kansas City next.


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