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01/10 6a - Clemson v Bama, Chiefs By the Numbers, Shout

Jan 10, 2017|

We recap a wild national championship game with Clemson knocking off Alabama, we go inside the numbers with the Chiefs & Steelers plus we Shout It Out

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And and and. The now. Well that's good good love. What good did not rule. Thirty. All the way what does suck. That's old champion. This story. It's one of those things that we're gonna watch something unbelievable is going to have. Happen it's gonna turn out to be out of the game. And we're gonna come in tomorrow morning Jack. You go all like not that we still lost and you get you know that's what's gonna happen because every single time. You don't expect something to be epic like the sunflower showdown last week nobody expected that thing to go the way that it did. And we came really like what an incredible game though awesome it was I guarantee you when we're sitting here at 5:58 tomorrow morning we don't. That was a great football game can you believe the show on Watson with that run at the end of wit for Clinton be like something is going to happen. And we're all going to be just beside ourselves. So there was yesterday's thoughts on the national championship game and here today at 558 something magical happened last night. If that nationals I told him it's it's the verdict is just that right well and Phil yeah. Averted server response to our 02 hours ago there. Wow that was the longest game of the history student again it was over four hours long and it if I was working over tail mine last I never would have made up for the entire game. And the entire ending that national championship game because it went in to past 1125 or so by the time the bad soccer finished up. But boy it was worth every lost minute this league to watch the ending of that team in future New England patriot wide receiver on renfro were the big cats at the end there off the throw of speech Circuit City chief quarterback Shawn Watson. For the game winner in Clemson downs Alabama. In the fourth quarter with 12 to go Alabama blowing eight and fourth quarter lead. That you said state in what seven B 80 in the fourth quarter when we've actually words even more than that held no kidding 97 and though hole at a Alabama. Really entering the fourth quarter of the ten plus point lead now 97 and one bowl and that one's gonna stand and how high times they've gone in the fourth court the ten point or more has yeah that's a lot of that's a lot of sample size 938 times and they only one aren't only lost one time and it's gonna be the law nobody knows the other 97 winds are you that it is probably a national title game or something like that in there. But for the most part you don't know what the other 97 games are. You know what that one is that one is always going to be hanging out there for Nick Saban who's now legacy is tarnished I mean you have to start talking about the tarnished legacy of big statement and whether or not he's as good a coach is people thought he was entering that game against fourteen of the early in this one got a ten point lead going into the fourth quarter you take the lead with 207 or 201 to go. And and you just not able to close things. Out and Clemson was just dynamite in that fourth quarter yesterday were ray got credit Clemson NASA is now two they went last year right. But to title games in a row. He put forward yards on Alabama's defense that's right. Two years in a row they have an Alabama now. The B story line during a quite a bit in game was Alabama was was more hungry to be back in this game because their defense felt like. Even though they won their loss last year they were looking for the revenge what was more saw a forty more so than Clemson getting back into the title game and and improving they could win. And then Clemson. Does that offensively again to Alabama that's not that's not SEC football they lock so let's do title game now in terms of Alabama defense and they took it to them twice and while that's that was impressive. There are two things I take away from this. It in the big picture sense won the SEC is nowhere near as good as people one of Louisville this. Perception has trumps reality and a massive way here because dollar was Alabama so much better than. Everybody in the SEC. Alabama was now much better than anybody else there was just the FCC they dominated by washing didn't get beat Washington pretty good but. It's not like data is it was that easy of a game for Alabama that they go against Clemson and lose this makes the entire SEC. Look hole because that's what happens when you put the entire hopes and dreams of your conference on one team in the rest your copper is absolute garbage that's the big. What I take out of it the second one is. The elephant in the room. Alabama this year is fourteen you know with Lane Kiffin as their offensive coordinator and old water. With Lane Kiffin not as their offensive coordinator he had played gifted as Alabama it repeated activity spinning it out as well I would tell every recruit exactly what I do that in Atlanta Missouri had. NEA's Al of course because you don't you know he doesn't you know tastings are easily knee he's out there right now telling everybody was because of me because of me because of me. I'd note Nolan no mention of all that Alabama may have lost their best weapon in the third quarter when both Scarborough is that it was the turning point in looking back relevant yeah Christine and Alan. Yeah yeah otherwise I mean you know you think about what could happen if Keenan Allen doesn't it hurt this year for the San Diego Chargers. Who knows maybe she's even in the playoffs mean you don't know what happens you know down stays LT. For the CA Diego chargers because the charges and a winning week one there's no question they win weak one of that season and who knows that she's recovered the chargers take off what happens there. If both Scarborough doesn't get hurt in the third quarter. I mean that that took the wind out of their sales because after he went down guys they had absolutely nothing going offensively absolutely nothing going to put it constantly put on a freshman quarterback would pass Kalin hurt and any look good at times it's throwback some funny things that kind of mixed in there on that last drive. Did you know to kind of take the lead four Alabama late in the game but ultimately at the end of the day you were relying on a stay true freshman quarterback. And he's touchdown run I'm watching it right now I mean watching that touchdown run live like all my god Alabama just won it with one of the most. Impressive touchdown runs that they ever ever act. And they weren't able to hang on the defense was able to. Hang on and and and I was listening to 21 of the seventeen broadcast that they had an Internet Russian one that I heard on yesterday. And they had a holly Rowe on the sidelines and it was going into the fourth quarter and she was on the sidelines and bam a sidelines don't. Guys this defense is gas their dear smelling salts down near the taken the ammonia tablets to try to get some energy back into and they are absolutely dead they are absolutely gassed. They need the Alabama offense to go out there put together a drive and immediately Alabama went three and out it right back the Clemson defense is right back on the field. And so you're asking defense to rise raised their level of play up right. And and you've got an offense that can't do anything at an office it really can't do anything late because both Scarborough goes dad think if you lose your best weapon what happens and that's what was Alabama Scarborough doesn't hurt. Alabama winds at game and then they can they can. They can extend the clock they can really involved in kind of manage the game probably much more so. Then they could without them as an Alabama does they have their big running back who carries the entire loaded in the fourth quarter. He keeps that to the chains moving any keeps the defense on the sideline and that's their whole thing. That's how they structure their team that's how they structure their program their system so we lose a guy like that. Whether B Scarborough or for could've been had a Derrick Henry Mark Ingram Trent Richard as the dangers and I'm one of those guys. And then your entire offense spotters from that point forward because. Everybody's reliant on that one big time running back to carry the entire look at it and that that doesn't necessarily. Gary your team for the first second third quarter it did for Alabama last night but. Traditionally in their system the way they play. That running back is supposed to carry you home in the fourth and that's why Nick Saban was 97 and oh Alabama. Going to last night with a ten plus point lead heading into the fourth quarter. Now at 97 and one. Well and and I taste okay they've led by. And then many times. We're just at Alabama and that's a bad I mean that's that's that's that's the nice front half he had a good factors taken with the dolphins mean that's. That's just how bad he's been able to do something. Like dampened that you mean you you look at the chiefs this weekend you're like what's gonna carry them in the fourth quarter what's gonna carry that she's in this football game. In the fourth quarters and effective running game late in the final fifteen minutes whether it's where whether it's way as whether it's Alex Smith's legs extending drives extending plays that's how you win football games and while it's not the NC it's not slick and it's not on and it's not a brand new car or something like that. What it is is is the way to win and at the end of the day you wanna win 93 yards two touchdowns the first half. For both Scarborough and everybody vote knows this boat knows that and that boat goes down a boat don't know victory OK I mean that that that's just the way. It ends up beating and if the chiefs are in a neck in neck battle like I think they're going to be on Sunday. With the Pittsburgh Steelers and all of a sudden Spencer ware goes down. Oh my god that changes the entire outlook the entire you know vision of that game because that your work horse especially late in the game. In bad conditions are trying to figure off. And with college football being as long as it is the clock stopping after every first down. That extends gains so much anyway to do. That gives the the team that's trailing such a great opportunity to come back like we saw last may tip of the cap that down those Sweeney. And Holler renfro and Shawn Watson. And and Mike Williams can can I you know can I get a Mike Williams here you are asking idol goes that's new technology that ESPN debuted last night. But in the fourth quarter they highlight of that guy and every single play that he lied to the line of scrimmage. And told you where he was I mean I kind of like that that was kinda needed it it highlighted him and I think helped his stock a little bit but his play last you said he's gonna be what number one. Two I hit a call me a prisoner at the moment I would take first overall obviously last night it was humbling you're watching those catches during those are taxes that nobody makes a mean. Forget about O'Dell Beckham junior Calvin Johnson all that stuff he's not just making those catches light water to. It was all game long Uga had a year's worth of amazing catch highlights in one game for Mike Williams so. If he does end up dropping to fit the Laird wasn't on a boat in Miami it's true yeah easy what happened these are the differences there. Viewers on a boat his way to beat Clemson might have been quoted at Tampa. So it image cheerleading squad well I'll I'll say this I don't necessarily know where he goes in the draft but out of the titans are picking my top five. They don't take Mike Williams than their entire front office should be fired. I mean that's that's a perfect state right now for Marcus Mary I don't know I mean that would be great great weapon for him. That's kind of what they need down there in Tennessee but it he he definitely rose his draft stock last night the show on Watson's draft stock went through the roof. And veteran pro will be a fifth round pick of the New England Patriots and Tom Brady will make him a superstar in two years I kind of retro after the game he almost told San ponder that he loved her. And any also talk rely wanna be coach and so you talk about the like he's the perfect New England PHE is absolutely 100%. The perfect New England patriot. Because of that yeah he's scrawny little light wide receiver that's what the patriots have made their living. I'm having had success at the next level that that last play was just incredibly loss incredibly awesome and I don't know about you guys but I. It's it's really really fun to see Nick Saban lose like heat he is not quite bella check after a loss but he's right there there nip and tuck together. For guys who worked heard birds after losses. And here's angry clear. If you tell Herbert after winds had anything no easy diseases deterred in general who he goes to what questions coming what elephant in the room is. He knows at this team's fourteen you know with Blake if it is offensive coordinator I got rid of him we lost. That's on Nick Saban. It is a system gave up thirty you know it we get say all that stuff but he's which has always which is more true than than missing the obstacle again it really buying big deal forty last year but it's easier but he's insane it's easier to say Lane Kiffin was the reason words it's the defense steers an arrow in the in the and the championship gave him look they won a child Margot about Cinderella thing obviously your defense needs to play better but you love forty year before but to put up. 45 with link if it is or profits according. But you're also up your also fourteen nothing early that did the bulk of the those Scarborough entries is the one I mean it that ultimately if somebody were put a gun to your head at what cost Alabama the game. You'll lost and we'll get him in the last two weapons there at the end and in going three of thirteen or whatever was the second half on third adamantly date they were anemic. On third downs last night so he had that they're they're gonna blame the coordinator they're gonna blame him for for firing the coordinating an abuse of talk about the nose picker but he hit some great plays me he. The office according to the last thing they did with the football was they scored a touchdown. They scored a touchdown to give their tent weren't exactly conservative and doing it well and I added a throwback to ask me what the hell was that they are right that was on that that that tells yet dolce senior quarterback right there right at me like you've got to have your wide receiver chuck it down field. These you don't think your quarterback can move downfield but they convert on that you will dating to Berkeley they they put themselves in position for fourth and one after a third and sixteen I mean. They made some big plays there at the end. To give themselves the due to leave with 201 to go and then the special teams falter because Clemson got a great return. And then the defense didn't go out there and do the job necessary to prevent Clemson from getting in the millions and. All of that is true all that is factual evidence but just like with your argument about about Alex Smith. It's all about record it all is fourteen you know with the hip and oh and one without Kiffin Barry that's what portal that's what people are gonna when he Toledo last night to I don't know I heard you didn't it was time tweeting I didn't I didn't pay attention to it but we didn't now that we did that's what I thought I heard that Cuba's three but I I didn't see anything so I I can't imagine he would have been that dom but maybe he would of I don't know man maybe but he's definitely saying it buying. Close enough or our sisters today. See Alabama's offense horror. Use not easy he's Smart yeah. He was tweeting but it was just it was positive things about mammy actually do pay a picture of his Crimson Tide swept painters wherever the hash tag bono's. So he is yours dream but it wasn't good it was a gloating because Alabama lost I can't wait to listen to Paul find bomb somewhere today and a radio station and Alabama to find out what Phil's mold is saying about this about this ethical loss. That is tarnished nick savings reputation for ever. Coming up Alex Smith is a better playoff quarterback in regular season quarterback and we have a number to prove it we'll tell you what it is next. And we are giving away tickets to see the tees and Steelers you just have to go to 610 sports dot com. And register to win tickets to the game on Sunday all brought you by Bud Light and we will be live at Ryan a little just house with FaceBook live the only way to watch the chiefs game with the entire world. World is with us on FaceBook live beat cling inspect are gonna be a little just house with Lilja we've now confirmed and we're gonna watch it on FaceBook live and interact with you guys we're gonna take out your comments were interact with those comments basically what bill Walt did last night and they were gonna do things like this it rivaled his house. Wanna should not be a schedule and want a broad get a get all the people who have been in trouble for parole leader does Obama just blanket amnesties. This move on to the future so those are certain things we're gonna bring to you at at Ryan Lilja SaaS stuff like this as well I like to get hot quick. So if you wanna have a fun way of watching the game with the rest of the world the only way to do it is FaceBook alive on six kids sports FaceBook page that was bill Walt last night in the in the ESP into rumor ESPN a cool room and oh yeah they all that again now last night he was wearing a a suit of clothing that made him look like Uncle Sam. And he was sitting there and dad and in doing via the game last night that was gonna be like rent a lot of fun with it so you wanna watch the game with other chiefs fans around the world here in Kansas City. The only way to do that is on FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash 610 sports and we will do he FaceBook or live chat through out. The entire game suits should be a lot of fun look at Florida. I do know it all they've done. ESPN's executives sitting there watching Bill Walton talk about marijuana well you know you're getting into and I you do but I think they thought it would go that far to the point is always good about bail in the references is always good about you know making sure he says it without actually saying it. He is wearing and yet there was no it didn't hold back at all you were built at all that Bill Walton like doll. Obama did it living out otherwise solid Obama Obama has he had the presidency he's calling for the party as he had it done a lot of those I think he's already done with those visiting. Doesn't matter either way they're about a lot of doubt I'll get. Let's like that's just push on it dual monologue they they said he didn't know that they were actress. Oh what is that I bet he said Betty did. So we're gonna have our own version of bill wall on Sunday add them debate and what's that -- or maybe maybe I'll get an Uncle Sam soon where FaceBook lives of what's up with one of those that would be more than happy to weary Uncle Sam and and have one of those I don't think he has no that was not quite an uncle Sam's suit it's time to take a look at the numbers of victims of the to Kansas City Chiefs we do this every Tuesday during the football season. We call achieves by the numbers it during the baseball season we call royals by the numbers when we got today Stephen aren't op 29 point four that is how many points Alex Smith led teams put up in the post season. I think to bring. That's best I'm Tucker I. And oh points pretty or the offense not just your team the off then all I plan teams. Started by Al Smith in his career obviously that's been to San Francisco. Sure by morning nine point four. Four point redeem lighting would you look at what he's done here in Kansas City team beat the Indianapolis Colts in the laws so nobody talks about that one. Two of the best playoff performances by quarterback we've seen in ten years Houston he was remarkable. In that game. And New England it was whatever was in New England but the two with the two playoff games hearing Kansas City. You know that they should of won I'm he had a he had really good football game really good games in the post season he's kaposi's. A lot of points it is him then he could. Aren't these next two numbers kind of go to get there. Those twelve to zero point zero who guitarist he's GPA that is correct nights. Well done as good zero point zero. This. The amount of points this Steelers your score this week. I actually know what goes I think dad is the quarterback reading a Ben Roethlisberger went under pressure. Well all week but yeah. I see here directly. Those financial butter on there. Well also I did know that. Yes it did quarterback rating under pressure zero point zero that was just from last week though wasn't it isn't just just all get dots last Sunday that according to U. Pro football foes are scoring pro football focus you should treasure puts some pressure on Ben Roethlisberger itself. Which goes to the next number claim 63. Six tourists up from the number of pressures that she's we'll get against Ben Roethlisberger. It's been 63 days. 24 takes the field on Sunday in which you registered his last act now Rick are you sure about that. November 13 against Carolina that's the last time the Steelers lost to was November's that was the tea at a court and his team like at least. Hello this worry I get a sack two games ago relative to the way do they take I don't know. Is possible amendment or maybe they didn't give him full credit hours unlikely ally outside may have overlooked after that one side but on producer atlas last. Registered sex was in Carolina on November 13 none your your right is still stuck with ten set to swear to god guys eleventh but you know whatever that's my fault. Closing at big Macs out of it it'll matter to Steelers coincidentally 26 sacks in two months. It's a lot yes there's the eighth most in the NFL they started really slow. They did eight sacks in the first two months and 26 over the last few well it's been all that coach about my Joey Porter did exactly. Holloway equipment up the court think about but apparently that sack that I thought he had against Trevor simian in Denver Broncos two weeks ago. They call this stuff they call it tackle for loss. Not a sack because he apparently when he was in the hockey talk to move forward they called Iran. That's out there. Shows you can quiet I'd have thought that in quarterback was tackled behind the line of scrimmage it was a sack that's what I thought to put out there and we must be sort of bonus to Bob. To move Susie acts favorite numbers Stevens doesn't execs. Two as the number of teams the Steelers to feast on the road this season. They had a winning record it and they face the Washington Redskins would be beat in week one and an adult and as he dolphins have been lost due on the road but the other six games on the road all the teams with losing records it's Pittsburgh and standardized test and I tested or not they mean everything that is shaping up that you're showing us this segment tells you Pittsburgh has moved to pressure the quarterback and I tests on the ground policies that final number Welch. Eighteenth. Eighteen and the amount of touchdowns Alex Smith his gotten to hole this season we're all here last eight. Tyreke elderly eighteen snaps in week war against Pittsburgh he's. Basically doubling or tripling up that number packages growing sense we act he's grown we'll talk about. Diary still Tyreke kills package a little bit later on in the shadow somebody I was technically correct on that Alex Smith thing man who has eighteen. Yeah fifteen that it has in in an running. 15 running through demoralized got to know what I thought wow I have a good outsmart touchdowns on the ground outlets. Well in that one against NBA young yet that one in San Diego this year yet the one against Denver where is Tennessee easy access John Q you know it's interesting you know he's not stop with the satellite as Alex Smith have five touchdown lots of before does John Watson Alex Smith leads the chiefs are rushing touchdowns by two. The next most is three right Tyreke knows that's her stop stop stop stop an aggregate it's Alex this is the entire offense apparently one needs in the last three games ago I was honestly duty as the original nine teams of about Alex Smith and trying to find out if pilots incident. Can't really remember many Alex how it's true entered on a memorable moments Saturdays at. This year coming up we shouted out you text topic 69306. On the text line today. Plus someone is running a parking scam at arrowhead it could affect you once Sunday. We're gonna tell you that'll avoid it next. Judge Alex. This is sort of talk bullets. The step on had been. Agree jail. The group got. Bottle evidence Kevin no bad bowl last night after winning the national championship game and he actually live. Lift this trophy last night Greg Gurley approves. And that has been Boulware courtesy of ESPN as Clemson wins an epic epic epic. National championship game as we all knew it was going to be. As it came down to the wire with a 12 left Clemson gets the win we talked about it in the first segment they're he stuck his finger up a couple of bottles and got the win to congratulations have been Boulware and Clemson. Forgetting that victory was. Nobody else out in clubs and more carefully less actually I was not I was well like let's like somehow guy gets on does Jackson is as such is it would be so funny if they did that all right there's a scheme going on and Errol and that you need to be aware that apparently there there whirling goons. That we're like needing cars in traffic and telling them hate you pay now it's gonna speed up the process of you getting into the lot and they were giving these people receipts and people were taking the receipts. And going to lead to the told gates of the told him told it's like. You're talking about it if you'd pay anybody so do not give anybody any money. At the parking gay. And so the delegated to the parking right to give it to the person in the Booth. Or free by its gonna save you twenty bucks if you buy an online and the other thing is going on right now some of the third party won either I botnet well I'm 35 plus fees some others around the forty just to be on the safe side action but but he here here's the other thing. Buy it from the chiefs website your prepaid parking. Don't buy it from a third party vendor because of the a lot of fake. Parking passes now that are being sold as threats I don't remember where it was but I heard yesterday there's there are some fake parking passes that are being sold. As well at the warning everybody about fake everything they it has an energy diet if you buy tickets on the secondary market you can call and essentially achieves can help the eternal and he's written ticket via cell. Also and for the people who are upset about the prices being higher slightly for the playoffs marked on the did explain yesterday that as an NFL driven thing where certain percentage you have to raise everything you do for the playoffs so it's not necessarily chiefs thing it. Where they're raised the prices that's mandated by the weekend in any wonder village in a market like this how high can you technically go before but why did it again exactly yes so it it works out for that and again it always is that a salary Major League Baseball thing when when prices like that seemingly. Go higher for the post season but just be careful don't don't be spending money. While you're sitting in traffic thinking it's gonna speed you have to give you would a lot because ultimately you're giving them money to a shy Easter and apparently the chiefs dole was they got some of these guys captured. But it doesn't mean there will be copycat crimes out there this week with a lot of people milling around and stuff so don't give any money to anybody except that person in the tollbooth. When you get to Arrowhead Stadium on supplements for creative and really is just yet you give me thirty dollars here right I'll give your recent UK and then you'll be able to get through to show this of the get all shore. Yeah I don't think so Al. So that's what happened in the last couple of games at arrowhead it is time he shouted out 69306. On the Tex lines today you're Texan topic. We talk about whatever it is time you might assault Roger nightly BJ haircuts are met new location governor of the north client. Right now there OpenId Kirsten netcast on 610% to come to Casey Saturday night and equal places for a cheese free parties. We help us down a little to his house on Sunday thanks well. Live will be a great party during Charlie gantt since I. I don't know what Sunday is gonna be like I think weather's gonna play an issue and so on Saturday that I'm I'm talking Saturday night like it if you like weather could be an issue to the may not be a lot of people lap where you stay. Let us know where you're staying will tell you where to go you know in that area means you're gonna be downtown obviously you know is going to be happening how rod out nowadays they go to west. We're Norman was ousted as your best bet on silent on Saturday night for really good night. The people who are young enough to go out party all night it'd still wake up and go to the game Westmoreland or your investment in you know if you look at some barbecue down their ticket chart barnacle bill hooked up with some who does a lot of spots Westport right now it's. I'm becoming my favorite neighborhood into this text from Welch our defensive scheme will loses this scheme and Wilson on bell will be disaster. That needs to just defensive strategy or Steelers were destroyed and that was behind delta area all game at least I noted her meek. Wilson again and I ran a irises I know you as they're addictive if you but. I panicked if you that the Fed's exit leaves us a women's clinic. He would say maybe maybe I'm bell goes off but it's not the defense since he admits that's ridiculous. Yeah you'd like to have Derrick Johnson healthy but part of it is lady on Bell's been crushing everyone he's played against. If the chiefs win this game and it's going to be news they overcame that. Great job go about because they stopped the lady on bell. Lover boy. Good song what's the song by Loverboy isn't it. They are doing and now. No please. Is that text of jayhawks are life because he tweeted us and the new National Anthem should be everybody's working for the week and last line of toys sell it that's I'm imagining it it jailed for life. You can read and texting us this morning again good morning I'm serve as John Watson number one next. Overall I have three days roughly thirty to thirty if you think you'll be 32 exams are taken don't know. How high did he climb in the draft or because of last night. He had to skyrocket. I mean it's all come stand ready to prisoner the boa and all of a sudden I think the biggest prisoner of the moment I think if I'm an NFL general manager. Are they knew who I walk with the game on the line. Outlook the guy who's been the big moment he's had down times the big moment he's had times in the big moment politician on job additional Watson yeah that was pretty big moment. It's nightly Abby who all want them yeah you right down the field and score a touchdown with 12 remaining. Really when I. Agassi mormons as feared someone would death. He would slip past like the middle of the first round now my favorite thing about him is that he graduated college years are you know he's willing to put in the time and effort. To learn your system into becoming good player are you graduate college in three music that we like and figure transfer anywhere rightly if you played regular season they usually do in addition to all of us. I don't towards the ACL. That's my house that's off. And a nice yeah I had a dog we repaired as Israel death do water therapy. On now there's a lot of therapy but they they repaired it like. You know like they repair you're CN. My dog and I each in Israel and the same time. Yes he helped each other through the rehab and expect to hear had to get the kind of like to be doing that. Kerry Johnson and we don't Johnson early I mean I don't and a high school sweetheart but it's over after the high school reunion. Are you married. There anymore and he answered the if the answer the question are you married is no did you go then you yeah there's not a. Really question is are you married is can I bring my wife to this squeak. That's still off the top row well I guess. Anyway having what he's bloody baby ABC ABC attracted to your wife ABC's in also how you save me how guys it's logical goddess lol yeah that's a big question right SEC ECB NFL ten years ago received. Now that was a couple of resumes and a few extra LD's and maybe one of the candidacy by human. Parents house that's right I was asking you what year the reunion are we talking uses a ten year five year twenty year mean. Choice of weapon four cities who move the almighty god by six year old has turned into my nine year old. Grandmother. She's now banging on the windows yelling at squirrels at six my grandmother before she passed like she sat there had nothing to do all right. Two she would get up bang on the glass get away squirrel goes sit down and this girl would come back into the process all data after active. My six year old is now doing the windows yelling goalies oral Mike. Things really do. I guess you passed down from generation. To generation but I don't know you do with a squeeze of the BB gun and pick one off I mean is this. Whatever to squirrel for God's sakes it's not like there's damn woodpeckers which by the way shoot those suckers to. Coming up here on sixteen and Sports Radio lets hear some of the great calls of the final play of that game last night. Featuring Clemson and Alabama and one that we know the president elect was listening to that's next. Though. 31. Are what a great. Asked by Da'Sean wants it to hunter S Thompson for the victory as Clemson. It's a big time able win that. Over the University of Alabama. Tide is not a role in right now. But adds that will be in Alabama today. As they lose the national championship game. To Clemson in grand fashion last night one of the most remarkable endings. We have ever seen in a college football playoff or any place else for that matter and in somebody Tweety down at his. Neil best from Newsday in New York City tweeted that he said NBA championship final four championship. World Series college football championship. Super Bowl you're on the clock for great innings 2016. Guys. Was the year is phenomenal endings in championship games you go back and look at all of them and bill and over the way that they won the championship you look at the way LeBron came back and won the championship. The cubs came back and won the World Series and then last night he saw an amazing finish. By Clemson that's out seven on their network here's the great Eli gold on Alabama's radio network. Can he not feel no Golden Globes his motion comes to the right of its quarterback. You don't want to go like what the floor today. That. I love the despondent aisle there man Eli gold as one of the best if not the best in the business. When it comes a college announcing given that dead wood as the team's territory who does the the Florida State games he dagger etc. guerra like he he's really good to the Eli gold is one of my favorites to listen to. And if you ever get a chance your driver and a slip on Alabama he also does NASCAR he is un believable. We also went around the world in and got some calls will start in Russia. We're they called the game as well. Join the afternoon we have you. Last night. Laws that stop though their roles I've always have guys that oh. The secret about it routine. Yes that is the horizon called Columbia are different time if you're paying. In the afternoon after it was last night. Laws that stop though their roles I was surprised oh yeah. So that's the weather Kelly has been on for her on past the if there's two I had to hit her on her. And it is telling you is that is not a thing and a mouse ball that Ellison and it was a very very much up to something but I'm sure Don was enjoying that call of the Russian broadcast that of course you know you pair with type it. Mom. Actual. Yes theater radio last night Sean McDonough and and Kentucky but the call on ESPN radio asking and rolled that everybody. That works for their network last night like anybody that it had any kind of check coming from ESPN. Was working that national championship game last night and it was phenomenal so there you have it those are some of the calls marquee place brought to buy into plumbing heating and cooling the technician you can trust. With your house keys you know we went into the game yesterday like I think a lot of people in going and announce it whenever there's not a lot of buzz. For this game and then it was over till my last nine and one of the guys there comes up because what's scored national championship game as a fourteen up and Alabama said. Not watched videos of the Buckeyes aren't and Emma Watson and like back like a ton of bricks like. All the sudden like the national championship game fifteen years ago college football that's must see TV like you're watching regardless of who's playing. You know in that championship game and it hit me in my what sports becomes so provincial that like even a national championship game. In college football isn't being watched. Because your team isn't it whit whit did that happen because. While there people east Tony K you basketball fans are basketball fans are just a youth as the other basketball fans but they're right to use it's does your fans your team that's what it is and it baseball became a little provincial. And now we've in the NFL is becoming a provincial types away. All of this started happening. I think is when social media came about I disagree entirely I biggest national media's fault do you hate aside to put that their bias. And it and placate the largest markets take over so unless you're New York manner in Dallas Cowboys fan or something like that. You really not getting a lot of at a national program and so why wis and or watch national program it. They placate to certain fan base is in certain teams that's OK if you wanna do that. Make a play yet the biggest so you know he exactly but when you do that you alienate so many other people because yes. There are more cowboys fans than any other fan base in the NFL most likely right I would say probably but how many NFL fans are there. Had it 10140. Times in the amount of cowboys fans there are secure losing. Forty times your audience by focusing on the cowboys so while you're trying to placate that large fan base you're losing out on so many other fan bases don't give a rip. About the cowboys so I think a large part of it is the national media disregarding teams well liked Kansas City. Whether the royals were the chiefs of daily disregard those teams and then they only focus on a the big ones if you're not a fan of this team or this team and they're really not bring a lot to the table and that means you know less. About those others teams you know less about those other players in they you don't really care where there on national television playing. For a title and I think you multiply it times whatever in college and I mean if you're not an Alabama fan you wanna keep watching now been on the freaking kind of game every year and not really an Ohio stake I definitely doesn't does this got wiped out right. Mean it's hard I think for Kansas fans is the same way all I took off the final four run lead eight Ryder regularly. I don't work you're not ready for an. That's not ready to watch the championship yet there has got knocked out so I thought right I completely I completely believe that's equipment. Like I just think back to when you're kidding me if things are different obviously when your kid that when you're an adult. You stop eating chair who was playing you know eating there and I kind of put on that category still but to a lesser extent. Yeah like lately last night's game didn't really have I mean I was born I thought that game was long yet. And not great site was way too it was half and in Al that it obviously have done but at the end but. Yeah I don't know about the the provincial part of it I think I think does factor in a match of steel I mean people are I think people are loaded tired Alabama yet it's ever Alabama fans and and they phone that category of probably you know Red Sox fans and yankees you know that that group KU mass of fans sure. People get tired of bike to the most un insufferable fan bases in sports are Alabama football stands. You know he you do basketball thing and your cardinal baseball fans Nebraska football fans there all her eyes he's an idol hats you know it's. He came to Nebraska football fans well what they're doing him this is where it becomes very you know very regional. Nebraska fans I heard from a lot of the day and last night there watching that game and they're saying. Wolf clips and can go to a national championship abundantly why can't we know what's holding us back in I think that's how most people look at it even if you or watching that game. It could be with the chiefs to assure you if you are watching that championship game you're seeing they're gullible this is why. We know we aren't here you're you're watching clouds into watching the Shaw Watson. That's why we're not exactly your your wife that you're like how can we get. That they are that they are we watch the super ball. Watch Von Miller go off it's like. If Justin Houston was healthy that could've in the cheese tonight that's a Lotta Lotta people felt that way so even when you're watching those games you're still thinking that. With a vocal fans minds yes no doubt about it is it absolutely is that way and that's is kind of the way sports has become its. About local local local. And that's why we're giving you the most chief coverage here than anybody in Kansas City. I'm 610 Sports Radio will be live willed his house FaceBook live the only way to watch the game with the entire world on Sunday coming up in two minutes. We'll tell you everything you need to know and we'll give give via the rundown on a prediction that was made on the show they came true we do that next.


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