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Jan 10, 2017|

In case you forgot, or fell off, The Show is still hot. Knock your shell off. Ron continues to pray selfishly for a DeShaun's bad showing in the National Championship game. Does Serda have a crush on Embiid? Ron tells a Serda secret and later "What you Watching." All this and more on The Night Shift.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Kansas City this is. That I did what your home run that's who you believe this out. All of the accident but those things as because we salutes. For allowing us to be a small part of your front. Monday evening and because it is Sunday that Friday big bad brand is in the building it feet. It produces as bad apple way. So our third and seventy now for the seventeenth. Looks like you might need to take it tasted the old. Moon shot. The pulling itself back right again. We'll Gatorade never clear yet. That Gatorade is somewhat early so eloquently I doubt that room like. They're playing the ball back. To. Decide watts it'd yes. Alabama has downed it at the one so that's if these grooves billion USA with a minute seven let the sorts in my interim. I don't know I don't want him to get injured. I don't wanted to get injured I just want him to have a sub par game your computer in the public. 200 yards. Give or take uptake when 95 I'll take 205. May be two picks. You know also it may scare some folks off. And and maybe that she still had to give up. Everything figured out ability came in from the white line there did you miss that I'm willing to give up trading the first round pick. Alex Smith Steve Ford in an additional second or third. I think he and Andy Reid would this team could be that your. I bid to get to this earlier. Authors are rough. I tell you that can he looks like he benches every day he looks like he's on something. Sammy Sosa Mark McGwire is in the juice on our side. I would I would as he says. I mean that at hockey league test umpire let's get on this one that Ed hockey league. Was enormous if you if you just this I hold brand earlier about this official through one of the breaks. And he finally get to see the white who is officiating is called his arms out this move I'm going Arnold Schwarzenegger. Nobody celebrated boards and this Fella can we find out the name of this gentleman. Who's officiating this game. 'cause nobody celebrated more with the officials switched over to under armour as their provider of where would they make the switch to under armour. I mean this guy must've I mean Ed hockey league still pissed that the unifil has two children nor. So he can just show everything he's got. I. I don't wanna make that claim that this guys use. It I mean come. Is arms urges to. I wish he Hamels tech to all one of those arms it. It's negative so much you can see to it and it probably has aced literally. A guy you would look at like. If you look at him I gotta show him again it looks like a scary guy from. I can't looks like he was in the movie Kassim. I you know Jay Glazer like eight he looks what's the actress that waited the game in Manchester where the first and so. And watch old and a slight bow of the shield. Yes Baghdad yeah I don't know his name but that it looks like he looks like scary Vegas to. But he looks like you know. He. At that he'd kill dad that he. You know he's he's done some casino types. Nike Lackey looks like he he could have been one of look at the guys looking up at the lines. Like luckiest son of I swear to if you don't give me the number right now. It looks like he could have been one of suitable blueberry and pop it. Look at the army at that track than that of this gap it looks like he was one of Jill pitched since. Focusing. Little Nicky parts and apps that expect dad in the eighties I mean he's still wants them. That that just looks like it did just look like create team I'm not announce that it on this Andy needs to go take it. This in the cup and a half but that it that it is for UT. Included Michael chick list she beat Michael six seasons the gas it was sealed and there that thing. He looks like him yeah but like onwards I was sentences those. So bad right here and I went three kilometers thick of the same thing on game. They texted Michael tick. So I've and his dad I mean he's he is picking them up and put them there. Right here offered Twitter almighty it's all over Twitter ahead could reform crimson bam is. Huge. I mean he's solid hockey in the DC area that it's inhale it rock out to league meet in terms of the son sons out guns out I have covered for you is it. The depth to the National Football League with a steal that because the way he calls penalties is the title. Look at this got because look at the odds of that gap. This is what the killing at aim of this of this and I'm looking in from about it. Anybody else a little freaked out by the bias that's but that's a question mark it looks like this little cards at this about it Lazard and Dana White who lost his mind. Of with Meryl Streep. At least it looks like he looks like what he described those guys like scary date like Griese Vegas. Like you wouldn't be surprised if he was out. Walking in a full black suit and a casino. This walk you watch you at the slots are watching you at the color table making sure you're not doing anything grow. Camp want to check it you know he's he. That's. At this pick gets it. Little it's it's. And director of every time I. It is that it it's it's a little earlier. So if you listen to this show insert is on here he is I mean he is. Going all Lian. When it comes to Jolo and I mean he believes. Like I think he does this to (%expletive) me off if you listen last week might worlds would repeatedly do things. On on purpose to tick me off like ongoing mentions about zombies when he knew that I didn't wanna talk about the MPs. And chlamydia it thinks of that nature. Sorted does does too with would Joel Libby any keeps calling him the process. Even though he plays is this guy is gates discussed they might defeat. Can we kill we kill we go to Google lets Google might defeat let's hold everything first on. We've got to figure on the clock and the text line. Like to see it. Old. Take I think we may be on the stump than. Whereas forum that is him he's a Twitter I've been these guys have crazy dance you look him up on room. What do we get a bio Mike. Every might just be out just read this right from rides on this bio for the Los it to. Armament he looks a little older and these pictures. It's baked into it which indicates that he would bet a separate but if these interactive. Got a to a face to face. In the air silly only got to a place that he's got to face off with a coats in the air force game. And Mike and Matt brown X go to Texas tried to get it. This fellow might if he has not care program. Now that name does not say Vegas is much that all its might go so he can beat Mikey. My key. Oh. Is liked it he. Let it eat. Tilt this ease its bid. It gets the what do you think by defeat ways to a candidate Mike. Mike is probably puts at 68 he's probably 240 and I mean easy. All mosques. I just gonna have saved this duo would be the because Mike did the instant it is. Like I am I I I commented this game hoping that this John Watson can just have a sup board. I got a call your album and then you'd think you'd be in tents Taylor and it for like I am free now has this must not be that I want a year I don't give us the best that I know there's an element tees. But this. I came into the game hoping to sound Watson would just have the support gay but now I am in here rooting for penalties. So I can see Mickey. Of Vegas comes or hold their police are all penalties so we can see Mickey I mean this Nikki watts. Is just as much as. As me hoping that to sell Watson can have a sub par game. 785 this this official he's been officiating the big twelve all seated given notes no I have had. I bet he's been officiating bigger gains in Kansas. That probably all of the the big to a game that one and if Albert about look at Mickey. If I know Mickey. It would be caught data in Kansas. I pitch it they put out the schedule and they said they Mickey. We got to do in Kansas Texas Tech. He'll turn into Vegas Mickey NA sect. And say no you don't have me doing Kansas Texas to. Let's look at that a gay I believe you had me doing Oklahoma. West Virginia right. All right nick. Best which again. I love this. That we have to its own right it to Mickey defeat we have it's taken out was these are keys yet who I believe. He's only at a seven point so far in this amp which I believe he's going to revert back in going the the locker room in the dolls. Raymond James Stadium gave him a taste. Because at Dicky calls games a little bit better when he's a little touch. And my defeat. Is the biggest official Mike that he might be the biggest guy on the feet. And now for pound muscle the muscle he might be the biggest guy on the feet. I've cities like I did if we threw. It at the half we throw pads on Mike defeat. Put it in a glimpse in Jersey. We would not know the did. Those guys enormous. It's (%expletive) I'd give that the joy OMB thing. You wanna hear this. It is good. I was say it is viewed it evolves it evolves or is that it is etiquette help. Now you have at least you know 85% of our or clients donors interested listeners just went for it where it is balls toward. Our doubts about argued about our rights are well puts you. In your drinking on hold in my defeat hopefully the guy he calls another. Another penalty notes of the coming up next till indeed. It involves porn and he has a response. That rule with you win that shaped. In studio sixty and sports are. London knights did. Unions run the show. One more time. It's Abu recovered the biggest it's big time. Sunday the chiefs. Play our first time since the ravens were here I don't watch it right. It would a big started early 9 AM with a special routes and did. Pregame show with with C dot price. Then he goes to welts. He'll join us and he'll do his regular pregame shows industry casino Ritz Sunday pregame show. It in the crazy port now. Get ready should be connected to FaceBook live from Ryan loses how's he going to do something crazy invite. Vesco clean spec they'll all be there they'll be answering questions back and forth with folks you can. You can really interact with them during the game is of great halftime all. That's correct giving some the only person the only. Station in kids see that will be taking calls. During half time think Lee you can get. Your frustrations at or hopefully years excitement. Of what's going on at the half to talk would Brinkley. And we got five hours of post game show. Following. Pink will be up there are some districts in ripped Sunday post game so it should be fun but also. Also. Without a lovely playoff coverage sponsored victory Chrysler dodge Jeep Ramey is a construction. You can go to sixty sports right now to win. It's sign up to win two tickets for chief Steelers. Garcia but like the official beer sponsor of Kansas City. Although the deadline. Of the kids he teaches you to the deadline is 1159. On Thursday. So. Check that out. Should be pretty cool graphic. It was piece of check out of the FaceBook page or the. The page right now. Six in sports dot com for all of that information. I'm FO with us as we try. To to do would be is this is a big event in Kansas it. Arts I'll I'll I'll give. As Randy is really on. Legacy. I am now coming to the light with the Joel indeed. As one and offered some might use against Serbia. So it's a live the former Kansas player. He's been hurt he missed like a 157. Game birdies in the NBA's first under this first 857. Days if he would be. It didn't play a sec. With back in the injuries leg injuries and so now is on estimates scorer hundred million point three gamers. According to Saturdays on pace to be soon to be it in BP read there. To be two win a championship. To turn this entire 76ers. Season around he who beat this thing grow so. The Philip us out this is from the big lead. The Philadelphia said the sixers big Majoli beat posed for artist again it's too grim picture with his teammates bid cements. New Orleans no oil in the Camille who is really have a week after his recruitment nick humanize. But mile. Mean look cool love Akeelah whatever name news reports more. Summitt told me this he's impressive. She took she took the follow up before. And she made a comment underneath she's that the sixers. Our ten and 25 meet you and Nicki and as recently broken so technically there have been some recent Ailes. If she really does CN winner. But young. Jill hill indeed. Who used to be called Joseph Joseph when he was sick kids responded with. Says this from the woman who has miles of d.s. That's what that's it wears that ended I was still on the mile who. This is pretty interest. But he added Holler out Ed you know I respect her more because her response was less and learned. Don't mess with the sixers. He understood okay I came for them. He got beat. I can't say anything to do is I'll just leave that alone. Let's raise it people look like she was supports to our positional reports are now sees its seasoned sports media's he writes. For some paper. I don't know if she writes I probably should. She Chrysler papers he's gotten out of the important business. And there have been athletes who have tried to make runs at her in her. I their their big guys. Who have tried to the latest is. Old this is quarterback sand. That is to its list in. Jack Kelly yes. Jack Kelly tried this in cinder small little DN message. And it just didn't work two she did busted him out and let everybody know exactly what he's there. Yeah it is now on that read that have. But. But she respects she respects the comment until a limp the. And she took over what is Willis she's elected you know I can't I can't get onto. That's. He got. He got. But still around and I did that I mean I know we had some crazy stuff I mean he is he is really into social media. And during all that time he was injured he was on the air off. May it on day fourteen now than Alabama so that it means it. Cheryl Watson is gonna throw the bull. And but. But still held in that I have respect from idle idle I'm not gonna call in the process like sort of does Stanford showed this does it irritate me. I'm not gonna call the process and at the Mercedes. He's gonna win championships and being like this but this move here. This maneuver right here because I don't think bin salmon's New Orleans no little. Meek mill to have a heart really respond but this this way. Says the woman that's miles with miles of DC. Theory that the very impressive. Actividentity. Appreciate. Out I didn't know I'm I was the speaker this week and the sport. And do nothing but it says I was this because of this. About the the glow. At night we'll talk about a little bit more doing. What you watch it as. I was watching the globes and I really felt like I was watching. A really good TV. And what. Other people think is really good TV until I saw a lot of the stuff that I watched. Was a nominated for stuff. And but it any of these. But. That you girls love. Girl mill street politics of take some people off with Hearst. She would if they're she had no. He she she had no bull. Thoughts. Talking anything about her career. She got out there and say this is. This is going to be for the it admits in his name which a lot of people well schooled I mean she went all the way. And Hollywood. Let's roll with the 88. That's about bread. And Brian. Can't say anything withdrawal of pickets up massive B name. Thanks Soledad 42 delay. It just have a comment you could say she would call it all is our comments. You talk ivy she's at the message. You know people were split 5050. On her comments on it was nine you acted like you're rumbling to bills that. So I acted alone cut though all the little Susie. They'll. Although from what president takes a lot of who would. I can't get off this guy he's huge needs to be a jerk off the outskirts of new. Is made of sort of like if he is is is given Ed hockey league rule enforcement. I. Assess that I had to work that the base if one time I filled in for Brinkley. Thousand Ryan and I was sitting here. Like under pressure. Trying to control myself for not saying anything that can be borderline. Caught up. Because of that guy has an ear for it the use of its eight. I have been here trying to re wind in my hand islands is stated. Let me freeze this a little differently because let's get going it's hard to stop yourself. Brian is Brian is ridiculous. That I I feel like I've liked. Late evening is gold. Think enjoys it he doesn't work out like late this it you know that man you know I just gotta give it. He's just gonna just embrace it it is if you get it Greece if you're. Yes eight was expediency. Miles media miles of the that was a spectacular comeback but the best is the respect he gave ill. All right. Well that's what the sixers. Is still indeed is coming for is that an island at an even do it on purpose like that. Believe load up. Mean people say did it's it's that sit in textile and out of gas or it holds wheat rye. Did you hear Wasilla. It was a azalea and it will take somebody was producing did you did you say there are forty. Yeah I just gonna get the calls and like who is this it's like 9 o'clock denied he's an agreement and could that he'd do not accept a bit. So much pressure. I come up let's let's at our top story. It involves a word wasted over 37 times tonight. And its culture. Studio sixty in Sports Radio. Coming up and down. Fourteen minutes or so what you watch it. Text in into the room texted. Which shows you watch it if you don't go to groups that it was shows you watch. Netflix what are you watch the NFC allowed to drive watch the national championship game excitement and sweetened. It is sick this week they. We've had sent a couple people fans how they make it here are sponsoring it. What's a game with my terrific due diligence and I have failed. Tales of loss. That Texas consented. A couple of putts from was that. But yeah that'll become an a test in which was to limit and let's we finish things off every night here when. We host a show we've been a lot of fun tonight. Everything though has come back. A culture. As well we kick this thing off today and I was just really fascinated this week. This week to watch. The the football games and while court. And I I I've I thought about this and it came to be a little bit ago and I didn't know how one it is expected. Bigger is for the longest I've always believed quarterback play is that. Here you go into the National Football League to wing gains you've got to have that dude it's an. And when I say that dude if you have Aaron that's huge but even if you don't have air. Like you know at least a second tier guy we see Joseph Flacco put a team on his backe made that consistently do it year in year out. He may be second tier but he put a team on his back it went to the Super Bowl it was the MVP of the reason like if you got it to do. You know. You can get away with with things in this league and that's how you win in his sleep but I have slowly. Slowly but surely since switching things over to seemed. There's there's a second thing that's it seems to be as important. In waiting in this Lee to quarterback play and that is. That is culture that is culturally like if I can't find Aaron Rodgers the backing of five Brady slowed down receiver. None other than an independent. Among all the big play dumb as to have any 22 yards easy. Another ongoing thing we are monitoring. We're monitoring this on watch in our hope is that he has just simpler game. Right now he's been on at seven for eleven for 37 yards what good which is huge but he just gave up they just got about a fifteen yard play. They sport and and and lemon. And we don't want the browns to give it sort of flagged flagged it. Flag is I'm look oh boy look at damp. I just can't trust again named oranges now he's eight for twelve rating when you know a little day but anyway as we started dissolve was. I think culture of back if I can't get one of those tune in ocean. It's off it's a test appeared to say anything if it's. It's I would if I over the rams for instance they've drafted a quarterback with looks like an absolute treat it. It looks like. Somebody who should not be playing quarter let alone drafted number 10 role if flat out try to get somebody who can withstand. And put together a huge culture to change. Look at Indy re we looked at the cheese I said in the first the chiefs are flat out winning culture. I Alex is a part of the culture that is skill level is not. Is that the one that is the reason why they're winning games. But this team is winning the old culture in the belief in doing things right there one least penalized teams all the time. They seem to make plays they don't turn it over the eight heard you over. They turn you over they puzzle and a point five yards vacated he's up over a hundred sure now Bates in well. You know they've shown that culture is the reason why the chiefs are where they'll. Hand. You could look at it look at at the raiders I think that the raiders are just now getting to a point where day. Our change in the colts with Reggie McKenzie put that she's at last year's I think your caller has been. It easily the best quarterback between those games champion and now that she's just out culture. It out took the charge the charges fills the better. They out cultured Phyllis and the tour. Don't give them apart on this and the raiders mean we will there that's not saying I don't understand how of that order Alex Smith. Oh it's a part of its probe all ages can received. The show lots and rushed into the still recent retreat we can except we can exit. You see that you see their plate while it's it looks cool and he just made a plan and enough. It meant imagine this faked it. Hill that from happening Boston he broke at that altitude and and of our group in Boston that got hit a bucket skipper was the dues that guy who black he's going to be a top fifteen pick it middle line the tackle. Yeah. Like this is the realty. That drive that drive he just took that they are now placed in the 6412. Yards guys get a team to win this thing. As long as they had as long as it's it's a solar polar read it at some of Darwin's theory that goes like Vince yeah. Never Vince Young Gloria since 2005 and here's that after it. Bell and what did and alleys on the saarc. Somewhere east. But let's not let's not for the little blip but we we talked of how. We've talked about. The culture thing it'll probably in this game we've joked around a lot about. Steve sorties and being tank reach 83 sheets to the win repeatedly around his players that you UC. But. There a reason why. He's not Alabama's not getting killed in nick save his men get killed is because the coach Nick Saban has created an Alabama. I mean he hires Lane Kiffin he's you know he's an iffy Fela himself. Edited. With the success and you just say okay. So our Q school and exceeded. You know Nick Saban is going to. Run roughshod over him anyway gonna control this life so because of colds or he'll be okay. I got an ethic I think that's why a lot of people aren't giving. Alabama a lot does it recruiters are accused in it and know nick probably suited the possibility in your breath I'm going to greatly. They nick. I mean it is a control freak I mean that's good about this. Lane Kiffin left to be offensive coordinator where he was making more money to build be the head coach at Florida Atlantic. As he wanted to get away for Dixie bits of I a lot of people say mouton who coached with nick bit by people compare and ability. People hate. Coach he predicts eight at this is. It's like prison animals is his way in no other the given Belichick have in common public. I think it'll Charlie Weis will go coach under Belichick. And it probably wasn't hail. One Euro already living in Tuscaloosa Alabama. That's going to be real tough for some. He's moving from LA the Tuscaloosa. Under this Napoleon. I mean this dictated to dictatorship that Alabama I did and but that cultures what people are. As lot people are giving them the benefit of the doubt. And I guarantee you look at what happened the big story over the weekend old bill Beckum. Man. The reason everyone talks about all the by Andy boat trip that all of it the reason why old deal thinks all of that is okay is because of the culture that's been created. When you got it when you move from Tom Coughlin who was a borderline hall of fame coach turned around the Jad wires. Turned around. Turned around the the giants had brought Eli got to champion sits with the giants. Ended you moved to a guy who looks like a disgruntled PE teacher. Who's upset because he's a PE teacher at a middle school into the high school that he so. Are turned on so desperately wants to be it. A guy who doesn't know that you can't use walkie talkies on the field. To call plays to your quarterback the guy. When did Mac could do becomes your coach. All of us that this year now the big Mac to do is they head coach we see ordeal that I'm doing all these crazy things that he never thought of to do would. Coughlin. Even if even if there was a good culture. I'm not this and build a winnable in Miami in that boat trip but he wouldn't he would have known that the old pictures. Randy Moss. Minnesota's Cris Carter. In Oakland had spam. Walking off the field with the game's not over. Walking off the field what is teams do as it is the week. Randy Moss New England but that didn't hear a thing Randy Moss back when he went. The Minnesota. But the penis pitcher taking Brett Favre. If Brad Childress. Back to his old tricks. Editor for first right here. It was institute I mean it's ugly culture is the Denver Broncos won a Super Bowl and culture. Great deep it yeah. The jets have really good defensive personnel dirty bits of why it is nasty. The Texas had really good defensive personnel at JJ watt. Jets did he make the playoffs. And they got four bit of quarterback play for Ryan Fitzpatrick. And the Broncos won the Super Bowl. With the quarterback play they got around ethical. I am wrong. This if this turns it on this. Someone that was just one drive let's let's start home let's get Nick Saban takeovers started the views of it. Coming up the sadly this leads in the nation if he takes is that getting tickets excellent six 306 texted what you watch in. What you watch is coming up next. Studio sixty in Sports Radio. Okay. Yeah that's not live. There. Eats it Battlestar Galactica what commitment if you'll want to be. 58. Pettway touched down at Super Bowl fly first class complain when people watch him bark orders. I'd like to remake movies examples of when you were played. I'm not some solutions. I am girls. I know up front so it for that goal. Vocal and I think that. Inside the it works instincts. What a rather be feared or loved. Even though. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me. Stages everybody. Thank you for sitting in what does this is what she wants is sponsored by the nobody. When once again it's that. So no Watson's. Almost here in Italy eleven me he was just rolling through there is so far and of course he's turned in a now thrown for her 32 yards. And rushing touchdown they throw fourteen to seven. Minute twelve left looks good starting with what you want to say that it didn't exist six 306. What you watch that night. I'll probably be coming home to watch this. The second and for the national championship game. 816 watching windshield LO. I don't double. Because you he's driving in two months and net does speak ill oh this is. We had. We have. The Golden Globes last night. And I tell you would still lots. Shocked like hill that I think of light of ours and shows that you watch where you like. May I think this is really cute and this is idiot for lives here it audited the that she just a man. Why would do that and I I think it's a great shoe. Bomb. And I feel like it's ground breaking out there like this is something I'd never seen before they're taking chances and do this to. But sometimes you don't know that people think it or it gets critical acclaim but Atlanta cleaned up last night. Donald Glover won this actor in a comedy series. And they won. For best actor ever they want for this series produced comedies geared. I thought Atlanta was great ground breaking I thought it was this version and a black version of science field from what people. X explain like it was a show about nothing they didn't really cover like major major. Being split it was hilarious how they put together stuff and it was so different. So that was viewed gave the throne season one episode. 56. He's behind. I want to cede its I saw a lot to talk about. Goliath on Amazon Amazon was at like eleven nominates but did hear those good. I hear that is really Billy about the word when he got out there while lives it to me how him recede because the globe is the only one work. They're selling alcohol. At the same time. You know they have out all the ammo wit all the over the tables of their. Last most related to your computer never ever did a lot of these turkeys he's always go to now that he's in Tuscaloosa. He's got. Bottom of some odd I didn't exceed his great. If someone said to be you get hired Steve sorties in a row from. Bomb at a it's it's it's it's outside it's. It that this little tidbit that was three of hoping to get back in your good graces run last week of what's above burgers. You talk to go rove one tonight Monday night raw. Love the show appreciate of course. Of course. Money that draws a big what I've already seen Shonn Michael's. HBO K. I think the best to ever do it in re given Rick but I think sounds the best ever agreeing to do it. K Beck is super cute Bruce's. And so that's literally give Beckett ticked that I recorded its main news if it's recording now it literally is. Three hours note. It. Richard out by teams on the History Channel no I have it but my wife it's all over the ground zero reason to not watch the crown of Atlanta. Cleared up last night to. Clos those move those shows in. Like the tutors she was really indebted to. They facility vikings the Americans as one that looked really good like nothing in my pick up you'd you know assault on Netflix that the maybe. FX may expects and com Amazon they can't. Because it looks like now like a house of cards is it is cores or exit new black those were wars much but. Netflix had down at Atlanta in they had another showed a clean bill. That is lost it is home. They had another show that played a bit old they had the people results. The papers OJ won just about everything in that category. Except recorded BB which I. I believe is it is this this this role. Of Johnny Cochran was. Unlike any I mean he looked like that Maine it was here. So yeah I think he got screwed the wire will be book if you can always it was there. It's still the wire. Obvious still trying to get simple west world. I'm about three episodes in. That seems to be so that I was before I go in and night. Pretty good it is it is it'll Rachel wounds he was a percentage loss was it's zero. We had fun tonight. As we generally do combat with this tomorrow is K you basketball. Which are on the little in the game they play Oklahoma. And will be that the rest of the week so heard I won't be mayor made that week. Big bad bread. This is run the show these are out. Studio sixty and Sports Radio.