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Jan 10, 2017|

It's the franchise, boy, The Show is shining now. As Ron hopes and prays for a sub-par DeShaun game, he continues to talk culture, but dives into what led to the 'hole in the wall' that Odell Beckham Jr. left for Green Bay. Think he will get a bill? All this and more on The Night Shift.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is it. But I see him win Gerald. Run this would you please shout out to all of our listeners put those Vegas that they had because please salutes you. Well allowing us to be a small part of your Monday. Evening. It's about. I read that. It's big stupid head rent I've never miss. Because if you're always enjoyed give the last man that big they have at Arafat ploy. Is it ability he is producing this bad boy that almost led TV puts or somebody can run it. It anybody played BV which is accused. When he said he worries that's it's definitely butchered I didn't it did if you said awards are going to be people can just parts if they're reluctant. Almost guess the spending plan that game was ours. Gravity must saarc is about two and he's the number one thing you see named OC last week. This is a gentleman who. Who regularly was detained last hammered slash three seats to the win slashed. Absolutely blasted. While coaching kids at USC in a pep rallies. And he's now the offensive coordinator for Alabama and national championship game. About that Alabama culture. We gotta be over thirties. Win that. If you think it's excellent six that the news you know sixes have too much for somebody. Created a drink this they'll really do that that I might. Indulge in after I leave here but I I do and rom. No but I don't think it Steve's are keys and enough time or nor appeared to be this ball only history. I was three Tennessee's bright with ice and garnish with line. I don't think his idea was garnished. I think he was just going to unit to get after. I suspect it of this game that. These are keys in hopefully is that three she said the wind. So here's my here's my my prayer that I national day. If you not listen to me you know the right along with Danny markets I had. Of love it need. For dish out walk in its. The cell blocks these used. To be the quarterback of the key NC chief sneaks out city views if you miss my proposed trade bed. I promise you when I first said I have this I have is. This being when I say something. People are just I mean I I think we want to drive appeared rules Noble's. Give me the finger at till I explain a little bit. And they let me talk a little bit then it started become fifty fit my proposed trade I'd go to the Cleveland Browns right now who. Are idiots when it comes to and talent evaluation and I would take advantage of you talk about bad culture that's bay COLT. There idiots I only outlooks on them it's out trade our first it. With you also giving you Alex Smith deep forward and another third round. I do it like it to sound watts and immediately I believe this out Watson with Andy Reid. And these weapons. With these young guys could be amazing. Years to come if you're going to call in here I'm going to answer. How about we do it like this you don't call you their attention I will reap you have to let us know. First what's arc and in his Gatorade bottle if not I don't know if I can continue to call. I needed a follow directs. They did you better be followed directs did you fodder you know call appeared to appoint a look here you gotta take that's fine we can talk. But you need to let me no was Steve sorties in had a drink for. Art. But I. Wanted him I believe he would be perfect here and he would be the person that I at the could finally give that she's a good quarter. And someone who can make this a lengthy run because I believe that she's right now. We don't know what they'll have we done Dorsey for some reason who that hill wants to leave Kansas City to go to Green Day. But for some reason that that's on the table book I think they have everything in terms of the type of of players they picked the way they go about shaping that culture everything they just need that quarterback and an extended run. So I am asking. And I am watching this game brand really keep this updated throughout the night. I I am hoping that. This show watts is a real rough. I'd I hope. They've got to heat the rose. I'll take two interceptions. I'll take 208 yards passing. I'll take infusion through the night. I mean I would I'll take a pick six is one of those I want him to have the support now. I'm not I know that I could careless with the game to be honest with you frankly I'm about. Story lines and I think continue to have the village and bully him in Alabama. Rolling through for teams to hate may have to hate people to reach for is better anyway for sports so if Alabama wins I take that. I don't want to have to give up all of that again Alex I will. I don't mean to get to sell Watson I will I don't wanna add to give them. If they ask sub par game tonight maybe he'll drop. It will be in the top five to Wear that she's meant to give of an arm relate to gain. So tonight I am hoping this I feel terrible because as it does this mean about them up basically say I hope that he. I am completely open program both open and burn a lot of our way that this kid. This is probably his dream to win the national championship. This brought his dream and I hope he has a partner. Second half of this now I just came to me in my jacket as for open. Good to take its fixed line is you know is still executives were hoping this kid as support night which is probably is pretty nice day or Nate do you agree with me. I felt like every day showed me. I'm serious man I've I've. I need to skewed to be here I mean I've got those seats are other probably equal that it I'd does watts it's. IKEA. I just look at Tyree keel out there. And I let it fills in a look at how is it. His number one receiver Mike Williams as this team any rush for a thousand yards he's rushed at six or seven this year. To have a kid here. And if you don't have to give a deep or that great up a pair in. Are prepared to. Ugly out I'll take now I don't let him I don't see I don't want him to play so bad though Brad Pitt he scares the G. Well I'm Elaine to have like. You know sixth pick out what they have a Ryan Fitzpatrick gave up well I don't wanna I don't want him to get hurt. Alan duke eight picks out of that I would three agrees. I gotta admit scary indeed. Like you know are never geno Smith the year of the tees to it aired on guidance issued. Our average geno Smith started. Started started to. Attain this season as the season went on. And he scare people so much they're like no we're not gonna test book I think that was a good move obviously Jay knows awful. And he gets it's ass kicked by his teammates. Even when he breaks is laying. Joseph size me and doesn't believe he's really into. I'd like as I. I don't have too much this scared of getting tickets text 78 this guy must they got terrible so let the brother duties. Seven a bye they're two quarterbacks in this draft. Better than him I don't know you it's okay. All right you can go with its two brits. Or that hill that it is in North Carolina who's only been relevant for one year. And when you look at his big game performances. He could be it sees he could be due. Which is awful he couldn't beat duke it when he played gets a good defense in Virginia tick but Foster shot him dead. Can any one of our great callers. K we keep Smith to mentored him. I don't wanna keep it for seventy million dollars. Here we go tonight what three of losing and as of shifted to. To win she's Super Bowl yes. I'll tell you this kid like give you watch this kid and you just they. Am with a AD read you see deck press got that you think would Dick pressed that is done with. Would Jason Garrett who I also thought it was closer to bid Mack adieu. Apparent that coaches. A team. That they can't find a head coach for the Little League team bonanza for parent. Will do it indeed raises and I'd Jason Gere was kind of like. You'd think you saw what he did it would deck press got. They have weapons the chiefs have healed. Maclin. The second best tied it in the league Kelsey. What he could do with that mind. JG going to be planned rules right now Wichita it's been. I think you might be over valuing the shot clock a little bit he's grown over the you see what it actor's second. In college football. Mean great idiot either good quarterback him you know prospect that expecting you might be over valuing all of that that think he's going to be a top five quarterback. I want you to start this I want to start this thing over right. Would give you one more opportunity you're supposed to start this call are disappointed assume it's these are. Sorry start eating and drinking moonshine man. Thank thank you in public as you you brought its points I love when people disagree anyone laying up on. I know so. I pivotal place in about hum. Got the kid at Tampa. Dead Janus thank you. You know this about James and so a lot of interceptions. This seniors last year as your New Year's Day here OK let's. He's taken chances he's had he's had some gains and if you look at his big games. If you look at him against Florida State if you look of its Alabama Lance if you look at advocates Ohio State this year. These girls make these ads and that makes he takes chances yes. That's something you can give coach them but if you look at if you look at him with it he read you look at deck press got this kid been bettered and that risk that. In his college career. Man. I I I love the hair. Now I don't like I don't like it would Cleveland. But I love the area they'd be pretty. Well I don't like anything with Cleveland that that's not the point I got a couple of things stick candidates talk you know the the other side. You really think if you read like a quarterback who takes you I mean look at it oh career out of that McNabb was. A solid serviceable quarterback but he wasn't really Everett guy takes chant Allah as much though in the same vein. You liberal economy get you there when Donovan get TO even Remy towns in dress at that thing down the field. Even doesn't. I kicker you are very touchdown and one Eaton and that was one either he wasn't. I like I said Don McNabb with a great quarterback but I mean. I mean he's a model and a hedging stretcher. At Freddie Mitchell who work with. Yes some I mean he I mean when he got a big time receiver. And I appreciate the call at eleven and you got a big time receiver he rushed the ball down at the that you that you you make a pulling the Zandi like guys like. Let. Come on now is being stupid. I know eighty anyone knows who verbal with guys like it. Chairing Casey go ahead you better play the rules right I'm not going to be so nice deregulated. Again Iran used during game and it Nikko and I love banana in love Erica. You're given a late in my district we are dealing with the round here the rabbit in the first overall it for alcohol in the back. It. It's scary it's. Other Jackson I don't think it's a it'd be maybe the other guys are you be right. I think maybe they should bring it Kevin Costner from dragged naked teetering at the Cleveland Browns better do what they've been out. Even though the grounds that out of eight. There that that that we got to go to break a Vista X that is collided while but it is sits up a little bit. And hopefully we get to this this Sunday conservative. I'm so glad he's not here for this I started to see the light with something that he's trying to sell me on moments that are high. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. From our favorite football segment of the week at 330. Surprises memories stories and more along the way to unveil the drop. Drive with the Danny and C docs driving hole. East power to around 610 Sports Radio. It is six six 3068. Point six. That the groups were mixture of this you are too risky. For this dividend idiots name it he's proud. He wouldn't do that out of sight. Adjust interest. Or would net as Ryan. As Ryan. Posted. This it would have that it was the bills printed Matt Flynn and written all over couldn't agree more. He said he seems like someone the media hype. Just to take attention away. I could not agree for. I just don't that that picture makes note that got makes no sense to me how he's climbed at the lords it. One sees. No lower Larry Fedora. There's a hell of a six bad it took it great pitcher with his wife when that speech in as a good offensive mind but it. By the way 42 is 42 is the first guys they have on camera. From cliffs and out Brandt out what's it look. 42 for clips. I was just looking up see what you final 42 from whence it and that is going to be a secondary theme that we need to watch all night. Good tickets excited you know about mr. I think is named Cameron locked out of though think it's may. 42 of you saw what he did in the first in the game it's Ohio State. Boy oh my goodness look 42 this will put a smile a little over a year. There is a gentleman rummaging for something. In the last game. That is his name Kristen Wilkins I was way up. Are one of our our real collars make this this is outlets I don't know of anybody else is still in this way that I was you know the rules laws if you call in dealing with Steve Turkey's. Who is off to a rip roaring start who's lost yardage on his first drive third and eleven. To start itself and he's gone scurried to Cameron Ridley for enough that. Nice job I don't think he's drunk those nice outside our Kenny Mann what's what's at thoughts on this. Yeah. Particular. And you didn't yeah. Yeah. But. And slide. That's to give but I don't think he cared that much to put that much into. I. The fact that we. Should. To a group which. It was only me. Here it is in. Two. A couple of things with that. So what. To. It. Would be. An. Open look to left and I don't bigger. Advantage. She. He kidding in this. I guess people appreciate the call can includes yours and your excellency it is most people will. I'll probably ruin all of the positive for a pretty good positive feed back it up we ruin all the positive. But I have about the future and I know it's is if Alex bit woods is suitable giving a new country. Now. Something tells me to the chiefs win the Super Bowl yes. I I totally believe. If the chiefs win the Super Bowl I totally don't believe that Alex Smith will be the main cause of the reason that they went. Don't say it like last year at the Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl if Brock asked Weiler ultimate their run but they work build its own resigning him more eight man. 'cause they weren't the reason. I hate to yes. All right he was sacked its first got back he was sacked. He didn't give heard he got back up they'll play outfield bed but I czar in his personal. I would love to Covert to sell watch it every day. But if they get that she's the Super Bowl I if they could make this deal I'd make. I still make even if that she's won the Super Bowl I'd still make. I had I had not even saying this bird. For hot cakes or anything I think the future if you tell me you get had a shot Watson with a Andy Reid for the next extended period of time. Where this roster and Alex who's 33. Who I don't think will be the reason to win a Super Bowl I think it's on blocks it would AD Reid can be the reason you would multiple Super Bowls. I take it eighty. If if if if Alex Smith if AD re gates Alex Smith. You talk about culture if any Reid pulls this well let Alex Smith is a quarterback. Not to mention to Kenny thought it was given up too much. Well when new blood to get underneath it out of that Alex Smith country right. I mean it's not a ton but he's good he can make seventeen million or so I would love to get out of that deal AD four and I love them but you gotta give a sudden they get the number one overall pick. So one. Wouldn't let app and the ballots have been with this new global war is raw on the I will celebrate it. If Alex it'd be like Coulter Coulter Coulter. I'm Alex at that is what is honorable do you think it's going to be because Alex threw for 315 or touchdown that brought him back. In the AFC championship game in this admirable. It's such as this is not our style players on the stage. I don't know it was a bill that's ever going games every home game the united there's only there's only been a handful times he's done that. Against the into the you know San Diego game for name in one. But if you if you look at the way like the ravens when this verbal and and and Joseph Flacco for a two game stretch bury the rate uses the bully BP. He and he he Al Lee or eighty in the AFC championship. I don't see Alex doing. Obviously it. I've really been disappointed in you all the joy I've not heard from you would and I can't remember. And I I probably said Eric plunk guide is that I will Kia. My guy you know the rules. First on this go ahead man is good to hear from. A nuclear you know your show try to read it or girlfriend. Reader since. We did you. Yeah migrated actor thirty mark. I mean you know a sale at the people that I am off day in day out oh. Beat one of the current Detroit but the common denominator. Carty. Sunday it seems like common theme in the NFL it's cute for you would point out where you can offer free economy. And I think come Sunday achieved would be why is to go against the grain. See because they're big and get the ball. And gunpowder or score the touchdown. You're going to be like that entire crowd on its auditor thought about it very micro in that ball game but what your wife of. It is version called. It's a thought I mean it's C ego either way saying. AL 1 am I want to get the ball back at half. And really set the tone bid if it's close but I hear you. If they jump out if if the Steelers get that ball first and they jump out seven nothing is stark put pressure on. On the defense if you miss it in this me last Monday I was in profess. And I expressed this. Was my thought was this bye week everyone's gonna talk about we're gonna hear did not we've heard almost two weeks. Let's talk about the bye week for 83 because of his record. This bye week is not about Ain T. This bye week is about buyouts. This bye week is about him bots pulls up and off for two weeks so 43 as Branson earlier doesn't happen again because imitate what. If this fourteen developed that. By the 22 to nothing in the first quarter like it was no. Matter how good Andy Reid is off Abbas. There's he's got Alex Smith it's his quarterback down 22 in the first quarter Roethlisberger. So. I hear you maybe say hey let's try to let's try to do the board first of so it's not haven't. In the words of you being put. It on the road and don't wanna because I I'm scared to see what the crowd would be like. What that she's at the press that she's put themselves. If it is said that nothing in or at worst two scores early. In the first if somebody attacks let that scare the hell out of me. But tax and that Watson just got a soft a and I'll watch and he just he just the pains. But that the next 100 there's there's he's the same irate and same waiters or. You editor OK we saw this year he pulled his running into Andy Reid is going to allow. Him to just run like did you see what they did to Alex Smith this year in terms of ballots is running. He's not that he's got rid of the ball like RG three and and I don't much like in the last couple games though I'm just saying in the grass gone they'll work at the end of the last on the gains would let me put it that he was asked about that the beginning season he said the opportunity hasn't. You know rise and I believe. Look Mike Shanahan who I've always thought a really good coach although his skin looks like the red color. I cannot believe. That he went through it this brand of some of these SE I mean it looks like. He's a ginger that's been in this 48 hours straight. Like. Hated the fact that it's. Not a bomb designed delighted laugh at it it's a there's no way anti. There's only Andy would allow to sell lots to do is ruin an ovary and Olerud Olerud fourth and one commodities. More oval don't let's not let's not give the browns any ideas like you're the one. Or the bears or anything else guests got to both what that would there we go. Out a lot. You know if if if Clinton could win the game like. And enough that we're ten to seven optic. They have evidence a board game. Kevin. Out of it try to get to this this being at Saturday Gavin men and you know we go off it and somebody is sits of that about Bill Walton comets and need to read an ability though it means. Steve's RTZ in his back to call employees. In. I'll tell you that it's Steve it's our starts why should it take slotted you bring it will go to break it is the did they give Alabama continues to suffer it starts to struggle out of the half you think he takes a dip. Down old memory lane back debatable anger layers of Scots at the end. In studio sixty and sports. But he did just that six. Somebody instead. I mean listening today 9130. Police are calling plays it looks like. They got lazy at the cotton field and it. It it indeed. And then he pulled a hell of a play or maybe his players this building down. Alabama's with their loan to us. Than them always happen I mean you always have one good play when you drink it. They still they. Do it and that they theories that are their ages are like. We got this. I I love. This faced him for the big event right I love the states but the big of the and she's playing a home playoff game for the first time since the ravens were here. We're doing it big at this stage. Through the number was stationed in this city we are doing it being. Will go to that pregame show with welts. And as you just heard. Of Ryan Lilja. They're going to be I don't know what he's thinking. He's led vesco cleaning inspect. All lives at his house. FaceBook live will be all unsold goods sit at the FaceBook page you can interact with all of them lot ask questions during the game. Halftime they're going to be phone calls of course big Lee is here. And he will be the only one who. Probably doesn't need to take a breather but be willing to take phone calls he'll be here at the station take a phone calls. During half time in the eagle at his post game show of street casino rich and it boast and show what they. Remind me where you going to be taken good for the game. We. I mean that's what I'd do it everywhere I tell you there's not though we can't let it got more five hours of oil and hours after the game got out ports. Love cheats we love we love them here coverage sponsors that I sponsored victory Chrysler Dodge Ram is a construction. Also that's. That is not go to 610 sports that are right now. To sign up for yet she Steelers tickets they get way too tickets courtesy. Our responses but like the official beer sponsor of the kids city chiefs the deadline though is 1159. On Thursday. And also download your bracket and play along with Pete being Pete debate. M and we we we get government. Leaders that we do think of it here. We do the big of it I guess is that tees. I don't know say I mean I think saarc is thinking dad may be is there this day. He got that touchdown. So he did had to revert here's hoping to brand these things you can I do not I do not want to revert back. But I you know starts get somebody. But your hundred Sarah Brown you know 610 were always going and only meant huge I mean you should see some email chains it's always big go big. Dome in every time that's what we do here. This. He's. He's just too good bad. And he's wearing orange it's a curtain opens. Let I would I would love to see us if he goes within the division. Outlets myself in the face 32 to. Foot where would go. San Diego. Aren't out of in no way it always. If that she's need to start looking at a new quarterback that that they do too but they don't know who their owner. So is our GM are there votes they are is there that they've been. If you don't you did say that the two years and here we are. With luck with the two seed baby. Alex in the two seat. I told a GS now common. Around to the culture thing being as important he shook his head when he said he adds this out of color and now. To the cold should they but I thought is if you don't have an elite quarterback he should always be looking. On definitely over tourism but here with the colts are older definitely sounds like quarterback situation. If it does. I've sat. It doesn't I'll. Let. Let's let's jump back into the culture thing for a little bit and will probably keep this one because. One of the big stories of the week did you know that this was just was not an interesting. Wild card games and all that the we did have. We did handled bill Beckham give us an out it'll Beckham has started to become like. If you watched. He wants. Kings of comedy. Aid Steve Steve Harvey its sister old deal I knew she would give me. Old deal Beckham he's going to give you liked outrage well. If you are in our business that you may be struggling to try to put together stories. I got to wins they win stable behind the curtain Wednesday's the crap day in this business nothing's happening. Best even even during football season it's our. It's like the middle of previewing a game or just ending the game to just happen. Hill's gonna give you an old. It's. Play Davis Love or days. Data at that. Bet that blowing it would exit of Miami which is not a big deal but you know it is a small way. And Ed in. Egos that we're like public personalities to go get him back data grace and Allen needs to go look at that there is I don't know what O deal needs to go. A priest. Something. That an. But something. As if I mean he's he's up punching walls out. I mean this guy these leaking Ayers I mean emotional crying. I mean. But the part of this is and this has been the tenor of the show was that wording in world 37. Known for culture on until like SE man. Their coats. Look how this would. I don't I don't remember old ill be in this out there when Tom Coughlin. And that guy is serious about cold ease coming from the Bill Parcells school the things. But then Mac to do first off if packages stop their force it you've heard me make fun of them a lot. I've said that he looks like the guy that your mom dates after she gets divorced. I said he looks like 29 year old stacked on top of each other's shoulders rated for its coat. Trying to plant as a forty year old me. I city looks like the guy who goes to the beach. In winners this year. And that little sticker crosses knows. I said all of those things. But look at it with a little name. But look you. The guys that that guys that Belichick. The guys that AD re at one of the things that ticked me off was they showed him. Coaching when he was a quarterback coach and offensive coordinator. In Green Bay. They had regular facial. They had a regular facial hair he had a goatee. This just wearing I've committed to believe he's wearing this day and stanch. Ed this stance only. Paul or eighties baseball player have you wanna see he's land this day is just the pit Cecil. I've come to the realization. That big Mac to do is doing there are those reits. But then Mac to do is that someone who's positioning culture it's not to me a shot. That old build back up starts to do all of these things what's Tom Coughlin. Leaks it's not it's out. You really think. Really think that old Joseph baca would be doing this. With AD redid his coat. We have seen Travis Kelsey touched his scalp on his Jersey on his on his uniform. Sitting through it it benefits it doesn't Wear house anymore. Russia's leaders as a part of a ball now I don't know of these entities do but he hasn't putted a ball sits Caroline. Assays perfect but it ended O'Dell Beckham would keep doing it. Do you let's think about it out Randy Moss his career Coulter Cris Carter any greens. Randall Cunningham. Minnesota we did hear a peep out of culture Tom Brady Bill Belichick illegally models that is it he's ripped the raiders he's pulled this pain it's been Indians. These but the raiders he's walking off the field before games the culture. That's what that's what this is about old Bill Bennett. You wouldn't think twice about going on some trip to Miami. If Bill Belichick was his coach had Tom Brady was his quarter. They wouldn't think twice. This say about like if it does he have some personal issues yet until it it'd body that are Ravi moss program. That anybody that heard Ravi moss right now. Kumble. I'll stand on this bill bill has been Mac dude really has to be up there the replay of the game is over here. On this television all I can see is the instinct maybe. They eat. The owners more comparison. To the architect of the aisle that Chinese Internet that he will. He needs of that it's these are easy answer is tree. And Doocy Inco which affairs of that ever atom nuclear reiterating. It's he's. The game brave men and girls clubs and taking notes. Gatorade those. Moss is second stop in Minnesota doesn't. It was with Brett Favre it was its inning pitchers of his Johnson coming up some. And bring it to realtors now come on. We'll get back on this is that excellent talking about some of the pretty good with is gonna to get six six 306. Phones you know the number a series hotel Beckham this ain't about this is all about the cold too that the New York Giants is that. They want to set a guy who wants a winner in my stance a loan. Like Jesus of sort of porn movie Ortiz eighties baseball. In studio 610 Sports Radio. And you read. Early case. Well these guys is dad and he's right. Do not miss is the and enact a backhand. Okay go against what he said what is that 785 in Hernandez goes by Belichick it was receiving passes from Brady just say it. Okay. Beat. They'll be that Philip. The money now I know this amount liars. As coal and bill includes the states they got rid of them so that they heard he was Billick. Up up up up up that's it. If I did you it's nice job. Of that Michael Floyd would do anything. Keep getting that gave that a Libyan diseases views. Does sell lots and five of six the completion of interest. That completion percentage is a little high for me. It's 56 but only for a Tony three yards. Where it went into a spot right now. They're down seven in Athens is this this is just assault or bald. They don't have to give people maybe date it is a it is if they had given discipline but a I'll tell you me that's glad that it Zeum prepared to give up whenever I did see so. I see so much with this team they blocked a punt. Damage that would have been does. It. I picked it. To this old bill things like of series that we feel we have seen countless times. Of players like it is now may be that to this skit and hopefully he's he pays for the whole that he boost. And there and locker room there's no reason for. And the means he gets a bill he should there shortly would come through the NFL ordered them through. But do it either him or to his coach and looks like a disgruntled PE teacher was there were like it looks like a disgruntled PE teachers who hates. Where his life is going. He's at a middle school that he hasn't been able to get to the high school wearing a. If it's Matt Dillon from so open about merit it is with a cap he currency. You know every single day every bad guy villain on every you know roadrunner that he lied cartoon. He looks like he looks like the bad he looks like a village at a Baghdad but he looks like. The one who's. Like the boring sport he's not the leader but he's like the computer tech. Then you know he doesn't do any physical fight is crunching the numbers about her off nova or black if you've ever Seth Curry who is following. Will submit an empire. In the estate. And he was this a look at news. This is like enhancing that's been Mac to do that god I've tight right up right here and and I've got it up right here he's right here that that Mac you eat it does is entered. He's a Smart and work plan will create a U. I mean the difference it's always easy to be the note. If he wore a rounded better coach and organization. There we say culture he he would pull this off with the ravens. He went to use would do this in Denver. There's expectation Mahan there's expectation that they make it very plain. Beckett who is using Brackett doesn't even know the rules themselves. He's using walkie talkies on the sideline when he clearly knows you can't use walkie talkies. This gag is this those 78 did Mac into moonlight selling. Heard the Becky. I me. Why is that to beat her. Especially and aren't those the only ones who go door to door selling vacuums that derbies. I've workers Tyson doesn't that it works amazingly. But I mean you just look at Seattle at its Seattle does crazy stuff. Like Richard Richard Sherman out speaks you know as very outspoken. But you know there's there's a stopping point that Pete Carroll puts. Like you just I mean you look at these. They would put up with this and there there are other guys in the locker room that would put up with this. Eli is completely over is in this I thought he Le was a better leader than that but if you think of the old Coulter. With with Tom Coughlin and Michael Strahan and Justin Tuck in that locker room. Aid. Plaxico Burress who may or may not she'd use that if he does she needs help first. I mean that's not go down. And people shoot the cells are a good part of the sold Coulter comet. So keep to the Briggs and Coulter and that that day that achievers and other out like he's one of yours that guy needs to go I I don't know errors I don't I don't know. I don't know what I. Hole but that he was never birds it was that is has sort I don't know. You know only god knows. Is it coming back. Audited again they didn't get his there'd flat out. Well pulling back the other got to bring him down a peg but not this allies to the test that is geared. It does is it we got native Brit I don't know how old John Elway allows it to continue to be on Tuesday. I don't. Coming up. This please. Lee is brought it. In studio sixty and Sports Radio.