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Jan 10, 2017|

Your time is up, Ron "The Show" Hughley's time is now. Culture, Culture, Culture...the building blocks of success. The Show compares QB play to 'culture,' also Ron makes a lavish statement about 'Ringing the Bell.' Later, 'That Guy Gets The Show.' All that and more on The Night Shift.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Kansas City and its. There's still view the shout out to all my listeners but those printers could because we've still. For allowing us to be a small part of your Monday evening. Play. Week Monday evening. It's Monday. And create bad read is that the ability he produces bad way to speak. Phenomenal. I'm alone tonight. I am alone. Is those I don't think Willis for joining us last week we have a lot of phone with him last week survey is off. Doing something else he'll be back possibly later on this week rules. But I yeah we've got a great show planned for you. Hopefully you guys hang along with this. Throughout. We'll have we'll have some fun like we normally do that I guess showed topic of the day coming up later on. Funds. Wanna say this real quick. We'll hear this all week since I am the first show following. The drive that the announcement gaining made shout out to be any part in. As I just to get out. The drive does show that really may be one thing about it in this business. And thought this was interesting thought what goes against the it was interesting. So congratulations to Danny in his next chapter. In his wonderful fiance. And wish them all the luck. We are losing Greg those and use some of you dislike them some of you love them. That's good. So. Grizzlies that Danny. So let's get on with this man. Yes today. Or over the week did we solved playoff matchup we saw. You know everything that it occurred at a two to six six 306. The awful Clinton used in game. Pittsburgh Miami. You know in the NFC games Detroit and Seattle and then last night oh bill's trade. And it got to make me think about this and I thought about this before and I didn't really know which avenue wanted to use. And in this I knew this was a topic edges that know how to. To cut my teeth into and I guess it comes to this man. For ever if you know me if you listen to me for the short time I've been here you know I'm addict about quarter. It's probably where I have gone wrong with eleven. But I've always thought quarterback play is the number one. And buying huge miles being you'd need to be successful. In the national football. But. I have started to come around to grips of understanding that. There is something that is that close. And it's culture. And tonight you know probably do this but tonight that is that as I put together the show that's got to kind of be a rundown. Of the show was culture. And culture. Is almost right there. Behind the quarterback. Now I get in Rogers and I got the browns coach. Al figure out outfit douse them in our technical ordered it I take the quarterback. Over the colts if that's the first choice. You could you could see its its neck in neck I mean if you just you just look at. This weekend's game. Used an adult now their car was out that and a lot to do with. Now the raiders I think are just now starting to form an understanding of positive cold. With the Reggie McKenzie innate but they still have. That guy with a terrific here as Earl Lloyd Christmas. And they still have remnants of that. Al Davis. Culture. But if you look at Houston they've won the division back to back with horrific quarterback. I mean rocked las Weiler is awful. The year before that. I've gotten through roles in a citizen that sees he was awful. Outing today they've been horrible ordered it to that to the two of them I'd only be here image in the guy's name. But they've been winning gold culture. And that was a part of they won that gave Saturday night Seattle Detroit. Detroit's one of the worst franchises historically. In sports. Seattle. Unbelievable cloture with Pete Carroll. Pittsburgh Miami Miami is just now turning the corner where that it gays. Their quarterback play was awful but Pittsburgh. As a built in culture from the Rooney's. To build our. On and on Roethlisberger unbelievable colts finally. Green Bay. Against the giants and and the giants coach they had like big Mac to do reminds me. Like one of those fathers who coaches the league team. But they could really find a coach. To coach but they asked one of the fathers to raise their hand if he would coach had been Mac reduce it Jaco should. Like he's one of those that I don't think I don't think we were. We are one to say. The big Mac can do is agree in. An acid attacks on already once it's are we pretending that the Houston Texans. Are winning based on anything other than the AFC south. Yet it sees out this horrible bullet injury looks to lose in the division. They have all awful coltart and you could look it would. Bill O'Brien's doing or you could say he is altering his way they've at least JJ watt this year is out for the season. They're still winning Tennessee has been. Awful this past year they finally started to get better. In Jacksonville has had one of the worst of it desperately want the wolves were cultures. In the league so I would say Houston is just. The portals been. I seaboard closes and will it get it but bought portals is like look. Not not that they're the same cup player I'm saying if they were in a different culture. I think they were played it like it's seeking board rules in Annapolis whose appointment while. No I think at the Indianapolis this offer all focal. But I think if he played under Andy Reid were elves coming to be played under any reed lake portals will be much bit. Here don't you know. Look I. I love Alex sort of this and let. It cheats they have been with eagle uncle. Like they have flat out like. They're quarterback play has been sub par. That some moments above average. But they did. They've been waiting on coach I mean you look out there they play oak Lyn and I think Garrett or has been better than. The chiefs quarterback played for the last two years they have out cultured EO Larry. Added doesn't help that deal Rio is kind of. The foolish when it comes to coaching. But they haven't they had it read in John Dorsey and the culture of the geez. They have out culture the raiders even though they have before better quarter. Ed I don't think it's I don't think it's an accident that you see it. And even though. And I and promise like I think bread made a good point late portals like portals was playing instead of Alex Smith. Like it and it's a shame because when you're not in the lead like eight remaining he's a great ease of all time. He's able to fight through horrific culture in hell he changed his culture. Right Kurt Warner. I think is a hall of fame. He was able to fight through bad williams' cold able to fight through bad. Arizona Cardinals culture to change that Iran. I tele. We've seen Alex Smith when he's not with. Could culture we saw him with or Jim Harbaugh. Andy was awful. And we can play like hell about him around here. But just think if he was playing under someone with bad culture like he had in the oral reports of the year career. You think you would be complaining about it. And I gates. 816 Peyton Manning was culture where every week I agree with. When he started off with your Bora. Who was a risk and only did we can remember him about as that's all communities. He slipped. It pillars atom. I'm honest I really do odds of that. That was the real somebody else each. That would do it. I I just think it's it's. It's so it's so great to see. It's so great to see what the chiefs. Have done with. Areas that they shtick that you generally don't win as much with culture. And it's crazy it's up had to come to grips with. Like I was one red that was a tax bill with anything else in me Aaron Rodgers. Give me tell you Joseph Flacco. I think Joseph Flacco. But we see. Out wooded reading culture. With Alex Mitt together. That's better than Joseph Flacco and he's got a good coach that's vetted like right now if that's not the elitist of the elite quarterback play. I would look for the guy. Or the person that brings quote like a Graham's. Desperately need new scene of culture and I don't see the quarterback that they're going to because they kept it year golf and he looks like. And asked to. GA assistant playing quarter. A train wreck and leading. But if I can't get that I am going to that's what I would show are for or ball up bushel hard for Jon Gruden a bushel Hartford. Any of those guys it screen. Huge culture because culture has shown that it did. It demands. Problems like quarterback. Play has been able to amass prop Indianapolis defense was horrific for years. Eight many used to mess. And we it considers it ourselves. The cheeks of their quarterback play has been up and down sometimes they're offensive weapons have been up and down. But the culture. It'd be indoors he has installed this gag is the show all this culture talk has me pumped up for my new beat its outlook. They cute she got out done Glover. Eight would six say culture one more time I did you. Cook. It's pretty people called us. I go to this is going to be a save others note you'll never forget what rod talked about that night. What is so talk about the culture. What does culture. Talked culture. But that gets interesting word. Like right I. I exits excellent would you rather have a second tier quarterback. Or someone that can create. A culture like indeed read. I have four efforts they give me this decade or first year quarterback I'll worry about the rest later. Even above a deep. But I think I've come around. Understanding that. Man. It ended just and they just about quarterback play. A give me give me Pete Carroll gave he did he give me Belichick gave me. Give me culture over somebody like Joseph flat. I love Alex. Studio sixty and sportswear. Good things I suspect 9306. Having a lot of fun right here 785 Tennessee wins south material that does religiously. This may be cold for the support to do with it. David Houston Texans fold your clothes. Marcus did you break his leg. It. Also not Scott did think it just takes me. They expressed to me the Steelers. Four coaches in their history again hello lot of old. Will jump on this Coulter talking and sick. How many times do you think weeks this apps that culture and offers. Eighteen minutes 37 point. Oh is this lack. He's sick he's sick the over under thirty cent do you think kids over under thirties it. Out of each of them as a coach that's still say. A if it. Other stuff. As we always you know were really transparent on the show if Ben and eyes is gonna look at the trees. You know sometimes I confuse myself. Brand on how I'm going to in this segment sometimes I go with a hard just stupid out. Then maybe involves a joke up pulled the curtain behind little. That involves a joke or something or I'll have this recall of the b.s you know he's pitched for own T. And mayhem. I really on I really had what that I just forgot to use saw blade to use it right now and act like you to backtrack you select liquidity. It's his whereabouts tuchman. You will once it he would think I'm nuts for this went into city. But I also was I was old at the with the performance of lady bill yesterday. And I think it's the way that she will win that game so I'm mixed up. With it. I forget about. Is tunneling through its length let it it is lengthy that tripped over a little bit. I did my part achieved that yet my heart was not in thanks guys my heart was that in. Someone calling out Jay deeply on the tax money at six expert as at sixty needed to. I don't even know if it's true that may be that person. But sits my myself port tees that was I mean I didn't work and that was. I tripped over a word on how to Olympic titled the segment on. Yes bring in the best club. That I so. So if you look at. What happened yesterday they via bill just absolutely dominated. The the Miami Dolphins. To the tune of what -- 167 yards yesterday. Torre ninth here is two touchdowns. And I mean if you look at the straits that they've easel and it gains. I mean. Brighter than he rushed for 122. Registered 93. It was expert to 36 against buffalo. In rest for 118 against the giants before that Abby lately bill is absolutely bill on a roll. I throw this out. That guy and I've been prayer for these and you those that go to prayer life. I don't preferences. I'll hold that the Steelers come in with a game. I am in I hope that they come out and run the ball I hope bots that comes out and let's. That and runs that. Ed defense of the lime that we're. Thirty day and is up as a linebacker. I hole I hold they put 56. And I odd race that they run the ball over and over again because meet personally. I would much rather. Much rather have the ball a bit rough was ardent lately on bills and rushing the ball and the offensive line. It in Ben Roethlisberger and throwing it to Antonio brown and lay BN bail. I need. I would much rather love them because ruby we saw it. In the first game I know a bit lately bill rush for a lot of yards but what broke the game open in the last game. Was Pittsburgh had been Roethlisberger throw the ball down the it Tony Brown somehow kept ending up blood D. J. White it's Stephen Nelson no single country and they were just killing. Down the CI know it looks like it being its hands. I take my chances lately bill won it slows the game down. Which is what the chiefs neat that she's don't need to be read up and down the field. They need to slow this thing down now obviously they can't give up 200 something you know. They've got to do a little bit better and yes I understand how rough they've been here recently. But. Dot target well. Chris Jones. Team room as bitches whatever his name is they got to step at a they've got to make place. And they had to. I got the chips are gonna give up some regular bill can't bill for. 200 yards no bush. If we see what happened in the game it's Miami. How did they start in open up the game it was fourteen and at the before you know it because it's audio brown got loose. We too long to its impact. It bid they were able to run the ball. About it I had started at all Matt Moore who is a science teacher playing quarterback. He has three straight possessions were towards the ball as it is it's turtle. It was a game if they don't turn the ball low. The debris. Went and I just don't even understand the concussion protocol working so quickly. If they work at the dolphins got. Competent quarterback like that to gain just so that. But I tell you it. If important dance or Austin in at linebacker or put. Rod Parker up there makes the Steelers say I'd let's run looked at saw the police. Police were and it's. Police have laid down bills runs for 250 of four test did just. To say they were bent. But it they want to own their own take the ball out of Ben Roethlisberger is and I'm awful. Police that got to do them. As Antonio round. Edges indictment is if you had ever liked the first. Play of the first game against Pittsburgh and I know even the Steelers. Are saying is there was in no the first game does admit okay. Are you stand on that led to loan. Okay that first game at first it definitely matters the first play of the game. They went after. The cease all pro corner market speeders. First bullet. Sammy coats who I believe had three broken fingers at the time it had problems getting drafted because of drops. They ran deep oil market speeders he caught the first pass. And that just set the tone and age is yet do it markets we moved it matter who will. Not to mention lady unveiled in the passing game which I'm not. Really excited to see I'd rather see Libya on running. A kit. I'm telling you man if they want to volunteer running the football. Please do I am looking at it right now I'm watching Antonio Brown turned a screen pass it to said the New York. I was three honestly I would be more afraid of facing David Johnson the laid via bill I agree get the ball out of its name it. Out with it. Please I understand. A year ago now what do you suppose they could set this the sec go to that I our run defense is about his week is your tactics. It. Are. I guess that's that takes it. I guess I've gone hot take because that rather. The Pittsburgh voluntarily. Not put the ball had been robbed this burgers and Antonio Brown stains. If I take is hot. What is yours oh sitting at oh. Look at me elective. Upstate. I got up. It's like your dressing down to it. Man I'm I saw that yesterday that's OK yes. They're gonna look at that tape they're gonna see with the raiders did against Nazis in the run game that spirit that's been out. They're gonna look at sea with the chargers did. They're gonna say while men look lady I'm bill's been on a roll a hundred yards. In that. Six out of his laugh out of his last six gates as the beast he has. Well what hurts the cheats. Is down the fee it Ben Roethlisberger that's what hurts. And that she's a stock that are going to need to put extra defensive backs in the game and it's been doing that. Makes the makes a Steelers say atlas run. Please. Please read the damn thing. I NT computers. Sure I'd this will run it forty to please. Suit they need that game to be so low. Don't need to Steve as a B just putting up points just like that. To chase it down fourteen to nothing. That she's get dale fourteen and at them like Miami did. Would binges carving them up with Antonio Brown. Out of the out of work. This gag is that she'll obviously now won three. They were on all game medium grips. Rip currents. He said net groups that nick reitsma goods. Uncle Beckett is listeners. As this. Bill would say that prevented its. You know on you to begin it it might mean both it. We will words and that group's. I've Elena. We give back to it is cold Tuesday and that now out now might go over the over thirties. We get bed this culture the it's tough to say. Look within the division to see without talking. Studio sixty and sportswear. 56. Six let me. It's easy to hit eight ground far they can pay for everything. Yet tackled him in front of you political. But hopefully this dealers say the themselves though. Let's run police. What. Earning it and I'm looking up here they. On the TV here. And here in a little bit I'm going to make a claim. Of this football game that is going to be something that we're going to have to keep and I don't throughout the night. That's that not coming up yet ready to clock on the claim here. We're gonna keep up with the route the dike is the national kitchen game is start appear. To be him I mean at 8 o'clock 7 o'clock excuse. That claim I need to make it we're gonna to keep him around on night but I'm looking appear man. A world it's all about culture. And we got mr. tango ray himself. I mean miss dudes in in time think of self pay key. I would have you noticed. Then. Nick say big bill iron. Lane Kiffin asked. It's a bit Alabama. It'll be good for. Edit. David's that you know what you've thought in higher late Q did it it is banned. Wait till I go brain mr. gin and tonic the drunken itself Steve's thirteenth he had year. But nobody says that I really really says anything to him. I just sent out laugh a guy votes at a major university. Did you NCAA football power. It was drawn hammered around kids. Edit their rallies. Knicks' David Roddy meant to be the offensive coordinator. For the national championship game it's his first game. The culture. Army culture of give a lot of media. But the chemistry down I think it's did seriously is it ain't array. Maybe Hendrix he looks like he might be in the low to be like you'd like to have little cucumber in his he would with the adults with doctor what are on. It's like. No taste you know you entered the longer it stays Turkey's it has long. Forgotten with a tasty news of the disk yeah. Lord you. Or water or anything that. This nuts it's destiny like Bubba. It seems that I've had really good defense is. Really good defense they went six you know I'll talk to these appreciate that but it. They have really good defense as. Look at the jets have great defense a person Bill. Bennett make the playoffs. And Ryan Fitzpatrick that this year. Last year Ryan Fitzpatrick. All better quarterback play the Denver Broncos got here at the the jets had excellent. Defensive. Players. It'd make the playoffs. The Broncos play it would brought us louder and that Peyton main. They had great defense of play they want to so verbal. I mean this the I love our listeners they really do. They went six ever clearing Gatorade if it. Side tail. Are right what do you think. Space are easier victory president. But says it against those ballot no evidence that this yeah it is yeah it was a tale with. So all of was it. This is so easy sale it is Frankie you first you troubled that you are set to tell me what she thinks are. Head in his Gatorade bottle when he was when he was coaching at USC. I match. Absolutely do without bigamy. Absolutely Gatorade not a bad choice that's an absolute in my my look at it right now that's the Gator and I go ahead and you'll give me some about India after the bye. And I I kind of wonder on what your take a look if if we're gonna get setup play a game like this. What is this the perfect time to do it and it's is. It. I yeah guys. It might want to isn't going to be the first kind of corporate structure that would ever going to be on the bank on LP. I think they are all there. Or. The for the raider game. I am a bit about what they don't matter to be I mean. Quite a bit about what went on I think. Coming up Andy I think that kind of got to where I could give anyone an I think that I'm I'm not saying it was gonna win. I think it will gonna play the Pittsburgh it was this bad I'm. Present the gulf Frankie once again if you're calling in you're going to have to explain what drinks these are keys yet at first before you can bigger point. Now I want three blocking Gatorade has a special name forward. Boehner aide. It's eight I knew you that's being mad dog sort of utility. Is an act at all horrific story real quick. Because that which I think is there is little bit more handsome than about when. When bad quarterback play meets bad or good quarterback played meets that coltart and and it's Andrew Luck but the hill with the when I first started. My run they've lived and drinking. Liquor. The thing that media madness created Anderson about the two right on the spot that you will we would do is. We would go get mad dog right. Ed mix it with the wounds full hour and really thought we were drink it's. I've made. We thought we were eating grass is now awful in week of a drinker though. We get them like what was it the strawberry rose flavors that we get them mad dog admits that lets books. Ed thought we were two weeks they. Not that. Pick up that they got out went to a party a move to Nashville. And a little party with friends their like damage is bring your own drink and we'll have some handsome. So jello shots or whatever. And I brought my outlook to the liquor store brand that. I brought my. I brought my man had done an abrupt about bubbles form and a soda. And all these dues the demeanor like. Rick why don't. Everybody made fun of because that went over to get hammered. They drink Boone's farm. It may go to and Tony to. That was the start of my dream I'd got lord's doing and let us know what was what was our Turkey first before you start a UT. Are you Albie. Do. You like to cut the value out of the like outlook or people can't play anymore. Despite. You know in a wheelchair. Oh or cell. Not that he himself you know this. If you. I don't know look I'm not what I wanna I wanna play Pittsburgh a lot like you know here are. I want revenge you know want I want a better showing them and I've been. Entered the competent. If you're gonna go out peaked at that like to England. And you're gonna get him back from last year you got to beat the really I don't think beating you in Auburn would do anything other than it's acting. Beating Pittsburgh in the you'd use that fault and maybe put a little tear in New England that you can come in there and do it. And I thought I had a good night. Appreciated yeah I mean the way it was a different a different ball game. Once again so our cues. He he looks sober. They went six bad note twenty to 20/20 great and but managed property. Of an up. Great was great with stuff. That was a bit and it was not great was hard to get game. But if you if you add a little bodes well. It is labor to do it at of those on and a take take the staying down. Thanks art. Says. Multiple that higher raw. The culture of Alabama's culture gates is so I think it to soak it is that you can hire a guy who's drinking. The most is beer and orange juice every Seattle think that's you problem bred these trinkets on stronger than most. Out as tanked as he was getting. I guess it's not a mixed. Know all the I it was probably just straight. On the rock maybe you're right you're right but they weren't clear brown that's when as I think it did it take RA on guys' kids sit skiing yes I'm absolutely. I'm I don't. I don't David Enders or that the techs lab rat here help maybe it was moons. It probably had the bones with. Fruit that he and sit in at. 67 months. The McKee would suck would have rooted. In its goods. While. Outside what is the right after the game does donors back yarder from digit pace he used to be at practice is absolute absolutely. It's. Well let's. In. A field day after the gang. I hope I hope he's got himself together. In new deal. Seven a five loading clothes I don't know if he's in or coup. I know sort is a hard court. Yet it's someone's calling him cheap with Turkey the Turkey deluxe. I again I think he I think he's making he was making a little bit more money at USC. To drink Kentucky deluxe. Market Westport will have you on the other side you better have your drink ready. Covered up. That Agassi is still topic of the day we put the ball how hammers are. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. I mean that I think we have done for the blues we've got us rebuild that trajectory. On here we've got caught 456. Day two of them. Still live here wild Irish rose and seven of stronger than Indians do. If you missed it. You're calling up here to give your takes we've been talking about culture alive. And why it's amazing bit. Culture is somehow climbed. And got even to importance of the of football as quarterback play. And at the chiefs are winning on a whole lot of pulled. But Steve's our keys in his he offensive coordinator and I. For the national championship game including with Coetzer the Alabama Crimson Tide can get away it would bring in again drinks to Hungary story. At practices. At USC. To be their offensive coordinator. And if your column appear would you take you get to expressed to me first. What you think. Was in Steve sorties and Gatorade. Market Westport ability admit. Then again. We don't want. This week. The rules dished it shouldn't be. Anything goes week to sit there. Embargo. Percent to call mark. A stretch where is healthy something that was mentioned in the and in Andy's Monday press conference. I'm heat it ia he's healthy so he should be back. And there earlier caller Li Jen Lawrence talked about the about a week in terms of health. Everybody should be ready to go in in terms. At least as close to a 100% is a plus leaking gear witches it's the reason why you of the bye week. So can they run a little bit Spitzer aware that when you say run I mean don't don't have been visions of Jamal Charles. Let's have envisions. Can't we can't they get a hundred all against it Tyree he'll break one has that's running it. And they do something. You don't have pieced that together like it. This that's a word hits off with. 151617. Carries for 78 yards and yards and tyra and Tyreke can break some than. I take. I take it. By the so we do all that. On this show every day there were on that's. That's what we coal. That guy gets to show topic of the day. If I'm to act like you to hear this dispute that aspect I kissed the show topic of today. This match and that is what. It's time to act like you fear this is. Due to show. Two day. That guy is so it's not good days but tonight nobody nobody could step up. Well. Tomorrow night been announced by several public case. They kicked his we'll fades out that it's Oklahoma at 8 o'clock that can be heard right here of six did Sports Radio. John do Lou and company Brian Haney. Who if Kansas winced when he in a row has agreed to go to any black barbour's out who kids city. To get his hair that Bob Black bar that is not made up here that is true. It talks about the regular season for college basketball regular seat it has a problem Rick. Basketball runs into this. They got a national championship game today. And that they had the playoffs. Last week and this week that's everything that it was going to talk about. So you could say about regular season of college basketball nobody cares about the when you got the NFL playoffs. A college football there. Of the first part of their season is Mac dad into college football's big part of the season in the playoff was at the end of the but you know get ready tomorrow. Coming off the title game in worried about Pittsburgh. A U Oklahoma Oklahoma boy they've really they've really come on strong after that final four. That. So hard. They went six Jack Daniels Lynchburg lemonade in Tennessee T. Bills you know the rules at this go ahead bill. Hey how we're doing is. Want buckled play out with duke might think two of the key factors for her. Format wins. Keyboard dock and out like you look at the beginning and he's been he's been. And I think he know that the big game of his career shut down receivers. Really output that. Appreciate this bill I felt like I can't go on because filled that follow the rules that night. Maybe Phil got on late. Look at basic as I call them out men. Why don't you call appear what are laurels Brandt. Give us a drink you've got to give us what you think. Was in Steve's RTZ is Gatorade bottle of talk about mills and Michael Allen. Stephen Nelson now. They've been able hide it with tears Mitchell. But got all the idol is Steven Nelson better not it up 10 well when it O'Neal brown Lackey did the last game which was to the tune. Of a forty yard touchdown. I don't know if that yardage in and Terrence is. Ambulance. He's a plague that rains. Back. I noticed this area I don't trust Bill Gates stay healthy beer. Let alone in a football. Lawns the scores will report in them that's. Unless it's 43 to fourteen home team that's where you are bred as loss since this law collects. Was forty reports of four seasons I'd rather not students or. Beef or can stuff the room and tried to at least. Lexus. That's the drive. Like I want but I think yeah every Lebanese or is you know earned on on the I think he's really come on hand tsunamis as accidental as he's got quiet ailment but you know he switched sides and everything you know used and came back for weeks so there are some leaks out. This got people I think who but I don't know what anything really does go out Zia and her or you know is march going to be plain error here and there before going to the pro. So like up there he's got to let its about more interest in about BJ's replies. Today I hole because the jays out like that as it there was a drive I forgot lactic. I was like this is exactly what that she needed. Miami was let's just I mean bill Estes drive it'd be under the edit somehow. We're in Italy V stands back there wage for fifteen seconds before it takes off running. Some somehow salute cheated his way through without leave everything he does the league. He cheated his way through the line to tackle for like a three yard loss and then it was second down at thirteen. And they were kind of behind the chains. And I got a bit they stopped about third down and they force in the kick a field. That's about talking about Utley and don't break. That's what they've been all year the Alter it felt great. Outcry if they can't just do. A cold field goals like it's not like that she's needed to out of visits we know what Alex is capable. Is not like they we need this being slowed that is the perfect cause that's. The up perfectly that's like just let them run I'll take it as I got a book they just got forty yards or does drop. You know. He's kicking a forty yard eagle. And then put Arianna that's up from from the 16 Yahoo! in Rome is that a thing that it Ireland Rome is that a thing I've thought I. I don't even know what Yahoo! is about supposed to Billy yeah let it cool team that I expect it oh you is you'll. If you do yeah I got the news I am desires and her own I spelt it wrong they are Attleboro yet it's obvious you want to hit you I don't Drina you know. That's when chocolate milk it rump of is that is that I Bailey's. Middle. I'd make it that much money USC. It's eight speed just take didn't receipts to the win with. That's my favorite terminology used to will be drew. I learned it from traditional real world mostly. It's three seats in the win drug that is my favorite one I use them though. Some people might think would buy takes on three sheets to the win drunken I promise you I'm not but I can tell you all day long all week I've been on my knees. And prayers selflessly for the outcome to this national championship game I told you earlier. That this is going to be something that we are going to keep an aisle all not all right I'd make I've. My prayer request for this national championship game that's it. Big studio sixty in sports and.