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01/09 5pm - The Hits, Danny Discusses The Future, Chiefs & Steelers, Ask Us Anything

Jan 10, 2017|

In the final hour, the guys play the hits & Danny discusses his new opportunity. They also talk a little Chiefs v Steelers and end the show with "ask us anything."

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good drive campaigning and see that's the bittersweet day gifts that he does for having a lot of intelligent rod Tyson memories joins us on the drive right now drive thank you very much for the time on what I'm sure is a day of conflicting emotions how you feel about it at all. And down thing I am excited to play. Have a damn good inside out blue dogs and they accidentally hit some fair dealers. You know we had a lot of good memories and not as you can a lot of prayers. I'm gonna hit their your favorite son about his busy I'm truly enormous fans you know college sports. There's no judgment this question. Have you cried over this you sound very emotion. Yeah there. That you can finally be. I initiated. A closed as well as. In this spirit of this. American downturn right now. You'll basically you're gonna get in Kansas City is going to be incredible good luck with what's next you deserve everything that comes these thank you Dan for your time this. Thank you thank you that that's Jerod place. You know people are asking for their last ever. One last that's what's he do it if you wanna say that's what's he did it. That's your call. Now that what do you do good ball carrier I love this work is your guards imports are. That's what speed do. Told vanity market show the. Thank you for being with us on the drive I am being hard yeah. Thank tonight Eric Evers and had a bad guys they have ever done. First time for everything and it shows the character Chrysler. That are in the Benny Arrington you know. Which is. Well well. Why can't we just. FaceBook live wields his house during the chiefs' playoff game on the expense works based on page B there. Pasco claim Specter at the oldest house watching the game. You can win chiefs tickets by registering at 610 sports background we're giving away tickets the Steelers keys and a half Bob white official beer sponsor. Of the Kansas City Chiefs and Sunday were to be the only station the city taking your calls at halftime bank will come on at halftime but she's Steelers at halftime reaction. Five hours pregame and post game extended pregame extended post game. Right here best place. For football coverage yet at bell chiefs in Kansas City is 610 Sports Radio ice but it's. Name's Casey occasionally. Big stories of the day we do have. We lose. Shut up and played ahead. So. This has been a weird day. You guys have been unbelievably kind I've literally gotten over 1000 mentions on Twitter. Anything I'm just happy that we can finally talk about it because I dollar and I've known for. Such a long time. Three weeks yeah as usual for such a long time yeah. It is likely the humans somewhat stressful like I speak for myself I salute talked about it like it's it's been stressful. Yeah behind the scenes it's I it's a little bit of a sigh of relief that we just talk about an open it was funny because right when you said it was our Tex wanted to tell me. Told close really close parade right like people like Norton my wedding and so we're under very strict orders does it you know we couldn't this. Justice and I. And I appreciate your guys discretion of some people have not had as much discretion it's fine and it's still weird to me that I have to say that I'm leaving but I can't tell you guys where I'm going yet. And that is just a contractual thing with mine too employer. Bly. I hope to have that wrapped up in the next 48 hours or so so that I can announce on air before I go but obviously it'll be their social media. I am staying in the business and all that stuff but I'm leaving Kansas City and Friday will be my last show. The timing is obviously not perfect with that she's playoff run it's about that happened but at least part of the best will be gone. And that's not perfect given that IE I mean I'm leaving like right away to go start this thing. And and staff will be joining me after the wedding so I'll be commuting back to Kansas City. On a lot of weekends between now and then with the exception of when I'm not commuting to Pablo would a couple of weekends the ST you guys. Boy. Just I want this so what I wanna say and to a lot of that on Friday at least on some of the today and the initial announcement on the podcast page blight. I cannot stress it up until I can say tell you what's see what the job is. You'll understand for me while I had a ticket and I would leave for any job I've been approached for other jobs and bigger cities before. I have not done anything more than exploratory conversations of that Justin due diligence of my career. Because news. This is just something that I have to do it's gonna be amazing for me personally professionally. But Kansas City has been amazing for me personally profession like. ID. Bounce that. Year album of the year I'm getting married here and you can mean and that shortly thereafter Chrysler. Built this show in away. That bill or able. And Eagles to a level they'll thought we'd be without it we did it just like 303. Young guys who had fallen. Made fun of each other and all it took the serious stuff seriously and didn't take the rest of the stuff too seriously most of the time. And it's an accomplishment I don't know with the rest my career I'll ever be able to replicate so I agree with you I'm so glad the news is finally out it's a burden. Of all our shoulders. But this is bittersweet because even though I'd go with 100% certainty that I am making the right decision for me. And this is a good job and this is a great city and you guys agree to work with and we kill man. We kill year. The city's soul freaking good odds that I could do this job for the next forty years and be perfectly happy and have a great life. And live very comfortably and everything I know would have been fine. And I'm just gonna a minute take a shot the next thing you know. To answer this because I know will be asked the bunch over the next four days or so Heisman and I are staying in afternoon gas and no I had no clue who's going to replace the yes those are the only two things I'm a 100% certain anything else I don't know. Yeah I. I don't think they know man. I really don't I all I know is day. Wherever you and Chrysler are and it's going to be an afternoon's. People should still listen. Wait. I'm sure the show will change I'm sure you'll wanna change some things about the show my guess is there'll be less legalization talk. I guess it's about us gambling paw or tiger talk more college sports there are a little bit more college sports talk it's fine. It's gonna be different in social people are gonna like it more frankly. That's what it's a people like us frankly and that's fine too it's going to be different. But. The tenets of the show. Still gonna do you ice for two thirds of it assuming Baylor was one person I would imagine that's the plan. Adobe premier information I don't know but it's gonna. I hope that it carries on because the formula works the show works and it's. I just wish you guys the best game in whatever happens yeah I mean I don't. As I haven't really talked a whole lot about this it it's not our plan to change the show. I think that we've created a formula that three of us that works. Some IE strategy is to tinker with the show a little bit and maybe some weaknesses I think the show had to improve upon that. I'm into I'm interested in changing the show completely. I know who it is a minor incident but we the other thing to also understand. Is that it's for you guys in the very beginning. The time that was spent in building up the chemistry to get you guys to where you were and then to incorporate. Means that shall I I realize that today is. Interestingly enough by three year anniversary. Is accent yeah today. Alec articles like weirdly didn't messages and people you've never heard of her sending him as to actually is an anniversary. And a three years to today. And I started at six that it's pretty it's pretty remarkable but that is cores they're the reason I make this point it is that it's win. Juror off on your next adventure in your next endeavor and carries an hour working the gather with whoever it may be. You're right there's a lot of things that we're gonna wanna make sure that we keep because we know all we can do very well we know what people enjoy and we know we like to discuss it. I I I just hope people continue to give us that same patience and eventually got us to the level that we are now they are waiting for an extended period of time. I held that people stick around for that because they know that work committed suit giving them the best show that we can't they well. You know to be the demo we saw Friday show Jerod Tyson called in right after you get traded that Dallas ice. You know. Like they'd. But but that's but it's all it's all a blessing in creating that moment in getting the emotion out of him and that's just there's just eat snakes. Of what we've been able duty. Is meant just Reggie did OK okay admits that I'd vocabulary will still be that's right. I it it's straight now the point though is what's this for me. I take I. I whatever weaknesses you see I hope they get improved at whatever strikes I have you guys need to fail I hope you filled out I broke out no doubt you will. I take a certain amount of pride in that. And you're ready. Age you were ready five years I was ready five years ago you know what I mean like. You grow in a lot of ways professionally and personally and you've helped me grow a lot of ways professionally and personally. To where now and there's no doubt in my mind bit. You're ready. You've big rarity. Used to say that I was wing clipper take a little bit of bats the bat. I think it's a spread your way teams. Lots it doesn't afford to do senators Bertelsmann might let's got to my let's focus on what's real here that's right. I've been eyeballing that dirty vision for a long time they're good people. Chrysler is gonna take collects the whole team is revision not just me. Yeah. I don't. Dick Smith full ocean come at email centric training pride mechanical. You really I don't know joking what. The white vote we do what it's like you guys they'll pay for a fur. Radio late. Friends of mine needed Patrick Kearse started in eight BAC business. And spent their advertising budget on 26. A noble or in May. Man. Heater breaks your artist breaks it's refrigeration corporate personal you love the drive. Please. Write to AC dot com. Right mechanical like bats real man but that matters is what we do you being with gates in Charlie hustle him. The Kansas City institutions that we brought into the show and and there's play time to talk about some of this book like. You say they don't it's a fossil that got the guys. It's not. Just beat ouster rod Tyson was about the show that just got fed stopped by team it's okay. But that was not we did. Because he and others at. Eighth for the most part. And that's probably going to be something that you won't have to all of this march with me being gone and a really good feeling that more is gonna come on the show. I think I ever going into. I felt that I'm now opening day yeah Dayton horrible becoming almost and at. I hated. That he would it bit. I I think he's I think he's coming on the show I wouldn't surprise and I hope he does that Monday 250. Yeah I heard that Desormeaux addicting. Follow. But I next Monday five in studio. Take fri eight. In that we didn't need. Six and gave out water resources okay I'm not saying that they didn't they were unbelievably generous to us and they've been incredible to me on a local level and on a corporal level. And helping me facilitate this time line for this new opportunity. As though you know John and gave it weeds the impact. And all of waning Julian people that helps sales all of that's the amazing too many people to thank. Play. I take pride in the fact they it. I was scared. The Golan Rex Butler again it was like this guy's crazy you don't anchor eggs anyway let's stride out. End we both immediately when we saw that it is genuine like we got to keep having this crazy person. And we built our relationship. About the entire city loves Rex Butler am. Even though it people who didn't look Paul. People who fired them were ops. Guys it's great to be with you especially on the best number ones shown in the country. And huddle kind of forgot about that story to huddle be in Wednesday Thursday. Entered. Rex Butler was fake I've really I really forgot assortment that's about as well as with this at first it was just Dini and I. In any heated excelled in the beginning how it was funny. I was like this night this was an electric light into a situation we ended up being. We have excellent show ID holders layers dealing in. I guess if you want to yeah I would ultimately behind there's really it's pitch me funny I didn't know which we have a new York and I was like hey. The host afternoons a liberalization we love you become more. Space oddities like no one's ever before she. He came in the newspaper like two hours the first time Adam blew me away and I talked to that one. Now people look at two dollars and looked into that is like. We got something here yet it was just it didn't strike me as it was possible that it was. I thought it was right I held a similar I was working Indies and I. I hate I hate all the you know what I mean you know I don't like trolls the hot eight artists mayor is not how it's episodes of that. Just it it can't be real. But it allows it feels like OK well now this man might Eagles in person I've ever met idols genuine person I've ever met and I've love. I genuinely I called today firstly make sure that he come in new sometime this week but he's the bats. And. So you guys. Instrumental in it. The last there's man like. They gave us a chance and just a little by little. The best compliment you can give us is. We help you get through your day. Or to me anyway. I always used to listen to that other guy I didn't know that there was an alternative. I found you guys and I've never gone back. Other institution in this town. Dole thought we would do. Including the people who put us an afternoon we were just the cheap young alternative because the last showed it. And we were here and available in one of job. It is that we can do it does like that's JC on the show at the beginning well into football player we need a name we established adventure you know and it's. Back in to us in a lot of way it's. Now are also supported us tremendously in John put us in after an afternoon so I'm not saying that we weren't supported you would be in terms of empowerment. John has it been a huge advocate for you and I and our chemistry together I'm talking about like honey macro level in the building at a com. It was not like an expectation. AA boat go take on Kevin Keats and for 44 consecutive. And I'm appreciative of everybody that listens I think there's like anything like they're some group of fans or bear with the beginning that saw all the struggles and I'd really waited it out like. You'll I had to figure out working with each other and figure out radio and all those things at the exact same time. AN US audit what it's moving about the royals. The royals just finally the billboard like I. I thought you and I we're doing really really good shows agents like anyone was paying attention and in the rose got really good and I think there was just a hunger for sports in our city. And people just listened to us yeah. I've really probable it was that we kept a lot of those people all that was wells are really popular kids there's no question that we would not of one as quickly as we did it you could argue that at all it's 610 didn't have the row it's. I mean I remember when he fourteen met fan fest. The ruling. I found your guys showed during the playoffs. Kept this thing I didn't even know global block and they stayed with us. It that doesn't explain why you went in January. But who's quietly waited march. In I mean so it's it has always been just the raids it was that at the beginning but it's been. It's been insane and you and I had to be getting in just so many different places and we've talked about the forming here put. Still I would imagine the most common questions you get when you're out is. Where's park park where's the game and me we're seat. You are not passed friends. Oh we got an unbelievable chemistry. I consider you like a brother I would do anything for you professionally or personally. And at some point you just talk to someone twenty hours week on air and then another ten plus hours a week off there and I probably got engaged. You just do different things in your spare time it doesn't mean to both those are there for each other do anything for each other. And it's an incredible complement to our chemistry that people just assume. That were roommates and best friends and every Friday or Saturday night. Are hanging out together it's not the case but the fact we've been able to create that. Atmosphere on the air. The whole point of the show is don't take ourselves too seriously makes fun of your cells make fun of each other. And when the real stuff happens. Talk about a better than anybody else is of the tells me and so going to be answering viewer winner is the questions for a lot longer than you're gonna be answering the where our. Does he's going to be tough. Puppies puppies. There's only one Danny Duffy. I got a few people that ballots are considered Brothers. Duffy on that list you're on that list there's only one day Amy Duffy. But it's going to be tough to replace I should experts and so yeah. I don't NG new contract more recently than any Duffy did that's that's true I would never guess that. That's a personal or does he was didn't on this offseason. Down I aim missiles kinda surprised. Johnson Duffy he's not on vacation policy speaking about Duffy asked the Cologne before I wanna do. I want it passed in Hawaii has just responded I just I don't know that's gonna be able to come. Crossing if we don't get some caller why a wise and America and more importantly you make it seem like he's in. Let's be honest how much time has really been why. Great idea I double again I hope passing out and pass it maybe is gonna turn off the cell phone and not her obviously vilification. I've no idea of just passed will look if I pass and going to be on the if he looks at his ball and I'm sure they'll come on putts coming in studio this week. He basically the question is just Amy Duffy is Danielle Siegel I don't know stuff he's coming. Where are you going can't say who will be here Iceland Carrington once my last show Friday. Bittersweet it's unbelievable opportunities that's staying behind until after the wedding. I'll be coming back on weekends. Get the part is that to death out for the cheese playoff run we'll see what my pick is as the week goes on a deep run they're gonna go. But if the city's changed my life. And people saying no this happens people leave and all that. This was an opportunity that I just couldn't paso. I can't wait to tell you guys what it is and when you CA I assume you'll be supportive and you'll understand. Lag the excellent 69 306 day the one thing I'm happy about his no more Mike punching. I still don't know after how long you've done I know ball in my hands on time I mean everybody does I just I know we're the Mikey I think it'll stay. That I can just avoid I'm not. I'm not a good athlete. Mr. now. Out there. You know Danny's. He's sort of figure something out you know the date or metal call and I I wish you and I feel really confident and more coming. OK got some of says can you call in if this if this week goes well vignettes you will be allowed to come back on the show I don't know that commercial blog I'm on the short Tyson's on the show I appreciate that. Yeah I got an eight year old. Here Robert you remember I believe it. Cobb was amazing to me okay. Kolb was great to me in letting the the contract. So I got. Bridges to burn to a bad cop on the way out the door. I go to. The use of OTC state company credit just we got a little bloated like herself with like froze its dry ice no they were they were great. See it's not gonna BA baseball league of anyone in at a cop outs if you doubts. The four days left. Put I think it is extended ask us anything this week at some gas on this week ice but it some production together this week. Also talked tons of chiefs of Steelers but that's it. That's what's happening. So. Be a weird week but I hope you guys enjoy it and I hope you stick with it and I sincerely sincerely mean that Kansas City changed my life. And it's become home. End. I will miss it and so this is a tough day and I love and I show a little bit surprised they're gonna let. That they're gonna let go Brian Haney in the lets you be the voice of the jail can't believe like they can you give mom and the whole basketball student yeah Steve Trout. Now being analyzed. You're not enough Ballmer. Erratic game it out. Can we did well in short notice. The take over a ha. I got. Energy you get Pena out here. Spike yeah. That's my job now until he speech traveled and they started moved very quickly yes it hit its roots could get our market. Are you talk to Jesus Gil was our eyes and that will do well I'd asked is that a thing and I have a good idea it was some of the questions might be about coming. You have to know that you've been a huge contributor to this team's success the last couple of years proceed if you do. The electric TV studio sixty and Sports Radio dodger goodie tickets dot com right now and get sixty it off your order using promo code sixty and sport. If jello and beat can be do you counsel. The pubs all the whole favorite team once it that's all that's what history and yet. It's excellent and I go. We call this guy ice. Well this guy whose tax and game 4251. I called about it being a voting months ago I think it's human race out of town like a rock. Rocket burst job offer you never David Gale about Kansas City or expand. Here comes yanked him. I look forward to waive your wife soon becomes your acts life. What a load of insincere crap the last one hell there. And I am nothing if not sincere sir. I appreciate you wishing divorce. I'd be and future captain this is part par. That's the tax line that I know and love that I did miss the yearly. Byron what's this been good drives a lot to me. Good luck our park it's been a pleasure can't wait so let's proceed got that ice you guys got jobs up on why it. I always like a family member leaving a debt nonsense off tax. Dodi excellent shot. Start slandering. The interests of Billy starts and he adds that the tactic. That's the tax fund about love and now that for drought we don't use them and that's pretty. Are you don't. One shot yet make you. But I've planet while others is Susan. That's that's. Some basket they could go voice yells yeah I do that we don't think it's not a calls on the show. Statements century. 9137. Ones at. 0770. If you could. We this is now. She'll mad you. Hate me glad. Funny memories story senior out of public whatever the case today. We bought it rises and go through those of play those later at least 937707. Cents. Tell. I think the question everyone. Hands. Is our you going to pick the chiefs to win on Sunday. But that's the last gift you would leave Kansas City. Is you feel good about the chiefs you pick that she's on Sunday. And they and they heartbreaking very disappointing loss that are on. And then that Chrysler and I have to clean the mess up having all guys have to deal with the balls adult part urged oh. Yeah. Ballots for you debts. And is asking you I'm I'm asking you're asking. Are you picking like let's just go ahead. If you say you need more time that OK. I don't mean more are you picking it sheets I am on record. I am picking the chiefs to win against the Pittsburgh Steelers. IE. Think they've got Roethlisberger is a completely different quarterback. On the road they need is at home. I think that's to be expected for most players but the drastic difference between him at home in on the road is enough for me to pick the chiefs and I think home due to gain I think Indy Reid's ability to get this team ready after a bye week I think to help the Spencer ware and just in Houston. I think those things are enough that I'm picking the chiefs. I. I'm not as big believer in the home runs home road split its York. Derek touched down better team at home than on the road. The randomness. Of that for hall of Famer. Strikes me as an anomaly. Just me this year it's certainly in the case last road game of the season having yet 300 yards three touchdowns went back. So I still believe you become a hall of Famer by not being able to play well on the road. What I don't think is a large enough sample. For me to say it might be a trend and indicative of what's happened this game news. Nineteen threes 193. That's Andy Reid's record off by now sometimes your not playing good team off by you would beat him anyway you're playing good team this week. Three you know the playoffs that's probably not a big you know sample for me to say that's right but. Injuries to create all against playoff teams all of them were top ten offenses like the Steelers were nineteen to three overall air is a good coach in your home. And they say you're healthy and the home team just wipes the floor with these teams last week. And they've got the revenge factor of playing them earlier in the season to being embarrassed and they want another shot the patriots from last season. And just like I don't balls that she's an answer for Levy on bell Antonio Brown as the best player on either team. I don't think the Steelers have an answer for Travis Kelsey and Tyreke hill is. I think that you did have last year and has blown onto the national scene. This season over the course of the year in your finding new ways to get the ball and I think they're gonna give him ten touches or more. On Sunday. So I think she's web. I think just like there are things that the Steelers do that the chiefs can't stop adding that there are things that she's due to the Steelers can't stop. As a that you facts Iran would I would say is a coaching advantage given the circumstances. Of the bye week and the whole game. I take it she's the I will say and then and all I said about the chiefs in line picking them to win over the Steelers lady unveils skiers. I think at some point you'll hear on this talk show or other shows which was scares you more lady I'm Valerie Antonio Brown. I'm bill scares me because if we're gonna practice to say out loud test I think that lady on bell is second best running back Meehan of it's if he's going up against your love you David just not. Just in terms of being a complete back. I guess he's better than waiting on bell but its. Very close eye. 01 a one B a Zito Elena thinks fantastical without offensive line I could talk especially when I saw last year mean Darren McFadden is fourth in the NF on Russia if you're a target to put it most of its. Then it is you're going to say I think delay beyond bells the second best running back in the NFL at worst you can have our. And he is going against the top 26 ranked rush defense. What does it equaled soon but equals lately Abdel having eight bill every good day on the program. And I think delay beyond bells while those guys that can beat you. I think there's a handful of guys like Bettany NFL. But if this player has a good day your team is in a lot of trouble when you're not winning guided you can count not some expect a point. If player X plays well your team is losing. I hope lady on the low on the list he's a guy that can run for 19 Indians chiefs are 219 year lose. So to. Idea I understand what you're saying with Levy on Belle I do think that he's at that level at his position. But and it's running back and wide receiver and nick Zito Abrams about level what else into every killer app that level of and it's. Punt returner gadget player a wins. Tight ends. So the Steelers positions are more hi Angela if you're gonna do a drastic talent. Heidi big ego Roethlisberger one Antonio Brown to. Bell three. You're to draft players in you to make rosters between the two teams to Ross field yeah probably so early and maybe Peter is goes in front of one of light and healthy just in Houston. I don't know I'm missing an insulin when I mean yeah yeah I think you're building a team for Sunday. You know it is so just in Houston's a wildcard. I think it probably goes Roethlisberger brown well. In that our eighty Gaby you say goes Peters in front of Delta's orders more valuable than running back. But plug on Dell's pretty east unique unique go up in the back now that you've got Kelsey dominated you've got. Eric Berry you got it guys in the top ten. But I think you a Steelers have the top for. So that's. Pitching against the top is taught you that everything else in your favorite I think the keys that. It got better defense. They forced more turnovers the steals the ball over a decent amount. I have about a special teams. They got home field. They may be upheld that search. And given the circumstances of the buy you could argue they have the coaching search so it's a neutral and like top one as the coaching edge over. 8590% in the NFL in how it's easier better coach the Steelers. Pete Carroll. The appellate jacked media Andy Reid cut off by that's about the west so. They've got some edges you've got some edges I think she's won a close game. And I don't think I mean we're talking this shirts on what this week Bobbi wrote about it he went to Pittsburgh for the stars nice piece. Anyone is trying to attribute. Either positively or negatively. A lot of value. In the first match. Just not just stopped them right there this regard because. Every match up this weekend is a rematch of what happened in the regular season. I can give you examples of the rematch going the same way I can give you the rematch examples of the rematch being completely different. I can give you examples of teams and it it tough to beat a team three times and then they beat him three times or they split the season series like. History shows us that it's not consistent. If you met in the regular season it happened again in the post season can either go exactly the same entirely different or slightly different. It's just. I don't find it had any doubt you personal and is asking are we talking about this in the context. How the game played itself out or individual matchups that happened throughout the course of the game because lady on Bell's wedding is that she's three times. In against the chiefs he is at 55 theories for 328 yards he's averaging almost six your expert here. I do think that carries over from the first time. The chiefs don't have any answer related on bella that's not unlike any other team in the NFL he's amazing. He's the first running back in history to average a hundred yards and also pitched fifty yards of the backfield on a org an average slid down hills amazing. But that she's going it's like yeah I'm bill they cannot stop. I don't expect that to shades but NASCAR talk I tell you. Good we re saying makes it's not a centric song things transfer because matchup or what are realistic styles make fights. If if you can't defend the three point line. And then you play the rockets are the warriors. Just open for you right it just makes it's. If let's say the giants. Got a rematch with the cowboys. Right Johnson beat them twice this year giants really good against the wrong. Is that good corners so they don't put it got a lot of guys sector so they expect the bus or the giants are just a tough matchup for the countless yes sometimes styles make fights and it is bigger. Talking about is. Owes 4114. Just a straight blowout. That's not the difference between these two teams it's not that lopsided. Yet the chiefs don't have a good answer for let John Bell so I expect Levy on delta be successful but it is Steelers have a good answer for Travis Bell's. Let the good answer for tiger killed a signal. So I I think you're right that sometimes the styles bites the matchups that. Stay constant if one team just street doesn't have an answer for the other edge you could have its full of your ability to just beat you. Put in terms of draw any conclusions Steelers are gonna win because they thrash of the first time. I don't see it out with you I I'm not putting that much stock into animals in ounces or not but a breaking news Jordy Nelson has to fracture raids according to your Rappaport so do you looked like he couldn't breathe. If you looked like the zero degrees outside police to edit edit it looked like he could Embree. And it was just. I don't people were saying it was a terrible way you know dirty and all of that I don't know I don't know what you're supposed to do in that situation so. Tough spot tough game by. I don't know if he can play week after two broken ribs I would guess now. Football players are weird man you know that oh yeah health players are a year in different. Agreed. Meant more urgent and it. Anti union members don't. I think the board solid force it is too the concussion Blaine and islanders don't you were trying to do that I don't know how you did it as hard has been awarded ending. Re inter playing football three minutes later. I don't know Heidi do. Let's say you're out for the rest of the game at least the series. I I need a little bits of it. Oxygen mask go get some water you sit here by the heater for a minute let me regroup. Aid aid and also re collect my thoughts. I hit was in the air dot well. What's the sideline. And tell Mitt missed. And again put the rest of I don't either but it sounds like you have to Fredricka not blame in football players and we your depths what I'd Betty doesn't play it is a Betty couldn't suck oxygen. Gregory it would be bad gas but you're right. They're crazy people and you get a bucket vertical problems with that it and getting in one play later bought that's weak side's right goes well. Questions. This before. That's why it's expense reserves it as a site. Concede that the NDP and the two TV studio sixty and sports radio and you can eccentric man yeah. Sure. Okay. That's a very interesting. Who went to war. Or text line 6906. Asks any length on this and buying dinner I Z gave an hour or Ron who. Currently has nine. We're giving away tickets to Steelers and Houston baton about flight visual beer sponsor it against that he keys. Were. There. By Thursday at midnight. Red Sunday live starts with C got and Chrysler and 9 AM Sunday morning. Banking answers your calls at halftime. This sets so they post game there's extended post game playoff coverage options by victory Chrysler Dodge Ram and it. Answered questions please god I don't think it's exciting and a lot of questions for me so I hope to get better. Bad. Enough seed here who do I just got off work that I miss something yet prize my last day. I'm leaving Kansas City virtually immediately. Burn opportunity that has blown me away tanks and high school remain at six standing in the afternoon show. Do not know who the replacement is I'll be commuting back to Kansas City on weekends until staff can join me. And now for my new endeavor. After the wedding in March and I tell you what you got grids. Because I've put pen to paper on a contract yet we've agreed in principle that's why the announcement it would be made. Yet. Attacks line six thanks for your 68 is there anything I can do to get you to state it city on the drive. Don't think so. Don't think there is I gotta take this guy any what are the top three jobs you're not getting. What we say Chris Herman's job. Cleveland Browns while the browns job. And I guess Bryant eighties heist a cancer brought that whatever how did you break the news tanks and is open about this kind of stuff on. And you see to believe you so yeah yeah yeah Chrysler I've known for three weeks probably. Yet if this was a case you guys were in this first a beam. I. But he on each state about the actual idea of it. Daddy you guys were in the first like by people of the world about. Man that was. You know. Mom dad staff. You guys and actually yeah no problem with that number yet. I was pretty sure that's how does they were different when it comes that kind of stuff like whenever our contracts are up we openly talked about it amongst each other like your privacy it's different. Amongst us yep. Did enjoy your final guest Friday B if you could have any one. Plus it it's the way it's time we heard it Friday was the one talks on chiefs and Steelers to read Friday that it needs I think the last guest is gonna be built mosques Friday at 55. Finalists that. I the last few shows some guests that late not over the top I want to post bust stories and memories. All that. Play. Mosque was my. First radio partner in the city before you. Because when I was with a gain market showed 9 to 11 am I to post game edit post game with a box so. I've loved you feel being the last yes. Instruments like Kansas City time here I remember when you and I the first beating we ever had we realize you're officially go into the showed much of an era. 01 time we've ever. Elements of an air last night he Gergen editor. Now the day of the Coca-Cola. Today she'll have the rebel now. I'll have to tip that I don't. I it was Saturday morning. It was will be the child but the solid. In extreme cheap skates on TLC. I don't get me for being sheep art out owned that when you guys Wednesday. This was next level kitty there was this woman. Then she hit the war in light bull. Is she would any time she I'll stop I'm dead serious stop watch the show extreme. Chief State's. Owen TLC I'm serious I can keep giving you example all the stuff they were doing. That only would have to say and we'll unlikable. And I can't even imagine that and I was like grandparents used up my dad's parents used to buy toilet paper ball with the arms sales. Out of it. He does have a wall. Papering your pitcher they're like yeah it was literally good bargain for months ago so we just bought a lot of them do it she also did this thing where she will go to the grocery store. As she kept saying I'm only gonna pay for what I. So she would get a banana. It's you appeal but they can just put the first part of the windy and it into the bag yeah and insight if they wish you for the other stuff. I'm scary is extreme that is that I could say they actually don't really just perspective that you guys on the team myself 08 weekly the cheapest person in the world to buy used tires from a guy you think you got to and it drove it's do or dollars so any time ago. And go. So beat that could have been an episode of cheap skates or whatever its skull. Depart to dating just orchestrated death himself by saying the president had a paper on the new contract yet because that would date me believing persons. I would say that. And I mean I don't just believe in curses at eight and one that would be on that happens more than you think like. There was two weeks I didn't have a contract I was doing the show like it yet it's just one of those things you'll figure it we've agree. We've agreed I'm not or it's it's a legalese I didn't say it and have outright DD do I do I just kept doing the show. There were just there are figuring out. Tax line who get who gets Daley's vacation time. Good question. It's a really good question. Danny did you could commute on weekends. You just moving to Columbia Missouri rural law. Or these invented air travel you think he's going to Colombia dad yeah they've had. And it went there to say they've they've invented or Charlotte who. Yeah you should you should ask or just from my vacation time but I'm. I don't need you wanna know how much vacation finally gave back last year there was a lot here earlier this worker. I was little time it takes vacationers learn all I understand I just I hate mist and feel like. I we'll partners burn every bridge like nick writes it was final two weeks you know they're being amazing to me I have no interest converting Entercom bridges in any way shape or form. I'd love to still be able. You part of it if I could be in the future is aghast at was appropriate. I shot take it outside of well. Possible. In the next four days Dana is still going to be involved in the zone but he is gonna sixteenths you know I pricey football season lies. Dini was begun on the show and some that will that be amazing would be an honor the honor I was able to have. His last big slash shows great hope you guys follow that route. Well I'll show index showed it goes we will do a little bit more sports probably because of key Steelers. But I do you wanna do. The vast majority self congratulatory and we'll talk when he Steelers aren't we and like just of all sorts I want to tell stories and answer your guys questions. Let's see here. That's on 69306. Once the going away party good question. A kind of oh you guys a party in substances. A parting them we'll do honestly. It's now happening so we quit. And if you wanna sell at the fiesta we tease of the Friday night we got a box score series presents being parkinson's that's actually added that he thought. We might is on the front asset growth like I know guiding it to us and exhibit. If you want yeah that's fun cool. Cool. Hey the guy said I hope bay Alex Smith is going whoever Dayne is going to please email this August to a teacher comes news. You got to prove that she says that tax but that was amazing and I was good tax I really about indoors and not amazing. Doing that every time in that and I I hope that announcements at quarterback next year blip on like that a piece of. Are you guys have been very nice to meet today and Twitter. On the tax line to free email me Tea Party senator Tom dot com earlier this voicemail 9137170770. It's extremely appreciated. The bad deisler and tank repairs and I'm Danny Clark ends tomorrow's our four of the last showed again. Ron is next on the.