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01/09 4pm - Reid/Dorsey report, Remembering Romeo, This weekend's games, CFB Championship

Jan 9, 2017|

In Hour 3, the guys discuss the news that John Dorsey may be interested in a possible opening in Green Bay and how that could effect Andy Reid and Chris Ballard who the Chiefs blocked from interviewing for the 49ers job. They also have some fun with Romeo Crennel from back in the day, recap the badness of last weekend's NFL games and talk a little college football championship tonight.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Back on the drive thanks Ryan Lilja. Gas and gas coming on this week that you would normally hear leading up to put ball. Basically because of what it's a good. I'm here. The threat that shows Friday. Isolate tanked will be carrying on to give it time yet for Hud ice time. I. Don't have an exact time we know he'll be in its okay. We need Hud and my wife one time. None there a tougher for sure will be on the show we did not say this earlier but Tom Coughlin he is going to be an executive for the jaguars. Helio is a coach he's going to stay as an executive so the best coach in their front offices and actually coaching your team. Jaguars continue to make a lot of sense some of the Tex lines chimes in going to miss you Dini won silver lining is not happy to hear another jury vision commercial good luck. Those commercials are not leaving this Friday they're the best why would why would they why would they go anywhere. During vision. You can't see. And then you can say. You think that they gave Dini relates exert very and then when data is gone they're like. It's been fun rotten Mel. During these lights. I agree it's amazing. You it's just it is incredible act of great guys amaze. But yeah I'd keep asking a lot of questions are easily acumen and analyze it because he is classes yeah ridiculous. Rise. Get out of classes. During give me a call at the compliments or consultation we got a did you Ryder. And we got to do everything in my power to consider. By the way you can also go to success we're stuck out right now we're giving away tickets to Steelers chiefs on behalf of blood by the official beer sponsor. Of the Kansas City Chiefs you can now register until 11:59. PM. On Thursday. So law I cannot say. Where I'm going yet and it's not because I want to play coy trust me. I've been tried to get this that I announce a leaving February I'm going to one. Slope but. Unfortunately it didn't work out but. I wanna wait too long waiting for the ability to announce the other thing because then there was any time to say goodbye and wrap up the show. In an appropriate way but suffice to say it is. An unbelievable opportunity it's just an opportunity. This is in. Bragging was just back. I've been approached before to leave Kansas City I thought frankly I was gonna be Kansas City for six years. Promoting it year going the year at a great place here fell in love here all of those sort of things so didn't want to leave. Unless it was the perfect opportunity. And that's actually what's come through so it's just it's humbling in a lot of ways Adam. I will be leaving to show for me will be done. On Friday but I am hopeful and confident that I'll be able to announce where I'm going between now and then obviously. He following anti parkinson's Twitter FaceBook. Email me deep parking dot com and we bought YouTube called movies voicemails 9037170770. We're gonna put those together 9137 on sevens or 770. Put those together later in the week favorite memories to show its shipment CU story anecdote anything like that. You need to be funny self deprecating whatever you want we're entering the best those back. Later in the week as well. And we're gonna basically. It'll. So Romeo Crennel drops Oliver goes down memory lane a little bit this week so it's going to be Massey by rock coastal play also army IL is not even a good byes writer those federal gun. Guys build off yet I really really really want to. To be fair edged experience all of these sort of things one last time I wanna make fun of you for how you sounded after. Getting your wisdom teeth poll that you connect ought to be for allies sounded a seventeen ground royals at the American royal. It just tells the story I'm guessing that hang up a Jason lock in for a but come up. The end we. Yes thank you so it's gonna just be a good is basically via one quick point about Houston. You know how you and I I would say were on the front lines of fighting the good fight than win loss is not a quarterback statistic. It always trips me out. Bet we talk about football being the ultimate team day yet only two people get credit for whatever they win football games it's a quarterback and the coach yeah. You can watch the game NC a guy like aired there you scored nine points but yet he quarterback is the only person that gets credited for the win. Brock DOS Wyler in his career. Is 14888. And has a playoff. That's insane is anybody going to make the garden the brought DOS wild. No although if you at least. Targeted to young Dre Hawkins in the game against Oakland rock just wild would have done all season brought us Waller has his mini playoff wins now is Matt. You know being out for. Years since we were in spring training and they acquired Alex it sounds like. Record that's not. It's. Like in Kansas City. Is the death of arguing Goldwyn boss that for the quarterback is an indicator of whether our guys. So you sell me not using that as a metric for evaluating. I just I was looking at that sounds like. He was on the Broncos last year and this team has made the play offs and they have to be. Good win loss record as a quarterback but he has still poke a hole in your quarterback win loss record I would say that his won lost record indicates that he's been much better than what he actually is products Waller is terrible you want the bottom five starting quarterbacks in NFL. But his team wins but yet at salute as they did win for every reason in spite of him that you built a good team around that you can sometimes win in spite your quarterbacks wanna talk about the guy who built this chiefs team. Odds are the reports over the weekend about Andy Reid John Dorsey and to a lesser extent Chris Ballard. I've no idea if this is the popular consensus on this or this just be reading between lines and putting too much stock into. Juicy story that she's blocked Chris Ballard and number two from interviewing for the niners job I did. Chris bell has interviewed for other jobs before. They didn't block it in the past. And the story comes out that John Dorsey might be it did in the Green Bay job they don't know they could extend him and he's got a family from there it up along tied the Packers organization and the Packers you know. All we gotta re do how we do this drastic we got to upgrade around Aaron Rodgers and all of that. And say what you will about how good of a job and how wide open the chiefs window is it's not a wide open has dwindled having Aaron Rodgers is your quarterback. Like crazy to think that John Dorsey is taking the Packers job and Chris ballots taken chief's job. I don't think it's crazy to think that. I do. I got taller. The Packers job is the only jobs that John Dorsey would take aside from the one that I agree I don't think he'd take the miners out and eat it out with John and all I know that struck with the with the the Steelers job. I don't think that John Dorsey would ever be the general manager of the Steelers. I think he's genuinely happy where he use but the Packers is a different kind of thing I know it's the same level of Kansas and Oklahoma State like that's in Oklahoma State. Not every time that job came open always at these your Bill Self get some got a comment or agency will now he's happy eighteenth he's not leaving where. I think that's this situation this is a really good time if you're going to leave the chiefs you've built them up they got a good head coach. This at quarterback and a set with the other talent on their roster. If you took this job agreement I don't think anyone could fault you for taking it. I don't wanna say it's a 101 because of he doesn't want to report it Rappaport that now that John Dorsey leaving his job now I know they're going to do to. Are right. Why asked Chris Ballard was allowed to interview for at least the bears and titans job would you be blocked from interviewed for the niners if you're that she should like to protect yourself if it happens. Clark Hunt and you like this guy. Adult conversation we don't know what's going to happen here would John Dorsey we'd like to keep on board and something happens if you're Ballard. You obviously except the chief job if Dorsey leaves in about an edited out I would say you rather have that the support not our job so why not just wait and see what happens. Ended it and let it settle and let itself play now because we Chris Ballard. He's just always going to be in the conversation or Kelly had dates opens gotten. Every time there's a head coaching job. Dave told is going to be. Open to getting interviewed for the job same thing now general manager you have bankers ballot that is clearly hot enough around in FL circles but he is going to get himself or to risk though I mean it's it's a race to save it. You know my stock will always BO. All it'll always be hockey opportunities will always be there for you. How X you can miss your window to passing by this I don't know Chris Ballard I don't know if he feels that way but I guess would be. I was allowed to interview for new jobs now I'm not allowed to interview for a new job. I just at the very least he got a handshake agreement from Clark on that said. If our job comes open it's yours at the beer re leased and maybe we'll even see some sort of raise attached to it if that ever would get reported I think he's basically Jimoh Fisher. I have I think he's got it now if you compensated for this is what I've sang in a way she's performed with a with job security or financial protection something. Because it doesn't make any sense just not be allowed to interview for jobs out of red and in a lot of the reports throughout the 49ers Gammons was. The number one choice number two choice number three jurors they were doing everything possible. For Jerry York to get about San Francisco sanity would say that we've let's say you're not gonna 95% let's. I think we agree Chris Ballard if the chief job was open you just assumes that role. I would assume if you really one of the 49 job. Arco had to listen hey there's a chance we have a GM opening here. And then he got financially compensates beauty is they'll war with the chiefs I disagree with a little bit about how hi Chris Ballard beat. As you got a strong number one and whoever you think it is Dorsey or read in the you have that number two of the other person. Always going to have a a a relatively bright score I think in NFL circles. It's very very tough for any media to a value a how credit should John Dorsey debt for the Travis Kelsey tick or Chris Ballard how much credit does Chris Ballard have or this particular Scott had. For the mark dispute says there's I would say she's a source Dorsey. That wind Dorsey was hired over you kind of looked at. Ted Thompson is he was the person that at all drafting. In Dorsey was crisp outside that's kind of allied you'll a plus they would Dorsey this or was always going to be right because he woods he was next in line were running back he's going to typical typical things are good example debacle if you wanted another if you what did you remain a job he could. You'll be the GM job. Did you figure his stock is the same and 28 scene is it wasn't what fifteen after days they miss the playoffs this year than guys leave in free agency and all bat. AJ AJ Cole might always be the bridesmaid and never the bride. If the royals don't have the regal ought struck what it's hot in any business you you got to cashing your chips you've got it. Ratings are at rates you know it that's works it is this there's a daring he that the job always being there for you. So not getting that there is. Bears offered in the job he's done and all wanna be John doors is number two bullets it'd get the bears repeating get the title let's not make it seem like you're girls or were talking about they make rate of hires don't heroic just got a head coaching job and you know well. Don't erode who was a decent college coaches Syracuse. Now Ryan NASA took the NFL yeah was terrible as the bills' coach yet with the jaguars offensive line coach in just got an up or go to let's make it seemed like whenever these jobs are open there is hiring the brightest and best candidates I got I think there are some people that what they've accomplished college aged Colo. Part of the greatest as a Major League Baseball history if you to be general manager. Out of the available to invade and at some team is going to take a chance I may weaken retreat what the royals did I would say with with what's happened with the chiefs and how good they'd been. Drafting talent and then turning undrafted guy or late round draft picks. I think Chris Ballard can always get a good job so it via the pass on this minor job. It's not like GM's Curtis lasting for 56 years now next year there'll be another cent to eight jobs General McChrystal right. I'm now ready to take this operative speaking not hiring the best and the brightest we can take that as an excuse to go down memory lane next draft. TV studio sixty and Sports Radio dodger goodie tickets dot com right now and get six strain off your ticket order using promo code 610 sports. Boom. Marat holes there he didn't use them there right. I'm gonna miss that man so much. Why am I not been blessed I mean I don't play ahead. We have some fun with Ned Yost. Why have we not been blessed with one interesting person in the local sports team. Who speaks with a degree of regularity and holds press conferences. Alex Smith nodded to sting Andy Reid not interesting Ned Yost. Can't be interesting when he's out of Pasco put horribly uninteresting in pregame and post game press got it is Dayton Moore not interesting. Why can't we just get some funny because we're getting top. When will white why can't I get funny. And I'll maybe illegals can't game we just inevitable boys you want bad. You'll get entertainment from the press conference value when you have good competitive teams. And all of a sudden the coach and general idea. Maybe you're gonna listen drops along. You're ahead of both it's it's off I'm just not sure what it. This stock would solve this is its controversies that. You call the cable companies that you. HBO each of these coveted crystal clear now. Well. It's been royal wedding she's being grilled all back. System. Guess what Missouri as it was for gas. Some incompetence of my life when it comes to sports you kind of remind me of my father because my dad who always union finance for tickets and on how much you want to spend it and my dad wants to sit next Andy Reid once it's been twenty dollars on my dad can't do both hail now if you wanna get it for twenty bucks if the next few there. Which are going to be at the lights right that's the case. You the real issue. A coach that has today. I Rex Ryan Williams in the AFC championship game. That's what I want you all Rex query specific exam I did was it that you want to Rex Ryan right now with the Bill Belichick still love again everybody wants that coat. Joseph Maddon. Who are those guys. What's the list of interest thing. People coach gee am I why. That it's just interest. For interest. Health interest and whenever he decides talk whatever sells open and also having soft and the weekly Bill Self presser though I would not classifieds interest I don't think mean people's weekly press count or good I think did you ask Bill Self and not individual things and get his opinion about it. And that's a good point that's good insight. Itself okay so is so much. He does a local news at any anywhere we can we tell our fingers Al-Zawahri are Joseph Maddon. Aaron Rodgers. Who else we put out let's put like Tom you yeah. Cliche ridden. He's he puts in an effort yet which I'll I'll I'll give them. Naturally it gives you cliches you know. What I mean. To overwhelm a little growing. It's just. Well you know what there's something about assume. You shouldn't assume. That the you know what happens when you assume. Boom. For more plays there's not a gay marriage. I don't understand you know what have. Happened with the team. How best what I found over the years it's very few. Try to work on the things that are causing you problems and improve those things. Then you have a chance to do better and that's what we're trying to focus on doing. I think it's a lot more than go to community Chrysler tech science coming into villains. Jim Harbaugh the interesting gobbles Sweeney I think is interesting like a lot of interest in coaches that I fixate. I would say the Romeo is interesting because he's mocked him the entire time I never bridge do you ever gave you great insight on how to spot the spotlight he just always tripped over himself also. That. Have to put that that football sign up com. We didn't eliminate their football. Let's play some good football. You can keep forms of the board. You've got a chance to win if you eliminate them for a moment given to promote limiting their football you would eliminate. It's a great point Eddie at first thing you would throw a doubles media coach of the national title you'd. Liberal it was players clearly a great recruiter. Has the buzz words at all that. No I find him particularly interesting. I just a little help orient them as as a salesman and a smooth talker in his slogans and all of that. But I I would put him on Aaron Rodgers Joseph Maddon took our hospital you are positives. Jim Harbaugh is always innovative to woods of the new. Data it has taught it. As tough a job security so you can share exactly what he thinks. Most guys the get the job security and all that they just say why don't need to do this they they go the Popovich route. Pop which is interesting when he chooses to be Steve Kirk Steve Kurds. Steve Kerr has got much more interest thing with his new found job security no comment on it but to meet most guys go the sacred ground. The Eagles Belichick. They go the Indy read out. I can't. I got job security. I don't need. Say anything and I say anything it. Just lands me the cover. Fill the void website girl that I just think it's a personality thing I John Calipari I think has the same job security that Nick Saban as. Well I just had a different kind of personality that Nick Saban does you can always tell Jon Kyl. You could ask a simple question about anything. He's gonna tell you how many guys regards the NBA is out there make it rose like teleport is always in selling Kentucky mode that's the mood you hear Nick Saban. Outlook on the CNET in the sense that there are guys that are just naturally wired to be better talker be more interesting people but there's definitely some guys that started all one way. That eventually won they said something when they slipped up when they got in trouble and got beat up for something that needs to back away from the especially if they overly. And O'Neill's should be on this list. My us all stand adds great. Standard and nobody's got a strategy you know what I went her pop its route. Less miles on what was interesting Bruce aryan as interest Pete Carroll. Is a radio show every week in Seattle for our war in studio. I mean I don't think to a new coaches radio show it is let's set that is currently leads you to be interesting but fair off. So your so you are disputing that to promise that most coaches not. It's just upsetting. And it's an immediate thing it's just you know me I'll always argued against. It hurting. You don't you and I I think that he poll attribute. Discussion on first take or sports senator or sports talk radio some sort of negative distractions they can't overcome where as you could argue the other way that when she's players had radio shows in their charities were advertised around. Bowels of their head that people felt. More of. Attachment to them. And when they were losing they were less likely to go away because you felt more episodes ownership with the community. Because you knew I I would argue that it that it actually can help you as opposed to being in that I would argue that suit but I would just say that things have just drastically changed term how we consume media. Now that athletes have the ability to directly give you their message where that was the case in the nineties a unit to go through a third party to communicate now do that anymore because right now when your fault if LeBron wanted to do on his own. LeBron just you know I wanna do until periscope on my Twitter feed can reach more people. Don't question. Ever before we see like just how. I think howl celebrity's Athens community has just changed so drastically to a four hour news cycle out of a crisis that is correct. Right now if you do something you will be in the 24 hour news cycle for one day. If you do something dom. And I too at the absolute most averages are you a debt like they're being any real tangible negative effects of being in the 24 hour news cycle you also could get in the forty per hour is like on the positive. It's you do something well and you win the press coverage or you give the good sound bite. So that you does that does that do anything for you overwhelming the positive note I don't I don't think that there is much of a tangible on the field effect positively or negatively to quarter quote being in the news cycle at a single lot of athletes just don't wanna deal with that is a 100% for. We college football. You know and so. What sort of getting Romeo just ought to so much. We got three US ports than the ravens'. Which means we lose a minimum. Specter. I'm just gonna miss that men of the world that story that hits at 5 o'clock. Why the raiders were doomed from the start indicators used chiefs as the example maximum dropped. He linked to eating into the studio sixty and Sports Radio six sports dot com to register to win she's playoff tickets courtesy of Bob white the official beer sponsor of the Kansas City Chiefs who. In this group which hitting down between the legs and threw the ball backward. And you can do better down at a good level you can make the living in this league. How to be a long snapper grow Romeo and now it's it was. Powerful stuff I tried that wasn't that is it yeah. Souls like there was little bit more to it. You'll miss room you know long ago dislike so it would be very nice to see the tax on be this nice I'd never have. I can't think of a time when tax IDs being incredibly nice it's honestly off putting in some way is let me tell you it's one day death so that tells you Wednesday by how we did we got it we understated at the top seeds and those other guys tiger we want to talk jeeves and we're going to be doing some stuff mix and about leaving the urgent drive with us on Friday. Hosts guests and all of that. The real voice mail would love that what shall met you've ever called it a story anecdote a hobby ever about it a year while. 3770. Cents that will be on the chiefs Steelers this week Friday's flash ago. And Friday is going to be the big one. Lots of trips down memory lane lots of stuff that ice but it together so alive it's gonna be it's gonna be weird week shows him greatly appreciated and yes I'm leaving. After frustration when minutes on network on here in the studio. If you could draw worst case scenario photo Beckham like the moment you heard about the party story. It was what actually. You know. Rarely does worst case scenario actually had a career high in drops blow out game but you play at worst case scenario. Or worst case scenario. Supports an aerial proto back from that you've played incredibly poorly the wide receivers played really poorly and they got blown out yet. He was he was there he bank and he gave everybody and other things to make fun of them for with sure it was before the game. And then the punching a hole in the wall afterwards just like deep. He scripted the worst week that he could possibly have as a as a big time player he doubled down on it. Speaking of very terrible weekends and I would say worst case scenario the first wild card game we agree. This was the least about a point you've ever had watching it we get a football. It was terrible it was it was sang it band and I knew that I couldn't believe what I went back through the game blogs today. This goal Lee didn't change. Once. In the second half. Oh all before. Seven team sports in the third quarter to 217 team one time. Is ridiculous lack of drama. For four NFL playoff teams between teams who should be relatively even it's about it was always as bad as many of us feared it would be in terms of the competitive leveled at him I think is next weekend should be great. And all four of these games are re matches of games that happened earlier this season I think it'll be great visually beautiful ball but Dolly could not of course. I'm really sides as we can coming up yet this past week in the wild card weekend was actually terrible. It's you could argue there's only one good half football the first apple Packers giants I thought was really entertaining and it ended with a banged the air Rogers hail Mary. But the other minutes that we Watford has absolutely terrible. Lot of people. Maybe this is just my timeline I'm now being the voice for the vocal minority that are very critical of how Oakland handled the backup quarterback situation. The other backup quarterback situation not any different than what Seattle was doing it quarterback or not any different than what Green Bay is doing it quarterback. Nicole's. Obviously helps oak are arguing that if they had a better backup quarterback they would had a better chance. A Super Bowl if you lose their car and replace some of that falls just blown out this weekend in New England. I think or some teams what your trying to accomplish accurate quarterback position is just different. Obviously every team wants to do Oakland did you draft a quarterback. You gotta incredibly right quarterback. Now the money network currently saving with him at quarterback let's try to straighten and other areas let's get Rodney Hudson let's try to get Donald Payne. Let's try to grab guys on defense let's try to spend this money that we know at some point we have paid him let's try to sign these other contracts. I think another good way to do it is the chiefs have done. You Alex Smith like he's the seventeenth best quarterback in the NF. You have a back up where. If Alex Smith gets hurt knicks bulls can still do it should where you wanna go. Nick falls losing Jiten Green Bay where they wanna go. Into wanna go right Alina. If not trying to hurt. I think people were overly critical of Al beat Oakland Raiders have gone about their quarterback position well I think that's the correct model of how to handle your team. Two things is I don't think these points are in conflict with each other. You can say that Oakland should've invested more in their backup quarterback. Given that they were spending so little on Derek Carr I find that to be reasonable stance. I would say against that is. They invested more in protecting error pour into the other team in the NFL. So much thank the chiefs and assurance on Alex Smith. Is spending more on their back up then most teams because they say we got a quarterback who is basically replacement level. So it shouldn't be that off to find a replacement for soul. Is 85%. Of our starter. But you've got Derek bar or Aaron Rodgers or Andrew walker bad Roethlisberger Tom Brady. You can't get 85% of their car as your back up. Because back 85% of dirt car is a starter somewhere in the NFL. So instead of spending big money for their insurance under par to be the back to their car. They spend more money than any team in the NFL on their office. So everything they possibly could to protect. Their cheap investment. Of their car. Any just on luckily they got hurt but you're asked me which one would I rather have. The quarterback with a high upside you can do it himself and can elevate the play of other guys York. Multiple quarterbacks who are replacement level you've got to build around them. At the day car Oakland's model has a lot more championship rings on their pedigree on their quarter then the. Alex is Kansas City chief. And I saw a lot of people saying the next man now I understand that it's football injuries are part of and you always have to. I think predict injuries if you're the general manager and slot guys in different places that you can hold up with attrition. But there are some injuries that our next may in all and there are some injuries our season is over. If Rodgers twisted his ankle in the day it in their game against Dallas this season is over there is no next man up mentality that they can hand but that is going to place for horrible we keep it at quarterback and continue the production that they've gotten from Russell Wilson some injuries that happened throughout the course of a season elected chief defensive line but the luge Jay Howard it's unfortunate your team would be better if you had Jay Howard. You need someone to step up and not replace the Spezza drew losing. But you can get by without Jay Howard who see you can get by without Allen greatly. You can't buy if you measure or franchise young quarterback that you entire offense is built around. In the argument about their defense Oakland's bad defense. But it easy with a lot of teams they used our offense to cover up at the deficiencies that they have one defense once you expose that defense for what it is rock that's why the could have a really good age and she because our offense can do Wednesday. Connor coconut offense and the wide receivers for Oakland doing me favors. Once the offense is a great anymore in the and you get that team the 27 bus opens in the NFL defense just isn't good enough huge to sustain that kind of play. And that's what apple no like Oakland got eliminated the moment. Dare call it and maybe you saw more of this than I did but I mean see a lot of eight to save their people can crushing Oakland's roster construction for not having more terror car insurance behind him. Okay. You can say that but the back. The backup quarterback for Tom Brady is Tom Brady Derek Karr is Tom Brady yet but there's just some guys that there is no replacing him for. But did you you've disabled the chiefs model of building team where you know they can win without Justin Houston they can win without Jamaal Charles league without their Johnson. It is is the safer way of doing it. Okay the look at the last one a teams that on the suitable look at the names who played quarterback. How many of those teams if the backup was in instead. You feel like wouldn't of won the Super Bowl the superstar model of quarterback wins it four times out of five so the chiefs are trying to do the 15. It doesn't mean they're not gonna be able to do it. Just means the path is a lot tougher but if you're saying groups roster construction is more likely to produce a championship at the end of the season. It's all it's and it's not even go out this year it happens to be that she's because of the injuries but in general building a team the way Oakland's it is much more likely. To yield championship results than building a team to the chiefs I don't think he's going to win and I hate these arguments split if you were making a deer or ZMVP argument so. Saturday was for example did you make that same thing I don't think there's a quarterback or especially not many quarterbacks I can do what air rider is doing. Given how bad are often the line is back and they had to convert a wide receiver to running back. I think you saw the overall importance that deer or has that team. They're owned the team that you saw play Saturday against the Texans is what the five worst teams. No question nobody they they were. Just not competitive there were probably five to ten teams that missed the playoffs that would beat that team at the very least. Up to us dogs are clearly played that night what we expect and if you miss the announcement of why Friday is my last show and why I'm leaving Kansas City. We'll go over all with few minutes at 5 o'clock. Any seat on the MVP electric leading into the studio sixty and Sports Radio go to goody tickets dot com right now and get 610 off your ticket order using promo code six times sports. Okay. Thank you for being whipped us and the gaining C got any ice extent Sports Radio systems worked on proudly answer any questions. And at 5 o'clock and it's the wire Friday as my last day. Ice cream candidate will be staying on in afternoons in Kansas City passer I've gone. Clemson and Baylor is tonight the national championship game that many of us saw coming from when you know you left the game last year. The arena. I was very sour Clemson throughout the years some are gonna put myself in the category of people. That's all this coming they put down their competition is just too many times I just kind of felt like to talk called the ball is when you do that as often as Clemson did. Odyssey to get big. I thought Ohio State was the second best team in the country and they actually handled so I think now the leasing these are the two best and most deserving teams are playing for the national championship. I'm excited for the match at a kind of seem to people want back and forth like has the play all at once now it's at this point. Has it kind of soured jewel or mood on college football and I'm excited for tonight I really think this is on the shot Watson's and the U Vince Young. That you can see a lot of the same things Lamar Jackson played really poorly in his games of some people and I make the argument that Watson had a chance to win the Heisman Trophy he now gets a chance to play against the team that nobody's come close to beating this year. If he is the reason why they win today against definitely see him at least being talked about on in the same vein as Vince Young. I don't means difficult here is there any way that Clemson wins and he's not the reason they went on. I'd be I'd just I'd be shocked it's eight includes his defense is good edits a freshman quarterback for Amma so maybe like tankers Lee gets a couple pick sixes or something like that. But I ate. I just don't see a scenario in which clubs and winds in the show on Watson isn't the reason and he had almost 500 yards of offense last year with four touchdowns. Hong forty on the board. He's a monster man and Clemson has played down their opponents that played up to it they've they struggled early with the expectations in the wake of the Heisman expectations and getting back to the championship and being the pre season top two team all that stuff. Obviously their best game of the season against Ohio State this year adequate at best game of the season last year. Again it's. Dammit in the title game. Second best game last year is its Oklahoma in the playoff game the second best game this year was against willful in the heights game where it was Shawn Watson against Lamar Jackson so as much as they played down to their opposition like it and NC state they played up to it. As well. I think the same things gonna happen is last year except this Clemson team is healthy. But I think stick to Shawn Watson in mobile quarterbacks like that have had some success against spammers. Are you know typical NFL caliber defense. So I think clouds it's gonna be able to score and I think it's gonna be a high scoring game of the people get a credit of four and last year. Multiple players who were NFL players on Clemson were hurt Shaq Lawson and McKenzie Alexander and it still took a kickoff return for a touchdown. Blocks field goal. And an onside kick program to win. My guess is Bamba our biases clubs and has spent a ton of time shoring up special teams and the healthier you are the battle better your special teams are. Because you don't have to go as hard on your roster put back ups and on offense and defense. I guess his clubs and doesn't allow amity get fourteen plus points. Eight of swing in special teams this game and I think clubs and avenges last year's title game ends war. Interestingly maybe for cheese stands here who want Shawn Watson facility at the end of the first round. I think he reminds everybody that he's the number one quarterback in the class and I will be shocked width. Cleveland. Jacksonville. San Francisco Chicago. All of these teams picking in the top six. I will be surprised to Shawn Watson isn't the first quarterback Jake and and off the board well before the tees up which. As the take I don't think docile losses in the first quarterback taken out is think there's too much buzz around a couple other guys I think he goes in the first prize and think he's a first quarterback taken. I'm picking Alabama because I think their defense is a little better equipped like 92 you've now given saving two times secede shall lots he's RTC once he has that on film I think this defense is a little bit more complete than Alabama's defense is. Outlook shall Watson is as good as he was slasher in terms of making decisions he's been a very turn over an injury art a turnover prone eight an interception prone quarterback. That's not who we are going up against this defense that is really opportunistic in scores when you make mistakes definitely that's. That's why I think Alabama wins this and I think Alabama just offensively is a little bit better than they were last year either quarterbacks. Better than last year running back wise it seemed to have some kind of sex religious builds them down there. I think Alabama wins comfortably really comfortable interstate I mean. OJ hours obviously still there he torched them last night right now not like blowing them Heidi they would like 31 to all of Kevin's point. I've definitely got it covered the spread that's double digits that mean I would I would say that that's it you know two score game you don't have gloves and doesn't have a chance to fourth quarter. I'd I'd put that in as a comfortable win. I just. I think Clemson is honestly. One of actually this year I will say the only team. That's about as big as Bamba and out as fast as ammo and they're better quarterback. And they're not scared of you know this mean you watch so much SEC football how teams do you think unveil a schedule when they step on the field with Pamela just to have that. That thing working against them like when a team steps on the floor and Allen field house right. 90% of the teams that walked in there they just have that little intimidation factor that that little doubt. Whether or not they can do it the only team I think doesn't and it is is LSU. And clips. Unity it close and last year bear he clearly deserves to be on the field with Taliban. But any Big Ten team doesn't feel like Michigan State got a boat race last year. Damage has crossed anybody not comets come in their path they say they big whacks the floor with everybody. Except it's clubs like. We raise as much but not quite as much money we raise a ton of money. We put its hi guys and well we while our we have the better quarterback. They're gonna be that the tickets for this game is insane because both fan bases contrived it's gonna be out all of Clemson fans there don't they won't feel overwhelmed by any of and that's a very rare thing for what that's what damage has going for them so with the four titles and now seven years or whatever it is. Would you vote for his fifth inning is what it is that I don't for five and well. It everybody who's been in the program. Even if they'd play much in the game to get these big advocate. They know that it's expected it damage your expected to win big twelve titles Kansas you're expected to go to the players expected to go to the national team Michigan you know how to prepare for you know the dual the expectations. All these guys and last year so they have the revenge factor going for them to so revenge proximity. Health and the better quarterback. I think they win. I do disagree a little bit I think the difference in winning and losing this game is being viewed like award and I would say a hot team that had a good run you are not used to for how long Clinton's going to be odd children right now. They're hot. Org and was hot like this. 34 years ago they it was a national chain which is putting never broke through 11 the difference between that he's got to win one of these you got back to back opportunities when one with they've legendary. Future college football hall of fame quarterback into Shawn Watson you need to win one of these you don't get. Seven shots at a school like Clemson and as a James games you get three maybe four at the absolute most you now you've got to write and I again I agree every day. It's their shot. Clemson is a powerhouse in terms of what their recruiting they've got top QBs coming in Peter right. It's not necessarily guaranteed to be a sustained dynasty or them getting back anymore so obviously for the program and means more for Clemson but it does for dammit and I. I think you'll be a great game I think that they'll get the job done. And I think you know what stance on the Sean Lawson as a pro prospect. I think they're over think it's I think it's ode to Sean he's played more of these other guys let's busy started as a true freshman when he came in for the other. Let's all think you just as you seem more he would have gone before golf and went last year he was allowed to leave just a little wobbly. So oh we've only seen ten games from extra risky so he's this like on goal in Spain. We just hasn't played more for some of the shine to Wear off but you just happen to seen more from a from distraught watcher of this key does appear to be. I think the NFL likes those kind of types yet how like morals. And most of us going its address public morals he's like like fifty desolate that forced. Because the NFL loves that height. Mr. Vista seems to fit that night he's going to be selected to Upton. I think so too and I just think it'll be crazy. I yeah I I think Shawn Watson will all out against dammit and I and if he doesn't go as the first quarterback these NFL teams are insane over thinking where are all the questions of why Fries my last day coming up in minutes on the drive. Police studio sixty and Sports Radio.


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