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01/09 3pm - Talking Boat, Ryan Lilja in-studio

Jan 9, 2017|

In Hour 2, the guys discussed the Giants WR situation from the last week and while them being out on the boat wasn't what made them bad on Sunday, but they turned it into a distraction because of their performance. They also were joined by Ryan Lilja in-studio for his weekly visit to tell some stories and preview Chiefs v Steelers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

As is tradition. Out the puck was was nice out here bad short term memory so that we will forgets. Over the course of the shall I pop quiz today it was Philadelphia. Philadelphia's number one movie in America the last time that she's heading home playoff. Maybe to make that theme of the pop quiz that most people are listening okay listening every day. Bob please by the way proxy by victory Chrysler dodge. Jeep ram. It's a big time here. He'd grab. Off road little blurb about us on the a star website oh wow how about that. The back to your head is feature prominent. In the picture they give any right to the last time I was in this article here. Yeah the caption this Carrington is okay cool I appreciate that yeah you're right there. So yeah that's happening. Anyway it is it just you union doesn't know talking about. The last show is Friday hi slurring Carrington will be staying behind obviously they'll be doing the afternoon show. We don't know what there they're going to be joined by his play time for all that's been worked out. But IE movement on. Well I shows Friday staff will be stand behind until after the wedding I'll be commuting back and forth on the weekends too great opportunity I just can't announce what it is yet. But I am suffice there would not leave for just any job I'm leaving for absolutely unbelievable opportunity. That's I just couldn't pass so well plenty more time. To discuss it and I'm enjoying very much speculation as to what the job. May or may not be on the tax line authorities told people what. It's going to be you're going to take him Anderson's job he's coming a host of us. I'd be a better basketball coach that he would be your radio which is Jason is there yeah. Over the job currently taking if you have the option of the two jobs either coaches or basketball team of the job you leave. Job we've got a couple. There's there's some ego in you know and it's late. If I turn around is just think about it if you work wizards at the ceiling Yucatan yeah it service or around important news Selig pretty good. See an amazing job true. Replaced. Adults we'll stake. Of surprised about my name is not a short list to replace. Any is a very talented bank. Date I appreciate it. I'd take jobs that I've been offered. Over the Missouri basketball job because I think there's more job security in the job market offered. But you're right the ceiling. If I won at Missouri you then win the next body and your you know four million dollar a year man it's pretty incredible. But I think I got more job security at this next item that was for bill what do you think would be better at the other person's job. Jamie Anderson hosting a radio show or be coaching a college basketball today Jim Anderson has a great in PR voice I don't know sports talk is really his state. I mean it until NPR jobs are to be amazing and. I think. He's got a great voice. But vision to basketball in many cases of news ruined division warm and excellent there's appointed editors entered. Extra points like we do on the show so he does have that point four. But. I don't know man I think he's too long when it. He doesn't give quick answers that you are you got owes 62 the last wrap ups pulse. Elbit he's got the punctuality. To be the broadcaster. Discuss what's on TDs actually. And from the weekend. The idea. Everybody. Tricked the people in our business are doing. Spacious thing is it took the boat trip. Well Els or or the other way if they found themselves like the same side of a hot take machine. To basically just don't know it. All of these people are gonna make it a big deal about the boats and to what we should the boats that we could show the picture of the boats because the votes good for ratings but it. That's fair to talk about boats while we talk about the boats. I have a lot. I know you're doing. What I would you say you have your chiefs and and you were watching could go back to have a career high and drop some three yesterday your pick yourself so. I know that out of my kids see geez you do that. She's a throw a party the club last night. Sponsored. Pictures names on pliers advertisements. They're all out there have before. She's a partying she's traveling to treat Jews are vacationing. The only difference is none of it made it is program and if that's a big difference okay fine O'Dell Beckham brought a spotlight onto himself that was necessary. But if you think the actual act of the airline miles or the jury again. Lower than any other product that might have been consumed six days before a game as well let O'Dell Beckham to have three jobs and Lambeau Field. Your highs that guy in the front left portion of that picture. My feeling Owens is not party. Is a very simple one. Our generation feels the need to document and talk about everything publicly. For social media attention. The only reason this is the story. Is because Victor Cruz trays salt and total Beckham junior made a story. If they just go to Miami and hang out no one knows about it no one's talking about it. They're an EU for attention. Is what caused this problem. Personally don't care is as you can function and do your jobs. Care what you do off the fueled in that capacity if you want to go well if you wanna stay up late watch the marathon of gala Terrell Owens annually get two hours of rest okay here. But when you type reform about a cup the work. That's how I feel about John if you go to Miami and hang out to us that's partly fine which you better be ready for the backlash if you don't play well. Most recognizable players in the NFL you were on the you're on the cover that two games ago. You know how big of a celebrity war. You know this was going to be a big deal you better play well in the game if you don't play the game prepared to crushed and that's what happened you can put Packers. You lost. You got now all season go to that country or city you wanna goats you guys are. Anyone think that he did know was. Because to me. Beckham comes off this. And to me as like will always be a little Kris felt awful all not being fallen he comes off to about one. Earlier this. It was so yeah it is not. Not a relationship and two to the confounding is Beckham to me is someone who was bit defeated by his celebrity. That now feels like like he's imprisoned by his celeb. Two on the mag cover part of what got you he had shoulder is commercial part of what is major issues returning with a everybody is the attention based off your couch and how good of a football player you walk so he needs it soon assume the responsibility of when you do stuff like this people are going to talk about it. This isn't a big deal if he doesn't go in just Victor Cruz grows because owed them is a much bigger celebrity than Victor grew. Of course I aimed at its New York in the tabloids in the post the daily news in and the biggest media market in the world and all that I understand why it's a story. I wish that it wasn't. But yes games when he seventeen in the current media culture that we live in your right O'Dell Beckham has signed up for as a result of this celebrity ones back gets out there. If he plays well the narrative is he played well in spite of partying on a boat and it didn't play well it's you played poorly because he was partying on a vote but yes that is absolutely a part of the culture in which we live. I can. Beyond a mission to civilized and hate that part of the sports media landscape all of them are hypocrites. They're all choir who's on ESPN radical network CBS or fox who was crushed they all know that either date at the same thing. Order teammates were to exhibit a for Jimmie Johnson and Troy Aikman and demoralize. Them at halftime show the pregame show during the broadcast. When they had the White House which was the name of the house that was basically. I don't. House first. Call girls and cocaine and rug dealers they bought because of its proximity. Two of the practice facility when they won three Super Bowls in the ninety's. The eight year that partying during the season during the playoffs in some way shape or form takes away from photo Beckham's commitment on the football field is insane. However what I do think it's true is that basically what he put himself out there where week you'll out. The pressure builds even more on O'Dell about them and he seemed to crumble under the pressure and photo Beckham as we've seen. Doesn't really handle pressure that well when things aren't going great very much like Cam Newton. You actually worsened in new but I think everybody what it's going well. It's easy to ride the wave and it's much tougher to deal with adversity when things are going well especially when your world class athlete a millionaire Republican guy. The world is your oyster like Cam Newton or go to back on. When it goes portly did you start kicking and kicking nets and proposing to ban men punching walls and head butting things and at. Acting irrationally. Or your Cam Newton you self destruct at a press conference and do all sorts of other things. Doesn't take with your greatness it's just you're not used to experiencing public failure so that way you do you're not good at handling it and that's what he brought. Himself but he did it cost. His team by going to Miami for 36 hour I don't think some I guess you could make some round about argument that the pressure that he put on himself by going to Miami forced him to play well I'm not gonna try to psychoanalyze. Photo Beckham. I do think that the book is out how you get him angry. And I think he's one of those people that once he's angry he can't he can't perform at the same level buddies used to. I mean listen and the guy clearly has a problem channeling his emotion in times of adversity. And most questionable thing he did judgment wise the entire week was warming up on the field before the game without a shirt on and sub zero temperatures at Lambeau Field. He said it was the coolest gaming ever played and he went out there to try to prove to himself and evidently everybody was taken pictures of him that he didn't even need to Wear shirt. Then he went out there and shirt sleeves and he had a career high three drops. Armor worst loss slick could still pull for you know. Dual shock you have to be the tough guy you don't have to bring all of the attention on yourself yes that's part of your celebrity that's part of your endorsements. But it's a playoff game which of two evils questionable thing you did was try to play at Lambeau Field about shirts I don't understand Toto Beckham's just need for attention when the attention this is going to happen because they're really good at football. You're really beautiful bowl and you play on the giants. Nice looking guy like. Don't understand why you do all these extra things that bring attention to yourself why you're proposing a kicking next why you're doing the stuff they just always put yourself in the media cycle. I don't really understand with him. I I think it's just a really like to go back but coming into the season much like little by little he's just chipped away. My fee income of news that you say you don't understand you do man. You do understand it you'll you're saying you wouldn't do if you were him but. You have a Twitter you have it it's the Grammy FaceBook you're a snap chat. You know. You took pictures on New Year's Eve of where you work you want us on Donnie nuke all. Were out with a hot girls or whatever brag on your where you're out to dinner that part that part I understand that's what I would say with Beckham though. I would said he does those things in the isn't prepared for the backlash to comes with a about the same at my site that we took this job if you don't criticize a life do something else if you criticize all the time. Or you one of just have the comments section open to job our job. Whom has signed up to be a celebrity into sixteen and seventeen. You know what it means to be a public figure and a celeb yep it sure doesn't seem that seem prepared for that or advocated the Miami and other things and hang out rappers and dance it's a gram that's perfectly fine. But in our day you have to answer questions about it whenever you mess up going to be on the cover of the New York Daily News in an age he doesn't seem prepared for the negatives that come into celebrity and he only wants the pots but I. Press conference yesterday he was just answer the questions as no I don't think it had anything to do you as saying don't ask the question the disagree slightly used I don't think O'Dell Beckham is surprised. Today. You know sinking ship is on the back page of the New York Daily News that. I don't think you surprised by that I think key. Took the picture had fallen. Did it knowing that it was going to be controversy. Didn't care and then had a bad game income Bruins with it. And now he just has the avalanche of stuff coming up but I don't think maybe I'm wrong it's tough to get inside the guys that especially I like that's had. I don't think that photo Beckham is surprised at the onslaught of negativity that's coming his way I think he's he just happened to have a bad game in the midst of it and so now. All of the attention is on him what a bunch of other guys dropped passes as well but the chiefs angle of the tube because. She spends a lot. Yours and he's insane to dealings sociopath all that stuff trust I tell you you're guys are doing the exact same thing before the Steelers game next drought. Nancy. You like to TV studio sixty and Sports Radio dodger goodie tickets dot com right now and get 610 off your ticket order using promo code six times sport. In studio and at 330. Last probably be able to talk to both admit I'm here. Sad times. Friday is the last show. Look he is opening up his home. Through the morning. And they're gonna to a FaceBook live from we'll just let him. I talked about that during which he's playoff game. Saw the sixth and FaceBook page you go in you can watch the game and we ought to screens up nowadays Twitter FaceBook whatever it is. You can watch Specter and weld Pasco and playing in Ryan Lilja. Watch the chiefs and interacting with you ought throughout the games but in game analyst in the morning guys and Ryan Lilja. Be on 610s FaceBook page. During the tease him also will be the only station in town taking asked time calls to get extended pregame expended most it would be your last but also gonna react to anything the first half. Being will be in studio taking your calls at halftime. Of seats. And Steelers how do you think we have that she's laughing cover on 900%. Sure that's a good question ohm I heard it's like her relatives are relative not sure it's a brother in law for a small cousin that it's probably more like a maternal thing if I beat. So I guess what you Regis you'd you'd say that that would be that you like. This guy's dad Matt. Are you down they keep you know me oh that's. Got to get shots in before you got seated and guy plus you get the reference by now down yet. I know I don't you know that song is one. That hole play off the the ATP yet you know medium that spot okay SE yeah. That's. A surprise you knew that. I don't know I don't know if I actually do it you know Danny's. He's sort of figure some things out. Batterer two live crew. What to think this is what is what is it you got it yet so simple yet article. That's. What senator Brett groups he did you could name is out of curiosity you name to Adam I didn't a lot of rappers such groups. Groups group two live Peru. Run DMC. Beastie Boys yes. That's the radio red that is stirring up an exercise sex liaisons in the real world. Say. Rap groups. Odd thousand and a low Outkast was their group called the bigger group together beyond a few dozen outcast data group I think it's called big boy. That's out. At me the group's stock held it close call. Big boy in hundreds and thousand are in a group called Al an ice. If you doll test was an individual. Tests for a bit I thought he might have individual person. I was confused with the guy that barks in the god granted. Exes he exhibit. And rent one guy went out of the other as a circular music. Who. What guided head that Mira yeah who is that. Excuse you exit okay right yes it. And it snoop dog or out a dog now but it was another guy. Who would run dead. There wasn't Mike Jones know it and three lettered name the acts. I was there except give accidents that I may I see I didn't do that. And it is going to give it to you ended excluded the exhibit I can see other state it's perfect this. Makes perfect sense they're kind of like the people audience yesterday whenever. Donald Glover shouted out you ghosts yet you probably would have to like I've never heard of a never heard this before never heard of me ghost that a nickname for amigos. Pass a volumes has been struggling. That's I don't know lose what was happening there. I'm certainly I'm gonna miss your the Iraq knowledge this is absolutely going to suffer in Iraq the rat knowledge category are so. I would I would think you don't know how we're gonna move forward it didn't do it view boy it's gonna be a avoid I would say ridiculous theories. And rap knowledge this show is absolutely going to suffer now. In those two ways in those two days alone I could see it being a problem I do have one final laws do. Three into. Oh I do have one final. I finally you've learned and figured this out thing. Oh well don't yet they'll also have the talent he got to know these guys forever for roast beef and some other thing yeah. Do that after what I tell you what it is I'm this might actually be the worst one really. All right Leo this year so let's talk. A welcome him and I told you it's gonna be sloppy and messy news releases its weird. I get out here off thanks. All the get right alright this is gonna get emotional and your much in her and other odd you're domestic thank you. I take it invites your living room by the for the game now on force that rivals on the. Police station taking your calls at halftime during Sunday's playoff game six didn't Sports Radio I hate good buys it. Bryan little. Former chief senator from plain error is special. I'm really glad that yeah. Who stayed below. Super Bowl. Can be found. There Britain for the go are you know that your political. Now knows how many people died. Brian. Right. Wow Brian Lou. Yeah. Congratulations and thank you my friend is if you hear about it but good things happen good people and we invest. Thought safety. You tell me and I argue your dad on us a great job yet charming and a really articulate your wealth of knowledge you're really good with all pro football reference statistics in I hit. They're mention that you really need job thank you body bank you know music very talented. Kerio I appreciate you. Anyone hasn't heard. Friday will be my last show some cities you've already agreed to your new job White House yet. Basically have put on paper yet and so they can't do it. But hopefully by the Middle East this week I'll be able to make the announcement certainly wanna be able to tell you guys on the air for at least here but you followed a social media you'll get all. News if like for whoever's whoever's weeded out that they hope Alex Smith goes wherever you're going I want to give them trials teacher gas that's again it's a good eye I don't wanna keep doing those today did you imagine this offseason of that team. All cities happy about their new quarterback in DB is rushing and improve and hit it. Seeing the load these guys have a good people and I would. The reverses yeah true right it's too much good stuff happens that person yet the world works it's about it you've written. You've been very good the show. I appreciate you. Adjusted into retirement you bridged the gap. Between the current team he still knows some of the guys show. As you. Always willing to come and accepts. But mostly when you're in Mexico or on the golf course other than that I don't think it's it's a big deal man to talk about the to come up to the studio and do multiple segments and share the stories I have done it right you're very good you're job. I enjoy coming in here with you guys and and talk and about everything not just the chiefs. And it's kind of evolved from. You know I had all the answers when I when I retired from football and then now I come in here I don't know what's going on all you guys have on it so you got a brief me before you go on there most the time but. That's just the way this thing has worked and and you know that this dynamic with Ewing Carrington and high ace is is pretty cool I like listening to you guys. I like coming in here with you guys I don't I don't in none of my other segments do icon actually come in for. I don't know if you're work will watch the game in my house on Sunday that. I wasn't invited jail. Yeah Aurora they let themselves well who would listen when your bachelor party invite and then the left Brian by the must again across that in the mail or something so now but no it's been fun I've enjoyed it and yet man you're gonna be missed good luck. Thank you. Thank you I I do you really appreciated and the good byes this weaker than just the weird because that's all I people electability for the timing of it and it is weird. Well at least she's a layoffs I don't get to go out on a high note where people are listening and excited in the city. There's nothing else going on rather than college basketball right now yet or got some moves with the royals but right now it's all about the chiefs and its talk about it and it's exciting it's an exciting time. To be chiefs fan to be Kansas City and the the last few years you guys have been doing this has been a great time to be in your industry going estimates though you're going on top like a true champion. Thank you Buddy Guy that that means a lot comes from you and I I knew I said you're you're very good at this and you're doing it you know just on our. Put on global here but he wanted to do a bigger and should be could so I. But. Irish eyes whose job pays just as well as your as your last job close. Why or why are you bomb. While letting fiasco in your home though that. You know what that's here. It sounds like fun man does so yeah. It's the fun listen we've talked about watching games together yet and you guys are professionals you guys this is what you do is what puts food on your table you guys. Analyze sports you guys and and I've always been interested in how. Professional. You know broadcasters like to watch games away yet look for just like I'm sure fiasco and and cleaning and Specter are curious to see what. You know guys who played the game look for when you watched TV copy and post season game and you know some of the guys and you play you don't feel it you know so I just think it's two of those things that I. You know curiosity. Sarah and appreciation for what you guys do and so I think it'll be cool to get those guys in their armor of the report to me. I've watched a lot of chief's game since I I gave a foot by I lost I've watched a lot of NFL games. This is the first time I've done it with guys it's kind of semi professional setting. In my house I gotta pay attention and it's going to be fun to do with those guys on the fort. So but it would have noticed an NBA guys who don't you reached. Pregame stuff extended pregame extended post game on air date will be taking calls and asked analysts shows it is through that. But if you will like like all the possible ideals you want to game of the second screen you're watching game. Instead it's what or whatever pull they spoke live on your phone your iPad or whatever and Lilja and the guys Maury show are going to be. In your basement which got a man cave Salomon room and write a living in the Fam out what to get Sam out watching the game into an analysis and talk and answer questions as halves of thought some good banter some good because Q and and interaction with with some fans and FaceBook people and a not stuff that I do a lot of them are huge on social media you guys know but. This is kind of where things have been heading to be honest with you and I talked with with a couple guys Barry Switzer does a big second screen thing. And this is this this is where kind of the industry a lot of it is going and the people want real time interaction they don't just wanna watch the game. You know everybody has. You know attention span to that it to soak up as much. While watching a game as possible and so this will be funded go to be it'll be interesting it's going to be exciting to foreign. And tonight they always do this for the final four in the national. Purdue and kind of what you guys are doing nine. I think ESPN news is the one that has the coaches channel yeah there's going to be just Brian greasy and 45 current college coaches analyzing the game film as they watch the games it was going to be those guys are all small box the game will be on the big TV Maceda that I got you know the Clemson broadcast on one of them off shoots the ban on broadcast on the other than there's the main one obviously yeah I ABC but. It's cool man he borders experimenting with new ways to broadcast sports so I generally aren't going to keep. Or rabid sports fans especially in the city right now and you know for me personally I like to listen to bill mosque when he comes on what you guys I like to listen. Torres when he comes on with everybody at the keys yeah I think he's private. Most analytical foot by guy in the town. You know it and he sees things we watch the same game the same film. He'll see things that I won't seesaw like to listen to that it's complementary. Helps me see the game differently act and watch the trenches so why it's fun. Damage to retool so low initial initial thoughts on the matchup that we kind of all knew was coming do you would you like the chiefs' chances are where do you see the game being decided. The you know what listen. If people show up there are ahead and go nuts I think that'll make the difference and really yeah I think if people are. You know if people are staying at home and if they're not getting up out of her chair and screaming on third downs of the night into the game and it's a mile closer than that then then we would like so. I mean it the way these teams match up I think if you look at the first matchup with these two teams. Couple Flutie turnovers early right and that's just kind of you know I against Ben Roethlisberger Antonio Brown laid on bella just come back from suspension and they were just coming back from didn't. Thrashed by the Eagles. You know that they just kind of turns it up and and it was kind of game over but I think right now. Both teams are playing good football. I think he you know you talk about sample size lot on the show you guys and I think if you look at the last seven games what does the Steelers have shown what later on bell has done. And the way their running game matches up with the chiefs. Defense of run defense I think it's. You know I think it's gonna be a compelling watch and I think I eat eat eat you know the chiefs are just kind of start to peak offensively. They've dabbled with get in the deep ball thrown you've got Maclin. You've got to tell C the last month or so and I think that game on Christmas night was with what's incredible to watch. Tom what he can do a big man that size what he can do when he catches the football on the obviously tyrant Q you can't say enough about his ability. With a ball on the sands of space and I just think. The Steelers. I guess I'm looking at this thing as a player I don't wanna seaports terrible 2000 stance. And I just on the Steelers fan it's going to be still. Let's listen no doubt there will be Steelers fans but these guys are good infiltrating. Not pockets yet and there are sections and those styles make it. I just I really wanna see aero had come out for these guys if I was a chief where right now I'd be blasting social media I'd be talking with anybody that would listen and saying. Please come out supporters is the biggest game we've had twenty years. You know the implications for this gamer huge were number two seed won the division we swept the division. Everything that the chiefs have been able to do. I I just think you know you got a sellout Kansas City got a sellout for this team I just I don't know if I felt it. Maybe it's fatigue with the royals and I don't know if I'm a come out there and community enough but it doesn't feel to me when I hear that there's tickets. Available and it's not an arm and a leg get these tickets and a it just kind of feels like you know. Maybe people are expecting. You know what I'll save money you know go to another gamer you know save money they make the Super Bowl come out now because this is huge it's huge. Today Donovan said that they were basically down to singles and club levels and to be club level has just priced out the average fan club of 350 ticket yeah to go to this game day. 700 Collison two tickets plus parking and all of them I see maybe immediately went right up the common and maybe people way to see the opponent was and if there was some wanna make investment because it's not cheap obviously to. This is just different units 80000. Football yeah 70000 football verses 39000 baseball and you know you can see you scared they sold. She's playoff tickets what was it a week ago or so they went on says you could sell baseball playoff tickets a lot further churn in an advance. It's divisional rounds the round of the players that you made to last year a lot of reasons I mean. The Packers were you know is one of the greatest fan bases out John based on every game of the season ticket waiting list a hundred years law and they're given away John Abraham and last and last week you know because it it's a quick turnarounds just for the NFL playoffs they were selling tickets basically up until game yet in Green Bay so that's why it's considered I. I do expect there would be great but I'm surprised to hear you say that I mean. Everyone talks about it it doesn't seem to me to be the same as it used to be. Arrowhead we've seen the chiefs lose home openers and I'm sure it'll be a great crowd I just. Ben Roethlisberger bad Rawls were gonna be intimidated by arrow heads noise you mean you played with hall of famers died. Did it did Peyton Manning when he was going to Foxboro it was Alec. And were the worst spot with Peyton because we're going to this tough crowd but I I just wouldn't think that the it was Matt Morse sure absolutely I I think that the crowd would affect several times and I'll. You look at Errol had specifically and you look at the win loss record for the chiefs it doesn't show that there's a huge home field advantage. But I'll tell you that as a player and really probably the position group most affected by allowed crowd. When you go on the road and hostile environment and it's loud and it's third down and you're playing a team that can disguise and things and you don't really know what you gonna get something to be creative now he's gonna do some fun things depth. On third out if you can if you can slow down bell and those guys on first and second get him in third and kind of medium or third and long man I mean listen the margin in the NFL as we know is so slim and that's why people really you know that's why this game is so entertaining. And I think if you can get a a false start penalty. It if you can make. A difference of two place. If Erica make a difference two plays with that Steelers are sheriff's I think that's enough to slow on down give the chiefs the ball and let the chiefs occupy the football. Ball control and try to keep that. Pittsburgh Steelers offense on the sidelines. What do toss it right loads you about the will we see is the biggest mismatch going against the chiefs in the Steelers matchup we'll do it next on the draft. Any SEI DM VP electric leading into the studio sixty and it's medium dose of good tickets dot com right now and get 610 off your ticket order using remote code 610 sports. Oh yeah. Linebacker Bryan little Joseph. On the drive for the last time was mean but yes we'll keep asking and I understand we're gonna have to keep saying it looks totally fine Kerry did and Chrysler will be here. In afternoon they're gonna work Martin Luther King Day. Would you be able to adjust the font read mom I'm okay yeah. Mara I'd do it there because so some people are awesome people work all that but it's Monday after it left off. I don't know Dawson all right good. I hear about how this FaceBook live watch the game pitcher Francisco days you're gonna be on the stadium allegedly is the clogged there in the game go to game albeit the game. Well yes so it's gonna be me fiasco cling inspect we're going to be at the house and we're gonna have we're now and the tablets of the computer's doing some in her acting stuff with Twitter and FaceBook while we watch the game and jobs to tell him all about it the Monday after the game plan if if that's a stolen he's going gesture area absolutely. Not gonna keep mine but but you know let you know we there will have to be a little censorship bright because touching. A lot playoff game you know you don't want something happens you wanna come up. Drop enough bombs and then right you know it's the digital age it never goes away right yeah I mean it's like oh OJ and his pictures on the op would be. The FCC doesn't doesn't neutral site I say I. I let. I don't you know take take it for me and I swear pay. It was if it was I'd currency the real gamble or he durable hopefully it won't be a lot of swearing I reckon you're gonna just be tearing it could all be good. A question do you is do is we see the biggest mismatch as the cheese being bad running the ball and now Levy on bill being back for the Steelers. To chiefs' physically have the personnel that if you know we talk about Belichick all the time it will what he wants to do is he was the take away. Your best thing and make you beat you they could beat you with something else. If the chance once you've. Sellout to stop the run. Do you think they even have the personnel to do that without Derrick Johnson with a banged up just used it with no Jay Howard Noel Daley. Could they physically sellout to stop Libyan belt they want. I think you can stopper after Derek Johnson and a defensive line I feel like those guys Christian that I mean there's been turn over. All season long you gotta give your credit to Dorsey Wright with with Christian Jones and low. And whom Imus and whom Imus in the Christian and notions. Recognition process okay so even OJ how you used gel all tailgate LSU is all these guys I think these guys can hold the point I think they can stay gap sound. But she got a guy in there who doesn't have a tremendous amount of experience in your playing. You know. One of the historical bass runners if you look at a stretch of seven games. In the league I mean he's got more in the last seven games rushing the football and Emmitt Smith never had. And seven in a seven game stretch I mean that's compelling stuff right yeah I don't see it based on the steelers' offensive line it's not a great profits by exit. It's a technical offensive line they do what they do well. But they're not a big mauling office of wine and like the Oakland Raiders and I like the Dallas Cowboys the these are guys who run. Inside zone they were on sub they run power they run the same things and eat later on bell makes his own pay you know so I think you know you you can't go into a game like this. And and get out of your steep detected you got you gotta yeah play within yourself try to figure out play within the scheme yet played disciplined football and that includes a meet Wilson. Plan for DJ and he you know EE can't be over pursuing like you see against you know he sighed against that the dolphins by yesterday you got to play. Gap sound you got to play fundamental football its policies yet played mistake for evaded that offense and defensively. Then though in this game but but it and that's a strike that esteem and play mistake free football. Bend but don't break kind of stuff is really. Is really to straighten this football team and were the reason they they lost against the Steelers couple months three months ago was because. They turned the ball over and gave him you know gave them the ball on the four yard line in the ball on the twenty yard line and in the interim ball over in your side of the field so. Defensively. You're given a format yards a carry. Bills come in and in the last half the season rushing for five and a half a Cary you're missing Derrick Johnson who's. You know he's a blue and defense. It's going to be tough sledding you know I they have the personnel to get it done the I believe that. But but. You know you go on you you go all in on the rush defense. And you're given an up to Ben Roethlisberger Antonio Brown. You know. These guys are good these guys are balanced offense right yes and when your playing guys like that eat you gotta be balanced defensively so that really puts puts emphasis on that front seven. Those guys hold out EEQ let. Guards. Up on the linebackers you know you gotta you gotta occupied down linemen and and let linebackers wrap up I mean he's gonna make yards he will. But if you can keep on its 23 yards four yards give him in third for some like that. They and you know so he's got an opportunity with Justin used in back to us and in aero and hopefully. Minus a lot of terrible yellow towels. Really make a difference and I think. It's got to be complementary football in the chiefs have two and they have been able to run the football well lately obviously all year. They get a run the football they have to occupy clock they need to play. A possession game he can't give the Steelers. Eleven and twelve possessions. In the playoffs with those guys. And Ben Roethlisberger healthy I don't get I don't care what anybody says we idea he felt I agree but he's not as mobile Bassett and so yeah so you get those third downs he's not the old Ben Roethlisberger wears run around he hasn't been as mobile they've given up. Fifteen sacks in fifteen games have been in or whatever so I think I think he. You know that the key he's going to be slow and I let him off balance first and second. Last week Andy Reid talked about how how the game changes in the playoffs he was like it's cliche the game beats faster more physical all of this. From being old if you can you explain that to us like how does the game change competition lies all the things that go into a playoff game they could Dicker different than a regular season yet. Yeah I don't know if I agree you know he's he's an elite NFL head coach in the future hall of Famer but I don't know you you would hear differing philosophies on the and I think. You play hard all season long right and in. I head coaches in the NFL that's a don't try to do more in the playoffs and you did during the regular season and I had. Coach is here. You know one of them who's coming back in a town this weekend. Here in Kansas City who said no you got to step your game in the postseason you you know you just have to do it which. That was hard for lot of guys to do because you're going balls out on a percent every single regular season game it might feel faster. They might feel more intense your adrenaline is jacked OK so you know I might not be. You know chiefs might not get up as much for that you know Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a moment. At noon on Sunday a week you know thirteen or whatever but in the playoffs in the divisional round there's four football games that weekend. Your jacked. And there's kind of electricity and that's just the way policies below as it's that's why it's so much fun. It just because of the energy and it you know. But if you football man eat you play fundamental football I I just don't think in Mitt in my philosophy. Personally was never to try to do more doing your job you hear guys say it's such a cliche but it's cliche because. It makes sense just do your job don't try to to do too much and if they try to do too much defensively it's gonna be trouble form. Is he tells them on censored Todd Haley stories during the FaceBook broadcast that's what would get you ratings on I don't you listen I don't care about those is gonna stay in the vault man he. We got to let those guy you might be a head coach years you know and I don't I know crazy right you're not be hired this is offensive line coach well. As I was I over able I still got brave okay parades up yeah I've got to LA today get hired a is it is to take to none in an interview my interview heated theater he's not say what does the. Saw such braves is my for able was was already coach when he was a player one of those ideas. As Smart defensively. As Peyton Manning is offensively I mean I've really he had me he was he was next level. The guy was. And he's a great communicators and great teacher he was. Miami Heat he coached all the guys Manny was he's going to be a heck of a head football coach in a bomb. I'm happy he's got success I love scene and down their coach I hope he gets it a real opportunity to to get this job and Alec is Huckabee gets sweet. Well let's. Will be watching the FaceBook video you'll beyond. With terrorism and Chrysler after the game. Percent of our bodies there's a man. It's that you consider your friend that I look forward these segments every week I I feel the same way and I Q which you bachelor party. Yet again so much fun it's a week from. Now I booked my flight it's a good we'll see you and we'll see you adopt the only brother Achilles. Gas is legally if Nicole that's again I'm most excited to have in county down it's going to be good time deisler carries will be reunited before we even though it is like another vacation for me a little bit away from you guys that you become the scenery in how is all and a nice when your bachelor party to an invitation I haven't set out anything Foley and a everywhere he got some time went on out winner. Also the place where things are legal. Both Colorado yeah well it's an didn't I don't know are you talking about I think I do. We're talking about Merrill one. A hospital policy arrive it's been here Heidi thank you. Any reading John Dorsey relates to contractual reports. I think there's a read between the lines situation on this we'll discuss and Sandra. Studio sixty and Sports Radio.


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