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01/09 2pm - Danny Has An Announcement, Previewing KC v Pittsburgh, Bad NFL Weekend, Give us a Min

Jan 9, 2017|

In Hour 1, Danny reveals some major news regarding the future of the show. After that, the guys attempt to transition into previewing Chiefs v Steelers, discussing this weekend's awful NFL slate before taking a minute.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good drive campaigning and see that's the bittersweet day in Kansas City does for having a lot of fun tone throughout Tyson memories joins us on the drive right now drive thank you very much for the time on what I'm sure is a day of conflicting emotions how you feel about it at all. Are you excited to play and have a damn good inside out. We're there at least get some investors. You know we had a lot of good memories and latitude and a lot of under the on his there are your favorite son about his busy I'm truly on this fans you know quality for sports. There's no judgment that this question. Have you cried over this you sound very both. Yeah it. That you can finally be. I initiated. A closed as well as we. In that spirit of this. American downturn. You'll basically you're gonna get in Kansas City is going to be incredible good luck with what's next you deserve everything that comes to thank you Dan for your. Thank you thank you that that's Jerod nice. You know people are asking for the last per. One last that's what's he do if you wanna say that's what's he did it that's your call. Now that what do you do there Raleigh area I love this court is your guards some blitzer. That's what speed do. So did you love your show. Yes you've got to drive I'd be any part in the little bit of irony in that opening. That's always. Bad eyes to produce this thing handles the opens Euro. 2 and 5 o'clock. You go do a sixth and sports dot com right now register we're giving away tickets to Steelers and she's on behalf of Bud Light you official beer sponsor. Of its chief Ryan Lilja will be in studio. At 330. I'm joined as I am each and every day by my good friends Carrington Harrison good afternoons he got parts are what's good. It is a bittersweet day for me on this show. And as I said on Twitter that we had a little bit. Of an announcement in May. It's O I told you the announcement yes overload announcement insights I've shared with you. Yeah I believe so but I know the breaking news drop Brad OK. I. Secret got out some people that I can be sure at least injured tell you two guys. Friday will be my last you know on the drive. Hate you Matt thank you heard. Yeah I'm leaving. I am leaving 6:10 and I am leaving. Kansas City. The captain is coming with me though. Well I'm like I'd let you know that. Did try to driver late premier mile from her vice Versa though she's not coming right away. So there are just five shows last. Of this year shows that. Brinkley has changed my life in a lot of ways from both personally. And professionally. I'm sure there'll be a lot of questions and we will answer all of them as honestly as he can the only thing basically that I can't say as of now is where I'm going. I hope to be able to announce that on the air before the end of the week but there's just stuff that. It's just you know. Eyes have to be dotted t.s has to be cross that sort of thing but just know and I think the guys to. I would leave purchased any opportunity. I am leaving for an unbelievable opportunity. I am leaving for an opportunity that is so good that I will be leaving. Shall be read Friday before chiefs game for a team that legitimately like of the suitable you know how much fun we had the Super Bowl when we went to Arizona I'd hate an opportunity Minnesota. A return trip I think the tees were in the Super Bowl probably stay at a hotel nicer than wonder where is murder committed. Right you'd be hardest anyone worse when you think that if the tees aren't the Super Bowl maybe maybe the next opportunity we can guarantee that talent will be yes gotta gotta protect tell how to protect the god. This is crazy to think that all this time that we talked about windows closing we were talking about the drive window closed. Seventy. These eight years talking about the royals window. Closing at this time and it is our window blown that is close. I I see it department. And I and it's not it's crunch today either. Pay an account has been. Amazing to me and this is by will be the last time the U peer these games just in case I forget the rest of the week what we're doing T Steelers were doing a ridiculous this. And were doing our victory lap patting ourselves on the back end. The self aggrandizing schori is gonna come. I do wanna thank. Our boss John Hansen. Days here on a local level we easy impact on a corporate level Wayne Julie. Everyone locally in corporate and a corporate level editor column for facilitating. This timeline firming. And letting me take advantage of what is truly a dream and a monumental. Career opportunity this came up very fast. And it's it's what's led to the timing. Staff will be staying in Kansas City. Through our wedding in March and then she'll be joining me. Whenever works out as conveniently and as quickly as possible so I'll be back on a lot of weekends I don't ever forget anything that's right babies are now. I know. I don't ruin our are you leaving its maker to Vegas early paying off that I am I paying off the bat and word and we're going to net as they did that you can put your job. Does this you know the flexibility. It's not coming I just can't wait for nicer items keeps saying you're on vacation it's exactly that's gonna if you run into a kind of a someone ask Jordanians markets on analyze how. Obviously Dana is on vacation. The now that's just it's just to be a long. Vacation they'll be like the new Jimmy Kimmel apologies to Matt Damon we ran out of time bright start the show every day Danny's on a case Cheney were holding it down I get it at all that's you know we're gonna get a lot of questions I don't have a tax on open right now you can tell me what's happening on there. Sure we're gonna a lot of questions about what's next year. I can truthfully say that idol no. I don't know the date I can truthfully say I don't know this is right from. I teams Avic I am fairly confident the ice to be part of it is you're ice should listen people should listen to you ice. Wherever you are whatever it is to be just go and say that part Chrysler and I have been told that we are going to Spain afternoon good. And that we are going to be a part of the decision of who replaced OK I think I think that's. That's a weakens yet and I I genuinely don't think that it's known. Yet on a corporate level and you guys so we don't know what year. You know there will be show you guys are both working and al-Qaeda right yes we will be her room will be okay. So I will not be here I'm located the Monday after teased Steelers. But Chrysler and Carrington will both be working. The guests I presume you they they'll do whatever they want to do the show. It's always been a team effort it's always been a vote but I'd imagine not a whole lot changed as we you know we settled things as democracy. I on this show very rarely that I asked to please everybody gets one vote in the Bible to scouts more than anyone else bows normally when I was walking towards a third rail at the situation. And I just wanted to take the burden of whatever blowback might be coming on me. It's now you know oh four over also. Get that timing good luck to the chiefs could your gonna get departments the death out here. Right you know idea we wanna cubs World Series we one day. Ceres since in the title game back to back years. It department to conduct out of here before. So I'd imagine Betty you're happy about not gonna make a prediction is renowned for its gonna it's gonna break local oppose all week. And you're not make a prediction on the game so like let's not say that it's out of the year. I do like it's on its way to being out I do like cities in this one that's your advance that that's an excellent point. Tough park and it YE. Just build it like a lot bowl on so why don't have my full thoughts elected. I'm you ice yet. Bought. Don't any time that we're gonna try to go back and forth between Jesus Steelers NFL arm normal ridiculous mess and then like I said can relive some of the great moments. And having fun and going down memory lane and all that stuff. Ploy. We've accomplished something really special here. With this show and we've accomplished something today frankly. No one really thought we were going to be able to do. And we take a great amount pride in that and I personally take a great amount of pride and lake. It's been well documented how you and I started. And where we started in you come and I took to suggest that it Q plus there and how different places you and I were that and how different you and I our hands. Hi today and tight. You know I call Kansas City Hall you know I mean I I. Ellen last year I mean to get married here Kansas City genuinely. You know its staff reached out to me because she heard me on the last low and wanted to watch Clemson in Syracuse game. With someone and I wouldn't beyond last blow if I had been on the show and I would do is they'll last as long as show it's you and I had have been put together. You know and I mean I've had opportunities to explore other opportunities before. And I haven't taken them and I haven't gone but John's just cursory conversation before because. This is a really good job. And this is a really good city in the city has been really good domain. Put this is just something that I personally. Can't pass up and you heists are huge part of that man but I don't ice since. What fourth grade. Ice fourth grade data on a dime and we did high school radio together. And it's. I sold Ice-T you would we were gonna get a full time producer and afternoons and I sold place with you to the boss in the ice. Move this year. On a huge leap of faith that some guy that he went to high school with a that we hadn't really been in too much contact with. Other than a little professional exchanges gearan MIT Morris Almond Chrysler we ate dinner at Applebee's yes the first on the ice. A pretty big key. Broke up with someone that he was living west. And move this year. Yes to better his career and just because he was gonna get hosting opportunities and he had felt like you'd hit a ceiling at his other job. But he took a leap of faith. I don't think this is overstating got me on costs ends. I hate that means a lot and and I think you've killed it and I think that you're the best producer. Not battle in Kansas City having your one of the best producers and radio. Ends. Menu and I like it's. I did you know where to begin with you. Who wears you and I had all the ups and the downs and how public it's been and I would say our growth on air together and you're growth in terms of what I have no. Doubt in my mind. That you as the face of the afternoon show going forward as we've been like the co phases of it together recently I I've. No doubt in my minds that you are more than ready and capable and you always used to say. Sometimes I think seriously and sometimes I think joking that I was a wing clipper. Man I hope I didn't and I know that you're ready to go side you've been more than ready for that and this show has meant everything to me sometimes spends too much to me and I've left it on my sleeves too much but. Kansas City has been insanely good to me professionally and personally and other advanced staff who won going to marry. Like she would be the one that went out we talked about before I I'd probably conversed more with you. Then I actually have with her so if she is one. You guys are one B and one C in what's made Kansas City home to me for the last. Five and a half almost six years in April. So. It's been a hell of a run man and there'll be more things said but. Friday is the last show and you guys have meant the world I think it's going to be weird really over the next four or five days or so to have the trust. I'm in relate in public that we just had privately the last couple weeks or so right yeah A and to go back so I remember this conversation like it just happened. IQ we were Arizona. Aid it was the Dade that the chief treated for Alex Smith. A ended about we amazing show that day and I'm really left relied. We could do right and I've ever there was a time that everybody what did you Roman nobody wanted to as the host from. From Clinton to run and it removed afternoon's. No one thought we could ever beat Kevin Keats and gaffe stuff busta. Yeah and then I just as an ice and lost. My goal as the deal it's just don't get these Novak hit a bright bright. I just thought I'd be as straight and really just like to be competitive like I. Like that line and dodged caller is saying you know I have found out if I have a goal I might not achieve so why even get to that point even numbers and Chrysler really had any choice but to believe that we can win because he had given up everything but he added join us because I could hurt their emotions starting from the I gotta give up something Israel did this or girls out here. Ed it's. In two years running. I mean seriously. It it's we're more than 44 consecutive months of highest rated show on the station. Ban. Highest rated sport show in the city. And winning and afternoons. And people said that UN I couldn't do it in people's that you and I needed football players to call those people said that it was only because the royals. And then it just kept working. And certainly to this point eighty's my greatest professional. Accomplishment our greatest professional accomplishment together. And no matter what I do no matter what you do man I'll never do another show quite like this and I'll always remember it look back on it unbelievably fondly. And the listeners there's gonna be a lot of you in the next five shows. Just thank you so much. For insulting us and listening to us and living your lives with us and allowing us to live our lives with you. And coming back when we can stick sports would you wanted us to and indeed with us when we didn't expect to sports. And forgiving me for all the losing bass that I giving you over the years and for being so gracious in public and mostly even on text and we see you guys have actually been better than not than we sometimes give credit where you've been amazing and now I'll never forget you're a liberal views and finally grew in the shell gas of course my liberal views of route to show they're breaking us up I don't know who BO replacement but almost surely will be to the right. But anyway. Wow that was a lot. I'm sure you have questions we'll answer them. Just put up to us these next five shows there's going to be a lot of sports there's going to be a lot of loss. And there's just going did the kind of messy and sloppy but I think sometimes messy and sloppy is when we do our best work so. Five more of these back after this on the track so you like flying under the radar. NEC dot. You like to TV studio sixty and Sports Radio dodger goodie tickets dot com right now and get six stand off your ticket order using promo code 610 sports. But I intend. They community guide guide. Well man and not enough of those on the outlook back in the guy who loosen it up a little yeah. Go. It's going to be weird haven't you gotta go on how you start that's right yes exactly. So messing up for it rejoins it was you know now it's gonna be working at the age sloppy as. A professional broadcast as well let's move ago. This week. This week strategist weird Friday is the last show I. So where I'm going I can say that Chrysler tanks and will remain near an afternoon's. They'll announce what the new plan is once they go the new plan. As soon as I can tell you where I'm going I will. But I'm leaving virtually immediately. It's an unbelievable opportunity. Staff will be joining me after the wedding. And yeah that's about it. Will gets into more details as we go and Friday especially will be aid BA guys trip down memory lane show Bo were gonna. You know. We'll do one last the Abbas who won last hurrah as well last week Lilja today. Passes in Hawaii but we'll see if we can both cam. Hud has said he's gonna try to cut men. I know that ice has been working on some production stuff so if you've enjoyed the show. We're gonna we're gonna make it fun for you guys the last five days but anyway. Anything that we need to address and attacks on I still haven't had the gumption to look at a sponsor on signs don't tell us let's like let's look at. Cool. I tell you who's been Texans get a good. I appreciated. And just been very iso four odds would there was what I have been able to go through but I will try to respond. As what site had been no I will read everything. And by the way. Something also. At some point this week if you can. Leave us voicemails. About what shall let you out of favor all about a story. Telling me you know that you pay. Up people's voice mail about the show like those at some point later in the week so I want 3717. 0770. I can't say I can't say I'm not taking over for Chris department. I know that there was some speculation about it's just such a pager I'm happy to not hire you might not wish you all the success in the world get dessert that job. Well no doubt they want you know they they would wants a boy you know with the original spin around way too much of a hater. All right so we got chiefs and Steelers. Got every put everybody was expecting. How are you feeling now that it's actually here. I don't know how that she's gonna spot palladium. Yeah that's gonna help you still do not have the answer for. I do not to say it out loud test yet the Steelers have arguably the best running back in the NF. But she's had 26 ranked run defense and they're missing their best runs opera you would think in their Johnson. I don't know what the plane it's. I don't know of making it. I don't think you can win without stopping Libyan belt but I don't know how they're going to do. Like if we're going to say there are guys in the NFL back in single immediately be cute. I think lady on bellows on that list what I think that's one less write me and I was. I'm. Steelers dolphins. Kept talking about that Roethlisberger with two long touchdowns and public. Actually not watching the game. Be things like spent time talking about. It's passes man but it gives single handedly beat you two waiting to be Marcus theatres. Like this. You respect the Steelers but you've told your them because you have things that are real problems for them to. It just like a huge matchup problems for anyone may face right Steelers patriots in the AFC title game patriots fans. It doing it at fox Boston built in word outlet on ballot Antonio brown and Ben Roethlisberger to just like will be in Kansas City just like anybody that plays Pittsburgh will be. It. Have a great answer for drugs Kelsey. Have a great explanation for why they've been so much worse away from Heinz Field this year they have to go against you read news. Nineteen in three career record coming off a bye week including three you know at home. They've got to deal with bad Roethlisberger injury like. This Timmy is a game that I'm not surprised that it's looking like it's there and up about it. Exports more public team Pittsburgh the scariest scarier team offensively. Play. There's a lot of things that the chiefs due to Pittsburgh doesn't really have a good answer for you. There's absolutely down the other side but there's a week in your wants in the wild card games and obviously chiefs are much better team in the dolphins much more complete. Offensively and defensively and the dolphins. But the Steelers had the look of the very scary wild card team that makes a run. Healthy bit brothels burger I know there's some questions about the walking boot nothing ice is pulling the audio. Antonio Brown who might be the best receiver in the you know palladium down who's the best running back like that team aside Green Bay it will. Looked like the team that can make a wild card paneling go to the Super Bowl I was Chrysler's pre season opener was it was Steelers Packers. Saul. Can go it's so Barcelona so far so. I. How team's last. Two years fake couldn't go line and make that rock. Is it just used. You throw Seattle. You make it to this point in the playoffs. Everybody to do the Packers clearly can do it countless food do with the falcons please just do it at this point that's is all this he's seven. The eight teams you feel like could go to the Super Bowl and win a Super Bowl. So why this upcoming weekend is the best weekend of football the year I all the good NFL Sunday don't get me wrong with the ten. Games at once and red zone channel and you just injecting it into your veins intravenously. But in terms of the standalone games this past week and was horrible this upcoming weekend is the best the got everybody who's playing this weekend either played well enough to get abide. Played well enough to win the a playoff game so this is the best weekend of years or so we got one hassle good football as we. These first half of Packers giants was yet I mean it was terror and that. But Packers giants actually jordin what was on. The rest of it was. Cool highlights and it'll Rogers hail Mary Richardson catch was good Richardson catch. I thought the officiating was noticeably terrible especially in the lions sea hawks game. I thought that was awkward and I think that we probably need to do something about this all star officiating crews opposed to the rafters staying together. Jarring how what's the whole teams dominated us and months and on Friday it all the home teams the went on you pick all the home teams to win. It wasn't close the wasn't what leave change in the second half of any of the wildcard it's. It was just it was. Everybody predicted a bad weekend of football auto Bob cited weekend of football. And I feel like you went worse than anybody could possibly match I mean the first game we should have known what was going to happen I mean Texans raiders used the the say it out loud test of quarterbacks. We just into how that game was going to go I thought that's where it was going to be a little bit more competitive second half got away from the giants. And the dolphins you could tell from the first touchdown on average William Brown had a long screenplay and the patience that you showed that the dolphins were just severely out matched in neck in bed at 102 window I thought it was going to go the Steelers a whole are the best offense in the NFL. I agree any. Although the Packers and the Packers on thirtieth on the board against the giants defense that in the first half I thought looked toss it to judge he doesn't. I should be a fourteen nothing Johnson B seventeens up. And they wanted to have about. Apple 146. And it ended up to 38 on the board against what I think some top five defense to your point that the Steelers and the Packers look really dangerous. Do you think she's fans fear the Steelers I think you should. I think it's like a YouTube and its heater depending on your moment on fear and respect I think the confidence of being a home outweighs the fears appointments to bear off that's why I think she's been. And a reasonable place to be with a huge BC news that came out of the Steelers game and I just don't know how much canoe it's gonna affect chiefs and Steelers will discuss and Sandra. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. Just watch the playoff game might well just how Sonny do another six since Sports Radio FaceBook page germs you're overweight you. Radio network with the call tonight in the tax law is very concerned about where they're gonna get that laser surgery and or escape information from now on I am not going to be taking over jury vision. I would love the dates and affordable so that I didn't listen predicts and forward they're great exit the highway right now I gonna say this they came to me and ask about wanted to be sport clips and I say it is based on urban demographic I bought Chrysler was someone better suited for sport clips and a I. It well the money's so oh. Well I am working or work on the that it worked here and vary much avail. That are assailed it as we are here we are that. You'd sport ups and the knee injury report. Did you take over everything with cars are you get a run at it did you express tour I don't do it retired he's got a little regret I used to have a tired guy I ever real sire guy he's my friend that Iraq back up well it's a sex. The course is right that sell them the moment it's only what was happening I would animals like Daniel arrive here this yeah. You don't drive it is war your hard that exists on CB yeah. Speaking of warm your heart it's still very calls the good folks of our pride mechanical that's an audience chemicals are like guys in impact that you six tagged at discount scores Casey's state company all out to impress somebody that got that I'd I'd just got a new nights at Brooke Burke class as. Not so he speed for McCain I don't know state out of now if you look at this our new career center training has been very good I'm gonna tell us about you getting tired instinct of the commercial for the next year and so I ask. This is this actually works out that while the dot used to be on the show you're getting this where Hewitt. All the because a lot of pressure for you deal with the new year highs again I don't. Exchange company to get in there guys. Bill I've not taking the browns. We. Don't yet. But I can tell you said it was a great opportunity at this point c'mon let's get what I taking the browns job and I'm not replacing Chris Berman to talk we actually have figure this now Dini is going to be taking over the Missouri head coaching job human persons coming here so was rail one for once. We finally got better. And a coaching or agreed to agree. Was that your your eyes yeah please leave a voicemail 9137170770. Play them later in the week. I don't like says a lot notes email me the Harkins at her column dot now I'll be spending a lot of this week. Reading. Everything going over everything saying goodbye and all of that post although message on Twitter you guys can check out. Acts Gainey markets. Do you think they're being serious about this Roethlisberger injured or not. Surprised you steal that way because one of our big knocks on this burger is that you don't know it's you can depend on him. Because he's injury prone. I think that robs workers going to play at the roles were going to be fine. I still think even though he was walking boot in a press conference there's talk MRI and all that. And Roethlisberger plays in these playoffs it's. The question is Justin used. The bigger injury concern is just in Houston and the chiefs pass rush that bad Roethlisberger and his. It's icy otherwise that is what I will choose to believe I was a little bit of gamesmanship. On the part of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Because all of you see the video you know how they always do they showed the team walking off the beauty into a locker room. Roethlisberger didn't Havel implementing naturally has walking boot. In front of the media and the press conference that he does that. After the game at the end Mike Tomlin go to drew when the injury happened in Roethlisberger said it happened like second quarter Tomlin said that asked in the on second to last series of the game which I was at last year's game like. Why Antonio Brown returning ponds up. Fourteen in the fourth quarter of this game. I bet it's like a very unnecessary risk for it player that if he is hurt George Allen. You know again I. It's fast on this and that's. The time it doesn't like here I'm here for the minority are small percent chance. Oh when the the tragedy strikes basically. Never give Jamaal Charles and for the pre season there's always so many hits on a running back why waste the mini game it doesn't matter he is proven that he doesn't need to. It's just what this if you watch playoffs. What's the things that virtue. Star players get hurt in the not being able to play in the playoffs. Once you locked up games and I beyond a reasonable point. If your scores with less than four minutes left in a football game you don't need a star wide receiver returning punts just doesn't need to be that way now. The U wanna battles or take a snappy and you hand also Neal the ball he's not gonna get her that way it. I am a huge proponent of risk aversion. When it comes to injuries when these guys have been wrapped up so I don't know when it happened. But especially for guys who are injury prone what do we learn from Jeff passengers booked ER. The greatest predictor of future injury is a previous century. Ben Roethlisberger injury brown. Be careful with the once you've got on the law locked up Sean Lee on the cowboys' injury prone once they have been locked up it was more products for him to play. We seventeen in the regular season so I do think it's just unnecessary risk but I don't buy it was bad Roethlisberger apply for. All is an incredibly dangerous game. I don't know why as a coach you would make it more dangerous for your team as you said once you get a comfortable lead with a game seems to inquire no longer a question. I don't know why you continued to increase the risk that already exist with play ball not having Antonio Brown returning kicks up seventeen points in the game. It was obvious that the dolphins were dog. Matt Moore wasn't effective that defense was able to stop what they were gonna do offensively. The dolphins looked incredibly out match I didn't understand it but I do think it was a little gamesmanship and tiger and I would say since the walking boot. All they've done is kind of walk back he'd been Roethlisberger injured today he said he was fine he's out of the boot set for sure he was going to play. I don't really know what the game was if you could argue that if they were going to do review Ben Roethlisberger is injury. You play that up till about Wednesday you make that she's prepare for other things they got to prepare for Landry to ask these other things. Any different kind of offense in the eighties I argue troubles were to parties want to play. Missile like a six hour controversy. I believe that Ben Roethlisberger his foot was spot. When I don't think it's the game and derelict everything's fine but let's just put is. A foot and a boat. I. David it's 0% injury is 100% conspiracy in my eye chart your uncle 100% or conspiracy. I just think. That they were being overly cautious and everybody now is to talk about it because the image seared into your head. Ben Roethlisberger in a boot at a press conference after a playoff game with a one week turnarounds. But there's no logical reason to expect him not play given his history given what they've said today given the stakes of the game so I used. I that we look at that is stored however I will say no matter what chiefs and Andy Reid saying. Justin Houston is a huge injury story for this game and for the chiefs and what I don't care they say they just east and is a 110%. Garcia on the field dot SE. Because we've always going to be good for one. One game since the surgery. He's played effectively. So I I will be shocked it's just Houston isn't the bigger injury story for the chiefs game. Over Rauf highly ranked three lady I'm bell David Johnson as he do well. I don't you like to independently take got situations. I'm sure is how you rank that theory. I think. David Johnson is the most talented running back in football because he is the best receiving running back and football so I think they're pretty comparable as runners. And I think David Johnson is clearly the best route runner past gusher. David Johnson won went beyond bell to Ezekiel Ali Agassi you know it is very very very good. And he's just he's. In the absolute perfect situation with the best offensive line and am so I think it is it jolly is the third most talented back. In the NFL among those three and I think that Levy on ballot David Johnson are remarkably close to yeah I'd probably put David Johnson won late on build Susie Juliet the others mcsame you at the late on belt it was kind of just watching it as. Just based on digital city and just watch one individual team without an apple Sony Purdue got a jump from game today game. To watch the patience that lay beyond bell exhibit when he runs the ball. Was incredible to watch on Sunday. He's awesome and then you saw the patience of the the goal line run that they overturned it and to give him you've never seen that. Second or third and goal from the one yard line and he was willing to wait for those hold open all the many went through what that you you've never seen that guys always lead the line they try to ease bulldoze and with power keys. He's a special talent man and you don't their biggest strength against your biggest weakness that given the ball to Levy on bell. And your rush defense it's obviously going to be huge storyline and one drive made it to the world. I it was obvious what they did they brought in their Jumbo package and we're gonna run the ball late on bell and you can't stop it. I question. I wonder if they're gonna do the exact same thing against that she's done all of the chiefs can stop it. It expert says all right this the game that we're gonna get the bodily beyond ultimately five to thirty times where the retaining him the ball the way to going out of the backfield. And let's see if you can stop it have that she shell make it stop at this season. Now not even not even a little bit. And video we are talking to. Was a classic it's that you could game plan against stopping the run more so than some of the vulnerabilities in the passing game. Woolsey on buffaloes about it coming up at 330 you know he was always offensive line and on more passing team that are run first team but. Is that something that you can scheme around just a straight deficiency with no Derrick Johnson going up against let beyond doubt I'd give us a minute. The pop quiz. The last edition of the drive three of us it's Friday it's going to be a weird week drive. EM TP electric TV into the studio sixty and Sports Radio dose of good tickets dot com right now and get 610 off your ticket order using promo code 610 sports. Thanks for being with us on the drive the NEC dot Betty ice extent Sports Radio six that sports dot com Ryan Lilja in studio. Act 330. Bittersweet day. Beginning of the end of the show eyelash show is Friday. You want any bits brought back any favorites were compiling some to a put together feel free to send in your tax tweets recommendations what you wanna hear. Tax like 69. The re. 06. But. As always around this time you didn't take a minute guys. What the new Associated Press college basketball poll is out and yet I pod. Number one in the whole aids the bay alert Bayer is now a couple of skier. What coach do I tell people all the time is a good coach you don't give credit to you're going to tell me the coach. Betsy King's College basketball program. Race scandal in which the other head basketball coach cover up a murderer and now has been no one in the Associated Press poll. Is it a good coach that's the stance people are gonna have to come Scott Drew. MySpace has got there was always it's not a good in game coach Ilie you know he doesn't have high end NBA talent. He's a good recruiter. I don't like some of the things about him personally about how you know Bible clubs but a lot of guys do that and I just don't find it to be very genuine coming from Scott true but. This is not true you think the Baylor is good legal legit number ones that they're beating Kansas that there was the big twelve well that was my next point you know what a terrible poll number two. This just follows a beer and broke it model with the old. Just because it number one loses doesn't mean that the number two team is now the best team in the country. I always say every time you sit down and your top 25 you should ask ourselves today at the tournament started today who I think when the tour. That's how I would do my based on what's happening shortly. Not just so arbitrary system that says seem to pass the rule book the best team in the country right now aside from the eight steps we did note this is Kansas. Cain isn't the best team in the country it is through the number one team in the current. Added that it was the second best team in the country Villanova is the about it. What do you think that no matter what dukes the vast country and as the tournament starting unit so you'd have no problems on the voting indeed it has to implement your. Oh but I just saying we needed to win the battle is that I had it and they had injuries in the Lawson and all in and out and now those players come. So if he's having due to the best team in the country an argument right Vatican ignored sixteen the best you got a if you thought you select the best in the country and an argument if you. Solid argument to make. If you take Villanova is the best team giving kids the best team. But may the best team in the country right now the best college basketball's Baylor. I don't think Baylor is the best team best of the best in the country and no thanks to win their conference. And that's. Assessments Kansas that it is the Baylor though admitted that we just saw that it was going to be a roll over for you in the big twelve now you're at least intrigues. Right that these and I thought it was Kate you and everybody else. I think there was another team that had the potential to getting to number one in the country the people. At the very least it's made the interim of the big twelve regular season a little bit more interest in. Even if it's window dressing in case you and they'll all week portable winning the big twelve by two games. It's still is gonna be a more interesting regular season affected Baylor dot number one at some point it. Kansas Baylor will be mossy TV just for this sheer measuring stick majored in and I expect Kansas when we get by double digits but. Can't says bin not quite as dominant as we thought you could score inside on them they don't have enough on court that they don't have a rim protector. So I think it's added a little bit of intrigue to the big twelve regular season and it was bill bill let's not discredit that the Kansas State wildcats their rank tied for 25. That's true salute to them that's true they deserve to be ranked after the effort but showed against him. Again I think that the yield 25 vs others receiving votes vs when he sat hit. It's nonsense if future for school like that it's good to see your team ranked. Ice cubes. Or goes the final fours just a success differently. Or they word the final four now our number that is good time era. We don't need state ranking last on board must take its final order the Andy Griffith Show was on television Missouri's governor into the final whereas no clue what is I. The next time he's ranked which would be like it one all we expect that the race. Do we tell us about an eighty rate I'll be pumped about being tied for 25. Sucks man Aussie tough to be humans are sent its you don't wanna know which I've with a voice that says it was oil from my minute everyday you'll soup I statement. We even talk about the misery. Oh yeah I was not watching live that. I lose. All its music I don't like to tell me what are you gonna reach for things now and legitimate. I you know that's got a reason standards a little bit once I'm gone please I'll try not going to be easy six ask him. I'd be he's coached other and other coach seems kinda weird Oakland. Owning them minute hearing quick not sports related but I signed as. Headline from Saturday. Instead magician David Blaine almost died after a bullet catch trick. Did Clinton stopped shooting himself in the days. But now she elegant idea I I admired. The type of illusionist that he is I've seen David Copperfield lives some of the most incredible things I've ever seen it had happened because of these different types of magicians and they're here. Awestruck. He showed. That you can catch a bullet with the proper. Way to trick yourself into being able to catch it and he was able to do. He did it but also he was then treated for a laceration in his throat because the bullet basically went in towards the back of his throat. So he did he putts the bullet. But an after his friend who fired the gun and said. I don't ever want to do this anymore because you could have died. It explains that quote we're gonna dealer rights and that's the end of the story. You are culpable there's no there's nothing else that you need to prove at this point and it's been trying to would again the chances are the likely goes very very important. I wanna see David going to do to shock us do some really cool things I don't need this intention other bullet darted through. Hot. From banning nights. Are seldom breaking news in the NFL by the way former Syracuse football coach Doug morrow at the horse. The jaguars and that was the most predictable news media on all the promotion from offensive line coach just internal that's the fire it allows them to hang on to Blake portals for another year he performed well in two games that this dog to help the coach. Got a quarterback drafted. From Syracuse now fourth rounds picker never amount to anything but still are drafted from Syracuse. After Greg Robinson won ten games and warriors. Coach now. Now he's got a little bit of problem waiting to his bosses and other people on the human level because it's crazy football guy at the bottom fired buffalo. Coach football. How is it worked at the NFL level I can tell me have the opportunity to draft a quarterback and go terribly wrong paves the saints several is going to get fired before point. Fieger. Probable. This was a move that lack vision and lack creativity this was don't. Bad organizations do bad things hiring Doug wrote to be your football coach who tried to fix Blake portals was a terrible decision it was. Like portals last year. The offensive line coach that he got promoted to answer that you think it's Dodgers had all of its ability to coach quarterbacks is never talk to blink at our. Wait morals and he's never talked to him it is now probably not and now it's obvious that the exploit portals. Probably mention it the house it was a whittling down there since losing they played essentially the same this past year yeah site. Yes he obviously was a part of the coaching. That's the new direction that you wanna go in the U super high and the jaguars are one year ago and I was wrong about Blake and now they got a Syracuse football guy in charge that are heading for six man. They're spiral I was sick of six wins in wrong player and I wish that's really we should rename the show and decided to name. Jules can pretty good he does he looks at me. It. You better Twitter playing basketball a pretty good at he's great both. Is all I nominated for the drive all before. Adding India and power move on the way out. I do you fans to keep them out. I mean eight congratulations theater which he scored 23 points on a team that wins twelve games he's playing. In the comedy Missouri basketball players and I just last week. Or it isn't there and I. How many outlets are guys in the NBA and normally most guys as a loser represent their program by doing well in the NBA games scoring points and rebounds don't. Clerks is emulating miss you by fighting it takes a certain lack of self awareness to dog it. NBA player averaging 23 game when you root your for winners pop quiz. Is pop quiz hotshot. Don't blame them out. It's against this guy just started in the movie at 9357676. Baptized here. This is the essence of discrimination. Formulating opinions about others not based on individual merits. But rather on their membership in The Who would listen characteristic. It into the go to the mavericks game the high. Ask contests back your shot and a thousand bucks in just over two minutes on the drive. Including studio sixty and Sports Radio.


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