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0109 - Danny's Announcement

Jan 9, 2017|

To kick off Monday's show, Danny has an announcement to make regarding the future of "The Drive."

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is a bittersweet day for me on this show. And as I said on Twitter that we had a little bit. Of an announcement to make. Its oh I told you the announcement yes OK announcement insights I've shared with you. Yeah I believe so but I know the breaking news drop Brad OK. I. Secrets out some people that it's be sure at least injured tell you two guys. Friday will be my last you know on the drive. And paid you Matt thank you very much. Yeah I'm leaving. I am leaving 6:10 and I am leaving Kansas City. The captain is coming with though. Well I'm tablets that. Did try to driver late premier view it from her vice Versa though she's not coming away. So there are just five shows last. Of this year shows that. Brinkley has changed my life in a lot of ways. Both personally. And professionally. I'm sure there'll be a lot of questions and we will answer all of them as honestly as we hand the only thing basically that I can't say as of now is where I'm going. I hope to be able to announce that on the air before the end of the week there's just stuff that. It's just you know. Eyes have to be dotted t.s have to be cross that sort of thing but just know and I think the guys you. I would leave purchased any opportunity. I am leaving for an unbelievable opportunity. I am leaving for an opportunity that is so good that I will be leaving. Shall you read Friday before chiefs game for a team legitimately like the Super Bowl you know how much fun we had the Super Bowl when we went to Arizona I'd hate an opportunity miss. A return trip I think the tees were in the Super Bowl probably stay at hotels nicer than what we're as a murder committed. Right you'd be hardest hit one worse when you think that if the tees aren't the Super Bowl maybe maybe your next opportunity we can guarantee that the town will be. Yes gotta gotta protect itself how to protect the god. This is crazy to think that all this time that we talked about windows closing we were talking about the drive window closed. Seventy. These eight years talking about the royals went oh. Closing at this time and it is our window blown that is close. I I don't see it department. And I and it's dot. Com. Pay an account has been. Amazing in Maine and this is by will be the last time the U peer these games just in case I forget the rest of the week what we're doing chief Steelers were doing a ridiculous this. And were doing our victory lap patting ourselves on the back end. The self aggrandizing schori is gonna come. I you wanna thank. Our boss John Hansen. Days here on a local level we easy impact on a corporate level waned Julie. Ever locally in corporate and a corporate level editor column for facilitating. This time line for me and letting me take advantage of what is truly a dream and a monumental. Career opportunity this came up very fast. And it's it's what's led to the timing. Staff will be staying in Kansas City. Through our wedding in March and then she'll be joining me. Whenever works out as conveniently and as quickly as possible so I'll be back on a lot of weekends I don't ever forget anything that's right babies are now. I know. I don't ruin our are you leaving it to anchored in Vegas earlier I pay off that I am I paying off the bat and word and we're going at it and hitting it that you can put your job. Or does this you know the flexibility. It's not coming I just can't wait for Chrysler -- keepsake Euro bid is that it is limited run into I'm someone that data is part sought advice obviously Dana is on vacation the now that's just it's just Kennedy write long. Vacate the they'll be like the new Jimmy Kimmel apologies to Matt Damon we ran out of time bright start the show every day Danny's on a case Jamie's were holding it down I get it and all that's you know we're gonna get a lot of questions I don't have a tax on open right now you can tell me what's happening on there. Sure a lot of questions about what's next year. I can truthfully say that idol no. I don't know the date I can truthfully say I don't know this is a right from. I teams say that I'm fairly confident the ice to be part of you're an ice should listen people should listen to you ice. Wherever you are whatever it is to be in just go and say that part the guys there and I have been told that we are going to stay in afternoon good. And that we are going to be a part of the decision of who replaced OK I think I think that's. That's a weakens yet and I I genuinely don't think that it's known. Yet on a corporate level and you guys so we don't know what year. You know there will be show you guys are both working and alternated at right yes we will be her room will be okay. So I will not easier and located the Monday after teased Steelers. But Chrysler and Carrington will both be working. The guests I presume you they they'll do whatever they want you show. It's always good team effort it's always been of the open I'd imagine not a whole lot changed as we you know we settled things as democracy. I on this show very rarely that I asked to please everybody gets one vote in the Bible to scouts more than anyone else about is normally when I was walking towards a third rail situation. And I just wanted to take the burden of whatever blowback might be coming on me. It's now you know oh four over also. Get that timing good luck to the chiefs could your gonna get department that does not here. Right you know idea we wanna cubs World Series we one day. Ceres since in the title game back to back years. It department to conduct out of here before. So I'd imagine Betty you're happy I did not gonna make a prediction was renowned for its gonna get it very difficult to oppose all week and you're not make a prediction on the game so like let's not say that it's out of the year. I do like it's on its way to being out I do like cities in this one that's your ad that's ad that's an excellent point. Tough park and it IAE. Just build it like there's a lot bowl on so I have my full thoughts elected. I'm you ice yet. On. Don't any time that we're gonna try to go back and forth between Jesus dealers NFL arm normal ridiculousness and then like I said can relive some of the great moments. And haven't fallen and going down memory lane and all that stuff. Ploy. We've accomplished something really special here. With this show and we've accomplished something today frankly. No one really thought we were going to be able to do. And we take a great amount pride in that and I personally take a great amount of pride and lake. It's been well documented how you and I started. And where we started in you come and I exhibition yesterday Q plus there. And how different places you and I were mad at how different you and I our hands. I today and tight tee and you and I have been kind of a radio odd couples who. Has grown up in front of the city you're in front of your home city mean is. You know I call Kansas City Hall you know I mean I I. I felt luckier I mean to get married here Kansas City genuinely. You know its staff reached out to me because she heard me on the last low and wanted to watch Clemson in Syracuse game. With someone and I wouldn't beyond last blow if I had been on the show and I would do is they'll last as long as show it's you and I had have been put together. You know and I mean I've had opportunities to explore other opportunities before. And I haven't taken them and I haven't gone but John's just cursory conversation before because. This is a really good job. And this is a really good city in the city has been really good domain. Put this is just something that I personally. Can't pass up and you heists are huge part of that man but I don't ice since. What fourth grade. Ice fourth grade dance around that time and we did high school radio together. And it's. I sold feisty you would we were gonna get a full time producer and afternoons and I sold place we've used to the boss in the ice. Moved here. On a huge leap of faith that some guy that he went to high school with the that we hadn't really been in too much contact with. Other than a little professional exchanges here and MIT Morris Almond Chrysler we ate dinner Applebee's yes the first on the ice. A pretty big key. Broke up with someone that he was living west. And move this year. Yes to better his career and yes because he was gonna get hosting opportunities and he had felt like you'd hit a ceiling and his other job. But any. I don't think this is overstating got me on costs and I hate that means a lot and and I think you've killed it and I think that you're the best producer. Not battle in Kansas City adding you're one of the best producers and radio. Ends. Menu and I like it's. I did you know where to begin with you. Who wears you and I had all the ups and downs and how public it's been and I would say our growth on air together and you're growth in terms of what I have no. Doubt in my mind. That you as the face of the afternoon show going forward as we've been like the co face of it together recently I I've. No doubt in my mind that you are more than ready and capable and you always used to say. Sometimes I think seriously and sometimes I think joking that I was a wing clipper. Man I hope I didn't and I know that you're ready to go side you've been more than ready for that and this show has meant everything to me sometimes spends too much to me and I've left it on my sleeves too much but. Kansas City has been insanely good to me professionally and personally and other advanced staff who won going to marry. Like she would be the one that went out we talked about before I'd I'd probably conversed more with you do. Then I actually have with her so if she is one. You guys are one. Five and a half almost six years in April. So. It's been a hell of a run man and there'll be more things said but. Friday is the last show and you guys have meant the world I think it's going to be weird really over the next four or five days or so to have the trips. Them and relate in public that we just had privately the last couple weeks or so right yeah A and to go back so I remember this conversation like it just happened. Thank you we were Arizona. Aid it was the days that the chief treated for Alex Smith. A ended about we amazing show that day and I'm really left relied. We could do right and I've ever there was a time that everybody woods or Roman nobody wanted to as the host from. From Clinton to Ryan and removed afternoon's. No one thought we could ever be having keeps gaffe stuff busta. Yeah and then I just as an ice and lost. My goal is to deal it's just don't get beat so bad right right. Ice and I view as an extra it really is likely to be competitive like I. Like that line and dodge ball Ariza you know I'd a found out if I have a goal I might not achieve so why even get to that point even numbers and Chrysler really had any choice but to believe that we can win because he had given up everything but he had to join us this could work better but starting from the title that I gotta give up something Israel did this or girls out here. Ed it's. In two years running. I mean seriously. It rates. Were more than four consecutive months of highest rated show on the station. Bands. Highest rated sport show in the city. And winning and afternoons. And people said that UN I could situated peoples that you and I needed football players to call those people said that it was only because of the royals. And then it just kept working and certainly to this point eighty's my greatest professional. Accomplishment our greatest professional accomplishment together. And no matter what I do no matter what you do man I'll never do another show quite like this and I'll always remember it look back on it unbelievably fondly. And the listeners there's gonna be a lot of you in the next five shows. Just thank you so much. For insulting us and listening to us and living your lives with us and allowed us to live our lives with you. And coming back when we gives the sports what you wanted us to and indeed with us when we didn't expect to sports. And forgiving me for all the losing bats that I giving you over the years and for being so gracious in public and mostly even on text and we see you guys have actually been battered and not than we sometimes give credit where you've been amazing and now I'll never forget you're a liberal views and finally grew in the shell gas of course my liberal views of rookies other breaking us up I don't know who BO replacement but almost surely will be to the right. But anyway. Wow that was a lot. I'm sure you have questions we'll answer them. Just put up to us these next five shows there's going to be a lot of sports there's going to be a lot of loss. And there's just going did the kind of messy and sloppy but I think sometimes messy and sloppy is when we do our best work so. Five more of these back after this on the drug.


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