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01/09 - 1 pm - The Fan Man

Jan 9, 2017|

In the final hour of the show, our little buddy Brad Fanning stops by for his typical shenanigans.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here are allowed to patent practice. Roddy and Ron. It's a hot takes that I didn't believe. The good news there. Here all the issues they share. This trail 2 o'clock today big time announcement on the fly. To right future listing you'll hear them. Any of it driven them to an end to negative and the Xbox. In the shops they have begun to get that with you about public owed her some of them now to pick up the topics the finish. Then you'll pick it up throughout the soldier expire. And the audience and so I think you did get work done answering any of you know did you try turning it off and turning it back on a hundred times that counts you have to place these media outlets in the minds of thirteen year old. It's but he'll play it now. What tech mobile homes but it you played real sport great yeah it's. That was the only work they definitely feel it at. I don't buy back bragged. Nancy Ellison on driving it that them. Please do what game 213 elect about. Them it's like college do you one of those good bad and now he's a sports and now now. Like to buy but he relaxed which were now it and please oh really he's not sports kid fifteen euros then. So if it's added that EA did a blizzard rough grow Charlie's generally kid Joseph fat right now which is good. Susie yet easy bunker like cricket we daddy don't quicken up like here interpret which enjoys an element. So I hate that eats that crickets. The Emmy Awards do. He anchored to me don't aren't you ready for which she Steelers I have is absolutely not be. On par meets him. You can ride the hot guy in Libya and bill Johnson and you gotta stop a guy. You like drug not go in he's not a guy right now now gets stopped almost it's almost 400 yards more on the road than at home any guy can play to ask you this like how do more running backs don't do what he does. Like you don't have to be a tremendous athlete to take your time get a lot and final hole in the head. What are you me he's not he's a fair question I do that because this comment that he got a earlier today that it has to be liked terrifying. For someone carry on it all speed NFL field to come to a completes the -- mean you got guys why are around you. All over the he did OK he devoted his special year he guts what he does he could so. Still more to do it some of the does that is that honest and no it's it's. It is just a talent thing is the alternates outlined two guys seek to do them when their when your lines at that. Not you know that's what I'm gonna give us Jessica few sacks but is that doesn't seem like one of those things that all running backs can't do we think him stop these gonna be patient go read about what I'm just showing that knowing that you feel expects that to work it depends. I was running backs are told you hit the whole use go out of heeled audience it'll audience in the seriously what he's doing resentment. And those code and also you it makes a lot to say that those players. If they did it begin to rubble. It is a lot of index Friday in the signal became a hit the hole and go he's one of the few guys that seem to be able to have been an invasion. He had yet quicker burst than than most running backs and probably agree and its biggest not the boat that they get it all he's a freak is vision on the field is humble and I'm just watching him. Throughout the course this season in Washington yesterday. Like why don't more running next to the death seems like. That seems like a lot of running backs can do that but more hitters pool you know he's on the tone it. Mom that. Actually loved here like a legitimate answered that question from like from somebody's from a football after my. You know say OK what what I don't know what a makes sense why we used to run up and running the rationale that a lot of what you wanna run up the run right into the back is somebody in India one yard or what we just. Stop X I X ice already baked futile time they could stop the timing so I won't just be a little just dismiss more patient and they wait for the hold open up and then hits. Excellence is very cedars is a good point he he needs unity and he was given found that crease and he was morbid dancer though in Latvia I mean it doesn't do that all the time but a few times he'll do what can you beat him stop happening shifts which has been no other -- is zero wasted motion. At all. Let him down. But he doesn't think he's pressured he's a decent stroke stuff that's why he's first or is it that enemies we could have been another talented back so bad it had been patient like Edgerrin James used his same thing. But there's a big swing patients in guys just all out stop he'd I. Running the government in god he just stops. In that restarts it's very usual now I don't know it's he's these. I can't take my eyes off the island when these point is only a U a do that its core element I mean I'll read it out against us. That drop is that he has enough of that basket that I'd opt out you take your eyes. Can't keep. That drew me beard here is that. And I've got a question for you. Spanning from don't man oh man not thought to rest some go man. And it boy it called memoir due. To happen here the so I don't strike per year to get along with the ball or merits our it is great little. I'm my Ukraine. Would you go. Bold burglary and it's. I wanna know why. Does little or boring maker of the ghost busters are a lot more and more. And wink I apparently according to grow her and I called you couple weeks ago on the pros and true ignorant and stupid of them tomorrow. I think about it dump the view things are you are drunk now. And all their great. Perk Becky Gelman. Italy the New York just to beat you every want to young boat. Or whatever go back arrow. I. I edit forgot man he. He dropped the fabulous Olmert and yeah these warning you know an economy. Through the question anybody else what's why. I'm encouraged all really learn to read stories. And a look like Rick and now. You bought by a ball that recurrence is better way. And debating and I'm five since that since expect the title of this league and the really love and make fun fanning out. I don't like this great but it is very personal immunity things very serious thing. Really yes. Very hurtful when is the last thing you Tutsis. I can't say exactly. Friday now. Julia takes years I realize that build up inside me and in. Old Johnny pizza who made its biggest rate ranked one of the top 100 independent pizza franchises in the country you'll break dating Brooke Cuba VP Dan Ryan everybody did bond to one of the best places in the world. Will walker missed holidays in the year when the two to shout out will now. Will bill Erica. We. Not entertained by the playoff games this week in other awful. You know the expect more hazards national football the packer giants game counties mean thank you we might have a pretty game I told lake right there that's who remind everybody I don't know I think. In the near. And what's his face stepped out of bounds on the kick off then for the giants now was it that they're Rodgers just be sweet as. The great quarterbacks do in the postseason we sold from may and Roger that's that you want a seat in xmas get gain a great game and Indianapolis new. 350 plus yards four touchdowns with there's four guys in the club. Aaron Rodgers down a club Alex Smith is in the club even though we didn't get that way just at quarterback you know readers zero quarterback play their accounts. Dolphins terrible quarterback play. Back now is this why comes down to Beck QB did you think Matt Moore was dead in the end it bit you see edit and oh yeah. Off the shirt in to us and not golf for sure he was done for the game I thought broken hill I think once you play. He's tough spot that he was a blood Dupree killed in that kind of cold give it like that. I thought it was dead. As it did at the gym and everybody in there's. Now like a but the guy I've done is Debbie had a quarterback you'll than Jim during the play or Padilla had in choice. What it made me. Wouldn't that could mainly together your girl for me you fiance during the play fiance. Did she tickle me but the game was. The game was all in a strong let's it is him wanna because he forced to go I want you and I'm watching the game longer doing on the lip that you big clip. While doing an and I dvi as silly as we go back and watch it which I did. What's its. Today's evidence couples were count we can girl smooch in between reps absolutely fantastic. Oh that's excellent. Should she made him. You were cool well it is grips. Particularly in the admissions letters and acts. I'll get it done before winning games and I'll. Say east cool I'm liking and caught in the morning. And the next barked evil wizard. The stuff with us. And for my family this whole last five to be back. To me. Would you be impaired beating them one. Brett Cecil who's my idol she took. Manager for one that's been my music is indeed things for the kids and you can keep it. Snatchers. And she maybe he's at the same. He does it being and as well that's only if you go to the country kitchen right now by a Red Bull. Is this why not. I don't I couldn't do it yes please explain to a city like you couldn't do yesterday again he she which particular color. Me. It's Atlantic accord like it since. It's. Or. When you go to that she during the play. Pool. Q what would cast he said what he said. It certainly. Turkey Iran for Bo the wife tipper at home. All of those are just my fiancee maybe don't tell us tonight only in the story thing. And I want to control went by means. Because. If you ask that you deal. He's the one thing she violence. And what's your last. Bull or drink a beer will watch what your laugh is that where the PP which your allowance that we get short of that day. Do you get excellent. EG till I get an extra much maligned. You victory it is currently. Which you're allowed just I don't. The only country like I do for money to use it in these people are awful people peonies powerful painful. I you try before hitting the gym after this sport is worse things around and he's been here. It's all getting into I'd rather full days in your underwear man. When you would cast in May need to people do like a bed sheet. It's like this it's like to fit that she'd have the color art and then they hope that good triangle for about it back. It's like the tartan elected the big flag at an idea of the national. I was like fourteen people on the inside for that badly. And obviously left and yes I. Got a bird got a Packard do. Deal's close the windows says she technically it's here. You're using. Tool to a kid's day to funnel and like you in. That's the thing that's that's your wife controls him. She takes two years in public art than machine and go for about it took abuse we can. She got to tell you that she did she's because you get pleasure that I gave him some beard yet has yet to ask you again you took out. And what you did agreeable or drink beer. Johnson did that she pay for procedural. Aussie. Man. That we would. And the object and I mean yeah. But it is my group. I knew what they do I've been here you've been a mine. But. I'm. UK my Port Angeles protect. Years ago that was really cool a bunch of those blacks it opened up three runs pretty big news stream in the street. We get to it we'll prepare for. There we wanna ask you volume in the next segment one is dry ice in India you're also on the trade in the second in his young. Pump house basketball players that we can't stay. Go down today and I don't respect the world sees. Studio sixty and Sports Radio you'll do pretty tickets dot com right now. Sixty in particular in total to sixty in sports. Bonus. It. This essence. Because users. And I was like directions well among the dozen or so yes it's sort. You like loads of CO. Yeah I actually generated. Let me like you know loud and. That hole. I hit probably just I'd like run he'd choose a big deal of night school Beastie Boys. Now it goes yeah and then as you are never simple logic and Jews I was not I can't take why nothing got. Yeah. Like to know exactly suggesting that bank whose wife hasn't sitting down the actually you know. It was married to one incident and the way yeah he did that he got divorced later. Each and she sucks that's why why why does she. I don't know. Podcast and some missing piece what probably is lift the lid. The fact that he did attitude that's the other things disappoints the towards the and a in the getting your secrecy would abolish it. He had never you know. It's really important things that has urged the world of this hypothetical road frequently including on its. It would only incidently from what. So farmers can lower your head that direction notes at all and you notice. Content and she slept so. She she's listened to your ideas and the rest of powerful and it should be satin like a year. If you would America be like if your wife made you said he. Rabies worsen she stood up the poop a bit about Iran that would be an. Obama as I did news broke. On Friday. Afternoon. Drive dies act. Tallest man he knew he was a guy that's resonating you've got it resonate with the stay is fans lost. Hanged just. But Sox I'd I'd first like you know there's two parts of that I mean from like them emotional. Standpoint you know you're you're you're so. You're in love of that team he's one of the key guys and he's gotten that that bond you out because when they always loved about diced into is that it was not afraid to say anything. Like he was like he was the goat to interview. In the clubhouse is he was funny he was real when longest tenured guys we have yet he's a little glued you know fast and unique. Mean thing Ali times when he when he pinch ran in the late innings. I mean that stadium went bananas. You know he he was so hard not to I don't like he hired I heard the interview the they would get a seat on and he said he did you ever remember getting booed. Or spring training 2012. Screen and we're in the in the clubhouse and Arizona were asking who's the toughest player on there who's toughest part of this team. Some oysters but this Wednesday that he will us this happy that he can't dies they got to realize what. Is. Scrapped. Peso is always right there are members of an ice is pretty raw or my order my phone is Dicey quotes was at number they yell at the parade and was it McComb Mississippi Gary's friends Libya and they had a parade format to the world's industry temperament hints as somebody asked him. They want to speedily going to be on the street and he has a no speed limit you know speed and a mile road and no speed limit on me. And I like I just love does that mean he's happy you not love that guy and the way the popular got the club at Hosmer. Cain. Salvador Ramel these guys. Are you so much the other two guys a fiftieth round draft pick Jimmy. If people fully understand how hard it is for fifteenth round draft pick to make it and always says the interview. That listen that whole thing on Friday. And you know he said. You know I wouldn't make any money I wasn't. Anything. You know so for Dyson to be able to get to the big leagues stick make a great living. I mean that is remarkable when he was able to live because the majority of the time I mean you know the Bob's stars who were those guys that he had seven and a half million mean teams are gonna give. That guy as many chances as they possibly can make it because they've invested so much money not to invest in their eyes open and he still is able to make it. So the fact that he he's what he's done. And and be able to achieve to me is fantastic and talk about little guy make an enemy is the minor leagues are basically for 3% of the players. But the 3% of the guys that they think you're gonna get the big leagues but has got to have somebody to play and that's what Dyson was on the drafted him. And most guys are never gonna make it. And it determination. That asked people well his speed to I mean certainly that's. The big staying means to the a lot of times mean we'll get to escort speed on Albert that's any you don't get Julia when the royals when you economists are of the royal Dyson helped gore by the way we have got the start of the royals baseball academy back in what 1969 or whatever it was. It was to turn athletes and great baseball players and it didn't work because that doesn't largest of guys are great athletes and can run fast. Think that meaning that a Major League curve ball. You know but Dyson was one of those guys that was taken for his speed. And turned out to be able to be good enough hitter to get an outfielder villainy than big Lisa it is our great schedule has an ex CNN yes so I don't know he's got columnist and I just loved him. The move makes sense that makes makes a policy on the baseball and the business standing Labor Day we're gonna go to fuel the royals they have a pitcher the Hannah this order out and it's warriors a team controlled it makes complete sense to a T thirty tuna. This 32 years old not gonna get any faster. He's arbitration available are eligible this year yet these free agent that we should have dated cards that are controlled familiar. From a business standpoint it makes perfect sense just got a son to me is the real enemy willing to keep Frank White forever indeed keep George Fareed I keep all these guys forever. So you know I just. That. Just the electricity in the stadium when you know I still think back and we talked about him every two and a wild card game when weasel for Ernie was stealing bags. And that then and the effect that out on the ground. Even just on a day gain in June when he can and a pinch run you knew exactly what was gonna happen the other team knew exactly what was gonna happen and he did it anyway. He was still able steal a bag like no you know what 99% of the time so all this if I get it from her videos. After game in the united in there with me to today's talk about Dyson who has put in his intra. Herbert and stating those he's the pitcher advocates are always gonna steal a severe worsening global incidence of blow you might have been their hands and arson in the blood. Yeah they know it's gonna happen and there's an art to steal badger is gonna go on and take it mean. Got to pick the county got to pick the pitching at a gas a little bit right and you gotta go and Dyson dozens of master. So I'll miss him I mean I don't know how. How you can't miss them I mean EE. It just got the bomber he's not going to be that put us in more but I do understand and I mean you know. But it just sucks I'm. Asked about this meet weekly word. We've been paid opponents though oath suspending. Grayson down to get from duke and the trooper that trooper always trip might trip that whites are. Odds have been suspended for weeks all three to five days after a lot to tanning and I can't about three games of whatever. You suspend indefinitely. But only ended up being one. K so ever eyes like he got left a hole that they lost as good as he learned his lesson. The locally which means big league don't believe that he really learned his lesson because. They let him essentially get away with tripping three people in who he only missed one game a game in which they lost in the all the sudden ended up being. You know what the light Baltic came on we get it going it put back in a lot as we can't afford to miss or lose not any other games in the ACC then. With that today. He gets back into the gonna. Over the weekend did you see the fact that he had this little sits ways weighs in triple play here. What looked like he was bots do something with his leg when he Janet yeah. Sharon Brigham and unit. Activity still wouldn't try it looked like he was trying to kick I don't know music and things turn AAA computer ought to use he was raising his leg is goals like he was trying to do you think about it the kidney in the groin yeah. Now the ACC is a conference said. That they can't it's. Did that when they looked at it that there is nothing can close of this to call from them there's nothing to close of that can be determined. As to whether Allen incidentally make contact with the Eagles play ball out of the opponent. All using his leg of if it's just a matter time before this guy does another thing. Absolutely. You know on our and I and I guess I can saw that video and I get yeah you can't it's not conclusive but c'mon. I mean the guy's got a history you know what he does know things that he does so I already do seriously I don't know I don't know what the kids dealers. Yet it's on the always trip you wasn't lazy Turkmen. Think about it is though. Here's the thing. You know it's gonna happen again is that she answered each and actually gonna get hurt it suitably terminate wit is yes that was gonna break career break careers and aids and later in the does get a end and then look at the you know what happens next after somebody gets hurt from grace now triple and a. I'm sorry I was looking for a funny thing you know it was you know what happens when he trips a guy. And the guy gets hurt. It's hurt because this city. RO OK now evident it's gonna be a fly Anderson is that why you fight a battle today to get about eight I believe polygamy but here's the thing though. These spin and wounding strip people preterm suspended one game yeah so it was an ex Tammy does it. The group do you. Suspending double move would be glad that he's looking little one I mean. You should be setting precedent. Which they said SeaWorld does not enough doesn't feel a little bit and coach K I expected to only get one game and results principles and understand now don't get down. Teaching lessons lol yeah. Each not to trip one in future if anybody. No like in an athletic and analysts on purpose Tripoli ends turnaround but now like. Not a baseball field leader trip somebody were. I don't think Notre Dame right now. I wouldn't do that. Speaking of fight we got to get to the Missouri saying here next. And now also. Big is gonna tell you what you have to watch tonight's national champ. Direct victims as though things on flight bluntly 48 hours for this game home whole Clinton. Home. We get today it was weird dude. I'm thinking that black. Putting studio sixty and Sports Radio. I don't I don't basically. Tell you. In the that he pulled him both Rex Manning. It folders brought tila Johnny pizza that's right two great locations. Yeah because nothing got. The that are owed. Even rode it out there Linux you can't take guys off 18 AM eastern we were talking to earlier bad do you get for a what's your dad camp to. Hole. At all the pretty damn. I didn't want him to have them understand that can be book is that there's video blown out or. There's like a fine of law Bill Gates. And booted them you know I condemn as. That is that the weather and of aggressiveness and then you know the issue jeweler to the kids you know video in the book when they sneeze and around Baghdad instead collective sneezing. It's never their nose like it. You know they like Baghdad that's did a politician yet represented rookie it's getting sworn in by Paul Ryan didn't. It is so I was home quick scheme on the Bible whatever he's. You're right right and dad it was at its armed but it did. Was sitting down it was. Is named after that those illegal down Mel. What he's the first one to do that predictive that's a query. Thank you thank you terrible wasn't brought that he was doing in the locker room in his postgame dance in the clubs last year my director not count. I honestly I was just leaving yeah I don't know yet Ryan has no. A pretty sure that's what happened I don't know literate I thank him Newton actually started I think he got from Davos swinging known oh look at. I don't know which day it was a greeted by rap group. In my GO else in the house those guys in first introduced to the NFL by being brought back. Jeer me bill that's bad boot you not a big fan of the minerals no new whose wife had targeted him ideal audience popular biggest Jeremy hills actually the first one it today that it. They dealer hate vaguely either I don't know flaky it was here it is Matt and you know Blake was here. On his locker room either playing flo rider added that after practice one day and and a reporter asked. Alex Smith. Matt is Matt Cassel made his before it got in like see you IKEA. The full read something. And as I mean I flew it right up. For. Slow reader. Who's a reporter nice date moment we'll read you read a floor readers know what good did Alicia was an assault on their about the analysts say. This wasn't me up to them but it was funny though TV radio rage. When. He. Read. I don't know of anybody aerospace where us and we'll read. Them. Put this together your process of illumination. What did you think when you saw the appeal all of Missouri told his in the Georgia coach didn't. Coach is king unified man they can't. I showed you videos recently I courteous to I mean I can we honestly I don't I don't seek out Missouri basketball games ago launch of but is don't wanna. Because I don't wanna watch him I mean it's really that simple notably. I don't. Go why I'll go watch K and K state. Husky football or basketball. And Mikey football. King last longer. It's like football better than I was last loss to slow now meanwhile Fallon on the other stuff but he would do the fight thing. Coaches can't get the middle that you can't lose your head. You're the adult there an apparent. India and be winning why not big league. Wide Arabic and coach get into the game to go can't you be the got a break it up not the guy in the fight. I can judge its capital at times but I did this area notion capital and got a as a coach you'd be able to. Let baseball managers get her mix it up to with still it's still start pushing other times on Sunday due to time and time out you. You'd think what baseball and are are allowed to do aids probably should be allowed to is sinking a basketball coach like old station if fighting. Orleans. Right now. They make me stop it. Be great coaches can't do that be great for will be entertaining yet be entertaining as well it's not can't do that. It news emotions but again it that's what a coach and coaching staff is their four. To be able to get the most out of emotion but not let it go fish that are going to list the coach I don't. Coach is one of the players. The coaches are going to go to stop it would after the Georgia deal well I hear what after the Georgia new Galilee and the shields and fire we stuck and that's not hire. Our coach is set me if you keep losing game knowledge doesn't mean anything else doesn't mean anything you know I'm fighting double. I know that wasn't atonement record basketball operations that there's the Georgia go yeah there predictor coach skip I. Can't do that there. I got no problem with coaches like it referees face in an amount about a call stomp around don't Jackie and the cancer pollution. Kids another and other coaches can't do because they're fighting each other it is just doesn't always fighting kids stupid the coach is fighting coaches what they'll because it sends the message that it's okay. Which means they she coaches billet that anybody can do that kids can Dylan fans can do it you got at you kid means that your arguments ridiculous basically. It is supporters back a long way exactly you pull away and you do would you watch judge US. C thirty for thirty Catholics for this vs contest. Whoever that degrade duhalde's line in there. You know Miami Notre Dame got to fight before that before the game started sitting on there and Lou sits in his office for a lot of players think their deep Charlie comes out. Tells and it by seeing the great sportsmanship on the field you never played Notre Dame again. And he has vilified in the parking lot at towards Californians believe I can do ultra DOD is believed Jimmie Johnson that's for me like that's funny. But you've got to like you've got to do it that he can't. Beat you can't have coaches involved and that was. He had coach from a self Carroll or Clemson it is a figure in the face of Roy Williams last week he then. Bring Marten punched motto. Now like the go to another coach came to me how that goes and he put his finger my face. You fought and based only when it's clear now that some arguments. That's when you look at it coach. It's. I. Never Parton. Sells them on the active law he muscle wants to nice it. Ha ha ha. I think it got a quick. Hits. People can see your base in north auto well did that progression when in real religious groups look like. When the GM. Yen to you once again and again and he'll pointless familiar quilting classic let's take. Outs in the greeting of paint some plates. Bill what those pluses really realistic when we get together and pay the same picture that's overdoing it on the Alina there she's making. That's what's gonna happen usually in California the land. You know party like you'd nine ladies if the record in that candle in civic and now the team will now and then. No. Doubt he's been the view that those thing does get around to talk about men did and they don't have anything going on their lives it's. About deeply winner how to like him he's my man and how to again break again. I don't make it better sandwich run man. That's and they talk about. So only they could sell it to. You about me until enlargement. An equal to get us down like seven or excited for this financial chief should demon appeared you don't really organized watch. Well I think it's crazy not to take to not take Alabama and how Oakland's in the land. Switching coordinators stuff. As a freshman quarterback switching cool stuff that you four hours off as banquet. Again greater profits coordinator away for true freshman quarterback but he several years it's ninety's until basically four hours ago or someone to give you one sentence and one's sins only you have only widens his must watched UVs and silly and it's heavyweight fight it's rematch but. That's it that's two cents. Even though they were complete sentences and it. I'll watch I'm excited for and Latina the man in her late we're late we want to thank you on the said that you tied the same two teams want to. What have a larger rotation teams to be apart. Ya it seems like every with the tell us all playoffs were getting Alabama clintons and Ohio State in the in some other random team like Washington. Clemson being and is kind of and is a new feeling Clemson hadn't been relevant at least in the national title picture for. A long time up until the last few years up until the last four years yet but I mean but playing for the national talk. Cool this rematch I love it policy on it but adds. You can see if it was all outlet and she got the idea fortune any tip is it really helped build go to four streets of Kabul it I've seen enough. I did I understand that part of it. But a rematch I kind of like a rematch if it's one re I'm good with that policy. I'll pull for Clinton made an honest and I'll I I want to win. And I I hope they win and just. Nick savings really hard the life. And he just really easy and he's one of the greatest coaches of all time in May when it's all sin and done beating greatest college football coach of all time. It's really tough to watch. Last year but when Nick Saban to get a vacation homes future for the Betty to the dinner. It's a dabbled in them if time enemies who would get near the nice gift certificate Malia and millions lottery to little bet we coach them. Oh includes earlier enamored by. All basically. In a bullet shrapnel in my view that's where your local so you you play simpler and hopefully the next. Robert Mexicans and pilloried maybe I'm. And I him data outside. I. If you listen I'm just not just. Yeah I got to get the Xbox. So. What's it and I think next. Imagine. What's up. PC from the MVP. Studio sixty and sports media will do pretty tickets dot com right now except at a particular easing promo code sixty in sports. What's that thing. It was not a oh yeah. I don't. Oh. Final segment based news. Effectively abolish it counts game a little bonus like yes we'll I got what walker called Johnny. These sponsors fortify. Willed us I can't talk about it and he's not tell you now stop until it's like you talk about to go and he's of course accused walker will say it's important moment. Wind always in my new England's. There's big and challenged him with. As babies will put the film thing to give. I'll put it together so. The bar portion of that self and so we've got to sit today it will resolve it so the people who don't know about what we're gonna do it. You know the famous for the eighteen inch big. Over at. Old Johnny pieces and on radio station things are so similar to today's super famous but he team is gonna worry is on the free version and on and Georgia over there and do produced movies opening up his new new area over there. On and on to his place in an accident. And so the rules and this is basically with a knee teenage being in one topping out though. Would cast fewer than 18 inch baking pan am one topping this cheese over the top and now. The ceiling a pepperoni and sausage amber museum you know much of what don't ask don't want sausage eating a sausage I probably the mushrooms now that I think about it but yeah. Just and so it about being able to act at all and first got. To finish the eighteenth mainland. And then on the videotape. How long do you think we'll take banquet that I'm curious I mean is is he one. I'm not sure if I can do it's amusing little skinny guys that you put away through the quickest neither one the other best runners and marathon gas. The bigger guys takes while to Wear a funny if you never continuing to large pizza buyers absolute meaning they teach million. Mode for the show. So well coached pizza and unaudited and audited toppings yeah I have not seen before. If all will give coach so you will get you can't win to date set. It's of people out there are lots of high Welker people out there was one if you look at the old school and younger element at the new mental development of new area it's a good dental office in order I think that you'll. I don't care -- it's about bill that will walk to promote his book your nervous about the neutral site used it in neutral neutral site we use to live your living here now. All this idea on October and post gazette out Pittsburg. From Ron book. While the Mercedes no longer is where the bull because it is in this. Hours is a necessary after the game it didn't look that bad that that wasn't bad in there and he need to be in the video of him walking up the steps. It would be at all to. It's showmanship that people these boots all the time there's been a ton of chiefs were these foods after games in clings to the jayhawks are. Cautionary word brutal to the blue the blue. The media but you and it take you put your body and I don't think Justin Houston and I don't think. Any reason at all confident budgets nuisance we did he adjust the more jive. Chris thought he might play that people's yesterday that just marks Willard will be active this game and what we need more go. The Houston what you need Houston 44. The issue sound overly confident about this the most irreplaceable player to beat the Steelers involve cheese is the one guy deputy reads that he's not playing we are close outs and mark espionage as you get that I am on into Antonio Brown migrant. Does that Antonio on the other side can. And the white I used on the Google I think that the chiefs are there might be face in the hottest team in football right now expect. Odds dealers are pretty free and hot news deals like seven general yeah they would day. To me muscle to back the difference is this game is an element that she's about a week off. You know I mean that places going to be absolutely nuts on Sunday for this game in the open the gates 630. It's 6:30 in the morning yet it's what are really oh yeah. 35 bucks mayor perking early sixty bucks at the gates who led only admire parking early that sixty dollars and everybody know sands even a guy just madness there's a lady that. That's. Might seem to be steps and basketball and brought an athlete she is Jewish he's gonna cost sixty dollars department chieftain. He lines are now the sixth but the party kit. And that's a league thing is that right. Well we don't play up a league rule is that is that when it does people also elect a hundred now doubts more a couple of years ago. Sixty bucks that she import the league. Sixty bucks to park is reduce its third spot the early means I would everybody buy stuff online urged a vote it is so much there's so many other cities at will yet anyway. Under much a part of football. It douse each that's that's stirring committee did at five bucks a hit man but seriously I was you charge people. Free beer. Forty bucks to pay. Zippy. Keep the line short free beer point votes the pay and go in there and you lose or spend. Free beer free beer when he looked at me. Like these boards and you'll be injury via the PM ENT twenty bucks then. Skimpy on ports and our job park when he got to go you gotta go. This year and role that just steps that many contests in our house so it basically if you get up the county loses its fair game again. So I you know I was watching the playoffs history and that he. Obama did not dispute could not only on what was the couch your green onion and a you and I soul. On the record I have Alabama tonight. Now we have Brinkley billion of three. On Oakland's and he let it rule for Ben yeah I'm not heard for not root for I'm rooting for and allowing for clams and Obama take Clinton politics Clinton and defense is closed defense get to the simplicity sake he'd been shut out Ohio State's own. The pretty decent Mike Williams and John wants to stop and closing is yards in big chunks that's a part of Alabama you're gonna drain but just. Getting first downs and go and on the fuel Alabama's comes in big boys they had put first five minutes of the game. Who's got the Mo Jo doesn't include could've won that game last UT let's not forget that. Absolutely they go to one and you could elevate just switched off and supporting the troops first reported that you are taking funds. I don't forget judge Lewis it's just force not job right now to sign up for the this season Steelers to do so will be given away courtesy of bug light. The official beer sponsor of intensity keys. Deadline 1159. Dollars today. Tonight Manning. As always appreciated Manzi was actually so nicely announcement before the price that's finally big announcement Danny see god be nice coming up next here to support reveals the sports guys got. The yeah.