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Jan 9, 2017|

It's noon, so naturally we crack into a 610 6-Pack. Plus, we hear from Chiefs HC Andy Reid & our guy Terez Paylor said something about Eric Berry that isn't encouraging.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Somewhere. There weights. It's noon here. Six. Get ready to get off the sixth fifth or six back is being dissolved the it is these big CNN sports leagues back brought to bite the system of ourselves. We deliver. Which cater we care each and every day. On the basis. Allies are you to join us today which said that allies you to join. Obviously today strongly. District. Yeah only a two minute break there. Let's talk about absolutely. Oh. Please tell you know. There or it was really important. Italy is to use the people now he says. You're talking about niche for this works I. Speak out. He got murdered. Our guys down there that she's will be facing this Sunday at arrow at the Steelers dropping the beat down on the Miami Dolphins yesterday 35 twelve. The final score in that one so we will be Pittsburgh here news this Sunday. And stuff whereas assistance force for FaceBook page that they will be watching it lies of this house you can stream along with us as well. And that gets enough feedback from the guys instantaneously as I watch games over this level also pre and post include also recovered at halftime as well so yeah starting Napoli Italy into the game if those hot takes up. Voted to argue and you don't have tickets that gets their sold out sixty in sports that counts he Lucia chiefs' playoff threat right now. A bug lights for your sponsors keep city chiefs cities. School get a king a lot of cheap here. Yet but I'm very impressed if you don't Wear those to be very impressed if you in this heat. Lot of people there as about Pittsburgh Steelers coming into Kansas City. But a little bit of it might be because that beat down they end this earlier in the year we'll get that justice act but did you know. But the last time in the Kansas City Chiefs won a playoff game early at stadium. It was January of 1994. Days people thought. They basically. It was a team it was that they those Steelers you worked as it was before. You're correct it means we own the Steelers to postseason a Fries and that was undefeated against 23 years ago undefeated people who are born that they can drink already seeing that history might I have it in there with a bucket when he's. Robert you. They used like a wide receivers coach and a game when it. It's bitter tired behaviors that are supporting the initial reasons for optimism for people to freak out about facing the Pittsburgh Steelers this week. Office find. Does one I know that would get us some more specifics that segment but I think that's what. The offices look good in Pittsburgh on the roads something great that would fix if we scored twenty. On the road it would been a great score points on the road you'll cheat to get that thirty point play to us experts in the sport you go with the schools which are gonna hold that thing down. Without scoring it will just in Houston be an impact I think that he will. Fact he's been off a couple of weeks you hope he's got this game left dating the patriots game lifted and hopefully the Super Bowl. Lifted him but I would feel optimistic his cheeks were resting last week. Chilling out on their couch. Watching the Pittsburgh Steelers who were playing this week I think if we. Extremely helpful for articles where nobody was also photograph of a vote that way though and also that he sort of vote by giving them if there was seen and also this every home team has won the Puerto. Thrift. They got itself and had him 2011. I have summoning your hand on guys well the act it's Steelers as many will remember go make you do. Something from him. Many people remember the Pittsburgh Steelers. Sunday night beat down against the chiefs earlier this season and orders that you play. Through fourteen the final of that here's James Harrison following yesterday's game though about the effort and they played she is asked. What do you remember about the game we play them asleep. And a there jerk I do not the cheese please view I feel like a lot of chief if elected show that I game either however feel moss. Joined us earlier today we asked bill to the chiefs remember that earlier game. When you lose the fact that he's lost to the Steelers. Players see you you don't forget those. Every bit. You forget all the great wins all very big it is what what you don't forget beat up like. And hundreds of matter who are these guys played this year or would they be here. Circuit board game you'll pearl. You know it it feels that he smelled victory it is one of those bills at that we think about the game if this golf. But the end of adults the peace you have to remember. Is that you had a notable player from your organization your team couldn't play in a game. That's just in Houston now we don't know. Realistically what is that's gonna be for this week. We hope that he's going to be ready good to go but it just used and is available and he plays. Man has a game thing. It is it's good this one factories in them first time around got to be able to get through the Steelers could have the second fewest sacks. CBS go get it just in Houston. I. The rule. Rates. Low. So passive and I think that's the cultural or national there it's OHO. People they rate that there are some that they. That's an earth that was not true it's true. It's the mixed bag with rate from from the show. Either oh my gosh this guy's hilarious. Raise crazy or it was more of the year. Which honestly like that's target most of the base. Through cultural and social championship on tap for you tonight. Clemson and Alabama. Because of all you need to worry about with Alabama though that it's off at 7 o'clock tonight. Sports game of what's shows off its you have said it was still too. Watching coverage there was replacements. Were you born alive though outwardly rooting your Paul fire and bomb body fellow at the very excited polls out there and Folgers. Marcus Spears Tebow it's sort of remained poker poker put our. But his mom I got April and he was a monster to my best friends ever thank you for. It or is not his real name we have are these them by though. I go play. And that he's home for. As parents that name for marketing talent filled officers patrolling for. Its output of owning it okay. Imports for success as where there's others that earned the name and Booker raised very successful but I definitely far. Predictions boys. I hate saying it's too early for that it's too early for for six and eight saves. Both sides. Yeah. Have to I don't want it I don't irony is that your element I don't need to hear from you whatsoever. For download that. Well but more from college football there are no they gave you all aroused. 47 simplify. It made the Soviet. Is moment I think Booker. It. Goes but I was curious I don't know. All right doubles sorry sorry that I. When asked questions Textron Ireland Greece and I don't like return the radio off a retired I was on. I just don't you know Andre and let's. Special just got a new phone if we get new ringtone great he's really not Ireland you vote. Odd 4017 college football hall of fame class announced today guys Peyton Manning. Marshall Faulk Steve Spurrier highlighting Melissa you check the full list. But via FaceBook pages FaceBook dot com slash sixpence for just these burgers and they're twice and then there's the players. And it was senators over Kirk Gibson on the list. Steve Spurrier 83 gets there are currently. I think that the predates its advanced it. Definitely. Did not of course of course they did it. I don't feel that west and it's our I'll take a look at that. But those read about it put it thing was when paid meaning to Tennessee and won a national title be your three left. Hillary was he bookmark exactly I'll never what faith repaid them by the army at all. But I tried it now he has like eight we did not see this tweet from over the weekend. From E. A. SPORTS that NFL. Go on to sit it out as as I feel is officially the fastest man in. Acts act at the 2000 I did see that and 97 and SPD does speak. Edit or handouts beat late in Houston man. Fell that is be repealed it is odd the adding they they put the weed out there actually an idea simulates a deal roster. They Greta Manny Ramirez's when he your favorites baseball players all time. Manny Ramirez though you might be able to get New Jersey for. Your excited about that all banding making a comeback. Age of 44 years old and played in the big leagues since 2012. Will be playing in Japan next year for the co chief. Fighting dogs will give this. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah. It's more an act. But it's stupid that they had been waiting for the royals three in May and ran for four years ago you are. Never happen. I was pretty good by the way I'm also breaks that about something else forces announced. To bring back the Ford Ranger that someone besides. The bring back brought. 2001 of the bronco was coming back. Are upset about that look before Broncos. I'm seeing something that I've had these few last week and I'm seeing that in. And I I was Texas and never saw us at all. Bill Gates. Trying to damn. If I thought we've that we left the stabbed twenty sixteenths. To. They get a stop. Old white people or didn't that are going on but there Evelyn. I think I let go a long time ago. Then you do it. I. Was at least good for all. Of us. And to see you. Dana right it was very adaptive today. That it would. Seat between us to adapt. Aussie was to show it's ultimately again like I was just neither. My elbow the three hour frost who lives in her death. If you know. Knew it beat out 45 out today guys they were moves up to number one the first time they have ever been number one in the top 25 Villanova. They drop down at number three following their first loss this season also in debate when he game winning streak. By Villanova and Kansas walked in their way up to number two. Six. See which. Includes traveling from number three the number two in the American. K state also join them now they're tied with US the number one spot. Top two teams in the big twelve other top two teams in the India and nations. Baylor and Kansas are the two best teams. In the in the big tall I've been CNN. The entire year so far I think the goals of only two teams at the end of this they'll be battling and fighting for the conference title. Is it just so classes vehicles of the south in the country today. Big twelve. You're always going to weakest link weakest links have been pretty good in the state patrol in the top 45. Reggie Bush to the market and I do believe. That Kansas is good enough to win the big twelve title game this year I think that the problem that Baylor pulls them though. Is that there are more balanced across before like. Kansas has the best back court this country. Well what they get to give them issues is their front court is in the balance that they have crossed the ball era us. See anybody else negative. So when the big twelve the Baylor Kansas I think is Baylor Kansas you to Baylor teams is the field in particular. They let it with the Kansas in the field. Tiki and his for the field. With a big twelve. I can't I can't say that because of Ortiz stipulate cowboys have for example like last month about the Baylor is gonna demo run for the money. By the way I'm officially alpha or Georgia Tech to kick around for about two weeks. Our broad like the backward chemically back we'll they got waxed. And for fifty pretty afraid. Being of their triple option of Whipple. Isn't it. Ever watch to see you look he's he's. I ask you now got a lot you have to watch Venus you have. Told watched the a watch there's no it was a game last the first order to watch a lot for you asked him about Georgia Tech global it. Can you name one member of their basketball as we know they're like yeah I don't remember there the trouble to tell at Taba. Don't is reportedly. Can you name one person has come out of the Georgia Tech football program in the last fifteen kept. I'd still like dad has really really good on your fears he my belief willing detainee want. Picture all you got to figure out how law. Under alliance into your life span. Bronco joint tax reform a megaphone. Emory Thomas you to Baghdad now right what's funny is a celery apples are right. I. Know a little you know. The very start with with the with the with the Rick receivers coming in Redding. And Al Ogden didn't. A white people are saying he was six move forward four spots I'm talking about eighty people. He would keep his soulful. We want to argue about working at different pole let's find it's pitiful. I only look at wonderful. A wonderful man. Our. Elevated from the streets of all these random all you're there mobile phones. Oh where is that rabbit out did that the order of where victims expect if you buy goods and deli fresh subs. Forever we cater and we bearable by the way my quilts than their EDT reason he did this into words just that he's this. Or go forward. Game from might well picture of an island preserve the show anymore and burn. Is that the Internet texting that I actually am double checked them about this. It. I test coming up next who do two units are cheats. Should fans be scared of the matchup vs Steelers. Or do they have several reasons for options we addressed. Studio sixty and Sports Radio no Judy tickets dot com right now. Except in particular in trouble codes sixteen sports. Bachelor season just like. Out here. On 610. A lot of fans around. Football. Look at their team. Because another team and they know that. The different weaknesses of calls their team hands. In OJ may be a little bit scared off by the opponent that they will be facing. When it comes to the Massa. I don't think it. Each he's fanned out there should be afraid. Of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Are the Steelers one of the teams in the speed of all the teams left in the out in the NASA for leak out to do of the favorites to win the entire thing. The Steelers are definitely up there one of the best teams out there I think their. An office is still one of the elite offenses but I think it right now if you're T stand. Don't be mad don't be better pitcher facing the Steelers it is what is you knew that you'd have to face some tough teams anyway to get to the super ball. And you have to feel good about the fact that your offense is starting to click at the right time. Well they built this team up with John Dorsey reads her told the chiefs they built it. To beat teams like Pittsburgh Steelers they built it to beat comfort breeding -- speed up building your team to beat those teams the what are you doing. This is it like some schmo team or some schmuck in these solve this weekend with the readers with Konerko. Evil thoughts whether you meant more with the ball is the chiefs that won twelve games. People in 22 of the last 46 games he swept the US in what I considered the toughest division football. Not a problem just swept through everybody. Of course chiefs in agreed chance there. I had to make a ton of organs for the Pittsburgh Steelers when this immaculate for sure. Then again I sit back and think of Justin Houston went around the first time around the fact that the chiefs had a bye week which I think. User important. Very important to teams like the chiefs have been banged up so bad the season. Indy Reid's at Houston's ago hours ago for this week's that's where had a good game. Against the Steelers are wouldn't put much stock into a lot of those yards even though we ever to receive your carry garbage time yards against the Steelers they put the chiefs away. Early. But I never felt like the chiefs that deem it's really weird is it that was the one game they were competitive at all. Beer before they beat the Steelers enter a red state that's the chiefs are one in five that is the win. It's pork chiefs and they beat the Steelers they then went on the run they can beat this team. What the playoffs and again it. Ben Roethlisberger is a different team Pittsburgh forgive the post season they won 35 post season game. It's more than any team and an affiliate. The Steelers have shown when the kids the post season they know what they're doing their coach has a ring. Quarterbacks get too big you know what they're doing but the chief said the by. Even a couple of weeks she'd changed what they did last time they bit the Steelers tight Steelers but the game wake scored a touchdown we have to do to put that stiff arm. On the chiefs quickly and she's she's never read these every group. In their game very similar if this sort of lose the Miami. If this a high scoring game that bulls will also pits or if it's a low scoring game bulls wolf with a C puts us face yup it's gonna have scored they're going to have to get around thirty points. Steelers get to score 24 point them it's up to the office. That's the defense actually limiting what the Steelers score Steelers averaged right at 25 point two. If you can keep him right about their average. The chiefs the score 44 point two. They could just be dead average if the offense can be as good as it is 37 points against the chargers 33 against the Broncos it's seventy points in two weeks. Keep in mind the Broncos game it could have been 37 they missed the fuel will be missed an extra point beacon score even more points the seventy the end the last two weeks BP. Are peaking at the right term on all that's illegal profits it's out of beginning in the year ending goes dormant. Though it's fine the office wasn't great but it if the end of the year when it really counted they got better. How would you. And you know you've got a double X factors for the chiefs. Justin's back will play did not play against this or the other expected. Is it every killed. At the time of that last it was game he wasn't a factor he's a big time he's. The problem he's a big part of the offense that got in the backfield all the time we still have seen him run routes out of the backfield which I think he will. That's one big win at Houston run from the back field we had never seem as a receiver from the back field. Let's face it drawn line backer coverage the things that he could see but ready to pass from the back field. Things have changed Steelers they've gotten better to their defense has gotten better they've Libyan film sex let's couple of weeks they've got themselves up to 3885. Sacks. Against the dolphins they can get to the quart bag bullets on his back they didn't get to the quarterback the first time around. Go ahead with one sack. Boone game against the chiefs first summer I ever get to protect the quarterback to second fewest sacks given up in the NFL's four horrible thing. That gave you every good team you have a team what did that won the FC west you've got a team that on the bye week. There are no reasons he's number two seat there's no reason chiefs Q when it. Yeah. All right yesterday as he did the polls game it was. KC star. And the topic of conversation was your bitter and Eric Berry is a heart and soul of this cease team right now. But there was one thing about Erie theory that we did not know about the Torres told us you've got to hear this would get to it next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. Some people. Itself. Thank you day simply making doused in here. On six in thirty minutes away from an excuse to win thousand dollars in cash can't protest. Also included in some way. Progress soon. And Susan. Minnesota he talked about expanding use a thousand. But he's failing. A dozen books and it by feeling and a slew what do group. This next story here from the 75. Did you know you can buy it she goes by the pound the maybe you would expect that wasn't there for you are welcome nonetheless. You might she goes by the pounds that is you know. Handle that. But Russian saves on the air underneath you report. I'm not the biggest Eagles. Like cheese puff or the crunchy. For both its. It's not really my thing I mean. That she's pulse are better to know count used to have respect review. The crunchy GO trumps that she's up any of the week yes. Before not run and play good hot you don't I'm not there about it let us are the best the best but done. The biggest thing. The reason you kidding the studio weeks in the studio. Naturally his fingers ruined at all that is not all that is what she's fingers removal right get cheese over the board. Or might get mad at me because I didn't think that uncle rituals was in my top three. It's not on top of sorry just cool it is my top three when it was during the slander for onions better to know I like the onions. But the son chip to slander the sun chips could name like send ships. But just because cool ranch was that it wasn't in my top three flavors for the retails Uga now dissident to oust somebody has attacked us as often as you've been locked. Oh white people in the east alone. Leave that. I. It appeared. Has been. Much talked body at the last the leaders will be here is different reasons date we talked about your beard because. All's. His battle cain's. Gain doubles will document. He end up being what it if Phil man of the year come that it ought to get to about clarity. When you look at the fact that not just DD battled back from cancer. But at what level he played at we're talking all gold level. That's incredible that's amazing you talk about being the best of the best in I think at a year ago. In the offseason when we talked about your theory in what he meant to organization and what he. How did he was purple ball player. I think that that was a split right down the middle there are lots he stands to say yes. Big lake. Hated man has money but then there was a big part of the of the all of odd that she saw phantom the Sid now. Don't pay Eric Berry's money because you got you guys are all a emotional. Injured all caught up it to his sport all it's a whole team it's the stuff in mean you both stated we said no we're not wrapped up in meant good football player he good for. Which are here to rose in lights is of his playing weight which does make a big difference whether it ST you obviously you bunch of money. The tables the safety to this team incredibly. Helps in the run game he's an emotional guy if this team that he is play an all pro he's been better. Like there was a navy admiral Bobby for getting here and from afar it was a good player. Since I've dedicated city he's been he's been become a better players this week since I've been. And that's saying a lot for god at all doubles already playing at Tel oh global level. Bull. It also an entry in that to rest pails and it is these are told us yesterday in the post game about. Air bearing in about his return to kids sleep but it does. It's going to be tough because what has happened with the kids it's easier the last couple years they have had situations. What he's had to make a decision on given got a contract. They move slow one. Take a franchise guy and did all the sudden what ends up happening. Beat gobbles up just in Houston blew up they had to pay the man. Now yelled a similar situation with or buried it didn't have to pay revered in would talk about a massive amount of money. But to rest paella told us yesterday it was something about Eric Berry in terms of him and paycheck that I had never heard you we started off with Diddy price himself out. Please this year big bear is hard solar outline. He's the alpha dog he is the guy everybody respects he's got a speech to the team before every game he's the guy. And in this room full alike men manly men gets people to listen. Right he gets people to listen because he found a way a beaten and foam one in Kate Moss and not miss the season. He caught lymphoma. In didn't miss a season. Back in time to play next year anyway all go to pro bowler so yeah I think I tip to someone simply don't gold do and he responded. And not in the new deal. And I can't really call it. Disrespect to these make it ten point eight million this year as more in Indianapolis and heroes in this respect human rights that we are in the lottery I can't really call it that bullet. He should've got as the and he's responded with a Justin Houston and honorary all pro now you got a rainy season. That's what just happened. And now teams like Atlanta who's eleven and five. Maybe they can use a hard hit and hometown boy to come have people. Turnout today and state. Neutral zone. Us also so let's appeal and yes it was a mistake was almost anti it was a mistake tackle so it was a mistake this mistake that goes out of the deal let me take you some else. UA didn't know hometown discount would aired bear now you could've done. But now you deny you gotta pay him the most money that's ever been paid a safety now that's which you gotta pay it and you'll pay him maybe Atlanta we. Tennessee to. Tennessee didn't have a bad season. Opener very wanna go play there I howled how close they are win a super ball he was noticeable. So doubtless Torres pale all of those yesterday. What I did know what's this mean you had talked about it for the last year over year. That they messed up. We don't acts. They screwed up they should have paid aired theory his bail money. Not gonna have to pay him whatever the cost is what I did Knoll was Torres is told it to buy use are the audio was. There will be no hometown this. Go home gym discounts and you also talked lot of that is. Is plainly when he's lower reasons the better player. It could be attractive places up there in Atlanta needs help there second here. He's troubling its hometown the get a new stadium next year. Scott Pioli still win and now he may get a loyalty he may get into the job or morals to be looked Jefferson of the places. But if he remains there he will address the air bear he would probably going back and would Tennessee was thrown out the red threads. He spends a lot of time. Play at the mercy tennis there's a lower they love him in the state of Tennessee that I cared very so there is going to be some options. You loyal to the chiefs he liked the direction they're going. Or disease look at some of that. Rumors are coming but that's new is because a lot of times in markets like this what do we want to say about our aptly so we lull like with the law. And analysts don't call slot but maybe just maybe we get a hometown discount and Torres is told to connect the hometown discount. You probably did it dot forked out a better deals yes Donny you're adult now you I didn't. Best of fortunate part about it is I can not imagine. Knicks' season. This defense not heaven EB. I can't. Do we could think of a role in just he's in the so many games under Johnson's been out who's who on rocket that deep server. He's been the constant they've had decked. Reynolds even talked robberies were able to come in and speak the team they'll listen to. Big part of this team. He's won two games were dug its money to a man Eric Berry's about to get his feet he's about to give his. Eight electorate say it again getting the early is not to pass I've said this a while he has spot to break the bank is but yet teaching these budget. But you pay. And this is a nice god it's gonna pay money to. We're talking about a leader. We're talking about individual that everybody in this town loves people that a phase of the National Football League they might not even be cheese Spain's. It aired beer that's an even talking about how good football where it's just all the extra stuff. That's the extra stuff. That's possible but the total idiots ever get a big guy that you want to pay I paid him last year. And get ahead at this. Now he's all world. Eighties. There's been no drop off with this played well that's kind of like. You mean you're gonna waste your money don't pay a huge waste money but the thing is. What's the cost to win how many wins they're very good this year. Pick six in Carolina. They would have won that game the Atlanta game did a woman that are very policing or Italy the reason why you you you'd double the box. It's difference between twelve and four and 106 aired. I don't get it man I don't I don't get why it's he's Dave's don't want it ain't as bad as Bonnie. All the guys. I know I just don't understand it. Baffles me. He spoke. We'd like to listen ain't you read a coach of the chiefs talk to the media just a short time ago you hear from him next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio to Egypt dot com right next in particular in total to sixty in sports. Dave you sweat. Do this don't back. That's a good job there he is not a debate they all excited. About this. Man. They decided to practice now right now. It is owned. Trees up. He did his illness foam. In the zone next driving entry in Houston this right. Along with an adequate. It. It's big. And history as I substantial edge to the minute on a ball. I only can it impotence and now up. I'd be a list of rating here some muscle pain you read out what was this week they'll. Was it challenge I mean what new hot eagle bulk talked about the Steelers this gamer it's channel. We look forward to the child's play in Pittsburgh where another good football team not to play the season. Again after review itself. I understand. Watch him questions. But they get their teams perform that job. Course commuted to. Big big channel eighty solid excited. Except it's for Steelers. Oh lead the bulls bills that easily when the food or an account at a very process server has gone coaches players bills that he's getting free rein. Two to shift by himself and report the challenge would for the challenge. He was asked about the John Dorsey rumors floating Indian descent. I'm not gonna talk about Contra and that that does he get it's that we policy is talk it's. Our I don't endorse or I don't think about that beyond us and we were lucky. We have an opportunity to work here until very privileged to be yourself. But I know it's part of the business. How answer the second part of that with the continuity part. It's great that we've been able keep people together here. Players and and coaches and front office. And and all sorts of Clark's. We've all been able stay together and and help build something and I think that's been. It's a tribute to Clark. So. You. Just from your you have so when we yours just within you went on here so she. Yeah I'm not us. But he's he's good only to attack America you know let's talk some. It was you know what address did the bid to get things Bob Allah. Surprise you that she's used to question your glass shot there. I give you give your diseases and so that's not an ounce of surprising it's addressed this question like that these things you're good people come and after Pete. You're good distance with us how it is in right now G the same way it's next man up into the players you gotta do it next minute got to select somebody else you think is gonna do a damn good job. You make the play past three out of four years. So good that they want. What's going on with your organization that's why would you do if that is mainly in the worse and in what's gonna move in they Dorsey Ballard. Agassi in the future but those who knows what he's gonna say but what. Here's the one on one question we all want. What is the play and won't for just in Houston against Pittsburgh. Yeah well just practice and yeah it does. We. We. Forward we'll see we'll show. That works I mean he's a couple good weeks. A practice when this. It's. And all that they're excited about working you're going. As exciting time in years. Practice today and they figured that. It is energy. Much. In his last game in Pittsburgh. As motivation. More on SN. They were there and you know. They know what I'll put Israel. In their hands and just. Work where some. She. This is. Yeah you can we emotionally. Now. We've block and tackle and do things. Yet to do that this time here. And and it seems to want you feel like this team has some room for the future and prepared since the first time. Why I think it. You have to get in the game yeah play this. It's. I'm not much on the predictions as for comparison. And or probable differ or probable you know what is it. Wasn't. Planned Shia live. It is not a Canadian that made it is lucky they did today off so fired up angry Andy Reid is good that's that's the injury. That is the B read that you like and again would have been say we hear talk like this it's not who he is. Scan is far more sport for most earthy smarter brilliant guy big come across the winds pressed up his doesn't. He was also asked about the success of the bye we keep in mind sixteen and tutoring a regular season three you know in the post season he's 92 after the bye week. Although I will say this the stage it's gonna lie he had a bye week before the Super Bowl. But he didn't win that one but that doesn't count of for summaries and but he B reads as was so good after the bye week. As good players and hey good coaches you know that's that's. Want us out of basic. But very fortunate to have good players. And angered coaches. Who. Is accurate assumption. That. Or it. Why do I mean by time it is it's about time it. Still reform. And you. She the other things are important cause war. So. You talked about them now. This is. Best for him. I didn't feel I think healthy and he saw that last week. He is. Impeccable negative things that these. Children you. You didn't play plenty of years what is it that time of the season you've been out. I think the competitiveness. Opportunity to play against. The best. I love that that's what we do this I think as players. If you really dug into the ten the same thing to not play against the best. And it's an honor. To be in this position as a coach and player so you've worked hard. Now you hear me if you workable. Quote this is. What is. It. It. Now. A lot of great teams and here. And now. Left him and it was rocking and rolling that Dallas game our. They set the gospel record on fire and crown O'Shea I can't wait there for this one. They'll be here and they'll do their part. It's important that we focus in right now and take care bars and and I'll show of ranged. There. That's exciting exciting art that you guys. The Dallas game. That the that this loan the raiders game. You're a big thanks to a does mean does he like does he like his exact written out there John I won't who's out there as well but the dust man strikes again. He does it doubled as to all season long dusty essar have been. All over the head to to those gays serve the Desmond but don't set it on appreciated you know. In Indy Reid's time jurors and spin certain. It just tells it like he's gonna do vote and I don't think eaten Celek great but that's okay though. He's got a lot of us plate. The elderly does the always goes up a lot of black. The big challenge LB owners and a lot of his plate and big hero the Steelers. Pose. He watched. We look forward to the challenge of playing Pittsburgh of course he does what to expect in say there are gone on here they're good football team the war coached. Bad news planet of Cisco in the morning explain this your life here people this game last game. The Steelers they were last. That was the difference between this Steelers game Steelers game. Big game. This helps Specter of their respective listening ski via. Wasn't. I'd still like dead as really really yeah. Thanks Bob I thought it was good to I know the game isn't until Sunday but when does the detailed the stars reviewed. Friday night. And skirts that I initially would Tia eligible would change your game know the chiefs have. Source and rightly them culpable teacher gaming goes all the way to all of that she's so date I started to let. Same cheap steel gate sturtze today. I. Tonight's football player arranged to blow. Outs little ties there. For the week to voice themselves starts that I eligible playoffs meanings can ovaries Prioleau beards equals lactose intolerant beer whatever you. Gluten. Act it was. My crystal clear that he gets pulled out that like those that had alert. All really neat how they. Get a bill spelled that is whom. All right luckily at the two leaders in next chance to win a thousand dollars and a national test ideas in that we talked to Brad and next. Li Ka hokey. It's a global. The shift from the NB. Whom studio sixty and Sports Radio.