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Jan 9, 2017|

The Chiefs now know their opponent, and some fans are nervous. Plus, the Chiefs continue to get no respect & is John Dorsey on his way out?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're going to be facing here this coming week yeah. And it's gonna be fun to be a fun week. Talked plenty of football he'll on the days you like being wiped out here on sixth in sports we go sixth in sports that done. Good morning good morning entering the world's worst kept secret. But opponent Gerber but the middle is gonna be Miami mean. All the home teams want this so obviously that they like your mind to win. There were some who. Felt there were some national team who is it meant more bomb not heard some of the national people's law over the. Over Saturday into Sunday morning we're talking about they thought that potentially Miami could go in with him again IDC app and it did. Those are brilliant. Brilliant people breathe in and game I mean it has got a hot take that that it and I take the dog and planning that's really it an act as we expected dolphins win. This is sane people gonna say Houston's gonna be doing. So much tapes probably it skeet ride until somebody wins probably anatomy. Put it put it like it is. I don't think it was a great take if you thought that the dolphins. Were gonna beat Pittsburgh. Into Pittsburgh here without Ryan Danielle. But some people believe some people believed but. It's it's over with it's a rat with a Miami Dolphins their season now we know that we're facing the monster that is the Pittsburgh Steelers in yesterday. That very much look like. What we saw earlier in the season when you saw the Steelers. Crushed the chiefs. That's what it looked like yesterday jump out on an opponent theory early at home. It did not worry about the anymore it was instilled this course is laid out an awesome game. They show some deficiencies but Miami could not do anything. The could be its its once again it's is the quality quarterbacks. In the playoffs especially in the C Wednesday met more austere. Caller co with the raiders. The poster when you see how important quarterbacks these power. In this whole purpose this why would nick poll was out there and we said. John go get that full. Let's say nick pulls the starter and saint you've got have a good back up because you don't want everything you've built up all season. Every all the sweat training camp everything played sixteen games in the regular season you don't wanna come down to orbit. You still want to be able to be functional team in Miami wasn't functional meant more turned it over three straight possessions. Carter cook for Oakland was terrible they were they were thinking about binging. Here in the put going back in her going back in the game. You can't win in Rocca spoiler he found a way to makes nice throws a give it to me it's yeah gross. Got out of out of the best games he's played as a Houston Tex now Houston Texans play the patriots in New England a sinking did beat him. In New England which Kobe brisk that. As court not because he's brisket Kobe Brit that at quarterback. To England beat those texts I got slacks. They have com in their face come it's coupled by weeks here for the patriots are going to be. Teams will Oprah be resting at halftime in this game in the cheeks you're ever gonna get the Super Bowl. This is the key is more in the final four in every team goes in the final form and once these. Those slaves so impressed they got the final four penalty and once he wasn't the Cinderella in cedar apple seed made the final four nobody today. They beat the bet you get to the Super Bowl. You've beaten the best you've beaten big bin you've beaten Tom Brady two guys Wear rings on the fingers coaches that have won the big game. Two of the best coaches in the NFL. Think he'd be Reid's got it. He's got to do it now because it's best it's right for an again if you want to challenge an ordinary genie an on call that's we once he won Pittsburgh once doing. That probably you're gonna get. Dean. You know when you look at this. No the question was asked of us this morning about Ryan. Like what are some of the reasons why you should be optimistic about facing the Steelers after he got Molly lot Biden earlier in the year. I think there's a couple of recent wife to be optimistic. Number one. You have played a crisper it's how you played at home that that's that's. On all of a bullet point number want it all home teams have won in the playoffs so it'll be it is yup I guess point number two. Dallas factory it is. Pitcher offense is playing much better. Then earlier portion of the year office wasn't right never for the first half of the season we kept talking about. You know Alex Smith and now he wasn't playing to the level that we all expected to. Alex Witt is playing better too in the season I repeal is a factor. For this team you've got Jimmy Mac and back from injury. So to meet those of the two things out look at being in Astaro with the fact that you playing at home. And even had home crowd and had home field advantage in the number two offices playing at a much better level. A basically the same list as you exit today the different number one in a number one is just. You didn't have him in Pittsburgh still he's not a percent is post play and you read talk later today I assume he's going to play. I think it's precaution last week we talked Torres last yesterday Keenan with you and I would be the special postings. Preview show he was talking about just the Houston San Diego. What tourists they did after the game. He's rumor pretty Marie said he's on the field there prisma games on the fielder's Indies we saw in the game said he was moving around pretty good bets the faith I am. Ben Roethlisberger in. The walking boot not walking boot he's gonna play which is. Get that out there but his mobility changed a little bit maybe so Steelers don't give up many sex second fewest sacks. In the NFL that gives me hope I can give you a laundry list of reasons not to feel optimistic well we have to play that game. I probably got a lot more cons to bros. For Pittsburgh. They're getting to the quarterback whom we played early in the season hardly any sex that get 38. It took their as a way better the defense is within they've led the NFL in sacks last couple weeks the at five of this weekend. Levy on bill is better on the road than at home it's crazy he's got a monster in his career. He's almost 400 yards war on the road than at home this touchdowns this year total war on the road their home in he's very good at home just two good running back. I give you laundry list that again I LC the other thing too just he's the one to the sense of urgency with the chiefs. Eighty reads at a couple weeks he'd be Reid didn't take a bye week. Players to buy we coaches got a couple days off Indy we didn't. He wants to win this game the sense of urgency. John Dorsey will get that the minute will he be back next year they told interviewed Friday with the Broncos will he be back next year. You've got a core group with your team right now you better win with this group and I think they know. We've got to we've got the band together right now the gang's all together now it's time gore run two game separates you take preventative box. Take advantage of being the number two seed you're arrested Pittsburgh actually had the play. Now that they played the starters to doc has been gets hurt us that last play. They have to go plane come in city you'd city's trash. The arrested in a bye week does wonders for a full players they love what he Thursday and capable of the wrath. She's seven all of rest this point this was challenged to to get the bye week they got what can they do with the of Oakland goes and Denver wins lies in the last week of the season spicy. Take advantage of what was given imparted you've got the bye week. Using tear it. I think one of the things that a lot of people have really been kind of like talking about discussing for the last. System whose parole than that she's going to be faced in the Pittsburgh Steelers we look at the way it is for one net ball team yesterday. How dominate they were offensively. This early on it was the Antonio Brown show. Every the first couple possessions you're like me in this guy is unstoppable. Date it was delayed young bill shall all the remaining portion of that game. So it brings up the question she'd she Spain's be scared of any means that the Pittsburgh Steelers do. Wouldn't phrase it that way he should be scared of anything. I think that she station be optimistic in and be happy to face this person just. I would say concerned is the word I would use in the number one concern that I have is. This sport has so many different weapons at their disposal but at times. It can be to poison. Enacting what the tough days is that he stand to sit here and think about. Is late beyond bell gash you in the run game. Because that is the one area Brinkley it this team a stroke win from the start of the year to the end of the year. Is run defense and that is the major concern that I have. It's the one thing the legal flaws to any given Sunday which in the unit poll time different teams beat teams you tell me chiefs won twelve games than one point 226 game. It swept the US. At home with a week rest. These are factors you to think about every week in the NFL some team beats team this year. To be given Soviets were there. But my question is why and cheeks twelve wins six and own the division. Eighty reads 120 to 26. Games at arrowhead you have a week of rest. Those advantages let's put their peers have been news that it's like Steelers are my gonna sit here and one thing and say negative things but ostrich and it's pursues a great team. They're great date. Colts in Super Bowl they can't they get beaten yes yet they got a quarterback has won multiple some balls and they have all doable all actively. The best winning back in all right now. Laid out bills the real deal and that's to meet is the scariest proposition trying to get his sub victory at home this week. The Texans eskimo lady on bill. In his stance was he's that would put on the road. Been rose are Ben Roethlisberger is not better on the he's actually just the other way around they've been on the run you'll totally be on bill in his career what he's done a film news or very interesting numbers. Because if you look at his splits. In what he's done. As is the runner at home on the road it's really weird disease they're basically saying he pushed him out easily point four games on the road point three now. He's rain for 4282. Yours on the road 1763. You know that's a pretty big difference seventeen touchdowns on the road. Nine touchdowns at home. Even this year the splits are 21 touchdowns on the roads and homes it is more. I think I think the problem is then gets out their teams are different road you have to play defense in rumble road. Whip this typically would you have to do. But it's a tale of two guys between Ben Roethlisberger. In lady on bell for how good these guys on the road now. Ben Roethlisberger if you look at his career splits he's played a long time always he looked like per splits because they've they've played too long. He has grown. 140 touchdowns on the road 88 interceptions. 173. Touchdowns and home 72 picks. His quarterback rating is better. At the end on the road in its not even close. Then on the road this this year Ben Roethlisberger he splits he's got a quarterback rating at home of 416 point seven. On the road seventy point four. His touchdowns interceptions at home twenty to five in six games played eight games on the road eggs Kirk. Nine touchdowns in interceptions it is crazy. His numbers on the road compared to know there's a big difference in that because of that difference. Pittsburgh runs though. It's what they do. They know that he's not as good on the road so they runway beyond bell and it that goes right into their strengths. That's the chiefs weaknesses stopping the run the bells getting these yards can you limit Ben Roethlisberger that's the question. The Steelers beat in the Boston's. In being the opponent for the cheese is no surprise. But does of revelation about him John Dorsey shot eighty we get to that. Studio sixty and Sports Radio don't do pretty tickets dot com right now I guess it did a particular using promo code sixty in sports. You've got to let me know. Haotian and. Alumni. So it's. Welcome back it's like you've definitely got here. On six games. It's a relief well. In the club house seized. See. I'll be talking sincere. 1130 today we'll talk to bill Moskowitz easier on the patients. With this. Particular segment. I just from. Throughout the week in that was something they came up and I don't wanna say that I am extremely shocked by this. It's it's the timing of it's it it is a little bit odd but news broke this weekend man when it comes to. The Green Bay Packers. Today they quite possibly be to could have a GM opening varies own. In the forest team. That everybody thinks of the force name at the top of everybody's list of the Green Bay Packers. Is the current GM of the Kansas City Chiefs best John Dorsey and it doesn't surprise me at all but I think the timing of it panic on the bus. Was it last year was the there isn't anything set up in he reads the get another year there he talked and edit show after it talked about the TCU in the give them an extension. The Ian Rapoport put out here that the Green Bay Packers. Could be adjusted. Ted Thompson 63 years old with Green Bay is he getting ready to retire who goes he still got a couple years left on his deal. If your Green Day. When given opportunity you John Dorsey it's right now is contrary the end if they came indeed huge Contra remains that in the he's going to sign a contract with the chiefs and if you're going to getting. Now's the opera keen to do to get it done pillar of college coaches we have to go back to her alma mater. He played the agreement pack says that he played that team. I understand it's not a school but he's got an affinity for an organization that's that's organization he played for the groomed him. Green Bay Packers he's emotionally attached he hits it he is the city to its going to be a tough deal this was his chance to break or net. In store his own thing that's why do you lower stool for John and in city in my opinion is he got a chance to break out of that in due to his own. In this is his own green Bay's got a long line of that Thompson's run bulls the decree so he's come to Kansas City. We have an had a ton of success these teens to do something here in Kansas City that a lower. Is out Chris Ballard is is headed that she's pro personnel. The 49ers one interview. In his Florio and provable talk about the chief stiff armed that it's enough you're not in doubt after the season K. These were in season interviews re a bye week. Teens interviewed people in he said now he's thirty turned and a few other opportunities to do when Eagles beat anybody he want to stay here. Will say in his Chris Ballard was very instrumental. In getting more speed. He used to you know and in fund in bringing him to keep the city. Chris Ballard's inane can be GM union fell. Savings of John laughed though you wouldn't be left in the union did you have something really good John Dorsey he's been very good thing he found. Especially for the guys that Terrance Mitchell coming here and start of this team finds NG powered dispenser wearers. All that the fact that you had so many injuries John foresees. If you read you to talk a credit for the chiefs John Dorsey in the one fining guys to plug in place. The next man up that he be read don't talk about the delta locked as its John Dorsey you know those guys into and here we had to rest paler. In studio yesterday for for two hours we're talking about the chiefs in uses oracle accused of the story wrote about both these things. Threads were on the situation every day it was nearly stadium every day what does he think about John Dorsey possibly lead. Are you say you does when I know but the situation and know no one thing. I did a farm that dead Ballard. It was not an interview in San Francisco. And I know that. These guys do consider themselves family and I do notice Chris Ballard lights here in La. You take that but that's them and I that's real right not to steal some for me to read phrase from a bullet he Ballard goes like here so. And arms I think John likes it here to the debate here you gotta members that Green Bay basically raised him from putt. Dorsey played five years six years agreement filers in me he played five years in there and in the mid eighties. He look I won't raise them from pup as almost acts he's been 21 years in Green Bay Lauren graft scouting and on it. So of anybody understands the pack away is John Dorsey and Ted Thompson's gonna retire. I can't imagine there'd be a better candidate to replace someone like Ted Thompson and the man. That learned under him all those years with somewhere else with 43 and 21 somewhere else in a general manager job. On main candidates who you want so. The here's the thing green Bay's got a lot of guys there to feel and Kelly wolf. Brian Cooley coerced. Russ balls got they've got a lot of guys in the mix that can get the job. Do you have what he passed which is the experience run and you know run an it department. And he's already like he already has it kind of way so I think it is a possibility. It makes sense that the pack of who want him there. I think when it comes down to is okay. Dorsey didn't have extension yet. What he's got a side as does wanna do here now he has lives and leverage thing about the distinct this to leave. You know he doesn't have an extension if if he wants to the state here he has leveraged his Green Bay will probably come after you pay him now or if he wants to leave. I am really run the show coolest face Andy Reid is boss and his organization. But this may be re hey Andy Reid doesn't really nice job given everybody credit. He does his doors has responsibility and Ballard those two NAIC do get it seemed like they get along well he's that's what I mental. Boy it gave doors most wanted his own organization and run as. Green Bay you know didn't do it there so it's up to him to decide kind of what he wants but the fact is at play here but the good thing but it's he's I will say is that. It goes or stays that's great. We'll stay here Walid guilt these distinctive a lot of change for sure even Gordon next year would Dorsey would told. It's could be on who knows they're Johnson we don't know Jamaal Charles and there's all all these question marks this team that's what seems imperative to understand what's apart right now. When they have everybody together. In go forward the thing Dorsey is. So many pros call the pro is he's bolt zone name is billed as a legacy. The car and is defected. He was groomed by Green Bay we wanna go back. I think you bring up a great point though in that. You gotta take advantage of the opportunity right now. You have to take advantage of that opportunity right now because you do not know. How things are going to be set up you don't know long term eyeballs several different guys in the situation that the marine. Interviewer roster. In the the one thing the ball John Dorsey that I would be upset with. Is if he happened to leave let's say that John Dorsey did lead to go back agreement would be mad at him you know why. Does that date there's a lot of guys at duke there's two ways you say this somebody's dream job. I think that there will be his dream job and for the people he gives it to look at John Dorsey and what he's done here at the time these big here. He set this organization up the right white south wouldn't be wouldn't be pissed off or so with him. If he diddley in you have somebody. In that he had a superstar possibly. In the wings and Chris Ballard are pro football operations the chiefs. They could take that role I mean you're sitting there pretty good even if he leaves. But I know the Kansas City met a lot of gonna be really kind of wanted this job in Kansas City boy who we've talked to him. You know he's always said Green Bay way I burnt out went snow skiing city will keep scenic caves anyway Z. It leans to the fact that he wants to build his own legacy. Here in Keene city when he keeps bringing up the Kansas City. Adequate. Paul's room great. I mean let's let's it is calorie. What is. And he's. Will bowl. Bubble. When you global. Oh. Maher. Told me out in public. Who bought that cricket we got. Is she went right at the tape is ray and ray actually cold yesterday. All year and I talk to ray. Mean he said for us to call him he's got a new ringtone experts said on call. He wanted us to call him weak in years and ringtone but yeah what ails you rate. OO and co development and. You just have people call you see here. You call me speaker. If if if they could mean. World speaker and the full. AA bill that but. He's old. And at that he's. It's about taking advantage of the opportunity. A lot of guys a lot of the guys at our whole. I think it means it's been broker played it. Again. Do we widget that probably story. Which is to Brady. So look at the quality about it. If we if we will probably. Really great because. We got a lot of guys like warden retired although it actually. They can't give each of the opportune. Do I retired like five years it. But you don't it would sell Jack Lambert. Order order steel curtains that thirty more dough should be set up that nose pretty. Aren't sure what so global we. C inflated or forty years ago I think he died it intently through whatever. It. It's all right straight old boat operated out of it got to do with the robbery. Every day job we used it would do all sorts. But later it is eighty his agency kicked. Able it. Oh. Brought it. I just thought if I hear what our goal that I am mortal. Reluctantly backed record chart there. You go to that place you know what thought ma oh wait they're probably looking at. But I can tell you needed. 67 years old debts the read. The I'd do it for Europe for recruitment for all of these. I live if at all or so what I said he says well. We are well. And a bright spot gold jewelry sold me one. My football state in Utica city. So why not to get out there to beat herb block either there or back to our report figures to rattle my dad's house. Baseball as a game at any rate I a right I expect here's and you every day this week because we need you. Disappeared a week or she made an error. And he did that very Beasley but they actually love I've really felt proud. A market of our boys because I don't know if she really fiery feel you know he's come a long player I'd historically does. Oh hi I'm already that I I like it takes a different story right war. To your breath that the recently as the wine. The Jack Kramer either guys stood there at the stars like twice this program. Fired up man he's called yesterday they inspire the phone Cadbury said he watched speed boat. So as big as it sixth and fortunately he's Eagles disgraced writer fire has got to use ray can you speak if you call me it's like you're murdering those that do. This call. Lots of things will be discussed America presidency Steelers matchup with a week it'll. I'm all see it or deal with distractions. Get to that. Don't copy. That's a global. The tube and global. The global. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. The goal. YouTube. Possible and he's global. On sixteen Sports Radio six. It's the fourth round. Goatee sixty sport I count right now. Sound to win see Steelers tickets who earns a bug lights Teddy is that your sponsor of the he had Citi sees. Deadline is 1159. PM on there in big thanks victory Chrysler dodge and Graham is sick experts as well here's what's going on this week you were going all out. Pregame pregame skirted Narnia. Canadians might wolves he's missed them through this you know Ritz in the pregame. I'll be here to Ingrid in the post in Korea or sports she secured a deal at half time game were taken but uncles would have I've. Of the chief scheme acts seeking your calls and by the way if you're into the FaceBook thing FaceBook live. Vesco clean. Ups back at Lilja is. They're going to be noses like mystery science it seeing seed Lilja. Like instant reaction game it'll be like a little edgy yeah. In a fiscal Keeneland weakness trademark on the idea but will decay are now just as these look like below is what should get proactive tree and partly. They live that's to be its real hook. I don't fully stocked bar Josh Corning spec also remaining panel of the sounds for the game I hope is we're paid. I think he understands and ya live video I don't know with the carriers brokers. To care joked it's so little boring. Its banks. Except when it nullified Kordell Stewart and Jerome Bettis are going to be active Steelers must I cannot. Slash could be a real. Pro match of the third went up means go. A great that they're the guys and halftime and it always station taking calls at halftime sues after I'm. Call us up crazier he knew. As a before Regina. That's before are over it you won't be and a line of ready to get a gauge it out if I'd have. Radian crazy reckoning cult from a raced well Ricky Reggie can call race folks what's that bring. If you don't crazier economical. Usually loves you his ring though he called me it would mean to call his ringtone. Arnaz number that keep you know crazy re all his phone please so here's ringtone. Global. This should work. And global and she's in the global. Third is it the crazy. Why he at a strip and Elvis sighting is what our scripts to freestyle. What did you post season chief screw you or your post season royals Kris always loved treasury general Eliot look he's so ago. What does he tries he always zero or. Royals it was out right right the it was a hard easily ignored. Our. He can't he can't front as he eats at parties he he works of art. I'm going RB about the workers. See our these parties. All Horry but our. Elderly citizens are always use. Parties it was eating at parties brought. Raise the main yeah annaly and reduce com. I mean he points and you lose the heat we never heard this is that was for call T-Mobile until he told us about it army are always. People. Without the promote a local man is hustlers are greater if the ride is. Oh. Els in a few of the UMB and that user. Should look. Right. Eyes just well crazy right as it's probably all law ordered by horror. Ego and ego. Are the what are the big stories big tumor on his or after the game yesterday was. The fact that bitten while this border. Got to he cannot tweaked his ankle on one of the last plays of the game which. I'm a big my time on the stand I didn't understand why they were throwing at that point now. I know a lot of civil while has been bows border in the game a lot of times. The starting quarterback is in the game still at the indicate but they're not throwing passes that they're handing the football edwards' view of the game say no problem with them in the game. The white throne why they are in info go to I don't I be your arm on the Darren exactly the age as it did make it says to me why they were on the football sol. The defender was the somebody trying to be grabbed and pulled into the ground seem like he met minus slightly sprained his ankle. And a lot of people are making it a big deal and I did it it's possible winning quarterback. He's a whole state mutual state quarterback he's won the best quarterbacks in the National Football League easier to be prepared to play on Sunday. I know he's going to be up prepared to play because that's who bit about the brewery is he's going to be ready to go I don't think it's a big deal. Blood to get some of it the whole. You know put on a walk Diebold. I think a lot of it has Cooper is precautionary. But update the ball good this conversation is just will also have something to talk here's. Thing I don't see the Steelers. The team that we do some justice for just to be talk. Is that not like what dispute is to put the boot on that he's walking boots these these are all there's been chief Steward east. Calling ease in the Kansas players were diesel. That'll tweaked aide put this on and take the pressure up we get to raise one there's also but there's also colorful world. Of modern legal menace. It's called shoot the this little thing called shoot up before game. Regarding Golding was dark about detonate it gives frank we'll take any. These guys. They take in the I know. He is playing this they've got to go right you'll agree it's not a beginning it's not a big deal at all this is bitten hard. Whereabouts being hurt but Iowa. I'll be optimistic. They're awesome football team they're great defense and that's a tough place to play. That being settlement join us for a little bit please. Joey Porter did by the way human enjoyed himself after the game maybe bin did as well but here's been on when he hurt his ankle monitor her. The very last play another nail down what the last place literally to sue but he superdome or whatever. So don't don't know anything yet but will funnel some of what was the last player to wheeled out and get her new video. Can imagine he hurt himself and kneel there and double of the beyond athletic best available player hurt himself on the mile. He's only CO he's going to play doubles mobility he I've seen video Ben Walker to. Steps locker room he'll look for. Who just. I wall and he Ndamukong Suh almost hope the chief that was put it that way about this Jones Chris Mueller covers the the Pittsburgh Steelers. He waited out last night Steelers assistant coach Joey Porter has been put them back to the top car. In this are in the south side for an altercation with a police officer. Arm I know that wind had some more information in regards to what action to play this topic he was out there today at a bar. It just sat looked and was followed. 2. O'clock 930 exiting. We hear him dispute you'd like 370. Jolie still shower and change in he's probably or eastern time zones who's desperate for. 435 days of this report coming from TMZ about the complaint according to court appoints off duty officer arrived at the bar around 9:30 PM. But he found out Porter quote standing over the doormen. The dormant Cole Porter quote last time you were here you threatened to kill me you need to leave you were not getting and in in quote that point the off duty officer said Porter quote lunged at the bouncer. Grass and by the arms and lifted him off the ground yup yup and that he rushed in. Paul Porter off the balance of the cops think Porter grabbed it and the off duty officer by the wrist. And then tried deplete his innocence he told the op while still holding out it was a Frist. Quote I'm not touching you the officer said the order reeked of blues. And that the officer feared that Porter would cost them quote serious injury didn't let them this was that. I didn't start at 930 oaks at 930 death and now Porter booked for aggravated assault simple assault resisting arrest. Disorderly conduct and public drunkenness bail set at 45. Eastern time the games over 470. There's. Some doubts that's enough to get literacy. Three hours. How to read for hours on its patent. Got after shots or something it didn't sit him into what is. Pleased with Julie. Got after quick. These are drawn. My life I'm thirty you quote reek of boos we didn't get to every plant as to how lucky I am eighth. Rebecca taken a while back. A momentum they Julie's got stashed the stadium it'll. It was him who juror. I have no idea he got after quote but agree what I'll call and talk about quality and ours is not is. Game two get it's wrong I guess made after he got after it well the quickest you've ever been drunk. It doesn't take long dust and say armored what I should be your house you were fairly sober I don't Curtis honestly it's Gagarin is later that. A city and after next yet doing. Oh. Are entering a bloody Mary at like 48 arms quick trip up. At the that works. Law. At the very moment that we all found out that the seas of face the Steelers this week it. Or the chiefs totally disrespect. We get Tibetan. Studio sixty instead to medium duty to town right next in particular in trouble sixteen sports. Sixty. Los Angeles and eats dinner date at the gas and drive. But died today at 2 o'clock in the dairy special announcement at 2 o'clock. Listened to. Stacy got to be easy to reconsider list and times here. And you stated its main. For me. For the statement before we prediction segment. With this girl with his fiancee the captain bud immediately is he would have yet to record one day. He made a mistake asking me to edit the audio all. And so I got the first like thirty seconds voters entering back and forth on that which had a baby baby it's me. Doubt it's made me beat me. He millions an overdose. Put in for the reds and the bustle about boy out. Special announcement on the drive at 2 o'clock that day he was. That she's getting disrespected. And I asked that question because. Yesterday. Was sitting here doing the post game. In Brinkley does posting each and every weekend qualities. She states but I'm sitting here to rest payless had here for the KC star. And the news broke on Twitter about the initial line being set. Insult the way it works is the west gate like the super book. Out in Vegas they'd put in initial line debated the more popular sports book. Our sports books rather won't tweak the line and you have the line said it right so the initial line. According to. What are yesterday was two and a half. But the favorite was the Steelers Steelers on the role in Kansas City favored by two and a half. So did the money start to come in all the seats now the majority of the evening eagle later won't we got what a couple hours removed. Most people had or more most sports both said. The the Steelers at palisades minus one. Would now it's totally changed and as it stands right now and I'm looking on a dot best dot com Brinkley. Right now that sees who underdogs on the line was set are now two point favorites as it stands right there walking boot up the numbers. Big it was on the boot aisle to get anything to do it and then loaded the I don't think much I think at the I think everybody is a believer in the seized and what they're doing the shot today has everything to do with that as the polls the Ben Roethlisberger in the music. I think a lot of people look at it feel like. They just got the line messed up to begin what I think a lot of were shot dead. When the sports in this aligned comes out. You got that sees as underdogs I don't think anybody anticipate that she's will be underdogs regardless of who they're playing with their forests playoff game at Errol. The business like Becker James Harrison. The Steelers after the game and in fact is there a lingering on the upper fifties game it wouldn't have to clean planners and we played on the sale. It didn't think the thing no man will block your we'll look at what they're doing. You know things I've ever. Hope and laughter and executed. It's features. Either James Harrison's incredibly forgive. Incredible maybe he was playing on the well is 2007 team but we played 2006 I. I don't know he's he's been this morning is still in the smartest answers though if I know what it was that this. I don't know who we play them reporters like important ones. Tolls but chiefs' first camera we play. I'll James. OJS's. You know you play them you know you beat that best. S.'s disrespect right. Ideas. And then impact is there a lingering controversies game it wouldn't have to clean planners it was played and missed it. We have to know is important. To know me will falter look at what is going. Hope you won't hear and executed. This features. A bit personally play they're awesome football team they're great defense and that's a tough place to play. That being cinema join us for a little bit please enjoy reporter did. And Adobe Jolie. Pour. Sort of an as a doorman. Oh that's interest or fees can buds orbit. Can get after it. Outlaw alone. This can be so interest and watchman. Because who unions. Have gotten so much better here. The second half sees the chiefs' offense got so much better but so has the Pittsburgh Steelers defense their deeds it's gotten so. This led the NFL sacks last couple weeks Merkel and she's playing hardly any sex on that one committed wondered done. The first time she's played in their 38 sacks on ninety unifil battling at 31. In sacks given up second fewest. In the NFL it's one thing Pittsburgh Steelers do nobody gets the bid and they are beginning to the quarterback. But defense toward. Big thing that's a week is part of our team just is to draw in society and go. You these corporate union just restore points you can limit the Steelers you look at what the score on the road. In appoints the road definitely different than at home if had a lot of gains here in the twenties you know exactly blow teams out on the road you look at some these rogue Wednesday. Did beat Washington 3216. You lose the Eagles and Eagles 343. We lost the dolphins 3015 on what to think over moderates they beat the ravens 2114 on the road to meet the browns 24 and on a road to beat the colts 47. Be the bills 47 point common theme hazard export list of thirty point and you get to thirty point threshold. It through chiefs but they have the last two weeks what you think the over under. Depends on the mean I don't know if they're gonna this what is gonna play and affect the ice things like mr. called on Sunday I don't know if it were up. You think you're committed to factor in the factory it jive is factored into the over under me they do look at the way I would think 55. A look at that is 45 and a half welcome. So 45 and a half is that woods. We'll be surprised it's ass and say surprise. Because as he gets colder. You think it that the scores are gonna come down. So I'm a surprise at all cause. Right now the highest over under is Packers cowboys best 51 and had an act that Seahawks out it is 49 and a half. And in Houston Texans and in the patriots the year at 45 elegant over the Packers. Yep probably gets the job is without question. I tell emotions were slowing this weekend with the news of dried Dyson in the tree on Friday. He he too on the drive after the news broke. And it's must listen to radio. We get to bed at two minutes in your nation is when a thousand dollars next parked at a categories where girls. Boom studio sixty and Sports Radio.