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The Night Shift - featuring The Show & Mike Welch Hour 3 1/6/17

Jan 7, 2017|

We open the last hour by revisting the Dyson discussion as well as the Chip kelly to Chiefs craziness. We dive deep into more Royals talk to discuss where the Royals rotations at now and discuss the question of whether the Royals are really going for it this upcoming season with thier recent off season moves. And as we normally do, close the show with "What Ya Watching"

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Maybe this is. Nights you went euros but so few police down. A lot of listeners put those things as they head because we salute you for allowing us to be a small market. A beer Friday night. Set as reduces it badly at the donut and a dad and my tag team partner. Other than my gloves is for his last hour of the week we've had so much blood we were going we had we'll anticipates. I'm talking about derived ice it and it was the most. Think of you have heard it he has been traded to the Seattle Mariners. Or make cards and I don't wanna take its output is down. Mike Wilks that he is claimed it as nasty knee and he is that the Baylor person nasty Nate Karr say nasty naik garden. What's he throws that nasty slider people are gonna get on board material but. But what they see on nasty that stuff is so we have been bombarded with other more important entertaining the names by you just miss. There is going to be a fight. Between. Chris grounded soldier boy and it has come to all right it's. That we should may be put some but all of the there. Jack ass musicians. That we could just insert into that match to make it's a triple that it made it through make it triple threat by the well. Full on royal royal reasonable toll. Let's trivia let's do I want to remake meal is 63 by the way so woods is that city. It's the shortest all the time though and and data next Nicky does. And so it's certainly a blessing you can do it this off let it let Kanye West promote it held no he's it. So the Internet says beat those 63 that is shocking. So so what was owed Justin Bieber obviously is a mystery right caring. There aren't there it doesn't females and Aaron yeah Davis is it there the right area after her performance. Cash. But bill I see like he should be in the eye catcher. Cast of course. I think John Mayer for everything is about to blow whatever for everything he's at a Jennifer Aniston. John Mayer's should be and involved in this employers Jennifer just be involved yeah. In at their own way out of left field we're about a Celine Dion. Did she just has that. I can replace it just calls that from created. Pity ticket next lives yet that guy's got freed. We're just gonna go it always seem to nickel back nickel back in general yes it nickel they get the whole goal always Goldman Ottawa Apollo light work as a team solves the jag program but about his it is frosted tips little lane. Not. Going no. I'll borrow about it and below a bird bird may. Here like I would hold him checks from people and I was angry bird man on. What about quarter mile. Yeah yeah she's trigger a two over and throwing their. Lady Gaga. Oh yeah. He got us that these people gonna take its XYB. What will that they had their rookie that on the good to take your sex life right now. Like well it's a K a Paul Ryan hall and it worked with me because that half while. Paul and Paul do we miss Taylor's. Taylor that's atlas with so it's going in with the well and helps a lot of people. But. It's in body gets. It in its. Well god you average aipac that Cheney's first album. My parents just about like two years ago is back for Christmas and I just did I saw I did seeing you see on the provide 2000 water is hated everything about myself about middle school Mike Welch I hated what about seeing. Yeah it's denominated senior detect. What analyst Allen Bailey junior who his real name is 36. Today what is he doing man. Net. Eight change a key to leave is not an artist. Little bit of an artist. We snatches the chain off your neck it looks like art to me. Still my favorite thing for the weekend but it Crabtree is such is so you so blame Pakistan Crabtree as least we can kill him for over two years now he owns Michael Crabtree. What about. What about Axl Rose. Mean how does axle now seven Don but anyone relevant unless it bond. I cannot let people. Albeit quite Bieber not involved Bieber has that yet with our music and you've heard about all we've been if you said about your eggs at them off all forgot Taylor Swift do we talk about it his message first went to anoint somebody said that he. It lacked what are you worried that this now let's Brooklyn. Streets in the Atlantic. What is it wrong utterly agree let's get that qualification. Like this person has to have had gotten into slabs of quarter of some sort of altercation in they had to be hated by someone just. All like Taylor Swift. That seat fits she's she's got that they hold tendency. If her she's been an altercation it sees that stuff OK so. Mariah Carrey are now Mariah obviously. I mean sees that he's he's got to be one of the first for this. Out of I can't see jacket. And I think this should be a rule of people who are not live. All boy. All of the eight was six with a strong 150s it right it is it ends our rule both of Britney Spears coming in late. 2.0. I feel better prepared I like Britney by a big policy gritty and because I think Britney would fight dirty I think Britney Spears. If oil horrible situations review bigger players the foreign object in the ring you start bashing somebody in the head waited that would happen. Happen or should have been someone says she is forty she has that kind of crazy. She has to let the authorities of talking like diva I talk like a checks that are pot used. All my money on Brittany spears it's a bit scarier it moves to get in their drive by policy once she has no Britney Spears she you weird crazy rolled right. He's been able. Mitt mental or at least as cal has he did it out and now aka. Lindsay Lohan and all of course should Knight would win it but I think he put out music out of exit nightcap Lindsay Lohan is as strong she put out music the. So it's not music now isn't contest unless views oh we have we have as soon and an out of them are you under use the you know go Meehan. What are lower than it was oh man now and he's. VIP member of the that that meant world peace that is just that is a tough one to go but Ron Artest is an artist bill man at your time I heard from you all week was a body. The way I call her her and her idea although well we weren't getting it actually out of the hands of the I. There. Were about ready. That is dope man. And I don't. Aren't. Our. What are you were. We are. You were. Obama on. A I don't know a lot of attributes that would but that it would. So you need eighty obviously BB DB yeah the at this echoed that idea LA US had openly battled al-Qaeda provides rapid nine would agree yes that's beyond crazy throw at about the strength and conditioning coach guys that people don't you people talk. It's our leaders Dexter McCluster. Outfielder Dexter plus. A lot about it or it's got reserves. For this. Oil rumble of further. People could actually win over oil grumbled about it a whole artist is working on a party Dexter McCluster you have to be an altercation with someone. Like the Chris Brown's novel of the world. All those type shirts because without the purse to participate. Obviously Chris Brown is owed to blur of fighting I think there are people that should be added in this IDP Diddy might be one of the best ones that we had. Not like. Now. It counts. But we we gave ruled that they had to be a masculine yet again we eat it zombie routines would be pretty good so what this because the it was exit Dexter McCluster made a mixed day. On an in his CD that there I. I've seen you play are now available with that is that is Al request to identify this are. Out it take you wouldn't bite should nightmare because he had a side exit that actually law. And I have yet. Beanie Siegel of course all those beanie Siegel T. This is this this is an off the rails about love out of here it is but what about bill according doesn't have one of those things than just one of my mom and yeah you can't. He's just a big. Race days I've read on that the good and he's got to be in the third. Raids days this special manager and now this pastor Brady sit was one of which she turned herself into a brand new. We've lost my without Aziz it's. Guys that attack. And on I'd check it out desperate cluster I've yet to find actual music from Dexter but I've seen him in a Siemens studio. They did like a video about him being in studio that have not heard any kind of music from him the video from January 2016. Of him hanging out a studio. So yeah music out there I just can't find shaft does get it it does get a nomination he did have that altercation with Charles Barkley. I don't even know if I should do this dead you know obviously Ted Nugent obviously OK I just found three songs from Dexter McCluster. I'm not joking that it's down three Dexter McCluster singles from when he sixteen. But that's just part of that Dexter has now gotten into altercation. He had not a bad guy. And I know but the fact that of a feel like I had to stop everything just for the fact that I can now get our government Dexter McCluster has a music career. About it's that's McCluster makes use. I mean Kimberly po boys got to do some yeah. In the last participate. Off the top wrote. Now I would agree. It. I as his music hits but mellow guy yeah past but now I it's awesome these so it's 00. Is that excellence at league wouldn't say it. Coming up next. So did. So that's it we've lost on kids are so much instead kid rock and. This is the three of us business. The text or from the 913. Through the group. Bobby Brown on me. On now gone out to convince them fugitive I mean that's what I. I almost like hitting abilities well. I mean he destroyed Whitney Houston's life. And that's not the way he tells it but I tend to attend this out. Until and others multiple sized every story but yeah that's gonna savaged you on out. One day they young lady was singing. I know voice who's ever heard. And then that last them okay. And it was Mariah Carey like three. Jerod Dyson. Traded to the Seattle Mariners. The army tanks in this world because. I. Now that we will get over and I think we'll take a little bit but I think people start may be looking okay what does is mean for the royals moved four. And I think it just shows a lot like. My thought is what is the position that card does that. Like is he going to have a legit shot to be in the rotation yeah. Fifth starters wide open and him right now I think the organist station would probably pencil and Chris Young. Oh that's why that's what that's well that's why you did somebody. He's Chris Young at this moment is probably your best fifth starter option. But if arresting eight pars comes in and he can beat that this sort of four and the guys started a lot of games the last two years decks that are really guys when he fifteen season. If he loves it and he has that kind of production for you as a fifth starter that rotation looks a whole lot better. And all you had to do was give up. Story does need to start. So there there's definite upside if this works out. And Dayton more has you a hit rate. Of trades in Kansas city of 100%. That's why I'm as I'm optimistic about it. Which is Dayton Moore lost its rate in Kansas City. He loss on a lot early. But what. Whatever he gave up to gates shuttle's solid that he lost dog talking about the trades like it betrayed of people who actually heard of the trades he didn't remember Jonathan Sanchez traded for Jeremy Guthrie. I talk about it. Brilliant itty bit also had a rough go in his first five years like I mean let's. In a must to train his first five years to be fair but because when he got older I really had a will buyers to trade. Capitalized on it got that trade somebody traded forbids overs to it worked out we trade for genetically ago it worked out. Every trade he's daughter of the race rated Zack Greinke any got LCDs Escobar the reds okayed that Jake or is he who we didn't win he used to trade package will Meyer's go to James Shields Wade Davis he has been masterful. With trading. And that is an undeniable fact about Dayton Moore. I've not even stated tree out of it won't go down this road I know people he has forgotten about the first years of Dayton. Mean we zero of his own players the drafted I hear you and I know he's MGM in this market does need that kind of time to build I know he lost this also tree. Ago. Someone on the text line I don't think he's got me there yet. I see it there he has not gotten me. That it did to Dequan yet. Well I've got good when they're Michael well well it close he is easy and it really the odd problem Michael he's and it really gave the the other. And are you you because I am I am not comfortable. With Nate call outs or with nasty Nate Barnes. In the rotation out out more comfortable with him that Chris. Yeah doesn't need anybody to remind your other big daddy daddy goodbye to your other. Option at that fifth spot where we're talking about Dylan G or Chris Young. A nasty big cars 49 years old book in OK with the what is overall record all time is fourteen and nine he's voted a starter for the last two years. Is his every move doing our every move that is made it sickens me day here it's like. Why. Why did you why would I be able CDs and you have to be able to see the logic behind this race. Yeah he did lose account what I got Howard is that. I'd like 32000. But this out could see it repeats yeah who works best seven years ago or a year from a long time. And if it's on it but it's not as president you know what else is your thoughts on bill Belichick's resonate sucking with the browns it doesn't matter because it was so long. It does matter it is not a part it's a part of this present anyway. But thing is this is I thought the beard and a but this kind of what I was talking about yesterday's. You know they got a trade. Jerod Dyson because they wanna save on money. That's one of the main reasons they traded him Billy burns as much cheaper. And they bring back a guy who is as they they're still on a flip of the whole point eighty and I've opposite I don't have a good. Scouting staff and I'm sure they'd done their due diligence but there's still a flip book only they're still on day. We got to kind of make a miracle we got to hold the kid bullet Chris Young we gotta hope that people who ever let. How. That apple like they're never going to be in this place. Word they don't have to make moves were they can go out they need of this to order a real it. He needed if stars they need a front of the rotations. This Danny Duffy. They need a they have him he's the only person. I feel comfortable with the top three I feel very comfortable with the top three with if Borg is is healthy I took off towards the top four. You Danny Duffy your Donovan Turkey Kennedy and Jason Vargas. Out nasty Nate cards comes in I think that's a solid rotation talked about specimen able. Still really good bullpen the lean on with Matt stronger and along last year army its work. I I guess that's where we fundamentally disagree on track that you put too much stock in I'm trying seller. It occupant and who what what we're all these great pitchers that the royals aren't getting. Where were they in free agency is they didn't exist. What is worst story pitcher free agency in over a decade what is what is it sees the bids that do. And I agree here lately is making tree. Would you go that route. You'd have to give up a lot though you know because of how bad the free agency market is nobody's giving up any pitcher regatta king's ransom because they know. We hold all the car zealot you're gonna goes on one so they're gonna make you give up everything for a starting pitchers so would you rather keep the nucleus together. Lose a party 33 years old Jerod Dyson to get a guy back IndyCar you have control over until two point 18. Who could be a solid fifth starter even fourth starter for this team. I think you're way too optimistic about that about this rotation right now I think. The high and they are slightly above average and that's high but that's but that's whom do boils all. They were slightly above average when they won the World Series rotations around and they were but at Bolton about it they don't ultimately how how so. They were they number one in the American League central the best team in the American League they even have Johnny Quaid. They were they were permitted that is like. How's I've not design a missing where that is like. I I I night you said this yesterday I don't think Ventura has taken the state. And turned the corner and the comfort level of him being the two. The covers up the comfort level would Danny Duffy be in the one. Is is strenuous to me he had a great second half. But knowing his background. And knowing you had a Cy Young second and knowing how he can come and go. We've seen this because what was it two years ago of the year they first made the World Series he had it all of the second. And it we didn't really see much much out of it until this year sick so I'm not. I'm mad. He's just not someone whose cup is not like it was a war. Chris archer is not like but I secrets aren't going to be an. Ace like number one untouchable nobody's going to question him in the game this season now I guess that's not in the cards for the accurate you know and that's what I would get him a vineyard to. Is is it eight consisted your Donald interim. It did to me even more whole Roland give up guy these backers young nobody's. But inconsistent at times Ian Kennedy kids at all toward the end of the year two and did. And then Vargas was coming off an injury that would Vargas did pitch. You know I mean this well and sometimes it look like Tom Glavine that sometimes he gave up everything that's why is that he's not here. Top three in your rotation you be easier fourth in the rotation. I guess I'll just say it right now with that rotation. And with that with the moves that they are looking like they're going to make which means they're not going to be able. To really improve to me this team that much. I. I coming into the season thought at the end of last year at this team has a real chance to win the center get to the policies into. I Dyson and Wade Davis those two games that you just and they're gone that means it's over. That's an ice I think well I thought they were gonna make moves. It is that is derived guys have now lost interest morale they've lost they've looked at rallies and now they got Duffy had. Bitter as the one to I had we knew that was going to be the case going to the offseason though we had no I. No point did anybody look at the offseason and say all there again another starter. If I would hope you don't want wherever I was I was speaking the thought of 2017. Is a year we could really be competitive. I was thinking that that might be in the caller that a starter I'd be the caller and not not an eight orange boom boom. Yet to have an aim and UK to say did a starter and Estes and their banging your hands on the table where a kid in the lunchroom Leo just order a Leo Tyronn in a trade with Atlanta. Chris archer and a trade with Tampa. Sonny gray and history with the U coach you'd have to give up to get though I understand it. Pretty much everybody in your nucleus like like you would have to your big monster named bands will lie low LaMont deceit take up. Brought Obama sees the future the future of bullet. Future of the royals he's going to be okay bears their solid sort stock gonna province are now a second baseman. They're Shaw a solid shortstop then they have to be counted on for the future when inevitably Escobar only light will Myers. Yeah and you tradable Mars is yet to make a run in a World Series I think you won the World Series. Lucky I've got you here man I I totally groups that are I told you know I well. You made a trade of your biggest piece and will Myers was much more was much better. Then Raul Mondesi is you've traded your biggest piece you got a starter Jake Shields. Which led to you. Getting to the post any way to the World Series and yes he got way Dave yeah yeah admit that the that's a big hole we Kansas City live in prospects. Live in prospect lane. Okay this team has their position players. Are. Our rain I'll give you Dyson. Are I'm not dies Hosmer. Is Salant. And Gordon in pain and whose stock is there ready. But this rotation. And now you don't have wade. And my I had to say this. Soria is your eighth inning guy. Or seven. Or seven at the Hoosier eighth inning guy that's Strom. Who was phenomenal last season. I hope he's ready to take on that workload will vote with those orders he did when wage it would host yeah just like this. Out of these on this Kagan on this it did this this band wagon of oh what was the royals wait. It was on the DL twice last year. Since ever as a closer being that tipping point for your tee off if you don't have a closure of UK compete is it. It's not just a close as we have to all of her rare the new all the race closer when he got the opportunities last year it's all. It's all in. Their rotation was. Could be simpler because their bullpen was owed them by now when the central but it's not announced the royals didn't do enough it's because the Indians are built. To dominate this season and the royals didn't do a mean of so look I'm in. They did more than enough well they did that on what is it that they're building and not just for this year I don't understand what they did admitted they did it saving money. Know that you're building for the future you have to keep in mind which is asking this affront to the as a seventeen. OK I think we're on different wavelengths as to what we expect this franchise to be. You along with a lot of other people wanna push all the chips in on 2017 and if you lose than well you lost and now everybody's gonna leaving you get nothing for them. Just particulars. You have to look. For the long term this franchise did you say okay we're gonna push dollar chips and 12070 if it works great if it does know what you're the World Series or have the race. Why it would it in the right mind who already won that World Series push all that should have for 2017 and in. They're going whore in the future years know what Dayton Moore is doing is the smartest thing. The he could possibly do you're getting rid of guys the top of their value to rob Dyson correct me if I'm wrong will never be more valuable that he is at this point if Easter. So what what else you going to get formula are too many outfielders on this team. You trade one who is there did it very treatable and could start and other places like Seattle is gonna get his opportunity his start in Seattle this year. So you trade him and you get a nice piece back who could have been a very good piece that's how he's doing well at all by this up let's let this. That guy nasty day cards is honored to control until 20/20. Let's pick this up on the other side I'll tell you you live in that world I'll tell you the world covenant. Okay flew him. Yeah yeah. Risks around. Mike Tyson has now agreed. To come aboard this grounds that could be history this district getting fit and that's no joke right. No zoom both trainers have been to prison for violent crimes. Yes that is it back towards women yet towards limit it. That ties to deflate and one of your flight gap. Oakland winning combination of me out. And you know people are gonna watch. Yet and I come out and once we get it to me heated heated debate here that's excellent is going to you know to their remember in a bow out. Ten minutes or so. Last of the week would you watch and to extent which who's who wanted the night he knows romantic. Comedy Friday in the. Bravo it was good hands of their own views while just an experienced this live in the Ohio earlier di Roma romantic comedy. PG it's Islam which ones are coming about Timmons are so well it's. Does it this is the side that I moment. In indifference from you is. People are saying the window the window's closing there or come and it's about the window is enclosed but well to strategy in which I think is. I understand you're not going to be able to retain all your players and understand you're not going to be able to goalie gave eighty free H I'm not saying that they're going to be like them. The Red Sox and I say they're gonna be like the tigers in just goes bit nah. The tigers in the fourth highest payroll last in the royals never beat I'm not saying what I'm saying gees. You can't tell me that the royals with the success that they have head. Had to stay in the same place that they were when that would date first order. It does not make any sense at all because is not just success on the field is its success in terms of funding in money. Not that I'm not saying that they may have lost money over the years that's right. But. To tell me that we've got these players that we brought Ian and what we can't re side while we can't resigning any of them it'd sue. Instead of now a couple of years ago were bringing guys like James Shields to win and bringing in guys like interest Morales to win. Now. We're bringing guys like. That'll dry you know whatever the hell is name is or. Spartans are we're saying or Nate cards to be a fifth starter nasty head that's ridiculous week that the royals in Dayton Moore. Should not have to be in a place where they have to. Start looking coal lanes and trying to. Have wished to words again on player we Stewart they they should be able to beat up can't they do they got an. Rush for you can usually playoff time he's proven he can do people forget you ever visit is history about what they felt during the moment of her certain phrases certain signs. Put it this way. Because what I hear him enough dog just is not just the first this is just today is also yesterday. You're upset. At the wrong part of you're upset. At baseball. She was with is with the Kansas City Royals is not why they can't spend more money why they can't go get whoever they wanna add to their success is not their fault the structure of baseball makes TV contracts in New York LA and every market or the Kansas City. Much more lucrative because of population sides size that you could have a care in Kansas. I'm sorry that it's really upsetting for people who accept this is really hard for people understand it doesn't matter how successful York smaller market doesn't matter. There is a as to how much you can spend because there's always going to be cap as to how much humid the NFL and on caps worn yet the NFL has a revenue share is share. Which means everybody has that at one cap they can't spend over in baseball there is okay that. Yet they have the luxury tax boo the hell cares if you have enough money to spend money on whoever you want and that's what it comes down to. The royals can't spend like those awards market teams and that's why you have to have a guy like eight more. His innovative whose great fighting guys who were either forgotten or already diamonds in the rough. Elevating. It would that mean it's great he was traded the brewers for people like oh man let's go the reds okay I'll seize Escobar. Resnick. Like no that's not the horses and who the hell are these guys and and they hand out. That's as a general manager Kansas City that's what you have to do in that date more through that Formula One at JD World Series. So logs aren't. I have more faith in Dayton more than that text line for sixty and Sports Radio to go win me in a World Series because he already you kicking and screaming into the promised it is about. They and he. It's not about and you're right I my issue is with baseball. Is that it is not about faith with date but the thing is and so was sent it right here and I am lord knows about the plane. Lord knows I get crushed because I am honest in my opinion. But not 13 royals fans have been crushing attendance at Kauffman Stadium and this is our reward. You've got to be kidding. You can't tell me four years ago at a time they can go gay people make eagle give people coming off the blues in ninety gains they can go make three. With will Myers Ingle pick up money from way with Wade Davis. In James Shields a go pick up people like that it is that the next year we'll pick up key interest morale is Eagles signed people like Alex Rios. And now. And now they're they've won the World Series set attendance records bid tops in merchandise. Didn't hosting 173. Playoff games and now we come back here and word we're back to when we lost ninety games. Look I'm not I'm not. Pushing this toward the ruling. Obviously at Dayton or at this point should not be having to deal with Houdini acts. The reality is is an ownership group David Glass who loses money. By having a 150. Plus million dollar payroll and I know that you really care as long as they're winning. Always does that type of money he did last year which is over a 150 million dollars middle of the road I think just around 1514. As for his ranking India in Major League Baseball for payroll. So you use that kind of money you're gonna lose a lot. If you're gonna win that's great if you go 500 miss the playoffs alias hold on. I let you go out here and spend more money guys like walking Soria. I let you guys them more money guys like Ian Kennedy. You could try to find a way to make it work what these guys but you can't go out and spend that kind of money again until we have another type the nucleus that you feel has that ability total World Series. And win these so as you think the royals are going to be it was. You'd think the rules are going to be able to outsiders. They need to. Depends on when they sign I think with Hosmer stiffened the Duffy Posner has got forces an agent. And he's going to test the free agency waters and I think he's probably going to lead you'd think you'd think they can give any day of the united. I think they can keep Danny Duffy around for at least three more years maybe for automating jobs or nine million it would probably be for less than. Well things that side well that's that's the issue my I'm sure that's the issue the world's run to right in the UK conceivably get back kinda money to a guy. When you were when you are the Kansas City is it's great having you here you wanted to pair market size in that the issue a more glaring errors and I hit there. What that's out there about your attendance records there could be TV money. In Kansas City to TV contract. Is so organism in 2019. And they know that it's come yet. Bugs it's so whichever is that if they won't get a lot of think people are very much overestimated the amount of money they'll give net due to new TV contract because the way TV contracts operate its about the amount of TVs in the market. I know it's weird and it doesn't make sense is the same reason why the Big Ten goes and grabs Rutgers and Maryland because of their TV markets even though nobody in New York gives a damn about rockers is because it's all about the amount of television's in the market. So while everybody knows that most people here do wants the royals unlike some bigger markets that better TV contracts. The contracts is also based on the TV sets instead market. So the market and make the amount of money built it they will island of baseball. I don't hear that your did it's that's that's the reality of life and it's a baseball on World Series. I don't care Boettcher digits I don't cure tomorrow on World Series was inundated and it was straight down had to rebuild again as it out a statement. They don't you just telling the economics of baseball. Guys and I understand. But it is based if you think baseball as a whole has broken. Because teams like the royals and rise up and not gain financially enough to sustain themselves for a long period of time. I would agree with that I think the structure of baseball was ruined by George Steinbrenner. And the amount of money spent is Ludacris and they should have shared revenue much like the NFL does make it more about hiring the right people the dean in the right market. What is the ball is where this situation. I don't care what happens from this point forward mind it is it's the Dayton Moore right because he's been able to come into this completely. Situation is completely structure that is Major League Baseball when a World Series in Kansas City but you watch it coming up next. Go 08 cards. Yes absolutely got eight. Nasty net. Okay. And that's not live. There. Needs to Battlestar Galactica what commitment if you'll look. It's too late to catch weight touchdown it Super Bowl my first class plane. Walking by our connectors. I'd like to remake movies now. Months and solutions. I am Google's it's been. That the threat goal. Practical and I think that. And sirens. It works instincts. What rather be fear or love. Even though. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me. Yeah. Dublin could step up. Did you get six six 306. Picks they would let you watch denied it leaves an average Joe's. Eight you know on. Varieties Fridays as these rules. Wrong. Remote romantic comedy night. In the none of agrees get nasty adult film the lady on tap for tonight they ice. This to be solid evening for that to the. But yet should begin. You know let's tell me could be allayed these that would. Adult films of the lady does not indicate the rise high. Now let me add my Spanish season Rondo the man is indeed I it's substance that was a horrible thing that I. Order here. The though is that this has got that so we review the don't deny ability how to lose a guy in ten days really. Terrific bill let it whip out Greece last night and does that it is that you don't want reached yesterday I didn't know I was gonna lots priest telecast all. And the girlfriend was like all of a lot recently hell yeah I wanna watch three's let's do this that Mary of brides maids come and on the night. Are you sick OK so all ages well let's just raise the rubber gloves but let me let me go I just didn't. Musical grease around a romantic comedy it's close. It's political going yeah. It has written the light. Of light. Of that on the bills as well as heavy as it relates. Kind of summary it's excellent is that a is a rock music and it's. It Abrams is that it is that a romantic. Writes one if you want to going to be on patent on the same page with you there's nothing wrong. Yes it's weird affinity towards. Chick Flicks and I'm not talking. All my lady wants to watch it though. I have to watch it's like Eagles on the way I do too is why is it really mean girls is on television I'm watching me stop you love the ads through this in the eyes got off I just say this to truthfully I mean. Why can't legally well tonight. Strong performance we. Broke what does not want to read the Wesley. That is it really it's you know. I that was a school that I started. Like 3 years ago am I got to like seasons six that I just. I think adding that often they got started three. It that I am. That's so odd to be due to stand side felt like ratios of what you are really mom green rate is. This is day to the level bring it. It's also similar but he from the civilized. Guys I don't understand well one is different though I like. Still like what's the show about nothing yet and I argued their jokes and appreciate that is that is you know prop comic you know appeared. That's. What's. It's comedy play. Get this done one. All of this agreement it was six love actually. From mid this bill is all about lies they cheat sheets are beyond them. The minute you. Mean you're at it because you what's it thousand ounces to work you. Police in 2000 it was a zone he does that idealists who I'm only time it's meant. You watched. Like nonstop stores and old friends like that completely over tiger got friends that like I have friends that are in their thirties bringing up that night and they have light sabers that they bought. Recently. In their thirties I'm like you still think it's real that you both. And he's Tuesday me because tonight on showtime I want to watch and Bieber which stores Bradley Cooper's these young see him. And rise to restore them as you can also civilized playbook is that that's romantic comedy that's not a problem well then move I think it is absolutely love that movie is it implements via a thing we've had agreed and guys denigrate league might be joining me to believe you this year Julio we are out. Oh.