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12/01 - 11 am - Former Chiefs WR JJ Birden

Dec 1, 2016|

Former Chiefs WR JJ BIrden joins the guys to share some stories about the '94 KCvDEN game. Plus, Vern joins the guys to breakdown the new MLB CBA & Bink's worst nightmare came true.

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Tied down we'll tell millions. Whatsoever over very reminiscent of geography skills. Why should go ahead and address attacks on because the south I absolutely he's on the text on it not packed escape talk noble not a big thing in the weekly household if one of them. The one who brings wife isn't your motorsports all the time tickle his own Elmo Bethany. I never understood the fascination with go to these were Romo. And to that. Rule. I wrote to tell you man we've upgraded in no mood move one. For what they party and you're still it is about a big fan. Not a big fields are well managed that it's the silly. It's it's it is for the kids and a little extra. Conceal and told wearing animal costumes. On line of clamp. It's very similar. You'll find a way he's been. At this rate I'm not of find out about oh moment. At this right I'm not gonna find out ADP. Find out all about as though it this right now there will be a new TV festivals all those songs to frozen and only those who gets more kids he goes all the kids don't. Brian tell you two will be able to recite kids things that's what they do considered from do you watch the same thing. Over and over in over a deep ball was the last like concerts. It's he had to take your job your daughter in Monte. But a little bit why is it and could move it to disintegrate. What was the one with. It was Jonas Brothers. That was it. You until Josh saw the rocket. It. Man what was that would give the bill is incredible too by the way to much you gotta tell me what is I opted me. It is does that mean you get skinny jeans on well wouldn't you. Script so you understand the quality of those things those her sleep in a monthly accounts Joan I'm sure it's strong told parents. I'm sure don't middle aged moms you go crazy you look hard you'll go to those and we just look. I don't have it it. Just like you. Should coaches say three already got to tell you start going to concerts decree on older women hit the skids or something like that your kid to a concert. Bomb and bombing due. To a lot and you go crazy place. You have legal present act ultimately these guys are gonna stick to sporting events like avoid them in concert Webber's coming new Kindle block whatever it is. And reliably over to Paula Abdul tribute to our booksellers or it's good news right now former chief former falcon. Org and dot the first man to ever pitch touchdown pass as cheap by Joseph Medina. JJ burdensome JJ. Can look up guys played good today. They were doing good man doing good in your old TV debuts on this week he joins us every week is a regular guest here. A he's one told me about Joseph Monty in I think by the way some props they mean he's on that. The big game big game that you guys were in that you came back and beat the Broncos Joseph want to universe John Elway. You caught a touchdown pass in that game we're trying to decide what's a better game that one. Or the Monday night earned a so they nagging with the chiefs and Broncos. Little yak it clashes well. A little thing I've game because individual Rama honey Elway vs. My hand you think about the year 2000 Casey how many times did. I only have the ball at the last part of the game. And that it that it would so I gotta give the edge. Remedy that game do you think about the games we told the unit and indeed in those who pretty much ease on the phone utilities mileage you're you're talking about the game. Giver of this about that stuff and guys like Joseph Montana come back in winning a game that had to be pretty special play with a guy. It was the master do and. If you can just think about that game for awhile I didn't think about it until the emergence of social media. Because whenever they would play that Monday night game on EST it are my text messaging and Twitter would blow law and then I. Every time that it comes on our watch the game and then I just start reflecting you know. So a pretty special K well that's pretty special moment it could be in the huddle little of that bat quarterbacks to ever play the game. I can think about gagging on that last drive. When Joseph came into the oh. It was so different than the previous beaten because judge just kind of came like OK guys that we got this we're gonna be and where it. And I thought okay this guy a little different quality quarterback what I play within the passage if you do for sure that it would negate. In your years of playing golf how many quarterbacks. In terms of all the years that you played. Joint town of like that that at the end of the game or in certain. Specific situations that were tied in and things that gloomy they just had that ability to overcome and everybody was able to rally around that dot. I would definitely get. Joseph the because I played as it briefly would it can't cut Aikman's rookie year you know in Cabrera gave Cragg. Like doing something different about judo in articulate what its confidence level. You can just tell that they're they're done back when you're a guy that got that much confidence it can get it. You can't help but think OK we've got to do our job because the guys that we saw the whole other level. I'm confident that once again it could Leland that situation. In the us. Do you guys know they're type that we couldn't produce we could win it but haven't a leader general like you know it was a done deal. Well you know JJ is that's something that you keep coach shot or is that something that a guy just asked. I think that's something big guy have to happen that you only get it from experience. Of being successful. He can Jill had been in that situation sold eighty. So with nothing and so they're a bit like. You know what out of Atlanta as pilot Jeff George you know there were some times. We were killed at the end you've got to look at gas size since you didn't think that cost a little like OK can we really didn't. But you have your main guy who's the leader could I can think election jail his benefits or vote that could it just took the job but the yeah. Jeff George thirty sit talk about Jim George compared that would Joseph Montana is always urge Jeff George's daddy or in the nobody feels head. Obama unbelievable I have never had a played with a quarterback to have an arm like kids. The way he told the blog hammered the opposite actually you know he's stormy times sixty yards and all that you know it that would constraints put his arm back. I don't know how much have they. And good deputies. Who you know in terms of like. Understanding the schemes and options in the progression and all that I think that's what other quarterbacks like Joseph hectic job was suggesting that when Joseph walk out that. He's guilty in the right be right player not even let play go to even look at what the Locke looked at safety out you know what progression because it. I think kind of general George lacked that I think that really came to do. Just be a student of the game. We got former suited you burn you on the days of late debated but it does book when opportunity not a sure fire ways to take advantage you can buy it exceeded our dot now. And JJ when you watched that game you see young receivers. Like Tyree killed it's a fifth round pick that they've basically asked what Macklin being hurt. He's also and becoming number one wide receiver to put a lot of running back in college age of 59 about a 170 pounds when you play. We DC Terry keel and what he's able to do is this the new generation of receiver unifil we've gone away from the 63 to 65 wide receivers. In more guys this body that. He double cycle so if any gets you excited to see a guy like Carrie play because. I know he probably had to deal with some of the preconceived notions when people looked at her side and all that but he obviously has the ability he has the cockpit. Yet the mental ability to. But yeah I think we need to. Could the air as far as like receivers it's almost changed when I first came out there was all the little guy told them that. The guys in Denver in the guys the receivers for the Redskins. Think everybody went to talk Jerry writes receivers either one of those policies. But what's interesting about the offered to update you need vote. Can Eagles called big receivers that you need those little guy. Couple little guys got better ability to beat press they can get that separation they get great speed at all I think he could be sensible balanced so. It's nice to see guys like period stepping up their produce because. And I know it and actually learn that you guys out of 157000. Miles with the keys. Or. Martin lets you want certainty what he's just a full defense strike outlook slider to completely. You can't get the book by its cover. And treat Israel issue when he got big art big play ability ideas what had to keep trying to get better keep eager to get better compete then that. Who knows how how special he can be. You know every team in the NFL has their flaws everybody has a strange everybody has their weaknesses when you look at it sees what. Stands out to you about that sees that they need to maybe Shura or maybe something that they're lacking. All tell you what we got really love to see them do I'd love to see him attack. Defense that throughout the day not just toward the end of the game. You know we saw that they be in the fourth quarter that gave we saw it big just a. The defense. And didn't let up and I love to see more of that could be Keeney a big game you know because that's solid and keep the defense to get it. They're gonna keep them honest debate on the what you're going to do but that they can predict what the future gonna do in the first of all I. It's a lot he's just stopped and so it's it's the goal for the fourth quarter when he starts put the pedal to metal and attack their defense. It was funny say that GG he's just talking about that a little bit legally be read it said yesterday we spoke to media that. Alex the crazier the game is the more he calms down I guess my question is how do you get a quarterback go to that Israel is very different calls on plays. His autonomy to do what he wants but how do you bring that out of somebody it's so good. This season at least in the clutch like he was he'd seen Diego and Denver how do you bring that stuff out quarter's one through three how would you bring that out. How you know I would duke and I think I've we executed Martina other teams do this. You know sometimes that first quarter you cut out there you go into. You know you go to chief minister arguable that the eight that atmosphere. So lines you're you know you're not wheat into the into the game the way. You don't get right to be any because we need to go huddle you do treatment an attack like that it's off track it's intense that you go go go you know as well. Love that that kind of makes sat out because. All of that in the second quarter and the third series also you've come out and no huddle. Yet it kept the defense well guarded and again you're gonna be getting him into that habit. Of running fast paced offense and really once again attacking the defense. Or grace Dunn JJ we truly do appreciate sound check out his books when opportunity knocks a sure fire ways to take advantage. Bite it did you burden dot com take care man best luck to you. The for the other rest of this year into 2017. And I'm not gonna got the job. The final four in and enough scenic sold may be Allah title looked up. Yeah let me up that'd be really good guys and and thanks for bringing me on target to talk about cheese and you know let one last thing you know the chiefs are gonna beat the falcons so obvious that they're being I was on both teams so. Or did these higher user had usage LC now. Oh my goodness that's the whole world better. Our right to hear it you talked you later. All right doesn't it Hubert on the division I mean I love what he's Ebert isn't it didn't happen. Is that Marty lie. 07. Ounce. NFL years adult now me still some some some guys at a slight of build up a brass. Band to have Big Brother do exactly. Daily users and he's become blocked like none other on the defensive backs through this at the Potomac analysis of DC to transition from receivers. His movement does phase where you'd be 6364. We all wanted boost this starts beavers started thirty back a look this is even. A little bit but there are guys that are short and fast. That are taking care bit when sometimes coaches can confuse the beauty wooden middlemen figured those guys. But there are guys that. You need a balance. This still need the Mike Evans cycle players and also gonna need some of the smaller faster guys like ordeal that computer. There are some short guys a flat out they haven't been to Austin has it been as good everybody wanted to Calvin Johnson. You with a 65 wide receiver sheer. Richard now so are even Ottawa I can do. All right unfortunately JP please worst nightmare came true last night would take a look bad news next. Who studio sixty and Sports Radio. Thanks to get a taste the. Yeah. It. Do you drive down the freeway or you're you're too good of you stopped at a light into the boards of the car next unit part of this team now might. They allegedly dale. Desolate house you just don't that it taught them looked at festival here. If I had to turn it down and don't see very well himself with the she eat speak publicly any of us. Grew emotional with some of those who. RP NATO. Speaking RT. And it they don't because these people these four little drought last night for the big Mac creator gave us a portal little big Macs are solid concrete or. James is it Stella got. Be Disney adventure the big Mac died. At age ninety Susie just like it cook for. Rick rock. The figure at the big men equity Buchanan separately NC and I think he's he's so good and I think this story is at. Old McDonald's I don't know if he tree is all just clause that wrote that he was he is. He's a franchise owner I know he's a franchise owner in its core. And he thought the McDonald's the bigger Sampson. Ain't so he traded the pick. That was feel as though the big Macs that a big sandwich and it's very average. What role do you do that Giffords her mother than average age used. And very good. And obscene it's very average in size they used to be like he's small or big the bus Coke right now he's in two this session until back in the day awards co. Right you can buy small Coke lords who he's been ago. It seemed which used to be big sailors were outnumbered and out. Maybe not album back what I know it's different still pretty big sandwich. Being. It is not that big east big Mac does not. I'm talking cause we're you wonder we're debating sizes sandwich is that and what we're doing. I don't think in the green scheme that they what's the big samples do you parties here when I got a modest burgers on the and what's it makes LSU those numbers. Just any aggressor Saddam and or burger like at a burger restaurant much bigger big much bigger. How many big Macs can you eat in or ones that questions coming up I don't know what's was in a big Mac and on this but I and you how many. The attendance then I know for a fact I can handle through but I you'll go woozy after that so. It was Gil with his five cumulative time limit it can handle on the map like five and a half hour some data back at some that I could probably do. But my view crazies like inner point here and there among the five and half are you Islam. We need to road trip to Minnesota there's a food challenge that today that you need need to be a part of how did it take care cost thirty bucks. I did it take careful free for you. And I don't know I know. That you would not a topples the gulf if you buy a 163 calories and a big charge and predictions and get in get out Sorgi you guys the great did outward. To trust this sandwich you would not get into that take into it. I. Eight no pound of Fries on top of that an hour or so some found little. Bit to do with a look at the the break in and now he's more marathon Dan Springer. Gig at the time. Are you Mary thank irishman. Sprint. Well in between. In between. Spreader and do like ten days at the Olympic level speed. Well you rate on ten big Macs in one city I think so there's 563. Calories and one used to be pretty large food. We'll get ASCII so you have three days were the court and taken. What twenty minutes I would sit down the five that's Mosul. If you wanna do it some time Moochie it is an honor comes and it's totally separate just mean you do it has been due to review station. Over the it was Monday when we get our next Bogor big Mac rule. By one. Are appropriate CIA field. Again fueled the only issues I got if you're gonna feel right all. We gotta have your mind. Animals teetering in the morning I mean I'm the nothing that. Assault assault with a good group we talked Joey chestnut about yet expand as dumb best usually says that payers for a long time you heard his work Allred. He strains beast on. You think 820 twinkies in ten minutes by accident which rainfall. Reduce trade you lose a train for it does much to her death. Are you excited for the bigger Mac yes. It's gonna happen by the time. All right Jay your worst nightmare came true. Man I'm being sarcastic when we say that but dealt with Major League Baseball dating a new CDA. The report is in it that. One of the pieces to the one of the details of the CPA sending others talked about thing smokeless tobacco banned for new players. And this is a huge deal. And a much buzz it's gonna get today why that huge though because you just bays and chewing tobacco for every Major League teams so that's a big. It's huge step late that is a big deal if it's not until the end though the hours that baseball players. Have to be free destined to happen to have to back a minor leaguers come on now there's. It is when you get the pros the ones that are there now. You grab it and the players are now Ned Yost Mir is anybody that does it now. I don't know which players who what's gonna have a good idea who doesn't who doesn't it this either means they can still do. With the new players but then again you come down a point okay would commendable he lets think about oh. Is he legal or not it would give pro guys sit there and put a dip in what their friends can't would you hire in the outfield together late. I could put that you endlessly schema EUK. That's what's up with but that's it it's gonna be different. Twenty years from now. Just did everybody in the league will not be 2.0 it's it's kind of just awesome I don't see what the problem it will bust trying to advocates for people living health wise bust early on sports that are broke down exactly what this isn't good stuff. The use of smokeless tobacco why did they decide to budge on that. Randy I think this is just any knowledge meant from the players from Major League Baseball about the direction of states in CD's. When it comes to the use of smokeless tobacco we've seen bands in cities. Los Angeles in New York in Boston. San Francisco State California proving bands and see Diego Anaheim. Oakland and it being talked about in Toronto and Washington. And make the players understand that and that's why they agreed to this now they're not trading away they're all right. Because if you are a Major League player now and you use tobacco you use is grandfathered in this is going to affect future generations. As Texan when they play this morning said let's face it. There's also the issue of enforcement he said in let's treat idiots who's got a big lot of tobacco in your pocket and here it cheek. Or you've got canned its goal in your pocket who's really going to see anything. I think this is a lot about PR for both sides on that. Randy I think this is just any knowledge men from the players from Major League Baseball about the direction of states in CD's when it comes to the use of. Talk about states and cities as we did put that extra thing on their states and cities doing. Tsunamis league baseball wants to do it first blogger with him in the gym snitch on your team. You're going to be OK. We hear anything about New York or L layered did you hear anything about somebody get in trouble for chewing. You tell me when these teams won on the road to play the Mets the play the Yankees yeah they stopped you is exposed to in this beating city order. You tell me. Nan everybody else stopped chewing doesn't sit in on guys is that they're not snitching you know what that is the only married for baseball not a lot of money does that resonate as well I'm not going to be. Just say. I think there's still gonna do our blockbuster only I think as the PR deal they look at us we're gonna be clean. The gonna turn there of their head they're still going to allow guys that you now keep in mind when they're playing now still can't believe in the guys are coming right at the league. I guarantee within the torch on their mouth in the locker room whatever it is they're going to let them do it because nobody. I don't usually use announced that I don't think twenty years not the Tony is not going to be dawn light light. The hypocritical thing for me is that with we talked a ball health in this country we want people to live healthy lifestyles with the and we. We got to probably end when Lee say don't do this or don't do that help. People are jumping on football players in the national football it is a talk about safety and concussions and all that but now. Major League Baseball apple gets flack for this biggest project. I think as a PR deal what they did is the appease the players. Because it didn't affect them a lot of times players will cure of poison and affect them a ushered these new guys can capture due to the not build to a they didn't put a ban on everybody doing. It's the ones that are coming in keep that in mind. Thank you were to screw them right screw each other will screw them. But here's detect signs asking us in this is that talk about that we're talking states and cities for tobacco. In marijuana should be legal for baseball players we we bought it does that's the other thing that's the other thing if you're saying are gonna start listening to the cities and states the European tobacco guess what. Eight states now now legalize the use of marijuana and you start listening to that saying maybe an exe BA big Major League baseball's the first ones that. A hypocritical they say well states and cities are which by the third or State's legal for marijuana than there is cities that they and the use of back. More cities to do that so they're going to be hypocritical here are saying. Wolf shoulders a slight difference in that he's got always been allow his grandfather they accessible to marijuana which was well it is but the thing is if it's banned in less places than marijuana agrifuels they're gonna pick a look at exit ways that we talked about it this morning you know his state of California makings are there and it's. You know also and say well cities and states Emery can marijuana legal I think baseball's got a real problem here contribute hypocrites. Well what is our sixteen royals insiders think all of the CBA getting done. Because we still have some questions about some of the other details will talk to Josh garner met Darren which players shoot which donors at a good idea who doesn't doesn't this either means. Studio sixty in Sports Radio don't do daddy tickets dot com right now. I guess it did not particularly in total to sixty in sports. Inside but also makes it it's don't assistance fourth night now. Make it part six point five got. It dead teaser you got teachers Ford festival in the morning yet he served with the bases got sweatshirts. For all wheel drive also have a special teacher put Josh where it's very home mister speaker after him. But gazing off into the distance of mr. it's one that we will propose an accurate in its it's great. About I really sure I would ghost protocol regal. Maybe majestic Pittsburgh but once. I wonder what T shirt forms in the merger. What a barn. Some boy I don't let. A rocket. Thank you. To play about a burdensome or even yeah. And it. Cost like 100%. To. I'm definitely easily use the infantry what you Chicago. Byrd. And great that trailer in the perjured and it burns army. Well man I'd. Start with this column. Did you ever doubted they would get a deal done before the deal expired when he comes to the collective bargaining agreement in Major League Baseball. I mean but it could go pat this is the deadline of December 1 but I was never concerned that. You know that the work stoppage or that we wouldn't report to spring training I'm not was never religion circuit. There's a lot of details in this deal we're gonna get continue to get stunt double come out here in the coming days coming we saw a month from now. But just you know within the last so many hours since they got a deal done what's the one that struck out to you that really cost Iraq. I thought man it feels. A little packet will be hit one of the qualifying offer. Free agency. Compensation board not just. It's about all of public. Lightly. But evidently and I would imagine as that the top takes you by equally as far as the smokeless tobacco ban. Of course gives us that simmered for this when him. Figured so. You know me the international. Citing app I thought that it took things. What is the cap on how does that cap by the way. Between five and six million dollars well. You know your comment. A that one Japanese. Pitcher in there than it is about what in the world. Of big. Yeah like it if you wanted to come to the right now to the site for six million dollars. At least 25. Line whatever you want. And and that's Jack has last week. Did was pass last week he says here's part of the new CDJ nobody really likes with the new international signing 825. In a Japanese argued is talking about won't be coming to Major League Baseball until 2009. Yeah. A lot of it too bad for them. Got a couple over not is that the world we're going to hit him right. The same can be said about. The Cuban players before. The age of 45. It turned into a bidding war between the Red Sox in the doctors. The big market teams were also at. An opportunity you don't need guys. Now what it decides a couple of what it turns one spot below. Well at least have a shot you elaborate advocate the city that the cute things. LB all our game everybody's. Happy about that I've been hurt anybody's. Bombed out about home and it's no longer be decided by the alt. I mean I'll commoner you well. It is interesting stuff though the draft pick compensation. Look a bit confused on that because that's all worked the sworn in the qualifying offer. You would still get the compensation you still do. As far as that concerned but not like you're classified Taipei had B type C a free agents. I would take it lightly effort and the only differed. You know royal off for air out of the qualified for your side 450 million dollar deal with the Yankees the oil well. Elder. After the first round of get that extra work well basically. After that numbered 32 sunlight that. But it. You know the opera qualify off the court but hey. You leave and sign 82. Year three year forty million dollar deal. Oil will get paid actors the like the second well. Up at all where you're at like that here you know they get popular was the case with I'll call one. The world would basically get three additional were struck it. It but it signed the deal less than eight dollars you know first they give any. Conflict. If you're in the compensatory. B which is basically like the second round as well as the source that. That's the only real difference. Salad bar. What other teams have to give up. But I'll hold it ought to. But the qualifying offer other teams might be is it because they're gonna have to get up that topic but now. Starting. At. Com. Ortiz or just an apt to part with. Bert well. That was of course it hurt a lot. There at the lottery act hundred odd dollars that the case of the apartment the second round and well. That means for what else is. The big market club. Yankees the doctor how anybody to your old locker. Sign the guy who's turned out qualifying offer budget as a lot. Apart with. Murder if they would be under the accord he which has the party was the first round itself. Opera world if it means as guys like where. Hitting a qualifier Paul Byrd doesn't get that well what I used to. Will be out. They're eager to rip that away from intensity yes but well at first it looked like it very difficult for them to keep those guys. After all when a qualified offer. Yes you did learn is it's very confusing deal anyway but it looks like to be they've capped the 235 million per team is at our right. Kids spend over that. Looked at that changeover that by the year next year one. But electorate that. Nobody did team says the key it's been that much of it was like 235 million or something we're gonna kept teams are mostly spent. Yeah metallic hard cap. You know you're all these. Acts that were. 50%. Look all the all the sports team that believes. We're in the luxury or cap the luxury tax this season. Actually a little bit about the re. I wouldn't expect anybody to you know. Consistently remain in the luxury tax area. Oil usage into theirs are phasing the Oakland days out as far as the money given down 80 god what this is a big server ready spends money is what its dual and so. I think it's going to be very big deal though burn on your injured we do and hot stove show. Every Jake from January 15 April 2 from nine to ten on Sundays. So it's a new time for your hot stove show and get beleaguered to a special one next Thursday night correct. Yeah opposite. The football game. Mud pit stop but a lot has been EUE. The most ships LP not next Thursday we capital enemy. Good stuff man. That's good stuff may eighth final thing in regards to deceive BA you like distracted the all star game is meaningless now the light that. And that that never make sense to me it would agree to help that much and we got. I would think even without the all star game being a factor it. But the managers and players will want witnesses is that if they did that really don't think it was I know what that. But I really don't leave much of the players on the field where a late at all wanted to get home field advantage. We'll decide who really quiet fee and voting issues because it doesn't matter now so let him do whatever they want in this thing too is never perfect anyway east alternate every other year it's like. This is finally fixing it was never right even before the all star game they. Yeah me. You're not a percent. You want to play harder than it is make it mean more. Yes it did all right Michael it's finally don't it would never was right before he altered it would still wasn't right. The finding ways. Do you think that player will still be Q and on the field that's here. Absolutely. Even the New Orleans and other bothered in Wednesday and the new entitled there but I don't the it's about next year or the year and I think it's a ball fifteen it's one year. You're right you're. But you got a lot of resort right. It's good to be the first Mitch. When you keep doing it has gotten out probably. Off false at all this guy at the Pittsburgh got its expedited. Read on the club and gradually phase it out. Here. Call up and coming up a bullet joke. That's big cutting room floor we almost went with. Europe funnyman. All right a gag race and make sure it's a lot the people on sixes or not Tom by the door and T shirt it's awesome. And I'll listen to bars next week I asked those show he's gonna and the time to. Gonna talk all night she says that he earned nobody wanted to sock diverted for months. We brought him on the show twice now on the Howard face. How we got late but I don't think I've brought it variety. Now now put the DOD Daryn you make you sing it's. What you would tells the states. And here it is a little earlier. Point. Burden is more concerned about missing I was obligated RD take you ever would on its treatment. All right take it past our. Do you think burnish our. No kitten of imported rice will go. Probably. Ruckus crusher on crap load the ship. We look at his elderly were legally disabled children old old ship like that they made it commercial. That is vote at the deal local lesion that's in a always finally starting to see real signs of potential comic riker. Floyd Mayweather junior fights we discuss it net. Whom studio sixty and Sports Radio. This guy down. Are gonna join us a bit earlier than usual typically it's 1 o'clock on Thursday to date does Obama. A special meeting that he has he's gonna join us at wolf there's an important business and he is important as all the same big reveal 1250 Paul charged into Wolfenstein. We'll tall to love Jerry Kill. With this segment and the news broke yesterday. Scott a McGregor. You'll see Faisal. The state of California has issued. Film a boxing. License. Which is all started now appalled and we've speculate or wild at least they did last week when you wanna say eight or nine months. As he gave it 200 match or the range. With Floyd Mayweather junior. All this is gonna do is for either. Pushed out the year that speculation that the two guys. Who fights are bigger going to I've felt this long I armored. You think I'm gonna happen I thought it was possible I distill it is the is dead. It's the mass payday for both these guys Magnus that this thing happens if for cover McGregor. He's got nothing to lose you lose the Floyd liberties laws. He's he's changing discipline school from him in a Tutu boxing Pete loses. You'll have a different opinion column Gregor he's he's. He's ordered and they MMA fighter he's not a boxer its weight loss but if he wins. Floyd is more to lose to me than solely with that against what looked like he give me. Boxers can beat you in big guy from him in a minute rain he's going to be me Floyd got no fearless. You'll it's a pay is Floyd that and it's like let's look at what you need what is he willing to give kind of McGregor though in terms of a payday. Like. I don't see any situation where. We're split Mayweather junior saying yeah Tom McGregor I'm getting it into a ring with you and yes I'm getting to guarantee that you may. Ninety million dollars or eighty mode whatever the pride ISC. Floyd look at it like that as he does look at Tom McGregor is being on what he's got a. Hundred million dollar check in Kashmir capsule Munster he doesn't need money. If you look at for tension maybe so but hundred dollar check is in case your hand so I don't know. Or do you cut the cash is I mean we're looking at it. I think about it in the you know realm of Kansas plains Wichita State. Don't why don't you put them on the arms but was doable it's at the risk reward I mean in this scenario. When Mayweather is Kansas. Wichita State would be car McGregor. Mean if Carter McGregor does go out there and that's a big if he goes out there and actually hold the zone or compete or. Actually wins. I go to looks like reported. That a guy who doesn't box left on his profession at about what he does. I know emanate boxing both combat sports but they're not the same thing just not. Think for Floyd is he wants attention again he's looking for tension which clearly when he tweeted a picture of a check for a hundred million dollars he's looking for but then again he's got the money. But money does not matter full. This much about the Mac is bad also little that he didn't cash check for a hundred million dollars in the year and happening. He doesn't need the money so unless he's bored once he tension I don't understand what you wanna do this press. Levin Muni last night in heading home houses and to JT the break okay it takes the great had a guy on farm teams the doubles taught to the ball on this situation and he was talking about bought two different stories I guess it even trying to cover. In one of the things that down. That they died mints in acting JT talked about it is it all to do it kind of McGregor in the ring with Floyd Mayweather junior and people beat. So it was a super interested go for him to have it saves to win a fight like that. He would have to fight somebody and hold up the steals a bit. Tim you're asking me entire fight is not a McGregor like somebody before just he fights. I anger as others don't elements around. I mean maybe Ford's like you know what. I mean morsel on now. That's why is this going to be the biggest box paper view Everett who would go to. I agree with that I. Don't think it's going to be I don't get it out immediately mines are gonna say yeah. I mean I'm glad it wasn't paying. 89 the a hundred bucks to watch what avoiding rather dance with them for media Floyd Brown money one last media seem to be getting the money. Anybody there's a hundred million dollar check in the cash. Visiting the Mon. Visit the elbow 88 innocent what's it like this Floyd's gonna say you know what display it's going to be 75 point 58 not a regret does not gonna go for. The other thing that I like about the other way around. Because I'm probably going to get the speed you have that I've ever occur and I probably wouldn't pay for acts out its painful. Homemade low road if this article and I Google buddy's house pay ten bucks fifteen point eight depending on how many jumble of speed. Up on the pain back. I don't care if this were last. To get reimbursed by the it's sad that. That for us. I would be more apt to. Or paper view regretted Yossi debuts sixty bucks not that bad I will be more apt to order paper view if Carter McGregor was going to take on Floyd in the octagon. I would rather see that. Because to be honest with you would Mayweather. It's a great defensive boxer and I don't seek our McGregor be able to number one be able to hold his own against him number two. All his actual emotions in check like at some Portuguese tackle for that in the race or kicking or numbers something like. Earl water bottle at a local account or McGregor is gonna be idle that it would be as good as advertised. In the boxing. Out the review of the old shouldn't you be so defensive I mean he can in just the right time puts on. Chains strictly by he would he would be ridiculous now Lloyd's gonna alone and in the suites at the Nike now the morning could be cores. B board party pretty board a flight. It's like saying a commission when allowed 49 and O box certified someone who's essentially debuting. Either group. I do because like a foot soldier that third somebody's going to wanna see Connor McGregor in the I think California would why would get his license there. Like each use California. Essence resting California hasn't gotten it since he smoked dope California. No trees. They did what they did vote and you cannot reason with California that's that's wildcard here. Now they weren't going to secede from the union sports and it was the governor. Excellence they Mayweather care redeploy as the cast of checks out all the which are building the blanket this. California secede the we will do whatever they want collects it. Poll bears. I'd go to mated yet via diseases sports expect year all the days. Studio sixty in Sports Radio you'll do pretty tickets dot com right now. I guess it did a particular using promo code sixty in sports.