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  1. Fescoe in the Morning

    Latest Audio Clip

    07/28 9a - NFL QBs, Andre the Giant, Beers with the Boys, Royal Rumors


    The state of NFL QBs and why people want Nick Foles on the Chiefs, Andre the Giant drinking stories, Beers with the Boys and rumors surrounding the Royals, Dodgers and Wade Davis & Ian Kennedy

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  2. The Day Shift

    Latest Audio Clip

    07/28 - 1pm - We See You NBAPA


    The NBAPA is doing something that should be done by all of the professional players' associations. Plus, should MLB teams have translators for their players & we do the Take 2 Before 2.

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  3. The Drive with Danny & Cdot

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    07/28 2pm - Wade Davis trade rumors, Is Duffy For Real, Marshall v Brown bet


    In Hour 1, the guys led off discussing the newest Wade Davis trade rumors, including the one from our guy Jeff Passan that includes the possibility of trading Ian Kennedy as well. They also discuss Danny Duffy and if we can finally admit he's for real before discussing the Brandon Marshall Antonio Brown bet discussed on twitter as to who will lead the NFL in receiving yards.

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