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  1. Fescoe in the Morning

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    08/24 9a - Ned Yost


    Royals manager Ned Yost joins the show live from Miami following their 9th straight win!

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  2. The Day Shift

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    08/24 - 1 pm - Chilly & Nags


    In the final hour of the show, we hear from Chiefs Offensive Coordinator Brad Childress. Plus, one athlete needs baseball more than anything & the Take 2 Before 2.

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  3. The Drive with Danny & Cdot

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    08/24 3pm - Richard Justice, Hud Answers Questions, Paul Charchian, Drive 2-A-Days


    In Hour 2, the guys talk to's Richard Justice about the current state of the Royals plus they hear Hud answer some questions with Charlie Hustle that he's never heard answered on the show. They also talk Fantasy Football & the upcoming Training Camp with Paul Charchian before today's "Drive 2-A-Days."

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