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  1. Fescoe in the Morning

    Latest Audio Clip

    07/27 Ned Yost


    Royals manager Ned Yost trolls Kling as he tries to stay positive during a tough stretch plus the future for Raul Mondesi

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  2. The Day Shift

    Latest Audio Clip

    07/27 - 1pm - The Untouchables


    With the MLB trade deadline drawing closer, is there a player that is untouchable? Plus, does negativity work for you & Starbucks has a dress code?

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  3. The Drive with Danny & Cdot

    Latest Audio Clip

    07/27 5pm - The Hits, Chiefs Parking Fiasco, Ask Us Anything


    In the final hour, the guys play the hits, discuss the debate that's not really a debate about Chiefs parking before ending with "ask us anything."

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