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  1. Fescoe in the Morning

    Latest Audio Clip

    07/22 9a - Royals, Mike Sweeney, Jon Stewart Rant, Welch at Camp


    Royals take their visit to the White House, we check in with Royals HOF'r Mike Sweeney at his baseball camp where Welch takes BP plus Jon Stewart's rant on the RNC

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  2. The Day Shift

    Latest Audio Clip

    07/22 - Greg Coleman


    Former NFL kicker Greg Coleman joins the show to discuss the passing of former Vikings & Cardinals head coach Denny Green.

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  3. The Drive with Danny & Cdot

    Latest Audio Clip

    07/22 5pm - The Hits, Royals & Chiefs odds, Ask Us Anything


    In the final hour, CDot & Heis play the hits including the Royals outlook heading down the stretch, plus they get back into the Chiefs odds with an easy road ahead before getting into "ask us anything."

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