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  1. Fescoe in the Morning

    Latest Audio Clip

    08/31 Ned Yost


    Royals manager Ned Yost joins the guys to discuss the injury to Lorenzo Cain, standing for the National Anthem and when Wade Davis is coming back

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  2. The Day Shift

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    08/31 - 1 pm - C'Mon Tim


    Royals manager Ned Yost had some interesting things to say about Tim Tebow's chances in baseball. Plus, we go around the league with NFL 4 Downs & the Take 2 Before 2.

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  3. The Drive with Danny & Cdot

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    08/31 5pm - The Hits, Soria Debate, Ask Us Anything


    In the final hour the guys play the hits, continue the debate on if Joakim Soria has actually been bad or have we been deceived, and end with "ask us anything."

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